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The Punisher vs. Boba Fett


Do these two even require introductions? We think not. Boba Fett and the Punisher are both highly feared and respected names.

This week in the mighty Arena of Khazan we've set up the fighters pit with a few concrete buildings and bunkers and scattered around various weapons for our contestants just like an above ground level of Half-Life. It's up to them to make use of the terrain and weapons they find in their quest to be the only man standing.

Join us now in a battle we had to call...

Peek-A-Boo! I kill you!


Jay:  Good evening folks, I'm Jay Peoples and we are LIVE at Khazan Arena. Pat Summers should be joining us any minute now...

Pat:  Need... caffeine...

Jay:  After you went crazy on us last week? No sir, Pat, you're on decaf until you calm down.

Pat:  Argh... I am calm, Jay, I'm going to pass out at this rate... and I really wanted to see this fight too...

Jay:  All right, fine. But only one shot of espresso, no more! Folks, today's matchup between infamous bounty hunters Frank Castle and Boba Fett is just about to get started, but before it does, let's have a look at viewer comments!




What YOU thought about the match:

Peter Writes:

So... on the one hand, a guy who couldn't even use a jetpack to save himself from falling to his death, who had maybe 4 minutes of screen-time in three movies in which he did nothing whatsoever memorable... and on the other hand, the guy who was so amped by his writers than the entire MU got beaten down.

You know what, just on a hunch, I think the Punisher stands pretty good odds.

El Kabong Writes:

Hrm. Interesting fight, certainly not one I could think of on my own. The Mandalorian clad hunter versus the man who NEVER has anything to lose. Certainly, if these two combatants only had access to equipment from their world, Fett would take this battle easily, what with his high-tech weapons, armor and that nifty jet pack. However, I'm going to assume that the armor is all he's gonna have this round. Taking that into account, I may just have to give this one to Mr. Castle.

Fett is a bounty hunter. He fights only when the pay is good and when he's attacked. That's it. His motivation is purely financial. Frank, on the other hand, is just a hair away from being a berserker. In a one on one fight, his rage and weaponry skills will overwhelm Fett .

Now, it won't be easy for him, certainly. Fett is a master of sneaky tactics, and if he can find a way to con or trick the Punisher into defeat, he'll do it. Mr. Castle, though, deals with scumbags all the time, and if you don't take the prequels into account that's all Fett really is: a high-tech, well-armed, well-paid scumbag.

I'm giving this one to the Punisher after a hard, bloody fight.

Iceman Writes:

How many fliers has Punisher taken out? I would like to have some idea before I vote.

Max Power Writes:

There's no way that The Punisher should lose. Did Boba Fett kill anyone in any of the Star Wars movies? NO. Did Boba Fett torture and maim people just to get information on someone? NO. Has Boba Fett killed everyone in the entire Star Wars Universe. HELL NO. Punisher has done all of those things and then some.

Another fact of the matter is that this is taking place in somewhat of an area similar to an abandoned city with buildings and bunkers. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't The Punisher skilled in fighting in both urban (NYC) and jungle (Vietnam) environments to know how to come up with a battle plan on how to take out anyone. All Boba Fett can do is track someone down and capture them (Han Solo with assistance from Darth Vader) as long as the price is right. So basically this fight comes down to a bounty hunter who couldn't do the one job he was paid to do by himself, or a psychotic killer hellbent on wiping out crime and evil one person at a time.

End result: Pun lays the smackdown on Fett faster than the total onscreen time Fett got in those two movies he was in.

SimbasGuard Writes:

Punisher is Used to having Bounty Hunters after Him. Boba Fett is great, But Punisher is always looking over His shoulder. He won't be caut off guard

LoganBlackisle Writes:

I hafta say... Boba Fett's screwed.

OK, so boba's been trained since was a kid; big deal! he's used to fighting aliens and the occasional jedi that he'll overestimate Castle grossly. Now it would be far worse if he'd been *underestimating* him, but overestimating your opponent is almost as bad.

Punisher fights whatever comes his way. He's utterly ruthless and will keep fighting; even if he's severly wounded.

It would be a cool fight that would probably last some time, but Punisher wins.

Ghost Writes:

Boba Fett wins because he can fly!

I mean, the guy has a jetpack. That's major awesome-points right there. I could waste time and point out the superior armor, the rediculously high-tech weapons and sensors, and the fact that Castle is a whiny psycho in tights who needs to be taken out.

But it all really boils down to Fett's ability to soar through the sky, leaving a roaring tail of flames and smoke in his wake. Punisher gets punished!

urban_feral Writes:

Boba has taken out an entire battalion of Stormtroopers by himself. He is, outside the Jedi, the most lethal force in Star Wars. Punisher is another Marine with a pyscothic bent and a death wish. Boba will grant him this wish.

Batman2 Writes:

Boba is totally gona win this figth because one he is a better tracker ( ok Better traching equipment). And that little miss hab he had in the Sixth star wars filmm was nothing compared to what he acompished in his novels. He took on Mace windu and lasted a while. Somtrhing his farther could not do. Also his weapons aray and armor is hundreds of years more advanced than the Punishers.

Rei-Kai Writes:

Between the Punisher and Boba Fett, I am going to have to go with the Bounty hunter on this. Punisher is only used to weapons that are currently,firearms using bullets and the occasional grenade. Boba uses blasters and weapons made from tech the Punisher couldn't get his hands on.

Also to note, Boba Fett has his rocket pack and armor, so I would tend to believe that most of the Punisher's firearms would be fairly useless against Fett. Unless Punisher uses explosive weapons and catches Boba with them, our little Star Wars Bounter hunter will be taking home the prize.

Torint Writes:

Let's see...

The Punisher is a pissed off ex-military man who is skilled with every fire arm known to man and will use lethal force whenever possible.

Boba Fett is a pissed off bounty hunter who is a clone of a pissed off bounty hunter. He has a suit of armor that allows him to fly, and weapons by the truckload.

If possible, IO'd vote for both of them, but I have to give it to Fett, because he's twleve gallons of kickbutt in a one gallon bucket, and the Punisher is only eleven.

KnightsOf420 Writes:

The Punisher would mop the floor with Bobba Fett. Sure, Bobba might score a few nasty hits, but we're talking about a guy whose gone one-on-one with Wolverine and held his own. The Punisher is just way more determined than Bobba Fett. That, and he looks cooler.

Tyler Durden Writes:

Well,in the world of hunters, The Punisher is by definition an amateur while Boba Fett as we all know is a professional.As such, Fett is used to dealing with a higher class of opposition - Jedi Knights, combat droids, Dark Lords of the Sith, and other bad dudes that know how to go the distance. Remember when Luke fell down the air shaft in the Cloud City, then fell some more, then fell out of the bottom of the city and wound up upside down on a TV antenna with his hand cut off? What did he do? He tried to climb back up the antenna to get back inside and fight some more. That kind of stuff happens all the time in Star Wars.

Let's try a little experiment. Get $7.50 and put it in front of you. This represents the typical price of a first-run movie. Now say out loud: "Star Wars Episode 3" (the one that's supposed to have Boba Fett). Now say out loud: "Punisher 2". Did the cost of admission go up or down? I thought so.

Boba Fett: Defeated by combined forces of Jedi Knight, Indiana Jones, massive enraged Wookiee and smooth talking con-man turned Death Star eviscerating space jockey

Finally, let's go into the characters' backgrounds. Boba Fett is played by none other than a British Actor. This is of course a nod to the two great Traditions of British Acting™ - spies and sociopaths. Boba Fett is like Malcolm McDowell as James Bond, only with more gadgets than the whole Q Division combined. This is not a man you want to see coming the other way down the sidewalk.

And just in case you have any doubt left of Boba Fett's superiority, remember that he is twice blessed with the power of Digital Remastering™ as seen in the Star Wars Special Edition™. In other words he can not only erase his defeat at the Sarlacc Pit as easily as the ink on Larry King's marriage license, he can just as easily put The Punisher in the scene instead. Not nice at all.

In the end, The Punisher is like Van Damme's Belgian accent - always needing an excuse. I give this one to Boba Fett.

Edward Norton Writes:

I find it extremely amusing that you qualify Boba Fett's skill by using the example of how Luke Skywalker got his hand cut off. Talking about somebody else from Star Wars was an absolutely ingenuous way of dodging the real question.

Boba Fett:

*The Empire Strikes Back: Boba alertly points out that the Millenium Falcon is not a piece of trash.

*Return of the Jedi: Fett gets shot and falls into that pit thing with all the tentacles and is dissolved in its stomach over the course of 1,000 years.

Consensus: Boba Fett - no matter how cool his outfit - is a pansy .

Lets face it: Boba Fett was defeated because he couldn't duck his own laser bolt - probably had something to do with extreme lack of mobility due to a 160 lbs of metal armor. Also, who cares if the guy is British - the Spice Girls are British that certainly didn't help them any.

And let us talk about Boba Fett's gadgets. In the movies he used:

A spaceship - not relevant to the match

A blaster

There are a bunch of those Mandalorian shock troops in the new trilogy - they are a replacement for the Stormtroopers. Does the term Red-Shirted Ensign ring any bells? Even if Boba Fett gets a bigger part in the new movie there is no way he could EVER take The Punisher.

Just as a side note: I would be willing to spend $7.50 to see Punisher 2 on opening day - and I would have to deal with a lot less freakin' retards dressed as Wookiees.

Dark Ranger X Writes:

Oh man, it shouldn't even be this close...Bobba is as much of a threat to the Punisher as a insect is to a windscreen that's travelling at a speed of 200Km/h to meet the insect in a head-on collision...

Dave Writes:

You should have put Boba Fett on France's side when Punisher was taking them on so Frank could kill two birds with one stone.

I could explain things that have probably already been explained on what makes the Punisher a better fighter/gunner and soldier but I'll try to (hopefully) write something original.

Boba Fett is a bounty hunter, he kills to gain reward. This, to me, means he wants to live, even if it is to kill more to get more money.

Punisher, OTOH, doesn't care about dying and he basicly will kill every criminal he can until someone lucky enough is able to cap him. He has nothing to lose in this.

The Maniac Writes:

Oh wowy wow wow! This is a first, a vigilante and bount hunter going all out guns a blazin'. But, in the end, The Punisher is going to be the last man standing in this shootout.

GrampaGen Writes:

I'm not privy to the Star Wars expanded universe so I don't really give a crap what Boba Fett has done outside of the movies. So let's be generous and accomodate Jango's feats as well since they're clones and all. Hell why not the clones as well, since they're supposed to be so elite and Boba needs all the help he can get

So then, we have:


- Got ninja-kicked by Obi-Wan Kenobi, crawling away due to plot induced stupidity

-Killed an alien Jedi made to sell Hasbro toys

-Killed a rhino-triceratops thing after surviving a trampling

-Stood still shooting at Sam Jackson's lightsabre before getting beheaded

Red ARC Clone Trooper:

-Directed a guerilla squad against moronic robot soldiers with dual weilded pistols

-When Coruscant was overrun with droids (the commander types, not the moronic ones), stood his ground with a rifle and pistol blowing the crap out of several before gaining a position to fall back from


-Killed a couple of wookiees (braids on his shoulder)

-Told Darth Vader where the Millenium Falcon was so *Vader* could catch Han Solo, and acted like a jerk to him because he's "cool" and "badass"

-Stood around Jabba's palace with his hands folded

-bound Luke in wires - after having his blaster cut - and got owned by a blind man with a stick.

-got eaten by a sphincter monster after screaming like a bitch

So then, added all together Boba Fett can...kill droids well, an idiot jedi, and a couple of wookiees that were probably just hanging out.

Although his armor grants him a certain amount of durability, I must say that Punisher accepted a hit on Spiderman, which puts him beyond Boba's league. Plus Punisher generally is faster on the draw anyways, so it boils down to how fast Frank can shoot Boba's backpack :P

Tyramir Writes:

Ah, yes, Boba Fett. He's impressive with his blasters, his ship, and his jetpack. Hs father fought against Obi-Wan and held his own. It's basically assumed that Boba would fare just as well.

However, Frank Castle is playing a different game than 'Fett.

What's going to happen is this. The two opponents are going to square off, and start firing at each other. At some point, they both lose sight of each other. Fett will start looking, and won't be able to find his opponent. Finally, he turns on his jetpack to get a different view.


Armor piercing bullet slams right into the back of that jetback, followed by a few more. Kaboom!

Fett's down.

Now, what just happened? Frank Castle is a master of guerilla warfare. He knows when to lay low, he knows how to hide, and he knows how to get his opponent to expose himself. Yes, Boba Fett is a bounty hunter. Yes, he is skilled. Yes, his father took on a Force user.

But Punisher has taken on the likes of Spidey, Daredevil, Ghost Rider, Wolverine and others and emerged the victor (as well as the loser on certain occasions). The point is, he's proven himself against "empowered" people. Boba, however, has not. He has his daddy's reputation to back him up, and that's all. Yes, he was cool in Star Wars, but that still doesn't make him the winner.

And I swear, if I hear a single complaint about "Oh, you just voted Punisher because you're a Marvel whore" or whatever... come up with something original. I tire of people complaining that Marvel "always takes the win." Back up your character with an argument, not your genre of choice. :P

Joel Writes:

First of all Jay, Jango Fett was killed by Mace Windu, one of the most powerful Jedi ever. That being said, Boba Fett has defeated the likes of countless crime lords, assassin droids, smugglers, and probably Ewoks. Some punk who picked up bounty hunting as a hobby has no chance of beating a seasoned veteran from a clan of seasoned veterans. Not to mention that Fett has so many gizmoes, gadets, and dealies Batman would be ashamed.

Big bad Vader Writes:

hmm a good match up...I think most people will say something along the lines that bobafette has all these neat gizmos etc..

That he is an intergalatic bounty hunter whereas the punisher is just an "earth boy".

Hmmmm does this sound familure to anyone..hint hint..brainiac vs. ultron.

Yet..let's deduce this down to what matters the most..killing.

I guess it all depends on what your using as a resource..if your using strictly the star war's movies...Boba fette appears rather lame..if not stupid.

Yet if you read the star wars'd see that Boba Fette is highly intelligent.

anyway...the Punisher's motivation is revenge...cold/plain/simple..he hates...He kills

Boba fette's motivation?..they killed his father...big whoop. Fette kills basically for the money. Not careing who the client or victim long as he gets payed.

On that note..I chose the Punisher...Money is sweet..but it can't compare to revenge

Darth Nadar Writes:

I've read the posting..pretty good so far..

I think the one element that people are overlooking is the fact that Boba Fett isn't just a bounty hunter...but the best bounty hunter around.

If you stripped him of his gizmos and armor and spaceship..he still would be a tough customer to take on.

The punisher is no slouch either..I'd really hate to see these two in a bare knuckles brawl.

Yet strip away the technology ..and the punisher would kick Boba's ass.

Starcloud of the Ewoks Writes:

While a good match, I believe the Punisher to be outmatched, not to mention that "Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe" comic to be crap.

Boba Fett is known throughout an entire galaxy for his killing skill. Almost every being in the galaxy fears him and only a few of those that don't are justified.

Punisher might be known all over Earth, but few if any offworlders have even heard of him, let alone fear him.

Boba Fett has blasters of all sorts, rocket launchers, grenade launchers, capture wires, and flame throwers all built into his armor in addition to any other weapons stored aboard the Slave I and Slave I itself.

Punisher has a variety of guns and explosives, but he can only use two weapons at once and every additional weapon he carries slows him down. He had a van and a geeky sidekick to help him carry stuff last I checked.

Boba Fett has Slave I, a space ship armed to the teeth with blasters, missiles, ion cannons, and more.

Punisher has a van with a side-door and maybe even four wheel drive.

Boba Fett, when he accepts partners, teams up with some of the most bad-ass bounty hunters in the galaxy and once teamed up with Darth Vader.

Punisher once had Archie help him track down some dippy bad-guy who looked kind of like Archie.

Boba Fett has destroyed an Imperial Garrison commanded by a former Imperial Royal Guard, fought Darth Vader to a standstill, single-handedly piloted an Imperial Star Destroyer out of an exploding shipyard, and has cashed in on the highest bounties in galactic history.

Punisher killed all the Marvel killed all the Marvel superheros in a bogus mini-series. Do y'all honestly believe the Punisher could kill Dr. Doom, let alone the Avengers, the X-Men, or the Hulk? He's not f-ing Galactus or Onslaught.

Boba Fett fought Batman in the CBuB. Batman is bad-ass.

Punisher fought France. France is weak-ass.

The movies Boba Fett was in were awesome examples on cinema.

The movie Punisher was in makes TriStar's Godzilla look like a real Godzilla movie.

In conclusion, bleed and die, Frank! And take your little sidekick Archie with you! Yub yub!

Evil Eddie Writes:

OH PUH-LEEEEZE! Come, Come now good people...First of all, let me get this out of the way. Nothing in the Star Wars novels counts...only what happens in the Star Wars movies! Nothing else is regarded as continuity! Just as the Punisher movies or cartoons don't count, only the comics. Only what the characters are best known for, because that is what is regarded as "officially" what happened!! Now with that out of the way...

Yeah, big bad Boba Fett! Yeah, he's cool! Yeah, he's got armor! Yeah, he's got a blaster, a flamethrower, and a jet-pack! That makes him pretty cool......IN THE STAR WARS UNIVERSE, but guess what Mr. Fett, none of that stuff means shit to The Punisher! Know what that big white skull on his chest means??? That means death...YOUR DEATH, plain and simple. When you see you die! If The Punisher wants you dead, YOU ARE DEAD! The man WILL NOT quit EVER until you are a cold lifeless corpse...ever!

The man survives more injuries, traps, and villains in one issue than Boba Fett did in three movies! Let's face it, the man's held his own against some pretty tough competition...Spider-man, Nick Fury, Wolverine, Daredevil, Batman, Venom, Elektra, Captain America, etc...(and I can provide issue #'s for proof by the way) and that's just to name a few; not to mention some of the enemies he's taken on over the years like Kingpin, Jigsaw, Saracen, Hitman, Bullseye, The Reavers, and even The Joker!!!!(Remember that one???) He's killed hundreds, maybe even thousands of criminal scumbags over the years. Many of which would make Boba Fett piss his pretty green pants!

The man lives for one thing.....TO KILL! That what he does, that's all he does, that's all he will continue to do until the day he dies! Boba Fett kills for one! Punisher is driven by something much deeper...hatred and revenge!

And if memory serves correctly, I don't recall him ever killing anyone...ever! All he ever did was capture Han Solo (whoopie-doo), killed a few wookies (one can assume by his costume), and get his ass eaten by the Sarlacc Pit! WOW, now that's impressive *YAWN*.

Another big advantage The Punisher has over Fett is the terrain. Boba Fett will be out of his "environment" while the Punisher will be "right at home" if you will. This is his turf...the city, the alleyways, the rooftops, the abandoned buildings and warehouses! This is what he's most used to while Boba Fett will be lost, confused, and unfamiliar with his surroundings!

The Punisher was a skilled Marine captain. He's has been trained to hide, take out the enemy, and disappear! You don't get FOUR purple hearts, TWO bronze stars, and TWO silver stars in 'Nam for nuthin'!!! He is also a trained SEAL (SEa Air Land), UDT (Underwater Demolition Team), and LRPA (Long Range PAtrol)! Far more impressive than Fett's record!

I see The Punisher shooting Fett's kneecaps off and then shoves a grenade down his pants!

Or better yet... Remember when Punisher hit Wolverine with a bazooka shell and blew his entire lower torso off his adamantium skeleton? Yeah, he eventually healed back but ya know what? Bobo Fett won't!!!

In closing, Boba Fett isn't anything the Punisher can't handle...hell, he's nothing more than a guilty flashy-clad murderer in the Punisher's eyes...and when the Punisher's done with him, THE GUILTY WILL BE PUNISHED!

Psychopathicus Rex Writes:

Alright, once again, I cannot give a TRULY informed opinion on this, because I've read very little of the Punisher, and haven't seen the movie with Boba Fett. That having been said, my opinion is that the Punisher gets his ass handed to him. Here's why:

First off, Franky-boy is severely overrated. He's an ex-Marine or Navy SEAL or something with a whole lotta guns and grenades and bombs and stuff. While I'm not denying that that would certainly be more than enough to deal adequately with the average man on the street, when you get right down to it he's just a guy who goes bangy-bangy. Big whoop. There were thousands of characters just like him in the '80's, and ya know what? THEY ALL SUCKED. Man, what kind of character is this guy? Some psycho who goes around shooting jaywalkers cause some crooks popped off his family? That's not a comicbook character, that's the evening update on CNN.

Besides which, the Punisher has had WAY too many wondrous feats attributed to him. 'Punisher kills the Marvel Universe'. Riiiiiiiiiight. This universe being one that contains multiple gods, immortal planet-eating creatures, Wolverine, Dr. Strange, Dr. Doom, Dracula, etc., etc. And they're all going to be done in by some notjob with an M-16. Uh-huh. I may remind you that this is a guy who was originally introduced as a Spider-Man villain who tried, and failed, to off him. Now I know that ol' Spidey is a tough nut to crack and all, but let's face it, he's many magnitudes below practically all the people mentioned above. If Frank can't even off HIM, he's certainly not going to be able to come close to the rest of them. Here's what I imagine happening if he managed to get as far as Dr. Doom:

Doom: Who is this infidel who dares to try Dooms patience?

Punisher: Names Frank. People call me the Punisher. Do you feel lucky...punk? (cocks gun)

Doom: Why yes - as a matter of fact, I do. (Frank sprays him with bullets; Doom reduces him to a protein sludge with a single blast of energy) Well, THAT was invigorating. Thanks, Frank!

Get the point? Punisher = Putz with gun. End of story.

Now then, Boba Fett. High-tech mercenary who lives in a time and place where things like lightsabers are in common usage. Wears armor. Is known across the galaxy as a badass.

You call this a fight? Fett with crush Castle with his thumb and wiggle it around until his adversary is nothing more than a persistant red stain in the upholstery. Or the nearest equivelant therein. When are we going to get around to Sentinels VS Daleks?

Hyperbob Writes:

I hereby declare this a curbstomp.

Let's see here,

The Punisher has:

Peak human physiology

A few machine guns

Good aim

Street smarts

Boba Fett has:

Extremely tough Mandalorian armor

Super Advanced Space Technology

More weapons than the US army

A jetpack

Advanced targeting and tracking software

A heavily armed spaceship

Genetically engineered superior physiology

Nearly a whole lifetime of experience

Sorry Punisher, your jobber aura won't save you this time

Archon_Ramie Writes:

Although I am a longtime fan of The Punisher and wish the Star Wars series had never happened I am going to have to go with Boba Fett on this one.

The Punisher whups ass. There is no doubt about it. However, Boba Fett is supposed to be the ULTIMATE ass whupper. Regardless of what happened to him IN the movies, his reputation was such that everyone else was scared of him.

In a fist/knife fight I would give the edge to Frank, but if they can bring all of their toys, there's just no way he can stand against the high tech assault of Boba Fett. I would guess that kevlar wouldn't do much to protect you from "blaster" fire.

Oh yeah, I hate Star Wars, and Paul would have owned Luke if people would learn to read.

Evil Eddie (part 2) Writes:

Also, I just wanted to add another point in addition to my first one earlier...The Punisher has died and even came back to life (Punisher series vol. 4). While he was dead, he battled and killed demons for Heavan. (Yeah, I know the series was somewhat stupid, but hey, it still counts!) He has even battled a few demons while alive too. He battled Blackheart (son of Mephisto) twice and his minions, and has even battled Ghost Rider several times. Pretty impressive... So, until I see Boba Fett battle and hold his own against demons from Hell and even return from the dead, Boba Fett can just stay dead in the belly of the Sarlacc Pit!!!!

avenger1000 Writes:

I gotta go with Castle on this one. He can hold his own with the best of the Marvel universe. He has taken on the US army, WITH Captain America backing them up. And he's even used to taking on guys wearing futuristic armor with jetpacks. Just check out the final boss fight in the video game. It's him vs. Jigsaw in Iron Man armor. Come to think of it, Bobba vs. Iron Man would have made for a better match.

Galactus429 Writes:

This fight is so close the two could switch costumes and you wouldn't know the difference. I finally just voted for Boba Fett because he had to watch his dad (or whatever) die.

Starcloud of the Ewoks Part 2 Writes:

Now now Evil Eddie. Don't go making up rules just so you can ignore parts of the other side's arguments.

The Star Wars Expanded Universe is canon as long as it doesn't contradict the movies, movie novelizations, screenplays, and radio dramas.

Razorback Writes:

I'll never understand how this jabroni Fett became a movie legend when his great claim to fame was being eaten by a big worm in under five minutes.

For all his vaunted fame as "the greatest bounty hunter" he had to have Han Solo handed to him on a silver platter. Yeah, real badass, that dork in the armor is.

Punisher on the other hand.




In at least TWO different alternate realities he has singlehandedly killed nearly every super powered being in the world.

In one of them, ALL of those superheroes had vampire powers in ADDITION to their normal powers.

That's right. Super powered badasses, not jobbers with bulbous heads and rayguns. Wanna know what happens when Bobba Fett goes up against people with super powers? He gets eaten by worms, that's what happens when Bobba Fett goes after people with super powers. Or, if he's lucky, he gets his head cut off with not so much as a second thought being given to his prescence on the battlefeild. Like his dadddy.

Of course, i'll be shocked and amazed if Punisher takes this the way he should. With episode 3 looming on the horizon, Star Wars fanboys are running around en-masse

The Green Man Writes:

Star Wars fan hive-mind voting aside (hi to everybody from SDnet!), the poor Fett doesn't stand a chance.

Mr. Knowitall Writes:

The Punisher will fight any battle until he wins or dies it doesn't really matter to him. If Boba Fett fights him he'll either win or run away like a little pansy. Punisher takes the cake on this one.

Ethan Writes:

I would have went with Boba Fett because he has futuristic weapons and body armor. However, since this battle is set up "like an above ground Half-Life game with weapons scattered about". well then it becomes a game of stealth and sneak attacks.

I think Punisher has it all over Boba Fett in this area.

kimosabi Writes:

Boba Fett was killed accidentally by a blind man who made his jet pack malfunction. He only ever caught Han Solo (the proverbial man) because he was helped by Darth Vader (even more the man.) While I do love star wars infinitely more than marvel, Boba's a pansy, regardless of the universe he's in. 'Nuff said.

Kimosabi Writes:

Punisher is the man in any universe. He's basically an even more psychopathic Batman (THE MOTHA @UCKIN MAN YO) who uses guns. Boba does get one the man point for existing i the star wars universe so the kimosabi the man score stacks up like this Boba 1 Punisher 3

Kilt Man Writes:

As much as I like both of these guys, I give the edge to Fett because he has more experince and also he has the Slave one on his side.

Dude Man Writes:

I read the expanded universe Fett books. Boba spent most his time hiding behind IG-88 and other bounty hunters. In those books his big rival was Bossk. Bossk!?! Excuse me? This is the big nemesis of Boba Fett? Bossk is an idiot! Punisher is so, so, so all over this joker. 'Nuff Said!

paco Writes:

you guys are talking about how, the punisher killed france or boba was spit out of a sarlac, but ur not talking about who would win if they would Fight EACH-OTHER. Who cares if someone is "the man" that's not what this competition is about, it's about who would win in a fight between them.

Darth Beowulf Writes:

Everyone's main reason for Fett losing is how he 'died' in the Sarlaac Pit. Not true. If anyone who thinks this had the decent sense to read the after story, they'd know that he killed the Sarlaac and climbed out of the pit. He has never been killed and has always got his man no longer how it takes. The fact that his work takes him around different parts of space as opposed to the Punisher who has never seen past Earth easily trumps any advantage the Punisher had.

Kenshin the Battosai Writes:

Ok I gotta respond on this. The punisher will trounce on poor boba. Since Boba dosent have all of his fancy weapons. heck all we see him have is a dinky laser blaster. He will be hard pressed. Now I imagine that the arena will be somewhat fair, in that the weapons will be from marvel, and star wars. (yes I know their both marvel comics, but u know what I mean)Now Boba will try to scramble for a usual star wars weapon. But frank can use any weapon with relitive ease. If boba fett got a submachine gun, hed spray it all over the place except for his target. Punisher on the other hand, can make good use out of any weapon on the battle field. Due to his years of training. If frank can mow down two weapons trucks with a M60 in one hand and a modified M16 in the other, with realitive ease, while injured. Im pretty sure he can handle a laser pistol or two *sarcastic tone*. Im sure Bobas Jetpack will be a factor, but it didnt help against Luke. Besides, didnt Pat say Frank always stealth. Hello he just won the match for Frank, Puinsher is a master of stealth, while boba's motto is to come in guns blazing and not use any kind of stratagy. Punisher will out think the slow boba and win the day.

Evil Eddie (part 3) Writes:

Oh and another thing, anyone that can go toe 2 toe with a killer cyborg that was created to be the ultimate perfect killing machine, can more than easily handle a wannabe like Fett! The killing machine in which I am referring to is none other than Deathlok; a character that would beat the everlivin' dog$h!t out of Boba Fett any day of the week. (Deathlok -regular series issues 6 & 7 for those interested in an awesome read!)

Fett died a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...but the Punisher's still kickin' ass and takin' names even as we speak! I still say Frank shoves a grenade down his pants right after he blows his kneecaps off!!!

WardhardontheBeaver Writes:

if I read the fight Scenario correctly....Neither man enters the combat zone armed..???

Various weapons are scattered around and it is up to them to make the best use of the terrian and weapons provided.

Thus said..I concluded that Boba Fett doesn't have his "ronald Raygun",nor his jet pack or his spaceship in this scenario.

Technically he shouldn't even be allowed to wear his armor.

If Bobba/punisher are allowed to bring in weapons..then why are weapons scattered around the place.?

and who would use an unfamilure weapon if you already had your own?

So if you take the technology away from Bobba..all your left is the man.

And Frank Castle is a better man in this situation.

Galvatron Writes:

Didn't expect to see one of my suggestions make the cut so soon (and if you like this one, you guys are gonna love some of the others I submitted) but I am gonna take the simple approach with this one and say Fett will win simply on technology advantage, but he'll have to use every trick in his book to do so.

Galvatron Writes:

Just pulled my head out of my ass, forgot that these two are entering the arena unarmed, in that case Castle all the way!

Evil Eddie (The Real One) Writes:

Just wanted to say that someone is using my name and is casting their vote for Boba Fett. So, just keep in mind that the commentaries in favor for Fett with my name aren't mine. I cast my vote for The Punisher; so whoever's using my name please post your own commentaries, with your own name in the future!!!

Grip Tight Thin Writes:

Boba Fett takes this one.

He has way more experience. This guy has been fighting since he was a kid and has a very wide variety to weapons to choose from.

Archon_Ramie Writes:

I guess I need to learn to read myself as I didn't see that they would be ebtering the arena unarmed. That said, it still goes to Boba Fett.

SEAL's are badass yes. Marines are badass, yes. Whatever else the Punisher is trained in also makes him badass, yes.

However, Boba Fett makes his living hunting down people/things that make the Punisher look like small fish. Even without his gadgets, his hunting prowess would still be enough.

The only way he could lose is if he tries a straight forward hand to hand assault. In close quarters I believe that Frank Castle's incredible toughness would give him the edge.

Quinn Writes:

The Punisher will rip anyone up. Especially Boba Fett.

Sa Nwonk Mai Writes:

In the (slightly paraphrased) words of an anthropologist on the discovery channel, if there are any aliens out there, there's a simple reason they aren't openly visiting us; have you ever met a human? Of course you have! If they do land, I expect it to become clear very quickly that we're much bigger assholes than just about anyone else.

Look at the quality of the criminals in the Star Wars universe; some rebels and "spice" smugglers. Okey-dokey, Bob's usual fare are the equivalent of WTO protesters and that nice old lady down the street who makes delicious cookies.

And...where was I going with this? Oh yeah. Punisher will win because he's a human and we suck.

Razorback Writes:

Punisher had this locked even before I realized they enter the arena unarmed.

With Fett's goodies taken away from him, Punisher owns his ass like Dollar Bill Montgomery owns his stable.

Moes jr Writes:

What has Boba Fett really done? Sure he was able to track Han Solo so the Empire could capture him, but it was Lando who tricked Solo and Vader who captured him. In Jedi he proved how useless he was in the fight over the Sarlac pit. Then there's Frank Castle who has handed many people their ass! He also has very good tracking abilitly and a larger arsenal of weapons. This one's a no brainer, Castle make Fett another statistic.

privatezod Writes:

What a fight! Me and the lads use to have this discussion. Iīll go with Frank Castle. Less technology but a wider range of strategies. Or maybe not... Hard very hard!

Gordon Freeman would rule them both! Ok, punisher gets my vote!

Kazuki Writes:

Masterchief and Samus have somthing in comon they aliens except they have a different story Masterchief is a soilder that has amor that gose on space and earth.Samus has the samething except she's a bounty hunter she has her own space ship and Masterchief can ride different vehicals and space ships.He can use all kinds of weapons Samus has a gun on her right arm change bullets.She can also turn to a ball.Masterchief is the master of all weapons he can also save the world.

Kazuki Writes:

Masterchief and Samus have somthing in comon fight aliens except they have a different story Masterchief is a soilder that has amor that gose on space and earth.Samus has the samething except she's a bounty hunter she has her own space ship and Masterchief can ride different vehicals and space ships.He can use all kinds of weapons Samus has a gun on her right arm change bullets.She can also turn to a ball.Masterchief is the master of all weapons he can also save the world.

slippo Writes:

Man what a fight! Go Frankieboy!

Johnboy Writes:

Boba Fett shoots the Punisher full of cauterized blaster holes.

We don't see a lot of Fett in the original Star Wars movies, but he is labeled as the best bounty hunter in the galaxy. While bounty hunters specialize in bringing the prey back alive (and the Punisher is, by contrast, a hunter-killer), they are sent after dangerous prey and ready for trouble. I think the real edge is in hardware. Boba Fett has better toys .... DRAMATICALLY better toys.

The Punisher is probably the better fighter, but he is a poorly armed fighter. It's like a guy wearing a padded jerking and toting a matchlock vs. the guy wearing kevlar with ceramic plates and toting the M-4.

Bad Samaritan Writes:

Ok, quick run down...

The Punisher - Takes on common criminals and crime bosses with a fiery passion, but the bad guys dont go out of their way to avoid him constantly.

Boba Fett - Will hunt down anyone or anything for the right price. Everyone avoids him like the plague, knwoing he never fails to catch his target.

Boba: 1 Punisher: 0

The Punisher - Trained in special ops for the US military, got busted up by common thugs.

Boba Fett - Trained in the way of the mandalorians, who are the most feared warriors in the galaxy, and once beat Vader in a one-on-one match.

Boba: 2 Punisher: 0

The Punisher - Relies on weapons to do his talking for him.

Boba Fett - If you here him at all, you are already dead.

Boba: 3 Punisher: 0

Punisher - Fights for the good of the people.

Boba Fett - Fights because he enjoys it.

Boba: 4 Punisher: 0

With a final score of 4-0, Boba Fett wil take Mr. Castle, turn his ass into his own personal playground, kill him in the most excruciating way possible, and then kill the announcers because his time was wasted.

Sailor Xena Writes:

The only advantage Bobba Fett would have over Frank Castle is the technology; give The Punisher a jet pack and a blaster, and he would be just as formidable as Fett. The Punisher is an ex-special forces soldier, trained in that hell hole known as the Vietnam War, he is as tough as they come. Bobba, is a really good bount hunter, being trained by Jango Fett and all (lets remember that Jango lost to Shaft, not some ordinary Jedi, Jango could hold his own against ordinary Jedi); but one loses major points for getting punked by someone who, at the time, could not see. When was the last time you saw The Punisher get pwned by Daredevil? What is that? Never? I thought so. And did someone mention that The Punisher goes after only ordinary criminals and mob bosses? How is the Kingpin in any way, shape, or form ordinary? The Punisher has better training, and better knowledge of tactics and gurrilla warfare. The Punisher wins, hands down.

Balley-Hoo Writes:

Ok, the first thing I have to sya is this.

BOBA FETT WONT HAVE ALL OF HIS TOYS!!! More than likely, they will set random weapons out for the both of them to use, to keep the fighting fair.

Now, on to the important part.

Ok, I noticed that many of you were commenting on how Boba got eaten by the Sarlacc. Everyone makes mistakes. Castle got his whole family killed. I think Castle beats Fett in the mistakes department.

Castle was trained by the US military, to take on enemies of the US. Fett was trained by his father to take on anyone and anything, including Dark Sith Lords.

Fett was feared by everybody, including Lord Vader. Castle found that most ciminals didn't even know of his existance.

Without his weapons, Castle knows some martial arts. Fett is fuilly trained in Mandlaorian combat techniques, which is the most feared unarmed combat style in the galaxy.

Castle tends to run his mouth to often. Fett only speaks when necessary.

In the end, while Castle will put up a fight, Fett will take him to school in the art of whoop ass, and teach him a lesson he will wish he had never been forced to learn.

Han Solo's clone Writes:

Having someone's genes does not give you their knoledge, childhood experiences upbringing, or decisions to do what it takes to be the best that you can at a paticular thing so stop bringing up Jango Fett and the clones. Star Wars is not one of those low budget peices of trash where that automatically happens for no reason.

I think that The Punisher would win this because of the large amount of skill that he has shown.

WallyhardontheBeaver Writes:

Alot of people want to elude to the fact that Bobba Fett is this ultimate bounty hunter..

So I will break it down..first off if I remember correctly..the first time we see Bobba Fett is in cloud city with the other bounty hunters.

Logic would dictate that Fett knows of the bounty placed on Solo's head....or else why would he be in cloud city..why would the other bounty hunters be there?

and why does Darth Vader need these bounty hunters in the first place?

Han Solo is space step away from the trailer..he is a smuggler...who dropped a shipment meant for the local maffia boss.."Pizza" the hutt...and nothing else.

Boba Fett works for whom?...certainly not the Empire..if you remember..Fett takes the frozen Han solo back to Jabba the hutt...for his bounty..

If Fett was any good..wouldn't he be better employed in the services of the empire?

How tough do you have to be to capture or kill Han Solo?

Even worse one would assume that Darth Vader had some personal vendetta against Han Solo...hense the need for skilled bounty hunters.(moreorless the great Bobba Fett)

Yet in the end..Solo is a mere flea to Vader...barely worth his time.

The same way that these bounty hunters are barely woth his time.

anyway..all this doesn't matter to this scenario...I guess I am trying to prove that Bobba Fett isn't all that.

avenger1000 Writes:

Fett overestimates himself way too much. That's why the loser lost to Batman in an earlier match. He'll go after Castle thinking he's just another pathetic bounty. Is he gonna be wrong..........

The one with no name... Writes:

Hmm. This is an urban combat scenario, both contestants go in with the clothes on their back (Fett sans armor), and with no weapons. There are a variety of equipment dumps littered around the battlefield.

Sorry.. But Punny owns. The guy has killed with a pair of /chopsticks/ before. He has tons of high end feats against guys with just his kevlar, guns, and ammo. No one beats Punny on the urban battlefield.

And.. Frank has high end feats in tons of places,e ven with no guns. In one of his comics, he's in the jungle, injured, along, and the Viet Cong are after him. Using a ton of jungle traps, he kills them, gets their weapons, and kills more.

Fett.. Even allowing the EU stuff.. Has he ever done any high end feats /MINUS/ his armor? None of his blasters, Mandalorian Commando Armor that costs as much as an Imperial Class Star Destroyer, Slave I-IV, etc.. Name his high end showings against enemies that outnumber him, are superior to him.. With nothing but the clothes on his back and not a single weapon on him, relying purely upon the terrain and his own ingenuity and survival skills. If you can name one, I'll be surprised. I don't think anyone can name as many to remotely top all of Frankie's high end showings in similar circumstances.

Sorry, Boba Fudd.. But you're gonna be the one ending up in the crosshairs.

The Red Fear Writes:

How bout an unbiased rundown Samaritan

Bobba - Hunts down the rather normal riffraff and punks of the Star Wars universe. He never gets sent after those with real powers because, well, we've seen what happens 9 times outa ten when he does.

Frank - Common riffraff. Super powered world conqueror. Makes no difference to frank. Super powered heads pop just the same as riffraff ones when they're in his sights. Crooks know the sight of thazt big white skull means their ass.

Punisher 1, Bobb 0

Punisher - Trained in covert/special Ops, SEAL, and the NYPD, AKA the hardcore sunsabitches in blue. Nobody in Star Wars universe would last a day on the streets of New York. Has beaten WOLVERINE in a one on one fight. Beat the entire marvel universe in a 1 on a billion fight on two seperate occasions.

Bobba - Trained ny mandalorians....those guys that got wiped out. Managed to eke out a marginal victory...the fact that he lived to tell the tale being the victory....against a guy confined to life support.

Punisher 2, bobba 0

Punisher - Relies on weapons...and fists...and two by fours...and nails...and broken glass...and chainsaws....and any other handy environmental tools that can be used to cause horrific and unimaginable bodily do his talking for him. If you hear him or see him, you will pray to be dead. You know why most criminals dont know who the Punisher is? Because he doesn't let any survive to tell the tale. He's not out to become famous. He's out to deliver Punishment

Bobba - If you see or hear him, you'll be tossed in carbonite and delivered to somebody or other. Maybe if yer lucky he'll get Vader to do the job for him again.

Punisher 3 Bobba 0

Punisher - Fights because it's a fanatical, almost religious calling. It's an all consuming purpose. It's the sole reason he breathes, it's what he eats, what he sleeps. It suffuses every fiber of his being. He IS Punishment. Once he steps onto the battlefeild, he's commited. your blood, his blood, it doesn't matter. He's going the distance, and hell's coming with him.

Fett - Fights for money. The minute things look ugly, he's not commited to anything but staying alive, even if that means he ahs to run away.

Punisher 4 Bobba 0

Well, with a score of 4 to 0, Punisher will make sure Fett has just long enough to remember every rotten thing he ever did in his life....long enough to realize WHY he's being punished, before he finally begs to be put out of his misery. Frank will oblige, and then he'll move on to the enxt peice of lowlife scum.

And to those who keep saying Fett wont have all his doesn't matter. let Fett have his armor, and his blaster, and his jetpacks....because all any of that makes him, is one more super powered freak. And FAR from the msot dangerous Frank ever put in a pine box. Just another day in the life of Frank Castle.

The Ace of Knaves Writes:

Oh man ! This is an absolutely heavenly matchup! I can't wait to read the final result. For me though the winner is clear: Big Frank. Period. I would have considered Fett before "Star Wars: Episode II" to be a real contender, but he turned out to be a wuss in that film ... Oh dear, I'm Lucas-bashing again aren't I? Sorry, Force of habit (get it? Force? Never mind...).

So we're gonna see a major shoot out between the two with more prepared boobytraps than Pamela Anderson wearing a bear-trap-bra, but when the smoke clears Frank will remain standing.

Why? Because the Punisher is a force of nature. He is vengeance incanate, a concept already understood by the Greeks and Romans when they worshiped the godesses of fate. Frank Castle is the God of vengeance and when he comes for you, there's no escape!

Tony Dimera Writes:

To easy. Boba Fett's gonna collect whatever bounty there is on Frank Castle.

We're talking about a highly intellegent bounty hunter from the future.

Fett's taken on all kinds of foes, including Jedis, and won.

With his targeting systems and his weapon loaded suit Punisher doesn't stand a chance against Fett.

Boba Fett: You're worth more alive, but you're worth enough dead.

Tyramir Writes:

Okay, a lot of people seem to be going on and on about Boba's armor.

Now, don't get me mistaken. I love Boba Fett. Far more than I love Frank Castle. But I still have to give it to the Punisher.


QB-8 shotgun shells.

What are QB-8 shotgun shells? They are anti-tank shotgun shells. They will penetrate the hide of a tank, aircraft, disable vehicles with a single blast, etc...

These actually exist in real life.

And you can bet your sweet Aunt Jemima that Punisher probably has a supply ready for any armor-wearing punks. Let's see Boba A) dodge spread (Which I doubt, since he can't even dodge a stick clumsily wielded by a blind man), B) Survive the blast. I'm not sure how much damage that armor can take, but a couple blasts from a 12 gauge with some QB-8s in it will tear through a tank. You be the judge. Personally, I think Boba's blasted in half before he can say "I'm no good to Hasbro dead."

Joel Writes:

Tyramir, Fett's armor is made of Mandalorian Iron, one of only 3 things that can resist a lightsaber. It doesn't matter if the shells can bust a tank, they're not geting through that armor.

Zombified2000 Writes:

Well, It's been summarized that Boba is a galactic talent. I haven't really played half life, but I'm assuming it's got alot alot of futuristic and crazy weapons. I don't think Punisher could adapt quickly enough, while Fett hasprobably already used those weapons. Let's not forget his ability to fly or his body armor

Boba in a cakewalk

The Great Me Writes:

The Punisher vs. Boba Fett.

Punisher's most renowned for killing the Marvel Universe in a "What If," including the likes of Magneto and Dr. Doom.

Boba Fett's most renowned for falling into the Sarlaac pit after getting hit by a blind Han Solo.

Sorry, I love Fett, but Punisher is too powerful.

avenger1000 Writes:


Half life has normal marine weapons mixed in with a few alien ones. The marine weapons are the best ones though. So Castle pretty much has that covered.

avenger1000 Writes:

And the alien ones are from another dimension so Fett has never used them.............

Krazy Monkey Writes:


And now a word of this match, Boba Fett will win on the account that he has more toys to use than the Punisher, although he was able to take France, considering they have had enough wars to last them a life time and they didn't want to get invovled with it and that they are all weak little people. Boba Fett is driven by revenge and he wants to get the head of Obi-Wan-Kenobi. Now in the Return of the Jedi, when the true chosen one has appeared, Luke Skywalker, Boba Fett does die by the hands of a blinded Han-Solo and that desert creature but he would have wasted Han in battle. Boba's gotta win for everyone!

serge Writes:

krazy monky: I moved physical addresses and my home internet connection has just caught up. The sports box for Braniac v. Ultron will go up by Sunday. [Ed: Okay, it's a couple of days after Sunday, but that's totally not Serge's fault. *hangs head in shame* - Mr. Graves]

Nemesis Writes:

And lo, on the seventh day, I did ordain Frank Castle mine earthly instrument. Such was the cold quiet fury in his heart that even the august pantheon of Olympus did shake for fear of what might happen where his eyes to come and rest upon our sacred Mount. It did fall upon Nemesis, Goddess of Vengeance, to see that Frank Castle kept his eye directed to earthly pursuits. The heavens tremble at the thought that some day...I might fail.

Tyramir Writes:

Joel, while yes, the breastplate and helmet are excellent pieces of armour, not everything on it has that kind of resistance. Any place where there isn't armour, ie: exposed parts on arms and legs, are getting blasted right off. His armour doesn't cover everything, and I already established the shotgun spread argument.

Flawless P Writes:

Punisher is sending that metalic bastard to the scrap yard. Not that it doesnt look like thats where he came from.

Mechazoid Writes:

Boba Fett is one heckuva fighter! I think this depends entirely on which Punisher we're talking about here.

(a) The good old Marvel comics punisher

(b) The Dolph Lundgren punisher

(c) The sissy from the 2004 movie

In the case of...

(a) no contest the punisher hands down

(b) A tough fight... maybe... no too close to call

(c) The Fett man stomps Punisher into the ground!

Mlam Writes:

This is why Boba Fett is going to win:

Nr. 1: Whoī got best protection.

Punisher: Black tights white skull

sticked on the chest mayby a bullet-proof vest too.

+ points: Black tights is use full camouflage in dark areas such as towns on the night.

- points: The white skull on the other hand is not so hard to see in the dark so Boba does not need too scan the areas and bullet-proof vest is no mach against a EE-3 blaster.

Boba Fett: Green and wite blaster-proof modefied mandalorian pilot suit.

+ points: Bobas mandalorian suit can take blaster boltīs and then a normal earth bullet or even a panser shot woudenīt

make a scratch, the white

areas (of what i have read) is made of dura steel weave itīs like the mithrill vest in lord of the ringīs but whole covering.

-points: A sniper bullet maby coud perce the neck areas.


Nr. 2: The best weponry.

Punisher: Use many diffrent earth wepons hand guns, shot guns ,sniper riffle and many more.

+ points: The sniper.

- points: The other weapons can he just throw in a lake they just gonna be too hevy too carry around.

Boba Fett : Use starwars wepons like sniper riffle, EE-blaster, a missile luancher, mini flame projector, mini TOW cabel, dart shoters, a knife and spike shoes and more.

+ points: Punisher has no protections against of the arsenal wepone arsenal of Boba Fett.

- points: none Boba only gonna get bored.


Nr. 3: Transport.

Punisher: A car.

+ points: none

- points: A car v.s Slave 1 no contest there.

Boba Fett: Slave 1 and jet pack.

+ points: Slave 1 can light speed and make Punishers car to a snail,

Slave 1 has 4 blaster cannons and shoot down Punishers car to a trash on wheel.

With the jet pack Boba Fett is whery mobily and hard target and fast.

-points: Han Solo likes to play with buttons.


Nr. 4: Skills.

Punisher: Is whery skilled on killing peopol.

Boba fett Is also whery skilled on killing peapol.

But Boba killing peapols in a galaxy filled of criminals.


Nr. 5: fight,

Boba Fett is walking in a alley. He knows that the killer he is hunting is some where near.

Boba is starring on a wall and say:

-Ummm. I can see you.

Punishers voice: How?

Boba: Ummmh itīs morning.

Punisher: Dho!

Boba: Just come down so i can finish the job.

Punish: I never give up!

Boba : Your not the first one.

Punisher jumps down take his hand guns and spraying over Boba.

Boba : Aaaah! Stop damit! I cant take any more.

Punisher: I have won! Wait sek:

Boba : Hahahaha. It tickles.

Punisher: ......

Boba get up from the ground pull up his gun and say:

Now itīs my turn and this do more than tickles.

Boba fires a shot betwean Punisher eyes.

Punisher: Uuuuh!

Boba: Crime is no sulotion of problems.

Boba take the Punshers body too slave1 and flye too his boss.


Why Boba had unluck then he died:

Boba fett must choose witch he is gonna kill first: a jedi trained Luke Skywalker or a blind Han solo.

He begins with the one who is most dangerus: Luke. Boba thinks that a blind Han Solo harmless.

But then he had his unluck and feel down too the Sarlaac. But he eskapes later. With another bounty hunter called Dengar.

Dom Writes:

I go with the Punisher, simply based on Motivation. Boba Fett does what he does for money, while the Punisher once killed a guy for jaywalking.

Oxymoron Writes:

Oh yeah. Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe is REAAAAAAALLY plausible. I guess Spider-Man's spidey-sense wasn't working that day and he completely forgot that he can dodge multiple gunfire. And Bruce Banner, the nuclear physicist, didn't notice a large electronic device attached to his pants. And Doctor Doom completely forgot that he had several hundred Doombots, sorcery up the wazoo, a mind-swap gimmick, and about 2000 ways to remove that magnetic mind and shove it up Frank's keister sideways. And the umpteen telepaths in the X-Men didn't notice a big freakin' nuke right beneath their feet, and Magneto was too lazy to dismantle it. And Wolverine forgot he was 4 times stronger and 10 times faster than a normal human. And Captain America, a trained soldier, decided to turn his back on a known mass murderer as a lark. And... but you get the picture.

I'd love to see Frank pull that crap on Han Solo. Or a 7-foot-tall Wookiee with a bowcaster. Or a Hutt. Or a Jedi (yes, Boba has sparred with Jedi before). Or an army of Yuuzhan Vong warriors. Those guys are way tougher than any Viet Cong and put up a much better fight than any superhero in the Marvel realm. Face it, the X-Men wouldn't last 10 minutes in the Star Wars galaxy. Frank would last 5, only because he gets a few lucky kills from those who stopped to laugh at his antiquated weaponry.

From a 10-year-old boy with several kills already under his belt to a hardened adult mercenary to the aged and revered leader of the New Mandalorians, Boba's seen it all, done it all and killed quite a lot of it. Screw his loss to Batman - Bats takes on psycho murderers with 10 times the imagination and homicidal mania than Mr. Skull-Wearing-I-Was-Played-By-A-Man-Named-Jane Goombah. Who'd Punisher beat? France? That's genocide, man. Ask Palpatine and Tarkin what happens to people who commit genocide. They blow up. Hard.

Boba's got weapons that make Frank's look like museum pieces, armour that can take way more force and energy damage than kevlar, and his helmet can keep tabs on Frank no matter where he goes. And oh yeah, he has a jetpack, meaning he can fight in three dimensions instead of two. You think he's going to let Meatball get the drop on him?

Oh, no no no no. Boba feeds somebody else to the Sarlacc today. Mmm. Italian food.

The Rider Writes:

My, oh, my. This is quite an interesting fight. However, I must say that in the end the only true victor is the one with the T-Visor. The Legacy of the Mandalorians. And the Son of the Greatest Bounty Hunter in the Galaxy! Yes, Boba Fett will emerge victorious! And here's why:

First of, Boba is the son/ clone of the 'Greatest Bounty Hunter in the Galaxy'. Naturally that would mean that Boba has the skills, the weapons and the pure coolness of his dad! In short, he's pretty much earned himself his dad's title. What title does Punisher have? None as far as I know which shows just how 'great' skull-boy is.

Another thing, Boba started his career at a pretty young age. If one looks at the Expanded Universe of Star Wars, it was a fair guess that Boba began his career after his dad died. And as I know, the Punisher only truly began his career after his family got themselves sent to Heaven. And from what I guessed he was pretty old then. Boba's got more experience so there!

Whats more, young Boba just has so much cooler arsenal. The Punisher has guns but thats it. Guns can only do so much. Boba has his jetpack and if someone looks closely his jetpack, houses a bleedin' missile! And, Boba ain't no slouch in hand-to-hand combat. According to a few personal sources of mine, Mandalorians were trained in hand-to-hand combat and of course, Boba would have learnt these skills from his dad. I'll admit that Punisher being a war vetaran gives him an edge, but if ever Boba finds himself in a tricky situation, out comes the Slave!

So, in the end, Punisher will be [b] as mutilated as a charachter in a Happy Tree Friends episode[/b].

Kool-aid Spaceship Writes:

Hmmm...Interesting comments from both sides but From what I've read of both parties and watched....I'm giving this one to the Punisher. I love Boba Fett, but he is kinda like Paris Hilton...he's famous for doing nothing. I mea, Boba Fett didn't capture Han Solo....Solo was handed over to him. Next, Boba gave Han Solo over to Jabba the Hutt. So I guess that makes Boba fett the greatest "Delivery man" of the Galaxy. I think I'll start calling him Fett-EX (See, its like Fedex only with Boba Fett's last name.......hell, I thought it was funny). And I don't know much about Boba's dad because the new star wars movies have put me to sleep but from what I do know he doesn't impress me at all so I'm not really going to bring him up. Anyway....Punisher takes the fight and my vote but the fashion award goes to Boba Fett.

Ivan Writes:

Hey, If Tim Bradstreet doesn't have to decide, why should we?

Seriously, I saw the Punisher movie, his crappy car and exploding bathroom were about as effective as any of Fett's toys- most of which instantly dismantle themselves at the first sign of a blaster or lightsaber.

I always wanted a lightsaber.

The Punisher doesn't have a Lightsaber that I remember, but he did drag a battered and bleeding John Travolta behind a moving vehicle through an exploding parking lot. That is deffinitely soemthing else I've always wanted to do.

Boba Fett, on the other hand, has done nothing enviable. I've never wanted to be swallowed by a bad puppet.

GeekParallax Writes:

Boba Fett is a Mandalorian. For those of you who may not know, Mandalorians have been fighting Jedi for 1000s of years. Kicking Jedi rear is the Mandalorians' bread-and-butter.

Boba Fett sucks. This is also a fact. But as much as he sucks, he actually has skill when it comes to facing opponents with tech and abilities far beyond anything Punisher has faced.

Punisher fights organized crime. Last time I checked, Mobsters don't have thugs armed with vibroblades and blaster rifles. Fett sees these things on a daily basis. This is "light" weaponry to him.

And people who think Castle has a chance: If you are about to say, "He beat Wolverine, Spiderman, etc..." Don't.

PIS and Garth Ennis are the only reasons Punisher even walks away from those fights.

I'm in love with Harley Quinn Writes:

Some good points..

Yet I'd like to add that Bobba may or may not have superior genes..

If these Mandlorians kicked jedi butt for a number of years..then why does Bobba need all these high tech toys to hunt down the scum of the universe.

If he had strenth/agility/reflexes good enough to beat Jedi..then why does he even need the armor/rocketpack/blaster/and all those toys that would make batman blush.

And if he does have superior fighting skills..why haven't we ever seen Bobba use them.

I was under the impresion that Bobba Fett was an average Terran being..his strengths lied in his intelligence...not in his fighting skills.

I was also under the impression that Bobba adopted the Mandolarian armor as a "symbol".

(He wore the armor to scare his opponents.) I never got the feeling that he was a descendant of that race.

Hyperbob Writes:

Why does Boba Fett need tech?

Well, duh!

Do you expect him to hunt guys equipped with Star - Wars level tech using nothing more than a pair of underpants and a jackknife?

Evil Eddie (part 4) Writes:

I think most of the people that are voting for Boba Fett are neglecting to read the entire fight scenario. They're entering the fight without any weapons. The weapons are scattered throughout the terrain and located in different places. It's up to them to get to the weapons and use them the best way they know how.

So Boba Fett's not going to have any of his toys he normally has. Now, the Punisher on the other hand. He's just as skilled unarmed as he is armed and he's just as deadly Fett relies entirely on his weapons whereas the Puniher doesn't. Frank's an expert on practically any weapon he get's his hands on and he's an expert in multiple forms of hand-to-hand combat and martial arts!

So, if the Punisher gets to him first, Fett's sincerely screwed. Even if Fett gets his hands on a weapon, he'll never know where Frank is without his high-tech tracking equipment or Slave1 ship. Frank is a master of guerrila warfare and is trained to hide, wait, attack, kill, and disappear; in that order. By the time Fett realizes Punisher's behind him, TOO LATE! *SNAP*...Frank's done broke his neck!

I see it now...Fett gets his hands on a machine gun and The Punisher only has a combat knife...

"Ha Ha Ha--and I thought Solo was an easy prize. You are more pathetic than he was!" Fett raises his gun with his finger wrapped tightly around the trigger aimed right at Frank's head! "Now it's your turn to be punished fool."

Frank walks slowly toward his opponent; showing no fear, only hatred! "What kind of fool brings a knife to a gunfight?" boasts Fett. Fett pulls the trigger to slay his opponent but nothing happens! "What the..?!"

Franks sinks his knife into Fett's throat and slits his neck; almost completely decapitating Fett!

"I don't know..." replies Castle, "what kind of fool forgets to check the safety on his gun?"

Awe-some-O Writes:

It's a tough tossup, however I'm biassed and therefore I must go with Boba Fett on this one. Frank Castle is no minor opponent (Lord knows his Psychosis has won over the hearts of the Goth community, who may very well avenge the loss of Punisher with a concert of crappy music). However Boba Fett simply has a better arsenal. Plus, consiering the fact that he's a Clone of the original Jango, there is obviously a surplus of Boba Fett's just waiting to be let loose.

This means that Boba (with his army of clones) will simply fly around while the Punisher empties round after round into the air (maybe even hit a few possible clones). meanwhile the REAL Boba Fett will zoom down, pick him up, and drop the exhausted Punisher into the Sarlac Pit. 'Nuff said.

So, in conclusion, Spider-man would show them who's boss.

The Sarlacc Writes:

You do know Fett was killed by a blind man and a guy with a stick right?


Tasty, though.

Sir Exal Writes:

Gotta go with the big P on this one, guys. Boba Fett just wants a bit of cash, and might kill out of spite someone that irks him.

But the Punisher has The RAGE™. No, he doesn't just have it, he IS The RAGE™. The Punisher is RAGE™ incarnate. He is RAGE™ given a form. The Punisher is PURE RAGE™.

Bobs Feet don't stand a chance.

DarkChilde3DCG Writes:

Although Boba Fett is the clone of a loser (as opposed to the son of a bitch), he had seen his "father's" demise, and learned from those mistakes. Besides this, the Punisher is not wielding a light saber, nor does he use the Force.

Also, Boba has the power of a Flight Pack, a sniper laser-rifle, and a whole load of futuristic goodies.

Boba wins with a big "HEADSHOT!" that sends the Punisher's cranium flying from his neck in Unreal Tournament-esque fashion.

I love Harley Quinn Writes:

No Hyperbob...noone expects Bobba to use his barehands in the techno fueled future..

Yet alot of people are talking like Bobba can not only match a Jedi...BUT BEAT THEM!!

Jedi carry one simple weapon..a lightsaber..they don't need anythingelse.

(...hell people like Darth Vader doesnt even need that..he can channel electricity through his fingers)

Hense my point..if Bobba is so skilled..then why does he need the truckload of "toys".

Why a jetpack, a sniper's rifle, armor from "hell"...?

Also..why would he need most of those devices if he was simply going after normal folk..non jedi types...

Frank Castle certainly fall under this category..

If you ever watched the movie..Le' Femme Nikita" or the "professional"..Leon the "cleaner" states that the more skilled you are as a killer...the closer you can get to your victim.

He starts the preteen girl off with a sniper's rifle on a highrise building.

It's been awhile since I read the books..yet I remember Fett chose the Mandolarian armor as a scare tattic...perhaps I am wrong? I don't remember him being a member of the Mandolarian race.

I remember them being an exstinct race.???

I always got the impression that Bobba Fett survived based on his intelligence, his witt and his luck.

Hyperbob Writes:

Darth Vader never demonstrated the Force Lightning ability (unless it was in ep III that I haven't seen yet) but Boba Fett uses tech because it gives him an overwhelming advantage! Sure, when he goes after normal, not genetically engineered or force using people, without too much tech, he could beat them without using much of his tech. (Of course people like that rarely have big bounties on their heads). However, his tech lets him finish them easily with no trouble. You're trying to make his tech sound like a weakness, when it is an obvious strength. As soon as he enters the ring, he'll find a blaster rifle, and it will be all over for the Punisher. Actually, I like the Punisher more than Boba Fett, but this is how I think the match will turn out.

Tommy Gun Writes:

Anyone can use a sharp knife or a heavy blunt object, but when it comes down to the blasters, gravity guns and plasma grenades, who's going to have the upper hand? That's right, our friend in Mandalorian armor.

Some people say: "Did you SEE Return of the Jedi? He got his ass handed to him!" Yes, he did. By who now? The same Jedi that blew up the Death Star, cut off Darth Vader's hand, and brought down AT-ATs without a vehicle. And that doesn't even count the expanded universe, in which he kicks the crap out of more people and destroys the Sith from within.

And as seen in the Dark Horse comic "Boba Fett: Agent of Doom" Boba Fett actually made it out of the Sarlacc, blew away the entire crew of a huge space cruiser, killed a lightsaber-wielding torture maniac, and brought two heads over to the man that hired him, just as proof. In response the man said: "No need for proof. You are Boba Fett." And that was AFTER he was fed to the Sarlacc, which means he must have some kind of awesome crediblity going for him. Besides, do you think those flimsy lead pellets that Castle shoots will be able to pierce Mandalorian battle armor?

Tommy Gun Writes:

Oh, and for those of you who think that Boba Fett is a normal human being, check out the Star Wars Tales story entitled: "Boba Fett: Intergalactic Man of Mystery." He crushes a rock in his gloved hand.

Oh, and he was able to pilot a space ship when he was little more than a toddler, so if there are any vehicles in the area... Castle's pretty much screwed, 'cause this guy is a pilot, born and raised. And look at the Clone Troops wasting ass in the arena in Episode II. These guys were the docile, stupid ones. Boba's the real deal.

Those of you who said that Boba Fett can't perform unarmed combat because "we've never seen him use it" probably don't know anything about Boba Fett beyond the movies- and since the movies give him about ten minutes of total screentime, there's a real problem there.

And finally, for those of you who say: "Frank's been able to master every weapon he gets his hands on." What do you think will happen when he comes across his very first Shock Rifle? He probably fries his own ass on accident, that's what! This isn't your standard military armory, boys, this is the Nexus of all Realities! While Fett may have had run-ins with those primitive weapons (there are projectile weapons in the Star Wars universe, so he should have a good idea), Frank Castle will be trying to figure out which end of the Super Reverse Polarity Magnitude Blaster Beam (or whatever) is the business end and wind up with his atoms rearranged.

Jace of the Dancing Blades Writes:

There is one really simple question to be answered here. Does Boba Fett use Mandalorian armor? The answer? Yes. Well that pretty much does it for the Punisher. The Armor can stop pretty much anything short of Powerful Energy weapons and Nuclear Blasts. Punisher'll be dead if he goes for a little handgun or machine gun off jump. Boba Fett is just too good at ranged combat. Not to mention he ain't to shabby in CQC (close quarters combat). So, unless Punisher stumbles across a Disruptor or a Minature Nuke Launcher right as the bell rings. Boba has got this one.


*cough...excuse me...EXCUSE ME...the representative of the Arkham Asylum has the floor.

Uh...ok.. uh,I gotta give it to Frankie,and I'll tell ya' why.

Be it Boba Fett,Darth Vader,that cracker/farm boy Luke Skywalker,or any of those Star Wars fags(and thats right,I said "FAGS")not one of them has what it takes to defeate The Punisher.Not even Yoda!


I'll say it like this

Frank Castle doesn't do Pepsi


D.U.S.T. (-Deadly, Unit, Searchers, Team Writes:

The Punisher has killed Super powered people before and that gives him better qualifications over a jedi and sith lords like Boba fett has killed in the past and let us not forget that Boba Fett is just a clone and in the marvel universe clones are just dumb! Thanks to that maximum cloneage thing with Spider-Man!

Helff Writes:

Punisher would take this. its close, but he took out a whole mob family & barely broke a sweat! not to add that he's teamed up with Spidey & other heroes like that. Boba fetts taken on jedi's with "lightsabers"

& the force. Punisher, no doubt

I love Harley Quinn Writes:


Sorry if it made it sound like technology is Bobba's downfall..

Yet in the scenario it is...

I have yet to read anything that really says Bobba is all that physically. Someone please enlighten us on his fighting abilities..anyone?..anyone?...Beuler...??? Bueler?

Chances are none of the books really ever deal with this sorta scenario..Bobba is never without his armor/his blaster/his ship.

They are apart of his character...

Strip Bobba of his armor/his toys..and he is just street grease.

Strip Frank Castle of his outfit/his guns..and he'd stomp you a new mudhole.

Also lets take a quick second and examine Bobba's competition as a Bounty hunter...Bosche?...Ig88?

YOu have to be kidding me right?

The punisher doesn't have to be a rocket scientist..a blaster works in the same manner as most guns..aim,point and kill..

and killing is what Frank does best.

Some light reading.I luv harley Quinn Writes:

HI all..I did some reading on the mandalorians..just to clear things up.

First off all Boba Fett isn't Mandalorian..the Mandalorians were a grey skinned race.

Jenga Fett was adopted by the leader of the mandalorians and eventually took over leadership of the group.( as a child)

The original Mandalorians sided with the Sith versus the Jedi..they were like the Spartians..fierce warriors skilled with cutting weapons.

Later on the jedi Dooku lead a Jedi team that destroyed all the Mandalorians except Jenga ( who technically isn't Mandalorian).

The Mandalorians started off as Spartians but evenutally faded into being bounty hunters..

Hense the only thing Jenga could pass down to his son would be these techniques.

So..where do we stand? Does Jenga Fett possess superior genes?..or was he a great bounty hunter based on his upbringing?

He certainly wasn't Mandalorian..

From what I read so far..the mandalorians weren't jedi..just highly trained.organized soliders..who developed high tech skills to aid them in battle..

and as far as I can see..the mandalorians weren't out kicking Jedi ass ..they were the footsoliders for the original sith..

Hense the reason..Jenga Fett might be a good choice to clone for an army(seeing how all the other mandalorians were dead..he wasn't one of them..but he lived with them/fought with them/led them into battle etc.

So I conclude that Boba Fett doesn't possess the fighting skills of the orginal Mandalorians..the skills he would have would be more akin to the later bounty hunters of the clan.

He would be a "techie"..heavily armored.

Also one has to remember that Jenga Fett died quite earily in Boba's life..therefore..Boba wouldn't have been trained in the Mandalorian way.

Boba would have to learn it off the street or a book or whatever.

So lets drop this nonscense of kicking Jedi butt.

Solarice Writes:

Boba is going to break down Castle's walls. Why?

1. Boba wears Mandalorian armor (At least that's what I think it's called), and while energy shots might be able to penetrate it, I don't think bullets (Even ones with explosive heads) can penetrate it. Boba's weapons, on the other hand, would probably go right through whatever Kevlar Castle is wearing.

2. Boba has futeristic technology that Castle has never even thought could exist. Given time, he might find a way around it. But I seriously don't think he's going last that long.

3. Boba is more maneuverable than Castle, what with that jet pack of his. While they both know better than to stay still when someone is shooting at you, Boba can dodge and weave in ways that would be next to impossible for the earth-bound Castle.

4. Niether combatant is a stranger to killing. But, as far as I can tell, Castle has dealt primeraly with human criminals, Whereas Boba has hunted creatures and aliens from across the galaxy.

There's no way a 'mere' human can outdo the armored space bounty hunter.

It's just a matter of time before Castle rejoins his family. As for Boba, It's just some more moolah for his bank account.

hulk vs. mondor Writes:

well this is my life work so here the reason i choose those two to fight one gets bigger and stronger and his opponent have an army each time you kill later these will be more, who wears the ring will be greedy, alot of wepaons, and getting bigger as well it well be the fight of the century.

eagledragon88 Writes:

What a match that this should be. The Punisher versus Boba Fett! Well lets see here, knowing nothing about the Pushisher except that he is driven by revenge against all evil that killed his wife and son, but he mistaked Spider-Man as a crimial as well as Peter Parker (yes I know they are one-in-the-same). Boba Fett is also driven by revenge for his father that's head was cut off! He has the better toys and tools and would beat anyone however that f&*%ing Han-Solo killed Boba on a technically because Chewie said that Boba Fett was around and Han had a pipe in his hand and was blind and when he turned around he hit Boba Fett's rocket. Then he fell into the pit of death creature thinginy in the Dune Sea. If Han-Solo wasn't blind he would have gotten wasted. Boba Fett doesn't have the same amount of revenge against his fathers killer, but he sure does have the better equipdment. And that is why Boba Fett is going to win.

Falcor the LuckDragon Writes:

Boba Fett - and here's why:

Lesson # 1: "if you don't get the job done, you don't get paid!"

It's all about the money! That's why I didn't sign on for those other movies....

Moogle Warlord Writes:

Well, I have to give it to Boba kupo.

Frank is a marine with a grudge against reality, and I respect that, kupo.

But he has a skull on his chest. That's just plain tacky, kupo.

Boba, on the other hand, has the coolest armor on the face of this earth. Or any others, kupopo.

He kina looks like Vile. Boba all the way, kupo!

Birddogg62 Writes:

To close to call both are evenly matched. I hate close calls.

Tefus Writes:

Sorry, i had to chime back in just to support my man boba. Boba will win and here's why.

No matter what weapon boba finds he'll be able to use it. Sure he's from the future but they have primitive weapons in the star wars universe as well. Boba isn't dumb enough to pick up a 9mm and not know how to use it. Punisher on the other hand would have much difficulty managing a futuristic weapon. Think about it if anyone picked up a super pulse laser rifle without training they wouldn't know how to use it. I'm not saying fett would know how to use every primitive weapon he picked up but come on, who do you think would have more trouble.

And for those who say fett doesn't think or he just runs in both guns blazing you're wrong. In empire strikes back at cloud city fett knew luke was following them but he waited for the right time to strike before just attacking. He acted like he didn't even know luke was there when he knew all along. Another situation where fett showed his stealth was after the star destroyer lost han solo in the asteriod field and han solo "parked" on the back of the star destroyer and floated off with the trash. Boba was the only bounty hunter that knew solo was still there. He waited until the star destroyer dumped its trash and followed han solo. If that's not stealth i don't know what is.

The Jet pack by itself puts boba over frank (it can fire missiles people). Not to mention boba has killed jedi's and i think everyone will agree with me when i say frank can't handle a jedi, even a padawan.

And to set things straight boba is a lost mandolorin(or however u spell it). He is a mandolorin mixed with something else. He isn't an ordinary human. He DOES NOT use the armor as a scare tactic he is the real thing. The reason this rumor is said is because boba fett doesn't tell anyone the truth of his origin. He allows people to make up rumors about him. There are dozens of rumors about his origin but boba doesn't care to clear them up because he doesn't want anyone to know about his past. He likes that there are so many rumors about him because it keeps him from having to explain his origins. Simply put, he knows where he's from and who he is and doesn't give a crap what u think.

Also if boba gets his hands on a laser its over. Bullets are good but lasers are better. I'm pretty sure boba's armor can stop a bullet while frank castle's SKULL SHIRT...won't stop a laser. Even if frank had on body armor i'm sure that wouldn't matter. Even in the star wars universe there isn't a body armor strong enough to stop a laser. (have you seen the stormtroopers get shot. Even with their whole bodies covered one shot from a laser pistol kills each and everyone of them.) If frank takes a shot in the arm he's done for. Boba can take a bullet in the leg or the hip the point is boba isn't a bad shot and if he hits castle anywhere he is gone.

And thats why boba will win. Anyone who can provide as much info as i did to why the punisher will win will be justified but it won't convince me or any other fett lovers. BOBA FETT, THE COOLEST STAR WARS CHARACTER EVER. Second only to Mace Windu/Samuel Jackson. YES THEY DESERVE TO DIE AND I HOPE THEY BURN IN HELL!!!

Pepe Le Pew Writes:

This is a tough one to call. Both contestants are well adapt to use any weapons that they their hands on. But with the rocket pack boba fett has the slight edge.

Svensken Writes:

Boba has more experence in killing people. I mean Boba Fett started when he was just ten years old kid. Punisher started then his famely where killed.

Svensk Writes:

Boba Fett is clearly the winner here. Why? Too be nearly killed by a blind Harrison Ford, falling down too the Sarlacc pit and escape, destroyed three IG88 killer droids, survived a battle with Darth Vader and lots of foes over the galaxy.

J-Rock Writes:

Bobba Fett is going to whup frank castle's ass for one Bobba can fly and he has the wepons that not even the punisher has, don't get me wrong the punisher will be tough to beat even for Bobba fett but franks "primitive" guns will be no match for Fetts rocket launcher, but if it came down to hand to hand, it would be tough to call. All in all i say go FETT!

Alan 2099 Writes:

Come on, Fett is just a punk. he never did anything useful in the movies (whicha re the only canon Lucas recognizes) and even armed with all his hightech gear, he barely handles things that Punishe could take out with an M-16 and a grenade.

Punisher on tghe other hand is a beast. he'll keep coming even if he's already been plugged full of lead. he knows what his weapons do and exactly how to use them to inflict the most damage. Not only is he violent, he's sadistic. Fett couldn't even use a rocketpack to stom himself from falling.

Mike ILLER Writes:

Let's look at the blind guy factor here.

Fett was taken down by a three stooges move from a blind guy he didn't know was there. (Han Solo)

Punisher fought a blind guy who was an acrobat who swings across the city streets, has hyper keen senses, and got ther drop on him. Punisher made the blind guy cry. (Daredevil)

Also, for everybody saying how great Fett's armor is, look at it. It covers part of his xchest and his head. His limbs and part of his stomach are left wide open. All that armor is good for here is making sure they can identify the body later.

FBL man Writes:

Had to go back and vote for the Punisher, because I remembered that he had to watch his booty and offspring die, so plenty of rage there.

Erwin Writes:

Boba Fett has theme music by John Williams. Who does Punisher have? Chad Kreuger? Please.

AtomicKitKat Writes:

Seriously, I know the Star Wars movie is coming out this week and all, but you guys are giving him too much credit. Boba "the Cheese" Fett is less than one step above the equivalent of an ensign(ie, Stormtroopers) I don't care much for the whole "I'm a tortured lonely man, worship me" schtick that Marvel keeps throwing at us with Wolverine, Punisher, et al, but even Daredevil can see that Boba gets his ass handed to him after he knocks himself out when the rocketpack malfunctions and sends him pogoing up and down the entrance tunnel to the arena.

I love harley quinn Writes:

Okay..if Boba Fett is a clone..I am assumeing he is a clone of Jenja? Is this correct?

If so..Boba still isn't a mandorlarian..cause Jenga Fett wasn't one either.

Jenga Fett is a great fighter due to his experiences/his up bringing...Boba wasn't leading armies as a kid..

So anyone can be a clone..that doesn't mean that they will posess all the learned skills/memmories/experiences etc of Jenga Fett.

Boba is a clone?..yet he isn't Jenga.

SonIke Writes:

With all respect Jango did lose his head to the second most powerful jedi master ever. As for Boba and the sarlacc we all have bad days. Besides, the versatility of Boba Fett is established in the EU, he actually is supposed to be a badass.

Mulcat Writes:

Boba Fett is going to win on the accords that he can only be killed by a Jedi, like his "father", or a Dune Sea Monster like in Return of the Jedi.

Many think that the Punisher is the best but all he's good at is beating up on weaklings like France, see Punisher versus France (no obfense France I know your pain), or normal power-hungry crime bosses. This small but noticible difference shows when Boba Fett is out hunting aliens. Put Punisher in a room of Ewokes or Zerg and he will c&%#@ himself. Boba can take all of them in a matter of seconds. He can fly with a jet pack. Man you will be seeing a dead Punisher and Ewokes eating the remains. When the time comes, the last man will be standing in this battle that is sure to look, feel and taste like an all out war. Join us this week for a battle of the ages as two of the worlds and Univeres most powererful revenge seeking kiilers go at it in a battle that can only be called : You killed my family, PREPARE TO DIE!!!! DIE!!!!!

M.O.B. (-Man Of Battle-) Writes:

Now I've got to give credit to this match! You have two skilled hunters and they are both super good at what they do best!

However one hunts for vengeance and the other hunts for money!

And there will be many people who boast about Boba Fett being the greatest because he hunts aliens and other kinds of things with advanced devices and other kinds futuristic technologies.

But that doesn't make Boba Fett great, it's the talent not the tools that make the hunter great!

And the Punisher is an ordinary human that has fought many different kinds of super powered villians, Mutants, and other kinds of Monsters without any hi-tech devices to where Boba Fett has only fought Jedi Knights and maybe Sith Lords too!

But that is it! So that doesn't only make the Punisher more braver than Boba Fett, it also makes him more determined too.

I love Harley Quinn Writes:

another quick point: are the Jedi knights really that powerful?..

I mean the whole lot of them were whiped out by Darth Vader...not even an adult Vader mind you,but a teenager with a bad mullet.

one guy vs..all those trained Jedi Masters? is Vader that hardcore or are the Jedi just paper tigers.

bajs Writes:

Jedí knights is more skilled and powerfull than Punisher and spider-man is.

Darth Vader is no one you are teasing with not even then he is young. Plus most jedis in the tempel was only padawans. And it was a whole bunch of clone/storm trooper with vader.

Mr. Anderson Writes:

Boba Fett is just like an agent of the Matrix. He can be very cunning and just won't die no matter what you do to him. He is driven by revenge and he will not stop until he gets it. How unforunate that the man that he is seeking is dead. It will take him a million years to be gone forever because of that monster in the pit. Therefore he is going to win this battle of skills and he can't be stopped no matter what and he is just as shetlhy as Punisher, maybe even moreso.

Krazy Monkey Writes:

AtomicKitKat you weren't paying attention to some of us. We said that Boba only can be killed by jedi's or by a pit monster after being hit from behind by a laser rifle from Han-Solo. Watch 'Return of the Jedi' and pay attention okay?

Serie mannen Writes:

Boba Fett is going to win this is why:

Boba is more skilled then Punisher becuse: itīs difficult to beeng pushed by a blind Harrison Ford and fall down to a desert monster but even harder to climbe out. Punsher have never killed Spider-man before thatīs just pathetic. Boba have killing lotīs of jedis and siths. Boba can fly Punisher donīt. Boba Fett can suprice opponentīs Punisher donīt. Boba is smart punisher donīt. Boba has blaster resecive armor punisher donīt. Boba Fett is skilled becuse he knows how to use his high tecnological wepons on the best Punisher donīt.

I say Boba is the winner. Punsher seem to bee cold Boba Fett is going to change that with his flame thrower.

I love Harley Quinn Writes:

Boba Fett just doesn't stack up...he is a bounty hunter..people.

That doesn't mean he is a skilled fighter...

Name me one Jedi that Boba has met in combat?...hell for that matter name me one good opponent that Boba has faced.???

Boba Fett is a small fish in the universal pond..he may talk tuff..and give your that [email protected] stare through his helmit...but he is just a pawn.

He is a pawn of the empire..He is a pawn of some lowlife maffia slug.

Hell he'll probably clean your toilets if you pay him enough.

If Fett was the "Man".. he'd be running the show...instead of just being one of the emperior's acts.

Frank Castle on the other hand is the RVD ( the whole f&*@ing show).

He does what suits him..and isn't anyone's toy.

The punisher is a trained killer..not motivated by money.

He hates..he kills.

It doesn't matter what type of weapons liter the battlefield....if the punisher can't figure out how to use the advanced technology. hell simply cave your skull in with it.

Tefus Writes:

I'm sorry are u saying that the punisher runs the show? c'mon all the punisher does is hunt down mob bosses and kills them. Boba fett takes bounties he wants, people down just tell him what to do he decides if he will accept the mission. The punisher runs nothing but away from the fett man!

avenger1000 Writes:

"I love Harley Quinn"

Well considering that he and Jango are the same person, Mace Windu is one. And that guy he shot who fell off the ledge. Oh yeah, Bobba himself took on Luke. And he's feared throughout the SW universe. Don't get me wrong he won't win but get your facts straight.

avenger1000 Writes:

Oh yeah, and he once took on an army of zombies.

Ma Writes:

Punisher is nothing to Boba Fett.

Punisher is a bich that canīt even beat a man in red and blue tights. Boba has hunted this kind of peapol before. Punisher has nothing. Boba Fett has.

Punisher is jerk with no life Writes:

Punisher is a jerk in comics but even bigger in the move.

Boba Fett is cool in comics and in moves.

If Punisher can kill marvel univers think of what Boba Fett coud do. Bounty hunters are alot more cooler then some venigence killer guy with a skull sticket to his cheast. Boba Fett is goning to win and itīs nothing Punisher can do about it.

I love Harley Quinn Writes:

Boba and Jenga Fett AREN"T the same matter how much you wish to believe this..

They may share identical DNA...But Boba isn't please stop substituting one for the other.

read a psychology book..nature vs. nuture arguement...people are shaped by their surroundings/events in their lives etc.

Jenga Fett lead the Mandorlarian army as a child..into combat and saw the remainer of that race get Dooku and the Jedi.

Boba Fett took on Luke skywalker?...please...he couldn't even beat a blind man.

Fett's whole game relies on heavy armor/high tech and long ranged weapons....that doesn't sound like a pitt fighter to me.

Like I stated before..Boba Fett Mimmics the Mandolarians...heavy armor/high tech bounty hunters.

If Boba Fett had reflexes/fighting/survival skills good enough to battle a jedi ..then why would he need the armor...why would he need high tech weapons?

Because..he doesn't...

So please quit bringing up the argument that Boba took on Jedi...

Nr Writes:

Boba wheren not even fighting Han Solo he was fighting against Luke so how can you say he got betend of a blind man then they did not fight. In the sarlacc pit fight you can se that if it waseīnt for Han Solo Luke Skywalker woud not live any more.

But in this fight Boba only enemy will be Punsher so god luck Punisher Boba Fett is going to put a nice hole beetvean your eyes

Huasd Writes:

Punisher kills marvel univers.

Boba Fett kills punisher.

Batman kills Boba Fett.

That means that Batman is killing galactick bounty hunters and the marvel univers.

But i hate Batman so go Boba Fett.

"What if he dousīent survive he means a lot to me".

Razorback Writes:

Nobody is even bothering to read the conditions of the fight. That or Starwars Fanboyism is at a fever pitch with episode 3 out.

Even with his armor and high tech gear this a fight Bobba Fette would probably lose. Without that stuff, as per the conditions of the fight he gets rolled up like a joint and smoked, and everybody knows it. He is taken completely out of his element and Frank is left comfortably in his.

Marvel universe has thousands of furutristic weapons, stuff that makes Star Wars tech look antiquated. So drop this fantasy about Frank not knowing what to do if he gets hold of a blaster or some other Star Wars weapon

Kain Darkwind Writes:

If Fett goes after Frank, its anyone's game. Frank works best when he can adequately set up the battlefield. This really boils down to whether or not Mandalorian Armor can take the amount of slugs that Frank will be dealing out. If I remember correctly, it is mainly designed to deal with energy blasts, so the archaic weapons of Earth might be an advantage here.

If Frank is going after Fett, Castle wins hands down. Set up assassination, Fett never sees it coming.

As in these battles though, the combatants will both have an awareness of each other. And in this case, it becomes an issue of terrain and luck. Both of these men are mortal and human, a bullet will kill them. In this case I say Frank still has the advantage in endurance, he has taken blows that would make Batman give up and kept coming. Both are brutal and efficient...both are marksmen. Frank has the advantage in physical power and hand to hand combat. Fett has the advantage in weaponry. If it comes down to throwing blows, Frank is going to carry the day.

Kool-aid Spaceship Writes:

Now this pre-crisis Boba Fett?

chuckle chuckle yall....

Tefus Writes:

sorry razorback, frank wouldn't know what to do if he came across a futuristic weapon. And as far as frank being left "comfortably in his element" thats wrong too. franks element is following around his prey gathering as much information on him as possible then ambushing him. We all know that if frank and fett were to go head to head with all of there weapons at their disposal frank would be atomized. They made one mistake in this contest, they left boba with his jet pack. because of this mistake frank automaticaly loses.

Tefus Writes:

Oh, and there may have plenty of futuristic weapons in the marvel universe but when was the last time u saw the punisher use one. Or at least one that rivals the technology of starwars. answer never!

Razorback Writes:

Yer dreaming Tefus. Maybe you were not paying attention earlier. Even with all of his gear, Frank has dealt with worse. Punisher faces people with super powers and actually wins.

Fette faces people with superpowers and despite all his fancy toys, at best manages to pull off a draw. He needs all his fancy toys, just to manage a stalemate. If you can even call it that because he invariably flies away before the ones with the powers rev up for round two, at which point he's exhausted his flamethrower fuel and used up his rockets.

For all of Fette's so-called brilliance and cunning he was too stupid to just fry luke with his Flamethrower. Instead he blasts away at his lightsaber like an idjit. And gets the crap smacked out of him by the blind guy with a stick.

If a stick cat hit him through his armor hard enough to send him on a magical journey down a worm's stomach, yer delusional if you think he'll jsut wade through bullets like they're nothing. Talk all you want about what Mandalorian armor is SUPPOSED to be. We've all seen what it actually IS. Kinetic force still gets through, and an M-60 unloading on you at full auto, or a Twelve Gauge Sawed off at point blank is a hell of a alot of Kinetic force

Frank has used high tech futuristic weaponry in the past. It's NOT new territory for him. Hell he's used magical weaponry. He simply prefers ballistic weaponry. Low tech is OFTEN the best way to go. Fewer things to go wrong.

And again, it does not matte rif fette has his jetpack. Punisher has dealt with people who had jetpacks. hell he's dealt with people who actually FLY.

He's dealt with people who CAN wade through bullets like they're nothing(which as we established already, Bobba Fette can't do)

What's Bobba Fette done? Dealt with riffraff aliens, using the best toys HIS universe has to offer(which pale in comparison to Marvel's toys) and managed to pull off some stalemates and half-victories(so what's that make the other half? *coughlosercough*) against people who dont have nearly the level of power that Marvel's lower teir characters have.

Z Writes:

Boba Fett wins.

Why?- because he is simply better armed, has better armer, and a better mode of transportation (jetpack). And if Boba has his starship, Punisher doesn't stand half a chance

Z Writes:

As far as janga getting killed by Mace Windu goes, I'd like to see how punisher could stand up to Mace.

Mas Writes:

Boba Fett and Punisher are both highly skilled. But Boba is better, why?

Boba takes on universal scums for breakfast and force users to dinner. Punsher only takes jerky men and womens in tights with "super powers".

Some jerks says that Boba Fett is nothing without his equitment and they have all wrong.

Why donīt say Punishers IS nothing becuse he has nothing.

Boba Fett have allso has a brain, after all it can be use full in a Half-life arena.

Mas Writes:

Razor back dont no what he talks about. First thing why didenīt Boba Fett use his flame thrower at Luke:

Nr 1 Luke can push the fire to Boba.

Nr 2 Luke whas maby a little to far awaye.

Nr 3 (the last) It whas a move.

"Boba is using high teach weapons on enemys". Didnīt you know that

in Starwars univers all are using high teach. Itīs like saying are Frank using high teach wepons on Spider-man.

Take Writes:

The stick dident go throw the armor it just turnd on the jet pack and thank the force that he survived after the acid in the monsters stomach.

P Writes:

Ok punsher can win against a super power user. But then he faces a jedi or sith he is doomed.

But Boba Fett can face Spider man, FF, X-men and win.

arcanian Writes:

It can be assumed that Boba DOES NOT get his uber-armor, as the setup implies, and the set precident of Paul Atreides vs. Luke Skywalker (P.A. should have won, if you actually read the DUNE books) shows that characters from Star Wars don't get their goodies unless specified in the setup. Also, he is lame even with the armor, so who cares? On the other hand, there is Castle. Let's spell something out for the SW junkies:

Boba Fett has appeared in Marvel Comics, therefore he is part of the Marvel Universe.

The Punisher has beaten the *entire* Marvel Universe.

The Punisher has beaten the *entire* Marvel Universe as vampires.

Therefore, the Punisher beats Boba Fett, and then again when Boba Fett returns as a vampire, so Punisher wins, Q.E.D.

Kool-aid Spaceship Writes:

Wow, you guys are so right, you are so right......NO ONE in the Marvel universe could EVER come up with a working jet pack, or laser sword, or a spaceship, or a flame-thrower, or armor so strong that it allows its owner to fly or crush rocks, or have weapons built in, or a teleporter, or a robot, or make a clone, or bring the dead back to life, or a forcefield, and I'm dead set that NO ONE in the marvel Universe could ever build a TIME no no Marvel folk are just too plain dumb. The Punisher has never dealt with and beaten anyone like that, no-sir-ree-bob! Heck every Alien race in the Marvel Universe is still so behind in the times. Come on guys, The Empire built a giant death star, which can destroy a whole planet. I mean NO ONE in the marvel universe could do anything like that. Well, I would rant on some more but I'm off to get the new Dr. Doom comic...I hear this week that he's going to invent a device called "fire"......I predict big changes for Marvel! Maybe one day in the future The X-men, Spiderman, Ghost Rider, or the Fantastic Four will be able to fight a guy with some armor, a flame-thrower, laser gun, and....a JET PACK....Punisher could NEVER beat a guy with lasers, a jet pack, and armor with absolutly NO weak points what-so-ever.....nope, not ever.....

Jet pack......Further Advanced.........give me a freakin' break.....

Fry Guy Writes:

Now, see, this ain't right, serge. The many technicalities surrounding this match make it difficult to vote. Check this out:

1. Fett was ineffective in the movies. He got himself fooled by Solo, and eaten by the Sarlacc. This implies a heck of a lot of incompetency. But this is an Arena Fight. ARENA fight. He's most likely going to be VERY focused on his goal, here.

2. Castle isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer either. However, anyone who can take out the Hulk (even if it was not in Marvel Continuity) has got guts.

3. Fett has futuristic technology, but Frank should have knowledge of this BEFORE the fight begins. This could work in Castle's favor, as he'll have time to find some form of defense against Fett. Punisher's dumb, but NOT so dumb that he'll LET Boba get the win. Frank's use of (relatively) primitive weapons could either be a downfall or an advantage (to an extent, as Boba would probably get cocky and give Castle a good opening) for the Punisher.

Fry Guy voted for Punisher, but only out of his fanaticism. Boba will probably get the vote, though.


darth confettie Writes:

hmmmm blasters vs. guns.

mandlorian combat armour vs. a trench coat.

well all that useless info aside i voted for Fett he's just cooler, and will live,without any pains, providing he dosen't have a jetpack. Jetpack is baaaaaaaad. Jango- died because his didn't work. Boba, falls into pit of slowy eaten hurt doom because his goes off when he dosen't want to.

Dark Queen Writes:

Boba Fett will win this one, hands down. Why will he win this one?

1) The number one rule in all online fights: Star Wars must win.

2.) Episode 3 has just been released. Star Wars excitement is in the air!

3.) The two Punisher movies...... eh. How can they compete with Empire and Jedi? Clones is debatable, but at least Fett falls back to the original trilogy.

4) The outfit. It's full of fun little toys and trinkets of death and doom to his quarry! Much more so than the tired out shirt with a skull on it. Boooooring.

5.) Rabid Fett fans will revolt if Boba doesn't win.

Have you ever seen a rabid Fett fan? They are scarier than Boba Fett himself.

Now go see Revenge of the Sith and knock Titanic off the #1 Box Office list!

SuperSaiyaMan Writes:

Punisher takes this. He out-prepped Doom, he takes on gods and god like beings on a regular basis and is still able to walk, is actually efficent at using his weapons, killed everything that ate him, etc. Boba can't take punches from Spider-Man, and Punisher can, and Punisher really has the better tech.

the human dove bar Writes:

Punisher wins because Punisher has better taste in clothes and just looks cooler. Boba fettie looks like a rusty beat up iron man with less cool gadgets.

Paxton and Pullman Writes:

Are you kidding? Lil' Bobby Fett? I'm no Punisher fan, but COME ON. George Lucas has moved on, why can't everyone else?

Dr Obvious Writes:

Okay, Fett has the tech advantage, plus a really cool helmet, but consider his acoomplishments:

He gets his man in Episode 5 only because Vader helps him. Then in Episode 6, he gets killed Accidentally. You don't even have to be trying to wipe this guy out.

Punisher has the advantage in talent, toughness and attitude. Certain victory.

Cat Day Writes:

Give it up gang. Logic, unbiased rational thought, and a lack of moronitude has no place in this contest. Episode Three is out, Starwars Fever rages like wildfire, and no amount of common sense will douse it.

Just have to let it burn itself out, even if it unjustly claims Frank with it. Take comfort in the knowledge that alot of us know the TRUE way this should be going down.

Phantom Blade Writes:

Boba Fett made a name for himself at age what, 15 16. his father was the greatest bounty hunter of his age, taking down jedi with ease. Jango died because A. mace windu was one of the greatest swordsman of his time B his jet pack was trashed.

Boba would have made his father proud. his abilities are on par with most jedi.

I, admittedly, don't know the Punisher. But I'm pretty sure that he doesn't have Fett's expirence and natural skill.

avenger1000 Writes:

"I Love Harley Quinn"

Alright, you got me in the area involving their experiences. And some of the Punisher's greatest enemies have used the same type of weapons and strategies Fett uses. I remember reading a Punisher comic. It was nothing but a guy on a jetpack armed with a shotgun. Castle took him out but not without an effort. And why does Iron Man need his armor? Because that's his game. You badmouthing Iron Man? Castle will win, but I'm just trying to get you to respect Fett.

I love Harley Quinn Writes:

to phantom blade:

Mace Windu was a great Jedi Master..but he was not the best with a blade...that honor belonged to Qui-Gon Jinn.

Obi-Wan told us so..

Qui was 60 years old in the movie "the phantom menance"....Liam neison wasn't 60...but the character according to the book is that age..

Anyway...he took on Darth Maul...a younger,faster and stronger opponent and held his own...sure he died and all...

But he was a 60 yr old dude.

I stil don't understand where people get the perception that Jango or Boba Fett ever hunted down a Jedi Knight.

In the second movie..attack of the clones...Jango Fett actually runs away from Obi-wan.

Take a momment and reread the Phantom Menance...the Jedi Knights were says in the book that only "receintly" that they could channel the force to do wonderious things...

so even the most powerful Jedi isn't a god..

the jedi in the early days of the empire were rather weak....

the die...from stupid things like falling off a cliff or being shot.

I love Harley Quinn Writes:

to Avenger 1000:...what is iron man without his armor? Interesting question...part of ironman's charm is that he has a heart condition..which leaves him unable to do alot of things without the suit.

also Ironman was a Holocaust you didn't know that.

another point is ironman is a man..he can come in many colors or races..Tony Stark's africian american fried took over the role of ironman if I remember correctly.

Now the point..should I respect Boba Fett?...if I only watched the movies.the answer would be no.

and after reading the books..I have a better insite to the character of Boba Fett..his motivations..his thoughts..his emotions.

The books aren't "ramboesque"..they don't describe Fett as a guy that goes in and blows the place to hell..

The authors want to leave you with the impression that Fett is a very intelligent man...who uses his high tech gizmos to get the job done.

So that is why I chose the punisher over Fett..Frank Castle would blow the place to hell..without giving it a second thought.

Hyperstorm Writes:

There is nothing in the setup that actually says that the 2 characters do not start with their usual weapons and equipment. “It's up to them to make use of the terrain and weapons they find in their quest to be the only man standing.” doesn’t really make any real statement about weather or not the fighters start with their weapons and gear.

RazeByFire Writes:

I've got to go with Frank on this one. As my friend reminds me, Boba Fett is a bounty hunter, butFrank is a stone cold killer who ALWAYS goes that extra mile.

I love the Fett, but the argument is too good.

LSM Writes:

Boba Fett is the hero here and Punisher is the cold killer and as you know the god guys always wins in the end.

Sandivish Writes:

Ok in this mach both starts with nothing, okay Boba must have his helmet or he wonīt come.

It woude be fun to see Punisher with B.Fīs jetpack and B.F axedently kills Punisher witth a stick.

Deven711 Writes:

Boba Fett has a laser and armor. All the Punisher has is a gun and a T-Shirt. He'll shoot Boba Fett and the bullet will bounce off his armor and hit him in the head. Boba Fett wins. By the way, Happy 3rd Star Wars Movie!!

I love Harley Quinn Writes:

to are correct..the scenario doesn't say anything about the two entering the battlefield without their gear..

But I made the point ..why have weapons scattered across the playing field then?

If Fett has his jet pack, his rocket laucher etc...why would he even bother looking at a strange weapon..

The more you use a weapon...the more you know it..and when your life is one the go with what you know and what gets the job done.

That is why I thought the contestants enter without their own weapons

nightmare Writes:

I like the Punisher but Boba Fett is going to take with an inch of his life.


I love Harley Quinn Writes:

The Punisher:..I wasn't able to find out how old the punisher is..

His character first appeared in "Amazeing Spiderman" in 1974..

The punisher is listed as 6 foot 220 lbs.

I didn't want to make a list of his standard "gear"....the list was way too long..lets just say it was guns,guns and more high powered guns.

The punisher keeps his gear in an armored van ..which he drives from job to job.

tyler Writes:

you people are probley 40 years old and live with your mommys


J Dog Writes:

Boba Fett- Overrated Star Wars Character

Punisher- Overrated Marvel Character

Both are the same, but I might go with Boba. I originally would go with the Punisher, but I realize Boba survived the Sarlacc Pit.

So, Boba wins it, cause if you survive a snake-octopus-thingy, you can survive anything.

D Knower Writes:

Puh- lease.

Thisa is how the battle will or can go. Punisher enters area, Boba jetts up to the sealing, throws down a thermal detonator. Blast knocks punisher on his back, Boba, from ceiling, comes down on a grappling line, tossing down grenades one by one. After repeatedly getting knocked over by blasts, the bloodied Punisher lets his rage get the best of him. He fires off a shotgun shell, sends Boba hutling even faster down on his grappling wire. In the sign of probable peril, Boba fires off multiple shots while gliding down on the grappling wire. Punisher lunges, is shot twice in the shoulder, stays in the air. Boba grabs Punisher by the shirt, Punisher tries to retaliate with a swing of his shotgun. The weight of his swing sends punisher swirling while he hurtles down with Boba on the grappling wire.Boba fires again, hits Punisher in the stomach, blood gushes out profusely. Punisher stays alive, though, and, now under Boba Fett, tries to fire off a shot with his pistol, and the bullet ricochets off of Boba's side. Boba kicks Punisher in the chest, Punisher falls. Upon impact, a preset land mine of Boba's comes up and Blows through Punisher's back and shoots him to the roof of the arena. Punisher regains his footing on the roof where Boba can't see him, and aims a sniper rifle. Boba cannot fly because of jet engine failure after the ricocheyed shot and stays in the arena.

Punisher tightens his trigger hold, fires.

Boba dodges shot, presses button on forearm blaster.

Punisher, bewildered, doesn't realize that something is coming.

Boba smiles, jets out of the arena.

Miliseconds later, Boba's ship comes hurtling through the roof and splatters Punisher like a bug on a windshield. Boba cleans up, and flies away in his ship with a new trophy.


I think it might be time for Serge to close the message boards again. Just look at these idiotic posts.

I love Harley Quinn Writes:

Helloooooo People..

Just chilll.. the fight is between The punisher and Boba fett...not one another.

If you got a point..then make need to start bashing one another..

If you wanna fight..then do it defending your us how intelligent you really are

and please refreign from using certain words on these could be reading them.

I enjoy this site..I'd hate to see it disappear because some immature members couldn't control themselves

Thus said..I step down from the soapbox and pass it to the right

Kenshin the Battosai Writes:

Ok this has gone on long enough, I will make it my mission to make sure the punisher doesnt lose this battle. Heck my arguing (heck everyones arguing) saved the bride a humilating defeat, in that at least hero got killed to.

WeaponX Writes:

Frankly, Fett's amount of experiance far outwieghs Castle's. I mean, Fett's been doing this since childhood. His philosophy as he grew up was kill, kill, don't be caught, make it out alive. COLLECT YOUR BOUNTY. Castle's been going this since middle-age. Also, This is the season of Star Wars!!!!

Razorback Writes:

Hey Battousai, i'm with you man, how can I help?

Oh and bobba fette does NOT have more experience.

He's been doing it longer you say?

It doesn't matter.

Frank's been doing it BETTER.

Fette deals almost exclusively with riffraff and smugglers, most of which his armor and ship, allows him to effortlessly outclass. Like any self respecting badass would even need that crap to deal with the space-trash he deals with. ALL that, just to hunt down individual bounties.

The hardest things he RARELY faces are Jedi/Sith. Only the most powerful of which even come close to the lower teir of superpowered beings in Marvel. Need an Example? Let's look at one of the altime most powerful Sith in Starwars universe, emporor Palpatine. What's his trademark? The power he has that only the deadliest masters of the darkside can weild? Force Lightning. And an Energy Sword. So the uberest uber Dark Side badasses shoot lightning and have Energy Sword. Well guess what? One of the alltime lamest, sorriest excuses for a superhero in the Marvel Universe shoots lightning and has an Energy Sword. Some mutant who occasionally pals around with Iron Fist and Luke Cage. He runs around looking like a fruity Zorro ripoff, and uses his mutant ability to shoot lightning and channel it through his sword, making it an energy sword. His name starts with an A. I forgot what it is exactly but I beleive Wizard once declared him their Mort of the Month. One of the Starwars Universe most badass villains ever, directly compares to one of Marvel's Morts of the Month. And, getting back on the main topic, Bobba Fette has to use EVERY trick, EVERY toy, and do everything he possibly can do, just to break even in these fights.

Punisher on the otherhand deals with the same amount of riffraff....but does so on even...or often even inferior footing. He doesn't need all the fancy toys and gimmicks. A kevlar shirt, a nine milimeter or a couple of uzis, and Punisher not only gets the job done, but does it better. Whereas Fette needs all his gimmicks to run ONE bounty to ground, Punisher can walk into a room filled with thirty thugs and be the only man who walks back out.

Whereas Bobba Fette only rarely faces superpowered beings who poorly compare to marvel's superpowered beings, Punisher quite often runs afoul of "suits", and wins about half the time. Not best-case-scenario stalemates like Fette, actually wins. Puts their sorry asses in the dirt.

Aliens, Demons, Angels, Mutants, Robots, Sorcerors, Vampires, Werewolves, Cyborgs, Men in Super High-Tech Armor, the Punisher has fought...and KILLED it all. And yeah he gets beaten himself too sometimes, but he walks away from these fights. He doesn't get pimpsmacked by blind men with sticks(unless you count Daredevil's master Stick, who's a bonafide Batman-level badass) and swallowed by big worms.

Again, Punisher has done everything Bobba Fette has done. But he's done it against better foes, with inferior equipment. He is without a doubt the better man.

Somebody else in this thread said it best. Punisher won't just kill Bobba Fette. He'll wait around for Vampire Fette to claw his way out of the grave, then kill him again.

Joel Morris Writes:

Palpatine could kick Xavier's, or Magneto's, or Phoenix's ass. Let's see Phoenix's all-mighty power work when she face down in a gutter with a "laser sword" in her skull.

Joel Morris Writes:

I don't think you guys realize who Fett lost against: HAN SOLO. No one can beat him. Its just not possible, he's one of those guys who will never die. Even if he is blind, he could kill almost every Jedi.

UncleSam Writes:

Joel, so Solo could kill Episode 2 Yoda?

Bubba Bo Bob Writes:

Hey Cletus, is it just me or does it seem like most o' these here folk can't type worth a damn?

I love Harley Quinn Writes:

Hey Joel..

The Emperior may be tough...he probably could defeat the likes of professor x and magneto..

BUt the dark phoenix???

The Dark Phoenix could consume worlds....

I love Harley Quinn Writes:

I think alot of people are forgetting that Boba Fett collects bounties for a living.

It would be very rare for him to fight a Jedi...

Why? Because he works in the system..he can't afford to take sides in the empire/rebellion war.

Let's just say that he hunts Luke Skywalker as a he has any remaining Jedi out for he has pissed off the rebel army.

Fett couldn't afford to make enemies...he has to be allowed to freely move around in both empire and rebel space.

Thus he could never hunt anyone of any importance on either side...

He would have never accepted the "hit" on someone like senator Padme in movie #2...such a move would be pure insanity for someone in his profession.

So bounty hunters like Fett would be reduced to capturing the scum of the universe.

I'm not saying that Boba Fett is a rent a cop or's just that I really doubt that he would have ever faced any jedi knights.

Frank Castle on the other hand doesn't have to play these games...he killed many top dogs in his day

Fry Guy Writes:

Even though Fett's gonna take the vote, I should remind everyone that Pun's not gonna stand round like a fool and let the bounty hunter win. This is a guy who is pretty much Batman (minus the genius level intellect, but he's still sensible enough to know NOT to bring a knife to a gunfight, if you know what I'm sayin')...

Fry Guy Writes:

Also, one must consider that Frank's knowledge of weapons is not limited to only small firearms. The arena's packed w/ many different weapons, and Castle could come prepared with his own armored suit.

Once again, Fett's gonna win it by the vote. I'm hopin' that they don't make this a beatdown in the battle write-up, as Frankie is one of my favorite characters (don't really care for Marvel [don't outright hate it either, it ain't what I look for in comics. Ain't got no beef with Marvel], so that's saying something), but Bobby Fett's gonna come out on top.

UncleSam Writes:

How the **** could you make two games (GTA and Mortal Kombat) fight each other!? Spiderman vs. Venom or Carnage is constantly happening in the comics. Vin Diesel vs. Frieza!? What is wrong with you!? Who really wants to see sharks fighting each other? Dark Vader vs. Master Chief? Come on!!!!!

Razorback Writes:

Are you out of your damned mind? Spoken like a twit who knows NOTHING about the characters he's speaking of.

Magneto or Professor X individually would roll Palpatine up like a joint and smoke him. (in fact, the Professor already beat Yoda in CBUB)

Pheonix would roll Professor X, Magneto, and Palptine up likes joints all at once and smoke them all.

Tyramir Writes:

Palpatine can defeat Phoenix?? Bahahahaha!! That is the *funniest* and most *ignorant* thing I have ever heard. Phoenix consumes *suns* for *fun*. She has destroyed an entire star system because it amused her. The X-Men alongside the Shi'ar Imperial Guard got *rocked* by Phoenix. Phoenix is just plain out in a different league from Palpatine. But tell you what... someone suggest this for the next fight, and we'll see how badly Palpatine loses.

As for Frank vs Palpatine? I still say Castle is going to take this. He's a beast. Nothing's going to take him down. If Boba's in his sights, Boba's gonna go down. Pure and simple. Frank has the drive, the inability to know when to stay down, and The Rage.

Boba Fett has a few gimmicks and an over-hyped reputation.

PeachCream Writes:

Seriously, if Boba Fett was a REAL Mandalorian Warrior, he'd so have this bbq in the bag. But he's not and he don't. I see Fett's body impaled on the flagpole of the only building that hasn't been leveled.

Joel Morris Writes:

Ok, I got a little out of hand with the Phpenix remark, but I stand by what I said about Magneto and Xavier. Having said that, Yoda lost against Xavier because most people here are Marvel whores, not like WWWF, may it rest in peace. UncleSam, Episode II Yoda was gimmicky and sad, so yes, but Episode III Yoda? No, he was just too badass, he even gives into the Dark Side for a moment.

Joel Morris Writes:

Ok, I got a little out of hand with the Phpenix remark, but I stand by what I said about Magneto and Xavier. Having said that, Yoda lost against Xavier because most people here are Marvel whores, not like WWWF, may it rest in peace. UncleSam, Episode II Yoda was gimmicky and sad, so yes, but Episode III Yoda? No, he was just too badass, he even gives into the Dark Side for a moment. And tell me Marvel fanboys, if the punisher is so great, why is he losing by more than 100 votes?

Joel Morris Writes:

I love Harley Quinn, Boba Fett is employed by the Empire, he's already taken a side.

The Truth Writes:

Let me tell you blind and ignorant Fett Fans something...whether you want to admit it or not, Boba Fett is without a doubt the most over-rated loser to ever live in a galaxy far, far away. I mean c'mon, really...what did he ever do that was soooo impressive? Huh? Oh, o.k. That's what I thought!!! NOTHING!!! He had about five minutes screentime (if that), and all we ever saw him do was take a frozen Han Solo (thanks to Vader), fire a blaster at Leia and Chewie, stand around Jaba's palace, and get knocked into the Sarlacc Pit by a blind Han Solo in a scene that would make The Three Stooges proud. Now I ask you again! Exactly what has he done to convince me that he has what it takes to take down a killing tank like The Punisher??? On second thought, don't waste your time because nothing you can say will make me believe that Boba Fett has a snowball's chance in Hell against one of the most deadliest men on earth!!!

Razorback Writes:

Riiiight. Wanna know who the only one in the universe who ever so much as managed to make the Pheonix miss a step was? Professor X.

He'll shut Palpatine's brain off every bit as easily as he did Yoda's. Easier even. Palpatine's human. And the willpower of those who follow the dark side is weaker than the willpower of those who serve the light. It's evidanced in the fact how quickly and easily it turns and corrupts them and makes them do things they never wanted to do, like when it made Anakin choke Amidala out.

Master Yoda Writes:

Hmmm, tough call this is. Know nothing I do about Punisher. Much anger and fear sense in him I do. The bounty hunter Boba Fett close to home he is. Know more from him I do. Begun the battle has. See the future I do. Stands does Boba with head in hand.

Master Yoda Writes:

Hmmm, tough call this is. Know nothing I do about Punisher. Much anger and fear sense in him I do. The bounty hunter Boba Fett close to home he is. Know more from him I do. Begun the battle has. See the future I do. Stands does Boba with head in hand. Xeaver, where the Budwiser is? Sam and Frodo wait they do. Have the nacos I do. May the force and fries with you be.


Joel, Fett is employed by everyone. He's a bounty hunter. For the right price, he'll go after anyone.


So you're just voting for Fett because you don't know who the Punisher is "Master Yoda"?

lordblackboy Writes:

Lets just take a look at the contestants.......


Punisher: bezerker jamesbondwannabe.

Nuff Said

AtomicKitKat Writes:

KrazyMonkey: I did watch the original episodes(amazing how the suckage of the movies is inversely proportional to the amount of money spent on them). Boba is still a jobber. Heck, I hope that if he does win this, it's only because of "Jobber's Raging Revenge"(See Tom+Sylvester vs Tweety+Jerry) I've already pointed out, I don't care much for Frank, Logan, and all the other "I'm a lonely macho man" types from Marvel, but let's look at the most basic facts:

Punisher: Star.

Boba: Jobber who takes a bump so the star looks good.

I love Harley Quinn Writes:

Joel:...Traditionally Boba Fett is employeed by anyone that has enough cash..

I can totally understand what you are going after Solo(well Solo alone wouldn't be enough to piss off the rebel army)..Hense he would still be neutral.

But when Leah is at Solo's side...

it is a different story

Now Fett would be considered a member of the dark side.

I seriously doubt he would have taken this contract.

Bounty hunters work the edge..never the middle.

What would have happened to Fett if he made a mistake before Darth Vader?...perhaps something as stupid as an offhanded crack...or once the job was done perhaps Vader would have just killed Fett.

Vader's power is so great and so far reaching in the galaxy.

Fett couldn't afford to have the Empire as an enemy..

Fett would be smart enough to just stay away.

I love Harley Quinn Writes:

Suggestion for a future battle:

Longshot vs. Gambit..

Why? I thought it would be an interesting matchup of powers...

Longshot is an acrobat..throws knives and lives on odd.

Gambit is acrobatic..throw charged cards and lives for his odds with the ladies.

I just thought it would a good change from the usual fight..brains vs. brawn...

or godlike being (superman) vs. godlike uberpower being (shazam).

or I'd like to see two women in the mix ..

I love Harley Quinn Writes:

The problem with Star Wars is that the Jedi have become "superman".

Superman is the standard in which we judge our contestants at times.

and we all know what happened to Superman?...He became so boring that D.C. had to kill him off just to generate interest in his book.

The first two starwars movies sucked because Qui-Jon and Obi-wan could just walk amongst 100 attack droids and destroy them all.

Without even getting sweaty in the process.

The third movie was better because it showed the Jedi in a more vunerible light.

If I only watched the 3rd movie..I would have said that Boba Fett could have killed a Jedi Knight.

There can only be one "superman" because it grows tiresome..that's why copycats like Lobo/Venom drive people crazy.

And Yes..the fans were lead to believe that Darth Vader Killed all the Jedi himself..

Obi-Wan said that Vader hunted them all down?

I was shocked when the clones killed these "great supermen" with a few laserblast to the back.

anyway to wrap this up..if you wish to "see" the Jedi knights as people..I'd advise you to read some of the novels of the new Jedi order..

They center around Han/leigh's twins children in Jedi training...and the upcoming war.

I love Harley Quinn Writes:

Boba Fett as a Galatic Bounty Hunter: Okay this implies that Fett flys to different planets to collect his "bounty"...

Meaning he has the edge over the punisher because Frank Castle has experience only on earth?

Why would this make Fett better?

Obviously there are alot of "turd" planets in the universe...just look at that hell hole called tatooine.

( and yes we had the "pleasure" of visiting it in 4 out of the 6 movies...sorta like Mexico without the Hookers and booze.

Just look at the idiot that rules the place...Jabba the fat "slug" on a desert planet? That was chocked to death by a naked chick with a chain.

Personally I don't think being a "galatic" bounty hunter gives Fett an edge...

He'd stay away from the overtly powerful..that is why he can be found running jobs for Jabba the Hutt.

and the person creating the scenario probably would make it netural territory for both they would meet on equal grounds.

So I would say that "edge" is taken away from Fett.

Fry Guy Writes:

Well, though it's kinda one sided,I still gotta say, Go Frank

Joel Writes:

Don't make me laugh at your stupidity, Razorback. I actually hate Expanded Universe, you shoundn't assume that I love it. If you claim to know everything, you're a fanboy, which means you're an idiot. I too have knowledge of both sides, in fact Punisher's one of my favorite heroes, because with all the pansies they have out today, the comics need a Rambo.

I love Harley Quinn Writes:

QUAD: if Boba Fett is so superior...why is he on some backwater planet?..working for some fat slug? for chump change..(before you say Fett is independant..he does plenty of contracts for the various Hutts( read the books)

Fett's big bounty in star wars?...Han Solo....

not Princess leah( a known rebel sympathasizer)...not luke skywalker..not obi-wan

and who is Han Solo..? A bush ex-empire flight school trainee dropout. A smuggler who works in the areas around area so pathetic that neither side has claimed it.

His crime?..dropping his illegal cargo at the first hint of an Empire boarding party..???

NO...Jabba the Hutt just wanted his money..period..if Solo could have paid...Jabba could have cared less what he did with the goods.

Wow!!!! Solo sounds like an all american "badass" to me..good thing they have a "galatic" bountyhunter like Fett on the job..

Was business so slow that Fett had to slumm it?

Joel Writes:

Weren't the Kree from Animorphs?

Hirio Tokoshima Writes:

This is an unfair fight because of the hype around star wars and everyone knows punisher could easily beat Boba fett

nimrods Writes:

hey morons! I thought this was just Punisher vs. Boba. Not the whole freakin' Marvel Universe vs. the whole Freakin Star Wars Universe! Get back to boba and Pun, you sissies who can't prove a point without using characters that have no affiliation with the two people who are really battling here!

I love harley Quinn Writes:

Norse two:...

Magneto doesn't need oxygen..he could be in a spaceship and still control any metal outside..

Hense your argument is moot at best.

If magneto wanted to do it old school..he could reach out and grab and asteroid and crush the deathstar.

so stop being some Marvel comics for a change.

Jedi Mind games only work on the weak willed..hell they didn't even work on that fat slug Jabba the "Butt"...

Professor X attacks with his mind..there is no way the emperior can compete

Razorback Writes:

Good god, you idiots are just...magnificently uninformed.

Don't you find it fascinating, that since the Star Wars whores KNOW Bobba is a joke, they're not even trying to argue for him anymore? Now they try to argue for Palpatine and Yoda and who-the-hell-ever. Why? Because deep down they know Bobba Fett is the most over-rated loser in the galaxy. And Episode 3 showed them that their precious EU isn't even canon. That the clone soldeirs, not Anakin, are the ones who wiped out the Jedi Order. Let me assure you, if Clone Soldeirs can do it, Punisher would do it in half the time.

Now, since you all want to talk about Magneto and Xavbier and Palpatine and such soooo much, let me inform you ignorant masses. MASTERS of the force can only vaguely influence the weakest minds and wills.

Xavier effortlessly and completely controls dozens of minds at once. Hundreds, on at least one occasion. Human, alien, whatever. If it's a mind, it's his plaything. He can read it, control it, influence it, or launch all kinds of attacks from hallucinations, to simply turning it off. Strong minds, weak minds, it doesn't matter. Xavier is to telepathy what all of you StarWars whores THINK Bobba Fett is to Bounty Hunting. The absolute best. Nothing short of a cosmic(pheonix) or totally psionic(shadowking) entity can even give him a run for his money on the psychic battlefeild. Force Telepathy is like a pinto to Xavier's dodge viper.

Magneto has one of the strongest wills in the universe, and even he has to rely on a combination of his own unique powers and how they alter his brain chemistry, AND his immensely strong will, AND technology designed for the exclusive, and sole purpose of psionic sheilding to protect himself. And even that doesn't perfectly protect him. If Xavier has trouble getting through his defenses, he'd laugh at the feeble efforts of Palpi and Yoda.

Yoda would have a chance against Xavier. A small chance, but a chance because he and other Light force users practice discipline and control. Palpatine would be Xavier's plaything. Dark Force users surrender to their emotions and impulses. Light Force users use the force. Dark Force users get used BY the Force.

As for Magneto, he could make the Deathstar explode if he wanted, but it would be much more fun and a real display of overwhelming power to take it apart peice by peice, and beat palpatine to a pulp with the debris. His magnetic bubble can withstand attacks from some of the most powerful earth shattering beings in the cosmos. The worst thing a deathstar blastwave could do it take him for a ride. More likely it would just wash around him. And he's far to maneuverable to be hit by the planet-killing beam.

Lightsabers ain't getting through that bubble. That bubble has withstood lightning blasts from Storm that could level buildings. The only thing Force Lightning is good for is hurting people. Not killing people, hurting them. It will only kill people after repeated and protracted contact. If Storm chooses to, she can cook you in your boots with a single lightning bolt. If storm's best blasts cant get through magneto's sheild, nothing Palpatine can throw on the best day of his life would even tickle nagneto's sheild.

Nothing they have can get through his sheilds, or protect them from an overwhelming offense. Magnus can manipulate even the minute traces of iron in the bloodstream. Darth Vader, completely enraged and using his power to it's fullest was able to put some dents in the wall. Magneto does that when he's mildly irritated.

T-1000 Writes:

Now let me think here. Is Punisher a bigger whimp than a blind guy with a stick?

No? Well in that case he absolutely owns Fett.

Now if he were, I might give even odds, but come on... this is the Punisher! Going up against a 'bounty hunter' who got beat by a blind guy with a stick!! Seriously, how the hell were people ever impressed with Bobba Fett??

Joel Morris Writes:

How old are you Razorback? 11? 12? If you're an adult, its just sad that you would write as much as you did. You should probably get out more.

The Ultimate Authority Writes:


When you examine a battle with combatants like this, it comes down to a few simple but important factors.

Firepower- Who lays out the most, bigger, badder, bullets, bombs, grenades, torrents of flame, laser beams, whatever kills other guy.

In this category, I've gotta give the edge to my man the Punisher. He is the king of laying down fire. He is a one man army. He's not just good at shooting, he's good to the point of being able to bust into the X-Mansion or level a SWAT team. "But, Fett is from the future and has lasers and thermal detonaters" you might be saying. So what? Lasers aren't any better than guns. They both have limited fire capacity, limited range, both fire munitions in straight lines and both are only as good as the person shooting them. In fact, guns are better cuz a lazer gives away the position of the guy firing it because its a BIG SHINY BOLT OF ENERGY. Not unlike Liberace. Anyways, Punisher has more guns. He always does. He's gotta all kindsa crap in his trenchcoat, he's more well stacked than that guy Earl down the street.

Umm...The power to..not get shot- Whatever you call it and however it works. Agility, stealth, flight pack, armor. Whatever, as long as it keeps you from getting shot.

Umm...Prolly Fett's advantage. Even though it's pretty even. I don't think his Mandalorian Armor is bullet proof, but to give it the benefit of a doubt, I'll rate it like flak armor. However he can get behind boxes and crap like that just like the Punisher. BUT, in the end, Fett can fly, which I'm sure, is very helpful when running away from the punisher.

Survivability- The ability to not be dead.

Tough. The punisher has been shot who knows how many times and lived to tell the tale. Usually to kill the guy who shot him, then tell the tale. Fett was once EATEN by the SARLACC. I'll go ahead and call this one a push because there's no real measure of knowing how tough it is to be eaten by a sarlacc.

The Goods(R) - The all important factor. Who has more bravado, machismo, glitz, pizzazz,

Punisher has the Goods(R).

Well, Looks like the Punisher is gonna take this one home, and just like Mace Windu, have a funny helmet to mount on his wall.

I love Harley Quinn Writes:

Hey guys just chill about the pass fight concerning ultron and brainiac...

I assume Serge is on the patient..he has a life don't bust his balls over it.

It really isn't that important..

with that said..I also can't believe Boba Fett is winning?

Raistlin5789 Writes:

Come on. We are looking at Boba Fett greatest bounty hunter known to the world nay the universe. And then there is the Punisher. Ill give him credit he is probably the most dangerous person to have the name Frank Castle. Hmmm... sounds like he should be driving across the country with a load of shirts with skulls instead of wearing one and trying to be a badass. Look he was trained in the Army and Navy. Fett has the training and armor of his "father" who was trained by the Mandalorians. Come on people these guys took over planets for fun from what Ive heard. My analysis of the fight goes like this.

Fett ties Frank up with his whipcord while he is pulling out a gun. Then Fett walks over and says a witty derogatory statement (or nothing) and casually burns the Punisher to a crisp.

Boba Fett no contest.

Norse two Writes:

Razorback, Palpatine beats Magneto with his force choke.

Ok Palpatine maby not take Xavier with his mind tricks. But what if he turn Xaviers own X-men against him (minus Phionix) Xaviers mind power wont work on Palpy he just to good for him. Palpy can also see in future and will know what Xavier are gonna do, Palpy take's his light saber and pierce it through Xavier's ball head. Ok mind trick maby only works against weak minded, but then the whole senate must be weake minded.

Or can it be if you are strong in the force then you are strong in mind-trick's.

Norse two Writes:

I love Harly Quinn, You are talking about Han Solo. He has more charm then any marvel characters together. You marvel fans thinks that a hero must have pyamas to be a good hero. But Han Solo are a realy good hero hell he can kill Spider-man with his smile.

I love Harley Quinn Writes:

Norse Too: Noone ever said that Han solo wasn't cool...or a great character/hero.

Hell I loved watching Harrison Ford in any movie he ever made..from american graffetti to those Tom Clancy movies

I said that Solo isn't much of a bounty for someone like Boba Fett.

Solo is a great pilot with a very fast ship....but he isn't a killer or a gunslinger.

Solo carries one armor..

And doesn't have to wear "PJs" to be a hero...but the star wars people do have their own symbolic costumes..

Fett has his mandalorian armor

Han Solo wears red stripped military pants from his days in the empire's service if I remember correctly.

Obi-Wan wears his jedi "monk" robes.

The Micromanager of the Universe Writes:

well, there is no way on gods green earth or anywhere in the universe that punisher could take out Dr. Doom, and they start unarmed, but it didn't say UNARMORED! Many of Fetts weapons are built into his armor, so he would start with those, and since his jetpack (without the rocket attatchment) isn't a weapon, he would start with that and he couls fly straight at the punisher and fry/zap him.

The Micromanager of the Universe Writes:

Also, on a non-bias point of view, Punisher wouldn't know how to use the hightech weaponry of Boba, but Boba would understand how to use earth pistols and crap like that. Also, Boba can see 360 degrees around him, even though he cant focus on all of it at once, and his armor saved him from a laser at point blank range, what could a bullet do? Plus, he took on a gang of thugs unarmed, but you might say, oh punisher could do that, but by gang I mean like 15 guys. Boba is much better versed in unarmed fighting and ranged fighting than punisher. In addition, fett would throw a thermal detonator at him, punisher wouldn't know the difference between a therm and an egg, so he ignores it, and him and everything in the arena get vaporized on the molecular level, while Fett flies away to safty.

Razorback Writes:

Awww, c'mon joey, don't give up entirely. You must have a little more BS left in you. You must have at least one argument left that hasn't already been drawn, measured and found wanting.

Oh wait, guess you don't.

And do you have any idea how pathetic it is to log in under a second name and support your own side of a losing argument?

Oh wait, guess you don't.

I love Harley Quinn Writes:

Boba Fett: In "attack of the clones"...Jango Fett lements about the clones..."Jango had thought the policy of accelerating that aging process a mistake-Wasn't experience as much a part of attaining warrior skill as genetics?".

The book states that Jango is a very deadly man..his exact clone son is 10 years old...and Jango had begun the boy's training.

Jango wants his son to grow into the most dangerious warrior ever..

part of that training includes teaching him how to become dispassionate about things..

Jango is killed in book 2..the son is just barely 10...therefore Fett's training ended..everything he knows he learned from the street.

So Fett may have the genetics...but Boba's experience pales in comparison to Jango's

Alot of folks here think Frank Castle will win because he has nothing to lose...his whole family got killed by the mob..he is basically empty inside.

But I just provided an interesting look at Boba Fett...a 10 year old that is taught to disconnect from his emotions...he is driven to perfection by an overberring father.

in real life this would make for one interesting fight

avenger1000 Writes:


Why would Castle ignore a thermal detonator? He would understand that a grenade-like object was thrown at him. His Nam experience would help him react.

Someone Writes:

Boba Fett is as normal as a clone can be, except for the fact that he was not given sped up life, and besides, anyone would lose their head to a ligthsaber. They're a clean cut. Fett's going to win this because as everyone knows, TOYS EQUALS POWER IN THIS WORLD!! thank you for your time.

Venom X Writes:

Boba all the way. Its not even close. If it were Boba Vs The Predetor then mabey we would have an even fight. Boba would spot the punisher with his night vision fly to a hight 2000 yards. Kill Frank and be home in time to watch Futurama.

Rollo T Writes:

Boba Fett is on a different level than The Punisher. Yes, Boba Fett's reign in Star Wars was short, but he must have been skilled to earn the right to be hired by Darth Vader. Besides, The Punisher wouldn't have beaten that worm either. Boba Fett has the raw skill over Punisher, and in a fight like this, that's all that matters.

DillEvans25 Writes:

First of all this is a really good fight. Let's break it down.

THE PUNISHER- A ruthless, vengefull, angry beserker with a quick trigger finger and a short temper, trying to bring justice to the world.

BOBA FETT- The most feared bounty hunter in all the Star Wars galaxy. Wielding an arsenal of gadgets, nearly industructible mandilorian armor, and some serious markmanship.

WIN- Boba Fett

LOSS- The Punisher

REASON- While the punisher is unloading an entire M16 clip into Boba Fett's chest, Boba Fett is thinking about what he wants for dinner. To bad Punisher, your attitude is no match for the ol' Mandelorian armor. Also, while Punisher is reloading his 12 guage sawed off shotgun, Boba Fett is shooting a grappling hook around his legs and yanking him senseless, after shooting him with his blaster pistol, and roasting him with his flamethrower.

matt Writes:

Look, many people are gicing Fett a chance because of the Star Wars movie, but he isn't in it! I like to see Fett serve Punisher only because he lost his father that was truely close to him. Jango was the mold for the clones so therefore Boba is going to win.

Sweet Bippy Writes:

Ok... I have to give this one to Fett, but only for one reason: Fett survived the Sarlacc... The SARLACC! For those of you who say he didn't, read the books.

Castle's not a bad fighter, but he's had his ass handed to him way too many times.

Fett lost at the Sarlacc pit, and only because Lucas wasn't original enough to come up with a VIABLE way for him to lose.

Anyhow, it's an armored van and standard hard ammo versus an armored ship and futuristic laser, rocket, and incapacitation weaponry.

'Nuff Said.

The Truth 2 Writes:

The only reason Boba Fett is winning, and I do mean THE ONLY reason is because of the hype with the new Star Wars movie. It's not fair to the Punisher because you know Boba Fett is going to win because of the Star Wars mania right now. If this fight had taken place around a year or two ago, after Episode II had blown over, and the new Punisher movie had just come out, then it would be a different story.

If Boba Fett wins this, it's only because of the hype of the new Star Wars movie and that's it!!!! Under regular circumstances, Fett has about as much chance of beating The Punisher as Carrot Top has of beating Mike Tyson in boxing.

Tefus Writes:

I'm not saying that boba can walk through bullets but he's not stupid enough to just let frank shoot him. I'm saying obviously that fett's technology is superior to frank's. Fett can take a bullet and keep coming but i doubt if frank can continue his assualt if a laser hits him, ANYWHERE! Also, fett has killed jedi. Frank may have faced super heroes but i doubt he could beat a jedi.

Six-Killer Writes:

For those who like to say Starwars Sucks, I got news for ya for one Starwars and all the episodes do not suck. It has been around longer than any of the other movies and still takes the box office. So for those who wana call its followers FAGS then you need to find your way in the dark and always watch your back. Cause the starwars univers and its followers are more than a few crittics. As for this match the punisher has beaten super power beings where boba fett has only fought jedi or sith lords.

Master Yoda Writes:

Punisher hard to read he is. Vote for no one I do. Voted for me someone else has. Must remeber, over 800 years old I am. Forget much I do. Look at Yahoo you will. Learn much of the Sith you will. Interviewed me they did. Answer given here it is: Ask of the Sith, do you? Jerks, they are. Evil and secretive, that also is true. Long have they existed, thousands of years in their current state. With a single Jedi, did their reign begin. One who believed his power was strengthened not with contemplation and passivity, but by embracing the Dark Side of the Force. Surprise you it won't to learn that this troubled soul was banished from the Jedi Order. Follow others did, though inevitable their destruction was.

After much in-fighting, rise again did the Sith with Darth Bane as their leader. As the Sith's core beliefs lead to betrayal and plotting, a new philosophy did Darth Bane start. Only two Sith at a time. Myself I quote, when I say, "Always two there are, no more no less. A master and an apprentice." An important rule this is.

Punisher you ask I know nothing about hmmm? Saw the movie I did. Much anger there is in him. A Sith he may become, most unlikely it is. Can't use the force. Have much on him I do now. Weak he is. Early someone voted for me they did. Thank them I do. Go I must. Invited to dinner am I. Have the king of beers I will.

Milkman Dan Writes:

When I say this, I say this without a doubt in my mind: The Punisher would wipe the floor with the overrated stormtrooper. Three reasons.

1. Toughness.

How many times does Boba Fett get hit in Episode VI? ONE HIT with a POLE by ACCIDENT and he DIES! (And I don't want to hear any of that "But he escaped from the Sarlaac" crap. Lucas himself says Fett was eaten.) Frank Castle has taken more bullets than a hundred 50 Cents.

2. Coolness.

Now I love Star Wars as much as anyone, but I never understood this Boba Fett fixation everybody seems to have. He's a bloody throw-away character! He worked for a puppet! He had two stupid lines! He was killed by a half-assed Buster Keaton move! Why all this adoration? Whatever mystique he may have had was destroyed in Episode II. Turns out he's nothing but a stormtrooper in a different uniform. The Punisher is just so much cooler. Simply read anything by Garth Ennis and you'll see my point.

3. The Pulp Fiction Factor.

In the movies, the man Fett was cloned from couldn't last a minute against Jules, while The Punisher totally destroys Vincent.

So my vote's for Frank Castle, even though I know Boba Fett will win because Fanboys just can't get over their collective hard-on for Mandalorian battle armor.

Joel Writes:

We've already established that Fett will NOT have his armor, and Frank will NOT have any guns in the beginning. Assuming he never escaped the Sarlaac Pit, let's review who he was knocked in by: Han Solo. HAN SOLO! No one in the history of anything has been as cool as he. Except James Bond, Indianna Jones, and Ash Williams. Even The Punisher would not be able to handle him, but that's not who this fight is between, so that's a different matter. Now, since Boba, intuitive as he is, was beaten by Han Solo, then we can assume that Punisher, as beaten up as he always is in all his battles, will be a challenge for Fett, but nothing like a Jedi.

Perhaps you're saying to yourself "Self, The Punisher is certainly more adaptable than Boba Fett, he'll win". Using that logic, Fett wins, because he is the underdog, and since Punisher is always the underdog, and he wins, in the Punisher Universe, the underdog wins. Same as the Star Wars Universe.

"The good guy always wins though", you're now thinking. Well, you're wrong there, as we've seen Flash and Supergirl die in the Crisis series by DC, and Spiderman is constantly losing some sort of girlfriend. Plus, Punisher isn't even a good guy! He's more in the middle just like Fett. So, since they're even there, but Fett is the underdog, he wins by default.

Bobby Storm Writes:

Punisher versus the Fett Man, as Peter Griffin, beloved Family Guy dad, would say (and thank God that show's finally back on the air!).

In Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi (the two movies that adult Fett was featured in), the only thing we really saw him do was capture Han Solo (Empire Strikes Back). Actually, he really didn't even do that. Lando Calrissian (sp?) sold out Han to Vader, and they all three pretty much captured Han.

That right there tells me that the Punisher has this one in the bag. I mean, come on! He had to have help from a prince and a sith lord to capture Harrison Ford???


There was talk of how the Fett Man was a feared bounty hunter through out the galaxy, but it was never really shown. In Return of the Jedi, he gets his arse handed to him rather easily, to boot.

Jango Fett, however, pretty much defeated a young Obi Wan Kenobi in Episode One. That showed Jango in a very powerful light, but then they went and messed it up by having Mace Windu just run across the battle ground, deflecting laser blasts and simply cutting Jango's head off with ease. So maybe Jango would have been a better match for Castle, if you go by his battle with Obi Wan. Or maybe not, if you go by his easy demise at the hands of Mace Windu.

Either way, and with either Fett, Punisher takes this one. He goes up againt super powered guys all the time, even managing to hold off Daredevil, Spider-man and Wolverine at the same time (though the writer convienently forgot about Spidey's spider-sense to do it).

If this is the Garth Ennis version of the Punisher, there's no question Castle wins.

My vote goes to Castle.

BACKLASH24 Writes:

Matt Fett was in episode 5 and 6. Honest mistake but I'm pretty impressed a 10 year old understood the storyline for episode 2.

Shawn Writes:

Even as a Star Wars action figure Boba Fett was a bargain basement hack. If I remember correctly his figure initally could only be obtained by forwarding like five proofs of purchase of other figures. Thus, it is clear that if Fett doesn't have five buddies with him, he won't even show up to party with the Punisher. The Punisher would have more to worry about if he were getting shot at by stormtroopers (who were apparently blind and recorded virtually no hits through the initial trilogy).

Darth Spader Writes:

I'm the greatest fan of the Holy Trilogy that I know. But the fact is that while Bobba Fett looks cool, Punisher has cool running through his veins. It's easy to be cool when nobody can see your face. The Punisher is out there and he's kicking butt, and he don't care about nothin', he's gonna' take that metal monkey down!

Darth Spader Writes:

Forget the prequels, they aren't real. This is about the real Bobba Fett, from the holy trilogy (otherwise you get into some very creepy relations to 'Jake the muss', which is fine, but after that the whole story falls apart, and that's basically the principle reason why the prequels aren't real). And The Punisher still wins. Bobba Fett is just a futuristic bounty hunter, who wasn't even that difficult to beat (sneaky, but ultimately fallible).

Matt Writes:

True true, but in the Star Wars Special Edition of IV-VI, you see Boba Fett for one scene as well. Boba is in four of the movies and you know what he's after. Too bad he can't get what he wants now during the great Jedi Hunt. Most of the Jedi were killed by people who can't face an oppenet head on. Mace died by... I can't say because it ruins Revenge of the Sith. Sorry but most of them die. And to all that are wondering how long the movie covers, I want to say 9 months because that is how long it takes humans to give birth, while the Jedi Hunt took longer than that.

Gilgamesh Writes:

Tis a travesty to watch the better warrior be losing this battle

Leon Evelake Writes:

boba fett will win only because of pure fanboyism

if you look at the battle from an objective point of view the punisher will win. frank goes up against dozens of well trained killers and walks away, why he’s smart he reaserches his opponent a head of time and determines the best course of action, that and he is frightleny good at killing people

what has mr fett done ...NOTHING he didn’t even catch han solo darth vader gave him solo(now thats bad ass)

Then he gets knocked in to a pit by a blinded guy (totally badassed...right)

The truth is the punisher is stronger faster smarter and far more determined all fett has is cool armor and a legion of rather obsessed fans who fell in love with a minor side character

also he is a clone of jango fett

what the hell kind of origin is that

The Micromanager of the Universe Writes:

well, if boba starts out without his armor, still, a thermal detonator would atomize the entire arena. It only took two to take out Prince Xizor's entire castle. If he gets his jetpack, he can throw one (or two if extremely necessary) and fly away to safty while their 1 or 2 minute countdown elapses. If punisher finds Boba's jetpack, he will end up completly out of control of it and will ram into a wall. Also, only like, 2 out of the 50 people gave reasonable reasons why the punisher should win.

Norse two Writes:

Many jerk's hear seem's to for got that Boba Fett has an own comic there he proves what he is made of. Ok we all know that he is a clone of Jango.

Punisher is not better then Boba Fett in skills. Boba Fett is not better then Punisher in skills.

Batman2 Writes:

Man the punisher is cool and all but Boba he gust has that gear. But the punisher migth stand a chance if he gets a hold of some armour percing weaponry or a laser gun. Remeber they have to find weapons over this obstical course. Oh, What the F*uck am I saying its all voting the only reason they have us write these things are that they what to get some cobat ideas to make the figth more ineresting. ( Im just kiden I love this site.) ( and the chick with the sword)

AtomicKitKat Writes:

"You people seem to allway's talk about Boba Fett in the move's.

But hello, he has own comics and novels to. In them he is the best."

Normally, comics are canon, and movies are not. HOWEVER, in this case, Boba's role is canon in the movie. More importantly, are the comics written by Lucas? Or just LICENSED by Lucas? If they're licensed, then they really aren't canon, seeing as it's just another fanboy writing for him.

As for the Punisher movie, IIRC there are two. One was made back in the 1980s(1990s?), with, I think Dolph Lundgren. Or maybe I'm thinking of Die Hard. :P

Checking IMDB...

Yes, here we go, The Punisher, 1989.

General consensus is that it beats the current movie(let's face it, almost any movie with a post 200lb Travolta in it is likely to suck)

AtomicKitKat Writes:

See, therein lies the problem. George Lucas has basically sold out. You fanboys can proclaim all you want that "Boba Fett is the greatest of all time!" but at the end of the day, his overhyped Mandalorian armour didn't do JACK against NATURAL WEAPONS. He got pwned by little more than the galactic equivalent of an arena lion. I've already stated this time and again, as have many others. Boba the Jobber is winning only because of Episode 3 hype.

Crazyking Writes:

Dudes, are you kidding me? Punisher would whup bob fett.

1: Punisher way more vicious and eager to kill.

2:Boba fett got creamed in two seconds by luke in RETURN OF THE JEDI.

Bobby Storm Writes:

Yep, it was Episode II that Jango beats Obi Wan, then gets killed by Mace Windu. Lapse of attention on my part, Matt. We all do it from time to time. However, I'm sure most people understood what movie I was talking about.

Vinnie Writes:

Boba Fett is legendary. Although we havent seen him in that much action in the Star Wars films, we know that he is one bad mother f**ker! And its due to bad luck that caused his death, and if I knoe Boba Fett he probably escaped the Sarlc Pit.

WolfZword Writes:

Boba Fett will find a way to make a very heavy object fall on the Punisher. Will walk up to barely alive Punisher. Will finish him off with useless questions. Punisher dies in the middle of one question. Fett puts a card in his hand with phrase, "You were pwned by Boba Fett." Will question why he kills. Will see someone and kill him. Will remember he kills because it freakin' rocks. Leaves.

CavScout240 Writes:

Much respect to the Punisher,but my man Fett's got this.Both these guys are resourceful,tough and downright mean but Boba Fett has a few advantages.1-Fett has experience tracking the scum of a GALAXY,aliens with strange abilities,powerful men with access to scary technology,and criminals ruthless enough to slaughter worlds,the Punisher fights the Mafia,who are savage and all that but c'mon....2-Boba Fett has more advanced gear and access to a starship,all the Punisher's got is some nerd in a cool van.3-the Mandoloran battle armor...'nough said.Despite the Punisher's toughness and experience...he goes down after Fett shoots him with the rope gun and leaves him in an old warehouse staring at a thermal detonator realizing who the man really is.....

Farfignugen Writes:

That's because the overwhelming majority of those who are going to vote have voted. Now there's just stragglers wandering in, and only two kinds of stragglers.

Blindly devoted Fette groupies who wouldn't know a girl's bottom from her top

And geeks who look at Fette groupies, and suddenly understand why normal people look at us and shake their heads sadly.

Punisher had a big early lead, but the majority of votes were done while Ep3 was still going strong. Once more, Bobba Fett proves that hype beats substance

T-Bear Writes:

The Punisher vs. Boba Fett, my money is on the

Punisher. Like he did to Howard Saint's orgaiztion, He'll would take out Boba's bounty hunter team one by one and go for the big fish:Boba. After beating the crap out of him, the Punisher would tied this loser to his ship Slave One via his ankel. Once the ship is set on auto and crash it on the Death Star as a message to Darth Vader and the Silth: I'll be gunning for you.

I can't wait for the Punisher take on Darth Vader and the Silth

The One Who Knows Everything! Writes:

Hmmmmm..close one.....NOT! Boba Fett is the most ruthless bounty hunter in the StarWars universe, if not every universe. Hes mastered Mandalorian War styles and many more, hes the clone or son of Jango Fett(who was killed by one of the most powerful jedi masters, Mace Windu, Jay, you crackhead.Frank Castle, is a bad bad man, but he gets his ass heanded to him alot for as little he hands out.

1)Mandalorian Armor over some cheap elastic spandax suit and leather jacket.

2) Lasers or bullets? c'mon! I think Lasers!

3) Fett all the way!

The One Who Knows Everything! Writes:

Hmmmmm..close one.....NOT! Boba Fett is the most ruthless bounty hunter in the StarWars universe, if not every universe. Hes mastered Mandalorian War styles and many more, hes the clone or son of Jango Fett(who was killed by one of the most powerful jedi masters, Mace Windu, Jay, you crackhead.Frank Castle, is a bad bad man, but he gets his ass heanded to him alot for as little he hands out.

1)Mandalorian Armor over some cheap elastic spandax suit and leather jacket.

2) Lasers or bullets? c'mon! I think Lasers!

3) Fett all the way!

AndrewSisneros234 Writes:

Ya know, i give props to Frankie Castle cause he has no powers and is a stone cold killer. Hes a badass,but he isnt half the man Boba Fett is.Fett in the eyes of many is just a side character in Star Wars, yeah in the movies. Boba owns his own comics just like Punisher, and he deals out damage as much as he takes it. Frank would falls to his knees to a laser blast, but boba stood up to the Sith Lord, Darth Vader himself, and gave ol Anakin a fight. Boba Fett is the Main MAN, and punisher is a poser of an assasin. Ol Frank Castle needs a proper burial, maybe beside his dead family perhaps! HA. Fett will smoke his ass with his blaster rifles, and Puinsher wil be punished

Bounty Hunter X Writes:

Boba Fett is the best of the best, while Punihser is on a planet of weak people. May think that it will take some time but Boba's gonna win! :)

The Micromanager of the Universe Writes:

It would by really cool if all of a sudden, the marvel universe showed up, punisher killed them all, then Boba shoots punisher with a sniper rifle!

Jo Momma said... Writes:

Ya know, i take a glimpse at the cotenders in this fight. And the one thing that comes to my mind is Punisher with a frown on his face with a smokin laser hole in his gut. Boba Fett would destroy Punisher, period. Boba Fett, with his perfect aim would take out Frank Castle in a blink. If Castle could get a hit on the Fett, a bullrt on mandalorion armor, that like flinging a peanut at a metal pole. Fett takes the win, and castles head for a trophy.

Hyperstorm Writes:

People keep saying that Boba Fett escaped from the sarlak pit. Did he do that in anything other than the comic book? If so, what other formats did it happen in.

Batman2 Writes:

I gotta say on this Battle Boba Fett all the way. That Maldorien Battle armor is prety tougth. His armor even has its own aray of small weapons. ( flame frower, blow guns, tangle cable...) Suw no that my moms gone. I Sea that the blond girl with the sword is still in her corner. Maybe you should convice her to come down and let papa Bat give her the Baterang. Maybe she could suck my weasel counerpart.


This one's not even close.

Punisher - Human with 20th century weaponry that has more brawn than brains.

Boba Fett - Galaxy's most feared bounty hunter from a time more technologically advanced than his foe, who's pretty clever too.

Ok, so the Punisher'll probably let loose with some guns and a few rockets. Big deal. Boba Fett's Mandalorian armour can take that stuff and keep coming. Can the Punisher's Kevlar armour stop blaster bolts and rockets? I think not.

Even if they manage to get some hand to hand in, they're both well trained. Punisher is ex-military, and Boba Fett is a bounty hunter so they can both fight. It'll just be a matter of who can take the most punishment. My money's on Boba Fett, not only because of his armour, but also because if he can withstand being digested by the Sarlacc on Tatooine, he can withstand a few hits from the Punisher without breaking a sweat.

It's time for Boba Fett to lay the smackdown on the Punisher.


So Boba Fett's a clone. So what? That means he's just as good as his original, especially as he was trained by him. And yeah, Jango Fett did have his head handed to him by Mace Windu, but dude, Windu's a freakin' Jedi Master who's the only sole master of the 7th form of lightsaver combat - Vaapad (so aggressive noone else'll use it for fear of being overtaken by the Dark Side). Does the Punisher match Windu in use of the Force or in lightsaber skill? Hell no. It's the Punisher's turn to get punished now!

Han Solo Writes:

You know, Boba never caught me....I was hand delivered to him by people of power and real intelligence. Then I kicked his ass with a WOODEN PADDLE.....while I was blind. Yeah, that Boba fett...he's a real hard guy to beat.....NOT.

Boba Fett Writes:

Good point Han......As long as Punisher doesn't get a hold of a wooden paddle I might win this.

The Star Wars nerd Writes:

Starwars v.s Marvel.

Starwars of course. Not metion that Starwars has been better then Marvel in 40 years.

Moves are allot better then comic's plus that Starwars is the best of them all.

Starwars have only Jedi's and Sith's as "super fighter".

Marvel have the guy's like FF, X-men, avenger and lot's of DR,s.

But Starwars univers will over welm them in superior number.

Even if Magneto can crusch some space ship's it will come more and more untill Magneto is down but why waste resorses on a magneto guy then you can just blow the entire planet up with a death star. Magneto is not all power full. The empire will find a way to disable his magnetic power. Dr. Doom can be a hard nutt to crack but if FF can do it then Grevius and friend's will take care of him. But I must agree that Marvel univers is a hard opponent.

Joe Jim Joe Bob Jim Writes:

Jay is right, except on one count: Jango is the coolest character in Star Wars since Darth Vader himself! He died the noblest death anyone can. That said, Punisher owns Boba!

the guy who shall show you the way when Writes:

What ho? A foe? Boba Fett shall smite thee with many a thermal detonator, and trusty gun at his side! Some insignifigent gang-like fool from the pages of Marvel hardcore would never have the strength to defeat Boba Fett, mighty bounty hunter, withj just his silly little human guns! Boba will claim victory over Punisher as a truck driver would to a squashed mosquito in his windshield! Mmmmwwwaaaahhaaaahhaaaahhaaaahhhaaaahhaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

qazlp10 Writes:

Break it down to the core:

Boba-human clone


Boba:1 Punsiher:1.5

Boba-laser rifle with cool gadgets in helmet to help aim

Punisher-hand gun, lucky to have a laser pointer

Boba:3 Punisher:2

Boba-thermal detonator


Boba:10frigginmillion Punisher:2

I think this one is in the bag

trozz Writes:

The main point in this battle will be armor, not weapons. It has been duely noted that the laser weapons in the star wars universe can pentrate most armor. But the punisher only wears simple kevlar and leather, wich should be no problem for bobas lasers to pierce. What will decide the match will be wether bobas armor will be able to stop the metal slugs that will be flying at him. If it can, then this match will be done with quicker than a cheese cake at a weight watchers meeting. If however, punishers amo can get through bobas armor, then the match will come down to who is just plain tougher, and we all no that their aint no one tougher than the punisher.

joykiller Writes:

At the end of the day boba fett is just a clone and if we have learned nothing else its that clones suck(clone saga, attack of the clones both sucked point proven) ....oh except were there those hilarious bizzaro clones ..... oh and they turn to dust when you kill them so boba fetts only chanse of winning this fight is that frank has a fatal allergic reaction to clone dust when he ices boba fett

adam Writes:

Well, Punisher and Boba Fett are both tough people, but lets look here:Punisher uses bullets, which may not kill Boba Fett (he has armor) and Boba Fett has a blaster that shoots energy. If that is not enough, Boba Fett has toxic darts, a jet pack, a launchable missle on the jet pack, a flame thrower, wrist rockets, wrist lasers, and, in that helmet, he has thermal vision. Punisher is a bad ass, but he just doesnt have a chance.

jugde try Writes:

you have to take the expanded universe of star wars into consideration; its like not taking the punisher movies into consideration. the eu and the punisher movies were both obviously a-ok-d by characters creators.

Literally Exaggerated Writes:

Punisher killed the Marvel Universe. Boba Fett couldn't even kill Mark Hamill.

Hyperstorm Writes:

Maybe Mark Hamill should run for a high level government office just so we can see how far all of the Star Wars fanboyism can go.



Pat:  Okay, and here come the contestants! Boba Fett walks into the arena casually... is that the French National Anthem I hear?

Jay:  Nice to see you back among the living, Pat. Yes, I'd say Boba's trying to psyche out Frank early. Looks like Mr. Castle has some early shots of his own to take though!

Pat:  I wonder if Bruce is okay with him borrowing the Bat-Signal like that. Boba Fett doesn't look happy, to say the least.

Jay:  And now Frank's jumping down into the arena. Both of them are unarmed, unarmored, and ready to go... the referee gives the signal!

Pat:  And Frank immediately charges for Boba Fett! He's not wasting any time searching for weaponry, he's going straight for some hand-to-hand action!

Jay:  Boba seems ready for it though. Perhaps he's learned not to underestimate the melee capabilities of earthlings...

Pat:  You're right, Jay; in fact, I'd say Frank may have overestimated his opponent this time. Boba easily counters The Punisher's opening blows and knocks him on his back with a blow to the chest!

Jay:  Frank rolls back, but he's not charging in again. He's spotted something...

Pat:  And so has Fett! The Punisher obtains a blaster, while Boba Fett gets... a lightsaber? Can he use that?

Jay:  From the looks of those swings I'd say he can. Frank's finding out quickly that lightsabers are effective against laser blasters...

Pat:  Boba Fett's no Jedi, but it looks like he's learned enough about them to deflect one or two shots and dodge the rest. Frank tosses the blaster aside and retreats to find something more useful.

Jay:  Now it's Boba Fett's turn to try to take the fight to melee! Frank has ducked out of sight for the moment, but Fett's hot on his trail!

Pat:  Looks like Frank's found more items... is that a Jet Pack?

Jay:  Boba Fett will have a hard time catching him now... wait, Frank isn't putting it on! He's going to get sliced in half if he doesn't do something soon!

The Punisher:  Here, I think you dropped this.

Pat:  OUCH! Frank fires up the Jet Pack and lets it fly right into Fett! Boba goes flying into the wall!

Jay:  He's still got a hand on the lightsaber, but he's stunned! Frank should have plenty of time to find a suitable weapon now.

Pat:  He'll have to find something pretty tough to win this. Boba Fett looks really ticked off.

Jay:  Would a grenade launcher work, Pat? 'cause The Punisher looks like he's about to hand out some punishment with one.

Pat:  The roles of cat and mouse are quickly reversed again, as that lightsaber won't do much to protect against explosives. Boba Fett doesn't seem phased though. In fact, he's not backing down at all!

Jay:  If he can get close enough, that grenade launcher won't be of much help to The Punisher. Frank fires...

Pat:  Dead on target, but Boba Fett rolls clear of the blast! He's still running right for Frank!

Jay:  He's going to have to ditch the grenade launcher if he wants to be fast enough to... holy cow! Is it just me or is The Punisher about to fire right at the ground in front of him?

Pat:  Frank Castle's crazy enough to try it Jay! Boba Fett's suddenly hesitant to advance...

Jay:  And I, for one, can't blame him. Fett takes cover...

Pat:  Frank's doing something... no, now he's dropping the grenade launcher and running again! Fett sees an opportunity and charges forward...

Grenade Launcher:  *KABOOOOM!*

Jay:  A booby-trap! Boba Fett just barely avoided being blown to bits!

Pat:  Nice alliteration, Jay. The lightsaber was damaged in the explosion, however...

Jay:  Once again, both contestants are unarmed! They're looking around for more weaponry...

Pat:  One pistol for each! No time for a standoff, both bounty hunters grab their weapons and fire!

Jay:  Boba Fett is the first to connect! The Punisher takes a shot in the arm!

Pat:  Frank returns fire, but misses. They've taken cover and are trading off a few more shots.

Jay:  There's not much ammo left in those pistols, Pat. Frank's shrugging off the pain...

Pat:  Both contestants have been injured but are still fighting, Jay. Looks like they're both out of rounds, though.

Jay:  This time it's Boba Fett running away. Frank doesn't seem to be interested in tailing him though, he's looking for a new weapon of his own.

Pat:  This could take a while, Jay. There are hardly any other weapons left in this area...

The Punisher:  Got to find something to use before--

Boba Fett:  I return?




'Nuff Said!


The Punisher: 2752

Boba Fett: 2941




Pat:  Ouch... laser blast right to the face. How'd Fett find that weapon so fast?

Jay:  Take a good look, Pat. That's the same weapon The Punisher dropped earlier.

Pat:  Ahh, a smart move indeed. Another laser blast puts The Punisher in pretty bad shape. The ref is coming out quickly to signal a victory for the intergalactic hunter.

Jay:  Well, it's nothing a week in plastic surgery won't fix.

Pat:  Very true, Jay, very true. That about wraps things up for this week. I'm Pat Summers...

Jay:  And I'm Jay Peoples. See you next time!



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