Aliana Relissan

Main Event Winner!

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 11 Wins!

Brutal - 4 Fatalities


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: Weak

Agility: Superior

Mind: Superior

Body: Weak


Personal Wins: 11

Personal Losses: 1

Robotech Master

Tim quietly strolled down the halls of the Axia royal palace, his eyes constantly shifting from one exotic detail to the next. He had been in the royal palace for a few days already, but the invigorating paintings and illustrations that adorned the gold-crested walls never failed to amaze him. Each image was surreal, and yet so meaningful; he had a sense from deep within that there was a message...a theme being carried through those ambiguous colors and varied streaks. It was a theme that was related to him somehow, but no matter how many times he thought about it their true meaning escaped him. Tim didn't care what direction he took; he turned left, right, left again, and continued down random hallways where new paintings and other elaborate decorations always greeted him. Eventually he opened a door and found himself in a quaint balcony garden teeming with a small number of rare plants and flowers. From here he could look upon the State-Kingdom of Axia and appreciate its golden resonance, the beauty of its archaic but masterful designs. Khazan city may have been the greatest of modern industrial cities, but Axia Prime was just as amazing, only in a much quieter sense. A wave of shimmering blue hair caught his attention, forcing his gaze to shift from the clear, bird-filled skies to a small chair near the edge of the balcony. Sitting there was Aliana Velazcel Relissan, gazing at the same things that he had been looking at a moment before. She smiled so brightly as she stared into the horizon and let out a deep sigh; although she was the princess of Axia and had lived here all her life, she appeared to see the city in the same way that he did when he first arrived. "What are you doing just standing there?" she said softly with a small laugh. She waved her hand playfully and asked for him to sit for a while. "I didn't know you were here," Tim said as he sat down besides her chair, "to be honest, I was sort of wandering around aimlessly. I didn't expect to meet the daughter of Axia's queen so randomly." She rolled her eyes in a humorous manner, "Why's that? Because of how formal our first introduction was. Please, I happen to like getting away from all of those boring officials and royal messengers as often as I can." Tim took another look at the horizon and noticed how the azure sky matched the princess's hair so clearly; indeed, there were things about her that seemed so intangible, just like the sky. "So do you like to just stare at your city like this every day?" he asked. She brought her hands together and rested her head upon her fingers, "I like to get away from my duties for a while. It's such a hassle, really." She closed her eyes and sighed again. "And sometimes it's just to think. To dwell on the past, and what has led me up to this point. There are some duties, some responsibilities that I can't escape, and some that have me confused. I don't know why I must be prepared to take over the mother does not age like most mortals, so...well I suppose I'm being overly optimistic." "Thinking about your past?" Tim replied with a whisper, "Your mother has mentioned some things to me about your family. How you were born to Khazan after she was forced to flee her home planet. How she fought Drekis and lost, and how you both feared for your lives on Khazan for so long. I'm truly sorry." She opened her eyes suddenly, "Don't be. It is something that I have been forced to accept, to move past. And that is a journey that you will make as well, before this war with Drekis is over." Tim didn't know how to respond to that last comment, he merely held his head down and frowned. Although she was much more light-hearted when compared with her mother, she was just as serious when it came to the war, and just as mysterious when it came to his own part in it. "Did you know," she continued, "that a song echoes throughout the world of Khazan. It cries in pain, in anguish, in sorrow, and then it awakens to convey a sense of resolution...a sense of understanding. The voice becomes beautiful, and yet somber. It sings softly, yet all of Khazan hears it's orchestra, and knows that the voice has a glint of hope. That voice is mine, whose lyrics have been hidden from the world for so long. I sat for so many years in the obscurity of the shadows, never truly seen and never truly heard--it wasn't because of tyranny or oppression that I went through those hardships, it was, sadly, out of necessity. The public knows me as the young, haughty twenty year old girl who is just now preparing to burst out into the world and follow in my mother's grand footsteps, to bathe in the glow of shining lights as cities are raised and revered in my name. But I have lived much longer than twenty years. Would you believe I just celebrated my three hundred fifteenth birthday? I look good for my age, no? Well, in any case I have lived under many names, and few people know that I have been around much longer than the paparazzi gives me credit for. I did not gain a voice of my own until my Mother became Queen of Axia; that was roughly fifteen years ago, and ever since then my life was thrown from the veils of poverty to normality, and from normality to celebrity. And when I say that a song is echoing throughout Khazan, I am not being facetious, I really do sing my words to the people of Axia, and with my title I have a voice of authority here on the nexus of all realities. Mother's planet had once been a great light in the universe, and a beacon for every race to come and revel in a near perfect society. Near perfect, for it was still a place of great hardship, and it was the place that historians cite as the birthplace of Drekis. My mother fought Drekis fiercely, but in the end was no match for his power, even with Sarachus, one of her contemporaries, by her side. In the end the battle between the three caused the already unstable planet to fall apart, and what had once been the inspiration for ideal life died out in one massive flash that lasted no longer than a minute. Defeated and dejected, my mother fled into the depths of space and eventually came to Khazan, where she lived for centuries among the masses, never drawing attention to herself. I was born here on Khazan, the child of a father who had been killed by Drekis before my Mother had been forced to flee--a father who's face I have never seen. Out of fear we stayed in the shadows, afraid that we might be discovered and hunted down by Drekis; Mother abandoned any hope of ever defeating that monster, and so decided to focus on allowing me, her only daughter, to live the best life she could possibly let me have. It was only after many years of turmoil that we came out of our depression. Sitting in the shadows then, we had nothing but our thoughts, our imaginations, and they helped us regain our hope little by little. My songs, once of sadness and regret, became aria's of perseverance and inner strength. From that day forward, our intentions were no longer to hide from Drekis, but to prepare for him. My mother, revitalized by our new resolve, unified the free cities of the Axia region into a State-Kingdom, and became its ruler. Over the past decade we have secretly plotted for the day that Drekis would one day arrive, for we knew that the nexus would be his most tempting target." "I see," Tim said, "that does explain some of the things that the queen told me, but still, I don't understand why she says that I'm the one who has to finish Drekis. I don't understand why I of all people have such an important task to perform!" "I don't expect you to understand that yet Timothy Shinestar," she said with a smile as she placed her hand on his shoulder. "But whatever happens, you can be sure that I'll always be here, guiding you along the way."

Tim suddenly felt calm when her hand touched his shoulder. There was a feeling that was different from love or even friendship. It was kindness, pure kindness. There was a warmth about her that was mesmerizing; sometimes, it even made her seem ethereal. She was so much older that she looked, and her experience was far greater than he had imagined, yet there was still an inner child in her. He knew that she disliked all of the royal treatments that she received in the palace, that she hated the tedious duties and rules. However, there was also something in her character that made her just as graceful, commanding, and responsible as her mother. He had a feeling that, should he go through all of the hardships Khazan had to offer, if she were by his side he could face it all with a warm smile.

The Imagined...

     Illusion Creation: Ultimate

  • Area Affect


"Oh my, how rude of me," Aliana said, her eyes wide open as Tim stood. "I became so lost in my conversation that I forgot to accomodate you better." She pointed at the balcony floor and abrubtly there appeared a chair next to her own. "Sit down with me for a while, if you have the time that is." She smiled and invited him to sit down. She snapped her fingers and a velvet pillow appeared over the seat. "There, now you can live like royalty." She laughed. Tim kneeled down and observed the object with amazement--he had seen her wield this power before, but he was always baffled by it no matter how many times he was a witness to it. It had appeared out of thin air, with every material and detail perfectly realized. "Your power is so astounding," Tim said as he felt the soft cushion. "So did you ever come by such a talent? It's beyond almost anything else I've ever seen on Khazan, I'm beginning to think even Drekis would cower before you if you put your mind to it." She stretched out her right arm palm up, and suddenely there was a cup of coffee in her grasp; the warm vapors could be seen escaping from the dark surface. "You give me too much credit," she replied. "My powers could certainly be used in dangerous ways, though I would never think of taking on Drekis, at least not by myself. No matter how powerful I am, there is only one person who can end this war. But enough of that, you said you wanted to know how I do this? Well, it's a natural talent I guess. I've been doing it ever since I was seventy or so. After I grew up here on Khazan my Mother and I didn't do much other than sit around and think about our situation. Other than each other, we could only turn to our imaginations for comfort. I was so dissillusioned by how horrible our lives were back then, that I often turned to my imagination as a method of escapism. I would often imagine my most ideal worlds, my most ideal people. A world free of problems and duties, and people who were always just and kind. The real world was much more harsh, but I always imagined...I always kept the hope that one day we could reach that dream--make it a reality. I still hold on to that hope, Tim, and I can never let go of it, you understand? It's what's kept me going all of these years, and its also what awakened this power...


...Made Real

     Polymorph: Ultimate

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Target Seeker
  • Ranged and Melee Attack


...I found that I was born with a strange power that had slowly been growing inside of me as I matured. I'm not certain if it is a result of inheriting powers from my mother, or my father, or both. In any case I was never too concerned with its origin. I discovered, much to my amazement, that I could make my imagined things come to life. I could make anything I think about exist, could make it as real and tangible as you or me." Tim slowly sat down in the chair, half-afraid that he might fall through some illusion, but found himself comfortably placed into the warm velvet cushion. "Anything you think of you say," Tim said as he knocked his fist against the wood of the arm rest. "I can't change the whole world," she said with a somber voice, "and I can't change a person's personality. However, in the case of all things that are physical, I found that I could create and change things as I saw fit. My limits were my imagination. I could change a person's clothes, their build, make a tank turn into a toy jeep. And I could also create anything my creative little mind could think up. I could conceive a swarm of anti-proton missiles and make them come to life, or make a blade with a design and sharpness of my preference. Do you know what an omniversal Triple-amplified Neuron Destabilizing Anti-Matter Pulse Rifle is? Neither do I, but I bet I could make it--it just requires a little creativity. Any sword, ann gun, any vehicle, even a pet monster or a house. I could even make food." She took a sip of the coffee and her face beamed with approval. "Even this balcony," she continued, "Was created by me. I imagined every flower you see here, and made them come to life. So now you can see why my situation is a rather frustrating one. I can do virtually anything with this power, but it's what I can't do that hurts. Khazan's future hangs in the balance, and I don't have the ability to end this conflict. I have to depend on you, Tim, but I will use this power to give you whatever you need to prepare you for your destiny.



     Iron Will: Standard


"You've gone through a lot, haven't you," Tim said as he looked into her dark, reflective eyes. "Everything you've told me, about what you went through when you were born here, what it took to learn about your power, and the way you feel now, I feel like I understand you and your mother so much more now." "I have learned to not dwell on the past as a form of regret," she replied strongly, "I only look back on it to see where I've come from. How I've grown since then. Someday, Tim, you will do the same thing. You will look back at all of your doubts with disbelief, and you will see your mistakes as lessons that you learned, hardships that you overcame. I may not have the ability to end this war, but I believe that Khazan will survive--that we will persevere and live on, that our dreams will come true." "Why's that?" Tim asked. "Why?" She retorted as if surprised by his question. "Because...of faith, and will. I have faith in myself, in the heroes of Khazan...and I have faith in you, Tim. I know that we, that all of us will make it through this. I have hope, and in my mind, no hardship will ever be able to shatter that." "I see," Tim said, lifting his tired body off of the chair. "Thankyou Aliana, you've been very encouraging. I hope, that when the time comes, I will have the same hope and will that you exemplify." He walked out of the balcony, off into the winding halls of the palace, but this time with a destination in mind. There was a confidence now that he lacked before, and he didn't really know why he had it, only that she had helped him find it somehow. Sitting quietly in the garden balcony, Aliana stared at the beautiful horizon of Axia, her hair blowing freely in the gentle Khazan breeze.