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Bruce Wayne vs. Tony Stark


Bruce Wayne: - Billionaire play-boy, detective, and martial arts guru. His gimmicks and toys have helped take down some of the worst criminals in history, and his costume has been known to scare his opponents so much, that a battle has been won before a single punch is ever made. But can he survive without these attributes?

Tony Stark: - Billionaire industrialist and scientific genius. He built the suit that saved his life from a weak heart, then designed flight and repulsive rays to fit onto it. But can Tony Stark be a worthy hero without the Iron Man armour?

Join us now for a battle we like to call...

Hostile Takeover?

Special thanks to ku7uk3 for providing battle commentary!


Clark Kent:  Welcome Citizens to what we hope to be a classic spar between two fine individuals.

Bruce Banner:  What, are you kidding! This is going to be a blood bath of epic proportions!

Clark Kent:  Now Mr. Banner, I'm expecting to see a friendly fight performed with the utmost honor.

Bruce Banner:  I'm expecting to see someone's face be turned into the next Picasso!

Clark Kent:  Now Mr. Banner, I don't think that's very polite now.

Bruce Banner:  Look Superma... Err. Clark. This ain't goanna be some Sunday stroll in the park. I know these guys don't have their toys, but that don't mean we ain't goanna see someone's head get smashed in.

Clark Kent:  Now look here. I'm an award-winning reporter. I know what the people want to hear, and they want fine sports commenting. Not some trash mouth yapping like what you're presenting.

Bruce Banner:  Trash Mouth yapping! This ain't Dawson's Creek we're watching here, this is a battle of the alter-egos. Now shut the hell up. You're making me angry, and trust me, you won't like me when I'm angry.

Clark Kent:  Well, Lois Lane, our on-scene reporter has just made her way into the crowds, to get your opinions on this epic fight. Let's see what you have to say...



What YOU thought about the match:

Tyler Durden Writes:

This all depends just on WHICH Bruce Wayne you are talking about:

1-If we are talking about Bruce Wayne from the live action series(Adam West),Tony Stark gets owned.Adam West's Wayne was a revolutionary in the field of bussines and ecomnomics,proposing manegemts ideas that were too sophisticated for the '60s.

2-If we are talking about Bruce Wayne from the first series of movies,Stark gets in in a no-brainer.The Bruce Wayne from the first batch of movies did nothing but lounge around Wayne Manorand throw lavish parties.Sure he attended a bussines meeting in "Batman Returns" and toured around Wayne Enterprises in "Batman Forever",but that won't cut it against a seasoned pro like Stark.

3-If we are talking about Bruce Wayne from "Batman Begins"(Christian Bale),Stark bites it,hard.Bale's Bruce WAyne sucessfully removed an uptight asshole as the CEO of Wayne Enterprises,and ended up putting the very same person that made all of his gadgets in the position.Hell,he brought back the company from the ashes after he trained with Ra's Al Ghul!Stark barely has a grip on his own company.

4-If we are talking about Bruce Wayne from the new "The Batman" cartoon,he gets owned.This Wayne resembles more a pre-Matrix Keanu Reeves than a sucessful tycoon.

5-If we are talking about Bruce Wayne from the comics,he gets owned REAL hard.He failed to convince the Supreme Court of saving Gotham City during the "No Man's Land" saga,never really does much of bussiness.Now that I think of it,in the comics he never really does much of anything outside the costume but talk for a few panels,and then disappearing.Tony Stark SO beats him!

El Kabong Writes:

I'm sorry to say, that while I know very much about these two men as superheroes, my knowledge of them as buisnessmen isn't that wonderful. However, just looking at the surface, one would assume that Wayne has this one in the bag. I mean, he's BATMAN, for crying out loud! The very representation of cunning, planning and preperation in the comics world.

I wouldn't count Stark out, though. He is very, very good at overcoming adversity, and my friends, when Bruce isn't on your side he verily defines "adversity". After all, Tony has dealt with heart disease, Vietnam, getting replaced, alchoholism, and Avengers Disassembled.

At the end of the day, though, good old planning and wits will beat out trying hard when the chips are down. Bouncing back from his loss to Doom, Bruce Wayne wins the day.

The Comic Master Writes:

Let's break this down Wayne and Tony are both secretly Heroes so they have a lot of simmularities.

Batman hightech arsonal isn't as hightech as Ironmans though and probably less expensive. plus Ironman has gone through a lot more costlier costume changes (1point Tony).

Wayne Tech Funded the Outsiders, and may have funded the Justice League Stark may have helped fund The Avengers, and Force Works (Tie).

Wayne hasn't had a drinking problem though (1 point Wayne).

Stark Enterprizes is know for its acheivements in robotics, while Wayne entirprises is known for other things (in this situation point for Tony).

Some of Stark enterprises people know Tony's Ironman, I doubt anyone at Wayne Enterprises knows there boss is Batman. (In this case point to Tony since he trusts his staff more).

So in final score it looks like Wayne Enterprizes would be a minor stepping stone as Stark Enterprizes takes them over, then goes on to try and make Lex Industries history.

Peter Writes:

As of DC continuity right this very second, Bruce Wayne owns both WayneTech *and* LexCorp, and has more money that Tony Stark has ever seen in his life. No disrespect meant to Iron Man, but this isn't even a fight.

Razorback Writes:

Well i'm sure Bruce will take this on the "because he's batman, that's why" clause, as he usually does, but looking at it a bit more logically....

First, we compare...


Bruce's Wayne Industries creates gadgets which help Batman to be the terror of smalltime crooks and lunatics all over Gotham. He's produced suits of armor before, none of which can even come within spitting distance of the power levels of DC's top dawgs.

Stark Industries creates Gadgets that make the Iron Man one of the single most powerful superheroes in the Marvel Universe. They turn Iron Man into terror for cosmic beings. Somebody who can go toe to toe with the likes of Thor, and Incredible Hulk. And maybe, just maybe with a bit of strategic thinking, actually win.

Iron Man only just barely missed making it into the top ten most powerful heroes of all time list done a few years back. That says everything you need to know about the difference in technological advancement between Stark industries and Wayne Enterprises.

Now we Compare


Wayne Enterprises funds charities, civic services, and batman's low-to-mid scale(Compared to Iron Man's at least) technology.

Stark Enterprises funds charities, Iron Man's massively superior up to date technology, multiple specialized varieties of his own primary armor including War Machine, and Hulkbuster suits, the creation of hundreds of Gaurdian knock-off armors(Batman's best suit of armor is about equal to a single suit of Gaurdian Armor), dozens of old and now obsolete Armor designs, AND he Funds the Avengers.

Is there really any question who has superior finances?

Let's Compare


Wayne Enterprises is almost exclusively centered and focused in Gotham. While it fills many government contracts, it's just one corporation amongst many who does so. That's as Bruce Wayne. As Batman he's just another vigilante.

Stark Enterprises is, and has for a long time been deeply connected in the government. Stark has supplied them with many weapons and technologies, and has worked very intimately with the government in both his identities. He has many levels of security clearance.

Is there really any question who has superior political influence?

Bruce's only advantage is that strategically he's smarter. But not by a large enough margin to cancel out Tony's technological, political, and financial advantages. Bruce has a small headstart in Strategic Brains, but tony has a huge headstart in the other three categories.

Tony's battle with the bottle is resolved for the most part. As resolved as such a battle can ever be. It doesn't enter into this. If anything it's made him a stronger man for this showdown.

Even Experience-wise Tony has the advantage. Very few, if any Batman storylines have ever focused on a corporate battle. Only one in fact, which I dont beleive they ever even resolved adequately if I remember correctly. He's so pathologically obsessed with being Batman he leaves Wayne Enterprises almost exclusively in Lucius Fox's hands. It's ironic really. He could do more good as Bruce Wayne than he ever could as Batman, but he's too blinded by his obsession to realize that.

Tony Stark has a VERY active hand in Stark Industries. He understands the power he has as Tony Stark is in many ways far greater than the power he has as Iron Man, and he puts it to use every single day. He's had more than a few corporate take over storylines in his day.

ButBruce will take this, because he's Batman.

bannerman Writes:

Sheesh, I can't imagine Stark winning against Wayne in this contest at all. When Tony Stark outwits (not outflies or outdrinks) someone of Luthor's caliber, we'll talk.

How many times has Stark lost his fortune/gone broke/had to start over? Lost count? How many times has Bruce lost all his money?

*crickets chirping*

Look Tony is a fleepin' genius when it comes to technology, no doubt about it and the man builds armor like Bruce makes the ladies swoon. But when it comes to straight up corporate smarts, I've yet to see for myself Tony outmaneuvering the competition.

Bruce on the other hand has a record that speaks for itself.

Warprince Writes:

Wayne wins this one. If it was Iron Man vs. Batman I might have a different opinion. But this isn't a "Who can bash the others face" sort of contest. Wayne and Stark have both played the millionare playboy part, wine, women, and cars. Big difference? Wayne's is an act. I know Tony's cleaned up his act in recent years, but Bruce is different. Bruce Wayne doesn't exist. He is Batman's mask, and Wayne Enterprises is mearly Batman's bank account. I'm not sure how good a business man Stark is, but Wayne is better. He can run his company in such a way that even the people running it don't know whats going on. As for how their powers factor, Iron Man isn't much use unless he decides to blow up WE, meanwhile Batman is a detective/ninja industrial espionage should be easy. Besides, Wayne has already outmanuvered Luthor several times. How many times has Stark Enterprises got the drop on Doctor Doom?

The Green Man Writes:

Okay, let's break this one down.

Tony Stark -

- built his company from the ground up, thanks to his own inventiveness

- supplies his own tech

- lost his company and had to build it up again from scratch several times

- built Avengers HQ

Bruce Wayne -

- only inherited a fairly small amount from his parents, so he also had to build his company up

- supplies his own tech, most of which needs constantly repairing/replacing (for example, the Batwing gets destroyed once a month) and yet nobody ever notices the huge amounts of money that go into Bat-products

- never loses his company. Ever. As said, right now Bruce owns WayneTech, LexCorp (yeah, Lex freakin' Luthor's old company), the Daily Planet, at least half of Gotham, etc etc.

- as I said, after the earthquake, WayneTech pretty much singlehandedly rebuilt Gotham City. How much money do you think it takes to rebuild a city, and *still* be the wealthiest person in the Universe afterwards?

Sorry guys, but this is what we in the industry like to call a curbstomp. Tony's queuing up at the unemployment office by the time this is over, I tells ya.

Diggs Writes:

First of all, let me just say that whoever wins this is going to be so rich and influential, they'll get their own representation in the UN. Like the Trade Federation and the Galactic Senate (ah, Star Wars. Is there anything I can't relate to you?).

Now, the fight. Let's take a look at our competitors. Bruce Wayne is, undoubtedly, a savy business man. Anyone who can create all the Batman technology, donate a ton of cash to charity, and still manage to be a mega-millionaire has to know a trick or two. But you have to think: how often is Wayne Corp even mentioned in any Batman media? It really seems like they threw in the thing as an afterthought. He doesn't seem to do an awful lot of managing.

Now, what of Tony Stark? Like Batman he creates lots of technology for his other persona, Iron Man, and still manages to be super-rich. But, he also sells all this technology to the military and whatnot. And we all know that the military pays alot of money to keep this stuff away from scientific research. Probably his biggest liability is that he is constantly losing the company. I mean, come on, DC, it got old after the third time.

All in all, it will be very close. In the end, though, I'm going to have to go with Tony Stark. He may lose the company from time to time, but at least it's mentioned frequently. So, after a long struggle resulting in the takeover of Wayne Corp, he'll hire Bruce as a lowly factory worker and then get Lex impeached by putting Congress on his payroll.

Zeta Writes:

This is a rather simple call.

Paranoia and obsessive compulsive disorder handily defeat chronic alcoholism.

The former two are actually useful in the business world. The latter? Not so much.



Bruce Banner:  Well, some interesting comments from the people who still collect 'Alf' Pogs, but I think it's time to get this fight started, don't you?

Clark Kent:  Well, the doors to the arena are opening, and it looks like...

Bruce Banner:  Hey, that's a limo!

Clark Kent:  A limousine. A long white limo is driving into the arena.

Bruce Banner:  I wonder who's inside?

Clark Kent:  Mr. Tony Stark.

Bruce Banner:  What, you got X-ray vision or something? How do you know that?

Clark Kent:  It says 'STARK' on the license plate.

Bruce Banner:  Oh yeah. You got some good eyes on you, for a man with glasses.

Clark Kent:  Yeah well, Mr. Stark is stepping out of the limo in a fine grey suit.

Bruce Banner:  That's gotta be an expensive suit. Who wears a suit like that to a fight?

Clark Kent:  Well, Mr. Stark obviously does.

Bruce Banner:  And how long do you think it will last in this fight?

Clark Kent:  Oh, a good few seconds... And here comes his opponent, my personal pick for the fight. Mr. Bruce Wayne.

Bruce Banner:  What's that he's dressed in Clark?

Clark Kent:  Its a martial arts judo suit Mr. Banner.

Bruce Banner:  Looks like his pajamas if you asks me. Why couldn't he wear a T-shirt with the Bat logo on it or something?

Clark Kent:  Why would he do that?

Bruce Banner:  Because he's Batman for crying out loud!

Clark Kent:  Look, I thought we weren't going to discuss secret identities...

Bruce Banner:  Now look here Superdude. I'm just laying down the facts. Now you might want to hide behind that 12 cent suit, but I...

Clark Kent:  I hate to interrupt you there Mr. Banner, but the two opponents have just come to centre of the arena, and are shaking hands. A true sign of honor and sportsmanship, wouldn't you say?

Bruce Banner:  That's a tight grip Bruce has got there. Tony won't be able to open a jar of pickles for a few days.

Clark Kent:  And look, Tony has thrown the first punch, and Bruce remarkably has dodged it. Tony throws another punch, and Bruce side-steps to the left. He goes for a kick, and Bruce steps backwards; a sweeper, and Bruce simply steps over him. This is remarkable, Tony is punching the air while Bruce simply avoids contact with every one of his attacks.

Bruce Banner:  Yeah, yeah, when is Bruce going to strike back?

Clark Kent:  Well, Mr. Wayne is a man of intellect and character. He won't act out unless he feels it necessary.

Bruce Banner:  Well the way Bruce keeps moving backwards to avoid the punches, he's going to have his back to that limo in a minute. He won't have any place left to go.

Clark Kent:  Another close hit by Mr. Stark, but still Mr. Wayne is able to avoid his punches like he was an amateur, and wow!

Bruce Banner:  Now that's the kinda violence I like to see. Bruce ducked out of the way of what must have been the fiftieth punch, and Tony's hand went right through the limo's window. That's going to leave a mark in the morning.

Clark Kent:  Now Mr. Wayne is stepping out of the way, and comes behind Mr. Stark. He's putting a sleeper hold on him. In a few more seconds, this fight's going to be over.

Bruce Banner:  Don't count Tony out just yet Clark. He's been in a few brawls over the years. He'll get out of it.

Clark Kent:  Well that's a pretty tight grip he's got on him. You can see Mr. Stark trying to struggle free, but my Wayne is 100% Muscle... Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!

Bruce Banner:  Did you see that!

Clark Kent:  I certainly did Mr. Banner.

Bruce Banner:  Tony just did a backwards kick on Bruce's unmentionables. The whole audience felt it. Bruce is stumbling backwards. That was a powerful kick, and Bruce is going to need a moment to recover.

Clark Kent:  I don't think Mr. Stark is going to let him have that moment. He might be bleeding and tired but he's seen his opening, and he's lunging onto Mr. Wayne with everything he's got.

Bruce Banner:  A sharp hit there, a leg chop here. Tell me Clark, did you think Tony would play dirty like that?

Clark Kent:  I certainly didn't, but then what's important is the win, and if it gave him the opotunity to do that, I can't really blame him.

Bruce Banner:  Well Bruce has taken a few straight hits, but now he's blocking off some of those hits with his hands. He's back on his feet, and is forming what looks like a boxing stance. Tony can't quite connect with Bruce.

Clark Kent:  I think Mr. Wayne has recovered slightly, and is ready to finish this fight. Pow!!!

Bruce Banner:  Did you hear that! Bruce just laid a left hand onto Tony's Face. That must have felt like being hit by a train.

Clark Kent:  He does pack quite the wallop.

Bruce Banner:  Tony's stuttering. I don't think he knows who he is anymore!

Clark Kent:  And here comes Mr. Wayne with another right hook, and a left, and a right, and a left, and a right, and a.. This is getting quite gruesome. Urh. I can't watch this.

Bruce Banner:  Well I can, there goes the nose. The left eye, the right eye. Hey, did anybody order a pizza!

Clark Kent:  How can you make jokes at a time like this?

Bruce Banner:  Just look at that. Is that Tony or the Red Skull down there?

Clark Kent:  Well finally Mr. Wayne stopped hitting him.

Bruce Banner:  Yeah, I think he has something else in mind. He's dragging his body back to the limo. Tony's struggling, he still has a little life in him yet.

Clark Kent:  Mr. Stark is up to his feat. Mr. Wayne is walking away. I don't think he knows that Mr. Stark is still standing.

Bruce Banner:  Tony's reaching into the limo, he's got the steering lock bar in his hand, and is chasing after Bruce!

Clark Kent:  Mr. Wayne doesn't know what's coming, He... He's turning, and... he's running towards Mr. Stark!

Bruce Banner:  Both these combatants are charging at each other, one with a weapon.

Clark Kent:  But Mr. Wayne doesn't need a weapon, he is the weapon. He pushes off with his back leg, he's up in the air, extending the front leg. Super kick to the head of Mr. Stark!!!

Bruce Banner:  Tony is up in the air and in a world of his own. I don't think he's ever flown before without his suit.

Clark Kent:  Mr. Stark is starting to fall. He... Goes right through the roof of the Limo! How about that.




'Nuff Said!


Bruce Wayne: 1996

Tony Stark: 1022




Bruce Banner:  This fight is well, and truly over.

Clark Kent:  That it is Mr. Banner. And as the medics are picking up what's left of Mr. Stark from the ground one has to wonder what condition he's in?

Bruce Banner:  Well fight fans, Bruce Wayne has certainly shown that he's more that just a cheesy animal character who couldn't get a part of the children's network. He's shown that he truly is a hard-knuckled fighter.

Clark Kent:  Something I already knew.

Bruce Banner:  Shut it Super-Freak.

Clark Kent:  This is Bruce and Clark calling it a night. Till next time. Peace.

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