Try Honesty

Main Event Winner!

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 12 Wins!

Brutal - 2 Fatalities


Alignment: Hero

Team: Sentinels


Strength: Superior

Agility: Superior

Mind: Superior

Body: Superior


Personal Wins: 12

Personal Losses: 2

Three Reasons

There was an uneasy silence that exsisted between me and my father as we sat there on the street side patio. Something that tied the knot in my stomach whenever I saw him even tighter. After all the BS talk about my job and his retirement has been taken out of the way we were just left with two very different people sitting across a table from one another. "Garcon, the check please" dad said to a passing female waiter as she snidely said "garcon means boy sir." I started to pull out my wallet when my dad gave my hand a sharp slap. "You're starting a family son, it'd be wise to let your old man handle the check" he said as he straightened his shirt, doing this obviously to try and impress the waitress rather then showing actual concern. "Dad, I told you a thousand times, Jessica and I don't have any money problems." "Nonsense" he quickly blurted, "there's no way, your... what was it?" "Security firm dad." "Right security firm could be garner any sort of business in Khazan City." I sat there the anger boiling within me. I knew how well I was doing, he didn't, and yet he continued to chime on as if he know more then me. "Look son, I didn't come here to argue with you. I just came here to..." "To critcize me some more?" I quickly snapped at him. "There you go being a smart ass again, always taking after you mother I see." He whiped his mouth with a napkin as the waitress picked up the bill, a wad of fresh bills were placed on top of it earlier by my dad. "That stunt you pulled yesterday, with your magnet thing and the man hole cover, you almost took off a kid's head there." "Dad, I made sure he wasn't in the way." "You can say that now that the kid isn't unconcious! In my dad when I tried to save a life we didn't jeopardize the lives of the people on the street!" How quickly he forgot when he blasted a small shop full of people just to get at one fugitive. "Dad, not here!" I said in a curt whisper. "I don't know why you bother with the secret identity crap. You should just let people who you are. Everyone knew me as Chet Pearson: Human Dynamo, none of this masks and trenchcoats and secrecy crap you put up with. I guess it'd be easier if you didn't rely on gadgets and had real super powers like me. You should've became a cop like me, would make you less sloppy when you're super heroing..." The bill came back with a hefty amount of change on it as dad kept rambling on how I could be a better super hero. Dad told the waitress "keep it, as an apology for calling you a boy" as he gave her a wink. "Always the charmer" I muttered. My dad looked back at me crossly, "if you have something to say to your father you should be bold enough to say it to his face." "I'm sick of this. I'm sick of these lunches and I'm sick of seeing you. Why do you always treat me like crap dad?" "Because, son, quite honestly, you're a screw up. You need a little guidance every now..." "No I don't dad! Can't you see that I am ok. The things I do are working out great. I have a wife, and a bussiness that's successful and a wife I love." I started to walk away from the table as my dad got up, his face once red with anger now pale, as if trying to calm me down "son..." I looked over at thim and quietly said "don't call me that. How come you're here for me now when I need you the least" and I started my way down the street. I didn't look back until I was about half a block away where he was chatting up two young blondes, undoubtedly co eds who had seen dad's exploits on the news when they were just little kids, showing how much he really never cared about me.

"You went down there and did WHAT??" I could hear my mother's voice grow shrill as my dad left the their bedroom, hand over his ears as he immaturely started to say out loud "la-la-la-la-la I can't hear you." My mom forced one of dad's hands off his ear as she spun him around. "A fine example you're setting for your son. Teaching him how to bully other people. Mrs. Whitiger called and said you put him in the hospital." "The guy deserved it, no one beats up a member of my family and doesn't apologize. Next time his son will think twice before he picks on Jamie." I layed there in my room. Hearing my parents argue as i held the hankerchief my mom had given me against my nose, trying to force the bleeding to stop but the constant flow of blood flooded my nostrils. I didn't know why I was crying. Whether it was the shame of getting beat up or hearing my parent scream, or seeing Mr. Whtiger twitch in his hall as my dad blasted him without any remorse. Soon I heard the door of my room swing open. as my dad, beaming with a smile so fake it made him look like a used car salesman, picked me off my bed and sat me in his lap. "How are you feeling trooper?" he said as he scuffed up my hair. I just sat there as my dad held my face in his large, rough hands and looked at me in the eye. "Your face is wet son, have you been crying again?" I meekly said "no sir." "Don't lie to your father boy! What did I tell you about crying?" I didn't answer as he sat me on the edge of the bed but I refused to say anything. Like a white flash the world turned to it's side as I found myself laying on the bed, my cheek flushed with a burning sensation. "You ungrateful little piece of shit. Tell me what i told you about crying!" I just laid there, tears trickling from my eyes as I looked up at him, his face crimson red as I saw my mother run in and grab his hand again. "Stop it! Stop it now!" she screamed. My father turned to her and started to yell "why do you have to do this? Why do you treat him like a girl? Why if you gave him a manly name like Bruce..." my mother just ignored my father and held me close, rubbing my back as if to try and calm me. "You're turning him into a momma's boy! He's going to be picked on for the rest of his life and it's going to be your fault!" She continued to ignore him as he started his way out of my room as he muttered "that's why the man should raise the boy." When my mom heard that she said through mumbling sobs "I don't want a man like you to raise my son." My dad turned around and roared "he's only your son now because I don't want a sissy like that with my name on it!" He opened the drawers of my cabinets and began to throw my clothes at us. "Get out, both of you, I'm sick of this. I'm sick of coming home after saving lives to an ungrateful family. I'm sick of coming home to the constant sound of crying!" Mom picked me up, not bothering to take any possesions as we both made our way downstaris and through the front door. As we left the house all I could hear my dad in false elation scream out "good riddance, good riddance to a useless wife and a pansy of a son, good riddance to a family that I don't care about." His voice began to trail out as my mom still carrying me in her arms walked down the street as quickly as she could. The house that never felt like a home, becoming smaller and smaller in the distance until it became nothing more then a black speck.

Father of Invention

     Magnetism: Superior

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Ranged and Melee Attack


"... the criminals were aprehended by Khazhan City's newest super hero vigilante who goes by the name Every Man's Protector or better known as E.M.P..." "Honey you're on the news again" Linda said, beaming at me as I entered our apartment. "I hope it's because I landed that killer deal increasing the security at the Khazan Mall" I said excited. "No, just you as 'EMP' stopping those crooks that robber Mr. Mason's jewelerry store." Mr. Mason was now being interviewed on the TV, saying how much he appreciated E.M.P and how more heroes needed to help around this part of the city. I slumped down into the kitchen, throwing my Electro Magnetic gloves and boots onto the table, picking up the tool box I left there earlier that morning and started to tweak them. I looked back at the tv screen as it showed me in my costume stopping those crooks, a clear shot of me picking up the man hole cover as it flew over a kids head and knocked down two of the culprits. "It did fly to close to his head" I muttered to myself. "What was that honey?" Linda got up from the couch and entered the kitchen. "The man hole, I didn't have the proper control over it, it flew close to his head. A couple inches lower and he'd be in the hospital." "Oh please, I saw the footage, it was a good half foot above his head." I began to twiddle with the wires and circuits in my magnetic gloves "whatever, I think it was too close." Linda just sort of titlted her head and gave an annoyed look "or your father said it was too close, how was lunch anyways?" I sort of just gave a grunt and said "I don't want to talk about it" I said as i turned on the gloves. Still looking at the circuits I almost didn't notice the fridge was barrelling towards me, ripped out from it's wall socket as it tried to fly through the kitchen table. "Geez, I guess I shouldn't talk about this when you're fiddling with those" Linda said as she turned off my gloves. "Well, he can't be wrong all the time, what if this is his rare nugget of truth?" Linda kissed me on my forehead "you always think that. I you don't bother to analyze his advice you'll always worry about that." Linda let loose an audible yawn "I'm going to bed sweetie, you joining?" I sat there, not looking at her as i fiddled with my gloves, "In a minute honey, let me just try and fix these a bit." With that she started to almost waddle to the bedroom, an obvious side effect of her now apparent pregnancy.



     Berserker: Superior


"Hold it still! Geez stop figgiting!" The ice pack on my eye started to numb my skin, making it so cold that it felt like it was burning. My dad's fingers were all bloody trying to wad up tissues and shove them into my nostrils, the minute the wads entered my nostirls they turned into a deep crimson red. I heard the front door open as my mom entered the kitchen with arms full of brown grocery bags that she immedeately dropped when she saw the state I was in. "What have you two been doing?" she screamed as she immedeately started to hug me. "We've just been playing some catch in the backyard, kid here wanted to try out for the school team tommorow and asked for some pointers from his old man." My dad chuckled a bit but my mom just gave him a stern look. "What? He was getting better so I threw him a few hard ones. That's how he got the black eye." "Oh, so you think hurling fastballs at my son will make him a better baseball player?" My dad's friendly tone began to shift all of a sudden. "He's OUR son and I would like to hear how you would train our son to get onto the team?" My mom just sort of held me tighter as she asked about the broken nose. "Just a grounder that blooped up." "I couldn't see it because I felt my eye starting to close." My mom was now fuming as my dad gave a half chuckle again. "Hey son, here's 5 bucks, go down to the store and get your dad some smokes and pick up a comic book for youself." I started my way out the door, I could feel my parents eyes shoot into my back like bullets as I held the ice pack tighly against my swollen eyes. I hated when they did this when they were about to fight. It made my blood boil to think that I was just something that got in the way. But what made me angrier that day was the fact that my dad didn't even bother. He didn't even wait to hear the screen door to swing itself closed. He didn't even wait for me to pull it open as the old door creaked through the house. I remember standing there, my fists clenched and my face red with anger as I heard the slap that still echoes in the back of my mind.


The Promise

     Iron Will: Supreme


"I know this sounds silly. I mean, you're just a fetus. All you care about is getting nutrients and making sure you turn properly before this woman goes into labor." I laid my head down on Linda's stomach, she, still asleep. She was such a heavy sleeper, a tornado could've ripped through our apartment and she'd still be sleeping. "Linda said it was good to talk to you. It makes the baby familiar with our voices and since I woke up a little early I figured we'd have to talk." I paused for a moment, as if what I had to say had any bearing on this baby's disposition. "You scare me" I said solemnly. "The thought of having a child always scared me. I mean, part of me just feels..." I paused again. "I never had the best examples as a child as to what parents should do. I mean, I know the basics, love and care for you, but, how do I do that?" I looked up at the ceiling as i started to close my eyes and utter these words. "I guess I'm always afraid of repeating what my dad did. That those horrible things will happen again. But I'm trying. I'm trying so hard to not be him." I turned my head again. "But I guess I can't promise that. As much as I hate that man if I am to turn out like him then I guess that's the way it's suppose to be." I kissed my wife's enlarged bellybutton as a way to try and touch the life that was growing inside her. "I promise you this though, I'll try to be the best father I can be. I'm also going to apologize to you. Apologize if I end up not being the kind of farther your deserve." With that I started to get ready for work, looking back at my wife as I saw a smile slowly grow across her face.


Try Honesty

     Flight: Superior


I floated there, dusk slowly turning into night as I layed back in the air. I figured out a way, by accident no less, that allows magnetic field my gloves and boots to let me float. Often after a long day I would go to the roof of my apartment and just float there for hours, the feeling of weightlessness soothing me. As I looked at the sky, the stars slowly appearing one by one I heard my wife's voice come from the aparment rooftop. "You sure like to do that don't you?" "It reminds me, of this time..." I slowly started to say as I began to explain the memory as it played back to me, so real as if I was there. My dad took the day off from both the police force and his super hero duties and we took a ride to the country outside of Khazan city. We stopped off at a remote field, covered with lush rolling green hills as we had a picnic under the shade of a massive lonely tree. The car radio was playing quietly as my mom picked me up to dance to an old tune. My dad sort of just stared at the two of us as we danced around the grass only stopping when we fell down from being too dizzy. My dad stood over me the sun behind him as a long shadow was overcasted on me. He solemnly said "so you like dancing eh?" I was scared then, I thought he was going to call me a pansy or a girl again so I just sort of laid there, looking up at him. Suddently he shot off into the sky and started to do loop to loops and spins. He yelled out "son, THIS is dancing!" He flew away from our little picnic as mom and I chased after him, running across the emerald green glass as my dad continued to soar like a free bird, diving through the cloud and doing tricks until he swooped down to us, grabbing both me and my mom and hugging us as we laid on the grass, looking at the afternoon sky while white fluffy clouds passed by.