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Issue #182 - Feb. 23, 2005


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Venom vs. Lobo

There Goes the Neighborhood


Venom - Part Eddie Brock, Part Alien Symbiote, and All Anti-Parker, Venom spends a good part of his life consumed by anger at his adversary, and a desire for revenge. A strong-armed brawler with Spidey-like abilities to boot, Venom has no problem with taking out his anger in the Arena.

Lobo - Self-proclaimed "Main Man" and scum of the universe, Lobo is the last of his kind (by choice), and certainly one-of-a-kind. A real tough guy who tends to annoy the hell out of every superhero he runs into, he's always up for a fight.

Live this week in the Arena of Khazan... it's been far too long since a good old-fashioned bar-room brawl, and these two contestants are more than happy to provide some rough-'n-tumble entertainment. They'll be slugging it out 'til sunrise in a battle we had to call...


Pat:   Good evening folks, we are LIVE at the Khazan Arena! It's a packed crowd tonight to watch these two brawlers have at it. Hello and welcome, I'm Pat Summers.

Jay:   And I'm Jay Peoples. We're just about to get things started, the audience is on their feet and ready for some action! For this battle, we've upgraded the Urban Grid with a fully functioning Khazan Roadhouse and Saloon.

Pat:   That's right, Jay. Audience members who were brave enough to venture down there earlier could enjoy a fine variety of drinks and finger foods... of course, once Lobo arrived, all but the most strong-willed immediately fled back to the stands, and who can blame them?

Jay:   Not me, Pat. And I can almost assure you the rest of them will be clearing out now. Here comes Venom into the Arena!

Pat:   Things could heat up any moment, so let's take a quick break for viewer comments...



What YOU thought about the match:

El Kabong Writes:

It doesn't really look like a battle on paper. After all, Lobo is a superpower who can stand toe to toe with Superman. Venom regularly fights a much weaker foe in Spider-Man. However there's a few things to take into account:

-Venom has access to a more creative power base than Lobo. He can use a form of webbing similar to Spider-Man's. He has Spidey's wallcrawling powers. He has a chameleon-like ability to blend in with his surroundings.

-Venom has well pronounced weaknesses. If The Main Man gets his hands on a flamethrower or sonic gun, Eddie's toast.

-Venom is more driven than Lobo. All Lobo wants is cheap booze, loose women, and easy money. If he can get those, he's cool. If someone were to point at Lobo and say "Hey look! He threatens babies and pushes over old ladies!" then Venom would go nutzo and Lobo would have to suddenly fight for his life.

-And as I said before, Lobo is MUCH stronger then Venom.

The fight will simply come down to who wants to win it more. If Lobo can be incited to fight with everything he has, then Venom doesn't stand a chance. But then, Venom IS an obsessive nutjob who will keep fighting with both of his arms missing and that ugly jaw ripped off.

The Comic Master Writes:

The symbiot has a few weaknesses an aversion to sonics, and fire can hurt it. Now the main man may not be able to use sonics, yet he may be able to get his hands on a space aged flame thrower. I'd wonder though what would happen if Venom bonded to Lobo whoa he'd be one mean customer.

The Great Me Writes:

It's the Main Man vs. The Symbiote Psycho.

It'll be long and violent. There will be much damage and destruction.

But in the end, there will be only one winner.

And that one winner will be Lobo, who will be holding the mutilated body of Venom above his head.

You just don't fuck with The Main Man.

You're in the Matrix Charlie Brown Writes:

Lobo's gonna take it. He terrorized heaven and hell when he temporarily died. Is Venom capable of that? He hates loud noises for heaven's sake! Almost nothing can hurt Lobo. I may be a bigger Spidey fan than Supes, but Lobo will take it.

Lord X-spider Writes:

This is almost as big a miss-match as Wolverine vs Lobo was.

Sure Venom is a little stronger than Spider-man. Lobo is close to Superman strength.

Sure the symbiote has stopped bullets to keep Eddie alive. Lobo takes rockets headon and smiles.

Sure Venom is a brutal murderer. Lobo was kicked out of HELL because they were afraid of him.

Lobo will rip off the symbiote, put it in a tube and start using it as toothpaste! What he´ll do to Eddie we shall not speak of.

Bad Samaritan Writes:

Venom - Has a severe hatred for a dorky guy with no social life who gets his rocks off by swining around on some string in red and blue tights.

Lobo - has a severe hatred for just about everything that annoys him, and gets his rocks off by constantly pestering a dorky guy with no social life who wears red and blue tights.

Venom - 1

Lobo - 1

Venom - Had his mind taken over by some has been symbiote that cant even control a nerd like spider man.

Lobo - If he has a mind, I dont think anything would want in it.

Venom - 1

Lobo - 2

Venom - Cant even beat a guy in red and blue tights.

Lobo - Blew up his plant with a high school science experimant. Now beats up on superheroes.

Venom - 1

Lobo -3

Venom - Travels via web lining.

Lobo - Travels vie intergalactic motorcycle.

Venom - 1

Lobo - 4

Venom - One track mind: Kill spiderman

Lobo - One track mind: Travel universe, have a blast doing it.

Venom - 1

Lobo - 5

Final result, lobo will shove a massive bomb up Venoms' ass, set it off, and go drink wine with high class wenches afterwards.

Edward Norton Writes:

Well,since Tyler is too busy masturbating,I thi9nk the responsability to give a fight analyzis falls on me.

Anyway,Lobo is gonna utterly destroy Venom faster than you can say"friggin frag":

-Both are equally matched in terms of strength.But Venom's strength comes mostly from the alien symbiote.There is few muscles in Venom's body that are from Eddie Brock.Lobo,on the other hand,uses ALL of his muscles.

Lobo 1 Venom 0

-What does Venom uses for transportation?Nada,if I remember correctly.Lobo,OTOH,uses his badass space bike.Ergo,he can just run Venom over with it.

Lobo 2 Venom 0

-Lobo has a lot of firearms.He can just shoot Venom.

Lobo 3 Venom 0

-Both have long range weapons,Venom's webbing and Lobo's chains.Venom could smother Lobo with his webbing,and Lobo could choke Venom with his chains.There are even there.

Lobo 4 Venom 1

-Both are murderers,but come on.Venom either kills to feed himself,or kills to avenge the blood of innocents.Ergo,the ONLY one who considers him a homicidal maniac is Spider-Man,and he sees EVERYONE WHO KILLS as a homicidal maniac(I can just picture him now,entering a meat shop and yelling at the butcher:"NO!How dare you take the life of those poor innocent cows for humans to eat them!You are an evil murderer!You need help!I SHALL STOP YOU!")

Lobo kills for sport and joy.He really IS an insane murderer.

Lobo 5 Venom 1

-While we are on that point,I shall point to you that Lobo is the closest thing a person will ever be of becoming a Gremlin.Lobo,just like the Gremlins,enjoys destruction,mayhem and chaos,and loves to blow things up.Venom still has somewhat of a rational mind.

Lobo 6 Venom 1

-True,Venom has The RAGE(TM)at Lobo because he spilled lots of innocent blood,but Lobo has both Mentos Level Coolness(TM)and The Babe Factor(because of all the hot babes he hangs out with)(TM).

Lobo 7 Venom 1

-Venom fights Spider-Man.Lobo fights Superman.It has already been established at The Fight Club website that Superman can beat Spider-Man(and Batman while he's at it).Therefore,someone who beats Superman can beat someone who beats Spider-Man:

Lobo > Superman

Venom > Spider-Man

Superman > Spider-Man


Superman = Venom


Lobo > Venom

Lobo 8 Venom 1

-Last time we saw Venom,he was dying of cancer.Lobo is at top of his health.All Lobo need is a good punch in the lungs and Venom will start coughing blood and shaking.Also,the fact that Venom is a cancer patient means that he can drop dead at anytime.

Lobo 9 Venom 1

-Lobo has a movie,"The Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special",where he kills Santa Claus to fill a bounty from The Easter Rabbit.Does Venom has a movie?NO.

Lobo 10 Venom 1

The result is that Lobo blasts Venom a couple of times with a bazooka,then runs him over with his bike,then slashes his remains with his bigass chains.Then he grabs some fine booze and gets laid.HAIL TO THE KING,BABY!

Evil Eddie Writes:

OH Hell Yeah!! Now this is more like it. A "Real" comic battle unlike the *YAWN* last one. (Sorry, guys!) And comics are what I know best so here we go...

First, I know a lot of people are going to say "...but Lobo fought Superman!!" Well LADDI FREAKIN' DA!! First of all, if you will remember in that particular battle, Superman was just holding back until he eventually just got annoyed with Lobo and finally punched him into orbit...and secondly, VENOM HAS FOUGHT SUPERMAN TOO! Oh, yes he did! Need I remind you? Check out D.C. Vs. Marvel : All-Access issue #1. Not only did Venom go toe-to-toe with Superman but fought Spider-man too in the same battle.

Now granted Venom doesn't have Lobo's strength, invulnerbility, or uncanny tracking abilities, but Venom is a whole hell of a lot smarter. Remember, he's got Eddie Brock AND Peter Parker's memories and the symbiote has traveled across countless worlds and faced an endless number of alien races over billions of years. The two species have probably already locked horns sometime in the past. Lobo is just another idiot alien compared to the symbiote. Let's see how tough the "Main Man" is after the symbiote incapacitates him just long enough until a symbiote tendril slides up Lobo's nostrils, towards his brain, and lobotomizes him permanently. The last thing a drooling and vegitable Lobo sees before his species becomes permanently extinct is Venom's large dagger-like teeth and slobberin' tongue.


"....we've never tasted Czarnian before...tastes a little like chicken!!!" Venom is your new *MAIN MAN*!!!

star screamer Writes:

I don't have a clue who Lobo is..other than he is a DC ripoff of wolverine( to some extent..humor me:>).

Yet I read what was written..if Lobo took on superman...How can anyone chose venom then?

Spiderman is in his own special category..yet Superman is like on a whole different shelf.

Yet I wonder..if Wolverine can stand toe to toe with the hulk..then why is it a joke for wolvernine to take on Lobo.

Surely the green hulk could take on superman? couldn't he?

Evil Eddie (part 2) Writes:

I would like to make another interesting point along with my earlier comments on the battle. Venom has battled some major heavy-hitters in the past like Superman(which I mentioned earlier), The Juggernaut (The Madness mini-series), and even The Freakin' Incredible Hulk (Hulk vs. Venom one-shot)!! Now, anyone that can go toe-to-toe with the likes of those dudes, can more than definately brawl and beat an idiot like Lobo!! Not to mention Venom is the self-proclaimed "Lethal Protector" of innocents. Oh boy, when Venom learns that Lobo is not only responsible for the destruction of his entire species, but countless other innocents throughout his colorful past, he is just going to go ape-$h!t on Lobo's big dumb a$$!! Venom will be dining on Lobo's brain and using his spinal cord for a toothpick!!!

Dustin Prewitt Writes:

Im sorry, this goes against all logic, but I gotta go with Venom... after all, he is my all time fan-favorite character...

Here is how I picture the fight... Lobo, either drunk or on a bounty for alien skin, goes out looking for Venom... accidentaly kills Spider-Man due to mistaking him for Venom in his, shall we say, inebriated state... Venom goes mad crazy, since that HE is the person who is going to kill spider-man, not some loudmouthed defiler of the "innocent"... its going to be bloody, long, and destructive, but what will happen is, the alien costume will ditch eddie, graft itself onto Lobo, then eat lobo away from the inside-out, then graft itself back on to Eddie, then the both of them web-sling away, pleased with ridding the universe with another enemy of "the innocent"

Razorback Writes:

I was gonna vote Lobo....until I read Evil Ernie's comments. I forgot that Supes was holding back on him. And I forgot that venom HAS gone toe to toe with the likes of the Hulk. Superstrength punches cant stop him. It don't seem to matter how much super is in the strength. Physical force just doesn't mean much to the Symbiote. Maybe somebody with mad speed and mad skillz could unload enough physical force to put him down....but Lobo has neither mad speed nor mad skillz. He's just a brawler, and not a particularly bright or driven one at that.

Hulk fought his way through the legions of hell too. And it was the weakened, intelligant hulk at that. Yet venom still put the hulk through the wringer. Comics have taught us something. Hell's legions are comprised of punks and wannabes. Owning the legions of hell doesn't take a whole lot of effort in comicdom, so that's not really a claim to fame.

Venom doesn't need the brute power. He forms blades that can cut the skin of even the invulnerable. Not very deep, but enough to draw blood, enough to hurt, enough to weaken. And that's assuming he doesn't simply suffocate Lobo by flooding his mouth and nostrils, or as Eddie suggest, drive a tendril up into his soft tender drain. Or whatever Lobo has that passes for a brain.

Lobo is not in superman's league. Close enough to vex him yes, but never much more than that.

Though I will say yes, a BONE clawed wolverine never should have had a chance against Lobo. Adamantium-clawed on the other hand....

Psychopathicus Rex Writes:

Oh, come now, people.

Venom VS. Lobo? This isn't a fight, this is a freakin' spit-yer-own symbiote shish-kebab barbecue. Lobo will DRAW AND QUARTER his opponent, and then use the tongue as a natty scarf to ward off the chill outer-space winds. (OK, fine, there are no outer-space winds. Up yours.)

Don't get me wrong - I love me some Venom. Eddie Brock is a teriffic character, even though he's been so overused that it makes strong men quail. And against almost anyone else, I'd say he'd be chowing down on his enemy's spleen. But Lobo? Good grief! Lobo has fought SUPERMAN, and yeah, he's always lost, but he's one of the few guys around who stands a chance of winning against him in an out-and-out brawl. Superman, need I remind you, is a guy who can benchpress entire mountain ranges, or roundabouts, without breaking a sweat. And Lobo could possibly beat him. And you're pitting Venom against him, a man who, for all his coolness as an insane symbiotic villain, is basically just a guy named Eddie in a living super-suit that allows him to pound the crap out of Spider-Man. As opposed to Superman. I somehow doubt that organic webbing is going to make up the difference. I mean, great Googaly Moogaly, what were you THINKING?

There is going to be a large, black stain on the front of Lobo's space-cycle. A large black stain with white eyes and a slobbery tongue. End of story.

Tusk Writes:

It's funny cause I really think a better match-up (due to someones ability to not only clamp on buildings, BUT bring them DOWN) would have been Lobo versus Kaine. This is still a good match-up though.

Ethan Writes:

Come on, Venom is not even in the same category as the main man Lobo. Lobo is invulnerable and able to stand toe-to-toe with the likes of Superman and Captain Marvel.

Venom won't even be able to hurt him.

If Venom was lucky enough to hurt Lobo, Lobo has a healing factor to match Wolverine's. I've Seen Lobo get his arms and legs cut off, intestines pulled from his body and he still reached over stapled himself, yes stapled, back together just so he could keep fighting.

This is a no brainer...

Evil Eddie (part 3) Writes:

First of all, thankyou Razorback for backing me up on this battle(it's Eddie by the way, not Ernie :). It's nice to know their are people out there who read and listen to logic and reasoning; and don't just jump to the first response that comes to their mind. I like to examine the characters and really think about the outcome of the battle with some degree of serious thought. I wish others would do the same on this site.

I am already so sick of reading "...but Lobo fought Superman!" That doesn't mean a whole lot in comics anymore! Bugs Bunny and Muhammad Ali also fought Superman too but you don't see them taking down Venom. For all those people that use this argument, please read mine and Razorback's commentaries and possibly reconsider!

Chainsawmidget Writes:

Venom's at a natural disadvantage here. His main gig to to eat people's brains. Lobo, judging by the way he acts, doesn't have any.

galactus429 Writes:

This fraggin' fight should be the fraggin' bag you fraggin' bastich! Lobo will sink his hook deep into the abdominal region of the anatimical lingo shoutin' Venom and drag his ass half way across the galaxy. And if by some black and white miracle Venom is still alive, Lobo is bound to have a dog whistle somewhere on his hog. Peace out you fraggin bastiches!!!

galactus429 (again) Writes:

Just a comment to "Razorback." How is Venom supposed to suffocate Lobo when he can survive in the vacuum of space unaided.

gumbo Writes:

I voted for Venom.


Because I'm going by the pictures which are the cartoon versions.

The cartoon Venom was uber enough and the cartoon Lobo not as uber in the comics evens the match up considerably.

Throw in that cartoon venom has the reach advantage, a wider variety of attacks with tendrils and webbing, plus he is an intelligent individual whereas Lobo is "not" an intelligent individual and that just seals the deal.

rooster Writes:

Goal: to make a post to diminish the spiderman fanboy love that permeates the comic world.

Solution: Lobo or Venom?

Venom is an even match for spidey. We have stacks of ink @ $4.95 per harping on it. All this "insects are superior" garbage makes me sick.

So if I give it to Venom, then lobo Lobo.

In the end, lobo wa killed and the overgod (whatever his name is in the universe of your choice) brought him back to life. In the venom/spidey universe the highest spiritual power is Autie May. So in the end I say that Lobo beats venom and Batman beats Spidey. The victors chug a beer and wash bug guts from thier boots afterwords. The also rejoice in thier mutual lack of fanbois.


Johnboy Writes:

Only sheer nerd-fanboyism can give this one to Venom. I'm not kidding.

Venom is faster and more agile than Lobo, and just as mean, but in terms of sheer power, he just isn't in Lobo's league. Venom can lift what, 12 tons? That is pretty fearsome to the likes of Spider Man, but Lobo can duke it out with guys like Superman and the Martian Manhunter. Lobo is slower, but so much stronger and tougher that Venom doesn't stand a chance of doing anything but making a clean get away or winding up as a bloody smear on the floor.

This match up would be like pitting Venom against Colossus or the Thing. In a straight fight, Venom is merely annoying; he simply cannot hurt Lobo without the aid of really heavy weaponry. Get it? Got it? Good.

Furthermore, whether Lobo has the power to duplicate himself from drops of his own blood is irrelevant. Simply put, Venom lacks the power to scratch Lobo. You would need at least a heavy anti-tank round just to do that. That is how outmatched Venom is.

Solarice Writes:

I must admit, Lobo has a bit of an advantage here. However, I still believe that Venom can take him. Why?

1st- Venom has something that Lobo doesn't: 'Spider Sense'.

2nd- Despite his bulk, Venom is an agile guy. Not as agile as Spidey, but probably more so than Lobo.

Combining these two pieces of info, It'd be nearly impossible for Lobo to get a direct hit in.

Of course, there's always the chance that the symbiote will find Lobo to be a better host and latch onto him. Then, Brock would be in deep S***!

But I digress. My vote goes to Venom!

The Voice of Reason Writes:

Sorry folks, there is no way in hell that Lobo loses this one to Venom. Let's look at the facts:

Lobo is in Superman's level. Not quite as high as the Man of Steel, but still enough to hold out against the most powerful Superhero of all time. He's also got a bunch of bada$$ weapons, due to his bounty hunter status.

Venom is powerful. He's stronger than Spider-Man, but not nearly as strong as Carnage. Lobo could chew up Carnage for breakfast. Venom could give Lobo a bit of a workout, but not much before The Main Man squishes his head like a grape.

Now don't take this the wrong way. I love Venom. I prefer Venom to Lobo. But I am a realist, and I know that Lobo would win. Don't base this off of the Marvel/DC matches. I know Wolverine won, but c'mon! that was a popularity contest, pure and simple. (it all was...I mean Storm beating Wonder Woman? wow that's moronic.)

The only thing any DC/Marvel matchup got right was the Supes/Thor match in JLA/Avengers! Suck on that pitiful Marvelites!

Oh anyway. Sorry about the rant. Lobo takes it, while breaking a slight sweat.

Man-Of-Many-Names Writes:

Venom is outclassed completely.

I mean, wasn't it stated that Lobo's a cosmic biker? Just the word "cosmic" should tell you the outcome. I mean, I know Spidey's a resectable character (the best around in my opinion) but he couldn't hang with Lobo, and Spidey has put the kibosh on another cunning, more evil Venom than Brock was, and he could not hang with Lobo. Venom won't stand a chance.

Galvatron Writes:

The only way I can see Venom taking this one is if he uses the symbiote to crawl inside of Lobo through his nose or mouth and start tearing him up from the inside, but since we know Lobo is Superman-like tough on the outside I am betting he is just as tough on the inside. Lobo gets my vote.

Teron_Gorfiend Writes:

I see venom taking this fight. Venom has the advantage here because

(A)He can blend into the surroundings like a chameleon

(B)Venom doesnt just get his name because both Eddie and the Symbiot hate Parker. Venom's bite is highly toxic (he ended up killing the sandman with just it).

The Symbiot side of the relationship enhances Eddies physical strength (meaning he lift alot more then the wall crawler). With the strength to match Lobo it should be a close fight, with Venom pulling the victory.

FYI Writes:

Yeah, we know. I know very well that Thor would beat Lobo, there's no questioning that. But Wolvy would NOT be able to beat the Main Man, and Lobo WOULD put up a fight against Thor. He would lose, yes, but he would give Thor a few bruises.

So there. Not saying that Thor would lose, they were just saying that it would be a GOOD FIGHT. Unlike the way this one should be. VENOM SHOULD GET ROCKED YOU MORONS!

Han Solo's Clone Writes:

It seems that some of Venom voters have listed some of misconceptions about him. I will try to clear some of them up.

The symbiote has never been able to sucessfully take over anyone's mind. It can only combine some of its traits with the person that it is bonded with.

Some people who are voting for Venom are overrating the experience that the symbiote itself has gained when it was not attached to Eddie Brock. The symbiote itself is only slightly smarter than an animal. It dosen't learn as well as an average human would.

Venom does NOT have spider sense. The suit can mimic some of Spider Man's powers and gadgets with its own abilities, but can't copy the powers of someone that it has bonded with outright.

Venom would loose against Lobo.

Captain Josh Writes:

First of all thanks for picking my fight idea.

It comes down to what can happen in the fight. The Symboite will see that lobo is a better host than eddie brock and it will try to join with him. But Lobo has givin Superman a run for his money so i think in the end Lobo will come out on top.

Dark Queen Writes:

Don't get me wrong, I love Venom, but I just couldn't vote for him. My reason: Venom will never be featured, at least to my knowledge, in the Spider-man movies because the director absolutly hates this character.

I want to see this character on the big screen, but I never will, and I am tired of holding on to a dream.

Plus, chicks dig motorcycles.

Johnny Writes:

Well, Venom is going to win. You know why? Because Venom is just the best Spiderman character ever.


Spiderman's Most Hated Enemy (besides Hobgoblin): Plus

Cool Suit: Plus

Cool Design on Suit: Plus

Uses 'we' when talking: Plus

Just plain rocks: Plus

Oh yeah, and he drools = Plus

Dusty Writes:

Come on people! This is the Main Man we are talking about! He can go toe to toe with Superman for crying out loud! And he is voiced by Brad Garret! That alone should be enough to make you people vote for him. Vot people vote!

Logan W. Logan Writes:

Always bet on the guy with the cooler motocycle.

Tony Dimera Writes:

Come on people, this may look like a good fight but Venom is so out classed it's not funny.

Lobo once beat up SUPERMAN! Venom hasn't even beat up Spiderman.

Lobo smashes a beer bottle on Venom, then lights him on fire with a cigeratte lighter.

As Vemon is in agony Lobo grabs him and breaks Eddie Brock's neck.

Then goes to Spiderman, to collect the bounty on Venom's head.

"Thanks Lobo, I've wanted to get rid of that freak for years."

T-1000 Writes:

Ok, this is a massive slaughter, with Lobo as a clear winner here. This much is obvious to anyone who takes the time to carefully examine the contenders.

Venom: Eddie Brock is a very deranged man with almost olympic athlete level strength on account of all the weight lifting he does. With the alien symbiote bonded to him, this gives him the strength to smack Spider-Man around. At his best, his strength is comparable to the Thing from the Fantastic Four, if that. He has all of Spider-Man's other powers (except for Spider-sense) as well as an assortion of morphing and camoflauge abilities provided to him by his symbiote. His symbiote has even been known to extend tendrils of itself for various purposes. However, his symbiote can be driven off in pain by fire or intense sound. So far, it's the only noteworthy chink in his armor.

Lobo: Lobo is one of the meanest fighters in the entire galaxy. In addition to possesing a healing factor that gives him a virtually limitless capacity for taking punishment, he is actually immortal on top of that (this is due to the fact that neither heaven or *hell* wants him). His strength is on par with Superman, and he regularly walks away from mortal wounds (such as having the top of his head blasted off, or half his body burned away, etc).

This is not a fight. Even assuming that Lobo doesn't exploit Venom's weaknesses to fire and sound, he still has more than enough strength to match and exceed Venom's capacity for taking punishment. Lobo has fought Superman to a standstill, so he can easily handle Venom. And worse comes to worse, and Lobo should have actually have a hard time (yeah right), he is likely to pull out a nuke, waste the entire area, and then crawl out of smoulding remains uttering to himself "Fraggin looser. Couldn't keep his radition down!"

Hiromi Writes:

All I can say for Venom is that he won't go down without a fight. He's taken a thrashing from old school Juggernaught without giving up. He DID get his ass kicked but that brings me to my next point. He's undergone a massive upgrade recently where he ditched Brock and merged with Scorpion, a guy who was about class 30 BEFOREHAND, which would make him now around class 50 with all his speed and other tricks. Now does all this mean he;s not getting his ass kicked by Mr. "I can be punched into orbit by Superman and not die" Lobo? No. All it means is that he won't get his ass kicked AS BADLY.

Staff Writes:

I don't know much on Lobo except that he's some intergalactic jerk with a chip on his shoulder, a Harley Davidson Motorcycle, and super strength. Didn't he get his ass kicked by Superman and Wolverine?

Brock's a nasty dude. He disappears and spins webs. He's just about as fast as Spidey and about as strong as Lobo. Hey, if he cheeses, and keeps webbing Lobo in the face, blinding him, he'll eventually knock his funny looking ass out.

deathquest Writes:

i just gotta say, last fight was amazing. Anywho, Venom should take this fight. His sick laugh is enough to send Lobo crying all the live long day

Wrath Lash, The Doppelganger of Shao Kah Writes:

Lobo is a punk who's IQ means nothing!

While Venom has true potential!

As both Eddie Brock and Venom, Venom has defeated a team of five Cybersapien alien trackers that draw their strength from each other after death to become more stronger!

Until finally they were stronger than Lobo in S.S.M.E. Super Strength Measurements Equations.

So that says it all for me!

Venom is the Lethal Protector

Deathstroke Writes:

Lobo will take this battle over Venom for the following reasons(1)Lobo has strength in the same league as superman,while Venom is only a bit stronger than spider-man(2)Lobo has super-speed and superhuman endurance(3)Fantastic leaping ability(4)He is an unparalleled brawler(5)Lastly he can replicate himself into an army of clones.In other words,Venom stands no chance

Thorne Writes:

Here's a Lobo primer, for those that aren't familiar with the biggest fraggin' bastich in the known and unknown galaxy:

Lobo is known as the last Czarnian. Czarnians, as a race, had a regenerative power that would let them survive just aobut anything and were effectively immortal. Lobo killed them all as a science project (he gave himself an A). He created bugs that served him and put the Czarnians in such extreme pain that the only release was death. Thusly did Lobo become unique.

In his monthly series, issue 26, he got in a duel with Erik the Khund. They began swordfighting, and gradually the fight escalated. The last weapons that each fighter used? Nuclear bombs (more powerful than hydrogen bombs). Lobo walked out carrying the Khund's head on a pike.

Lobo can not die. He did, once. He then destroyed Heaven and Limbo and had a blast in Hell, and in the bargain managed to piss off Death Herself (Neil Gaiman's Death, to boot). Well, the gods didn't really like this so when Lobo came back up (due to a series of reincarnation mishaps), he literally fought and killed all of the angels and gods in the DCU, save the Source himself (who had a blast watching the fight on TV). The end result is that Lobo is immortal, as Death won't take him and Heaven and Hell won't have him.

As has been said before, he's gone toe to toe with Superman, and usually their fights have ended in draws. He's also gone solo against the Authority with Jenny Quantum, and tied them (destroying Jenny's belief in Christmas in the process). He was called "a homicidal concept" by The Engineer. To give you an idea of how strong the Authority is, their low end members could beat the piss out of Superman. Lobo can also survive in vacuum rather easily.

Lobo can track a target across the galaxy. All he needs is a scent. For example, in Lobo/Hitman, both of his eyes were shot out and he tracked the Hitman through Gotham without seeing him. Chameleon powers won't mean a thing.

To break it down, as simple as I can, Venom is a crazy bodybuilder in a crazy supersuit. Lobo is an insane supergenius that can not die and can solo *teams* of superheroes.

The outcome is clear.

Warprince Writes:

Tough fight. But in the end I think Venom will win. I don't know Lobo to have any sonic attacks and even if he did he probably wouldn't think to use it. After that its a basic slugger. I think Lobo will give a hell of a fight but Venom's symbiotic powers should give him the edge. Remember, anything spidey can do, Venom can do better(Except think), and Spidey can beat everything from Superman clones to heralds of Galactus.

Koba Writes:

Are you out of your MIND? Spider-Man beating Firelord was stupid writing and a complete freak occurence; Firelord has taken full-power shots from Mjolnir and come right back. Thor and his hammer have cracked planets in half before. For Spider-Man to have beaten him with something as comparatively insignificant as an exploding gas station is borderline retarded. It was an abherration.

Spider-Man has never beaten a Superman clone in continuity.

Venom fans keep saying "Lobo doesn't have sonics!" and they still refuse to answer the simple question of how in the world Venom can hurt Lobo, and hurt him bad enough to keep him down for the count. The answer is, simply, he can't. He simply does not die, ever, and Venom can't change that.

So, repeat after me:

Venom cannot hurt Lobo.

Venom cannot hurt Lobo.

Venom cannot hurt Lobo.

Venom cannot hurt Lobo.

Venom cannot hurt Lobo.

Venom cannot hurt Lobo.

Venom cannot hurt Lobo...

Max Writes:

Few quick facts:

Superboy lost to Spider-Man.

Firelord, herald of Galactus, lost to spiderman.

Venom goes toe to toe with Spidey. He looses cause of mental strength, not physical.

If Lobo is as tough as Superman, how'd Wolverine beat him? You think Logan can take Supes?

Thorne Writes:

If we count Marvel vs. DC, then we count all of Lobo's crossovers, meaning that Lobo can take multiple gods at the same time wearing nothing but a pansy toga. So, all you Venom loving bastiches, you're saying Venom can solo pantheons now? I'm sorry, but I forget the part where Venom beats Thor. Oh right, he can't.

Think of it like this: Uncle 'Bo can go toe-to-toe with Superman, who is Thor level powerful. Thusly, 'Bo can go toe-to-toe with Thor, and since Venom can't dare do anything like that (for he will get a beating he won't even remember, it will be so bad), we can only conclude that 'Bo beats Venom.

Of course, this assumes JLA/Avengers, which is more recent and overrides Marvel/DC.

Koba Writes:

Spider-Man beating Firelord is just plain stupid, unless anyone is seriously willing to argue that Peter hits as hard as Thor. Spidey beating Superboy isn't just stupid (though admittedly considerably less), it's not in continuity. The first is a fluke and an anomaly, the second never happened.

Neither of those feats count. Even if the latter did, it wouldn't matter much, since Superboy isn't nearly as powerful as Superman is. That fight was decided by letting readers vote. It was a popularity contest, nothing more.

Lobo can harm Justice League/Avengers-level beings with his strength. Venom can't. What Venom can do, on the other hand, is die.

Lobo can't.

HalloweenJack Writes:

I like Venom. He's an awesome villain (well THEY are) with a grudge against their archenemy. Venom's even a complex villain who knows right from wrong and will tear up the bad guys and protect the innocent just as often as he'll mess up Spidey. He's strong, bad, nasty, and downright mean.

I also hate Lobo. To me he's one of the most boring characters I've ever seen (no disrespect to Lobo fans. I like the guy on Justice League and Superman TAS). I don't really like Lobo.

That said, Lobo knocks Venom out with one punch and proceeds to burn away the symbiote with some weapon or even the thrusters on his bike.

Venom's definately a tough mid-level guy, dangerous as hell, but he's not near invincible.

Lobo on the other hand is a guy who beat the hell out of Superman while drunk. He's going to beat Venom.

Torint Writes:

I don't know who this Lobo guy is. And I don't care. Venom is the baddest ^%#%$^#!^ on the planet. Think Spidey, with unlimited webbing, who can lift more than a few dozen pounds. And he has poisonous sharp teeth. If he sinks those chompers into Lobo's grey hide, he will do the same thing that the Sandman did. That's right. Turn into a puddle of goo.

Mr. Vile Writes:

Much as I love Spidey, Lobo takes this one. Superman- way too powerful, right? Can do too much, right? A wealth of abilities that rarely make sense, but as long as plotlines require them, it's cool. Check out Seanbaby's Super Friends page if you want a little more convincing. Superman is way too overpowered, and that's why he's always fighting the same old cosmic baddies bent on universal domination/destruction. Lobo has gone toe to toe with Superman. He's saved the world from Despero (Despero who, mind you, shrugged off the combined might of the JLA and JSA) and done even more. I mean, Venom is strong, make no mistake. But the Main Man is going to kick his symbiote-covered ass.

Thorne Writes:

Just because Evil Eddie is taken as some sort of authority, I've taken the ten minutes it took to refute all of his points. Here you go:

Evil Eddie Wrote:

I would like to make another interesting point along with my earlier comments on the battle. Venom has battled some major heavy-hitters in the past like Superman(which I mentioned earlier), The Juggernaut (The Madness mini-series), and even The Freakin' Incredible Hulk (Hulk vs. Venom one-shot)!! Now, anyone that can go toe-to-toe with the likes of those dudes, can more than definately brawl and beat an idiot like Lobo!! Not to mention Venom is the self-proclaimed "Lethal Protector" of innocents. Oh boy, when Venom learns that Lobo is not only responsible for the destruction of his entire species, but countless other innocents throughout his colorful past, he is just going to go ape-$h!t on Lobo's big dumb a$$!! Venom will be dining on Lobo's brain and using his spinal cord for a toothpick!!!

Thorne writes: Venom can get as pissed off and nasty as he wants. Lobo is still going to stomp a mudhole in him and start wiping his bum with a symbiote. What you fail to realize is stalemating Superman is a *low end* showing for Lobo. In continuity, Lobo has solo’d gods and demigods, fighting and kicking the snot out of the legions of heaven and hell. Not to mention A Contract on Gawd, where Lobo fights and kills two omnipotent beings at the source of their power. The minute Venom can solo deities, tell me.

Evil Eddie wrote a bit earlier:

OH Hell Yeah!! Now this is more like it. A "Real" comic battle unlike the *YAWN* last one. (Sorry, guys!) And comics are what I know best so here we go...

First, I know a lot of people are going to say "...but Lobo fought Superman!!" Well LADDI FREAKIN' DA!! First of all, if you will remember in that particular battle, Superman was just holding back until he eventually just got annoyed with Lobo and finally punched him into orbit...and secondly, VENOM HAS FOUGHT SUPERMAN TOO! Oh, yes he did! Need I remind you? Check out D.C. Vs. Marvel : All-Access issue #1. Not only did Venom go toe-to-toe with Superman but fought Spider-man too in the same battle.

Now granted Venom doesn't have Lobo's strength, invulnerbility, or uncanny tracking abilities, but Venom is a whole hell of a lot smarter. Remember, he's got Eddie Brock AND Peter Parker's memories and the symbiote has traveled across countless worlds and faced an endless number of alien races over billions of years. The two species have probably already locked horns sometime in the past. Lobo is just another idiot alien compared to the symbiote. Let's see how tough the "Main Man" is after the symbiote incapacitates him just long enough until a symbiote tendril slides up Lobo's nostrils, towards his brain, and lobotomizes him permanently. The last thing a drooling and vegitable Lobo sees before his species becomes permanently extinct is Venom's large dagger-like teeth and slobberin' tongue.


"....we've never tasted Czarnian before...tastes a little like chicken!!!" Venom is your new *MAIN MAN*!!!

Thorne writes: Venom is not smarter than Lobo. Lobo is genius, potentially Doom level intelligent. There’s not much cause for him to use it, but he has figured out ways to kill an immortal race of beings. Lobo has crisscrossed the galaxy many dozens of times, hopped across dimensions, even been hired by Darkseid. Lobo can regenerate from dang near anything, as evinced in Lobo/Hitman when half of his skull was blown off and all it did was make him angry. To quote Uncle ‘Bo, “No one splatters the Main Brains!”. The sniper that blew half of his head off then received an “intravenous dose o’ frag”, i.e. a car was launched onto him. Tendril nothing, while Venom is doing that Lobo takes his hook and rips Venom apart.

To address yet more concerns, Lobo can’t be poisoned. He survives in the vacuum of space and regularly imbibes stuff that would kill a normal human several times over. He is the baddest of the bad and the worst of the worse. He is the Bastich of the Whole Fraggin’ Galaxy. He is Lobo.

Judge Brodie Writes:

And more arguements to help thorne

and to call out this "authority on

comics" eddie. If Venom is so smart

with this whole cosmic knowledge and

everything why is it that the only way spider man beats him is by

out smarting him? HMMMMM....

Lobo takes this not easily but he still

takes it. Even if Venom fought guys like juggernaut and superman

and the hulk did he actually put up a good fight? HMMMMM....

Steve Bird Writes:

I Only know Lobo from the Marvel vs DC series, but Venom has always been one tough customer. Unless Lobo has a Super sonic gun or something, he will be hitting air after Venom tires him out dodging his blows with his spider-like reflexes. The only way venom loses is if Venom's Symbiote decides that he'd rather merge with a more powerful being instead of sticking to the human weakling, Eddie Brock; but i just don't see that happening. Venom all the way!!!!!!

No One in Particular Writes:

Great to see this place back! As for the fight...

Not... Even... Close.

Venom can, perhaps, lift approximately 10-15 tons. He's very fast, but doesn't have Spidey's Spider-Sense.

Lobo, on the other hand... Goes toe-to-toe with SUPERMAN. The guy that can juggle aircraft carriers, hit high warp speeds in point-oh-two seconds, and uses nukes to work on his tan.

Sorry, not even close. Closest Marvel equivalent fight I can think of is in some comic or other that has Juggernaut vs. Venom.

Venom was FLOORED by Juggsie. Juggsie was making off with his girlfriend.. Venom attacked Juggsie. Juggsie laughed off Venom's attacks, and turned him into a piddle of poo. Venom nearly died.. And it was implied Juggsie wasn't going all out.

Now, do the math.

Venom Juggernaut

Also, I'm not familiar enough with DC, but I do know that Lobo goes toe to toe with Supes occasionally, is a Cosmic-styled char for DC, and at least has held his own with Supes in the toon.

Therefore, for the sake of argument, we can say that

Superman = Lobo

Now, via replacement..

Superman > Juggernaut > Venom

Whereas Superman = Lobo, we put in

Lobo > Juggernaut > Venom

Sorry, Venom. Yer -way- out of your weight class here. Like WHOLE FREAKING LEVELS. Go back and cry to Carnage for your ghetto stepchild Toxin to come and be your symboitic family again.

This one goes to the Clown Prince of Death and Destruction.

Marvel Fan #1 Writes:

I'm the #1 Marvel Fan and even I say that LOBO wins.

Evil Eddie (part 4) Writes:

To Judge Brodie...Well, here I am! You called me out and I'm answering the call. I'm just flattered I'm being called an "authority" on comics even though I've never considered myself that...I just said "comics are what I know".

So why does Spider-man always manage to outsmart Venom even though the symbiote has vast knowledge of infinite space and time? Because Spider-man's the good guy and Venom's the bad guy, and as we all know...Good always triumphs over villainy in the end! When it's all said and done, when the smoke finally clears, no matter how mean and nasty the villain is..good always comes out on top (in the Marvel Universe anyway!!) What kind of hero would Spider-man be if he didn't triumph over the bad guy in the end?? Spider-man has to "outsmart" and beat Venom because he's "The Amazing" Spider-man. We very well couln't have Venom beating or killing the world's most famous and well-loved hero. Spider-man usually beats Venom with one of the two things he's vulnerable and sonics! Now, he never would have even known that he was vulnerable to either one, if Reed Richards hadn't informed him of it long before the symbiote ever joined with Eddie Brock. So point being, Spider-man probably wouldn't be able to "outsmart" Venom if he never had a little help from Reed Richards in the beginning.

In my opinion, that's what makes Venom a cooler and much better character than Lobo because he has vulnerbilities and all the greatest heroes and villains. It's more fun to read about and associate with a character that could possibly die at the end of an adventure than to read about someone that's invulnerable, all-mighty, and near impossible to hurt or kill. Where's the fun in that? Knowing that they could end up beaten, bruised and bloody, comatose, paralized, or even dead is half the fun...with a character like Lobo, you don't have that opportunity or thrill...with Venom you do, and to me, that makes him a better character.

And as for your question of "Did he even put up a good fight?" Check out D.C. vs. Marvel : All-Access #1 and you tell me...!!!

Chattur'gha Writes:

Now it's true that Lobo can't die!

But still Superman & Wolverine defeated this psychopath.

So Venom can just rip off Lobo's head, Highlander style and say his classic line

"I'm going to eat your Brain!"

Because Remember Venom defeated the interdimensional vampire Rune and Rune was thought to be immortal as well and unable to die too.

But still Venom won and Lobo can be defeated just like he will be here!

Venom is going to break Lobo's Back!

Mechazoid Writes:

At last some supervillains go at it!

Hmmmmm, ok Spider-mans' Arch-nemesis, VENOM, big and powerful, webbing and large teeth, his main problem is his weakness against sound and fire and his weird relationship with the symbiote

Lobo, also big and powerful, has gone up against superman and is without a doubt one of the most vicious beings you will ever see.

Well I doubt either one of them will go down easy but in the end I think Lobo will be the last man standing.

Evil Eddie (the REAL one) Writes:

Just for the record, I didn't switch sides and that last commentary wasn't really mine...just some copy-cat Lobo lover who can't spell worth a damn... and another thing..Since when did Lobo ever beat up Superman?? I keep reading this but I've yet to see the issue where Superman gets his ass handed to him by Lobo! If anything pick up a copy of Superman : The Man of Steel #30 and see who really get's their ass handed to them! Here's a sure as hell ain't Superman! Do your research people before showing your ignorance!

Lobo Writes:

All right, ya fraggin' dweebs! Took me a bit ta find this stinkhole of a website, an' ya throw a black clad wuss at me? "Oh look at me drool acid, I'm SCARY!"

Bah. This Venom bastich ain't even worth my time. Ya know, I could let my hook do the trick, but that'd be too kind for this wannabe. First, I'm gonna punch him. Then, I'm gonna kick him. Then, I'm gonna shoot him inta little, gooey bits. Then I'm gonna blow up the bits, just fer the frag of it.

Feetal's Gizz, I knew ya hume bastiches were thick, but hundreds of ya dweebs actually think he can take me? Where th' frag can I get whatever yer drinkin'?

Oh, an about that Wolverine wuss ya fanboys put over so much. The bastich paid me to take the fall. Couple mill just so's he gets ta stab me with those potstickers, whatta deal.

EvilEddiehater Writes:

Didn't Evil Eddie just say that Venom has weaknesses.....while Lobo doesn't? If all you Venom fans are following him......then shouldn't you be switching sides right about now? Sure I may like Marvel better, but I'm just saying this fight like it'll come out. Lobo will win. We all seem to be forgetting his cloning ability by the way. Venom could never hope to take on 10 at once. And a few people are voting for Venom beause they never even heard of Lobo. Geez, what type of people does Evil Eddie have backing him up?

Razorback Writes:

Scratch that, I just read what Thorne said about Lobo shrugging off his skull bieng blown off. Yer right, Venom cant hurt this guy.

Of course, that makes Lobo a damn sorry excuse for a comic character and a boring read since he's seemingly untouchably omnipotent, but eh....doesn't change the fact Venom cant kill him. MAYBE make him pass out with suffocation but even that seems a far fetched hope

Kenshin The Battosai Writes:

Woah mama,this is one for the ages. The hardcore Spidey-hating brawler with an unquenching hatred Vs The ultimate evil biker-badass (sorry if cursing is bad butt thats what he is). Actually this fight reminds me of a fight thats was disscused on the forums about a Lobo vs Ghost Rider fight, (Which the thought of should be revisited I mean comon the ultimate showdown of comic bikers, really why its not on here now is beyond me.) anyway you have to consider many different factors. First the strength factor, now on the marvel card scale, spider-man ranks a 4 or so I am told, and Venom ranks about 2 steps above him with a 6, almost thing strength but not quite. While a 7 means Hulk strength or anyone thats has Ultra strength like that. Now Lobo has exchange blows with Supes who defintly has the Ultra strength of 7 or higher, and sometimes lobo would come out on top, not for long, but he can hold his own against Supes, meaning he has more than enough strength to over come poor eddie. Another factor, Fighting abilty: now I admit that with his strength, Venom has devoleped a okay boxing like fighting style. But, but Lobo on the other hand, not only can exchange blows with supes, but he has been across the D.C. universe from one side to another and has fought more different kinds of alien bikers, warriors, freaks, mutants, than you can shake a stick at. Dont you think he has learned a thing or two from that. advatage Lobo. For you keeping score that Lobo 2 Venom 0. Which brings me to my last point, Technology: Venom, zip, zilch, nada, the big goose egg. While Lobo has laser guns, chains, knives, a bike thats probuly got a small arsenal in it, which Knowing Lobo most likey has some Kind of sonic generator to turn Venom into a pile of blubbering mush, giving Lobo the oppertunity to smak him silly. And I learned from the snake-eyes Vs Daredevil fight that you dont have fair fights here, u gave Snake-Eyes everything, and yet he still got his butt kicked through by my main man double d. Also marvel fans dont hate, just because I voted for Lobo does not mean I like D.C. heck Lobo is one of the very few charecters I like in D.C. if they had given him a better Marvel match, (Like say Ghost Rider, Im just saying) I's be rooting for marvel all the way, but in this case marvel, im sad to say is outmatched. So the final score for those of you still paying attention is Lobo 3 Venom 0, so guess who is the victor?

The Void Writes:

I can't really see how this is even a challenge for Lobo. The guy is strong enough to take on Superman and has tons of weapons along with that. While Venom is an admirable willian, he just isn't strong enough to take Lobo down since he is just above Spidey-strength level (about 10-20 tons). Along with that, I can't see Venom surviving all of the weapons and crap that Lobo could use on him from long range.

memovieguy Writes:

Venom would destroy Lobo. The only thing Lobo has going for him is the two seconds fighting Wolverine in the DC vs Marvel battle. Venom is uncontrolable, his strength is more impressive the suit that consumes him makes him unstopable. His charactor is better. Venom rules hands down, and the Cap. from StarTrek sucks!

Evil Eddie (part 5) Writes:

Yeah, Lobo might be pretty tough on the outside, but has anybody considered on the inside?...Imagine it, the symbiote is joined with Eddie Brock. Venom, not being nearly as stupid as Lobo, has heard this guy is pretty tough and knows right off the bat nothing he can do physically on the outside can harm him too bad...

So, Venom comes up with another idea..."If we can't hurt him on the outside, let's see what our other can do from the inside!!"

Eddie Brock telepathically tells the symbiote to seperate from him and the moment his big mouth opponent opens up his blowhole...ATTACK!

The next thing you know Lobo opens up his big fat mouth to say something stupid as usual and the symbiote slides off of Eddie's body and slides around Lobo's head and down his throat...

"Oh $h!t!!! This could be a problem..." Lobo starts to feel a rumbling in his tummy and starts to not feel so good.

"What's the matter Lobo, got a tummy-ache?" asks Eddie. "That's probably because my other half is devouring your inner organs from the inside out!!!"

"Ya miserable bastich, I'll getcha' for this!" yells Lobo in pain.

"Not likely.." explains Eddie just as the symbiote finishes munching on his heart. Lobo's eyes turn a shade of black just as the symbiote explodes from his eyes, nostrils, ears, and mouth in a fountain of symbiote ooze and joins with his human host.

"Overrated...!" thinks Venom as he swings off across the horizon! "Waaaaay overrated!!"

Oxymoron Writes:

Ah, how quickly they forget. Venom regularly gives Spider-Man a hard time, while Lobo got thrashed by Wolverine (and off-panel, yet; oh the shame!). When those two duked it out a while ago, who came out the victor? That's right. Wolverine is such a two-bit punk he's been smeared all over Khazan TWICE, and he was still able to stick it to ol' Lobo. Venom, meanwhile, constantly takes it to Spidey on his own turf. The better warrior fights better enemies. Venom's only disappointment is that there are hardly enough brains in Lobo's thick head for a light snack...

XXX Writes:

This Evil Eddie kid know nothing about Lobo. Hurt him from the inside? The guy has incredible speed backing him up, Venom would never get close. Even if Venom got inside his body, Lobo could take it. The only way to beat him is to destroy every part of him, down to the last cell. And Lobo could merely clone himself into an army and give Venom a severe beating. I haven't seen EvilEddie counter the cloning, cuz he can't.

The Green Man Writes:

So, for all those people voting Venom, tell me, how many pantheons of gods has Venom beaten? Lobo has taken on the entire Greek *and* the entire Egyptian pantheon of gods, and beaten the heck out of them like children.

When was the last time Venom took on, say, Thor and Odin and Loki and everybody else in Asgard, and beat them?

Never, you say?

Hmm. Funny that.

Stan Lee's clone Writes:

Lobo is without a doubt the dumbest and lamest character this side of Speedball and D-Man! A character that is the biggest ripoff of everyone from Superman to Wolverine and even a little bit of The Crow.

A character that can clone himself??? PLEASE! A character that can't be hurt or even killed! That's just retarded! And can even keep comin' atcha' even though he's been blown apart, had half his skull head blown into, and had is inner organs devoured! WHAT?!?! He's even went to Heaven and Hell and beat up on angels, pantheons of gods, devils and demons? Yeah right! That alone is the stupidest thing I've ever heard! Even the most powerful characters in comics can't do that and if you believe a character like Lobo can than you're dumber than he is. A character that can't die because Death refuses to take him? Just plain ridiculous! If there's one constant rule in the universe it's this...all living things die!

Even immortal gods like Odin and Thor! Lobo is a living, breathing being...therefore he can die. I don't care what the comics say...Lobo is just a stupid-ass character that isn't worth the cheap-ass comic paper he's printed on!

I guess the next thing I'm going to read on here is that he could beat up Galactus and make him cry like a little girl?! Or how about he could beat up all the Marvel Universe characters with his pinky finger? What not? Sounds about as stupid as anything else I've read about him!

Lobo just sucks and his fans wouldn't know a great comic character if they bit them in the ass...

Han Solo's clone Writes:

To Stan Lee's clone: What do you mean how did Lobo do those things? He's not real! There are all sorts of ridiculious things that you can just write or draw.

This site is asking who would win, not who is more popular or a more well written character, no matter how much people try to act like its a popularity contest. I hate the Lobo character too. That dosent mean I think that he wouldn't win.

Spider69 Writes:

Technically,I mean by stats wise...venom has no chnce of beating him.But since this is a symbiote that were talking about,then I am going to have to give venom some credit.I honestly think that lobo will win,but on the other hand...I wouldn't be suprise if venom won either...I'd just be really anxious to read it!!

Thanosied Writes:

This is one battle venom wont forget in a long while. cuz he going to loose real bad. common guys, lobo picks on any DC super hero at will, and believe me, he is one nut head even superman doesn't like squaring up against. while venom gets his butt whiped on regular basis by spidy, Lobo causes real mayhem all over DC universe. Lobo has no weaknesses, and he is immortal. while venom scampers away when noise gets too much. That, I think sucks.

Dave OhBee Writes:

Venom would win because of his spider like abilities and his strength. He is just as strong as Lobo but quicker. Not to mention that he can come out of nowhere. As I see it, Lobo about to charge at eddie with his space bike, but Venom jumps out of the way. Lobo confused & can't seem to find him. Then out of nowhere BAM! Venom knocks him out from the air.

So I say it would be that easy, but your the one's who call the shots.

Whiteseid Writes:

venom = mortal, Lobo = immortal


Venom = hight pitched sound,personal issues, a good

spike through the heart, lopped off boody part, any major physical damage

Lobo's weakness = .... .... ....


Venom = alien symbiote, strength, mild shapeshifting

Lobo = Insane Strength, immortality, unlimited regeneration, a series of bizzare alien weapons.

Longevity =

Lobo killed his own immortal race, picks on superman regularly, is virtually indestructible and is probably the most pumped up urealistic character in the DC universe.

Venom = i even have to continue?

Anaxis Writes:

Guys, this is really simple. I doubt that Venom could honestly take Lobo in a slugfest. But, there's one crucial factor here... The Symbiote. As soon as the symbiote realized that Lobo is beating the pulp out of its current host it'll simply latch on to Lobo and then look out Universe.

Anaxis Writes:

One more thing and this little fact has seriously ****ed me up. Supposedly Lobo is super durable(nigh-invincible) and has battled Superman, but yet he was killed when two farm tractors pulled him apart in Lobo, Vol.2, #32) "Tough as Superman." Ya right people, I'm sure we could kill ol' Supes by pulling him apart with tractors. I'm not so sure Venom would lose to him in fight in light of that little gem.

Cult of Venom Worshippers Writes:

Venom is so gonna beat Lobo for several reasons. One, Venom is so much faster than Lobo. Two, Venom has the alien symbiote. With this, the symbiote could latch to Lobo if things got really rough. Three, if Lobo found a way to kill his own immortal race, doesn't that mean that he has that same weakness? If so, Venom could use that and kill Lobo just like Lobo killed his own race. Venom will crush Lobo.

Han Solo's clone Writes:

I would like to point out that Venom is the name of Eddie Brock and the symbiote together. It is not the name of the symbiote by itself. Venom claimed that he gave himself that name because he had a job for a mean-spirited tabloid that made filthy lies and exagerations about people and corporations and he hated that job. If the suit bonded with Lobo, it would not count as a technical win for the name Venom. The only name that the symbiote has besides the symbiote is the alien costume.

joykiller Writes:

This is gonna be a difficult fight to call but i'm goona give it to venom. yeah lobo is stronger but venom is definitely more agile and stealthy, come on he can sneak up on spiderman and he's almost as agile as him and spiderman is arguably the most agile hero in any universe. i dont think lobo being stronger is gonna be as huge a factor as some people think because the symbiote protects eddie from most blows unless there delivered so fast he doesnt have time to compensate thing is lobo can probably hit him that fast . but venom has proved he can take a beating like when he went up against the juggernaut venom couldn't even scratch him and he caught a horrendous beating but he still went after the juggernaut. now the thing is venom can hurt lobo who unlike the juggernaut isnt completely invulnerable even bullets can break his skin, like in hitman, and venom is gonna strike harder and more viciously hes gonna go straight for the throat or maybe just the whole head and lobo is gonna have some difficulty regrowing that. most people only beat venom using their smarts and lets be honest lobos no genius although that abilty of his to just know peoples weakness is gonna make things hard for venom. but i think eddie can take him looks like thats the last of the czarnians

The Ace of Knaves Writes:

Everybody sing along: You know the tune!

VENOM man,

VENOM man,

does what only VENOM can,

cracks Lobo's skull,

eats his brain

leaves a big red carpet stain,

Look out!

It's the VENOM man!

Tyramir Writes:

I'm sorry, but I have to give this one to Venom. Sure, Lobo's the main man and all, but Venom is just too bad ass even for him.

Venom's the type of villain that Wolverine is reluctant to fight (And need I remind you that Wolverine beat Lobo?). Venom's the type of villain that can actually realistically take on the Hulk. Venom's the type of villain that can not only take on Spider-Man, can not only take on Superman, but can take on both at the same time! (DC vs Marvel, All Access, issue #1)

Venom has two weakness. 1) Sound. 2) Fire. Lobo however, has one unescapable weakness. He needs to breathe, just like almost everyone else. Quite simply, I say that Venom just wraps a large chunk of the symbiote around Lobo's face, suffocating him to unconciousness (But not death, seeing as how Lobo seems to have that little 'not allowed into heaven or hell' thing working for him).

Darkshifter Writes:

I'm a BIG Venom Fan. I haven't been too pleased with what's been going on in the current Spidey Titles regarding everyone's favorite brain eater, but anywho. But being a fan o' the man in black, Lobo has gone up against Superman for pete's sake. Anything Venom throws at Lobo will bounce off of him, or he'll heal with a healing factor that rivals Wolverine. (Don't even get me started on the Lobo Vs. Wolverine (sans adamanitum) match). The main man will prove that he can grab Venom by the tentacles, swing him around and around, and bash him till the symbiote detaches from Eddie...and maybe attaches itself to a host more worthy of its gifts.

Guardian Writes:

Many of you people seem to think that Venom can simply suffocate or out-maneuver Lobo long enough for Venom to get enough damage through. That's not how it works. Lobo could withstand a nuke blowing up in his face. 10 Venoms don't have half that destruction in them. And if you guys bring comics up, may I remind you that a guy with a gun(Punisher) killed Venom in Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe? Honestly! Venom dies that easily.

The great figure of love and hair Writes:

Why are you doing this? It's a no contest completley, I feel sad when I see such a fight for i love the ferret so so much. My sweet little ferret.

Lobo is MEGA STRONG. LIKE SUPERMAN. STRONGER. I dont really read much of the comics with him in it, but the ones I have read, have him going head on with that crappy man of crap. He's his equal, am I not right?

Venom - I love venom - he's cool. He's got green spit, and he's Spiderman's dark half. And he's stronger then Spiderman you know.... Lobo, LOBO, he's not THAT strong. If he wins it's a farce, wolverine beat Lobo, but everybody knows it was a farce.

I don't know about Lobo, I love Venom, but Lobo will rip the symbiote apart, boil it, and use it as his hotdog dip. Maybe the Symbiote can beat him by giving him hard stools.

urban_feral Writes:

Mon, what does Venom have going for him?

Lobo was able to wipe out not just a race, but his own (seemingly impressive) race.

Venom just kinda floats around, and hopes to luck out and hit a planet.

Also, look at who they stand in for.

Lobo is used as a stand in for Superman in the Justice League, and manages to more than hold his own.

Venom is used to ... create another moral dilemma for Spidey.

Oh, and while they're both nuts, Lobo is something of a master at the low blow, and likes his loud battle screams9venoms weakness)

Sailor Xena Writes:

You have got to be kidding me. Lobo is just a fowl-mouthed, school bully; Venom is a real psycho. Not only that, Lobo would never stoop to using some "woosey" sonic weapon, and so Venom will eventually overpower him. Venom's shape changing ability will allow him to adapt to any sudden changes in the feild. And Lobo? He is just another Duke Nukem, or Serious Sam; and we know what rocket scientists those two are.

Chou Writes:

:GOing Pang Tong voice.:

"Well what do you know?!"

Democracy is actualy working here, people out there know Lobo would massacre Venom! There is hope for comic book community!

Me Writes:

Just look at Avengers #2 what Sentry did to Carnage, that is what your about to watch with this fight. As cool as Venom is he is one hand clap away from being killed. I don't think this fight will last past the third panel, Lobo will rip venoms teeth and tonque out and make a necklace out of em.

The Comicbook Know-it-all Writes:

SuperSaiyaMan, Superman has never been beaten by Lobo. In fact, check out Superman : Man of Steel #30 for a totally different where Lobo gets his ass handed to him on a silver platter by Superman.

Venom, on the other hand has taken on the entire Avengers before. Check out "Venom - Deathtrap : The Vault" to see just how badass Venom really is. I seriously doubt Lobo could take on the entire Avengers.

Venom has even fought Superman and Spider-man at the same time and held his own...Check out D.C./Marvel : All-Access #1. Lobo can't even beat Superman and Venom has fought Superman and Spiderman to a standstill. Now tell me, who's the bigger badass...

Lobo might be pretty tough, but he hasn't taken on Ironman, The Hulk, and the Juggernaut...Venom has!!!

shinn anubis Writes:

you cant be serious!!!Venom is clearly the better of the two alien lifeforms here.

Lemme break it down for ya>>>>>>>


Like Spiderman on speed and or steroids w/o the testicular shrinkige. Hes no web-head clone no, he can manipulate his bodyparts to living wepons and use the symbiote to morph himself almost like mystique.


The undeniable power to irritate the hell out of any and every hero he encouters. His only real power is to withstand large amounts of damage. Sure he went he went toe to toe w/t Superman but had his ass handed to him by Batman?!, weird right.

I serously think Venoms gonna be cleaning Lobo out of his teeth.

freakazoid_x Writes:

Well you got a guy who can almost kind of beat Spider-man and fights 2nd and 3rd tier villians. And a guy who has beaten Superman and defeated satan to become ruler of hell. Your call.

Venom Rules!!! Writes:

Avenger1000, Venom cannot be defeated with a bullet; and even if he could, it would have to be one hell of a bullet. Something totally alien in design and something sonic or fire related in nature. Bullets are ineffective against him. He has been shot point blank in the head with a gun and it didn't kill him. The symbiote can absorb the bullets and actually "spit" them back your argument is null and void.

Spiderkid Writes:

This is for Hyperbob

>>Yes, but he could never actually beat Superman, Thor, or Hulk without extreme PIS, and Lobo has faced much tougher guys than them and won.

= Ok he cannot defeat anyone of those but he cannot also be beaten because he has faced also Juggy.

>>I've already proven that he can't, you just seemed to ignore it.

= As Gavok said they are only fictional characters so anything can happen. And Batman has been captured by Joker and many other villains so why don't they just cut the head of Batman but if they do that many fans will get angry. And comparing that to Venom Venom cannot be killed even if Lobo tried to make him a ketchup. And Lobo has been infected by a vampire bat so I can't see the difference why Venom can't possess Lobo.

>>Maybe not normal guns, but Lobo's guns are really powerful, not to mention the fact that Lobo has flamethrowers, probably some kind of sonic weaponry, or, most likely, he would just pound Venom into pulp.

= The fact that Venom can take the punches of Juggernaut. Then he can also take on Lobo's Weaponry.

>>Lobo can track people across the galaxy, there's no way Venom can hide from him

= Even if Lobo find him remember that Venom can take anyform and he can possess the bike as well I said that because one time Flash or some JLA member steal and ride the bike of Lobo and he use it to Lobo.

>>Prove it. Lobo invented a plague to kill his immortal race, as you keep forgetting, Venom has never done anything that would require that level of intelligence.

= I'm not practically saying about intelligent like Doom, Beast or Reed Richards. I'm saying that he can outsmart him because Lobo is just like Wolverine who goes through any kind of trouble. I remember the time when Lobo is rushing to many zombie creatures and that's the reason his friend got tired and Lobo leave's him because he does'nt want to wake him up.

SuperSaiyaMan Writes:

DC vs Marvel isn't canon, it doesn't count. This is part of the FAQ relating to the battles:

How shouldn't I debate?

"Batman can beat Thor because he's cooler!" That's an example of how not to debate. We would like to see the rationale behind any claims that one character can beat the other rather than a claim based on popularity and subjective bias.

Also, we insist that all claims be backed up by evidence from canon sources. If you claim that Spiderman is stronger than Superman, then you have to prove it.

What can't be taken for evidence in debate?

Non-canon sources are invalid for evidence. With rare exceptions, comics not in continuity such as Elseworlds, What Ifs, or alternate universes are not used for evidence in debates of a particular mainstream character.

Narrative hyperbole or speech hyperbole are also not considered valid evidence for a character's feats. As well, instances of PIS (plot induce stupidity - see below) and SvFL (Spiderman vs. Firelord - see below) are generally removed from consideration in standard versus debates.

What's a canon source?

A canon source is one that is regarded as being 'in continuity'. In the example of Star Trek; instances from the series and movies can be used, but books are definitely out. Comic book crossovers are generally unusable as they ignore common sense most of the time (DC vs. Marvel is certainly unusable in our debates!).

What is narrative hyperbole?

Narrative hyperbole is when the narrator of a comic book says one thing while the action drawn on the pages clearly show something else. Sometimes, in the case of speech hyperbole, it is a character who says one thing, while the pages show differently. This does not mean the narrator or the character is always wrong. It only means that in the case of such conflict, the actual scenes overrule the narrator or character text. An example of this would be the Ten-Eyed Man, who Batman and the narrator called "the most dangerous man alive", and who was actually a very lame and low-powered character.

What is PIS?

Plot Induced Stupidity, or PIS, is when characters don't use their abilities or skills to the fullest extent as shown before, even within their personality ranges, for the sake of the story plotline. It makes lesser powered characters an actual challenge against higher powered characters in the comics. Examples of PIS include Flash stories lasting longer than three panels, or Toy Man as a threat to Superman. Standard CBR fights exempt the contestants from PIS unless otherwise specified.

What is CIS?

Character Induced Stupidity, or CIS, refers to any natural mental limitations that characters impose upon themselves and reduce their ability to use their own skills and powers effectively. Unlike PIS, CIS does not occur because the plot requires it, but because the character is genuinely that dumb. Examples of the CIS-afflicted include characters such as Rhino or Jar Jar Binks. Standard CBR fights do not exempt the contestants from CIS.

What is the Spiderman vs. Firelord exemption?

Spiderman vs. Firelord, or SvFL, is a shorthand that refers to any time when a character performs a feat that their powers and skills should be blatantly insufficient for, and is not repeated or is rarely repeated again relative to the character's overall established career, as well as the character's opponents' established showings. In statistical terms, it is an outlier, something that is radically beyond the character's established capabilities. For example, Spiderman defeating a herald of Galactus is a case of the SvFL exemption; however, Batman being able to sneak up on Superman is not because he has done so frequently under different writers.

For standard CBR fights, feats considered to fall under the SvFL exemption are not valid. Likewise, examples of writing which go against firmly set canon are also ignored. For example, in Larry Hama's run of Batman and Grell's run of Iron Man, both characters were out of character and did things very much against established canon; therefore those runs are disregarded.

Regarding Superspeed

By convention, we say that the speed of thought is about 30 m/s. Note that is meters per second, not miles.




Jay:   Like I said, there they go!

Pat:   There's only one man left in the bar, Jay; not counting the 'Tender-o-Matic 3000, of course, but we've got plenty of those...

Jay:   Venom's at the front door, Pat! The two contestants spot each other... Lobo's got a full bottle of... something in his hand.

Pat:   Venom seems to recognize that Lobo's one tough hombre, playing it surprisingly cautious. Lobo just seems to be sizing up Venom... wait, what's he doing?

Jay:   It looks like he's gotten some... cloth napkins? Wait a minute...

Lobo: I was gonna drink this, but maybe you should have it instead, bastich!

Pat:   Venom's reacting... it's a Molotov! Lobo must've sensed Venom's aversion to fire...

Jay:   Venom quickly puts distance between himself and that incendiary explosion. Lobo's pulling out the hook and chain...

Pat:   Venom's charging in now that he's got a clearer shot at Lobo. Here comes the hook...

Jay:   Impressive! Venom leaps through the air, deftly avoiding the hook and flying straight towards Lobo. If he doesn't move, Venom's feet are gonna connect with his face!

Pat:   .... not so impressive now, Jay. Lobo took that blow head-on, literally! And it barely knocked him back! Venom's rebounding away again; he's going to need to rethink his strategy.

Jay:   And he'll have to think of it fast! Lobo's still got that hook swinging around! He's plowing through tables and chairs... unbelievable momentum!

Venom: Come on now, we can't let you have ALL the fun!

Pat:   He dodged the hook again... and following up with a web-shot! He's got Lobo tied up by the ankles!

Jay:   Now it's Venom's turn to do the swinging. Lobo's off his feet and crashing through what's left of the bar...

Pat:   Good thing it's insured, Jay. Venom slams Lobo right into the wall and keeps going.

Lobo: OW! Dammit, that isn't-- OW! Why you little-- OW! MY HAIR!! THAT'S IT!

Jay:   Whoa! Lobo looks really ticked off now! He's trying to lunge for that webbing at his feet... he's got it!

Lobo: Now you're gonna get it, ya fraggin' bastich!

Pat:   Holy cow! He's yanked Venom off-balance! Now he's reeling in the black wall-crawler like a fish!

Jay:   Venom lets go of his own webbing and retreats again. Lobo gets up smiling... what's he got planned next?

Venom: Have any more tricks up your sleeve, you big slobbering ape?

Lobo: Me? Naw.

Pat:   Lobo charges! Venom sees it coming and dodges him easily. He's picked up a large piece of a broken table to throw at Lobo...

Jay:   But Lobo keeps going! He's charged right through the wall out into the parking lot!

Pat:   He's going right for the SpazFrag 666, Jay. Venom doesn't need danger sense to know that rumbling engine noise means trouble...

Jay:   And there goes the rest of that wall! Lobo makes a SpazFrag-sized entryway, just missing Venom who leaps up onto the ceiling.

Pat:   I don't think his goal was to ram Venom at all, Jay. Looks like he's pressing a few buttons on the SpazFrag.

Jay:   ARGH! That noise... is that coming from the SpazFrag's radio?

Pat:   I'd say so Jay! Hey, I think I have this album... you can hear it loud and clear all the way up here in the sports box!


Lobo: That's fraggin' metal, bastich. Heh, and here I was just wantin' some good music for beatin' you to a bloody pulp...




'Nuff Said!


Venom: 1971

Lobo: 2096




Jay:   My ears... I kinda feel sorry for Venom down there...

Pat:   Looks like Lobo found Venom's other main weakness. He didn't even see the hook coming...

Jay:   That looks... oww...

Pat:   And Lobo tears into Venom... that's gonna reeeeeally hurt tomorrow...

Jay:   Umm, I think this fight's over...

Pat:   I think you're right, Jay. From the Khazan Arena, I'm Pat Summers...

Jay:   And I'm in serious need of some earplugs. Good night, folks!

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