Main Event Winner!

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 13 Wins!

Brutal - 1 Fatalities


Alignment: Hero

Team: Sentinels


Strength: Supreme

Agility: Superior

Mind: Standard

Body: Supreme


Personal Wins: 13

Personal Losses: 2


Every year I have a birthday cake that has one candle that doesn't go out. I blow out the rest and the last one will somehow not work. I can throw coins in wells, and the coin will miss and land on the edge. I'm the kind of person who makes wishes that never come true. That's a really pessimistic thing for me to say I guess, but I'm not lying. I've had twenty-seven birthdays, and I have one candle that didn't go out on the first try for each year. A friend did the math for fun once and told me that that's 27 out of 378 that I've never put out. I tried really hard to get the last one on my 23rd birthday. I almost blew the frosting off the cake before I gave up. I'm not lying about that either. I have superpowers. I can do that thing where you take a big breath in and exhale a gale force wind. That power is so much more useless than comic books would have you believe. I can also fly, which is the most basic, wonderful super-power anybody could ever have. I was walking to a grocery store one day and suddenly I was two feet off the ground. I love it now that I can do it, but I didn't wish for it. I could not go a week in high school or college without getting asked out or getting hit on, and while I don't take it for granted, I didn't wish for that either. For my sixth birthday, I wished that Daddy would come back from chemo and go into remission just once. I didn't get what I wished for. He could run, fly, and win a fistfight with a tank, and in the end he was killed by some alien stomach cancer he caught while saving a civilization with a name I can't remember let alone pronounce.~My shit childhood tinted life for me, what with my dad's death, my painfully early hyperactive puberty, my crazy bitch mother.... Alright, she's responsible for most of my problems. She did things to me that give normal kids monster complexes. She would come into my room and brush my hair when she thought I was sleeping. She would give me these huge, mouth-watering bag lunches for school, but then she'd control my eating habits by putting raw meats and lots of spices in the things she didn't want me to eat – I can eat the salad because that has my favorite Italian dressing on it, but I can't eat all of the marshmallow rice treat because it has last night's left-over uncooked hamburger mixed in the center. She did this and more to me, she did enough to make me leave home when I was twelve, yet I have come out on top and relatively sane.~I know she loved me, but there were so many things that she put me through. She kept telling me that love is what sets us free, so when she crept into my room for the last time I smashed Daddy's ashes over her head.~It's not all bad. Life used to suck, but I can look forward now. I'm young. I don't have the self-image issues a lot of women have. I dare say I'm pretty hot, and I've got a lot of people who agree with me, mostly guys who try to give me their contact information or just stare with this weird face that's a combination of yearning and fear. I'm pretty tall for a human that hasn't been bioengineered, cybernetically modified, or magically altered half to death, that's a plus. Oh, and I've got the superhero thing. Those fit together well, young, hot, superpowered. Saving lives? It's awesome. I've done it a lot but it hasn't lost anything with me like the older heroes who get jaded by saving the world a bunch. Puh. they can keep the world. Give me a stray puppy to save. Or maybe a nice guy that doesn't gaze at my breasts for a half-hour before asking me how much per hour, while I'm shopping for food in a loose shirt and sweatpants.

I think my TV's been talking to me. I'm not lonely. I mean, I have friends and people I get together with every now and then. I'm sitting around one day, and I start talking to nobody. I'm going on about things like how crappy that day was and what I'm doing here, and I hear someone with a soft, genderless voice say ::You'll get it someday. Everybody does.:: ~There was no one in the room or even the apartment, and I kind of disregarded the actual statement because I was thinking about how I had just heard a Voice. Voices, and I mean just voices, aren't good things no matter who you are or what you do for a living. Later I'm thinking about how one case of hearing a Voice is kind of weird, so I'm trying to think of why it happened. I was stressed that day, but I've been through worse and never heard a Voice. I was about to think on it some more when I stubbed my toe. ~I yelled pretty loud at that chair, maybe insulted it a little, when I hear someone say ::It's not the chair's fault. Put some shoes on.::~I'm kind of scared here, because it was the exact same voice as last time. I look around and ask "Who are you?!"~It says ::Nobody of consequence, at least that's what I think.::~"Well, where are you?" I ask~::Behind you, and a little to your left,:: it responds.~I turn around, and the only things I see are my recliner (shut up) and my television set. The back of the chair is to me AND to my left, so I think someone might be hiding there, until the Voice pipes up again. ::Other left, well, now it's your right.::~To my right is the TV, and it is the only thing to my right besides the wall. I look directly at it.~My TV says ::Disco.::~I stare at my TV for awhile. There is an awkward silence. All we've had are pleasant conversations ever since.

Gossamer (or lack thereof)

     Flight: Ultimate


You can do what the birdies can/at least it's worth a try/you can fly/you can fly/you can fly/you can FLYYY-yyyy-yyyy-yyyy-YYY-!~I LOVE IT UP HERE! I love the birds and the fresh air and the wind! Screw public transport! Screw public transport AND cars! I'm a crappy driver! The world's safer with me FLYING!~I'd hate patrolling if I had to do it on foot like some speedster. This is the best vantage point EVER.~Divebombs are fun too. Dive, dive, diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiAHH!~it went crack~blood and~feathers?~...I think I just killed a bird.


Seeing (only when she wants)

     Hyper-Senses: Standard


::Don't you have super-senses?::~One, but my eyes were closed.~::Oh.::~I was having fun! I was flying around enjoying myself and suddenly I hit a duck, the poor thing. It didn't stand a chance.~::I don't think you should be diving with your eyes closed over a place like this.::~I wasn't going to dive all the way down!~::You're lucky you only hit a duck.::~Oh God, like that one guy who smacked into a news helicopter. That was horrible.~::They didn't stand a chance.::~Not just them, but him! I've heard ugly stories about what happened to him, it wasn't just hitting the helicopter, it was about getting crippled by the blades and sued by the families. I don't think he's even a superhero anymore. Okay! No more diving! If I dive it's in one of the dozens of plains or wastelands around the city, and I do it with my eyes OPEN in clear airspace.~::That's a good idea.::~Do superheroes have to file flight plans?~::I think it's legal to fly as long as you stay in your particular district.::~Great, more questions I can ask our paralegals.~::Wait.::~What?~::There's something you should see. Breaking news on UNB.::~*bzzzt* "...through beachfront property and moving rapidly towards the center of SciSec. NOTHING has been done to stop it. Could somebody out there help them? Please?!"


Stunning (sometimes w/resentment)

     Pheremones: Superior

  • Area Affect


AUGH I'm coming I'm comingImcomingImcommmmingholdthePHONEletmegettherrrrre...!~ALRIGHT, big monster smashing up the city, can't be hard to miss, WHERE IS IT?!~There! There it is! No surprises, get in the mindset, no pain, no pain, nopainnopainnopaaaaaain.... Got it. There are WAY too many people and too few are running away. Okay, uh, it's not armored and kinda flabby and naked. Ew. Plan, uh, I guess I'll just get its attention.~Hey! Over here! I'm right in your face! I am but a fly to you yet I annoy severely! Yes, you see me! Good!~Now establish your irritation by swatting at me like a big cat! C'mon, take a swing! No? Stop doing what your doing and stand completely still? Okay, I can work with this. Back to the coastline....~...It is staring at me intently. I feel uncomfortable with this. It... it's BLUSHING? And what the hell isOHGOD! Is that what I think it is?! HooooLY


Talking (damage control)

     Healing: Standard


I've got someone in my arms. Normally this would be romantic and kinda weird, except I'm saving him from getting stomped by the monster. I have to get this guy far away, because he is confused and disoriented and I think he was trying to get in his car when it tried to kill him. Poor guy. I hope he's insured.~I put him down and I ask the usual questions, are you okay, do you think you're hurt, do you need a ride home, did you leave behind a baby or a puppy or something that I didn't see and will really regret not rescuing, but he isn't paying attention to me at all. He turns around and wanders down the street a little before he sits down. I ask him again if he's alright. ~He lies down and says "I don't know." ~I'm surprised. He looks seventeen. At his height he's eye level with my chest, and he is not staring at all (ha ha ego, quit it). He's never had his life saved before, I guess. He is really feeling it. He is seeing that his life can end, and that now he has to rethink all of his life's priorities. He has to get this done now, and he has to get this done after that, because one day out of the blue he could die without getting to do either, but first he has to get off the street because I kind of landed us in the middle of a highway. He's lying down on the yellow stripes going down the middle and it looks like it would make a nice picture. ~He yelps, and runs to the breakdown lane. He looks at me and asks "Why are we in the middle of a highway?"~I say "Don't worry. This section's closed for maintenance. We won't get hit by anything." He doesn't say anything back. "Listen, it's alright. You're still alive. You're panicking because you came this close to death, but you're okay. Give it awhile to pass."~Meantime he's staring somewhere below my face. Yeah, there it is. "You're bleeding!" ...Or not. He points at my shoulder. I am not bleeding from there. I don't feel like I'm bleeding. My suit's got blood on it, though.~"Uh, I hit a duck earlier today. I was gonna clean it off, except this popped up before I could wash it." This is kind of derailing the 'congrats, you survived' thing I had going and it's taking too long.~"It's not your blood."~"It's not my blood. Would you mind waiting here for a second? I want to go..." ~"Okay okay, um, I can walk home from here if you don't come back. I know the way."~"Don't worry, I'll come back."~As I'm flying off I can hear him below me, shouting his thanks at the top of his lungs.


Willing (the pain out of mind)

     Iron Will: Supreme


I don't know what time it is. I should've asked that guy when I dropped him off.~::You were on the news. Did it really throw a train at you?::~Yes, but only after it used it to smack me out of the sky like a baseball. What was that thing's problem?~::UNB said it was a peaceful monster being mentally possessed by a young human male. The Sentinels had a telepath read it to understand why it wasn't behaving normally.::~They found a mental link?~::Yes. The monster itself occasionally rises from the ocean to feed on cliffsides and large rocks. It does little else.::~Good on them. Young male? That explains something.~::Yes, it explains it well.::~"You saw that too?"~::The editors didn't figure it out in time to cut away.::~Wait until the others hear about this. "Hey, Lucy got a monster aroused today! Let's make monster dick jokes behind her back for the next three months! And to her face too!" That's bad enough, but it HAD to be a young guy at the wheel, I mean, it never occurred to me that city-leveling monsters have genitalia too, and now thanks to some kid with super brain powers I came face-to-face with a gigantic monster dork I didn't know existed. I've never heard about the things having sex or making babies, but now that I am fully aware of monster dork I get to think about it allllll day and night.~::You should watch the Khazan Discovers channels more.::~For monster sex?~::Among other things. Khazan Discovers Culture can be fun to watch.::