Lord Raiden


Emperor Palpatine


In This Corner:   He's a real Live Wire, Folks. That Valiant Vagabond of High Voltage... Master of Thunder, Lightning and the Super Charged God of the Gigawatt ... LORD RAYDEN!!! And In This Corner:   That Evilly Electrified, Supreme Scion of the Super Shock... The Dark Side's favorite son ... EMPEROR PALPITINE!!!

These two have had it in for each other for a very loooong time now... (Honest. They went to the same Junior High school. It's a long story... We won't go there).

All eyes center ring, as The Arena of Khazan presents these two Sizzling personalities duking it out in a fight that we had to call:

Good God, we gonna rock down to... Electric Avenue.

This fight was suggested persistently for months by J. P. Sonicore and WE, amongst others.

A Big Fat "Golden Cheezy-Poof" Award to J. P. Sonicore (AKA: "We") and his buddy "Droy" who bailed out on doing the wrap-up and peoples comments on this fight after A). Suggesting it for ages.


B). Actually convincing us to let him have the website so he could run it.

J.P... we thumb our collective noses at you.

Write to J.P. and tell him what you think about his behavior at [email protected]

New Fight Update!

Yes, after several months of waiting for a conclusion to this match, A person has come out of the woodwork to present the results of this titanic battle.

Thanks to Martin Dawson aka Aubri for the match.

Windstorm:   Hello, Folks, the battle's just about to begin.. it seems WE and Droy have abandoned the press box. They're hiding under the bed, I think.. seems they're afraid of a little lightning! I'm Windstorm, and I'll be filling in for tonight's battle.

Thunderstrike:   And what a battle it will be! The Arena of Khazan here is protected tonight with a plastic lightning proof bubble, with backup lightning rods. It looks like all the good seats have been reserved by Thor, Ramuh, and a host of other lightning gods.. great crowd!

Windstorm:   Well, the gates are opening, and the God of Lightning and the Emperor of the Dark Side have stepped out onto the sand. Raiden is arcing electricity between his arms above his head, very showy.. he's taunting Palpatine.

Thunderstrike:   Palpatine is watching him impassively, I think he's chuckling. He's saying something, sound?

Palpatine:   Give in to your hatred! Strike me down, and your journey to the Dark Side will be complete!

Windstorm:   Boy, where have we heard THAT before? Raiden's not taking it laying down, he's stretching his arms toward the Emperor.. *ZAP* He just blasted Palpatine with a huge bolt of lightning! The Emperor just absorbed it! His robe's not even smoking. Listeners at home, this is going to be a titanic struggle!

Thunderstrike:   Palpatine is advancing.. he's chuckling again. Now he's firing Force bolts from his fingertips! Raiden is writhing! Apparently Force lightning is outside the God of Thunder's jurisdiction!

Windstorm:   Is this going to be that short? Raiden looks like he's in bad shape.. WAIT! He's up, blocking the lightning with his own! Can he DO that? Now he's jumping into a combat crouch--OOH! He's torpedoed right into Palpatine's stomach! The Emperor is flying back!

Thunderstrike:   We're now going to our sideline commentator, Rook. Rook, are you there?

Rook:   *static* ..aving some trouble because of the lightn *static* being tossed around here. This is getting really intense, the air is cr*static*ling with electricity! What's this, Palpatine is reaching into his robe.. he's got a lightsaber! *static*

Thunderstrike:   Hmm, we've lost contact with Rook. Windstorm, what have you got?

Windstorm:   Palpatine swings the blade.. OUCH! He got Raiden across the stomach! Anything less than a deity would have been chopped in half! Raiden is firing bolts into Palpatine now, is the Emperor of Evil weakening? He's taking some of the hits.. YOW! One of the bolts hit the lightsaber and it exploded, Palpatine is down!

Thunderstrike:   Oh my god, Raiden has grabbed Palpatine's robe at the chest and lifted the Emperor over his head.. this doesn't look good, folks! But the Emperor is laughing maniacally...

'Nuff Said!




Thunderstrike:   Raiden's saying something, sound please?

Raiden:   Finish him...

Windstorm:   He's electrocuting Palpatine! Energy arcing everywhere! The Emperor is shaking with the shocks! HOLY! He just exploded, there's blood everywhere!

Thunderstrike:   Fatality...

Windstorm:   That's the end of the match! Cleanup, aisle four! GOOD NIGHT EVERYBODY!

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