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Weekend At Tarantino's

Seth & Richard Gecko Vince & Jules

Richard & Seth Gecko
Vincent Vega & Jules Winfield


On the seamy side of town, amid the dark alleys, smoke filled bars and fleabag hotels, a four man war is about to go down... and it's not going to be pretty.

Join us now in a battle we had to call...

Paint it Black

This fight was suggested by schultztown usa


PAT:   Holy...! I can't believe he shot the waitress in the face!

JAY:   You see that head come apart? Vince dives...

PAT:   Vince Dives... rolls under the pool table...

JAY:   Jules is pinned down behind the bar...

PAT:   Seth, now covered in head gore, scrambles for cover... his human shield useless since Vince blew her face off...

JAY:   Hey, hey, Pat... we gotta do viewer comments...


Favorite letter of the Week

Mokole writes:

OOooooo....damn close call. I'm gonna have to go with Vince and Jules on this one. Yeah, the gecko brothers slaughtered a horde of vampires with gusto and style, but Jules and Vince are trained professional killers. The Gecko's are just sicko bank-robbers on a killing spree. Vince may have been killed because he had to use the facilities at the wrong time, but he's ruthless with small arms. That and Jules has a much better dialogue speech. That Vince and Jules are a couple of bad mutha- [Shut yo mouth!] Hey, man, I just talkin' 'bout Jules and Vince! [I can dig it!]

schultztown usa writes:

Thanks for using my fight, guys. this one had to happen. this battle will be fought on two fields... the actual combat, and the glib repartee that both pairs fire off at each other. now, Vince and Jules' dialogue was perhaps more heavily peppered with clever Tarintinoisms... the spark in the Gecko's dialogue was more in the way it used their relationship as brothers, not quite as clever. also... both Jules Winfield and Seth Gecko are absolute masters at scaring the piss out of their victims, but Jules style is so much more calm, more clever. Seth presses, tearing through defenses until his victim is left quivering in fear. in that sense, the pulp fiction pair is more glib... more stylishly outspoken.

Then there's combat. We saw the geckos blast away at thugs and vampires, saw them work as a perfect team to clear away threats of all kind. think back now... what exactly did we see Jules and Vincent do, besides shoot unarmed people, and maybe hold Ringo at bay? no... Seth and Richie are a much more well oiled fighting machine than the hit men. What does all this add up to? well, it means Seth and Richie would win the fight, but we'd have more fun seeing Jules and Vincent's side of it.

Akuma Daimyo writes:

Vince and Jules will definitely win, I mean One half of the Gecko brothers is a sick twisted f*ck! Both Vince and Jules are perfectly sane and know what the are doing, plus Jules has GOD on his side to "Stop the mother f*cking bullets." The only thing The Gecko brothers got is George Clooney. Quentin Tarantino ain't sh*t in a fight. Samuel L Jackson & John Travolta would kick sorry little ass all over the place and he would go run to George. Vince and Jules all the way!

Pedneau writes:

The "George Clooney" Gecko would make it. Then there is the other Gecko, and I doubt he'll have much luck 'cause he didn't live through the movie. Vincent probably goes down cuz of his lack of brain power... Only a real idiot would leave their gun laying around to take a dump while someone you hate is about. So it's Clooney, who lived through a night of fighting bloodthirsty vampires, while Jules just shot some wimpy college kids.

Robin writes:

As much as I like Vince and Jules and dislike the Geckos because they are psycho freaks. In a fight, the Geckos would cream Vince and Jules! I mean Vince and Jules are low level gangsters who beat up on weaker people and one of them retires after being shot at! The other gets blown away by a boxer while he's taking a crap! Not very good I would say. Now the Gecko Brothers robbed, avoided a whole bunch of policemen and Texas rangers and then defeated a whole coven of vampires! I doubt Jules and Vince could do that.

Pete writes:

Vince and Jules are the consummate professionals, the baddest of the bad, the unstoppables... Richard and Seth have their moments, but let's face it, Richard's too damn unstable and doesn't have the fighting prowess. If Vince and Jules concentrate on Seth and take him out of the fight early, Richard will fold like a road map.

The Baroness writes:

Dis is how I see dis fight goin' down. The Gecko Brothers, are mean lean vampire killas. They are two tough hombres. Both of them are 3 beers short of a six pack. Vince an' Jules are just killas. Good killas, but just killas. So here is da fight. Vince an' Jules get into character. They get their mojo working and they look pretty good. Then incomes the Geckos. Seth punches a few people out and Richie breaks a bottle over his own head. Needless to say they look pretty mean. This pisses Vinnie off. Vinnie rubs out Richie leavin' only Seth. Seein' his brudda killed like dat pisses ol' Seth off and he caps Vince but good! Now its down ta Seth and Jules. Seth and Jules have a good long shoot out. They are blastin' away into the night and basically makin' a mess of the whole place. Then when the sun is totally gone down da bar fills wit vampires. They both get distracted when that vampire broad from da movie gets her stuff workin'. So they blow away all the vampires and drive stakes into their hearts. After that it seems like Jules an Seth may have found a common ground. I mean Jules killed a good lot of da vampires by saying dat bible verse of his. So it seems like they are going too become partners. T! hey both sit down and start drinking some "Sleaze" tequila. Just then Seth gets a pleased look on his face and then says. "Looks like one of those vampires bit you. I think I won." Just as Jules starts turning into a vampire Seth kills his ass but good. Da' winna! Seth Gecko!

Justicar writes:

I'm going with the Gecko Bros. They took on Vampires without even a chance to prepare. That's guts on the fly. As we learned in the last fight being able to adapt is the key. The professionals, V & J, are great in a static pre-planned operation, even in a screwed up operation they're golden. However, as we all know these battles never stay true to orthodoxy. The Gecko's take a bus trip to Mexico, insult Cheech, find out they're in a den of vampires and live. Gecko Bros. all the way. Travolta sucks anyway. Plus, Clooney was Batman that should count for something!

Deathbringer writes:

My first thought was V&J. Then the vampire argument changed my mind. It will go down like this. Geckos will be pushing the modern limits while V&J are still stuck doing their shallow retro things. Jules got religion so I am not sure that he is up to the fight anyway. I want to root for V&J, just can not find any reason to.

The All Mighty Council writes:

Lets face the facts, The Gecko brothers entered a nest of evil demons (vampires), and were able to get out alive (well, one of them) while killing a lot of them. The other two were totally screwed up. So the Gecko brothers should win, even though they weren't as cool or funny as Vince and Jules.

VeX AnGeL writes:

Lets start of with simple description of each team. Jules and Vincent are trained hitmen and have killed many times before. As proven in pulp fiction they are both good shots and can react quickly. The Gecko brothers on the other hand are quite the opposite. They are simple outlaws neither having much experience in combat. Tarantino's character died so easily and as for Seth well he had people backing him up most of time so he had all the glory. If situations were reversed I'm sure Vincent could make such a stabbing device to kill vampires, it doesn't take that much brains. So in the end Jules and Vincent have my vote, after all they are on the side of God.

DangerMouse55 writes:

Well, at first I would go with Vincent and Jules...Now I love Vince, don't get me wrong...but the guy got whacked on a toilet...He's out...Now Jules on the other hand, has divine intervention on his side. But, after close scrutiny, I have to lean to the geckos.... normally Jules is invincible, but since Seth proclaims his faith in the titty twister, God says "I'm out of this one" leaving Jules, essentially alone versus the Gecko brothers cause Vince will either step out to take a dump or accidentally overdose on heroin. Richard Gecko is naturally insane. The guy is a sex offender, and he shoots a lot...but, he is easily distracted by females, making him useless. I'd say in the end it would be Jules Vs Seth...what a tough choice! Jules has his wicked gunfire, but Seth has his mean Jackhammer stake...Here's how it would end...Jules would get him down and begin his infamous "Ezekiel 25:17" speech...after about three seconds, Seth would get impatient and impale him...The Gecko's win. Simply put.

Smiling Jack writes:

Vincent may have a hair trigger, Jules is definitely the man not to F*&% with! Even if he has found religion. Plus "Dusk til Dawn" blew so badly.

CrazyChunk writes:

I've got to go with the Gecko Brothers in this one. I mean, not only can they kill vampires, they can take out Texas Rangers with ease. This is no small feat, I've seen that Chuck Norris show. All Jules and Vincent know how to do is kill people and take their drug money. If Richie and Vincent were still dead, like they were by the end a their respective movies, it might be a different story. Jules versus Seth would be a far more balanced fight.

Grifter writes:

The Gecko brothers will win easily against Vince and Jules because Jules doesn't want fight anymore because he had a vision of some sort and Vince is dumb enough to leave is gun to the opponents. Gecko brothers are a combination of smart and pure evil. Great combination for violence and victory!!!

Skeearmon writes:

Now hang on one moment! Quentin's a fantastic director.. but as an actor? Face it, he ain't worth @#(* as one. And Clooney's rep ain't so good no more either, thanks to the Bat's one big failure...the movies. Am I right? Of course, I'm right.

Then we got John Travolta and Sammy Jackson on the other corner. That's the Comeback Kid and Mr. Movie(s). Both very good actors and very nasty when they need to be! Oh, believe me, it'll hurt them to bite the hand that feeds them, but J&S will blow Taratino into f$*%($# beef chunks. Got ketchup?

shylock writes:

I had to go with the Gecko Brothers because I assume that this is going to be gigantic shoot-out. Vince and Jules, as cool as they are, are just hired killers; they're use to killing people in a professional and controlled manor. The Gecko Brothers, on the other hand, are two crazy s.o.b.'s. There is no control, it's all improvised gore and violence (remember the beginning sequence at the convenience store).Plus V and J just kill people and the Geckos killed a whole crapload of demon-spawn vampires. Also, I just loose respect for people who are stupid enough to get killed going to the bathroom.

sinsecticide writes:

I actually liked From Dusk Till Dawn, but it wasn't so much for the stars as much as it was for Cheech Marin, That was the highlight of the movie for me... On the other hand, John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson are the baddest motherf*ckers I've ever seen. Who else has that much attitude? Who has the dialogue? Who has the HAIR for Christ's sake??? I agree that Vincent Vega died most dishonorably in Pulp Fiction, but Jules MORE than compensated. the GECKO BROTHERS will KNOW that he is the Lord when he lays his vengeance upon them!

The German writes:

The Geckos will win, simply because Seth is suicidal enough to take out one if not both while Richi will work as the brain of the operation

Green Lantern writes:

The Geckos are thieves. Vince and Jules are professional killers. I could go into more detail, but I'm not going to bother. Besides, I seriously doubt that a bunch of pesky vampires could take out Vince and Jules...

Moogle writes:

It's a toughie, because it seems like they're evenly matched, but if we look closer at the stats for them, we see a noticeable difference: Seth & Richie are armed bank robbers, kidnappers and killers. Vince and Jules are simply triggerhands. They may be much cooler, but Seth is a vicious pro criminal and Richie is a psychopath who, although he seems a bit unsuited for his brothers lifestyle, still managed to break him out of jail single-handedly. On the other hand, they're both down one member, according to the sources (Vince and Richie)... My money goes with the Gekko Bros. Rock hard.

Swifty writes:

I've got to go with Vince & Jules. So what if the Gecko's took out a nest of vampires, Buffy does that every week. Jules and Vince simply have style. Style and a since of destiny. It's like their fate is already determined and nothing can change it.

Wolf Leader writes:

I had to go with Vince and Jules on this one. They have the style and the experience to take down the Geckos. Especially when one of the Geckos is George Clooney. This guy will go down almost immediately because he's such a wuss. The remaining Gecko will be outnumbered and, therefore, lose.

Chris Sawler writes:

The Gecko boyz are gonna wipe the floor with Vince and Jules. They eat demons for breakfast and a midnight snack too, and might even be able to hold their own with Ash from Army of Darkness... for a few minutes. They even ripped out someone's heart and stabbed it with a pencil, and there is no way that those Pulp Fiction geeks are gonna stop them.

jib mopped writes:

The Gecko brothers would beat down Vincent and Jules like two little red headed step children. The Gecko brothers fought vampires and rocked them so they would have no problem beating to normal wise guys. Even though Jules is one bad mama-jama, but Vincent is an overweight heroin addict.

Megatron writes:

I have to go with Vince and Jules! The reason? Well it all comes down to acting! Clooney destroyed the Bat franchise even more than Kilmer, okay he's cool in ER so the two cancel each other out, but he hasn't really had a great film to date. Tarantino can't act to save his life. That leaves Jackson, the man's a film maniac! He does cool stuff and he can act, but the clincher is a certain Mr. Travolta; Saturday Night Fever, Grease, THE MAN IS A GOD!!!! No other outcome is even conceivable.

DrizzCat writes:

Vince and Jules will kick Gecko brother butt Come on, they have a LOT of guns and a big Black man for a boss. The Geckos are Going Down

tinwoodsman writes:

The Gecko Brothers would be too disoriented by the discontinuity of how Jules and Vince operate. There is no way that they could keep up with the editing.

Mordenflagg writes:

Come ON. Vincent died on the -toilet-. Any 'professional' hitman wouldn't leave his gun on the kitchen counter at a place he was supposed to be doing a hit. Anyone who dies on the john doesn't have a chance up against the Geckos.

WhereWolf writes:

Loved the vampire movie... But George Clooney's a loser [see the Batman vs. Batman vs. Batman vs. Batman fight] My money's ridin' on Vince and Jules... they're jus' too cool.

Jeff "T-REX" Hayes writes:

Well the Geckos are a lot meaner than Vince and Jules. Not only that they are in touch a with today you would never hear either of them make references to any cheesy 70s TV shows! Besides take a look at the eldest Gekko he has a tattoo on his neck those things you hurt to get them. Besides that they fought Vampires you don't screw with someone who fights Vampires NUFF SAID COMPRENDE AMIGO!!!!

Ghost of Roy Fokker writes:

Only one thing is needed to be said about this match is Samuel L. Jackson!!! That's all that needs to be said.


JAY:   We're back. Jules is stuck be hind the bar...

PAT:   ...Richard Gecko... screaming, laughing, sawed-off Shotgun in hand...

JAY:   ...Blows a hole in the back of the Bar... Mirror Glass and booze bottles explode...

PAT:   Jules senses the danger in the play...

JAY:   Vince, under the pool table, sees Richie Gecko... takes aim...

PAT:   Vince fires... Two perfect shots to the kneecaps...

JAY:   Richie Gecko crumples like paper...

PAT:   Jay, what are we looking at here ... how did all this carnage happen?

JAY:   Pat, we're in West Los Angeles. Richard and Seth Gecko walked into the 8-Ball Pool hall on Hawthorne Blvd looking to score some quick travelling cash. The rest is history in the making...

PAT:   Seth Gecko leans low out of the booth... draws a fast bead on Vince...

JAY:   Clean shot to the head... Vince is out.

PAT:   ...stands, shooting at the bar...

JAY:   ... Jules also standing... shooting at Seth...

PAT:   ...The alcohol drenched bar ignites....

JAY:   ...Jules runs... still firing...

PAT:   Seth catches a bullet in the hand. Seth drops his pistol.

JAY:   Jules, is free of immediate danger from the fire. The 8-Ball will soon be engulfed in flame, though.

PAT:   Jules looks pissed, walking like an avenging angel from the fire... keeping his gun trained on Seth. Seth is a dead man if he moves.

JAY:   He's a dead man anyway, Pat. Jules casually puts a bullet into the whimpering Richie Gecko as he passes, ending his suffering.

The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness. For he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know I am the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you.


'Nuff Said!


Vince & Jules: 232

Gecko Brothers: 214


PAT:   Jules is saying something...

JAY:   It's Ezekiel 25:17. This fight's over.

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