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Shi: an Warrior born of Vengeance. An Assassin by circumstance.

Aeon Flux: an Assassin by Profession. A Warrior when required.

Los Angeles. Night. When these two femme fatales go head to head, there is only one question... who lives?

Meet us downtown among the dark alleys and rusty fire escapes for a battle we had to call:

Slice -n- Dice

This fight was suggested by Dark Shadows.


PAT:   Hello and Welcome! We are LIVE, downtown LA for the kind of dream fight we rarely witness.

JAY:   That's right, Pat... this is all shadow stuff: the kind of match-up they're always throwing onto the movie screen... often with marginal results.

PAT:   The area is canvassed with infrared mini-cams, giving us the best seat in the house for this, as darkness falls over the city.

JAY:   Hey, with all the smog blocking the sun, who needs night to fall? So, what's the back story here, Pat?

PAT:   Contract on Shi's head. Apparently she has been bumping off the members of a cartel who've had enough of it. Aeon Flux has been hired in a round-about way through a corrupt government channel to deal with the 'Shi problem'. Now, while we await Shi's arrival at the Downtown Metro, let's see what the fans had to say...


Nipsy writes:

Shi's stupid white make-up will get in her eyes distracting her while Aeon blows her face off! Or you could make it into a mud-wrestling match and then I'd be much more interested in seeing this battle!

Grifter writes:

No contest here, Shi with here ninja skills will easily take out Aeon Flux, the bimbo from outer space... Plus, Aeon Flux is the worse draw character I've ever seen. Besides, Shi is way more popular than Aeon Flux... Check out her ongoing series. It's great!

Tain Moonrider writes:

warrior by vengeance? I mean those are always the people who win out, kill because one of theirs got killed!

Snowball writes:

Aeon Flux has her own cartoon, AND comic if I'm not wrong. :)

WhereWolf writes:

Shi is gonna' kick shi-rious butt! Shi's got meat on her bones. . . Flux don't (Shi can snap Aeon's scrawny butt like a twig!) Shi's got keen fashion sense! Shi's a master with several weapons! And, unlike Aeon, Shi's a babe! Yeah, Aeon's got multitudes of baggy-pants wearin' MTVers on her side (Whoop-dee-doo). But in the end. . . Which one would you really rather see still standin', sweat glistenin' in the sun. :)

schultztown USA writes:

there are a few important factors in a monumental catfight such as this one. first, setting. Shi is highly adaptable to a variety of environments, to be sure, but Aeon Flux is a product of a perverse, warped city. remind you of anything? LA perhaps? Shi has gone up against plenty of foes, but one fact about Aeon Flux is that she, on a regular basis battles super ninjas, or other killer machines that should theoretically turn her into compost, and comes out on top. Shi's enemies have a decidedly human quality about them... but none of these facts matter as much as the most important, the be-all and end-all, the deciding feature of any such cat fight. that is: how much skin can we see? we can see plenty of Shi's to be sure... but look at Aeon! how does she get into that, let alone fight in it? based on this evidence...the fight goes to Aeon Flux.

Nine writes:

Almost after her first appearance on Liquid Television, Aeon Flux achieved a cult status reminiscent of the animated movie "Heavy Metal". Every part of her is trained to be lethal, which is evident in the opening sequence as her eyelashes capture a fly. Do you suppose she wore poison mascara-- it could happen! Plus the overall feeling of suspense and mythology that came from the show will have to tip the scale over to Aeon.

Jeff"T-REX"Hayes writes:

I like Aeon but she is yesterday's news. Shi will win almost all of the animated cartoons that MTV(with the exception of Daria) has put out are off the air so they are soft and gone to seed. Now if yo put Shi against Some like say Duncan Macleod Or Xena it would be a closer one too call. NUFF SAID!!!!

Scrod writes:

Death to Shi!! Death to Shi!!!!

1373 writes:

I have to go with Aeon Flux. She moves like a spider. She doesn't regard life like Shi does, If innocents get caught in the battle, she would continue on. All that counts is her mission. You never know what kind of strange gadgets she may be carrying. She has devices that do things that, they don't even look like they can do what it does. She'll use people to complete her mission. Hey she's even got that weird looking fluxmobile from one the episodes. She would be quite the challenge for Shi. Aeon is just about the toughest female super spy/assassin/thief/sharpshooter there is. Besides, We've all seen the likes of Shi before, Female ninja warrior (cough, cough, Elektra, cough, cough) and that's old school. Aeon is unpredictable.

Sailor Xena writes:

Take it from the warrior princess; these two are good, almost as good as me. Both are deadly fighters who have honed their techniques to a level few reach. But if Shi has a negative it will be her Bushido training; a code of honor vs. someone whose only objective is to kill by any means necessary will be a hindrance. I predict that Aeon Flux will use tricky under-handedness and win.

Fluffy da' Bunny writes:

Who the hell does Shi think she's foolin'?! Shi's nothing but a crappy ninja babe with a sword! Aeon will decimate her!

Cobra69k writes:

just let the hell break loose and whoever's left standing's my winner

LordFish writes:

Well...I have to say Shi has the advantage. That Aeon flux show is too damn incomprehensible to have any good come from it...

Artemis writes:

Aeon is the epitome of all the qualities society applauds in an Amazon Death Machine. No pasty faced upstart is going to take HER place as the ultimate anarchist assassin.

The Southern Fist writes:

I have a weakness for babes and blades, but I digress. At close range Shi will win. And at long range Aeon will win. Now the best assassins in the world are the ones who walk up and kill you with an untraceable improvised implement. Whereas only a rank amateur uses a gun. These tow, both being proud in their abilities will try the close attack, and this gives the advantage to Shi. One well directed strike and MTV will be looking for a new show to fill Aeon's time slot.

Lord_Odin writes:

Aeon Flux always died on Liquid TV (TM), but when she got her own show, she never even came close to getting really hurt. Besides, Aeon has Trevor to back her up, and he has the military to back him up.

AxeHammer writes:

Who the hell is Shi? Aeon Flux by default! KILL TREVOR, TOO!!

Break Man Z writes:

Puh-LEEZE! Aeon Flux is gonna be the winner here. She's kicked a LOTTA butt, she's skilled in killing people, and her moves kick ass! Results: Shi never even gets a chance to try an attack before getting 500 rounds of ammo in the head, torso, and stomach

Raistlin writes:

SHI will win by and far. For one she's got the hottest body, and two she's got a katana, with the better drive VENGENCE rather than profession.

Phranque writes:

Aeon's died before, Shi hasn't. Case closed. Remember, the question is who dies first; it doesn't matter if they come back afterward...

speed racer writes:

Even though aeon flux is a highly tuned machine of death, she has died in a number of her shows, while Shi would just capitalize on that fact and decapitate and dismember aeon. Plus Shi has a nicer rack.

MeTaL writes:

Shi's like, born a warrior, and when someone's born a warrior they kick ass against someone who's only a warrior when she feels like it, irr yeah.

Monkaholic writes:

Shi's one of my favorite characters, but Aeon Flux has guns. The way to beat Shi is to keep your distance, with guns you can.

Firestar writes:

Could this little white faced upstart topple governments for fun? Could she destroy the entire human race? How about shoot with such perfect accuracy that her bullets deflect other bullets? I don't think so. Aeon will be standing in the rubble long after the SHI is dead and buried.

Pete writes:

I gotta go with Shi, if only because her adventures actually make sense.

WARRIOR writes:

Aeon has the sexier body in this match up and I just want to lick her up and down but I wont get a chance to do that if she is dead now will I.

Lannis Lonnis Lennis writes:

Shi and Aeon are two very fine ladies but when push comes to shove Shi is gonna kick Aeon's butt

jones89 writes:

Aeon flux is a better assassin than Shi. She has more quickness and ability than Shi.

Corwyn writes:

197 to 197

cool! I did the tie vote! for who? well...lets see chicks with weapons... both are top heavy... Hmmm lets go with Aeon Flux more episodes....

Tutu writes:

Shi is a weenie!

Rouge15 writes:

I'll be honest, I don't know anything about either character, so I voted for Shi. Why, you ask? Because she looks cooler and that has to account for something.

Wheels writes:

This fight is ridiculously close! Damn those Shi fan-boys! Aeon has something Shi will never have, A DECENT, INTELLIGENT PLOT! She wins!

Tuxedo Uzi writes:

Aeon is a babe she is cool and has more advanced weaponry than Shi. And she kicks butt bigtime. And I love that hair she has.

§indel77 writes:

Okay...... WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE!!! I voted for Shi, cause' she looks cooler.


JAY:   That's all we have time for... Shi is stepping out of the Downtown Greyhound Metro... Not the kind of place you take the family...

PAT:   Jay, this is one of the worst areas of the LA Abandon hope all ye who enter here...

JAY:   A bum is stumbling up to Shi... asking for some liquor money...


PAT:   MY GOD! The bum just burst into a crimson cloud all over Shi!

JAY:   I got Aeon Flux across the street on a four story crumbling lump of concrete that passes for housing.... She's sniping..

PAT:   Shi runs, jumps to the safety of an alley 30 paces to the left... bullets nipping at her heels...

JAY:   Shi is shaking off the blood-soaked trench coat she had on... revealing her standard fighting togs and a ready blade.

PAT:   Aeon is hoisting a Light Anti-Tank missile and pointing it at the alley... FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!!!!

JAY:   Shi is running Flat Out from the alley, 30 yards to the building Aeon is perched atop of...

PAT:   ... as the LAW's Rocket passes overhead and blows a gaping hole out of the Greyhound Station, the neighboring building and few cardboard shelters...

JAY:   ...hope nobody was home...

PAT:   ...but somebody is home is the crumbling tenement. As Shi hits the entrance a couple of thugs are waiting...

JAY:   Pat, the whole damn apartment just came alive with thugs, pimps and junkies. The outside blast has stirred-up a hornets nest here...

PAT:   Jay, Aeon Flux realizes she's going to have to deal with Shi at closer range... She's pulled out the sub-machine gun and is...

JAY:   Wait!! Thugs explode onto the rooftop!! Aeon's surrounded...

PAT:   Shi is clearing a bloody path up the stairs with cold steel... neighbors are shooting at neighbors in the halls of the tenement...

JAY:   Aeon rolls... spins... firing... firing...

PAT:   Shi makes it up to level three, racing up stairs slick and red to the inky blackness on the roof top.

JAY:   Aeon blows the brains out of the last thug, inches from Shi... now she points at Shi... fires...

PAT:   NO!!!! Aeon is out of ammo!!!!

JAY:   Shi comes up holding a handful of shuriken... she throws...

PAT:   Aeon, whips out a perfectly balanced stiletto... the knife flies at Shi...


'Nuff Said!


Aeon Flux: 255

Shi: 254


PAT:   Unreal. Totally unreal.

JAY:   Aeon's dagger throw deflected the single most dangerously aimed of the shuriken whilst continuing with perfect accuracy to find Shi's heart.

PAT:   Indeed Jay, but I'd have to say that all the rest of those shuriken sticking out of Aeon's flesh look very painful.

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