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Spirit and Spell Fire!

Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Maeve the Sinbad Sorceress


Sabrina the Teenage Witch may be inexperienced... but she's going into the ring anyway with the beautiful Maeve from Sinbad's crew.

Watch out for stray lightning bolts!

This week's fight suggested by Justin Lee


PAT:   Hello and welcome to beautiful Khazan Arena! Today's match brings two of the worlds most promising young magicians together.... Sabrina the Teenage Witch vs. Maeve the Sorceress. From the SportsBox, I'm Pat Summers.

JAY:   And I'm Jay Peoples. A very interesting match. All of the previous fights involved strength and fighting skills but these two agreed on magic only. I never saw two spellcasters go at, Pat. My first reaction is run for cover! Probably today we'll find out why.

PAT:   And why were at it, lets find out what some of the crowd has to say about it...


Justin Lee writes:

Well, first of all I'm honored you decided to use one of my match suggestions. Should be an interesting battle. I personally think Sabrina will be victorious, because magic is natural to her and in her blood, while Maeve has to constantly train herself and put great strains on her body to do any sort of magic at all. Maeve has to sorta meditate and then concentrate all power on a single point, while Sabrina simply has to point a finger. Good luck to the contestants!

EMT writes:

Sabrinia rocks!!!! Anyway Sinbad is a spin off of Xena and Hercules. They like, totally almost copy episodes!

Kim writes:

It's definitely going to be Sabrina. She has her aunts to help straighten out her messes. Maeve just has to take what she gets.

Captain Swing writes:

Maeve wins hands down. Why? One word: cleavage, your honor I rest my case.

IMCallisto writes:

Sabrina should win because it will show that teenagers can do things just as well as adults! Sabrina should use her powers and turn Maeve into a watermelon as Sabrina did to one of her classmates! Then, it would really show the simple, yet awesome powers she has

Don Brown writes:

have no idea who Maeve is, never heard of her, but LOOK AT THAT CLEAVAGE! No contest!


JAY:   Some interesting thoughts Pat. Well here comes our two lovely spellcasters. Fortunately they left their pets at the gates, Sabrina's cat and Maeve's hawk hated each other at first sight!

PAT:   Jay, I should mention here that the staff Maeve is carrying is designed to help ease the burden of her spellcasting. Her form of magic is very physically draining, while Sabrina tends to have more misfires.

JAY:   Misfires?! Sabrina and Maeve bow to each other, a show of respect to each other... We got the signal from the judge and the match is on! They slowly circle each other making gestures and symbols in the air as they summon up magical energies for their spells...

PAT:   Maeve makes the first move.. she lashes out with the elements... A Fire Ball!!!

JAY:   Sabrina claps her hands together and a powerful jet of water erupts from them extinguishing Maeve's fireball ...

PAT:   Maeve counters... Lightning shoots from her fingers...

JAY:   Sabrina gestures forming a circle before her and Maeve's lightning bolts strikes an invisible shield!

PAT:   The lightning bolt deflects off Sabrina's' shield but she's knocked flat on her back! OOF!

JAY:   Maeve charges up another lightning bolt and fires again!

PAT:   Sabrina rolls away barely dodging it...

JAY:   Sabrina continues to roll and stops in a crouching position waving her hand...

PAT:   Jay, Sabrina has summoned wind. A sudden gust kicks sand from the arena floor and into Maeve's' face!

JAY:   Pat, She can't see! Maeve is blinded!!

PAT:   Sabrina is working up a spell now! Jay, this could be big... I see lots of hand movements!

JAY:   It looks like a major spell and Maeve can't do anything!

PAT:   Sabrina's hands are glowing now as she points them at Maeve! She's gonna be toast!!

JAY:   Nothing happens!!! The glow from her hands dies out. Major Misfire, folks!

PAT:   What the!! What's this white stuff coming out of the sky?

JAY:   It's snow Pat! HA!

PAT:   Wait, Maeve has gotten the sand of her eyes. She waves her hands...

JAY:   Whoa! She conjured up a magical warrior! It looks like a Conan clone...

PAT:   Sabrina is in trouble, she's... she's has conjured up her own warrior in front of her... it looks like...

JAY:   Homer Simpson!!

PAT:   er... close enough I guess!

JAY:   Both of the sorceress are in control of their warriors are they send them into battle against the other. The Homer clone wields a six-pack and a doughnut while the Conan clone has a sword....

PAT:   The Conan warriors swings his mighty sword... Homer jumps and smacks Conan upside the head with the six pack!

JAY:   OUCH! That laid Conan out flat!

PAT:   Homer picks him up and spins him over his head on a single finger...

JAY:   The magical Homer tosses the Magical Conan up and drop-kicks him out of the arena.

PAT:   Maeve doesn't look happy. She saying something... sound please!

Maeve:   ...Can't compete against someone raised on Nintendo!

JAY:   I think the snow is coming down harder. There must be an inch now on the arena floor.

PAT:   And as the Homer Simpson clone moves in to menace Maeve personally, she conjures a white towel and throws it down. That's it, folks! Game over.


'Nuff Said!

Final Vote:

Historical Note: Unfortunately, the exact final vote in this contest was lost in a computer crash. However, Sabrina did win the vote, and by a pretty good margin.


PAT:   As the Khazan wizards guild scrambles to try and make a spell to stop all this snow, we bid you a fond farewell. Thanks for tuning in.. I'm Pat Summer's.

JAY:   And I'm Jay Peoples. Good Day.

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