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Presenting a Fight Contract Battle with your Guest Hosts Jack and Rick:


Admiral Thrawn en garde Commander Breetai

Admiral Thrawn
Commander Breetai


In another universe, far out in deep space, two equal fleets of Capitol Warships stare each other down across an empty solar system. The master tacticians in charge have fought and won countless battles and have destroyed whole worlds. Now they perhaps face their greatest battle, with each other. Imperial Warlord Grand Admiral Thrawn: Commanding a fleet from the Imperial Navy of the Galactic Empire, he is the highest ranking non-human in the Empire. His main method of learning how to defeat a species in battle is by studying the artwork of the species in question. From this, he learns how the species thinks and acts... and how to defeat them in combat. Field Commander Breetai: Commanding a fleet from the giant warrior people known as the Zentraedi he is the best tactician from a culture dedicated to war. He enjoys the absolute fearless ferocity of all Zentraedi, which is his to command. Also besides the devastating capitol ships, the single seat fighters, the "Battle Pods" are so cheap to produce that one can be given to every Zentraedi in the force.

Join us now for a battle we had to call...

Ol' Blue Skins is Back.

This fight was home brewed by Rick & Jack.


Jack:   LIVE! From a undisclosed solar system in deep space, I'm Jack Rager...

Rick:   And I'm Rick McCall. Tonight we got one hell of a match up that should show plenty of action for all you starship combat fans.

Jack:   Indeed, we'll have ship to ship combat along with what looks like plenty of dogfighting as well.

Rick:   Absolutely. The two fleets have been playing cat and mouse with each other for two weeks now, but it looks like this is going to be the big conflict we've been waiting for!

Jack:   Well, as the two sides prepare for battle, let's take some commentary from the viewers at home:


Favorite letter of the Week

Justicar writes:

First of all, thanks for the mention on your front page. I'll be here so long as you are. OK, the battle, this is such a close call. I really needed to do some research on this fight. My Robotech knowledge was a bit fuzzy. Let me tell you that its easier understanding the timeline of The Bible than Robotech (Macross, Mospeada... ), but I got what I needed. Admiral Thrawn wins this after much destruction and bloodshed. First thing to remember, The Zentradi (Breetai's Fleet) is attacking a Galactic Empire, not just one planet. Even given an equal number of capital ships the (remnants of) the Empire has resources and manpower / technology far beyond that of the Earth which just fought two global wars. Breetai was held at bay by the Star Fleet / SDF-1 until Dolza arrived on the seen. Second thing to remember, The Zentradi's downfall in the war with the Earth was an infection of culture. The Zentradi began to lose their focus, some even defected to the Earth's side. Even Breetai took the Earth's side against Dolza. Admiral Thrawn is an expert on culture / sociology. After he begins to figure out what makes the Zentradi tick he'll begin to exploit it. He may even set up an "Operation: Sy Snootles and The Max Rebo Band" to further mess with minds of the Zentradi. Tactically, Thrawn and Breetai are equals, both are precise and calculating. Granted Breetai has the advantage in warriors and star craft, Thrawn is no slouch if he can't hold them straight on he'll change his tactics to something that could work like the hit and run, the run and shoot or the full court press. To wrap things up, Thrawn Minmeis the Zentradi, Breetai and Thrawn chat cordially over wine and cheese, the Zentradi are absorbed into the Empire. Thrawn uses the Zentradi to crush the New Republic and crowns himself Emperor.

Captain Pellaeon writes:

You present this question as if this was even a matter for debate? The outcome is actually supposed to be in doubt? I think not! According to all of our reports, this Commander Breetai is a tactician. You give him a certain number ships and fighters to deploy against his opponent's ships and fighters, and he will lay out his order of battle and flanking units and etc., and fight you fleet to fleet. And that is the *limit* of his thinking. Galactic strategy, politics, military psychology... all of these subjects are as foreign to him as the innermost workings of the Force are to me. My commanding officer is a *strategist*, not a mere battlefield tactician. He thinks in three dimensions, not two. When you fight the Grand Admiral, you fight a man who was the greatest military genius in his entire galaxy's history, a man with a unique gift for getting as far inside the enemy commander's thoughts as he can his own, a man who *always* knew everything the enemy admiral was going to do before he did it. When the Rebel Alliance attempted their feint at the Tangrene shipyards in order to cover up their true attack at Bilbringi, the Grand Admiral *knew*. Thousands of agents, hundreds of false leads, a network of disinformation so thoroughly crafted that even that smuggler Talon Karrde, runner of one of the best private information-gathering networks in the galaxy believed it... let alone our entire Imperial Intelligence network. That insane Jedi Master, C'Baoth... not even his wizardry could see through the Rebels' tangled web of deception. But the Grand Admiral *still knew*. He saw through all of their attempts at deception as if they were as transparent as crystal, such was the sheer power of his mind. And this... this petty Zentraedi warlord is supposed to be able to defeat the power of *that* stupendous a mind? Tell this "Commander Breetai" that Grand Admiral Thrawn and I eagerly await the pleasure of his company at the battle site. And that as surely as I am the captain of my lord's flagship, the Imperial Star Destroyer _Chimaera_, the Empire will see his flaming remains to oblivion before this day is out. Glory to the New Order.

Sailor Xena writes:

Thrawn or Breetai, Thrawn or Breetai; this is a tough one. Sure Thrawn was he only alien to ever reach the rank of Grand Admiral; but his tactics might not work. As I recall, Thrawn finds the weaknesses in his enemies through their artwork; Zentradi have no form of art what so ever. The Grand Admiral would have to do his strategy on the fly. Breetai on the other is a Commander, not an Admiral. He would have more field experience since he actually goes out and dose some fighting himself. Unlike Thrawn, who would be giving orders from his Star Destroyer, away from the action; Breetai would be in either his mecha or modified battle armor in the thick of it. Seeing the battle first hand and not through status reports he would be able to improvise faster. By the time one of Thrawn's Lieutenants told him of a newly developing situation, it could be too late.

Sonic Hunter writes:

Breetai ALL THE WAY!!!!!!! No matter how skilled Thrawn's forces are they will fall to the superior might that is the ZENTRADI!!!!!!!!!

BabaLou writes:

Thrawn may have the uncanny knack to win a battle against an unknown foe, but Breetai is willing to do anything to win. Think about it : he ended up switching sides in the Robotech war cause he knew that the Masters were going to be toasted by the unending fury of the Earth. Thrawn on the other hand was stupid enough to allow a trained Noghri near him even though the Noghri had a major grudge against the Empire. And worse comes to worse, Breetai could just flatten Thrawn by stepping on him.

The Immortal Kahless writes:

Is this a 'thrown match'? The Empire only lost once, and that was 'cause of no Vader. The Zendreti are evil, thereby defeated by the Robotech Defense Force. Decepticons defeated the RDF, and I can't see the Decepticons defeating the Empire. Deanna and Lyta was also thrown if you ask me, sensibly Lyta would totally out-do Deanna, I only voted for her 'cause I vote for the 'underdog' a lot. Heck, a lot of these are thrown, borg vs. death star, even though the borg would win, I just knew popular opinion would be with the death star. But I can understand choosing matches with a foreseeable outcome, it's a lot of work building a page, so a little advance work helps a lot. I am honestly NOT complaining, just asking if I have this site figured out or not. Editors Note: Nope, no thrown matches here. You people suggest it, we put it up and then we walk away from the page for a week. Whoever wins, wins. 'Nuff Said about that.

Hackrat writes:

It's gotta be Admiral Thrawn! Even though I'm a huge Star Trek fan I also like Star Wars despite the fact that they keep beating trekkie votes! Anyways Admiral Thrawn rules! He's clever, smart, and commands a huge chunk of the empires forces. Any Tie Fighter (TM) pilot out there knows he defeated the Traitor Zaarin without the Force (TM). Besides, Transformers already whipped the butts of Robotech's good guys so what makes you think the bad guys are gonna win this one?! I see a huge imperial fleet of star destroyers drop out of hyperspace (no super star destroyer of course since they get taken out by 2 A wings shooting the forward deflectors and another colliding with the bridge) getting the jump on the Zentreidi forces with the empires most advanced Tie Fighters, not stupid tie fighters that blow up with one hit! They Swarm over the lead ships while the Star Destroyers lay down mucho fire, creating deadly rains of lasers. Of course eventually Benjamin Sisko, ! great tactician of star fleet, and a fleet of Defiant's will shorten Thrawn's victory with a few hundred photon torpedoes and phaser cannons in the name of Trekkies everywhere!

Deeds writes:

Grand Admiral Thrawn is the Napoleon, Fredrick the Great and Lord Nelson of his time. The Grand Admiral maybe has a disadvantage in ships and manpower compared to Breetai but Thrawn is intelligent and will use these apparent weaknesses to his advantage.

Plans within plans, Traps within traps. Thrawn, after through analysis of his enemy, will formulate a plan and like Judo turn Breetia's advantages in ships and men into defeat. The Zentraiedi are a military people and lack art and creative thinking outside of warfare: This is the weakness Thrawn will exploit. The Zentraiedi expect success and Thrwan will let them have it until the Zentraiedi are in the right position to be defeated; they will not see it coming. Thrawn is an excellent leader who sincerely cares for his men and because Thrawn does not kill officers for failure, like Lord Vader does, but makes them learn from their mistakes Thrawn has a fleet of experienced men loyal to him and that would follow him to the gates of Hell and back again. Thrawn's better Command skill and Imagination will win the day and turn certain defeat into Victory for him!

Hooper X writes:

GOtta swing with Breetai. First, Robotech beats Star Wars anyday. One word. Mecha. Battle Pods vs. Wussy-Ass TIE Fighters? Pfffft. Plus, Jedi or no, the only thing that's stopped the Robotech guys before is the Decepticons. No one beats the Decepticons. Except the Autobots. The only good Jedi is Silent Bob. Or, alternately, a dead Jedi. Thrawn is cool and all, but he's on his own for this one. Mecha beat conventional weaponry ANYDAY. Do you realize how many rules of physics those things break? Plus, they look cooler. MUCH cooler. You've got a hyperthyroid bow tie against a hulking, death-spewing hell machine. Breetai in ten.

Borderline Psycho letter of the Week

Slaanesh writes:

Ummmmmmmmmmmmm......... Hmmmmm.... Maybe I missed something. Well, what we gots here is two large men with blue skin dressed up like soldiers fighting each other. Have we been moonlighting with the ol' pro wrestling circuit? And, by the way, WHAT THE HELL IS A THRAWN???????? Some metaphor for a kind of sex that cannot be described????? They're both complete dipsticks, but I'll go with Brittle or whatever his name is. Why? Because his makeup is better.

Requiem writes:

Grand Admiral Thrawn is a shoe in! I mean, the guy is so smart he would turn his opposition's forces on each other. He's like Freud on mental steroids. There's no chance he could lose in a battle of strategy



Big Bad John writes:

Its gotta be Breetai. Even though he may or may not have several of his subordinates, (Azonia, Khyron, Exedore) he still has the edge. The battle pods have more firepower than a TIE fighter. Thrawn doesn't know anything about how Zentradi act, so that will put him at a disadvantage. And he is used to planning out subtle strategies. Breetai just uses firepower. Very coordinated firepower. Its gotta be him.

Bo Skywalker writes:

Thrawn'll probably win because of the hordes of misguided SW fans who think the newer books are The Shit, but Breetai ought to win. At least Breetai exists in all of the material for his Universe - Thrawn's a figment of a bad imagination. I spit on his non-existence - p'tui!

The Match Maker writes:

Come on now. On one hand we have Thrawn, a "man" who took an understaffed, outgunned Empire running off of rookies with less than 25% of their former might and single handedly turned it all around and would have brought the New Republic to its knees if not betrayed from the inside. This guy even scared me!! He was a master tactician. He had backup plans for backup plans, for backup plans. On the other hand we have some 50-foot tall yahoo who can't even take over the mudball known as earth. Heck, even if things start looking bad for Thrawn he can always scoop up every crass and commercial product at the Empire's disposal and flood the Zentraedi with a little "culture". A handful of Virtual Pets and the Zentraedi forces will be putty in Thrawn's hands. Look, it's a Minmei doll!!

The Tucson Coyote writes:

Okay..... So I goofed on the Judge Dredd/Robo Cop thing.... But this one I put my money on Commander Breetai of the Zentradi Forces. Here's the Lowdown: Thrawn: Who's ever heard of this Guy???? I haven't heard of him.... And he's the Head of the Imperial Fleet (a la Star Wars?) Well, I hate to burst his bubble.... but does he know about Breetai???? Cause if he does He's in deep Doo-doo...! Breetai: Now here's a man to contend with 50+ feet of giant humanoid ... and if Thrawn was a good tactician... He'd turn tail and head back to the Empire... cause when Breetai's forces did it against the RDF (Robotech Defense Forces) his plans were always excellent... until one of his inferiors always got a little cocky, thinking that they could do the job better... Hence all the defeats at the hands of the RDF..... But when Breetai joined forces with the 'Micronians' in "Force of Arms" he knew what to do and together Breetai, (with the aid of "the Micronians [aka the Earthlings] went out there outnumbered 1000 to 1 and still kicked butt! So in a nutshell.... If you put a 50 tall humanoid giant against a guy who thinks he the Emperor's "lap dog", you know what Breetai would say???? "MMMMM. tastes like Chicken!" 'nuff said!

Azrael writes:

Okay, I have to go with Thrawn on this one, but not for obvious reasons. Take a look at his pupil-less eyes and blue skin. The man is a Muton! That means the battle takes place not only in the Star Wars universe, but the X-COM timeline, as well. And who do you think Earth's first, last, and only line of defense will go against? A group of shining white ships in a hopeless situation, or a massive organic fleet bred for destruction? I don't care if they've got battle pods or big guns: once the fusion balls start flying, the Zentradi are going down.

Dssstrkl writes:

It's gotta be Thrawn all the way! He was the foremost military mind in the Empire and has no vulnerabilities some floozy singing badly. Give Thrawn an Imp fleet, and he'll kick everyone's buts.

Alexander the Great writes:

I've got to go with the Big B. Two reasons: (1) reflex cannons, (2) And mechs. The TIE fighters would be grossly outnumbered by the mechs, and are far superior to the TIE fighters. Thus endeth the sermon.

DangerAce writes:

C'mon! Breetai would whup the hell out of Thrawn...the Empire has nothing compared to Zentraedi technology! The Zentraedi mech's would easily penetrate the capitol ship...let's see a tie do that....and those dopey zero-g stormtroopers would get squished like bugs! And Zentraedi ships got firepower better than the fraggin Deathstar on just about all their ships. The victory goes to Breetai, plain and simple

warrl writes:

GOOD GOD WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?! this is not a fight, this is a highly advanced video game and Thrawn has a pocket full of quarters. those poor Zentradi lost to the humans, Thrawn never lost. He was assassinated by his own body guard. the new republic had nothing to do with it. If Thrawn had not been killed the new republic would be in deep sh*t right now. The fact that there is no art to study will tell Thrawn everything he needs any way. If this fight last longer than ten minuets I am going to be shocked.

Dougan writes:

Though I don't know too much about either of these guys, I do know that the Zentradi have this problem with human intimacy. That'll be a winning factor. Also, let's face it, the Empire may very well have had to deal with races like them during it's conquering days. It's just another race to assimilate or destroy to the good old Empire. Just goes to show, you throw enough Tie Fighters at anything and it'll go down. :)

Darius writes:

It's a close call, and I love Thrawn as much as the next SW junkie, but he's at too much of a disadvantage. Given pretty comparable levels of skill at tactics and whatnot, it'll come down to firepower, and the Zentradi simply have that in gallons. Plus, they've had experience crushing a whole range of societies, developed, artistic, primitive, all kinds. Thrawn may be good at improvising, but his experience with cloned warrior societies is pretty limited, and you can never underestimate the value of experience.

Nine writes:

Since I don't follow Robotech at all and have only skimmed through some of the Star Wars series of books, have little to base my opinion on other than the embedded links. Others may disagree, but I have to go with Breetai on this week's bout. He sounds like he has much more resources to overthrow Thrawn. Plus the Empire just seems to have everything go wrong at the most crucial moment of victory. You know what I mean. A farm kid gets a lucky shot, some high official betrays the empire, little fuzzy ewoks destroy a horde of AT-AT war it would follow that all that bad karma would have to play against the Empire yet again.

Unnamed writes:

Admiral Thrawn appears to be at a disadvantage. The Zentraide lack any sense of aesthetics, therefore they have no art to give Thrawn an insight into their minds. Nevertheless I believe that Thrawn will prevail. The Zentraedi only understand one tactic, an all out assault on their enemies. Though this may work on other races, in the case of Thrawn it will hardly be sufficient. Thrawn is a master of shadow tactics, disguising his true intent until it is too late. He knows how to use his ships properly, even using obsolete vessels to devastating effect. The Zentraedi may be bigger, and there may be more of them, but against Thrawn's finely honed mind, they won't stand a chance. All he has to do is transmit some Ewok music to the Zentraedi ships. Considering what Minmae did to them, the Zentraedi should go berserk, turning on one another!

The Bunyip writes:

Wow! What a match up! I just had to say that this is the most interesting match-up I've seen in a long time! I had to go with Breetai, with the exception that it's the Breetai we know BEFORE the "Micronians" "corrupted" him. Maybe my ignorance of Thrawn and the continuing Star Wars saga is showing, but could even Thrawn defeat five million Capitol ships, run by a race of 60 foot tall giants whose only thought is to kick his rear? Plus, normal Tie fighters would be useless against Battlepods! Only Tie Defenders would stand any chance, especially once the Quadronos get involved (Miriya vs. The best fighter pilot in the Empire, anyone?) Don't forget that the only reason the SDF-1 lasted so long is that the Zentraedi did NOT want to destroy it! Is there anything about Thrawn that a battle hungry warrior wouldn't want to blow up? Besides, Robotech ships vs Star Wars craft? No contest. Good bye, Empire...

scarecrow_psx writes:

That Commander Breetai would win because they have reflex cannons and the Zentradi are like 50-feet and Commander Breetai is part of the Micronians and he can call in the SDF-1,2,and 3 so he can have 3 reflex cannons come in and blow the [email protected]#$%$& s$#% out of those Mother F#@$^%@.HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA(gasp)AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...(THUD! Scarecrow_ psx passed out somebody call 911!!!!!!.) Any way He thought the Zentradi and the Micronians should win.

PieMan writes:

are these guys overgrown smurfs?


Rick:  Some good opinions there.

Jack:   Anyway, as we stated before, the two fleets have been engaging in small, quick conflicts for almost two weeks. We've haven't seen anything more then ten ships at a time in the firefights.

Rick:   A division of Thrawn's forces attempted to place a ground base on a moon of the system's fifth planet, but was (some cases, literally) crushed by the Zentraedi mecha. AT-STs did not stand a chance with their light armor and AT-ATs were simply kicked over. After that, none of Thrawn's forces attempted to build any sort of ground base on any of the worlds or moons of this system.

Jack:   But now it looks like Breetai has had enough of playing games and is determined to end this as soon as he can. The bulk of his ships are forming up and is staring down the bulk of Thrawn's fleet. There has got to be over one hundred ships for Thrawn and Breetai here.

Rick:   Also both fleets have fighters and mecha deployed and ready for combat. It's an incredible sight.

Jack:   Well let's see what the commanders of the two fleets are doing right now. Can we get the Grand Admiral's command room on the Chimera? Ah, there we go...

Pellaeon:   The enemy fleet has appeared to have fallen into their final positioning. All our ships have their orders and are ready for combat. Your orders, sir?

Thrawn:   Have all ships raise shields and wait for my orders. No one is to do anything until the enemy fleet has fired first.

Pellaeon:   Understood, sir.

Rick:   Thrawn is as calm as ever. Nothing seems to phase this man. Let's go to the command bubble of Breetai's flagship:

Breetai:   Has the fleet been informed about your analysis of the enemy ships, Exedore?

Exedore:   Yes, my lord. The fleet awaits your orders.

Breetai:   Excellent. Pods move in, all ships open fire!

Jack:   And the battle begins! Breetai's ships are opening with full laser and missile volleys! The pods and fighters and moving in on Thrawn's fleet!

Rick:   TIE Interceptors and Fighters are moving in to intercept the missiles. And the first laser blasts hit! It looks like the Zentraedi gunners were aiming for the Star Destroyer's command towers. The shields have dropped but are holding. It's hard to say how long they'll last under this kind of firepower.

Jack:   The Fighters and Interceptors have taken out a number of missiles, but not all of them! The remaining missiles have impacted on the shields of the Star Destroyers. Shields are holding, but not for long.

Rick:   And Thrawn's fleet has opened fire! More TIE Fighters and Interceptors are moving in on the Battle Pods and Fighters moving in. I also see some TIE Bombers with Fighters as close escorts moving out.

Jack:   And Breetai's ships fire again as the blasts from the Star Destroyers impact on the hulls of the Zentraedi warships. They may not have shields, but they sure can take some punishment. Both sides are firing on each other now.

Rick:   And the shields of some of the point Star Destroyers have faltered and are now taking hits to the command towers! They won't last too long under these- and there goes one now! Breetai's fleet has scored the first kill!

Jack:   Speaking of kills, the fighters and pods have come into range with each other! Dogfighting has begun! The quicker TIE Interceptors have already taken down some Battle Pods, but the large number of the Pods have resulted in several destroyed TIEs.

Rick:   And one of Breetai's ships has fallen! A destroyer if I'm not mistaken. Both fleets have already taken a number of serious hits on their ships. And there goes a Zentraedi Landing Ship, and two Vindicator Class Star Destroyers.

Jack:   And it looks like fighters from both fleets have reached the other ships. TIE Bombers are making runs on Zentraedi battleships, and it looks like Zentaedi Officer Pods and Fighters are attacking the shield generators on the Star Destroyers. There go the generators on one ship, and there goes the ship! That has got to be what was in Exedore's analysis!

Rick:   And two more Zentraedi ships have gone down- wait, I'm getting a gravitational disturbance from behind Thrawn's fleet...

Jack:   It's Khyron's ships unfolding! They have begun to open fire and have begun to launch pods and fighters, with Khyron in his pod leading the way!

Rick:   I guess that's why they call him the Backstabber. Khyron's pods are coming into contact with TIE Fighters now. It looks like we got dogfighting on both sides of Thrawn's fleet. Ships on both sides have reduced fire on each other as they try to shoot down the fighters and pods attacking them! Another Star Destroyer has begun to fall out of formation after taking heavy damage to the command tower, and another Zentraedi ship has begun to fall apart.

Jack:   Wait! Ten Star Destroyers have just come out of hyperspace behind Khyron's ships! All ten Destroyers are firing on one of Khyron's ships, and there it goes! They've begun the same on another ship and are launching Bombers that are launching proton torpedoes and missiles into the engines! Thrawn saw Khyron's assault coming before the battle even started! Those Star Destroyers were set aside just for this!

Rick:   And it looks like Khyron is ready to panic while he orders a number of his pods back to defend the ships, while two more of his ships goes up!

Jack:   The new Star Destroyers are launching Interceptors and fighters that are now heading towards Khyron's pods...

Rick:   And Khyron himself is the first one to meet the new TIE wave. Khyron has the advantage in the number of pods, but that won't last too long now that two of the newer Star Destroyers are peppering the oncoming pods and fighters with turbolasers! Already, Khyron's forces are taking heavy losses, and with the engines of his ships damaged by the assault of the TIE Bombers, they won't be much help!

Jack:   Khyron is taking down TIEs with a fervor I've never seen before, he's just taken out two, no, three more TIEs and... Khyron has just been clipped by two turbolaser blasts! He's loosing control... there's now a TIE Interceptor on his tail... the TIE is firing! Khyron is hit... KHYRON IS DOWN!

Rick:   Incredible! As for the rest of the battle, it's pure chaos! There is dogfighting in both fleets, ships on both sides are taking hits and some are going down. Let's go to the command bubble of Breetai's flagship, I just gotta know what he's thinking.

Breetai:   Based on the reconnaissance reports, how much of the enemy fleet has show themselves so far?

Exedore:   Near 72%, my lord.

Breetai:   Hmm, let's see if we can get more to come out. Order Azonia to make her move. Inform me when at least 90% of the enemy fleet has entered combat.

Jack:   And here comes Azonia's fleet now! She's de-folding starboard to Thrawn's fleet, and has begun to open fire and is dispatching Fighters and Power Armor. Fighters are providing cover and the Power Armor units are going for the shield generators.

Rick:   Well, let's see what Thrawn is planning...

Pellaeon:   Shall we give the order to one of the detachments to help take on the new ships?

Thrawn:   Not yet. They are trying to lead all of our forces out, perhaps for some sort of massive attack. Order C Detachment to jump in over here.

Pellaeon:   On our port side sir?

Thrawn:   That is correct, Captain. By the time they get there, they will be ready to greet the other enemy ships that will be jumping in right between C Detachment and the main fleet.

Jack:   And events unfold just as Thrawn said they would! More Star Destroyers come out of lightspeed just in time to get the jump on the rest of Azonia's ships that unfolded right between the to masses of Star Destroyers.

Rick:   And another detachment has just come starboard of Azonia's first wave. It's full fledged combat everywhere now. Ships and fighters are taking hits everywhere. Both sides have already taken many losses.

Jack:   Wait! All Zentraedi Pods and fighters are withdrawing from combat and the battleships are folding! Now they are jumping back into space some 140,000 klicks port to Thrawn's fleet.

Rick:   I'm picking up a massive energy surge in Breetai's fleet... all of the Zentraedi warships are readying their heavy particle beam cannons!

Jack:   Thrawn has got to notice that. Let's turn to the Chimera:

Bridge Officer:   Energy levels in the enemy fleet has gone off the scales, sir!

Pellaeon:   Some kind of super weapon?

Thrawn:   Undoubtedly. Bridge, order Z Detachment to jump in, and as soon as they do, begin broadcasting the file I am now downloading to you to the enemy fleet on all frequencies.

Jack:   What is he plan- five old freighters have just come out of lightspeed! My scans show that the only life-signs are on the Lambda class shuttles docked to each one. The freighters are carrying... Good Lord. The freighters are LOADED with high power proton explosives! Thrawn is using the freighters as giant missiles!

Rick:   And the Chimera has just begun it's broadcast, it's music! Some sort of alien chorus piece, and images of various artwork showing romantic images...

Jack:   The Zentraedi forces are totally distracted by the broadcast! All activity has almost stopped in Breetai's fleet...

Rick:   And the shuttles are undocking with the freighters that are now heading full tilt into Breetai's fleet! Nothing is attempting to stop them! They're closing in and... MY GOD!


'Nuff Said!


Admiral Thrawn: 294

Commander Breetai: 176


Jack:   The freighters have exploded in Breetai's fleet. Not much will be moving after that.

Rick:   And the rest of Thrawn's fleet is moving in to take care of anything that may be left of the Zentraedi. It's been one hell of a battle.

Jack:   Indeed, Rick, Indeed. Well, I'm Jack Rager...

Rick:   And I'm Rick McCall. On behalf of the CBUB, goodnight!

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