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Iceman vs. The Human Torch

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The Storm Siblings
The Maximoff Siblings
The Beaubier Siblings
This week's Fight Suggested By: Brien O.


This week, a straight Arena of Khazan battle with some real talent showing their faces out on the sand. Three sets of brothers and sisters ready to test their stamina, skill and family ties. The Storm Siblings: Sue and Johnny, the Invisible Woman and the Human Torch. Core members of the Fantastic Four, they have faced universe-shaking challenges in their long heroing career. The Human Torch has the ability to ignite his body with flame and use fire based powers. The Invisible Woman, as her name suggests, can vanish from sight and erect incredibly strong force fields. The Maximoff Siblings: Wanda and Pietro, the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. The daughter and son of Magneto, they are both veteran Avengers and have been involved in the business of adventuring their entire lives. Quicksilver is a super runner and is considered one of the fastest living things on earth. Wanda has the ability to Hex people and objects, causing improbable and disastrous things to happen to them. The Beaubier Siblings: Jeanne-Marie and Jean-Paul, Aurora and Northstar. Twin siblings from Canada, they are veteran members of Canada's super team Alpha Flight. Their powers are almost identical: both super-speeders, they move at super sonic speeds on land or air and have light based powers which can be used to dazzle, hypnotize and cause damage by concussion.

Join us now in a battle of super-powered siblings in an old-fashioned feud of furious fists that we had to call....

Of Brothers and Sisters...


CALLISTO:   Welcome once again to the Arena of Khazan where we have this week's incredible Main Event. Three teams of superpowered siblings, three pairs of brothers and sisters, engage in a bloody free for all. It should be just delicious. Clown girl and I are in the stands, now, getting some reaction from spectators before the fight begins. Hello and welcome, I am Callisto.

QUINN:   And I'm Clown Gir... Waitaminute! And I'm Harley Quinn. Okay, I'm here in the crowd, and with me I have Thor the Thunder Stud... er... God, a member of the Avengers. Say hello to the drooling masses of women at home, handsome.

Thor:   Uh... Greetings.

QUINN:   Tell us Whore... er... Thor, what do you make of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch's chances in the ring today?

Thor:   Aye, verily they face dangerous foes in yon Arena, but I have fought in glorious battle beside the brave Maximoff family and know they will triumph! Yea, verily, they shall lay the smacketh down upon yon surly opponents, and shall cracketh open the can of Whoop Ass to smite their fiendish foes!

QUINN:   Ohhhh. Here, Thor... flex that muscle. Good. Okay, hold it still. Hey, camera guy! Get a close-up on this muscle grouping here! Now, just for the ladies at home, watch as I bounce a quarter off this...

CALLISTO:   Clown Girl, you'll be admiring my muscles holding a sword through your heart if you don't get moving. Okay, I am here in the box seats with Sue Storm's husband Mr. Fantastic. Tell us, Mr. Fantastic, do you think Sue and Johnny will take the win, today?

Mr. Fantastic:   Hmmm, that's a good question. I have run several analysis situations of this scenario and have devised an equation to calculate the ...

CALLISTO:   And there you have it. See you in the Sports Box, Clown Girl.

QUINN:   Okay, now I am seated here with Alpha Flight and we are talking with Puck. Hi, Puck. Tell me how you think the Beaubier twins will do today.

Puck:   Those two kids can take care of themselves, eh? Oh, excuse me, dear. Hey, Beer Guy! Another Moose Head, over here!

Sasquatch:   And Pretzels.

Puck:   And Pretzels! Wanna brew, Harley girl?

QUINN:   Thanks, Pucky, but I'm more of a wine cooler person, myself....


Bringing you the Fight Fashion Report...

Mockingbird writes:

Storm siblings: Sue has nice, workable hair that's not too troublesome. Just brush and go. But the outfit...I don't think so, hun. Are those SHOULDER pads?!?! Show off what god gave you. BUT not like Johnny, the boy looks naked with a nasty looking 4 on his chest. Try playing with some new color schemes, too.

Maximoff siblings: Pietro! Now THAT is a functional and sexy jumpsuit! The colors are classic, and the thunderbolt design effectively shows off his speed power. Nicely done...but I think it's time to experiment with hair dye. Wanda is another story, she looks like this girl I see every day standing on the corner of 5th and 23rd. And please, put DOWN the hair dryer next time.

Beabier siblings: A simple black and white jumpsuit for Jean-Paul, it's nice, effective and like Pietro, indicates his power. Very nicely done, but what did you expect from a gay man? Jeanne-Marie looks GREAT, she's got the short hair so it won't fall in her face during battle. And anyone brave enough to mix white and yellow must get positive snaps. If that wasn't enough, she bared her shoulders. She gets the best dressed award.

Since the Beaubier sibs know how to dress effectively for a life of super-heroics, they get my vote!

Here with the Canadian view on the fight...

Sailor Dragonfyre writes:

You all deserve an ass kickng from the Beaubier twins, Why? Because Canadians kick ass!! That's why!

Everyone else in the world thinks, "Ooo, the friendly Canadians wouldn't hurt a fly" well, you know what, that's just what we want you to think, you see it's all a big conspiracy and we are really the ones with all the power, we are just too smart to use it on worthless reasons. The truth is that we are breeding super soldiers right under all your noses and.....but I have said too much, and if you ever repeat a word of this I will send out my personal assasin and have you all done away with.

Thank you, on behalf of all Canadians everywhere, GO BEAUBIER TWINS!!

RealLoneWolf writes:

I voted for the Beaubien twins. Why, do you ask?

They're French canadians. What's that, you say? Being french hinders them? You weren't listening right. I said FRENCH CANADIANS. QUEBECOIS.

I know how tough and mean a Quebecois can be in a fight. I AM a Quebecois, and when I fight, I fight MEAN. I also have a temper you DON'T want to mess with, and I can trade insults with a fowl-mouthed marine...

Secondly, Northstar is gay, and if he gets defeated, all of the CBUB will get pursued in court for damaging the image of the gay community. I doubt you guys want this...

All This, and the great powers the Twins have, make me vote for the Twins.

I just hope Northstar's sister isn't a lesbian too...

Let's get a quick update from the voting booth...

The Chubby Bullfrog writes:

I'm number 5! I'm number 5! I'm number 5! I'm number 5!

More on this later...

Here with analysis of the Storm Sibs....

Bri Rob the Caveman writes:

Man, was this a tough one to call. originally, i was going to go with the offspring of magneto, but thinking logically, i just couldn't. Jonny's a hothead. (pun intended) the angrier he gets, the bigger and more powerful his flame gets. you get Jonny mad enough, and you have an inferno on your hands. Sue will see Jonny's anger increasing into, dare i say it? RAGE!(tm) and will erect a personal force field around herself. the scarlet witch will be burned at the stake, and the twins from alpha flight will be little more than charred skeletons. who's up for a good barbecue? end of story. 'nuff said.

Zisteau writes:

Here's how the fight will go:

Fight starts. As the three speedsters race for the powerhouses, Aurora and Northstar split up, one going for Scarlet Witch, and the other going for the Invisible Woman, while Pietro goes for Sue Storm. Aurora knocks Wanda cold before Wanda even knows anything has happened, while Quicksilver and Northstar form a short truce while they take out Sue. That was their biggest mistakes. These guys are fast, but we're not talking about the Flash here. We're talking about supersonic speed, that's it. By this time, the half a second has passed that it took for the Human Torch to "Flame On."

Game over man!!! What the heck are three low class speedsters going to do against a miniature sentient supernova? They gonna punch him? Oops, their hands just burst into flame, along with the rest of them. Use their light powers, maybe? Against a living source of light? Gimme a break. Point, set, and match for the Storm siblings.

TokenBlack Hero writes:

Holy Christmas

I see North Star and Aura flying into an Invisble florce field and splating like bugs.

The two Northern Nightflyers are known for two things, their speed and temper, As is Quicksiver. Sue is the calm head here and will play off of that.

Johny can fly and if he's flamed on only the scarlet witch can touch him without bursting into flames. He knows this they know this. Sue stays invisible. Johnny moves in Wanda takes Jonny, Sue takes Wanda.

Greebo71 writes:

Storm sibs by a mile!!! Who are they fighting? The only one who poses even a slight threat is Scarlet Witch. It is gonna go down just like this...

Magneto's brats and the Alpha Flight members (like that is something to be proud of) go straight for Sue Storm-Richards. She covers herself and Johnny with a force field. He remains unlit. All four pound on the field to no effect. She secretly puts up a second field around herself only. Johnny flames on, quickly building to Nova heat. Scarlet Witch hex bolts the force field, causing it to collapse, allowing the Torch's Nova blast to completely CRISPY FRY everyone in the area, except Sue, who is protected by her force field. Fight is over, Johnny and Sue head downtown to a local bistro for lunch with Reed, Franklin and Ben.

And that.

Daxamite writes:

OK, first off, I have to say that I like the Maximoffs. They're by far the most interesting pair involved. That being said, I have to go with the Storms.

Lets face it, the Beaubiers are practically French. They're doomed. That leaves the Pietro and Wanda against Sue and Johnny. I gotta go with experience. Sue erects a force field; Johnny pops a nova-burst. Game over.

Ajota writes:

To paraphrase the immortal Merc-with-a-Mouth, Deadpool, "Haven't you ever heard of Diversity of powers? Didn't you guys read your superhero team handbook? [Deadpool speaking to Heroes for Hire upon hearing none of them could fly].

Diversity here is the key, and the Storms have it in spades. They have offesive powers of both the force and energy varieties (sue's force bubbles and Johnny's fire), defensive powers (sue's forcefields) and movement powers (sue's force sleds and johnny's flight), not to mention Sue's invisibility. They've got something for every eventuality.

The way I see it, the Beubier's go down first. Granted, they may be the fastest, and they may view Sue as the biggest threat, but remember, Sue is called the INVISIBLE Woman for a reason. They won't be able to find her! Nor will they find that forcefield she erected...until they go hurtling into it at Mach 3.

Pietro will be handled in much the same way, though he will put up more of a fight since a) he's more experienced than the other two, b) he's not (as) wacko as Aurora and c) he's not Canadian , though he will fall prey to the Storm Siblings. Wanda may present more of a problem, as her powers are less stright forward, and far more flexible. This is where johnny come's in. As the only flyer in this group, the Torch has free reign of the skies. He can mount an attack on Wanda from any angle at any time. Add this to Sue's unseen attack, and you come out with Victory for the Fantastic Two.

'Sides, if they wanted too, Torch could just go nova and take everyone but his well protected sister out at once.

Nine writes:

Before he can ignite himself, Johnny Storm falls against a threeway assault by the Beaubier twins and Quicksilver.

But the Invisible Woman, in her years of battle experience, anticipated their attack. She turns invisible and surrounds the three speedsters in an invisible maze, complete with spike-covered walls and ceiling. Quicksilver, Aurora and Northstar scramble to their demise as they splat against the deadly spikes at a velocity that kills them instantly.

In the meantime, Wanda has readied a hex to bring Sue out of hiding and completely suffocate the Human Torch. The Scarlet Witch conjures a giant fire extinguisher and proceeds to saturate the battleground with white foam. The form of Sue Storm is revealed by the sticky substance.

"Now I will avenge my dear brother Pietro, and the last sound you will hear will be the final word in the utterance of my Death Spell!" Wanda begins her incantation, but under the goop she is covered with, a satisfied smirk appears on Sue's face.

"What are you waiting for, Johnny?" Sue gestures at the covered labrynith and the ceiling slants forward; the flame-retardant chemical oozes down to the ground.

"It's just like we planned it, sis! Even without Reed and Ben, we can take anyone...FLAME ON!" With a blazing wake, the Torch rises above the foamy battleground and hurls a volley of white-hot fireballs towards the Scarlet Witch before she is halfway through her Arcane Incantation.

Wanda manages to survive the scathing burns by rolling around in the remnant of chemical foam, but surrenders to the Storm family, who treat her burns at Reed's labratory.

LVtheman writes:

I honestly don't know who could win this one. The teams are pretty evenly matched, with the exception of team 1. I don't think they can function as just the fantastic 2, or the semi-fantastic 1/2, or whatever. Of course, they ARE the only major charecters out there, instead of just marvel-produced scenery drones, meant to revolve completely around the major players' lives. Perhaps this will give them the edge they need?

Mr Sinister writes:

Johnny and Sue Storm are gonna kick so much ass, it's untrue... I mean, c'mon... Quicksilver? The Scarlet Witch? THE BEAUBIERS? Where's the challenge? Johnny and Sue have faced tougher opposition in the form of morning hair. The Storms, five minutes, tops. 'Nuff said.

LotP writes:

I don't see Northstar and Aurora coming away the victors, I just don't. The maximoffs and storms have faced their ilk too many friggin times before for them to pose a danger.

well, it takes Wanda a small amount of time to weave those chaos spells of hers. And Qucksilver....well the Wasp's taken him out before.

besides, Sue&johnny have Stan behind them. Predictions see The Man coming in to lay down a can on the other two teams.

Here with analysis of the Beaubier Sibs....

TheBigGiantHead writes:

This one HURTS for me to say. Really. It stings. Johny and Sue are two of my favorite characters in comics. And they're the least likely to win.

Peitro and Wanda don't do much better.

To put this short, Northstar and Aurora max out at LIGHTSPEED. They can move at speeds which will allow them to end the battle before even Quicksilver knows what's going on.

Of course, looking at the vote count, they won't win. But going by their powers, they should.


Raving Lunatic Man writes:

GOOOOOOO CANADAAAAAA!!!!!!! We Canuk's got everyone beat. We're the only people who ever stood up to the Americans and WON. We burnt the whitehouse down and they still havent repaired one part as a reminder. (it's up on the presidential balchony.) Patriotisim aside, YEAH RIGHT!!! These two ROCK. Trans sonic speed, dazzleing powers, etc, these two got it MADE. Here's the deal. I don't care how they get rid of the other idiots, (Puches comming at you at the speed of sound HURT.) Once the Invisible woman (whistle, cat calls, etc) is left all they need is to send out a major area dazzle. Fantastic 4 girl needs to concentrate to keep the shield up, not to mention the invisibility. Once she loses her focus, TOAST. End Game. Nuff' Said. (to use your phrase)

Borneo Jimmy writes:

I picked the Beaubiers, although they are destined to lose the vote. In addition to blinding speed on the ground and in flight, they have a team power (which Harley Quinn's favorable prediction left out): when they touch, it creates an all-encompassing flash that blinds and stuns everyone but them. A hex from Wanda might block this flash -- if she knew it was coming -- but, given the twins' speed, how could she react in time? And an invisible force field, by definition, couldn't shield anyone from the flash, even if Sue Storm had the reflexes to try.

Quicksilver might be fast enough to turn his head away, but he isn't the equal of one Beaubier, let alone two, because he can't fly. Also, Northstar has displayed a speed-related power that no other Marvel speedster ever has, to my knowledge: throwing a hundred punches in less than a second -- and Northstar is an aggressive, nasty fellow who wouldn't hesitate to smash a fellow mutant's face.

The Torch would be caught by the initial flash, of course, but suppose he somehow escaped it and took to the air. He would be outnumbered, outsped, and outmaneuvered at all points, and, unless he were willing to burn the Beaubiers to death with nova flame (which he wouldn't be), he'd wind up smacking into something or getting smacked by something, maybe one of Northstar's skis.

The twin's main liability would be that they're a couple of flakes. If Wanda somehow got a first strike in, her hex power could bring out Aurora's repressed schoolmarm personality, rendering her useless. And Northstar might be goaded into losing his temper and falling into some kind of trap. Moreover, the Beaubiers are Canadian -- and French-Canadian to boot, which all but guarantees some kind of second- or third-rate finish. But judging strictly on powers, this should be their match.

Here with analysis of the Maximoff Sibs....

SuperFreak writes:

Okay since the beau twins main powers are sucking they get knocked out of the fight in the beginning. Quicksilver can speed up a cyclone and put out the Torches flame then pummel him to death super speedy style. While Scarlet and Invisible would be a cool fight the witch is more powerful and can do lots more. If that doesnt sell it to ya, then remember Quicksilver just took out the torch and is already done helping his sis take out the invisible woman because she doesnt know what just hit her. A hex bolt or a 5,000 punches to the head, probably both. Not convinced yet? Remember there the off shoots of pappy Magneto, who has taken on the FF, Avengers, X-Men, and just about everybody else at one point or another. So hell probably be thrown himself into the mix and kill little johnny and suzie. Then end it for reed and benny boy to. To top it off hell kill the wizard staff to just to prove that mutants are superior and not to mess w/ his family who hes always tried to get to join him in his cause. That and to make himself feel more manly down in the old armor-oos. The end, bye bye, thanks for playing, your done.

atreyu writes:

Quicksilver's wife left him. She left because she still has feelings for two other men: the Black Knight and the Human torch.

Oh look! Jonny, "The Torch" Storm is in this match. Being Quicksilver's hated adversary for his wife's affections, Quicksilver will fly into a berserker rage! Jonny will go first, then everyone else will follow.

~the Stranger writes:

C'mon! The 'Witch and Quicky are the children of Magneto.


Now, even overlooking the phenomenol power of that genetic statement, let's look at powers:

Wanda: causes everyone but her bro and herself to trip stumble, fall through not-previously-there sinkholes, etc. while her brother speeds around and mops up. Game over.

Packrat writes:

This is gonna be a SWEET, SWEET match!

However, despite the fact that Sue is the most powerful member of the FF, and that both ex-Alphas are superfast, I give this to Wanda, not the team, just Wanda.

First of all, Wanda doesn't need to finish off a hex for it to affect things. One half-finished hex contained enough power to suck up one of Black Bolts blasts. As soon as she even STARTS to say 'Klatu, Barada, Nikto', the others are screwed. These blasts knock down CLIFF FACES! You better re-insure the arena, mi amigos.

Second...well, look at the costume. Johnny's gonna be distracted, and Northstar is DEFINATELY gonna be distracted. Hey, *I'M* distracted, and I'm writing a frickin commentary!

Twenty dollars on the Maximoff duo...and my winnings will go toward taking Wanda out somewhere nice for a romantic dinner.

Sailor Xena writes:

This will be an interesting fight, all Marvle this time. No wussy DC people; they were all defeted. I picked the Maximimofs for one reason, Wanda. With her ability to alter the probability of any event that means there's nothing that won't happen in that fight. Stuff like, 'gee I wonder what would happen if Johnny Storms power activated INSIDE his body?'; or how about, 'what would happen if Aurora's dominate personality was one that only wated to see her brother dead?' Interesting isn't it? The only limitation will be the Scarlet Witches imagination; Quicksilver will be around only for mop-up duty.

The Animator writes:

Lets take a look at whos on these teams:

1. Beaubiers-a couple of Canadian No-names who've never advanced past Alpha Fligh. Next!

2. Storms-The Fantastic Four, without the brain and brawn that made them "fantastic" and Four."

3. Maximoffs-A whitch and the heir-apparent of Magneto.

Magneto didn't teach his kids to be sissies. Quicksilver and Wanda in a route.

BTW-its not very nice of you to have this match right after Quicksilver (of the Silverhawk) got his ass kicked by a CBUB veteran.

Penumbra writes:

It's a tight call this one.

The Canadians are obvious no hopers ever since Aurora changed her powers they've lost the teamwork advantage they should have had so they'll go down real fast, leaving the FF vs the Avengers.

Johnnys most powerful weapons are non-starters as they'll take out his sister as well as his opponents and tricks like flame cages or fireballs will barely mangage to keep Pietros intrest, let alone pose a challenge.

Leaving Sue and Wanda the two most powerful players. Sue's big trick is the to shut off the air supply but this is slow to take effect lets say 30 seconds minimum. In that time hex bolts will screw her concentration Pitro could have whisked her out of the stadium any number of options.

Basically unless things go really wrong

IW can take Pietro if she's quick with a wall. Otherwise either of the Maximovs

will take both of the Storms

Daddy Doma writes:

Once the battle starts, the three speedsters in the match will rush to take out the Invisible Woman, and with the Scarlet Witch on the assist, they'll do it. Just. The Human Torch will then try to flame the entire arena, but all the other's have to do is dodge him until someone KO's him while his back is turned. They might get a little singed, but shouldn't be too hurt.

Then Northstar and Aurora will weigh up their opponents, and seeing that the Scarlet Witch poses only minor physical threat, try to take out Quicksilver. Now, even though he's not even close to the Flash, Quicksilver can easily outrun these two, for the couple of seconds it takes his sister to weild her Hex power. When she does, the other two will misjudge a turn and crash into each other. Northstar, unused to being so close to a woman, will lash out with his powers, destroying them both.

Even if they can't do it themselves, do you really thing Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch's Daddy is going to let his spawn be defeated? Magneto is always there for the extra point.

Inkpencil writes:

I never did like the Fantastic Four, they never really seemed past half-somewhat-good four. Let's face it, while it might make Sue happy, Reed's stretch power sucks, the Thing gets beat by every other Marvel hero. Really, the Storm sibs are the only ones that are worth anything. But still, when ya got Magneto's stock in ya, you one bad mudda.


CALLISTO:   Welcome to the Sports Box where we will now watch the fight in progress. The contestants have taken the field to the roaring of the crowd.

QUINN:   The three teams are waving and loosening up out on the sand, waiting for the signal to start.

CALLISTO:   Yes. Now, for the viewing audience at home, the Sports Box has been equipped this week with a Hyper-Time adjustment which will allow us to broadcast outside of real time. We will be able to follow the moves of those Super Fast speeders Northstar, Quicksilver and Aurora.

QUINN:   There's the signal to start! Hyper-Time Sports Box gizmo is go!

CALLISTO:   Quicksilver, Northstar and Aurora have instantly jumped to fast speed. All three are racing to hit the Storm siblings!

QUINN:   Cally, I think everyone saw this coming. They gotta bring down Sue before she can turn invisible.

CALLISTO:   Point oh five seconds into the battle... we see Johnny Storm and Wanda Maximoff moving in ultra slow motion as they try to kick start their powers... Don't call me Cally.

QUINN:   ...and the three speeding fighters have almost reached their target...

CALLISTO:   Whoa! Quicksilver swerves... Northstar swerves... Aurora...

QUINN:   Crashes into a transparent force field! I can't believe Sue got her defense up in under one second!! The agony! Aurora falls to the sand like a broken doll...

CALLISTO:   Point oh nine seconds... the Human torch is still trying to Flame On....

QUINN:   ...Quick Silver and Northstar change directions...

CALLISTO:   ... both hit Johnny Storm from either side. A few rapid jabs leaves the Torch flat out on the ground. KO!!

QUINN:   We are just over one second into this match and two contestants are down. Invisible Woman is still visible, but protected and Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch is going to need more time to get off even one Hex Bolt...

CALLISTO:   Quicksilver decides to try to take Northstar out... Wait!!

QUINN:   Northstar has decided instead to take Wanda out of the equation! Northstar is moving full tilt to hit the Scarlet Witch...

CALLISTO:   One oh five seconds into the match... it's a race as Quicksilver and Northstar run for Wanda...

QUINN:   Quicksilver lays it on... manages to intercept the fist of Northstar just before contact with Wanda's pretty little nose! That was close!

CALLISTO:   Quicksilver has Northstar's wrist... tries to rip the arm back into a classic back pin...

QUINN:   No! Northstar contorts around to give Quicky a slug in the teeth! What agility!

CALLISTO:   We should remind the viewers at home that this action is happening so fast it would be invisible to the naked eye.

QUINN:   Speaking of Invisible, we've lost sight of Sue Storm, Cally.

CALLISTO:   We have reached the two second mark of this battle. Don't call me Cally. An amazing display of fighting technique between Northstar and Quicksilver out on the field. While I believe Northstar is marginally faster, Quicksilver appears the better trained martial artist.

QUINN:   Punches and blocks happening so fast out there, it's even hard to follow in hyper-time. Both Quicky and 'Star look bruised by punches...

CALLISTO:   Northstar decides to fly away and reconsider...

QUINN:   He's stopped! He can't...

CALLISTO:   The Invisible Woman has trapped them both in a force bubble! Quicksilver and Northstar both realize the trap. There's no escape, and it's constricting....

QUINN:   Speed is no longer an advantage. The Invisible Woman is the lady setting the time table, now.

CALLISTO:   Five seconds into the fight. Hold! It's the Invisible Woman!

QUINN:   She turns visible... she looks confused....

CALLISTO:   Scarlet Witch had finally gotten off a Hex Bolt...

QUINN:   The Force Bubbles have all collapsed... Northstar, just a hair faster...

CALLISTO:   ...Cold cocks Quicksilver...

QUINN:   Wanda stands no chance against his speed...

CALLISTO:   ... decks the Scarlet Witch with a shot to the chin! Both Maximoff siblings are toast.

QUINN:   Invisible Woman was looking baffled for a split second there... The Scarlet Witch probably Hexed her ability to concentrate...

CALLISTO:   All that stands between Northstar and victory is Sue Storm. He flies full tilt from across the Arena to smash her...

QUINN:   Sue is a hardened veteran... this is gonna be close....

CALLISTO:   Northstar... in her face... snapping off the punch that will take it...


CALLISTO:   Northstar literally shatters his own hand on the Force Field Armor Sue managed to erect... just in time!

QUINN:   Northstar howls in pain!


'Nuff Said!


Storm Siblings: 416

Maximoff Siblings: 300

Beaubier Siblings: 93

Number of people who felt compelled to point out the Beaubier siblings are FRENCH Canadians: 4

Number of people who felt compelled to comment upon Northstar's homosexuality: 6


CALLISTO:   Invisible Woman pins him once again in a Force Bubble. This match is history.

QUINN:   Here come the medics, racing onto the sand to help the injured. Good fight.

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Unofficial Fantastic Four

Alpha Zone

Scarlet Witch Homepage


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