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Talon and Claw
[ Thundercats ] [En Guarde] [ Silverhawks ]
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Thundercats vs. Silverhawks
This Fight Produced By: Aaron C.


Meet Lion-O: swilling cheap beer in a downtown Khazan bar to drink away his sorrows. Ever since the cancellation of his television show, The Thundercats, he just hasn't been the same. Meet Quicksilver: boozing it up in the same bar for the same reason - the cancellation of his old show, the Silverhawks. Lion-O is distracted by the constant, blinding shine reflected off Quicksilver's metallic armor. Lion-O shouts to the other man, telling him to leave the bar so he can drink in peace without getting blinded. Quicksilver snarls back that Lion-O is spreading fleas, and he throws a chair at the leader of the Thundercats. This doesn't please Lion-O, who returns the chair, barely missing the silvery ex-hero. Both men clasp each other, preparing to tear the bar down with a fight...when suddenly an old man comes between them both. The old man recognizes both Lion-O and Quicksilver as cartoon celebrities, and suggests that the two of them save the fight for the Khazan Stadium. There could be money involved, too. The ex-leaders agree, and promptly assemble their respective teams.

Chetarah (in her third CBUB appearance)


Copper Kid

They brawl for honor, they fight for bragging rights, they attack... because they've got nothing better to do with their dead careers! And who knows - maybe one of those talent scouts out in the stands will see their stuff and put their careers back on track.

Join us now for a battle we had to call...

Sylvester and Tweetie it ain't!


HEX:   Hello everyone, and welcome back to Khazon Arena for another bloody battle! I'm Hex and I'll be one of your hosts for the evening. I'm here with my cohost that many of you may recognize...Snarf of Thundercats fame!

SNARF:   *snarf, snarf* Greetings, all.

HEX:   Today's battle promises to be exciting as two of the best cartoon teams from the 80's pair off against each other in a battle for honor, renewed fame, and a substantial cash reward! Perhaps most exciting is the return of Cheetara, who has fought here many times before.

SNARF:   That's right. *snarf, snarf* She defeated Harley Quinn in their first match-up, but was in turn defeated...with some the clown princess during their second meeting. I think Cheetara wants her record to be 2-1, so I expect her to kick some butt today. *snarf, snarf*

HEX:   Both teams are taking the field, a proud display of pride and honor from all combatants. Pass me the shades, Snarf....the Silverhawks' metal armor is especially reflective today. I don't see Cheetara...oh wait, here she comes. The crowd roars, they love her! While the teams ready themselves, why don't we see what you folks had to say about this one...


Favorite letter of the Week

RealLoneWolf writes:

There's no way the Thundercats can lose this one. Not only are their concept much cooler then the Silverhawks, but they have one major advantage going for them: Their very nature.

They're cats. Big Cats. The Silvers are birds. You know what cats do to birds? Bingo.

One other thing to remember is that, in general, big cats like that are protected species in many regions. This means the Thunders will receive added support from the P.E.T.A.

To this, I add only one comment:


Zisteau writes:

Thunder... Thunder... Thunder... Thunder Cats!!!

'Nuff said.

Packrat writes:

First of all...any team with Cheetarah on it has speed covered. Second of all... who the hell are the Silverhawks? I'll bet Blue Falcon and Archangel from the X-Men could kick their collective heinies.

Peter writes:

Well, I only voted for the Thundercats for one reason (apart from the fact that I have never heard of the SilverHawks) - hearing Lion-o say the 'f' word in the bloopers. Man, that what's would have made 80's TV shows more lasting - rampant swearing. Of course, if I was to keenly analyse this fight, all I'd have to do was ask whether or not the leader of the SilverHawks had a magical, mystical kick-ass sword, but I digress.

Sailor Xena writes:

I had to pick the Thundercats in this one because of Cheetara. Since this is her third times in the Kahzan arena it makes a deadly vetern when squaring off against the Silverhawks who have never been in any combat situation for over 10 years. The rusty, put of shape Silverhawks won't stand a chance. And besides, as Sylvester always tells his kid, "cats eat birds".

TokenBlack Hero writes:

Ok we have the best of the Rakin Bass Kill crew here (although I think you should have added in Tiger Sharks for good measure)

The Silver Hawks exist in Limbo a place were the lawes of space and physics do not apply. They will not be ready to battle in the a place were they can actually fall.

The Cats as a crew are better fighters and a better team. The Haweks have armor but the cats have claws and magick weapons and can beat those G-force rejects like red headed step children.

Aubri writes:

You've left out one of the competitors on the Silverhawks side: Tallyhawk. The cyborg redtail acts as an integral part of the team, but is often overlooked; this gives the Silverhawks a surprise against the more numerous Thundercats. Her extra set of eyes and the team's radio communications give the Silverhawks a tactical advantage. They can work as a team even when seperated. In her interceptor role, eight Ginsu knives are nothing to sneeze at when they're going 200 mph, either. Small and agile, Tallyhawk is both a distraction and a deadly weapon in conjunction with the comparatively slower human team members.

Barima writes:

I'm baaaack!(and I guess I gotta grovel for printing again,too...;-)

I'm shocked that you're making me choose between the Cats and the Hawks. For Christ's sake, the same dudes made these punky animal superteams.How could you?!!!

Oh well,the Cats are gonna win on the voting front so I voted the Hawks on account of that kickin' theme tune they had.Better than that 'Thundercats are on the loose' one anyday. Plus Bluegrass plays a mean-ass,um,instrument.Mean enough to play on the intro.That shows he kicks ass. And they didn't have that devil-spawn Snarf(and his nephew,smaller with a similarly stupid name,Snarfer) as team sidekick.No,they had that space-monkey thing instead,Copperkid.And the Hawks got the RAGE mk.II tm.

Still,when one grew up with and loved both groups as much as I do,the theme tune has to be the decider.

Make mine the 80s!

Dark Force writes:

Well, I'd never heard of the Silverhawks before this, but they seem like a souless rip off of every other 80's cartoon. So I voted for the Thundercats. One last thing I want to say: IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN THUNDERCATS VS. G-FORCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Master writes:

Silverhawks fly! Thundercats die!

Corwyn writes:

Wow oh Wow oh Wow!

What a match!! Cats and their aireal carbon copies! This should be funny...until that darn cat thing rears its head....There is one being more annoying than Gizmo...and thats Snarf! That Cat Lizard thing should be dipped in molten lead (hot enough to burn..and still live for a bit) hosed down with wax dipped into liquid nitrogen. And then shattered with a hammer! Wait...thats too good for him

I know of only one punishment that fits his crime

Forced to Listen to Vogon Poetry

There now that Ive said my piece....Thunderbirds are Go!

XXUTAK The Unconquerable writes:

Everybody seems to voting for the Thundercats, and I can understand why. They're all forgetting one thing, though. The Silverhawks are not bound by the laws of physics! Think about it. How much luck do you think the Thundercats would have breathing and talking in outer space, let alone DIVING? While Liono's shouting Thundercats, HOOOOoooo, or whatever, Quicksilvers gonna be figuring out ways to work around the law of conservation of energy or something and blink everyone into a black hole, which would kill everyone but the Silverhawks (and maybe Harry and Marv from Home Alone), and then Mum-ra would kill himself out of boredom or whatever.

Justicar writes:

The Silverhawks will spank the kitties! I'm talking chickenfingers here! Why you ask?

Geek voice, yeah, the Thundercats have the Sword of Omens and their so cool...

Bullcookies! I say. Look fanboys, The Silverhawks sucked baaaaad... they have nothing to lose. Do you think by this time in their lives they're just simple alcoholics, nooo. I see the Silverhawks so cranked on PCP that Goku and the JLA couldn't hurt them.

The Thundercats have at least a cult status here. They're like original series Battlestar Galactica actors here. Sure the party is over, but they have some residuals and make some bucks at the Sci-fi conventions.

The Silverhawks, please, after the bloodbanks stopped accepting their blood donations they sold their souls to Cthulhu. (The Copper Kid please we won't even give his Boogie Nights story here.) They simply had to make the pain go away.

I say that the Silverhawks win, but only after at least 17 counts of adrenaline induced Mayhem.

The Pilot writes:

What the hell, the Thundercats winning?. The senseless idiots who voted for them do not realize FLIGHT POWER is more effective then ground pounders.

The Animator writes:

As long as Snarf dies a horrible, bloody, and very painful death, who cares who actually wins?

STARCLOUD of the Ewoks writes:

Silverhawks have the advantage here,because the Thundercats have SNARF! Yes!The furry cat/rat/lizard thingy who couldn't stare down himself in a mirror! He will end up making the Thundercats die! Bleed and die! Yub yub!

t_grandjean writes:

Cheetara...'nuff said...

Lion-Tonio writes:

Silverhawks have nothing on the Thundercats...they are so much more of a team...they each have a different talent to counteract the Silverhawks.


HEX:   Snarf!? Come back! I'm sure those people didn't mean what they said about you! Oi. Those were some interesting responses to this one, and what a blow it must be for the Silverhawks...many of you did not remember them! Ouch! But that hasn't stopped them, they looked ready to do the Thundercats!

SNARF:   *snarf, snarf* Mmmhmmm.

HEX:   Welcome back, Snarf! I apologize for the words of the viewers...

SNARF:   No need, they're just jealous that I'm a big star and they're not.

HEX:   Uhhhhh...sure. Hold that thought, looks like both teams are ready to begin!

SNARF:   They are! *snarf, snarf* All the Silverhawks save for Bluegrass have taken to the air! Bluegrass is firing sonic bolts from his guitar at all of the Thundercats, who have scattered!

HEX:   Uh oh! Looks like Tygra is having some problems getting away...he's sluggish!

SNARF:   He's grown a considerable beer belly since the cancellation of the show...OH NO *snarf, snarf*...he's hit!

HEX:   He didn't even have time to grab for his bola whip. He's trying to block the sonic blast by holding his ears...futile effort, though. He's down! The first and early loss! Don't pay too much attention to his downed body, though...Cheetara is blazing across the field straight towards Bluegrass!

SNARF:   She's not going to make it, Steelheart is set on a catfight and she's using her shoulder blasters to fire at the she-cat! *snaaaarf* Lion-O!!!! Look out!!!

HEX:   SNARF! You can't warn him! Tallyhawk is speeding towards the lord of the Thundercats! Quicksilver is obviously going to try and take the sword using his bird, and it looks like it may very well work!

SNARF:   By Jaga! Lion-O has sliced Tallyhawk with the sword!!! YAY LION-O!!! Feathers are falling to the ground around him...

HEX:   Quicksilver isn't happy about the death of his trusted bird, he's making a line straight for Lion-O and I don't think Lion-O sees him! The eye of Thundera sends out the warning signal...Lion-O has lifted the sword to his eyes...AND HE GETS TACKLED by Quicksilver! Ouch!

SNARF:   *Snaaaaarf* Across the field Panthro and Steelwill are after each other, firing blasts at one another...*snarf, snarf* Wilykit and Wilykat are on their space boards chasing after the Copper Kid, who is much quicker than they are.

HEX:   Cheetara is using her extendable staff! She's lifting high into the air...and it looks like...YES! She hits Steelheart and has wrapped her super-muscular legs around the other woman! The weight is too much for Steelhearts wings to hold...they're falling to the ground!

SNARF:   *snarf, snarf* She's bitch-slapping Steelheart at superspeed as they fall to the ground...Cheetara releases Steelheart, using her extended staff to help her land. Steelheart tries to recoop and reposition her wings to get some air...BUT she can't, she's not fast enough!

HEX:   THAT was a sickening thud. Cheetara's not done yet, she hits Steelheart repeatedly with the staff...I don't think the Silverhawk's armor is going to help her!

SNARF:   *snarf* Wilykat!!! Copper Kid has taken off one of his attack discs and pegged the little boy right in the head! Wilykat has fallen from his space board...*snarf, snarf*

HEX:   A mime he may be, but that Copper Kid knows how to fight! Across the field Panthro has just been tackled by Steelwill! Panthro isn't moving....a hit from Steelwill's super-strength is too much for the old Thundercat.

SNARF:   *snaaa-aaa-aaaarf* Things aren't looking good for the Thundercats...

HEX:   Don't give up on them yet, Snarf! Wilykit looks PISSED! She's flying right at the Copper Kid! Oh! She almost got hit by a sonic blast from Bluegrass! She looks determined...she's reaching into her belt...she's got something in her hand!

SNARF:   *snarf* It's a bomb! She just threw it at Copper Kid and it blew right up in his face! He's going down...down...THUD! HAHA! Stupid annoying whistling mime...

HEX:   Snarf! Sheesh...Bluegrass has turned his attention from Wilykit to Lion-O, who has just kicked Quicksilver off of his body. Lion-O dodges the sonic blast...but he's got two Silverhawks against him!

SNARF:   Bluegrass turned his attention away from Wilykit...and it may cost him! She's charging at him on her spaceboard...she's got her lasso out...SHE lassoes the COWBOY! Yeehaw!

HEX:   That's right...she's dragging Bluegrass away from Lion-O's battle! Woah! We'd lost track of Cheetara, but there she is dodging blasts from Steelwill, who must be angry that Cheetara kicked his sister's butt!

SNARF:   *snarf, snarf* Wait...look! Lion-O is holding the sword of Omens up!

Lion-O:   Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats....HOOOOOOO!!!!!

SNARF:   Hoooooo!

HEX:   He's called upon the magic of the sword! The big red cat symbol is bliding Quicksilver...a taste of his own medicine! Lion-O is pointing the sword at the Silverhawk leader...this can't be good!

SNARF:   *snarf* He blasts Quicksilver!!! Quicksilver is down, a heap of smoke! YAY!!!! But the celebrating is premature! Bluegrass has climbed up Wilykit's lasso and is on top of the spaceboard!

HEX:   He threw her off! That's pretty heartless, she's just a kid! She's down, unable to land from a fall that big. Guess the old saying isn't true, cats DON'T land on their feet. Cheetara has ran from Steelwill! She's holding her staff like it's a...a...a SPEAR! She just threw her staff and hit Bluegrass right in the FACE! The combination of the speed of the spaceboard and the superspeed of Cheetara is too much for Bluegrass! He's gone!

SNARF:   *snarf, snarf* Lion-Oooooo! Behind y....Steelwill has just grabbed Lion-O and has him in a sleeper hold! This could spell the end for the leader of the Thundercats!

HEX:   Lion-O has dropped the sword, he's not strong enough to break Steelwill's grasp! Cheetara sees the trouble and is running at high speed towards Steelwill! He drops the unconscious leader of the Thundercats and is facing Cheetara!

SNARF:   They're going to hit...I can't look...


[ Pic ] [ Pic ]

'Nuff Said!


Thundercats: 466

Silverhawks: 181


HEX:   Yikes! A superfast crotch-shot sends Steelwill down...and raises his voice a few octaves. Cheetara and the Thundercats win!!!!!!


HEX:   And you saw it ALL here, folks! Cheetara has redeemed herself as the last woman standing! Be sure to come back again for another bloody that a photographer from Playboy approaching Cheetara??? Oh....I'm your host, Hex...signing off!

SNARF:   Bye-bye everyone! *snarf, snarf*

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