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Charmed Lives
[ Longshot ] [En Guarde] [ Domino ]
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Longshot vs. Domino
This Fight Suggested By: Mega Spider Hunter


Somebody's luck just ran out. Death and the odds have been scoffed at once too often.... Gambles taken and won once too many times.

Today, that all changes for one of these contestants. Though untouchable by the normal laws of probability, when these two go head-to-head the question is whose luck runs out first?

Join us now in a straight-up, white sand arena battle we just had to call...

Join us now for a battle we had to call...

Aces High


PAT    This is all your fault, Jay. I.. oh, no... here she comes...

CALLISTO    Ah... Pat and Jay. You're still alive I see. I thought cleaning my piranha pool would fix that. Ah... no matter. After today's broadcast you are to clean my personal stables. All of them. And you will wear these.

PAT    French maid outfits???

CALLISTO    Yes. And here are the shoes.

Jay:    Callisto... I would suggest that you kill me now.

Callisto    If you wish.

Jay    On second thought... Give me the damn outfit. Embarrassment is nothing new.

CALLISTO    I imagine. Enjoy.... I will check on your progress tonight.

PAT    God! Will it ever end? Hey... what're you laughing at Clown Girl? Jay, this all...

Jay    My fault? How do you figured that? I wasnít piloting the USS Leick when it got lost.

PAY    Yeah, well....

Camerman    Hey, guys, you're Live in Five. Four. Three. Two. One.

PAT    Live from the Arena of Khazan, we have quite a match for you today! Somebody's luck is going to run out all over the sands of the arena pit today... Hello and welcome! I'm Pat Summers.

Jay    Jay And Iím Jay Peoples. We the two luckiest people in the superhero universe. Longshot VS Domino.

PAT    and here comes our contestants onto the field now. Wow... these two sure look loaded for bear. Longshot with his bandoleer of knives and Domino with... well... just an amazing array of firepower.

Jay   These two know what they are up against. Each of them has the power of luck on their side, so things has a way in falling into place. It might be interesting if their power cancels the others out.

PAT    Now there's an interesting thought. Well, let's see what the crowd has to say...


Favorite letter of the Week

Player writes:

Though fight, but Domino is going to be the one to deliver. I bet she has this fight wrapped up in 30 min or less.

HexxJo writes:

Umm... Domino is lucky? Wasn't she in one of the most godawful comics ever created: X-Force? I wouldn't exactly call that luck, more like the need to fire one's agent... Longshot, on the other hand, is married to Dazzler! YES! The Disco mutant! Now THAT is luck!

the Road Dogg writes:

Longshot obviously wins it! He has helped take down villains such as Sinister and Mojo, in fact he currently rules the Mojoverse. Domino is nothing but a trigger happy killer who gets lucky sometimes, while Longshot is a man on a mission. Plus, due to Operation Zero Tolerance, Domino lost her luck powers and for a while was in a state of catatonic shock, so she won't even be in top fighting form in this battle. LOngshot all the way

Spa am writes:

Longshot wins all the way.As lucky and sexy as Domino is,there is more skill to longshot's actions.Domino will probably panic when she runs out of ammo and luck and end up making a mistake if Longshot is lucky,which of course he will be. P.S.It would mean so much to me if you guts would finally print one of my letters

Editors Note: uh.... okay.

The Devil writes:

Hiya boys. Welcome Back Pat and Jay. I'm still waiting for my VIP seat. But I won't get angry this time, you've been gone, i know you will give it to me. Anyhow, this fight is going to be a real ass-kicker, but my money is on Long Shot. He has the Luck, Skill, Style, and Stamina to smack that ho around the ring. Not to meantion the backing of a couple of Imps I sent to help out. I really couldn't resist. Besides, I am the Lord of Luck, the Sultan of Skill, The God of Gambling, with my backing he can't lose. By the by If anyone has a seat they don't need, send it my way. Or if you boys wanna offer me my VIP seat, or maybe a special guest commentator postion; send it to: [email protected] I'll be waiting. TTFN (Ta-Ta For Now)

Editors Note: You might be waiting a while...

Cide Order writes:

I dunno who either of these characters are, but anyone with a hockey-haircut like Longshot's deserves a beating.

L P III writes:

I prefer the lady in this battle. She's got the guns and the skill to use them. Longshot only has those knives and the stupidest haircut I've ever seen on a comic book character. Doesn't he look like a reject from a bad 80s movie?

S.Todd writes:

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Domino, oh crap, that's funny. Longshot will win because his motives are pure, he's removing another horrible noncharacter from Marvel's overcrowded line up. Hoo Hoo! Domino, that's rich.

Bri Rob the Caveman writes:

aright, let's try to analyze this as unbiased as possible. First, we gotta give Domino the Chick Factor(tm). point for domino. Domino: 1 Longshot: 0 Name. As far as i know, there has never been any game named after Longshot. however, domino rally(tm) sucked. negative 2 points for domino. Domino: -1 Longshot: 0 Kool phrase factor. Everyone says "not in a longshot!". no one says "not in a domino!". point for longshot. Domino: -1 Longshot: 1 Attractiveness to members of the opposite sex. Longshot got Jubilee to cry. i used to think jubilee was the hottest thing when i was 11. but Domino looks pretty hot. gotta give them both a point. Domino: 0 Longshot: 2 Weaponry. Domino's got this really big gun. Longshot's got knives. i can beat my brother with throwing knives when he has a gun in Goldeneye. we'll give another point to Longshot. Final Score: Domino: 0 Longshot: 3 Game, set, match. Longshot in a shutout.

Marksman writes:

Domino doesn't stand a chance. If I could choose one person out of these two to buy my lottery ticket, it'd be Longshot.

Dizzy D writes:

In the pages of X-force Domino has admitted that Longshot's luck can do things that are impossible to her. That and knowing that Domino was created by Rob Liefeld, should be more than enough to give Longshot the victory.

MadFox writes:

With Longshot nothing is impossible, the worse the odds the better. From a race of stuntmen that had to be pushed to the edge of chance or die, Longshot will, can, and must, make it alll look good and keep the viewer at the edge of thier seat while doing it. Its instinict, its in his genes, its a work of Mojo.

Runewulf writes:

Motivation is the key factor in this battle. If Longshot's motive is pure and unselfish, I'd say there's just nothing that can stop him. Of course, that's also his weakness. Convince him that he's doing something for selfish or evil purposes, and his luck goes out the window.

Alexis Machine writes:

This seemed like a tough one at first, but then it hit me: Why not let Longshot and Domino *really* battle it out? I flipped a coin. Longshot won. Next match please.

Gentleman Sam writes:

Domino ? Third rate Rob Liefield creation that she is, is gonna get trounced by Longshot, not one of the X-Men I even like !! Let's face it, she's got no soul, who even cares what happens to her.At least Longshot used to be funny occasionally. Luck factor my butt, she was unlucky enough to have been created by Liefield and at the time when comic books as a whole went down the pan ! ;) Yep, it's gotta be Longshot by the mile Áause any X-Men (and I use the term broadly here), created after 1989 or so, were born without soul ! Susan, get my cane and tophat, i'm goin'for a walk...

1373 writes:

Longshot all the way. I mean Domino was created buy (puuuuuuuuke!!!!!!!) Rob Leifeld, bound to loose because, of the looser factor right there! MAJOR SUCKAGE!

Corwyn writes:

Will the evil created by Rob Liefield please lie down and let the real hero pass? Sister, just walk out of the ring Liefield is just a cheap knock off of Todd...and you honey, Aint all that So go home and watch Ricki and eat some bon bons...cause Longshot is da bomb

Dark Queen writes:

What can I say? Domino has it in the bag. She is a great fighter that would even give Calisto a run for her money! (No offense Calisto) Bottom Line: Luck has nothing to do with this. The best will win, and Domino is the best.

Archimandrite writes:

Okay. Pretty boy's gonna get his ass whopped. I mean, come on. How can you expect him to win with a haircut like that? Besides Domino has a pair of nice big . . . shoulder pads. He ain't got none. So if he ever takes a spill, he's in trouble. And look at his name. Longshot. How're you supposed to inspire fear with a name like that. Might as well call yourself Binky and join the circus. Or better yet, a cheesy heavy metal band (his hair sure fits). He could wear a studded collar and a black leather jacket with a big anarchy symbol on the back, and lick his guitar while making obscene finger gestures. It'd be great. But as far as being a superhero goes...he'd best call in sick. Domino'll frag 'em. Case closed.

Freaky-Freaky writes:

Hey, I have to say is, if you can hang with Cable and show him a thing or two, I'd hope to god that you can kick some pretty boy's ass, especially one that once was/is being controlled by Mojo.

Megatron writes:

Okay, I know Domino is the cute babe and I normally go for the women in this case, because I am shallow and desperate, but it is clear the fight must go to Longshot. He had the original luck power thing, and Marvel just wanted to use it again so they came up with a lame, crappy mutant power which was once described as "having things naturally fall into place for them". Now that is just pale imitation my friends. Ahh, I here some of you say, Longshot's luck was turned to evil during Inferno, that may be but he got over that AND he pulled Dazler. SO he gets my vote

Maestro writes:

I've never heard of either of these characters so in all fairness I can't make a decision. But I don't care; I'm voting for Longshot because the little yellow pixies tell me to.

TheOneTheOnlyAnnie writes:

I go with Domino all the way because guns can always beat knives and fast feet and because in the Marvel card game Domino has a better picture. Longshot's going down like a rock in the water.

Skeearmon writes:

It's Domino. She's calm, cool, and collective. And she knows to handle herself in a real firefight. She also doesn't need a script to insure her success like say....TV's Personality Longshot.

The Cat writes:

I think that Domino has a better chance of winning, but since I'm female, and NOT gay, I'm gonna say Longshot for his cute longhair!


[ Pic ] [ Pic ]

Jay   With the mail out of the way, were waiting for the bell to signal the start of the match...

Bell:   Ring!!

Jay   ... There it is and both Longshot and Domino spring into action drawing their weapons!

PAT    And we are official! Longshot begins moving at top speed to cover the space between them... he's gotta get into knife-throwing range.. His light weight and strong muscles serve to propel him rapidly....

Jay   Ya! A real smart guy this Longshot... bringing knives to a gunfight. Real smart. Domino levels a rifle about the length of my leg at him.

PAT    Yah, Jay... but you don't have to be smart if you're lucky, right? Domino fires! But... Longshot trips and rolls... what luck!

Jay   Lucky little sh... Wait! Domino cranks a dial on her rifle and fires. Luckshot dodges again but her shot hits the ground right beside him and there is a powerful explosion knocking him down.

PAT    But the explosion only accelerates the speed on his first knife throw... just as the explosion has temporarily distracted Domino! Man, what luck!

Jay   But his knife only connects with Domino's belt radio. No damage sustained. Now thatís being lucky! Domino fires off several more shots, taking advantage of the firepower she wields.

PAT    But Longshot jumps a straight 30 feet up in the air...

Jay   ...But Domino zeroes in on him using the laser scope on her weapon...

PAT    ...But Longshot reaches his apex, coming out of the sun! Oh the glare!

Jay   ...But Domino... What is she doing? Oh... she reaches for a pair of sunglasses from her flak vest and puts them on. Lucky she had them.

PAT    ...But will her luck hold? Here comes a fist-full of throwing blades.... as Longshot finishes his leap nearby!

Jay   But Domino decides to focus on dodging the incoming knives. She leaps and twist in the air... Domino whirls away from one, two, three knifes... and rolls away from the fourth.

PAT    But, as luck would have it... the knives ricochet off the wall! They ricochet off a hot-dog vendor cart! They ricochet off... YIKES!... The Sports Box!! They're heading back at Domino!!

Jay   ...BUT, as she turns to aim at Longshot, the knives only strike her rifle! That was close. Lucky she moved or she'd be skewered. Domino tosses the rifle and draws a heavy pistol from her holster...

PAT    .... But Longshot charges Domino before her blaster is out...

Jay   ...But Domino HAS it out, aims first and shoots...

Pat   ...But it misfires! What luck for Longshot! He closes, throwing a knife...

Jay   But it slips out of his hand... Domino drops her useless weapon and launches at him with a flying drop kick...

Pat   ...But Longshot side steps and tries to tackle Dominion. They both go down...

Jay   ...But Domino rolls and kicks Longshot away. Wait, she's holding something! She got his knife belt, she tosses it away and draws a small pistol...

Pat   ...But sparks and smokes. Major misfire!

Jay   Longshot finds it funny BUT Domino doesn't find it amusing at all. She leaps at him to kick his smiling buttocks...

Pat   But Longshot jumps back and kicks out...

Jay   But Domino blocks. She throws a punch...

Pat   But Longshot ducks and tries another swing...

Jay   But he misses. Something is wrong here...

Pat   But... I mean yes. I think these two fighting is causing their power to act crazy. I think they sense it too...

Longshot   I think this fight is becoming pointless. We can't hit one another.

Domino   As much as I like to knock you senseless, I have to agree. What's you proposal?

Longshot   Flip a coin? One side or the other has to come up. Winner takes all?

Domino   Why not. It's not the dumbest idea I ever heard... but it's close.

Longshot   Hmmmm.... PMS? Okay, call it!

Domino   Tails! And watch it blonde!!

Pat   Longshot flip the coin in the air...

Jay   And the coin lands... Oh no!

Pat   It lands on its edge in the sandy arena grounds.

Domino   I don't believe this!!

Pat   Domino looks pissed. She turns to pace around, apparently trying to think of a way to end this match.

Jay   Opps. Domino took a few steps away and the coin tips over landing on its side.

Longshot   Heads! I win!

Domino   Argh!

Pat   Longshot remained close to the coin and his luck factor became dominant over the coin when Domino moved away.

Jay   Lucky bastard.


[ Pic ] [ Pic ]

'Nuff Said!


Longshot: 423

Domino: 317


PAT:   Now... getting back to the matter at hand... French maid outfits? Stable cleaning?

JAY:   You know what, Pat? I'm turning the tables. I do believe this present situation we are in is your fault.

PAT:   Me?!?! Whose bright idea was it to bring Kosh along on that trip into outer space?

JAY:   Whose bright idea was it to go into outer space to begin with?

PAT:   Oh yeah? Your momma!

PAT:   Ooohh... Them's fightin' words bunky!

CALLISTO:   Boys, boys! How nice to see you at each other's throat.

PAT:   Huh? Where'd you come from?

JAY:   Callisto! Uh... we were just getting ready to...

CALLISTO:   To kill each other. Yes, I know. I have just the solution. Tonight, you will fight each other to the death for my amusement. It is Amateur Night tonight in the Arena.

PAT:   Wait... no. We...

CALLISTO:   Yes, I am afraid so.

Who Survives? You be the judge
The First Fantasy Powers League Main Event
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