Hitokiri Shinigami

Main Event Winner!

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 15 Wins!

Brutal - 4 Fatalities


Alignment: Hero

Team: Reavers


Strength: Standard

Agility: Superior

Mind: Standard

Body: Standard


Personal Wins: 15

Personal Losses: 4


I do not know my birth name. I do not know my parents. I know only the harshness of the darkness and the streets. I have walked the dark alleys of Khazan's cities. Seen the squalor, seen the suffering...seen the evil. In thestreets there is the kingdom of villains. Ranging from thieves, to mad scientists, to demons and fallen angels. They prey on the weak and create a an unholy land where the people live without hope. The first person I truly knewwas my Master. He took me off the streets, a weak and suffering pickpocket forced to serve those dark overlords and forged me into an instrument of war. He always said that 'murder is the only art a swordsman can practice.' I didnot believe him. I believed the sword to be a tool for protecting those who have lost their hope. I believed swordsmanship to be the art of the protector. I know differently now. I left my Master to help those too frightened or tooweak to help themselves. I learned swiftly the hard truth my Master had tried to teach me. Now I know that a sword is an instrument of destruction not salvation, and that the art of the sword is the art of slaughter. I will not stop though. I will dispense justice to those who think themselves immune to its touch. Since I left my master at the age of 11 I havehunted those of the underworld, human or otherwise. For 7 long years I have been a killer. I am known as the Death Child to some because my appearance is younger than my years, chronologically or mentally. Others call me Hitokiri Shinigami. I do not care what I am known as for I know what I am. I am thewrathful hand of justice. I am a stalker of the night. I am a blood-stained crusader. I am an assassin. I am...a murderer.


     Invisibility: Ultimate


For reasons unknown to anybody including Hitokiri himself he is effectively a walking blind spot. No matter what he does or how obvious his makes himself visibly people just don't notice he's there. One underworld boss theorized that it was because he had no soul.. but then said boss was biased in the extreme. Others think it is some natural, mutant ability. However while there are plenty of guesses and theories nobody knows for sure how he is able to do this. Even electronics do no good as this effect carries over to those watching them. Once he strolled into a building monitored by heat sensors and nobody saw anything amiss until the man being guarded there was suddenly decapitated.


Immunity: Environmental Awareness

     Immunity: Standard


Nobody ever seems to be able to track this man, even those capable of using extrasensory methods to keep track of the area around them. These senses actually do detect him but the mind of the person simply doesn't acknowledge he's there so thus they do no good.



     Smoke Screen: Standard

  • Area Affect


Hitokiri is very stealthy when it comes to moving, and as a result only those with the most accurate hearing will be able to detect his movements or breathing. This ability is another one of those things that makes him so feared among the criminal element.. if they can't see him coming it would at least be nice to hear him coming. But things don't work that way so he can normally still manage to stroll right up to his target.



     Sword Master: Superior


Hitokiri is a master of Iaijutsu, a style which was originally developed to deal with the split-second, life-and-death situations which samurai frequently found themselves in. The technique focuses on slaying the enemy on the draw of the blade, which makes it extremely quick and devastating to those who aren't prepared for it. Hitokiri was able to easily adapt this style to his methods which, when coupled with his natural invisibility, and ability to move silently makes it a truly murderous mode of attack.


"A sword is for killing."

     Sword: Ultimate

  • Multi-Attacks


Hitokiri recently disposed of the Shadow Fang due to the fact that he learned it was the prison of a creature known as the Dark Childe. Once he disposed of the sword he instead replaced it with a much more powerful Emporer Blade, which is basically an unoccupied Shadow Fang. This blade is capable of tearing through even the strongest armor and his speed with it is such that he can strike multiple times on a single draw.


The Hunter

     Environmental Awareness: Supreme


After his hard fought battle in the sewers of Khazan, Hitokiri realized he needed some way to battle opponents when his own vision was impaired. As a result he trained himself hard until he developed the ability to sense the very soul of his opponent.


The Hunter II

     Tactician: Standard


My battle on the rooftops taught me many things. One was that my sword was not always that which would doom my opponent. So I have decided to study until I am able to now attack my opponent both indirectly and directly by laying traps, and plotting plans of attack to make those direct strikes more likely to come at a vulnerable moment.


Like a striking viper...

     Super Speed: Standard

  • Weakness: Not usable in terrain - Bar Fight


Hitokiri has recently started drilling on the speed of his draws. This has served to enhance his already formidable method of attack by making it even faster than it was before. However the cluttered interior and bystanders of the bar prevent him from utilizing his new speed, and force him to fight at his normal rate.


Immunity: Telepathy

     Immunity: Standard


Mentalists? Yes they are a pain in the but, and telepathy in particular since one with it could actually pick up Hitokiri.... or could they? As I said, the human brain simply refuses to pick up on him through most senses, and that includes our good friend ESP.