Devyn Soyokaze

Main Event Winner!

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 13 Wins!


Alignment: Villain

Team: The Fallen


Strength: Standard

Agility: Superior

Mind: Superior

Body: Standard


Personal Wins: 13

Personal Losses: 3


They gather, the forces of chaos and corruption. They gather for they know that these are times where purity and light are diminishing. Lost souls, bent on destroying everything and replacing it with a nothingness imaginable by none-- imaginable not even by those that seek its wretched grasp. The servants of chaos and the void, they know that few can stand in their path. Beings possessing shards of the last known hope are targeted, marked for utter destruction. One such being is Seryph Gibbons, known to the folks of Khazan as HexxJo. Few know that many years ago he helped vanquish the last surge of darkness that rose from the abyss of space. That secret is in danger, for that force has taken shape again and is amassing an assault on him-- an assault not only on his body, but on his heart and soul. The first of this group is Devyn Soyokaze-- Autumn's Tempest-- the sole master of the Secret Dance, a dance which abstractly reinacts every major war to take place in reality. Every step is a strategic maneuver being recreated, focusing the carnage and dismay of every soul lost to needless bloodshed into a beautiful flow of steps. Devyn dances this dance alone, and suffers for his art, for he has gone absolutely mad in the process of learning it. Every step he takes is one more step down the path of damnation-- a path that he can never return from. He knows his fate, and he knows that he is damned, and he merely flows with the hellish spirits that haunt him every day of his life. He has joined with the forces bent on destroying Seryph not because he dislikes Seryph. In fact, they were once good friends. Seryph was a teacher of his at BattleMaster High many years ago. Instead, he wishes to show his former best friend, Keisuke Yamato, the true way to live ones life: to abandon all grief and not fight the downward spiral. Just go with the flow and dance...

The Secret Dance

     Martial Arts: Supreme


The Secret Dance works on an abstract level. Through centuries of study, its creators studied every major battle and war to take place across existence, codified the actions, and converted them into dance movements. Why? Because they knew that one driven enough and mad enough would one day be born and take their studies and use them to help bring about mass chaos for their master. It all goes back to destiny...


The Steps of War

     Tactician: Supreme


Through extensive training in the steps of the Secret Dance, Devyn has effectively borne witness to every battle ever fought countless times. This knowledge seeps into his subconscious and stays in place, giving him a keen military and strategic mind.


Autumn's Falling Touch

     Disintegration: Supreme


Decay and destruction of everything one holds dear. That is the way of life. Everything is born only to eventually die. Devyn's philosophy hasn't always been as such, but as his madness grows in its potency, so does his distain for most living things. As such, he has developed a technique that helps further along the circle of life to its ending point. His touch has become such that most things that come in contact with his skin simply break apart at the molecular level, leaving the lifecycle to become sustenance for the other dying creatures of the world.


The Winds of Change

     Weather Control: Superior

  • Ranged Attack Only


Autumn is the season of decay. The winds blow a chilled air, killing the leaves that grow on the once flourishing trees, symbols of life. These winds have always fascinated Devyn for many a reason, and with his studies, he has harnessed these winds, taking them on as his own. Everywhere he goes, he is accompanied by the blowing of a slight wind, and if need be that wind can grow in intensity, depending on the tenacity of the element needing to be eroded...


Peaceful Oblivion

     Environmental Awareness: Superior


In giving himself up to the corruptive forces of the void, Devyn has found true peace in damnation. As such, his mind is able to drift about freely, bereft of any regret or hinderance, and he is able to observe his surroundings unhindered by the boundaries normally restricting mortal minds.


Arcane Lore

     Arcane Lore: Standard


Devyn's fascination with the occult began in his high school years, when he rummaged the libraries of the Covenant of Mystra to find information on this so-called Secret Dance he had heard rumors about. Once he discovered the dance, his curiosity didn't stop there. He reads tomb after tomb, studying the dark arts, and this knowledge aids him in his development of his unique powers.