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Teens A-Go-Go
[ Young Justice ] [En Guarde] [ Gen X ]
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Young Justice vs. Generation X

Fight (or variation of it) Suggested By: GammaRat, Buttmunch, daMan, Firestar Artemis, Mr. Soichiro, Predator, syr_real, Skeearmon, Super Slayer, Calamity_Coyote, LP3, Mask 1/2 and the Flaming Hamster of Grace


Young Justice

Robin: Team Leader
Wonder Girl

Generation X

Jubilee: Team Leader

The Khazan Mall. As one might expect, of the shopping mall which sits at the center of all realities, it is indeed something to write home about. Four solid levels of shopping and entertainment, covering more than a mile of ground with it's intriguing honey comb architecture.

In one of the many food courts, a little friendly rivalry between those mighty teen teams Young Justice and Generation-X gets way, way out of hand. Sideways looks turn to whispering. Whispering turns to cat-calls. Cat-calls turn quickly to spit wads.... and it's all down hill from there.

Get ready for a rumble of extreme magnitude as we smash our way through walls and plate-glass windows on a whirlwind tour of the Khazan Mall. It may never be the same again when these kids get done with it.

Join us now for a battle we had to call...

Teen Angels


PAT:   Hello and Welcome, I'm Pat Summers! We are LIVE at the Khazan Mall for a fight that... well, it's a fight nobody even knows about yet, isn't it?

JAY:   That's right, Pat. Hello, I'm Jay Peoples. Thanks to out "in" with Hour Man, we were able to set up for a fight which should be brewing any minute here.

PAT:   Indeed... and aren't all those oblivious shoppers down on Mall Level Two going to be surprised when it hits the fan. Prepare for a teen-tantrum blow out as Generation-X takes on Young Justice.

JAY:   Thanks to our advanced knowledge of the match, we've been able to collect these comments from an as-of-yet non-existent viewer audience which will be tuning in shortly. Or something.

PAT:   Ah... who cares. Here's the word on the street...


Favorite letter of the Week


You start with your all but necessary face-off between teams a la Braveheart. Impulse decides to be the first to do something. Big surprise. Robin and Superboy both yell, "Wait!" Caught off guard Jubilee takes her "crack" at Robin and Monet rams into Superboy knocking him into a Starbucks. Wonder Girl's P.O.ed and tries to return the favor but Monet sees it coming. They are evenly matched hit for hit. Synch "synchs" with skin and they do a tag team on Impulse. Impulse gets distracted by a Blastmaster 3000 at the nearest Electronic Boutique and gets caught in the web of skin of both X-ers. Things don't look good for Young Justice. Husk goes diamond hard and charges at Arrowette. "Help!" she mutters. On cue, Secret appears out of a Pringles box (don't ask) and turns into a gaseous form that de-ages elements and compounds, thus reverting Husk into a pile of coal. "Icky yuck!" she exclaims in disgust. Wonder Girl and Monet continue their cat fight while Wonder Girl defends her claims that the Gap is cool while Monet argues that Wonder Girl is really tasteless. pretty much Monet is winning. Where's Robin? Little bird fly away? Batarang flies out of nowhere hits a glass display case distracting Skin and Synch. Impulse, in awe, runs all over them begging them to "Do the prettzel again!" Synch gives up and goes for Robin. Arrowette just stares at the icky coallike Husk while Secret turns to pretty much smoke and activates the sprinkler system leaving husk now even ickier. Arrowette dives for the wishing fountain and hurls. Monet grabs WG's wig and throws it into Husk's crapola state. WG's miffed and distracted and Monet knocks her out. Monet turns and sees a big Red S. BAM! Superboy back in the game sends her flying into a body by Victoria's display case and snickers. Robin looks at him. Superboy shrugs and says "I swear I didn't know that was there!" Impulse has tied up Skin and then sees a pet store and decides to play. Jubilee returns and has brought Chamber with her. He sees everything and yells "Bloody hell!" and sends a walloop of pure psionic energy at everyone. Oops. All the mall patrons and the young heroes in designated area "food court" are out cold. Superboy, Impulse, and Arrowette group together. And on the other side we have Jubilee and Chamber. Outnumbered. Wait! Here comes Synch, freshly juiced with M's powers. Superboy touches the ground and instant de-equilibrium. Arrowette shoots a grappling hook arrow to a tree and pulls herself to safety. Impulse spins around the off-balance mutants creating more confusion. Superboy gives Synch a TKO, literally. Chamber, always cool and calm unleashes a psi-blast at Superboy's chest and is thrown into a Sturcture pillar. Arrowette shoots a boxing glove arrow for Chamber's head. He turns to see it smack him. Distracted, Superboy grabs the pilllar and flings it into Chamber's gaping hole. Impulse grabs the totally disoriented Jubilee and runs away from a big boom. Sorry Chamber. Jubilee gets a hold of herself and frees herself from Impulse. She shoots her firecrackers at him but Superboy jumps in the way. Synch, powerless, shakes the tree and down falls Arrowette. They go at it old skool street fighter II style. Jubilee falls to her knees and yells, "Enough I'm sick of this!" and appears to be crying. Superboy and Impulse walk over to her and all of a sudden she saves one huge blast to knock out Superboy and Impulse. But Impulse, being quicker than that only leaves a vibrational reflection of himself and in reality runs over to help Arrowette who's losing her fight. In a second, Impulse grabs Synch and runs to Tahiti and leaves him there. Jubilee has finished off Arrowette and declares victory when all of a sudden, Impulse creates a cyclone that catches and twirls Jubilee. Jubilee tries to use her power against Impulse, but at that speed, Jubilee is a HUGE conducter of elecctricity and ends up zapping herself. Impulse stops letting Jubilee's body drop and we have winner...Young Justice. Whew!

Canibavore writes:

I voted for Young Justice due to their overall skill, their Speedster, and the leadership abilities of the finest Robin, but what's the point? Damn hardcore Marvel fans will just stuff the ballot like usual, ignoring the facts and just looking at the company name. This pisses me and just seems like a waste of my time.

Cubist writes:

"Rrealistically", GenX oughtta lose, for one very simple reason: Impulse. You say GenX has psi-users? Big, fat, hairy whoop! Impulse can [a] run around the continental US, [b] cold-cock EVERY LAST MEMBER OF THE ENTIRE GENX TEAM, *and* [c] play a few hot rounds of Blastomatic 3000, *all* in less time than it takes *any* of the psi-users to finish firing off a neural message across 1 (one) synapse. You think even Professor X has enough Jedi mind tricks to prevail against a guy with THAT kind of speed going for him?
That said, it must be noted that no comicbook has ever portrayed speedsters anywhere near as lethally effective as they "should" be... so Impulse's efficacy will naturally be downgraded by the elder ghod called "Dramatic Tension". He'll be *effective*, but not *ultimately decisive*. But I digress...
GenX loses, simply because they're a more fragile group -- they break *real* good, *real* easy. And what of YJ? Superboy, Wonder Girl, Impulse, and Secret are all nigh-immune to physical damage; Arrowette, being a distance fighter, can only be hurt by those who are capable of withstanding her Quiver O' Tricks; and Robin, although merely human and a hand-to-hand type, [a] is skilled enough to be *real* hard to hit, AND [b] has a good chunk o' Kevlar & etc incorporated into his costume.
Compare this to GenX: Husk *can* be physically tough, but only on special occasions; Synch *can* be tough, assuming he's "synching" with someone else who already is; as for the rest, well, they break real good, don't they?
Final tally: YJ don't break, GenX do. GenX lose.

Peregrine writes:

Don't you mean Gen-Angst? Poor kids are too wrapped up in their "woe is me, I am a mutant in a world that fears and hates me" to really be effective as a team. (They have to be; it's editorial policy at Marvel. "Mutant" = "angst".) Sorry, Gen-Angst, the heirs of the Justice League will carry the day.

The Match Maker writes:

We all know that the JLA vs. X-Men fight when down wrong. And the right thinkers among us will lament that till a rematch takes place SOMEWHERE. But now there's a change at "redemption". JLA Jr. vs. X-Men Jr. This one SHOULD go the same way the LAST ONE SHOULD OF! I give this one to Young Justice. And I hope they win for another reason. Because if the "Marvel Zombies" pull this one off as well, DC Fanboys everywhere will storm the Marvel Offices with pitchforks and torches. Not mention the "campaign of terror" that will be waged on every Marvel Fan from here to the next DC/Marvel crossover. Simply put, if Young Justice looses, the Internet will run red with the blood of Marvel Fanboys.

The Cat writes:

All I'm saying is that if Robin or Superboy wanna go out to a movie after their succees, I'm the gal to do it with. :-)

Winter Oak writes:

Generation X has recently had a majorupgrade in both story and characterization. Most recently, they have pulled together their team work andapplied their powers to the best advantage. Though I must agree that the local scenery will take the brunt of all the damage, and that both teams will have various unconscious members before the final fall.

Soulmaker writes:

The vaunted Speed Force wins this for Impulse and the gang only if Synch is knocked out before he can get ahold of M's invulnerability. If Impulse doesn't notice what's happening, the Young Justice squad is in for some major trouble. Too bad for Young Justice... Impulse hasn't been known for thinking on his feet. Him being the only hero ever to be turned down by the Legion of Superheroes.

Packrat writes:

Where's Gen13? I wanted to see them get their clocks cleaned! Oh well. Another excellent match... but Gen X has got the edge. They're used to fighting as a team, while the Young Justice group, besides being newly formed and all, is still used to doing things on their own. I see six battles happening here. Skin vs. Robin: Why'd I pick Skin over Robin? Simple...while Robin was trained by Batman...Skin's been living in danger his whole life. Thanks to his experiences in the L.A. ghetto, I see Skin using his street smarts to barely manage to tag Robin. Chamber vs. Secret: Secret's ability? She can make it tough to breathe... shame Chamber doesn't breathe anymore. A few plasma bursts takes out the most inexperienced of the YJ group. Husk vs. Arrowette: Arrowette takes her cue from Oliver Queen...and uses sharp tipped arrows. Shame Husk can simply tear off her skin to reveal stone underneath. Synch vs. Impulse: I gave Impulse the nod here, seeing that Synch would be grabbing everyones powers but doesn't know how to use them. He would swipe Impulses speed and try to chase him, so Impulse simply vibrates through a wall and BAM! Synch is out like a light. Monet vs. Superboy: Monet gets the point. Why? Simple.... Li'l Supes is trying to flirt and, being the gentleman, says he would rather not hit a lady. Monet clocks him, completely disinterested. Jubilee vs. Wonder Girl: The two street-lingo spoutin, mall shoppin, teen dynamos go at it. Wonder Girl might get in a few initial shots, but Jubes been doing this kind of thing a LOT longer than she has. Besides not being able to see from plasmoid bursts, Wondy's limited to close-up attacks while Jubes can chuck a few firecrackers at her from a distance. Sure, it'll take a while, but Jubes has patience. Of course...if Red Tornado shows up, or if Robin manages to get the team organized enough, it might go the other way. Ask me again in a few months.

Lemur writes:

After careful deliberation--mostly checking out the profile pages to see exactly what everybody in this fight can do--I can only conclude that my initial prediction was correct: Gen X rocks the mall. With the exception of the nigh-useless Skin, they've really got the powerhouses, here. Monet is supposedly "perfect", with a range of abilities approaching that of the Martian Manhunter (flight, strength, invulnerability, telepathy, genius-level intelligence, etc.). Synch can duplicate the powers of others. Husk adapts in whatever way is necessary. And Chamber and Jubilee are both just very good at blowing things up (and possess some minor psionic abilities, as well). Young Justice, on the other hand, is saddled with the rather useless Arrowette and Secret, and the borderline-useless Robin. Superboy and Wonder Girl are powerhouses, but nothing Monet and Synch can't match. Impulse could present problems, but again, Synch or possibly Husk could mimic his powers and kick his ass just by virtue of being bigger, tougher, and not so painfully bloody stupid. The mutants win this one, kids.

Drew writes:

This was a really tough call. Both of these teams are just so cool. I'm a huge fan of both teams (I've got every issue of Young Justice and many issues of Generation X), so I'd like to think that I'm as close to impartial as is possible. But logically, I've gotta give it to the mutant posse, at least at this point in each team's career. Gen X has been together for quite some time, and they spend all of their time learning to work together as a team. In contrast, YJ has been a team for a very short time. Also, since most of its members operate solo as much or more than they work together as a team, they aren't really adept at teamwork, at least not yet. In this fight, I see Superboy getting mad and immediately attacking, ignoring Robin's protests that they need to formulate a plan. SB is just too impatient for that kind of thing, not to mention the fact that he resents Robin's quasi-leadership and loves to ignore what Robin says. (Hey, SB's done it before,like in YJ #4.) Undoubtedly, Superboy would immediately be followed by Impulse (no patience for plans, and no thoughts of defeat or injury) and Wonder Girl (she has a crush on SB, and would probably follow his "leadership" in attacking.) This leaves Robin, Arrowette, and Secret behind and torn on what to do. As leader, Robin has two options: 1) Stay back and formulate a plan, knowing that while they're doing that, their teammates may be getting their butts kicked, OR 2) Follow the others into battle, hoping that their brute strength can compensate for lack of teamwork. Unfortunately for YJ, neither of these tactics would work. If Robin chooses the first option, then the fight is essentially Superboy, Impulse, and Wonder Girl versus all of Gen X (except Penance- where the hell is she in all of this?), and then Robin, Arrowette, and Secret versus whoever is left of Gen X. Let's look at this scenario. Yeah, Superboy and Wonder Girl are tough to hurt, but they're no match for all of Gen X. Monet seems to be as strong and tough as at least Wonder Girl, maybe even Superboy, and she is much smarter then either of them. Plus, she has psionic powers she can use against them. And Impulse is fast, yes, but he tends not to be all that threatening without proper guidance, which in this case he doesn't have. Synch could just use his power to become as fast as Imp and take him down. Even if that doesn't work, I'll bet that by working as a team, Gen X could take him out. If worse comes to worse, there's always M's telepathy again; she can just enter Imp's mind and put him to sleep. So now, the remaining members of Gen X have to take out Robin, Arrowette, and Secret. Fine. Arrowette is a great archer, but against people like M (invulnerable), Husk (in a rock or steel form), or Synch ("in synch" with one of the other two, so also invulnerable), most of her arrows don't mean much. Her trick arrows might help, but one blast from Chamber, Jubilee, or Synch (using the powers of one of the above two) would take her out. She's a great hand-to-hand fighter, but she can easily fall victim to some of her own medicine, a long range attack. As for Secret, she doesn't seem to have a whole lot in the way of offensive power, at least not yet. And though she'd be tough to take out, it's certainly possible. The most obvious answer is M's telepathic powers again, used to put Secret to sleep. And though Secret seems to be capable of intangibility, it's possible that Chamber's psionic blasts would have some effect on her. Or perhaps Synch could duplicate her gas powers, and take her out that way. Jubilee's fireworks could keep Secret continuously blinded until Gen X figured out what to do with her. And overall, even if Gen X didn't take her out, Secret just doesn't seem like much of a threat at this time. That just leaves the Big Man himself: Robin. He's a tough one, but Gen X could triumph over him too. Here's just one example. As seen in their prior meetings, Robin is reluctant to hit Jubilee (and, possibly, her other female teammates as well). As long as Jubilee keeps Rob occupied, constantly attacking him, he'll be kept busy trying to restrain her without actually punching her. Sure, he'd eventually find a way, but by then it'd be too late. The other Gen Xers would be done taking out his teammates, and he would fall before their combined power and teamwork. (Or, again, M's telepathy; man, that sure comes in handy, doesn't it? ;-) As I mentioned earlier, the other option is for YJ to attack together, but without much in the way of strategy. This would be a much closer fight, one that YJ could potentially win, but I still think that the odds are in Gen X's favor. As we all know, raw power is no match for teamwork, which is something Gen X has in spades. As I mentioned earlier, this would be a really close battle, and certainly a hell of a sight to see. (Which is why there should be a special 1-shot or miniseries showing just such a meeting...) But overall, Generation X has a few things going for them that would give them the upper hand. M's telepathy is a huge factor, enabling her to take out some of the oppositions immediately (my recommendations: Robin and Superboy) without breaking a sweat. (Not to mention the fact that M's also a super-genius...) And Synch's power makes him incredibly versatile; heck, if any of his teammates fall, he's a free replacement. And he might even be able to duplicate some of the powers of the YJers, a huge bonus. And of course, as I've continually stated, there's the teamwork issue. Gen X lives together, learns together, grows together, and trains together constantly. They're just a little too much for the mostly-solo members of YJ to handle. But as I said, this is one fight I definitely wanna see.

Kevin "Brand Echh" Garcia writes:

Well, you have the strong early favorites, a member of the Superfamily, Flash tradition, and Dynamic Dou, but they should prove no match for the more powerful, and much much better trained young mutants of Generation X. Sure the 80's dressed, jacketted, earinged Superboy is on one team, but he doesn't even have Superman's real powers! And sure you have Kid Flash, er, Impulse, but he's all attitude and no skill. The mutants of Generation X may have been born with powers that set them apart from their fellow man, but they have been trained by the best. With teachers like former Interpol agent and X-Man Banshee, and former super-villainess and trainer of young mutants for many years, the White Queen, all under the watchful eye of one Professor Xavier, the kid's of Gen X have come well equiped for battle. Jubes is a lot more powerful then she appears, especially when she can cut loose on an "invulnerable" hero like Superkid (sure she has that Bat-crush to take care of first). And Chamber alone could take out half of Young Justice in one blast!

Jaddak writes:

Your asking way too much of Gen-X to defeat the really super-powered Young Justice. Now, if it were the JLA vs. Gen-X then Gen-X would already have lost but even with the lesser abilities of Superboy and Wondergirl compared to their elder counter-parts Gen-X has no chance of winning, no matter how confined the space is.

Krestakon writes:

YJ has got generation X beat on so many levels. They have the power advantage(with S.B. and Wondergirl), they've got the speed advantage(Impulse), and they've got the ultimate leader the best Robin there ever was Tim Drake. What does Gen X have besides a bunch of stupid names

Saberlock writes:

First off, I am a Generation X fan and I've never heard of Young Justice, but I rescearched every page you gave, so I could make an informed decesion. By the way, if you're going to call them by their codenames, it's M not Monet. This is a fight that was long overdue. The young should not have been ignored like this. First Superboy and Wondergirl will take to the air followed by M and Synch. Hey if Synch can copy Gaia's powers, he can copy Superboy. Chamber would try to burn Secret, and Arrowette would try to shoot Skin. Of course both would dodge. Husk will try to take on Robin and find herself completely outmatched, but, hey, what could batarangs do against titanium "flesh". Jubilee would be circled by Impulse, but after a few shots at him, she would quickly decide to leave him to someone else. Jubes : "Alright guys let's mix it up!" Here's where we weed out the week. Husk's a smart girl; she'd figure out some skin she could use to take out Secret, but she's also dumb enough not to relize that it would effect her as well. Two down, and in case you can't tell; I don't like Husk. M would go after Arrowette. I don't care what type of arrows she has, not even M's bother knows how to take her down. Nighty-night, arrow child. Wondergirl would have to shield Superboy from Jubilee's blasts, while Skin and Chamber try to contain Impluse. Robin would lead Synch away from the super-powers, then WHAK! Down one bald mutant. Robin : "They're trying to out flank us. Pull it together guys." Who to take out next? Oh yes, miss priss incarnate herself. Supey and Wondergal could now double-team M, leaving her a lying heap on the slushy machine.Our speedy advenger could get tangeled up in our strechy adventure, sending both (Impluse and Skin if you were wondering) cascading into the fountain. Chamber could easily blast Superdude into next week, but Wonderkid could fly right through his flames to punch him and cause an explosion that would knock them both out. That just leaves our the ex-X-man and the current boy wonder. *alone at last* Now there are three direction it could go from here:

  1. Jubilee figures out that all she has to do is blind Robin to take him out.
  2. Robin figures out all he has to do is tie Jubilee's hand behind her back to take her out.
  3. They both figure out they're atracted to each other, and they take each other out on a date... but not before playing pranks on their "super friends".
Jubilee : "Boy, I wouldn't want to be Monet when she wakes up." Robin : "Carl's not going to be happy when he wakes up either." Jubilee : "You're right. We should leave now." Robin : "Good idea." Of course this could have all had been avoided if one of the food vendors had yelled out, "Free pizza!"

Nine writes:

Superboy, Robin, Wonder-Girl. These names means something to me. The rest of them sound like characters from the Champions role-playing game. No staying power. If they die, who gives a hoot?

fan writes:

Multiple choice: Impulse zips around at the speed of light . . . considerably faster than the speed of human thought. He sees the GenX team as if they were statues. Can he

  1. drop each Xer in a different continent's live volcano before the fight really gets started,
  2. drop each Xer in a different continent's live volcano long before any of the Xers notices,
  3. drop each Xer in a different continent's live volcano long before a millisecond has gone by, or
  4. all of the above.

Jetfire writes:

Much as I would have wanted Gen X to take this, Young Justice simply has too much power on their side. It still won't be an easy fight for YJ though. With Monet, Husk (shedding to show a brand new Adamantium skin ;)and Chamber, Gen X won't go down easily, but they will go down. (Now if this was New Mutants vs Young Justice its a whole new kettle of fish)

FallenX writes:

Well, putting aside the fact that Young Justice has a better creative team then Gen X has had for almost two years, I look at it this way: Robin coordinates offensive, and a counter-offensive at the same time. Superboy and Wonder Girl at point while Impulse does a quick womp on Synch. (Who I guess were saying may be able to grab a power or two) Arrowette and Secret takes down Husk. That leaves Robin with a little device designed to create autism in people, which Monet already has in spades. Young Justice wins in two seconds flat.

The Colonel writes:

Someone just said a while back that it depends on thwe leadership. Okay, let's take a look: Young Justice? Robin III AKA Tim Drake. Caught the Joker (AKA Mr "I killed Robin II, crippled Barbara Gordon, killed Lois Laner in an Elseworlds, etc..." Joker - did I mention "I also have a dishy sidekick, Harley Quinn, who's coming soon to the Batman comic books" Joker?), made Batman get back on his feet, etc... This kid is definately a hero. Generation X? Jubilee. She alone will cause her team a disaster. Case closed...

kase writes:

The Gen-X team leader is Jubillee? Oh man, the muties are goin' down. I have to give this one to Young Justice. In the short time that they've been around, they've managed to take down terran and cosmic threats. Heck, Secret defeated and disposed of Despero and he took down the entire JLA. Impulse held his own against the Martian Manhunter and Red Tornado, Superboy lifts palaces out of the path of lava, and Robin is a strategic leader with no equal his age. They can break into government facilities and stave off military personnel and save the Pope from despotic villains. Gen-X, in all the time they've been around, haven't had half the action or interest level. They're mainly X-men in training who sit around and spout psycho-babble about how tough it is being a mutant. Maybe if they immigrate to the DCU, they'll have a better time. Like I said, Gen-X are X-men in training. YJ are the JLA in training. Put 2 and 2 together and you'll see that the JLA handles bigger threats than the X-Men. This fight goes to Young Justice.

Chuckg writes:

AWWWRIGHT! My most favorite superteam ever vs. my LEAST favorite superteam ever! Go get 'em, Young Justice! The blood shall flow across the tiles as the Gen-X brats get mulched. They have truly, absolutely, and completely picked the wrong fight. Folks, those Young Justice kids are people Around With Whom Thou Shalt Not Screw. Some general notes on the fight:

Mobility -- my God, Young Justice has a mobility advantage here that's absolutely ludicrous. Gen-X has one member who can fly, slowly... Monet. (Two if Synch is duping her). Young Justice has two people who can fly at Mach 3 plus (Superboy, Wonder Girl), one who can fly and teleport (Secret), and one who can hit lightspeed on the ground. (Impulse). Tactics -- Gen-X has the team leadership of... Jubilee? Puh-LEASE! Jubes has the IQ of an eggplant! Young Justice has as its team leader the young man who has single-handedly out-witted and out-fought the Joker ("Robin II: Joker's Wild" limited series), who's out-witted Catwoman ("Contagion"), the kid who penetrates ultra top-secret government installations without breaking stride ("Robin Plus Impulse" one-shot, "Young Justice Secret Files #1"), the kid who indepdently figured out the Batman's secret ID from scratch when he was only nine years old ("A Lonely Place Of Dying"), one of Bruce Wayne's most talented proteges ever, and a proven genius and master tactician twenty times over... the one, the only, the damn near unstoppable Tim Drake. Robin can out-think all of Gen-X with one brain lobe tied behind his back.
OK -- when you have the enormously greater mobility, the only way the other side can make up for that is to have better tactics. Unfortunately for Gen-X, Young Justice has the enormously better tactician, too. So superior mobility PLUS superior leadership means that Young Justice has the tactical initiative in its hip pocket. They will pick the time, they will pick the place, they will pick the matchups. Game OVER. In YOUNG JUSTICE #5, Robin learned that one-on-one matchups do not work. Ergo, the matchups will not all be one-on-one. Step one is to take absolutely shameless advantage of the Speed Force. Folks, there is a Flash on this battlefield. That right there changes the whoooooole dynamic. So Impulse just burns straight in in the first .00000000001 seconds of the fight, before anyone on the Gen-X side can even twitch a muscle. WHAP. WHAP. Chamber and Jubilee are both *down*, right now. So much for your mega-energy blasters, they didn't have a chance. Meanwhile, in the first tenth-of-a-second, the Secret has headed straight for Gen-X's big gun, Monet. (bamf). She teleports, she's there.

A bit of backstory: While the Secret's full powers and abilities are still quite mysterious, the capacities she's already demonstrated are bad enough. Here's a sample. There's a guy in the DCU who's a Xavier-level telepath, who can scan five billion minds simultaneously, who can effortlessly maintain telepathic hookups across interplanetary distances, who serves on the Justice League as the Martian Manhunter. There's a ghost/immaterial-body-stealing entity/"possesses bodies and minds" type kind of villain in the DCU called Despero, who was powerful enough to be able to mentally possess the Martian Manhunter. And there's a young lady in the DCU called the Secret, who in her encounter against Despero... you know, we still don't know how she did what she did, but she shredded him. Despero just looked her in the eye and ran away screaming, and she chased him down, and... well, he ain't been seen since. Anywhere. Monet? You're gone. Heck, thanks to a little contribution from Arrowette, you're not even able to concentrate on trying to stop the Secret from zorching you. After all, even Monet still needs to breathe, and... to quote Arrowette in YOUNG JUSTICE #8, "You're just lucky I didn't use the puke arrow." Only Monet won't be that lucky. :-) OK, so we've got six YJ'ers still standing on the field, vs. Synch, Skin, and Husk. Synch can only dupe the powers of his fellow mutants, so he's not getting the Young Justice kids. And he can only dupe people who are in range of him. Superboy grabs him, applies a little muscle, and the next thing you know the only thing Synch is in range of is the county line... because Kon-El just threw him there. Folks, Superboy once benched an entire castle (YOUNG JUSTICE #2), so we may safely assume that the Boy Of Steel is way stronger than all of Gen-X combined. So now it's just Skin & Husk, vs. all of Young Justice. I don't even need to detail this, do I? Let's just assume that at six-to-two odds, they will be duly beaten into submission. Cripes, Robin didn't have to do anything here except draw up the battle plan. Everybody else did all the swinging. Sheesh, YJ could even have spotted Gen-X a handicap by having Wonder Girl take a vacation and they'd still have won. You never, ever, ever, EVER mess with the Justice League. Not even the junior version. :-)

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy writes:

Young Justice all the way, even though I know that GX is going to win. This is all just one big fat popularity contest anyways! Didn't any of you read Marvel vs. DC!?! How could Wolverine beat Lobo!?! Damn it! I'm so angry, I could almost go and tear up all my back issues of Battle Chasers. Almost...

Lord of the Pie writes:

YJ is ahead to win?!? DANG! I see GenX with this one, and my "Counter System" proves my theories well: Skin gets Arrowette. All she does is shoot projectiles. Sooo...give her a guy who can withstand bullets and blades and such and she'll be dodging her own weapons, slinshot back at her Superboy gets Chamber...he's the most trouble, but a living unending well of psionic energy could do it. Tactile-telekenesis don' mean JACK to mind power, SB Wonder Girl...obviously M. They're pretty evenly matched(I'm saying this knowing very little agout WG, giving benefit of the doubt), but M is smarter, and most likely faster. And older/taller, giving better reach Since I don't know what Secret does, Synch takes her. He's proven he can synchronize the powers of all the GenX members at once, so that'll come in BIG handy, no matter the obstacle. Impulse gets Husk. Her powers are iffy; you never know what yer up against. But she almost has this down pat. Maybe a bit of assist from Jubes to dazzle him, he comes in, high speed, *SHCRIIPPP!* diamond sharp skin at 300mph. Ow. Bye Bart. Ok, you knew Jubes'd get Robin:). C'Mon, rematch city! This goes two ways: either she totally cuts loose and devestates the mall, and thus Robin(Synch did it with her powers, she could too), or, realizing the allure of the super-chick, Robin is just happy to see her, and they go off to get cozy.

Noel Schornhorst writes:

Okay, folks, sit down, grab a nice beverage... I'll wait... comfortable? Good. Now, first, let's go through this player by player as evenly as I can think to match the teams up. Especially since Banshee, White Queen, Red Tornado, and Penance (She's cooler than Synch!) aren't around... Hmph. Robin vs. Skin-- Yeah, I know, you'd expect the team cap'ns to go at it, but after DC vs. Marvel and All Access, Robin would NEVER fight Jubilee and even if he did, he'd easily outsmart her, as he'd do with Skin. Skin would make some snide remarks, while attempting to snare Robin with his plasticmannish fingers and stuff. Having dealt with such adversaries as Clayface and a brainwashed Martian Manhunter, Robin knows how to deal with Skin. I'd think Robin would dodge all Skin's attempts to snare the Boy Wonder and then use a well-placed gas pellet. Skin would be KO'd almost instantly. YJ 1 GX 0 Arrowette vs. Jubilee: Arrowette is a good archer and uses many trick arrows. Jubilee has trained with the X-Men and sends li'l lightie things flying. Jubes' training gives her the edge. True, Arrowette is no pushover, but she's also no Robin. Jubillee just has the experience and skill all over Arrowette (for now). YJ 1 GX 1 Superboy vs. Monet: Tactile Telekinesis vs. Super Strength and flight. I think Monet's stronger and more driven to this fight. Superboy may be tough and more experienced with his powers, but she'd be skilled enough to deal with him. YJ 1 GX 2 Secret vs. Chamber: True Chamber could send out his psionic fiery blast doohickey thingamabob, but Secret can dissapate, sneak around Chamber, turn into a cloud of knockout gas or something and take Chamber out. YJ 2 GX 2 Wonder Girl vs. Husk: Okey-Doke, Wonder Girl has super strength and Husk can tear her skin off, producing another substance underneath. I'll assume she'd turn into the hardest substance she's been able to to date, diamond. The thing with Husk, is that, given time, her diamond skin will fall off, reverting her to normal skin status. Wonder Girl is skilled and powerful enough to keep Husk busy until that happens. When that happens, Wonder Girl will win, no contest. OR when Husk turns to diamond, she gets all spiky. Wonder Girl could just toss Husk into a mall wall, and Husk would be stuck until she reverts back to normal. YJ 3 GX 2 And finally, Impulse vs. Synch: Synch would... well... synch Impulse's powers. Then, with super speed, he'll try to beat the super speeding kid. HOWEVER, Impulse is nuts enough to drive Joker even crazier and has beaten a universe destroying menace single-handedly. Impulse would run roughshod over Synch and drive the poor guy completely looney in the process. YJ 4 GX 2 There you have it. Young Justice easy. True Gen X works better as a team, but the power and brains are better in YJ.

ChaosBurnFlame writes:

Well, this has gotta be like Justice League vs X-men. Only miniturized. Of course, on this website, when that happened, the X-men won(still makes me mad). Young Justice has the young powerhouses of the UNIVERSE on their side when Gen-X has a bunch of mutant rejects. Not a tough decision here.

Katrover writes:

Knowing the way Dc-Marvel matchups always turn out at CBUB, Gen-X may take the cake, but I'm rooting for Young Justice anyway. Being a DC fan, I shall root for DC's heros even if it's Jason Todd vs. Galaticus......maybe not then.


[ Pic ] [ Pic ]

JAY:   Okay, some excellent analysis, there.

PAT:   Things are starting to happen fast now. It started about fifteen minutes ago when the two teams bumped into each other in the Khazan Mall Level-Two, southern quadrant food court.

JAY:   This place got a lotta freakin' food courts.

PAT:   Yeah. Anyway, Robin and Jubilee walked off to chat...

JAY:   They're currently wandering about, talking over old times while drinking a soda. They had a couple adventures together.

PAT:   While the others sat some distance apart from each other and went for food items...

JAY:   And then somebody shot a spit ball.

PAT:   Yeah. Right. And then somebody shot a back a spit ball.

JAY:   And then somebody threw a French fry.

PAT:   Right. Then somebody threw Jello.

JAY:   And Jello got on young miss Monet St. Croix.

PAT:   And M walked over to the Young Justice table and started a scene....

JAY:   ...the word "immature" was used many times...

PAT:   ...At which point Cissie... er... Arrowette, got up and had something to say about M's Attitude...

JAY: which point M had something to say about Arrowette's costume...

PAT:   Yeah. And.....

JAY:   And... That's M flying through the plate glass window of food court pizzeria...

PAT:   Compliments of Wonder Girl. I think time has caught up to us.

JAY:   We are On The Air. Roll it camera man...

PAT:   Live! From the Khazan Mall Level-Two, Southern Quadrant food court, we have this special report. Hello and Welcome, I'm Pat Summers.

JAY:   Didn't we already do this?

PAT:   M has just been knocked through a plate glass window by Cassie Sandsmark, AKA Wonder Girl.

JAY:   Wonder Girl looks surprised at what she's done! I don't think she meant to....

PAT:   The whole team is rushing to see if M is all right...

JAY:   Impulse gets there first....

PAT:   Oh, she's fine all right... Jay, does she look pissed or what?

JAY:   Without even looking at Impulse, she shoves him aside... and strides right up to the concerned looking Wonder Girl...

PAT:   Smash! Right in the chin! Wonder Girl flies straight backwards.... knocking several tables over and scattering patrons and lunches in all directions...

JAY:   Super Boy has grabbed M by the shoulders... he's saying something...

PAT:   No! Super Boy gets a mouth full of fore-head as M bashes him with a full head-butt.

JAY:   Here comes Wonder Girl again... She's in a fury...

PAT:   ...As the entire Gen-X team is on the scene... They been watching this go down...

JAY:   M right-crosses Super-Boy! It's a sucker punch which sends him 40 feet through tables, mall walkers, ketchup, mustard... and into a Burger Man Stand!!!

PAT:   Wonder Girl grabs M, full flight, full force... cannonballing them both back through the busted glass into the depths of the pizzeria...

JAY:   People are scattering in all directions. It's pure pandemonium....

PAT:   Are we past the point of no return, Jay?

JAY:   I think so, Pat. I think so. Here comes a maddened Super Boy. I think everybody has realized it's going to be a full-court mixer.

Husk:   Do it!!!

Arrowette:   LET'S ROOOCK!!!!

JAY:   Chamber tries to blast Impulse while he's standing still...

PAT:   Too Late...

JAY:   Blast hits Super Boy.... Knocking him back again...

PAT:   Where's Synch?

JAY:   Secret seethes around the Gen-X kids, trying to knock them out in KO gas form....

PAT:   Husk has left the cloud... rushing full tilt after Super Boy...

JAY:   Incoming Arrows!!!

PAT:   Where's Synch?

JAY:   Skin uses his elastic skin to deflect the arrows...

PAT:   They're gas arrows! Area effect!!

JAY:   The combination of Secret's gas form and Arrowette's gas is too much for Skin...

PAT:   He passes out... has no effect on Chamber! He don't need to breath.

JAY:   Wonder Girl!!!!

PAT:   Out of the Pizzeria like a bat out of hell! Flying through a wall...

JAY:   And into Arrowette!

PAT:   And here comes M... Flying full tilt after them...

JAY:   Look at Husk!

PAT:   Where's Synch?

JAY:   Where's Impulse!?

PAT:   Chamber and Secret seem locked into some kind of weird mental dance.... She is swirling about as Chamber's psionic well of energy simply pulses... I cannot fathom what is happening there...

JAY:   Pat, look at Husk. She's ripped off her skin...

PAT:   To reveal a skin made of pure Kryptonite! Super Boy is trying to just crawl weakly away from her...

JAY:   Arrowette detonates one of her patented Puke Arrows on M by hand....

PAT:   Holding her breath and rolling out of the area....

JAY:   It's Wonder Girl and Arrowette against M... Wonder Girl held her breath, too...

PAT:   M didn't...

JAY:   M wolfs her cookies, all over Wonder Girl's shirt!

PAT:   Wonder Girl looks aghast as a wad of hot bile and semi-digested lunch hits her square in the chest! That's nasty.

JAY:   Her Guard goes down...

Wonder Girl:   EEEWWW!! GROSS!!!

PAT:   M keeps her composure and intelligence, despite the heave. She cold cocks Wonder Girl....

JAY:   As Arrowette takes aim for the kill shot on M.... Look! Robin and Jubilee are back!

Jubilee:   Hey...

Robin:   What the... ?

PAT:   A three arrow pattern of area effect gas.... M is engulfed in gas...

JAY:   WAIT!! Arrowette has just been blasted from afar! It's Jubilee!

PAT:   Does M no good, Jay! She's down! They're both down! Robin... running towards the situation with Husk and Super Boy...

JAY:   Batarang from behind! Husk gets tangled! How strong is Kryptonite, anyway?

PAT:   Got me, Jay... Chamber and Secret are still deadlocked somehow....

JAY:   Robin tazers Husk.... he has to get Super Boy away from her!

PAT:   Husk may not understand that she is killing him, or even what she has morphed into....

JAY:   Husk goes out... electro-stunned...

PAT:   Jubilee sees the play... looks mad that Robin would shock her friend from behind like that....

Robin:   Jubilee... I gotta.... YIP!!

JAY:   Jubilee throws a dazzling assortment of colorful plasma at the boy wonder...

PAT: he throws trip 'rangs out of reflex...

JAY:   Forcing Jubilee to dodge and roll left fast...

PAT:   Robin takes the full brunt of Jubilee's angry attack.... he hits the ground...

JAY:   as Jubes comes up right next to Chamber....

PAT:   ...inside a swirling cloud of Knock Out gas... the form Secret had assumed.

JAY:   And Secret and Chamber have not moved an inch....

PAT:   Great, a walking undead psionic energy well with mostly unknown abilities against a swirling, intangible, possibly psionic, possibly multi-dimensional ghost with mostly unknown abilities. Whatever.

JAY:   Who knows what's going on there. No one else is left standing. Wait. Where's Synch?

PAT:   Where's Impulse?


[ Pic ] [ Pic ]

'Nuff Said!


Young Justice: 764

Generation X: 771


PAT:   Folks, we cut live now to the interior of Oshmaans Level Two Mall Arcade, where a desperate game of Double Mega-Blaster 2100 is in progress....

JAY:   Seems like Impulse grabbed Synch to remove him from the fight... and while speeding off with him, Impulse couldn't help but stop off at the arcade...

PAT:   Figures. Anyway, Synch and Impulse are now going head-to-head in virtual combat. Whose 25 cents will give out first?

JAY:   Impulse and Synch are both down to one space ship remaining...

PAT:   What mutants powers do you think Synch got before this little jaunt to the arcade?

JAY:   Impulse has the reflexes, but Synch has strategy....

Synch:   Hey, is that the Flash over there?

Impulse:   Where? Where? Where?

Video Spaceship:   Boom!

Synch:   That wasn't him? My bad.

Impulse:   DOH!

PAT:   I think we have a winner to this match.

JAY:   Wait... they're both getting another quarter ready...

PAT:   Let's just leave it there, Jay. Pictures for this weeks big fight came from:


Young Justice: The Hangout


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