Main Event Winner!

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 17 Wins!


Alignment: Villain

Team: The Fallen


Strength: Standard

Agility: Standard

Mind: Superior

Body: Standard


Personal Wins: 17

Personal Losses: 4

Vedran Cole

The whole mess began really, when the angels started to think they were perfect. Lucifer and his ilk had been cast out, after all and those that remained must have been perfectly in sync with the true thoughts and plan of the Creator, after all they won. Well so went the line of reasoning anyway, and so went their mistake. This line led them to the belief that the anything they did was by definition the will of the Creator, irregardless of whether anything explicit had been mentioned. Only one archangel among them quietly diagreed and began to note that angelic pride was not a sin endemic to Lucifer. Still, it wasn't as though the others were about to do anything crazy and it would have hurt him to fight more of his brethren, so Zalrafel decided to remain quiet. That was both his chief mistake and his chief sin, in the grand scheme of things. In the meantime, the other angels had hit upon the idea that humanity was the Maker's chosen race, destined to flourish over all. There was just one thing in their way, the elder, more magical races of the multiverse. The angels decided there was only one way to move the "Plan" along; exterminate the elder races. Dark a though as that may have been, if they came up with it, it must be the Creator's will! (or so went their reasoning) Horrified, Zalrafel moved to circumvent the plans of his fellows, still not overtly though, as he had faith that the Creator would intervene before anything extreme happened and gently correct those whose errors had thus far not caused anything that bad to occur. Zal built a city outside of any angel's perception but his own and began to populate it with members of the targeted races. Sadly,the intervention he expected never came, and wide scale genocide began. That it was not instantaneous was a testament to the power and skill of the magic of the old races. Still, one can only do so much against beings who are throwing the hearts of stars at you. Zal desperately tried to reason with his fellow angels, still hoping to try and spare them from what he thought would be the Creator's wrath at their actions. He seemd to convince them and showed them his hidden city, in order that they might undo what they were doing. Mistake number 2. They had decieved him, and began to destroy his city. Betrayed and disgusted with his brethren and, increasingly, by a God that had still not chosen to intervene, Zalrafel stood against his brethren. Rather than face another renegade archangel directly, the assembled hosts gathered their power and altered reality to give it an new law: Zalrafel does not, and never did, exist. Zalrafel felt his very being begin to unravel as he saw those he had tried to protect being cut down where they stood. With nothing but will and rage, Zal fought against the forces that were destroying him. Suddenly, the chaos raging though him stopped and he was able to act. He attacked the leader of the angelic host. Zal struck him only once, but somehow it caused the leader to be negated out of existance. All stood in stunned silence. It was then that the Creator appeared. "Thy grim crusade be over children. Return now to Heaven. Let those who remain in this place, remain forever more. Thou, Zalrafel, are damned to thy current form and to rulership of this place, for which thou did commit the ultimate crime." Zalrafel could not believe that the Creator had essentially condoned the genocidal lunacy of the angels. Looking his Maker in the face and cursing his actions and lack thereof, Zal demanded to know what his brethren's punishment for genocide was to be. "Thou, Zarafel, only thou." was His reply. Master of a shattered people and city, twisted with rage against injustices and a desire for vengeance, Zalrafel has few remaining goals. Revenge against the Creator, the destruction of the hosts of heaven, and just to hurt them like they hurt him, the destruction of their favoured race, humanity. In his quest for power to achieve that goal, Zal has noted that the nexus of all relaities is as likely a place as any to obtain it.

Not yours, but My will be done

     Iron Will: Ultimate


Zalrafel's continued existance is in direct defiance of reality itself, and is based on willpower alone. His will is strong enough that he was able to look directly into the face of the Creator, curse him, and not be broken by the experience. His will is so powerful that he imposes it on the very tenets of reality themselves, and ignores and overrides them. Whe faced with any sort of attack that should by all rights destroy him, Zalrafel can simply refuse to acknowledge that it affects him and somehow, it truly doesn't. The power of his will transcends science, magic, mysticism, fate and the laws of gods and men. When Zalrafel decides that that he remains unaffected, there is no force in the multiverse, save perhaps that of the Creator, that has enough will to overide or change that decision.


Wound on the face of Creation

     Energy Body: Ultimate

  • Reinforced Defenses


In the grand scheme of the multiverse, Zalrafel should not be. The attack of his brethren caused him to lose his angelic status and body and, indeed, his very place in the multiverse. In reforming himself, Zalrafel is now rage, vengeance and spirit held together by sheer, unstoppable willpower. His continued presence is an active wound on reality and simply touching him can cause any entity to become painfully unravelled and negated out of existance. It is very difficult to harm Zarafel as he has no real physical existance. Even if one manages to disperse the forces that he is comprised of, they will inevitably reform due to effort exerted by his will, even if only centuries later. For to touch or to be touched by Zalrafel is to come into contact with a force that is not meant to exist and thus causes irreperable damage to the very essence and definition of a being's existance.


The Elder Blade

     Bio Vampire: Standard

  • Weakness: Power in Item - Easy to Lose
  • Weakness: Limited Uses - One Use


Grateful for what little protection Zalrafel was able to provide them with, and also fairly desirous of revenge themselves, the races of the shattered city presented Zalrafel with this blade to help him in his quest for vengeance. Much of the sword's enchantment is bound in simply allowing Zalrafel to fully benefit from its powers, given the nature of his (un)existance. Zalrafel can strike a foe with this blade and drain their strength into it, which the blade then converts into mystical force that Zalrafel can use to increase his own powers. Given the difficulty of this process, this attack is only usable once per combat, but once is often enough, especially in the case of those with weak strength who are often drained totally.


The Dolorous Stroke

     Disintegration: Standard

  • Weakness: Power in Item - Easy to Lose
  • Weakness: Limited Uses - One Use


The Elder Blade given to Zalrafel was bound with a multitude of various enchantments. Among them the rather nasty and horrifying ability to disintegrate an opponent with one blow. As the elder races were a whisper of their former shout when they created Zalrafel's sword, this enchantment is not as powerful as it could be and is only usable about once in a particular battle.


My sword shall wield for me

     Sword Master: Supreme

  • Weakness: Power in Item - Easy to Lose
  • Weakness: Not usable in terrain - Urban


Another enchantment bound into Zalrafel's swor is a holdover from the elder races' rather one sided war with the angels. As their trained fighters beagn to die in irreplacable numbers, the sorcerers of those races hit upon the idea of putting expertise with a weapon as part of the weapon itself, in that an untrained warrior could pick up a sword, and the sword would allow him to use it as an expert would. Sadly this enchantment fails in urban areas as they are places of science, not magic.