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En Garde!
Emma Peel
Agent 99


Emma Peel... took down dozens of Master Criminals in The Avengers!

Agent 99... thwarted KAOS at every turn in Get Smart!

Vote for the winner as these two super-sleuths try to solve once and for all the J.F. Kennedy Assassination!! Put on your thinking caps in a fight we like to call...

The Lies That Bind

This weeks fight suggested by Cydney


PAT:   Hello and Welcome, I'm Pat Summers! We are LIVE, dressed in tuxedos and sipping martinis at the ever fashionable annual White House Charity Ball. Looking around I see some of the biggest names in politics today...

JAY:   And I'm Jay Peoples. We will be keeping an eye on Agent 99 and Emma Peel as they race each other to solve one of our greatest murder mysteries... who was really behind the assassination of JFK.

PAT:   Yes Indeed! And now let's look at what the fans had to say about this match.


Cydney writes:

I'd have to say that Emma peel has the advantage. She doesn't have to put up with a bungler like Maxwell Smart. On the other hand, anyone that could survive Smart, must be pretty intelligent and resilient and agent 99 ain't no slouch in the fighting department. They both also have really cool gadgets. It's a toss-up.

Mich writes:

Hey, I'm actually very fond of both of these lovely agents. But Barbara Feldon as Agent 99 is my favorite. And Agent 99 deserves extra credit for beauty and "brains", because she has to compensate for the bumbling Agent 86 (and other comical subpar agents on her team)! Emma Peel never had that problem. So that's my for supporting Agent 99!.... :-)

Endgame writes:

Emma Peel shall win. The woman who gave the world Emma-Peelers (those hot looking cat suits of hers) is smarter, better looking and doesn't hangout with losers like Maxwell Smart. She was an equal partner with the inimitable John Steed, and what the hey she's British to boot!

Noodliy writes:

Agent 99 all the way! She cooler! She's worked against KAOS! She is smart and beautiful and earns her right to win!

Lealon Watts writes:

Emma Peel had it easy! Hangin' with that British dude, civilized and all, and always correct. Hmmph! Toooooo easy! I say that anyone who can put up with Maxwell Smart -- and get married to him yet (do I remember correctly?)-- has done hoed the proverbial tough row! Agent 99 is obviously the winner here.

Marty Phillips writes:

Agent 99! Look at her - can you imagine the handcuff scene...

Uhh... Marty... Let's not go there.


JAY:   I see both of the ladies are beginning to move through the crowd. Each with their own plans set to reach their goals... you know Pat, I never saw secret agents at work before...

PAT:   Emma Peel is cutting a gorgeous figure in a low-cut black Oscar De-Laurenta original. These Washington windbags are going to be putty in her hands!

JAY:   Agent 99 is also looking lovely in a blue Dale William Metcalfe. She's a bit more forward and business like. Two different styles I'm seeing here today.

PAT:   The women are splitting in different directions. I'll be tailing Peel while Jay tags Agent 99. My super-secret microphone is operational and my martini is dry. Ta-Ta, Jay... excuse me whilst I mingle...

JAY:   While my partner is off having fun, I'm sticking close but not too close to Agent 99. She is currently talking to another man. A well dressed mild-age fellow... he handed her something! I can't tell what it is but... she's moving again.

PAT:   Mrs Peel is whispering into the ear of a congressman... and he is handing her something... ARGH! I can't see what it is! Oops... she's on the move again.

JAY:   Pat, I lost Agent 99. She gave me the slip... DOH! Women have been known to do that to me.

PAT:   Hehe, Jay... To bad, so sad! I'm following Mrs Peel, no problem as she slinks... towards the kitchen?

JAY:   Pat can you hear me? I've seem to have aroused the suspicions of the building security and they're about to eject me... HEY! Watch it buddy!!! Do you know who I am.... CRASH! er... Pat... I'm outside now.

PAT:   Jay... You lost your target AND got booted outside? Sheesh! O.K, Folks... Emma Peel is in the kitchen now and super-secret-spy-stuff could happen any minute!

JAY:   Pat, I'm running around outside looking for a way back in... whoah! I found her! Agent 99 is outside scaling a trellis up to a second floor window. I'll try not to lose her again.

PAT:   Lucky break for you Jay! I am watching Emma, who has approached the Head Chef.... The Chef has taken Mrs. Peel by the arm... Leading her to a dark, unoccupied corner of the kitchen...

JAY:   Pat, I'm scaling up the trellis after her and without trying to break my neck at the same time... I'm looking into the window now and I see Agent 99 in some sort of library. She's trying to open up a super-secret wall safe.

PAT:   Ummm... Mrs. Peel seems to have disappeared on me....

JAY:   You lost Mrs. Peel, Pat? Sheesh! Why don't you try getting yourself tossed outside while you're at it. Hold on, Agent 99 has gotten the safe open!

PAT:   Hmmm... Here comes the Chef... no Mrs. Peel. Secret Passage maybe....

JAY:   Agent 99 is coming back towards the window... she's going to see meeeeee... aaaaaaaghhh... THUB

PAT:   I am investigating a concealed passage... there are stairs leading up! I am in hot pursuit.

JAY:   Ohhhh... I have fallen and I can't get up... O.K. spine, work with me. Pat, if you can hear me, Agent 99 is still upstairs. I'll try to climb back up... I'm too old for this.

PAT:   Jay... I'm getting too deep in the building. I'm going into silent mode. Let's break now for this LIVE report from our own Side-Line commentator Frank WIlliams.

Never fails. Whenever I'm supposed to bring my super-secret two-way-radio-watch, I just bring my Timex! Anyway, Agent Williams reporting from the refreshments table. These government guys sure know how to throw a party! There's 10 different kinds of cheeses! And the punch is superb! Hmmm, I think it's time for my break. Excuse me...

JAY:   Pat, I'm back inside now. I see the wall safe but no Agent 99. Wait I see a light coming from under a closed door. I'm going to investigate.

PAT:   Jay, I have emerged from the super-secret-staircase into what seems to be a Conservatory. I can see Emma over by the fireplace... she seems to be examining a rope and a lead pipe?

JAY:   Pat, I'm opening the door a crack... I see Agent 99 in a Billiard room and... she has a revolver... I repeat, Agent 99 is packing heat!!!

PAT:   I believe Emma got these objects from the guy downstairs. However, Emma is discarding them... her super-secret-spy-skills tell her that these are Red Herrings... false leads!

JAY:   Agent 99 is moving. She's coming this way... I'm hiding!!

PAT:   And here comes Emma out of the Conservatory... and... er... there she goes storming downstairs. I was totally ignored.

JAY:   Agent 99 has left the Billiard Room and crosses into the the hallway. She doesn't see me either... I think she is heading back down stairs, too Pat.

PAT:   Jay, I am attempting to eat the olive from my martini, now, whilst navigating the stairs. I think Emma is making a bee-line for the Dining Room. This could be it! One of these women knows who the murderer is. Let's get some commentary now from our own Jack Gibson who has this special report...

...I'm whispering because spies always whisper camera guy. Oh, um...Hello! This is Jack Gibson live from the grand staircase of the White House Ball Room. What a sight its been to watch these awfully fine ladies work, and it's been quite amusing to watch my two fellow reporters tail them. I have no more of an idea of what's in those envelopes then they do, but there were a lot of nervous glances between both parties so it must be important. Whoops got to go, my shoe is ringing and they didn't make my martini right. I said shaken not stirred! Back to you Jay.....

PAT:   O.K... what do you have, Jay?

JAY:   The ladies are on a collision course now, Pat. We're downstairs now and we're heading towards the dining room from the opposite direction. It could be trouble...

PAT:   The women have busted into the dining room almost simultaneously! There is a sudden dead quiet now... The women are looking at each other... they are going to speak...

Emma & 99:   (simultaneously) I Know Who the Murderer is!

Emma & 99:   (turning, simultaneously) Wait... You know who the murderer is?

JAY:   Emma Peel is waving her hand to silence Agent 99. Emma is going to speak.

Emma Peel:   I will now reveal who was behind the conspiracy assassination of President Kennedy. It was Colnel Mustard, in the Conservatory, with a Candlestick.

PAT:   Ohhh! Of course! Yes! I... wait... Agent 99 is shaking her head....

Agent 99:   Nah, nah... You have it all wrong! The Presidential assassination was carried out by Miss Scarlet, in the Billiard Room, with the Candlestick! Mustard was a C.I.A. plant!

JAY:   er.. Well, there you have it, Folks! Lets see if the public buys it!


'Nuff Said!


Agent 99: 156

Emma Peel: 149


PAT:   Well... Agent 99 seems to have the more convincing conspiracy angle today. But I always thought it was "Mrs. White". Live from the White House Ball, I'm Pat Summers.

JAY:   And I'm Jay Peoples. Good day! ...Mrs White, Pat?! Mrs. White was in Chicago. Prof. Plum never had an alibi. Let's go over this...

PAT:   Uhh... Martini Guy!!!

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