Main Event Winner!

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 15 Wins!

Brutal - 5 Fatalities


Alignment: Villain

Team: The Fallen


Strength: Weak

Agility: Weak

Mind: Superior

Body: Weak


Personal Wins: 15

Personal Losses: 3


For the dreamer, whose head fills with fanciful images and finds sweet solace within the night's raven wing, Sleep brings a gentle peace. When his mind is at ease dreams grant his finest wish, and when in turmoil flow soothingly through his pain and confusion with the soft brush of angel's wings, or a mother's caress, until all is right again. When your spirit falls heavy under the weight of mortal woes, and the bitter thoughts of death fetter your soul with silent mutterings of doubts and deception, release the concerns of reason and hearken unto slumber's tender aria— Enveloping, comforting, absolute, consuming. Man's existence but equals the swiftest streaking star, a brief flickering light upon an endless void of darkness. And no time at all shall pass until thine eye shall no longer gaze upon the splendor of Night, bejeweled with all her twinkling diamonds, nor Day, basking in His majesty of the sun's glorious beams. Ending unknown, the final breath of life leaves us wanting, clutching at dangling threads of a dream. So abruptly cut short— So swiftly snuffed out. With a remembrance traipsing across edges of your mind, flitting just outside Memory's grasp...

Sweet, softly my beloved... Though you may not know how I am, you will soon know all of me. All of Mankind, you will yearn for me...

Dreams become reality

     Illusion Creation: Supreme

  • Auto-Hit Attack
  • Area Affect


As yet is no man's dream one alike, each his own distinct vision, silent reverie, frivolous daydream, sage meditation, passionate fantasy, horrific nightmare. All of Day's grand adventures fall away into the ebony shades of obscurity. This incomprehensible, elusive vision of Night, unknowable - unfathomable as the closing of man's eternal sweet repose. Each man perceives death through a glass stained with individual understanding. Whether they await fate with feverish unease or complacent acceptance, she will play before their eyes for them to taste, to smell, to touch their own demise until it becomes a reality. They will know nothing but her gentle hand, feel nothing but her chill breath against their skin, and see only what she desires them to see. The weak will know unrivaled terror; they will run into her arms, desperate for sanctuary. The strong will see within her eyes a peace for which they have longed all their lives, a release from the hardship of mortality. Death is man's inevitable fate. She will see that each retires in a fashion that they themselves desire.



     Detective: Supreme


While a thousand upon thousand images flicker, ever so random, yet guided by an unseen hand, countless lifetimes pass and repass. These lights sparkle and fade, glimmer and die, so numerous they fall away unnoticed at the close of the day, unheeded. And yet every worry plays out his final episode in the weary depths of men's minds before departing In peace. Every inconsequential apprehension plagues him, as man endeavors to overcome - ending with night, come the dawn shall they ever be reborn, and Reborn again. She will find your weakness, search until the flaw is laid bare for all to see. Only then will you submit utterly; only then will your trepidation overpower you. Her coaxing will ease your wounded, battleweary mind; she dispels your apprehensive fears, shadowing you in the sweet sanctuary of darkness. She will find and whisper your darkest fears, your fondest dreams, your sweetest memories. Each will lure you, entice you to lay down all defenses and sleep with her an eternal sleep, to dream the endless dream where serenity is everlasting.



     Phasing: Ultimate


Experience, love, live, for with The setting sun do dreams draw near, Their questions remain ever Unanswered, Fading, forgotten, Resonating tides, lingering after with wisps of half-remembered explanations. She has no tangible form; your swords and slings cannot touch her lovely visage nor mar her existence. She is your reverie, your solace and soon will be your only desire.



     Decay: Superior

  • Multi-Attacks


Tell me good Sir where then might I find haven? Where might I find sanctuary from the tumult, within and without? ...Comforting illusions break away, ground to dust before me. Reality's grasp loosens, withering before my touch as your dreams break free. Come, embrace me, embrace your fate. Lay with me and return to the dust of life. Only through me you will be reborn. Learn to breathe essence itself; only by my hand will you find your final peace.


Breathe of air

     Energy Wave Surfing: Standard


Search for me below and you will not find me. I am above the clouds. Throughout the sky. I am in the air you breathe, neither here nor there. Swiftly, fleeting, look above and you may find me... if I could be seen by mortal eyes.