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[ swatkats ] [En Guarde] [ roadrovers ]
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SWAT Kats vs. Road Rovers

This week's Fight Produced By: Charge Man

This week's Fight Suggested By: mercurylover64, scarecrow_psx, Caroline H. and Sonic Hunter


Dogs and cats. They have been natural enemies for centuries. But give them big vehicles, big weapons, and 100 square miles of abandoned city and mixed terrain to fight in, and what do you get? A CBUB Fight, that's what. THE SWAT KATS: Chance Furlong and Jake Clawson (AKA T-Bone and Razor). Once Law Enforcers of Megakat City, these two cats were wrongly blamed for the destruction of state property. Fired, they were forced to work as junkyard mechanics to pay off the debt. Feeling the Enforcers did not uphold the law correctly, they donned dark costumes, jumped into their hi-tech jet and became vigilantes! THE ROAD ROVERS: Hunter, Blitz, Exile, Colleen, and Shag. These five dogs were taken in by the Master, Professor John Shepherd, in hopes to destroy the world's menaces. After a quick trip through Shepard's creation, the Transdogmifier, they became superpowered humanesque canines. As dogs they reside in the homes of five major world leaders, but whenever danger strikes they turn into the "Cano-Sapiens" to battle evil! Canis familiaris takes on felis catus to prove who is the best at any costs. On the lighter side, however, not only do we get a battle, but we're allowed to destroy an empty metropolis. Now that's mass destruction the whole family can enjoy!

Join us now for a battle we had to call...

The Truth about Cats and Dogs center>


CHARGE MAN:   Hi, all!Welcome to another gigantic CBUB fight! I'm Charge Man...

White Knight:   And I'm White Knight! The Road Rovers fight the SWAT Kats in total battle royale! Since we want Khazan to stay as intact as possible, we're hosting this fight in the empty city of... errr... ah, who cares. We're demolishing it.

CHARGE MAN:   We're happy to say that we have all the permits!

White Knight:   Yessir! Everything's nice and legal.

CHARGE MAN:   At least that's what our lawyers tell us. No matter! We're gonna have some heavy dust flying in this cat-and-dog-fight. Let's see what our viewers have to say.


Favorite letter of the Week

A. Nonymus writes:

Ah, the ever-present debate on the value of cat and dogs. It doesn't matter who wins in this case. My emu can beat both of them up.

Eddie Filth writes:

it's the Swat Kats on this one.The Road Rovers have the big advantage in numbers but also have one big disdvanatge as well.The problem with the Road Rovers is that they still have animal instinct. They run to a fire hiedrant no matter what and still whimper at the smack of a newspaper.The next problem the Road Rovers have is that their jet plane is nothing to the Thundercat.The RoadRovers plane is only ment for transport and with limited weapons.

Not only that,but I'm a cat owner so I'm rooting for the cats.

Razorwitt writes:

The Road Rovers, all the way.

For one thing, they outnumber the Swat Kats.

For another, they have super-powers.

Yet another thing, the Rovers' cartoon came out of Warner Brothers' animation, so it was better drawn than the Hanna-Barberra SWAT Kats. It was also funnier.

AND FINALLY, the Rovers have one final weapon: Muzzle. The Hanibal Lector of the canine set, who can rip apart the most heavily armed jet fighter weapons by himself, even without opposable thumbs.

And since the Rovers have taken down feline General Pavlov (or whatever his name was), then they should be used to taking out kitties with high tech weaponry.

So, the Rovers should cane them Kats like an American teenager in Singapore with a spray can!

RealLoneWolf writes:

Though I am a wolf, I must vote for the Kats on this occasion.

The Swatkats have taken on hordes of enemies as a duo alone, with a large arsenal of weaponery made from recycled components (I'd like to see Batman make a Batjet out of spare parts!).

The Rovers, from what I've read (never seen the show) only handle one regular villain and his henchmen. The Kats take on a whole rotating Rogues' gallery of enemies, from Dark-kat to Dr Viper to The Pastmaster to the Metallikats, each one with their own tricks and tactics. The Kats have overcome each and everyone one, dispite interference from such authorities as Commander Feral and others.

No contest, the Kats win this one.

To conclude, I can only say this:

SwatKats Rule, Rovers Drool!


(You're not cleared to know...)

Predator writes:

I predict the Swat Cats on this one. They have more weapons than the Rovers, more training, and they've faced a lot bigger menaces. They've been through time, fought supernatural creatures, and nearly everything else imaginable. Let's face it folks, these kitties have claws!

Britannia Boy writes:

Road Rovers Rule! First you have to remember, dogs are pack animals. They work as a team. The Road Rover's have greater numbers and can work together. The Swat Kats are felines, and despite their friendship, teamwork is not first nature to them. (They are not lions, so will not really click as a team.) Plus, the Road Rovers have an advantage in sheer power. Blitz has powerful jaws, Exile can freeze people with his sight,Shag conceals various weaponry in his hair, and Hunter and the female Rover have superior fighting moves. The fight will eventually come down to hand to hand combat, since they are matched in fighting vehicles. On a final note, the Road Rovers have beaten General Parvo, who is a cat! All that and one of the Road Rovers is British! Rule Britannia and long live the CBUB!

Aubri writes:

OK, this is a close one. The Road Rovers have superior numbers and superpowers, but the SWAT Kats have more staying power in my opinion. I mean, name one time when the Sky Rover, Sea Rover, etc. hasn't been disabled in five minutes. Invariably the Rovers can't keep their equipment in working order! The Turbokat gets shot up on occasion, but you just have to punch a button a few times and say "Crud! The intakes are clogged! Come on, come on..." and it'll work again, and they've also got the flying ejection seats and the Cyclotron motorcycle. The superpowers are mostly countered by the SWAT Kats' Glovatrix: It's got claws like Blitz, the octopus missiles give it standoff capability to combat Colleen, and they regularly dodge lasers and such so I don't see that Exile's cold rays are that much help. Shag's a coward anyway, no contest there. The main problem is Hunter's speed, but I think T-Bone and Razor can outgun him while he's making a quip. Certainly he can't beat them basically alone, when the others are immobilized. But it'll be close, trying to deal with all those powers at once!

D. Merzel writes:

Tough choice (aside)down boy), cats vs dogs.. NO MUZZLE DON'T (sound of ferocious straight-jacketed dog being unleashed)

The rovers have the most potent destructive force in the known world avaliable, Muzzle.

Also sherpard is really general sherpard from Command & conquer, This is a guy who will face off against Kane & the brotherhood of nod. The cats are about to be chased back to the trees where they belong.

Sailor Xena writes:

These two teams are prety much even when it comes to training, techknology, and gadgets so that leaves only one thing that'll put the Road Rovers over the top; just shear numbers. The Road Rovers out number the Swat Cats almost 3 to 1; the Swat Cats will be the Road Rovers chew toys.

Dave Hollins, Space Cadet writes:

After watching these shows back to back

on Cartoon Network, I figured this fight

would be inevitable. I am a cat person, and I love the little furballs... But I have to give this fight to Man's Best Friend. The Road Rovers are superior in hand to hand combat. Plus they have Muzzle. Bring in the dog, put out the Cats

WhereWolf of the 'Pockyclips writes:


Editor's Note: Friend, you totally messed up our page with all the open HTML tags strewn into your comments. Can't use it.

Justicar writes:

I voted for the Swatkatz. Since the Mezolithic Age dogs have been the companions of mankind. During their domestication they went from ferral hunters to sad quadrapeds that would chew on their Master's underwear because they missed them. Cats are relatively new and seemingly have decided against being the addle-minded Odies to their Arbuckle humans.

Cats are noble, fierce and intelligent. Dogs just don't bring that to the table anymore.

These two teams will carry those traditions to the battlefield. The Swatkatz won't cowed by their opponents numbers or powers for they still have the heart of the hunter. They will reign supreme.

Wolf Leader writes:

Come on people! Road Rovers all the way! Sure, the kitties have their little plane, but that's they're ONLY advantage! The Rovers have jets, boats, motorcycles, cars, etc. Therefore, any advantage the kittens may have had (one plane, remember?) is gone! The kittens will be blown out of the sky. Assuming that they manage to survive that, they will then be hammered on the ground by the Rovers either from their vehicles on person-to-person (or is that cat-to-dog). Let's be honest, once the kitties lose their jet, Colleen could take them out by herself. Backed by 4 other Rovers, the kittens are just so much litter!

Let's hit the road, Rovers!

Packrat writes:

What a kick-butt fight!

As much as I like the Road Rovers (yeah, right), I have GOT to give this one to the Swat Kats. I've seen cats and dogs fight, and cats always outsmart dogs. Whether its a tactical retreat (climbing up a tree) or cheap shot usage of claws (I've seen a housecat kick a St. Bernard's tush by shredding its ears), cats usually always come out on top. And don't talk to me about technology...the Swatkats could take down Iron Man with their technology, and besides...they're already the underdogs (*groan*) in this situation...they can't lose.

Kator writes:

This is one of the more interesting battles and one I'm torn on. Since I have watched both series, I do recognize the weaknesses of both characters but I'm torn. On one side we have Felines with hi-tech weapons and a jet, versus superpowered Dogs.

My thoughts are mimiced by the Great Mike Mcdonald...

"When you leave on vacation you can leave cats food because their smart."

(cat)"Don't eat all of the food! The humans are gone, we need to ration this s#!t out."

"Dogs on the other hand, if you leave for vacation and just leave them food, they'll just gobble it all up and then die of starvation."

So brains take it!

Jimmy Carter writes:

I just like dogs more... they are huggable! Huzzah Rovers!

HexxJo writes:

Any show in which a Hannibal Lector-wannabe is considered a hero (y'know, that one dog that's always tied up and let loose at dramatically appropriate times) has to be brought down...

KC writes:

Swat Kats?! Hell, their lame animation (and I use the term loosely) would kill them before the Rovers had to do anything. The Kats are gone in five seconds, in time for Shag to barbecue them and serve them up to the audience.

Road Rovers forever!!

Dark Deco writes:

SwatKats all the way. There's a couple of reasons for this. The first is their respective villians. Anyone of the SwatKats' rogues gallery can lay down the smack on the RoadRovers whilst the rogues of the RoadRovers' would be nabbed easily by the Enforcers and Feral. The second reason is that the T.Bone and Razor are infinitely smarter and skilled than the RoadRovers. The SwatKats are the exemplars of adventurers. The only thing that could beat the SwatKats is Muzzle. His pure beastial fury would overcome the SwatKats.

The Chubby Bullfrog writes:

IIRC, Road Rovers was on the lower end of the shows that came out on the WB that were really good, but canceled way too quickly. Like Freakazoid!, and Earthworm Jim. I know Road Rovers was not as good as those. But they were okay. Road Rovers all the way! SWAT Kats gets slaughtered like grammar on the CBUB message board!

Staple Remover writes:

Granted, the Road Rovers have a support network while all the Swat Kats have is Commander Ferral saying "The Enforcers will handle this!" That aside, this battle is a bit of a cake walk for T-Bone and Razor. I mean, first off, Razor can turn a pile of junk into a jet BY HIMSELF. If the Rovers' toys break, they're fair game to Razor (because do you really think Colline is going to take the time in battle to rebuild an exploding tennis ball launcher?) Beyond that, while I am a dog person, let's be honest about the weakpoints of these dogs.

Hunter- a Golden Lab mutt, and if you've ever owned a Lab, they are cute dogs, but they have the attention span of a goldfish.

Blitz- oh come on, this is too easy.

Exile- Yeah, he's got the heat/ice beams, but the Rovers have fought enemies that spit acid and still have no scars on them. After 5 minutes of playing cat and... you know... with Exile's Siberian Deep Freeze and he'll have eye strain, rendering him as helpless as, well... Blitz.

Shag- This is just going to be a typical cat/dog fight. Shag pulls out some weapon, Razor shows his claws and hisses, Shag is halfway to parts unknown.

Colleen- Since every previous Rover could be dispatched by Razor's speed and wits, T-Bone is still fresh as a daisy to take out Colleen in an all-out street fight.

Advantage: Swat Kats (even if Enforcers headquarters ends up getting blown up again...)

Angry Net Surfer writes:

Finally! I've been wanting to see this battle for a long time. It's about time someone decided to do this one, so thanks!!

Onto the fight, I say that the SwatKats have the advantage. Why? Because just them and their cool jet are enough to stop overwhelming odds like Dark Kat, the Pastmaster, Dr. Viper, the Metallikats, etc. The Rovers on the other hand, despite their numerical superiority and cool vechicles, always have trouble taking down the Hulk Hogan wannabe they constantly battle. Overall, I gotta go with the Kats. They're tougher, smarters, and meaner!

Guardian 8472 writes:

Analysis of Equipment Available.

Swat Kats: 2 (or more) Vehicles available.

Jet - Fast, aerodynamic, Decked out with

several zillion varied weapons,

detachable cycle, space flight capable,

Overdrive-Speed of heat

Truck/Tank: redesigned tow-truck also

descked out with massive firepower and


Road Rovers:

Several planes,helicopters, spaceshipes ect../ All shaped like dogs.

Now, these dog-ships cannot be very wind resistant.

Swat Kats!!

SAMAS writes:

I've had to take a peanalty to make this comment, so here goes:

I've stated much of this on the Message Board, but I feel this nees to be said here.

SWAT Kats win this one in no time. THe Road Rovers just don't match up.

SWAT Kats was several orders of magnitude more serious than Road Rovers, and longer too. The first episode of SWAT Kats alone had a higher bodycount than the entire RR series.

As for equipment, true the SK have mainly the TurboKat and the Cyclotron, but they also have snowmobiles, desert runners, hovercraft, drill tanks, amphibious tanks, jet skis, and other suprises. Plus, the Kats were rescourceful enough to refuel their jet during perhistoric times, with only the materials in their jet. THe Rovers have a large variety of vehicles, but the TurboKat alone has more weapons than all of them combined. The SWAT Kats were able to take on a sky fortress with only their jet.

Then there's training. The SWAT Kats are highly-trained Ex- Enforcers. These kitties have had Special Forces training, plus the training they put themselves through on their time off. In the Rovers' time off, they were being petted and pampered by their masters. Meanwhile, the Kats have been trained to operate tanks, helicopters, and fighter jets in life-or-death situations with the fate of an entire city at stake.

Finally, there's motivation. The Kats go out in weapons and vehicles of their own design, expenses taken out from a minimum wage that has been already cut to pay for that Enforcer building, and go out and risk their lives for the city, facing death from their foes, or incarceration from CMDR. Feral, should they fail, out of _Duty._ They do it because they feel that they're still Enforcers, and it's their duty, and now their choice, to protect MegaKat City.

*Pauses for effect, a single tear rolls down his cheek.*

The Rovers... come when their master calls.

DamieN Brimstone writes:

If there is one thing that the 20th Century has taught us, it's that teenage girls should not be allowed to have any influence on music industry. But, if there are two things that the 20th Century has taught us, one of them is that you need air superority in war. And Swat Kats have air-power in spades. Hence, the Road Rovers will get ripped to pieces faster than Mike Tyson at a Women's Rights Convention.

Dark Queen writes:

Swat Kats all the way! I mean come on! It is a well known that cats are way more superior than dogs! I mean, how many cats have you seen chase it tails for amusment? Not only that but these Kats have great weaponry and can take down any foe. The Road Rovers can just go scratch themselves in another corner of the galaxy because the Kats will have this match won.

Know your role Road Rovers!

Hazard writes:

C'mon, pets in body armor vs. The Swat Kats!?

You've gotta be joking. Razor's a technical genius and T-Bone's a walking battle machine. Drop them in their custom flying butt-kicker, and they'll rock just about anyone's world.

Shaden writes:

Swat Kats vs Road Rovers? Don't make me cough up a hairball!! There's no contest here!! The Swat Kats have the TurboKat, a modified F-14 equipped with countless types of missles, piloted by the best fighter pilot in the sky. The Road Rovers have what, a squadron of flying machines that get shot down once every five minutes by fledgling fighter pilots? However short this is gonna be, I gotta admit this is a fight that has been a long time coming. Will the Swat Kats send the Road Droolers to the dog house? One word: BINGOOOOO!!!


CHARGE MAN:   OK, here's the outlook! Seems Razor is on his motorcycle and T-Bone's in the Turbokat. Blitz, Hunter and Exile are on ground fighting Razor, while Colleen and Shag are in the Cloud Rover!

Blitz:   Now it is time for the biting of the tooshies!

Exile:   Don't be a weird boy.

Razor:   You wish, pal! Yeeeeeehaaaa!

Colleen (radio):   We're taking you out, feline!

T-Bone (radio):   Just wait a few minutes and you'll be changing your tune!

CHARGE MAN:   Let's see how the boys on land are doing.

White Knight:   Omigosh! It's early in the fight and the Rovers are already pulling out the Tennis-Ballzooka! Hunter takes the weapon and starts firing on Razor! They're all hitting him!

Razor:   Uggghhh! Dog spit! Cut that out, it hurts!

CHARGE MAN:   Oh geez! Razor reaches for the control panel and fires a few missiles that come down to the ground and explode like fireworks! Other stray missiles hit an office building!

White Knight:   Glass and plaster collapse to the ground, mere inches away from the Rovers!

Hunter:   Gaaaahhhh! I can't see!

CHARGE MAN:   Hunter backs away drops the bazooka, which breaks apart!

White Knight:   Don't wanna interrupt you, Charge, but there's a few interesting things happening in the sky!

CHARGE MAN:   Aha! The Turbokat's firing bullets that all hit the Cloud Rover dead-on! But the unmoving dog machine is absorbing blow after blow!

Cloud Rover:   Brrrrmmm... SHOOM!

CHARGE MAN:   The stationary Cloud Rover lets loose a giant heat-seekin' missile!

White Knight:   The Turbokat makes a U-Turn, but the missile follows!

CHARGE MAN:   T-Bone U-Turns again, then dodges out of the way just as the missile explodes into the Cloud Rover!!

Colleen (radio):   Evacuate!

White Knight:   The Cloud Rover starts to drop like a rock! Colleen and Shag parachute out, only to be caught by the Turbokat!

Colleen:   What the--?

T-Bone:   Hey, lady! Get off! No passengers!

Colleen:   I don't think I'm getting off... but you'll be going down. Jaaaaaaaaackiiiiieeee Chaaaaan!

White Knight:   Kung-fu assault on the cockpit! Colleen's giving it all she's got, but nothing's working!

CHARGE MAN:   But on land, the Rovers seem to have the edge! Razor's Cycle is slowing down!

White Knight:   Exile uses his frost vision to create a large ice block on a collision course with Razor!

CHARGE MAN:   Razor's 'Cycle swerves and smashes directly into the block! Razor goes flying into a broken-down warehouse!

White Knight:   Wow! That helmet must be harder than he lets on! The entire condemned building caves in on itself!

CHARGE MAN:   Who knows how much damage that did?! ....Razor seems dazed, but OK!

White Knight:   Up in the sky, Colleen is winding down!

Colleen:   Oh Shag!

Shag:   Rowr?

CHARGE MAN:   Shag pounds on the cockpit of the Turbokat with his sheer girth, and the glass completely shatters! The jet plummets to the ground, and into some suburban apartments!

White Knight:   T-Bone jumps out and brushes himself off!

CHARGE MAN:   But it looks like Colleen and Shag are KO'd and out of the fight! Well, at least now the Kats have no vehicles!

White Knight:   But that's not stopping Razor! He's giving his all, fighting the remaining three Rovers!

CHARGE MAN:   Blitz lunges in and starts flinging his claws everywhere!

White Knight:   But Razor is dodging with great stealth! Exile seems to be "heating" up his frost vision again...

CHARGE MAN:   He fires it! But Razor sees it coming a split-second before and dodges out of the way! He hit Blitz!

Blitz:   Nice one, Exile. Now I can't bite the tooshieeerrrrrrpppphhh!

White Knight:   CRAP! Blitz is encased in ice from the mouth down! He's outta the fight!

T-Bone:   Looks like the teams are finally even!

Razor:   Hey, partner! Glad you could make it.

T-Bone:   Yeah, but we don't have any stuff to work with! The Cyclotron's out of commission and the Turbokat's done for! It'll take months to fix!

CHARGE MAN:   Is this a hindrance to them? The Kats look pretty tired!

White Knight:   Exile seems to be trying to formulate a plan!

CHARGE MAN:   Neither the Rovers nor the Kats know what to do! It's just a big face-off between them, neither making an advance on the other!

White Knight:   Exile practices his frost vision on several buildings, just for the sake of destruction!

CHARGE MAN:   Hunter snaps his fingers and sneaks behind a building, where he pulls out... MUZZLE?! And I thought he'd be left out of the fight!!

White Knight:   Hunter grins and Exile catches on. He walks toward Muzzle....

Hunter and Exile:   Let's Muzzle 'em!

CHARGE MAN:   Muzzle is let loose, and the Kats are shocked!


'Nuff Said!


Rovers: 267

Kats: 403


CHARGE MAN:   OH! What an upset! The Kats dodge in separate directions, and Muzzle eats dirt! He's unconscious!

White Knight:   The Rovers expected carnage, and only stand puzzled! This gives the Kats just enough time for the Kats to land a few heavy punches, and the dogs are down! The Kats win!!

CHARGE MAN:   Boy, aren't those Kats generous! They've volunteered to destroy the rest of the abandoned city for us!

White Knight:   Methinks we've got a BIG demolition bill ahead.

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