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Issue #181 - Feb. 14, 2005


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Tony "Scarface" Montana
Michael "The Godfather" Corleone

And now, a very special Valentine's Day tribute...

Two new faces have emerged among Khazan's criminal element. Over the last several months, former mob kings have been knocked off, drug lords eliminated, criminal empires overturned. Two men, ordinary men, have climbed to the top through favors and force, brains and bullets, superpowered assassins in their employ.

One man first began his rise to wealth, power, and passion on the sun-washed avenues of Khazan's Shoreside Sector. A bazooka under each arm, he sent Jabba the Hutt packing, cornered the market on drug smuggling, and built an empire under shady palm trees.

His rival? The newest Don of the Khazanian Mafia, and the first to unite the warring factions of Downtown Khazan. With gambling and racketeering united under one Family, Wilson Fisk got an offer he couldn't refuse, and promptly left town.

Now, they have only each other to contend with...


Join us now in a battle we had to call...

Al Oh Al


Pat:    Good afternoon... folks...

Jay:    Err, not much of a crowd here today, Pat.

Pat:    Right you are, Jay... though after the last week's turn of events, I guess we can't be too surprised.

Jay:    That's right, Pat! The escalating gang war has resulted in one of the worst crime waves we've seen in years. Looks like the biggest crowd of people are gathering around a makeshift betting table...

Pat:    Well, let's not forget our viewers at home, Jay! For those of you watching from the safety of your own abode, Michael Corleone, head of the Khazan Ma--

Jay:    Pat, we were told not to use that word...

Pat:    Right. Err, anyway, Michael's here today to make "peaceful" negotiations with one Tony Montana over some "business" issues. Mr. Montana disappeared from the public eye a week ago after several of his estates around Shoreside Khazan were raided by hitmen. Reports are that none of Tony's assets were taken, as it appears that they were after the man himself.

Jay:    I can't imagine that Michael appreciates the nature of Tony's business, Pat. One can only guess that Michael's offer to hold negotiations here in the Arena is a ploy to lure out--

Pat:    Jay, we were also told not to talk about that...

Jay:    Oh, uhh, yeah... wait, one moment, I believe there's something going on near the Arena entrance...

Pat:    Is that... indeed it is! Ladies and gentlemen, Scarface has entered the Arena and he's loaded for bear!

Jay:    Pat, he's loaded for a whole pack of bears. I'd say any idea of peaceful negotiations went right out the window with that first grenade.

Pat:    Things are definitely heating up! It looks like Montana has a few men with him, and Corleone's giving orders to his underlings as well. Before the action gets really intense though, let's stop for just a moment for viewer comments...



What YOU thought about the match:

El Kabong Writes:

'bout time you guys came back, I say! Now, onto the fight. Unfortunately, I know little about the Don, but I do know about Scarface. He is one guy you don't wanna mess with. He'll kill you for looking at him funny, then he'll steal your girlfriend and kill HER for looking at him funny. And "Say hello to my little friend" will always be cooler than "I'm gonna give him an offer he can't refuse". Now that I think about it , though, the Don's got a lot more resoures with the Mafia than Montana's got with the Cuban's....and he may be more conniving. Hmmmm....

Oh, and please don't let it be four months before the next match!

J Dog Writes:

Scarface is tough, but he will fall to The Godfatha! Meet the horse's head, Scarface!

Peter Writes:

C'mon, he's the Godfather. Of course he's gonna beat some wooden puppet with a ventriliquist with an ego attached.

Hey, hang on a minute...

The Great Me Writes:

I'm going to give this to Tony "Scarface" Montana, though it'll be a great match non-the-less.

Here's how it'll go:

*Tony awakens one day to find blood in his bed. He's confused at first, but as he looks, he finds the head of his close friend in his bed. But instead of fear like one would expect, this merely pisses Tony off*

Tony: He will pay.

*Michael Corleone, not being stupid, goes into hiding. He's safe for a few months, but Tony uses all his resources to find Michael, and walks up to the door dresses as a Khazan Postal Service worker with a long box of roses. He knocks on the door, and it opens to reveal Michael*

Michael: What do you want.

Tony: I have a package for you.

Michael: Well, do I have to sign for it?

Tony: No, it's already been signed. Now, SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND!

*He rips the roses open and from it he removes a shotgun, putting two slugs into Michael's chest.*

Tony: Ptth. That's for The Godfather Part III.

*Tony walks off with a smile for a job well done*

???????????????? Writes:

what the fuck? did I die and go to this my reward for enduring all those months in the coldness of hell...

and what of the other battle?

Where are the boobs?

Where is Harley when I need her soft embrace?

Scarface killed a man by cutting him into pieces with a chainsaw..

way too graphic for the 70's maffia.

SimbasGuard Writes:

I voted for The GodFather, Because I am less offended by Gambling than Drugs

The Great Cornholio Writes:

I'm just picking Scarface because I don't know the other guy, and Scarface took on like 20 guys at once with that big ass machinegun...MMMBUNHOLIOIOOO!!!

The Saint Writes:

Don Michael Corleone was supposed to have been the original heir to Don Vittorio Corleone; he simply refused, so his older, more impulsive brother, Sonny Corleone took over.

Sonny was riddled with bullets.

Now Sonny was brave, but he was careless and rash. In that matter, he was very much like Scarface.

So, by simple observation, when a rash, impulsive and overconfident idiot is in the same scene as Michael, he winds up having a dirt nap.

The Corleones have yet again triumphed...

Phil Writes:

The only reason why I am voting for the god father is that I like the movie

Dom Writes:

I voted for Corleone. My rule is, "Never go against the family."

(You didn't read this)

Tusk Writes:

I really don't know what to say other than both are Italian, greedy, and bad-tempered muthas. That's all I gotta say. I pick ScarFace somehow on this one, though.

Johnboy Writes:

This is ridiculous.

Tony Montana is an ambitious, vicious thug. He could only rise to power in the chaos of the nascent Miami drug scene. As soon as he got out of line, the Columbians whacked him!

Micheal Corleone is a cool, calculating mob boss. He orchestrated the overthrow of the Five Families of New York, and bestrode America's underworld like a modern day Caesar for a generation. You would never find Michael sitting in his mansion snorting coke with only a few worthless losers for bodyguards, waiting for the Columbians to come and kill him!

In a mob war, Corleone wins hands down. Montana sleeps with the fishes.

Face to face, well, both guys are clearly good with a gun. Mike was a war hero and whacked the Turk and a New York police captain. Tony is a Cuban thug. I suppose that would matter on who got the drop on the other, but the point is Don Corleone is too smart for it to ever get that far.

Sir Exal Writes:

(Said while one hand is held slightly up and moving around with each syllable) *mumblemumblemumblemumblemumblemumblemumblemumblemumblemumblemumblemumblemumble*

Translation: Both have memorable quotes, but only the Godfather made an entire way to talk.

Dark Queen Writes:

You... cannot go against the family. The family... will always be there for you. This.. Scarface... is nothing to me. He will be dealt with.

Now... go find me a horse.

brandonthewhite Writes:

How can you not vote for Scarface? I mean, what could be more chilling than Al Pachino in front of you? Now the Godfather is intimidating, but Scarface is just going to whip out his Thomson, his Piano Wire, and have a field day with everybody's veins.

Ethan Writes:

Since this is a one on one match up, I would pick Scarface. Hes a lot meaner. However, Michael has all those body guards and such. But, like I said this is a one on one, it goes to Scarface.

Chainsawmidget Writes:

A crime war would end with The Godfather pulling out ahead. Still, when he goes to meet Scarface and discuss terms, he finds a drugged up Tony that blasts him full of holes and absorbs more gunshots than should be humanly possible.

Micheal is the superior criminal, but Tony is more desperate for the win and more psycho. He pulls a victory off right before the rest of the Godfather's gang fill him full of holes.

(Hey, he never said he ahd to survive the fight, just win it.)

Tyler Durden Writes:

I go with Michael Corleone.

Remember that he has the entire New York mafia and GOD himself on his side.What does Tony has,Latin-American drug dealers?.

Tony is a wild animal,a brute idiot with no cunning or brains.Hell,he gained his mob boss status by doing ERRANDS,ferchristsake!

Also,let's not forget about Michael's family.Michael has a loyal wife and a son who love him,and will back him up no matter what.On the contrast,Tony's wife hates him and would gladly let him die.Hell,she might even join the Corleones.

Michael hangs out with really badass people:Al Neri,Rocco,the ranting bearded guy from Godfather 2.Hell,Ranting Bearded Guy alone can take Tony Montana.Face it,killing Tony would come in handy next time he asks MIchael a favor.

Negative points for Michael:

-He has a family that can be picked off leisurely.

-His brother Freddo is a dumbass and a weakling.

-Freddo's wife is a slut and will switch sides the first time Tony promises her some booty.

-Michael may come to the fight eating an orange,which will doom him.

-He is a man of class,xcoming from an excellent movie,and used to intelligence and maturity.He therefore has no placeb in the childish,retarded,comic-book-and-anime fanboy ruled world of Khazan.

Nevetheless,The Don wins over Scarface.

The Voice of Reason Writes:

Come one guys. You all have to go with Tony Montana. Even his movie was better. I really can't believe that the other guy is winning. Scarface has done his own work from Day 1. He has fought hard to make it to the top. The other guy (his name will not be mentioned to show a lack of respect) is more of a pay a guy before I get my guys to kille you. Scarface is give me what I want before I kill you right now. Unless the other guy goes to get good ol' Captain America he will get slaughtered.


deathquest Writes:

Micheal is gonna take this one. Scarface has some stuff in him, but he's too desprate. he just manages to pull by with a win. this time his opponent is too good. i mean, michael killed his own brother! The Corleons havees never losed, and i dont think they're about to this time. besides, there have been three godfather remakes, but only one bad scarface remake

Birddogg62 Writes:

Tonys gona win cause first hes tony montana man second cause of his little friend third cause you f*ck with tony you f*cking with the best fourth cause hes high all the time and intallerent to pain and lastly cause he ownes the world and every thing in it

You're in the matrix Charlie Brown Writes:

not only do the Godfather sequels suck, but the guys can't make up their minds on who the main man is.

Scarface all the way.

Hyperbob Writes:

bleh. Just kidding! Anyway, I think Scarface will win because he has a cooler nickname.

The Rebel Disciple Writes:

Man, that is going to be one titlebound fight. I can tell you this, Tony Montana is no slouch, but...he's a slouch!

He'll come in hard with his massive,"Little Fwiend", but really, this is the Godfather here. His story is so long, it took three movies to tell the tale. Scarface was a real person though, but if there's anyone to come in and beat the fight, it's my main man Caleone will win because Pacino will be his frontman and the secret weapon's would be Carlito's Way and he just might have devil stop by--Whew-wee!

The Maniac Writes:


ssj2 goku Writes:

i know that scarface has this,i mean really the godgather cant stand up to scarfaces little friend also ha ha scarface wins in 5 minutes if he doesnt use his little friend

Mr. Obvious Writes:

Scarface had a much better movie.

The Mob Writes:

The Godfather will win because he just offered Scarface an offer he couldn't refuse.

arothorne Writes:

The Fight listing says scarface Vs. The Godfather, not gang Vs. gang, so it's a young cocaine addict with an M4 sporting the grenade launcher attatchment, against an old geezer that kisses guys before he orders someone else to kill them. I say Montana snorts a mountain of snow and rips off corleone's left arm and shoves it up the Godfather's tailpipe sideways.

Uniform Disorder Writes:

Godfather, all the way.

DamieN Brimstone Writes:

"If anything in this life is certain, if history has taught us anything, it is that you can kill anyone."

Michael understand that. Tony, will have to learn the hard way. (again)

Kronic the hemphog Writes:

Al Pacino vs. Marin Brando..

an interesting battle no doubt..

Part of me wants to vote for the Godfather because he is the head of a closeknit "family".

Scarface on the other hand is more of a "loner" with a few hired guns.

Yet Scarface runs a drug empire..something that the Godfather refused to soil the family with..

The maffia uses shotguns/pistols/perhaps even an automatic like a tommy gun.

Scarface uses chainsaws,uzis and Ak-47s.

The Godfather doesn't want a war with the other families..

Scarface wants to take on the world.

The Godfather is a fat old Italian man who weezes and looks like he has a gerble in his mouth.

Scarface is a small cuban with a chip on his shoulder.

Make mine scarface

Ralph Nadar Writes:

vote for me in 2008..go green..

Ralph Nadar says..people always want to bring in "shit" that isn't included in the scenario...

no where does it mentioned anything about Michael or sonny or( Mario nor Lougie for that matter).

It would be like a match between Captain Kirk vs.Captain crunch and envolking the crunch berry beast or whatever the hell that thing was.

sure it's cool to say that the Godfather is intelligent,savy,streetsmart...yet this is man to man match..

Not a man vs a man and his family or resources.

Basically you have an elderly, overweight,intelligent crimelord

vs. a hostile,drug fueled,latino meglomaniac

No as we all know...homicial maniacs who wield big weapons always win on CBUB...

so vote for scarface and keep the rest of the family out of the fight

Coin Flipper Writes:

Well, after carefull analysis of both opponents, much speaking with the whos-who of the betting world, and a few hours of masturbation in the hallway, I have decided via coin-flip that Scarface will be the winner.

Captain Josh Writes:

Never go against a mad Cuban with some ju-ju. Scarface gets this one.

Edward Norton Writes:

Just a clarification for all you dumbasses out there.

It's MICHAEL Corleone who is fighting,NOT Vito.It's the Godfather from the two GF sequels,you know,Vito's favorite son?

So,it's Al Pacino VS Al Pacino,NOT al Pacino VS Marlon Brando.


Calvin peeing on a Ford Writes:

scarface is more brutal, less emotional than Michael..

it all broils down to the hannibal lecter vs. leatherface debate once again..

a hopped up "animal" who likes to use dangerious weapons vs. a intelligent, rational criminal mastermind...

Michael should win a battle of in the long run..that is as long as it isn't held like in some deserted shack in the woods

Psychopathicus Rex Writes:

YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!! Finally, FINALLY the freakin' Incredibles fight is up!! Our patience has been rewarded! Huzzah! HUZZAH!!!! (Ed. Note: Patience? After all of you and Hyperbob's unnecessary post-whining? There were a couple of other "patient" people but their names escape me at the moment.)

*Ahem* Anyway. Mobster VS Mobster. Scarface VS Godfather. Well, let's compare the two, shall we?



Godfather: Mean, tough S.O.B.

Scarface: Erm...Still Nevahoidovvim.

Godfather: Put a horse's head in a bed, and ruined said bed's pristine silken covers - not to mention the horse's general health, of course.

Scarface: Nice guy. Nevahoidovvim.

Godfather: Waited years and years until the guy that killed his mom was old and in his dotage and had forgotten the whole incident, then shot him.

Scarface: Ah, sheesh...Nevahoidovvim.

Godfather: Liked pasta. Pasta's good. Died when he choked on an orange slice. His son, the current Godfather, still likes pasta. Clearly, this is a family of gourmets.

Scarface: know what I'm going to say here, don't you?

Right. Let's get down to brass tacks here, shall we? The Godfather is a gentleman of refined bearings - who just happens to be a brutal vicious mobsta. Scarface is - well, wait a minute, maybe I HAVE hoidovvim. Isn't he that little wooden dummy that the Ventriloquist totes around in the Batman comics? Wait, no - the picture shows Al Pacino. Ah, well. Any guy who's named after a dummy can't be all that tough, anyway.

Final result? Corleone wins, hands down and clutching a knife imbedded in the back of the last guy who tried to screw him over.

As for Scarface -


Fenix Writes:

I have no idea who the hell these 2 are

So i dont think i will vote

Godfather wins by the way, just sounds cool

Taltos Writes:

This Tony "i kill people for fun" Montana, he embodies the american dream, the ultimate rags to riches story, Scarface is more inspiring than Rocky. But if my words dont persuade you, try his.

Tony Montana: Me, I want what's coming to me.

Manny: Oh, well... what's coming to you?

Tony Montana: The world, Chico, and everything in it.

"Amigo, the only thing in this world that gives orders is balls. Balls. You got that?"

"I neva fucked anybody over in my life, who didn't have it comin' to 'im, you got that? All I have in this world is my balls, and my word, and I don't break 'em for no one, jou understand?" Tony to Sosa

My vote goes for tony and i think its obvious why.

Megatron Writes:

Michael with be Tony's bitch before this fight is done..

hey tubby bastard,,rack another one up for scarface.

galactus429 Writes:

I'll have to say that I am going with Mr. Corleone on this one. The Godfather's theme music was just too cool for him to lose. Besides, the Godfather has his whole "family" backing him up. All Scarface has is just one "little friend."

Dave OhBee Writes:

The Godfather Would Totally win this! Because 1)He has the mob, the friggin mob, behind him. 2)He wasn't killed by some stupid gunman, who looks like he just came back from a jog down the street, and just happened to have a gun. 3)Scarface is Coked up till doomsday, I'd be surprized if he could Shoot a gun! And 4) The Godfather is a way better movie than Scarface.

arcanian Writes:

First, there is only one Scarface, the venerable Alphonse Capone. Also, I do believe that you are misrepresenting a classic character, Alfred E. Newman, as "Pat." Other than that, I simply do not believe there can be many mobsters out there that could take the Godfather. What are the odds that you chose one?

Tony Dimera Writes:

Man what a fight this would be. But when the bullets stop flying and the losers body hits the floor, the winner will be saying:

"Never count out my little friends!"

Tony "Scarface" Montana takes the win.



Pat:    Jay, it is pure carnage down there.

Jay:    We've lost track of Montana, but the men he left down in the Arena are having it out old-world style with Corleone's men. There are a few super-powered flunkies in the mix, but with the level of weaponry being used, it's not making a huge difference.

Pat:    Armored-Skin-Piercing rounds, Mutant-Nullifying grenades... I guess the saying is true, you really CAN kill anyone.

Jay:    Well, as interesting as this bloodbath is, Pat, the big question remains: Where is Tony Montana? Perhaps field commentator Harley Quinn can answer that question for us.

Quinn: No sign of the big T yet, Jay, but hopefully we'll see him soon! He kinda reminds me a someone... 'cept he has no sense of humor... wait, izzat him duckin' inta that big building?

Pat:    I think it is, Quinn! Looks like Tony's done playing around and he's going straight for the head honcho himself. More of Michael's men wait inside...

M-16 + Grenade Launcher: BOOOOOOOOOOOM!

Pat:    ...well, they did, anyway.

Jay:    At least we still have audio-visuals on the other floors, Pat. It's a good thing Michael allowed us to watch in on surveillance.

Pat:    Which is exactly why we're not allowed to talk about certain things, Jay. Let's check up on the top floor. It looks like they're aware that the elevator is moving...

Jay:    But not for long! The cords pulling up the elevator are quickly shredded. So much for that distraction, as we've picked up audio of Tony moving up the stairs.

Pat:    He's moving fast... must be hyped up on something. He's got a grin on his face a mile wide, even though he must know what's waiting for him at the top of the stairs.

Jay:    Something's also happening in Corleone's room... who are those people entering?

Pat:    I don't know Jay, but whatever plan Michael has, he'd better put it together fast! Here comes Tony!

Scarface: DIE, you cock-a-roaches!!

Jay:    And there he goes! Before he gets even close to the stairwell door, he's firing through the walls, knowing there'll be an ambush on the other side. He's charging in, guys are dropping right and left...

Pat:    You know, Jay, in several months, I would think a man of Corleone's status could've amassed a better personal guard than this. Scarface is mowing them down like blades of grass on a summer lawn.

Jay:    Michael's seeing the same thing we are Pat, and I'd say he also looks surprised, and more than a bit worried. The woman beside him seems to be calming him though.

Pat:    Just who is she anyway? Not to mention those two kids that also just walked in... what are they doing here? They're not Corleone's family, in fact, I'd say they almost don't look--

Jay:    No time, Pat, Scarface is moving towards Corleone's room. It looks like the Godfather's men tagged him once or twice, but they missed any major organs, and as "much painkiller" as Tony probably has in him right now he probably doesn't feel a thing.

Pat:    This is it... Montana kicks in the door... two guys in front of him...

M-16 + Grenade Launcher: *DEATH*

Pat:    Make that no guys in front of him... wait, he's stopping! He's seen the others around Michael... let's get some dialogue on this.

Godfather: Mr. Montana, please, come in. You're just in time to join me and some of my good friends for some business discussions.

Scarface: Wait a minute... these aren't...

Jay:    Bad news for Tony, Pat. That may not be Corleone's family, but seeing a man with what looks like his wife and two kids is enough to make even a hardened criminal like Scarface pause for a moment.

Godfather: You see, Mr. Montana, you are a filthy animal. An animal with guns, power, and influence. This is something I cannot allow to continue, especially considering your promotion of drug trafficking, an insult to businessmen like myself. Even an animal like you, however, can understand the importance of a Family. Especially one that will take care of your enemies for you. Kill him.

Pat:    That moment was all they needed, Jay. Scarface takes several shots... but wait! He's still on his feet and firing!

Jay:    Truly incredible resolve, Pat. Michael ducks down behind his desk, while his three associates fall to a hailstorm of bullets from that M-16. You'd think he'd have needed to reload by now.

Pat:    I'm betting he reloaded at least once on the stairwell. He just keeps on firing... he's over the desk now... there's no way Michael could survive this. I'm surprised Tony is still alive himself, he looks like swiss cheese...

Jay:    Gruesome, simply gruesome. It looks like Tony's dropped his weapon and is bending over to talk to his bullet-ridden rival.

Scarface: You just had ta fuck with me, didn't you. Well, don't worry. I got a friend waiting outside the Arena who can do miracles with his hands. All these holes your fucking little shits put in me'll be gone by next week. In fact, he could even make me look like you. Wouldn't be too hard... and just think, Michael Fucking Corleone will still be in charge. How'd'ya like that, you fuck?

Pat:    Well Jay, it looks like if Tony can get back out of the Arena in one piece, the crime wave terrorizing Khazan won't be stopped anytime soon.

Jay:    Maybe so, Pat, but-- wait, is that who I think it is? Coming down out of the sky, it's not a bird, it's not a plane...

Pat:    ... It's most of the Justice League, Jay... and the Avengers... the X-Men... are those Khazanian Bureau of Investigation agents in a chopper?

Jay:    And more of them coming, Pat!! Looks like they were planning on one of our two contenders being eliminated today, they're banding together to clean up what's left!! Scarface has gotten up, he's looking out the window, he sees them coming...

Scarface: You want some more, ah? Bring it on! I take you all! No one can stop me, I'm Tony Montana!! You fuck with me, you fuck with the best! This fucker can't stop me, none of you can!! I--

Shotgun: *BANG*




'Nuff Said!


Scarface: 256

The Godfather: 309




Pat:    Wow. Never saw it coming...

Jay:    And he went through the window too. That's a long fall, Pat...

Pat:    I guess Michael had one of his men hang back to sneak up behind him... but, it's too late for The Godfather...

Godfather: Is it?

Jay:    What the!?!? You! But you're... how did you...

Godfather: Mr. Montana was right. There is a man waiting out side who could make anyone look just like me. A man who owed me several favors... just like you two, Mr. Summers, Mr. Peoples.

Pat:    Eh-heh... we didn't mention the M word, sir!

Jay:    Not that we would say that you were wrong sir... in fact, if there's anything you need--

Godfather: All those people on their way... this sports box is GodProof correct?

Pat:    Err, yes...

Jay:    Leaving immediately sir.

Godfather: Good boys.

Pat:    Well, that's it for this week. This is Pat Summers, running for his life...

Jay:    And I'm Jay Peoples, right behind him! See you next week!

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