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Issue #178 - OCT. 9, 2004

Horror for Halloween 2004


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Michael Myers
Jason Vorhees

The Set-UP

Jason Voorhees - Years ago, Jason Voorhees drowned at Camp Crystal Lake; his pleas for help muffled by the moans of sexually active teenagers. But hell would not have him, and Jason rose again, only to see his mother beheaded. Since then, neither hell nor the depths of space have been able to keep Jason from returning to punish those foolish enough to get in his way. With amazing strength and nigh invulnerability, he is the curse of Crystal Lake that none have been able to stop for good, not even Freddy Kreuger!

Michael Myers - Years ago, Michael Myers picked up a knife and started killing. To this day, he hasn't put the knife down. There is no longer any shred of humanity or compassion behind Michael's mask. Only one thing fills his soul; evil, an evil that has consumed the countless unfortunate victims to cross his path. Every Halloween, Michael returns to finish what he started years ago with that first knife and no one has been able to stop him, not even his own sister!

To maintain our commitment to our fans that we will stop at nothing to bring you the finest fights in the multiverse, time and space will be bent and reality distorted. Halloween will fall on a Friday the 13th this year, and Jason and Michael will go toe to toe in a weapon laden Crystal Lake. Only one shall walk out alive.

Join us now in a battle we had to call...

Thriller Night

This fight produced by: T-1000


Black Mage:    Miserable peasants and mortals of the multiverse, welcome to Crystal Lake. I am the new lord of the damned and Hell itself, Black Mage.

Bun Bun:    And I am the new Lord of all holidays, Bun Bun. We are broadcasting live from Crystal Lake where two psychotic, knife wielding, masked murders are about to go blade to blade in an undoubtedly bloody and horrific match that will surely bring the weaker-stomached among you to within inches of madness.

Black Mage:    After countless screaming and bloody victims under both of their belts, these two will finally tear into each other and bring all long standing speculation to an agony filled end.

Bun Bun:    However, it turns out that these two killers are rather hard to get together. Michael Myers will only get off his miserable lard butt on Halloween, which technically isnít due for another few days, especially seeing as how today is Friday the 13th.

Black Mage:    Meanwhile, Jason is still recovering from a previous encounter with some dumb mortal whom I owe a lot of torment too. So while I get busy waking Jason up from his eternal torment, and Bun Bun here makes sure that itís technically Halloween so that Myers will finally wake up, why donít we listen to what you useless mortals thought about this fight?



What YOU thought about the match:

Vinnie Writes:

I may not have seen either of the before. Ever... But on the pictures I saw I voted for Jason. Why? Jason looks more threating, he has chainsaw! While Myers just looks like a nutter.

So who will win?

The man who actually looks like he can kill you, (Jason)

Or the man that looks like a clown (Myers)

Moldy Crouton Writes:

I'm going with Meyers here. Meyers is not only a force of destruction as much as Jason but he's damn cooler doing it.

Let's compare:

Strength - Since Jason has been borged out he's stronger. Meyers is still in the damn strong catagory.

Agility - Jason's a zombie brick so that limits his agility. Meyers has excellent human agility (remember when he first escaped he attacked while on top of a moving car).

Cunning - Meyers is far more intelligent. Jason is a brute, which works fine for him. However, Meyers actually understands the world around him. He also possess knowledge that he just shouldn't, like driving a car for example.

Mystical Bullshit - Both have massive regen factors. Both can be shot, hacked, burned and still come back. Meyers is possessed of some old Celtic evil. Jason, well who the hell knows what powers him. So they can both call upon magick b.s. to keep them going.

It boils down to strength vs. cunning and I'll always side with intelligence.

Meyers all the way!

TheTalentedMrVoorhees Writes:

Michael Myers was first on the scene. He started the American Slasher trend. He was the first masked murderer in America. He has proven to be extremely hard to kill, and has bounced back from devistating injuries. That being said, Jason hands him his ass in 3 minutes. Jason is bigger, meaner, stronger, and you can't kill him. His mask is cooler, his weapon better, and his name invokes fear in campers everywhere. Voorhees takes it.

Tyler Durden Writes:


Check it out!:

Do, something original,don't rip my site off!

Nine Writes:

Michael Myers. Who can forget his ability to bring out the gut-wrenching screams of Jamie Lee Curtis, bring a chill up and down the audience's spine, or because he inevitably appeared as a personification of the dreadful October holiday. But far beyond all that... you have to admit he was damned funny as Austin Powers.

Starcloud of the Ewoks Writes:

WTF? Webcomic characters have come for us?!

Oh well. See if Shin-Goji'll be a fight commentator. His comic can be funny to the point of scary sometimes.

As for the fight, I have to agree with Black Mage on this. A crazy guy with a knife stands little chance against a hockey mask wearing SOB who even Freddy Krueger can't beat.

God of Swankiness Writes:

Jason wins this one. He's way stronger than Michael, does that wierd teleport thing, can take more damage (came back from having his body dissolved by acid, decapitated, etc. which IRRC Michael never has). Plus, he's faced tougher enemies. Michael had trouble with his stupid sister, Jamie Lee Curtis. Wow, and what a mighty foe she is (note the sarcasm). The only being who ever gave Jason trouble is Freddy Krueger...yes, HIM. And Jason STILL won (although that movie was lousy as Hell, what with the cheesiness, acting so bad it's funny, scenes intended to be frightening turning out to be comical (EG, when that girl finds the guy in the folded bed and screams I just about pissed myself laughing) and almost parody-ish cliches...worst of all was how Jason's weakness to water was implemented for no reason other than for there to be something that Freddy could use against him, proven by that he had been in water before that movie but it never bothered him, and that him being able to feel fear counters the proper depiction/s of his character, anyways).

El Kabong Writes:

Myers had got the pedigree (his movie is considered one of the better horror movies), but Voorhees has got the popularity and the longevity. Jason also has the cooler mask, and seems to have a larger base of strength to draw from. On top of that, he's more versatile with a blade than Micheal. So, I give this to the undead zombie, rather than the druidic sentinel with the Captain Kirk mask (And Austin Powers' "real" name).

Steve Levine Writes:

I'm going to have to go with Michael Myers on this one.Obviously, neither is going to die permanently, that's a given. So the real question is Who is going to die first? The one who dies first is going to lose out on tonight's Easy Pickin's (tm). If we examine the plots of the two movie series, we see a general trend. In the Friday the 13th movies, Jason is always killed. Of course, when the campers turn away for a moment to hug each other, joyous over being alive, Jason will disappear, preparing for his next assault. This will happen several times in the movie. Therefore, looking at their past performances, Michael Myers can go the distance, and will outlast Jason almost every time.

Jason wears a hockey mask. Just going by hockey statistics alone, he has at best a 50% chance of victory since games must have a winner and a loser. I will ignore tie games for the purposes of this discussion.

Lord of Bacon Writes:

Let's fac it, this battle just won't end. It's not like either of them ever dies, or stops fighting, or eats, or...poops....

shit these guys are just sick.

This fight is just going to be the two of them pacing toward each other, and then slashing and stabbing like all hell. it's not going to freaking end. Someone else is going to have to step in... like Jason's other sister who's working at chrystal lake... and drops some sort of heavy suspended object on them. And even then, they might both live.

The fact is that these two fighting is like trying to convince Jesus and John the Baptist to fight.They need real enemies with enough of a mind to dodge attacks and use strategy.

My Money's on Jason, but just because he's actually been in all of his movies(And don't even bring up the first one, he makes that dream appearance) whereas Mike Myers was opted out of the 3rd Halloween movie.

Also, in terms of looking cool, Jason wins hands down. He's got a fucking goalie mask... all Michael has is William "I swear to god I knew My music was shitty please pay attention to me" Shatner's face

I keed Shatner... I Keed...

Ash Writes:

Even though Myers gets all the credit for starting the Slasher genre, the true credit can be given to either Mario Bava's Twitch of the Death Nerve, or Bob Clark's Black Christmas, both of which pre-date Halloween by a few years.

To say that Jason is just a Myers rip-off is also bogus. His backstory is completely different. His motives are different. His look is different. The only real similarity is the fact that he is silent and kills people.

As for the fight, I say Jason takes this with ease. He is bigger, stronger, and he doesn't mess around. He doesn't play games, he just comes at you like a machete weilding hurricane. Plus, he is as close to indestructable as you can get.

Warprince Writes:

I've been wanting to see this slashfest for a while. Two big, hard to kill guys duking it out. No words, no gestures, just blood! But in the end, Myers is a nut case with a butcher knife, he may be near immortal and a little stronger then normal, but Jason is to Mike what the tank is to the army jeep. Bigger, stronger, harder to kill. This machette weilding zombie has been shot, stabbed, drowned(Several times), electrocuted, hacked up, blown up, chopped up, hung, melted, took Kreuger's best, and been sent to hell by an ancient holy weapon. And he is still going strong. There are two things you can always count on with Jason. He is gonna walk away from this, and his face is gonna be a hell of a lot uglier.

StrigoiTemplar Writes:

Right away we've got the question of home-field advantage coming into the fight, and as it's at Crystal Lake, Jason's already got the comfort zone working for him. But home field aside, let's look at what kind of training these two combatants have had; on the one hand you've got Jason, fresh from a victorious bloodbath against Freddy Krueger and a body count to make you proud. Also looking at his victim count, you see a wide variety of opponents. From camp councillors to Bikers to androids, Jason has taken all of them all and only fallen usually with one or two survivors. Then let's look at Mr. Myers. Let's be honest, his resume's not half as impressive. His latest excursion's biggest pull was his executing Busta Rhymes. And whereas Jason has an already mentioned variety of targets, Mikey's life has been based on killing Jamie Lee Curtis.

In this comparison, it's apparent that Jason is a versatlie killer and can adapt to any situation. Michael on the other hand will just keep on doing his standard thing, but because he's used to houses with lots of closets he'll be completely out of his league. Compared to him, Jason is a veritable JTF-2 commando.

Brian Wright Writes:

I go with Jason.

Jason,has had ELEVEN movies, TWICE coming back from supposed "Final" chapters. That's gumption. And has Michael Myers ever taken an entire burrough of New York City? I thought not. Plus, if worse comes to worse, Jason can just call up the dead spirit of his sister, Erin Gray, who in turn can call up the dead (at least career wise) spirit of Rick "Don't call me Ricky" Schroder. If the sight of Rick trying to look cool isn't enough to implode Michael Myer's brain, it'll be enough to scare him all the way to the Stratford Inn.

Jason is the one with the Real Man's (tm) head gear! Aside from rugby and Australian Rules Football (tm), nobody is tougher than hockey players. "It's a compound fracture of your femur." "Oh, really. Well, just tape it up and get me back in there." And realize that he's wearing one of those no-padding, no-contour, no-give, all-they-really-do-is-prevent-the-puck-from-entering-your-brain facemasks, not one of those super-cushioned, air-bagged helmets that those pansies wear now. That's tough!

Nick The Critick Writes:

wait wait.......HAHAHAHA you mean someone actually thought this up?!!?!?! i had to check the calander to see if it was april fool's...but i kid...there's sort of a strange irony here, seeing as how i said mike meyers wouldn't stand a chance against bruce cambell in that whole jason vs. ash thing,,,ANYWHO, this is a damn hilarious we have the king of all cockblocks, the zombie tank, the one who had to have damn near EVERYONE in the movie to help kill freddy....JASON....hold your cheers, he's not that cool...his irritating relentlessness and repitant ways of killin only pale in comaprison to his AWESOME personality...then again, he's better then the was have Mike Meyers....what more can i say really, he's one of the worst slashers in history...nothing paranormal, no cool noise like that CH CH CH KA KA KA or "one two freddy's comin for you"....NOTHING....what does he have...a frickin knife, the most uncreative out of all movie weapons..and a shatner mask...honestly, i think they shouldn't have bleached that mask, it would have seemed alot scarier with the big giant head walkin around stabbing people....when i see a slasher i wanna think holy hell, i should run....not want to sing karaoke and talk about it comes between this...who seems to do more damage...a MONSTER with a white mask, a machete, and the ability to break a person in half (literally) with his bare hands...or a skinny ass dude with a white mask who carries a butcher knife...that being said, i hate both of them, but hey, i rely more on the greater of two evils

Tenacious Me Writes:

Holy crap. I've never seen the ferret put out so many fights in such a little time. I've died and gone to geek heaven.

Just like Meyers is finally going to die. He's a mortal, Voorhies is power from beyond the grave. The match is going to be hack and slash all the way through, but in the end, Voorhies (missing an arm) is going to decapitate Meyers (missing all limbs).

Now for the real question...which will be stated more in the commentary: Mike Meyers the actor reference or the crappy jay and silent bob rip offs in Freddy vs. Jason?

the Shape Writes:


the fact that Jason is outscoring Michael at all is surprising (although not completely) but by a 3 to 1 margin... come on people be realistic, is it simply a case of Jason being flashier and more gory or are people just using the more recent appearances of the two as the standard for comparison? Let's do us up a little comparison chart for the logic impaired, shall we?

INTELIGENCE: Jason, has little or none

Michael is a calculating HIGHLY inteligent, patient and strategic killer

DURABILITY: unless I miss my guess (and I'm not) Jason was taken out by a near miss from a grenade launcher... blown to frigg'in pieces people... to... friggining... pieces, bya a NEAR MISS meaning it didn't even have ta hit his a** to wipe out the fragile little lad. Michael on the other hand survived an explosion at point blank range from all sides that shook an entire hospital wing... and kept coming, not to mention that a mere 2 doses of tranq put Jason ta dreamland and Michael withstood about 7 er 8 doses a drugz... and once again kept coming. are we noticing a pattern yet people?

STRENGTH: To prove that I'm not by any means a Jason hater or a Michael fanboy I'll admit this right off the bat, Jason is almost certainly stronger than Michael, not by a hell of alot mind but he is. Jason shows his strength more often than Michael does, that's why people might assume Jason is much more powerful, just compare the feats that they've both done and you'll see more than a little bit of similarity.

STEALTH: Michael is stealth personified, Jason is little more than an ambush predator these dayz

out side of these comparisonz there are other wayz to compare these 2 killerz and some are close and some aren't nut where Jason beats Michael he don't beat him by much, unless of course you go by death toll and Jasonz is only so high cauze the guyz got no style whatsoever. come on people, despite the fact that I think Michael would win in this fight I at least acknowledge the fact that Jason would not go down without a fight.


M.O.B. (-Man of Battle-) Writes:

It has been said that sometimes its better for the same level of evil to battle evil! And boy does that apply to this match!

Jason and Michael are so closely even that it is scary! Both are empowered by a special events like Halloween and Friday the 13th!

And since this event is based on a Halloween match then it is clear that Michael is going to win because his greatest strength comes from Halloween.

However I am reminded from the movie of Freddy VS Jason, that even thou a dream demon used a zombie as it's vessel. Jason was truly no match against Freddy in the dream realm.

However once Jason was returned to camp crystal lake the balance of power changed and I can see that happening here. Because Jason's power base is camp Crystal Lake but his power increases on Friday the 13th.

So even thou Michael will probaly have the advantage. But Jason will have the power.

So Mask to Mask, Knife to Machete

Michael will be tough but Jason stands bold and Ready!

Psychopathicus Rex Writes:

Hmm. Well, first off, I must admit that I'm probably not really qualified to comment on this one, because I'm a wuss and horror movies scare the crap out of me. Thusly, I haven't actually seen EITHER of these guys in action, because I know darned well that, if I did, I'd wind up hiding under the covers with the lights on for the next six months or so. But hey, that's never stopped me before! Onward!

I've placed my vote with Mr. Myers. Why have I done this, you ask? Simple. His opposing number, one Jason Voorhees, is a spook. A specter. A phantom. A zombie-like thingy. A ghost, in other words.

Now, many people would see this as a point in Voorhees's favor. 'He's a ghost! You can't dam' well kill a ghost!' Yeh, yeh, yeh. Skip it. That's all bull.

Lookie here, chilluns, I say that you CAN kill a ghost. Or, at any rate, banish it. Voorhees took, what, three or four films to officially become a ghost. If he had remained an unstoppable LIVING killer, then you'd have me worried. But Jason - well, he's a ghost. And there are innumerable ways to banish ghosts. Ask any paranormal expert. And each of Mr. V's recent films have ended with him being *Ahem* re-deadified, if you will. True, he always slaughters a horde or so of obnoxious teenage extras before this happens, but in the end, he always ends up takin' a nice lava bath in the Big Hot Place. And besides which, he's not facing obnoxious kiddies in this fight - he's facing Michael Myers. Which brings me to my second point.

Myers is not a zombie - he's just evil. Evil evil evil evil evil. He doesn't kill because of some childhood trauma, he kills 'cause he's damn well EVIL. Jason's precise motives have always been a little murky, but ol' Mikey doesn't have that problem - He's EEEEEEEEEEEVIL. Evil doesn't kill because of psychological twist-ups, it kills 'cause it's evil and wants to destroy everything. With the force of the pure Big E backing him up, I don't see how Myers can do anything BUT win. Plus, Mikey is just a badass. Jason was eventually killed, but Myers is pretty much the Joker of slasher villains - he can't freakin' die! That's much more impressive to me than being a zombie. Zombies are a dime a dozen in the movies, but pure and unadulterated ev...ah, the heck with it. I'm sick and tired of typing that word.

Anyway, one more point in Mike's favor - a more-or-less recent movie hooked him up with some bizarre druidic cult. The druids were mystics par excellence. Jason is a zombie. Zombies are creatures of dark magic. Mysticism can combat dark magic. Myers has mysticism in his corner. See where I'm going with this?

Myers slices up Jason into thick, oogily green pate'. End of story. The Rex has spoken.

nightmare Writes:

I say jason will take this win because he dead I mean mike is only human with a knife. jason

can stab mike and cut his head off. So jason will be victorious against myers


fanboy Writes:

go jason!!

A Drunken Fool Writes:

I think that Bill would win this fight

Divinity Writes:

Myers would win...beacause of his intellagence...he would outwit jason anyday..while jason way be stonger, and more indistructable..myers us much smarter then jason..hence...he would outwit him...but it would take alot out of myers to win jason

Jigawatt Writes:

If Jason beats Michael by about 300 votes, and Ash beat Jason by about 300 votes, Ash vs. Michael would be a massacre (but still one I'd pay to see).

Mechazoid Writes:

There are 3 reasons why Jason is going to win this

1)Weapons: Myers has a standard "Psycho issue" knife, Jason has a big ol' Machete

2) Series: Jason's movies ran for way longer than Myers and he still isn't dead (I mean Myers never even featured in some of the Halloween series)

3) Experiance: Myers isn't used to fighting other supernatural creatures, he simply hunts down normal humans. Jason battled with (and arguably defeated)Freddy Kruger.

No doubt. Jason has this one in the bodybag



Bun Bun:    Well, certainly some interesting opinions on this fight. Now enough talk, itís time people started dying!

Black Mage:    Well it certainly took a bit of hell power, but Jason is finally coming too. His cursed heart is once again beating as life begins to flow through those long decayed veins of his. Ladies and gentlemen, Jason Voorhees is alive again!

Bun Bun:    The hockey masked killer crawls out of his grave only to find himself standing opposite the one and only Michael Myers! It sure took enough of the Halloween spirit force fed into that catatonic husk to get him moving but now that he is back and up, he is ready for the kill! Ladies and gentlemen, this fight has begun.

Black Mage:    And without hesitation too! Neither contender is giving nor receiving any quarter as these two go straight for each other and the kill.

Bun Bun:    Jason is first with a powerful machete swing across Myersí chest, leaving a gaping wound in the masked killer.

Black Mage:    Jason doesnít let up as he follows through with another swing and another severe opening in Myersí torso.

Bun Bun:    Michael doesnít even seem to flinch as he retaliates with a knife wound straight to Jasonís cursed heart, and another, and another.

Black Mage:    Jason doesnít even have to shrug it off as he goes for another swing with the machete.

Bun Bun:    Michael blocks the swing with his free arm, while driving his knife once again into Jasonís upper body. And again, and again.

Black Mage:    Jason takes his free left hand and bats away Michaelís arms, leaving Michael wide open for a machete straight through the gut.

Bun Bun:    Jason puts all his strength into a machete thrust that practically lifts Michael up off the ground before setting him back down again.

Black Mage:    Jason steps back, seemingly satisfied that the night is his while Michael stands lurched over with a machete shoved right through his stomach.

Bun Bun:    Ah, a crucial mistake. Michael is regaining his composure, and pulls the machete out with his free left hand, leaving Jason totally unarmed.

Black Mage:    Michael has the advantage and he presses it hard, hacking and slashing at Jason with both the kitchen knife and machete. Jason has left himself open with no defense as Michael continues to gorily chop away at his opponent.

Bun Bun:    Michael takes a swing with the machete, heís going for decapitation.

Black Mage:    No good, Jason blocks the swing with his right hand, so Michael goes for a stab wound to the neck this time with his right knife.

Bun Bun:    Hit! Michael goes for another knife wound, but Jason reaches out with his left hand, and grabs the knife hand in mid-stab.

Black Mage:    Michael brings his left back again for another machete swing to the head, but he leaves himself open and Jason delivers a hard right punch to Michaelís chest that sends the Shape flying through the air and into the forest cover.

Bun Bun:    Ouch! Michael goes crashing hard into a nearby tree, actually knocking it over. Michael is looking a little weary there through his mask, and it looks like he is having a hard time standing up. He turns to look up and Jason has disappeared.

Black Mage:    Whatís that sound? Is that a car engine?

Bun Bun:    No, that would be a chainsaw! And right on cue, Jason appears from out of nowhere seemingly, brandishing a shining new chainsaw, one of the many weapons that we have laden this entire area with for our two opponents.

Black Mage:    Michael is already having a hard time standing, and Jason goes straight for the kill, trying to take Michaelís head off with his saw.

Bun Bun:    Nice effort, but it looks like Michael manages to block the first swing with his machete and knife.

Black Mage:    But not the second. Jason thrusts again and opens a new wound on the side of Michaelís left arm, causing him to drop the machete.

Bun Bun:    Michael is reeling back from the wound and Jason takes the opportunity to slash again, this time at Michaelís right leg.

Black Mage:    Jasonís vicious assault seems to have caused Michael to loose his footing. His legs is still attached, but the wound has left him on the ground, bleeding badly, even through his mask.

Bun Bun:    Michael displays his resiliency yet again as he hurls his knife straight into Jasonís neck!

Black Mage:    Direct hit! Jason is taken aback by this briefly and stops his assault to tend to his wound.

Bun Bun:    By the time Jason has removed the knife from his neck, Michael seems to have completely vanished into nothingness.

Black Mage:    Jason has stopped to take in his surroundings and search for Michael.

Bun Bun:    Surprise attack as Michael comes out of nowhere with a metal spear which he jams right into and straight through Jasonís neck, and then into a nearby tree, pining Jason and leaving him helpless.

Black Mage:    Michael has Jason pinned, and takes full advantage of the situation as he retrieves his famous kitchen knife and starts mercilessly attacking Jason who canít even move enough to defend himself.

Bun Bun:    Now that Michael has a real measure of Jason, heís not holding back anything. Heís gone all out, cutting and hacking into Jason with a furry that even I must admire.

Black Mage:    Michael is defiantly showing some excellent stabbing form while Jason continues to struggle helplessly. Wait, Jason grabs a nearby branch from the tree he is pinned to. He manages to swing it around and smash it directly in Michaelís face.

Bun Bun:    Michael is knocked back, and Jason uses this opportunity to tear the spear pinning him to the tree into two distinct pieces. He is pulling the dull end out of his neck, leaving the sharp end stuck in the tree and is now turning his attention towards Michael.

Black Mage:    Oooh! Jason has just shoved the torn end of the spear into one of Michaelís open chest wounds from earlier in the match. Michael reels back from the attack, giving Jason the chance to retrieve his original machete.

Bun Bun:    Michael raises his hand to strike, but Jason gets his shot in first, raking another massive wound across Myersí chest.

Black Mage:    I think Michael is rapidly reaching his limits here. He just canít take as much punishment as Jason.

Bun Bun:    Michael tries to fight back but instead slashes harmlessly at the air while Jason hits with another machete strike, and another, and another.

Black Mage:    Michael is bleeding profusely here, as he falls to the ground. It looks like the punishment was just too much for him there. Heís on his knees and Jason is approaching for the kill.

Bun Bun:    NO! Myers isnít out of the fight yet. He just suckered Jason in closer. As Jason approaches for the kill, Michael strikes out and slices at Jasonís left leg right by the tendons.

Black Mage:    Whatever Michael hit, it seems to have brought Jason down to the ground. Michael doesnít let up as he plunges his knife through Jasonís hockey mask and into Jasonís right eye.

Bun Bun:    Blood pours out from behind the mask, and Michael takes this chance to grab Jasonís machete.

Black Mage:    Michael takes all his strength and manages to shove the machete up and through Jasonís head. Oh my lord, the top of Jasonís machete is sticking right out the top of Jasonís skull.

Bun Bun:    And Jason still wonít die! Heís looking faint there, but he is hanging on.

Black Mage:    Jasonís not going down without a fight, with one mighty fist, Jason punches right through Michael Myersí chest. Jasonís bloody fist clearly emerges out of Michaelís backside.

Bun Bun:    Oh, and it looks like that did Michael in. Even he has his limits and that last punch seems to have met it.

Black Mage:    Michael seems to be hanging on somehowÖ no wait. Jason has now reached forward with both hands and is crushing Michaelís skull.

Bun Bun:    Myersí skull crushes like a can under Jasonís mighty fists. Thatís it, this fight is over. Jason is the winner.




'Nuff Said!


Myers: 195

Vorhees: 540




Black Mage:    Well, from Crystal Lake, I am Black Mage.

Bun Bun:    And I am Bun Bun, and all of this stabbing has put me in a certain mood.

Black Mage:    I know just what you mean. DIE RABBIT!

Bun Bun:    BLEED MAGE!

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