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Sue Storm:   Uptown Girl and savior of the universe a few dozen times over... she's the class act in this match.

Rogue:   She's got the southern drawl, the white streak in her hair, and the skintight superhero uniform. What does it for us is a strong woman.

Black Cat:  Yet Another of Spidey's love interests, she's a thief turned good-girl in a black cat suit. Meow.

Scarlet Witch:   She's Mystical, she's Magical... She's our Mysterious Woman in Red. Oh, mamma.

Wasp:   Size Does Matter. Believe it offendi.

Psylocke:  Member of the X-Men, a ninja, and wielder of the psi-blade. We loves us some ninja.

This is the First Annual CBUB Beauty Contest. We'll have a Ms. Marvel contest, Mr. Marvel, Ms. DC, and Mr. DC. The winner of each will go on to compete in the Mr/Ms Multiverse competition at the end of this four (or however long) weeks we run this competition. Vote for the lady you like the most, and (hopefully) next week we'll have the results posted and you'll be voting on the next contest. ENJOY!

Join us now in a contest we like to call...

"I'm too sexy for my unitard..."




Well, if you're going to delve into exploitation, do it right, yah? For once, I'm speechless Matthew. Pretty ladies, a universe to browse...what is a grown man to do?



I don't know about you old man, but I plan on wining and dining these ladies while we have 'em here in the Arena. I can't pass this up. Heck, we're commenting on a fashion show now. The Powers That Be are weird.


Matt:    Welcome to the first annual CBUB Ms. Marvel Beauty Pageant, the first in our series of sexy men and women that have graced the pages of comics for years.

Preston:    Indeed, young Matthew. Now, if you'll stop ogling, the contestants, we can get this started.

Matt:    Don't rush me. Unlike some people in this booth, I'm young enough to appreciate exploitation when I see it, old man.

Preston:    We'll see.

Matt:    You all know our contestants, who just happen to be standing on the catwalk.

Preston:    For all to see, and with nothing left to the imagination.

Matt:    Damn straight...Anyway, let's see what our audience has to say about these lovely ladies, and about the break from the norm that we've taken this week.




Peter writes:

Just to let everybody know, I've been here at the CBUB for a good ninety issues, so far. And this is the first match I've ever commented on where I've been left totally speechless.

Thank you, CBUB, for rendering my day with a little extra whimsy. Oh, and Sue Storm for the win, personally, but I don't think too many spectators will care about who will win, provided all the competitors simply show up.

RedShadow/GPS writes:

Psylocke has to win I mean #@$% did u see her bod. All of the women are very hot but when it comes down to it psylocke is like cambell soup MMM MMM #[email protected]%&*!+ GOOD

AtomicKitKat writes:

Hot DANG! When did the EF CBUB turn into a hentai site? That being said, I appreciate the puppy show. *G*

Rogue!!! How can you not vote for a woman who can *beep!* you into a coma(actually, a kiss will do, but if you're not gonna wake up, might as well go for home, right?) She's smart(in her own way), strong, can fly(mile high club, anyone?), and emotionally vulnerable. Maybe if I turned into my radioactive form she won't knock me out... =^_^=

John Shaft writes:

Black Cat.She´s got the bigger boobs.

Ciara Firefly writes:

Um, I've only watched X-men Evolution, so this is just my guess, since I've never seen a couple of those girls so I'm going for Scarlet Witch.

Scarlet has Quicksilver for a brother and Magneto as her dad. And I thought the McMahons were dysfunctional *shakes head*. Anyway through a dysfunctional family connection she can bring in the Simpsons.

Ghost writes:

Well, this sure is a hard one. Sue sure is one hot mama, but I've always been fond of Rouge. Not to mention that delicious catsuit Black Cat walks around in, and...



Argh! I cannot decide! I MUST HAVE THEM ALL!

*recives a mallet to the head for being a hentai*

Right, sorry. I voted for Wasp, becuase she's cute and the one with the least clothes on anyway. Now if you'll excuse me, I need a cold shower.

Lord Demonicuss Krinn writes:

All I'm going to say is this... it's nice to know that CBUB is giving "mature" net-artists like T.Catt some exposure. ;)

An Interested Observer writes:

This was real pointless, and something CBUB could do without.

The Match Maker writes:

Once more, I find myself in the unenviable position of "Morality Police", a role I don't pleasure filling. But what must be said must be said, is that not so?

First off, a beauty contest? I imagine the "contestants" would be the first ones to condemn such an "old fashioned" "male chauvinism" dominated pastime. One's "inner beauty" is what's important, not the veneer on the outside that will fade with time.

Not just that, but the various characters have been drawn by various artists over time. Under one artist a given character can/has look/looked to be a knockout. Under another she can have been drawn as ugly as a gorgon. Their looks over the years have been inconstant to say the least, thus no true comparison can be made.

Second, some of these women are/have been married! It is somewhat disturbing to think of the Invisible Girl as a sex object. Not only does she have a husband, but she's a mother to boot! Fanboys should not be drooling over a mother figure! :-) The same "spoken for" aspect goes for the Scarlet Witch and the Wasp.

And finally, the pictures themselves are "unseemly" for characters of such dignity. It looks as though they've been ripped from some sad fanboy's fevered computer altercations. Should we really be encouraging "superhero fetish"? None of these women would bear their breasts in such a manner. It is a disgrace to the class and dignity these women have displayed over the decades (except maybe Black Cat).

One might as well call it a "Smutty Contest" instead and be done with it.

Now, looking at each woman from a purely appreciative artful point of view, I'd have to say that I personally have always found Janet Van Dyne-Pym, A.K.A. the Wasp as enchantingly beautiful. The bob hairstyle really does something for me. And as a consequence Susan Storm-Richards, A.K.A. the Invisible Girl would have to come in a close second.

But a beauty contest? Really, shame on you. ;-)

Thrash the Errant writes:

Lets see... Sue Richards has been a Knockout ever since The summer of 1993. I still think of the plain

looking one in the loose shirt and pants from before then from time to time, though. Rouge is very pretty,

but her inability to be touched by people without draining their life force is a real turnoff. While I

would date Black Cat without hesitation, her grey puts her out of contention for the title in this contest.

I hate that The Scarlet Witch was married to a robot at one time. I don't care who The Vision reminded her

of! You asked which girl we liked the most not which was simply the prettiest and most beauty contests

that I've seen are about more than looks. However, I wouldn't even think of voting for the Wasp. She has

been one of the plainest looking Heroines in marvel comics since at least the 80s, if not further back. I

have to rule Psylock out for personality reasons. Mainly because she is a real bitch. She tried to steal

a guy that needs a visor just to open his eyes from a nice girl by using her powers on the guy. She also

acts like a thug in general. In the end I go with Invisible Woman. Lingering memories of her old (and

more realistic) look don't change the fact the she is now extremely beautiful.

Thrash writes:

Lets see... Sue Richards has been a Knockout ever since the summer of 1992. I still think of the plain looking one in the loose shirt and pants from before then from time to time, though. Rouge is very pretty, but her inability to be touched by people without draining their life force is a real turnoff. While I would date Black Cat without hesitation, her grey puts her out of contention for the title in this contest. I hate that The Scarlet Witch was married to a robot at one time. I don't care who The Vision reminded her of! You asked which girl we liked the most not which was simply the prettiest and most beauty contests that I've seen are about more than looks. However, I wouldn't even think of voting for the Wasp. She has been one of the plainest looking Heroines in marvel comics since at least the 80s, if not further back. I have to rule Psylock out for personality reasons. Mainly because she is a real bitch. She tried to steal a guy that needs a visor just to open his eyes from a nice girl by using her powers on the guy. She also acts like a thug in general. In the end I go with Invisible Woman. Lingering memories of her old (and more realistic) look don't change the fact the she is now extremely beautiful.

Chris writes:

Haha you censored them. Anyways, I wouldnt know how to pick a winer in this um... fight.. Anyways, if I had the chance to choose one to save me *wink *wink it will ahve to be the Invisible Woman. She is HOT, and umm... smart.

Agent Shit writes:

Dude this battle rocks...well in the picture shown, i'de say Psyloch looks pretty good, the black cat does also

Justicar writes:

I have to offer two opinions here because I see two contests going on here. One, I voted Rogue for the beauty contest. She has that nice bit of witty sass that is the icing on the cake. Plus she kicks ass. Next contest here will be the fan mail battle. I think that most posters here including our sister patrons will be able to handle the fact that this is only for fun. World peace is not hanging on the 'purity of CBUB'. Yet there will be some outcry like there was with the Diznee Mud Wrestling contest (Mud, no, jello and whipped cream! Wink Wink Nudge Nudge). Its not like there's a half-dozen half-naked men up there. Then I would have to stand up for what's good and decent.


Sac writes:

Well, just based on those pics, nobody would blame you for thinking Sue Storm was (Shouldn't that be Sue Richards?) was the hottest babe of the lot. However, I've gotta go with Rogue, (The pic you did chose was...very badly drawn.) as she is DAMN fine, espically in her yelow spandex suit era. Though to be honest, she's a bit "meh" these days, with that drummy red suit and short red. Maybe I shoulda gone with Psylocke...

Toan writes:

Black Cat will win look at those hooters! Those boobs are huge

He Who Can Not Be Named writes:

Well...this will be interesting. I see Rogue is winning at the moment, most likely as she is in a Movie, where as the others aren't...I agree that Rogue is possibly the hotest mutant there is, well, her or Psylock...however she is a real know, look, but no touch (or you might die!!!)...If it were a real fight Rogue would have it in the bag, the only one who could truly give her trouble is the Witch...however this is a Miss Universe contest and I had to go with the First Lady of Marvel: SUE STORM. Not the most powerful, not the best looking, but possibly the best total package.

I have to ask though: Where are some of the other marvel hotties like Jean Grey, Emma Frost, Storm, Spider Girl, Mary Jane (no powers, but...DAMN!!!) Elektra (WOW!!!), just to name a few...

Out of this selection...Sue is my horse to...back...

Interesting side note, any one of these girls actually has the ability to make "World Peace" more than just a silly thing Pageant Queens say...

The Dark One from Down Under has spoken...

Yoda writes:

Black Cat will win because she has the huge boobs, and the looks !!!! She must win because I stared at her for 27 or 30 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!


Thrudjelmer writes:

In this beauty pageant, its hard to pick a clear-cut victory... and while I'm all for that gypsy look that the Scarlet Witch is sporting, I'm gonna have to bet on my favorite pixie: The Wasp!

You know who the hell I am, mojo monkey. writes:

Wasp got hotter as she got more capable and less "Scarlett O'Hara." But she's still a little messed up, probably from the company that she keeps *cough*....Scarlet Witch's hair changed color and she went from shtupping a toaster to shtupping a carbon rod, she's probably pretty volatile, which is a turnoff....Psylocke never did anything for me....Ditto rogue. Rogue has a certain kind of southern drawl, it's not really sultry or anything, it's more of a "This has been a Filmways presentation!" kind of southern accent, and as someone who is surrounded by the latter but far prefers the former, I cannot get excited over Felecia Hardy is a porn name if I've ever heard one, and the Black Cat is my personal vote for the girlfriend that took Poor Peter's cherry. I mean damn, dude. Then again, she grew asexual after a while and even dated Flash Thompson. Sleeping with Flash Thompson is like sleeping with Dennis Rodman: she can be hot again after she boils herself. Who gets my vote? 4 little letters, effendi.....M,I,L, and F. wink wink, nudge nudge.

Kevin, Lord of Nonsense writes:

You people are SICK! SICK, SICK, SICK! I like that.

KC writes:

Sue Storm?? Dude, she's a mom! And Rogue you can't even get close to, so what's the point. Black Cat, tho'...mmm, black leather...

Dom aka sizzler writes:

It's all about who can sleep their way to the top. Surprisingly, only one super heroine can make the 'impression' on the judges.

Invisible Woman: I'm pretty sure she wouldn't do such a thing anyway, since she's always been deeply connected with Mr. Fantastic.

Rogue: Do I even need to explain this one? The judges wouldn't touch Rogue for more then a second.

Scarlet Witch: Magneto is her father. Whoever would DARE try to get with Magneto's little girl might find a steel beam through their torso.

Wasp: Wings? Ewww. They'll swat her advances away.

Black Cat: Now we're talking. All that aerobics and agility ... She'll be making the judges purr.

Psylocke: Her telepathy will allow her to read the judges' minds and see that they've already slept with Black Cat, so she won't see a point to go through with it.

Black Cat beats 'em all, paws down.

Bill writes:


Darth Raptorx writes:

hello gekks of all ages. this battle goes to Rouge. Why? il tell you why she is the hottest one on the list. Just look at her !!!! she gots the boobs the ass and the powers that will garontee victory. this is how it will go rouge steps up and drains all the other ladys, and ends up hotter than ever, and after a strip tease Claire redfield comes up and puts a cap in Rouges skull. So the real winner will be Claire

ALL HAIL CRAIRE REDFIELD (My one true love;):-----)

oracle288 writes:

Ok, Sue Storm has to win this one.Just look at her. The rest cant compare. Nobody really likes that white streak thing so there goes Rogue. And as for Black Cat, all her hair is white. That gives off the impression that she is old and that is no good. And the rest of the girls just dont match up to Sue when it comes to breast size.Sue has the biggest and nicest boobs and that is the biggest factor in this contest. Sue Storm will win.

Comic Master writes:

Rogue should win. First of she's a southern bell. Second she's been in a lot of scraps and has proven to be a true fighter. Third her powers are to copy those of who ever she comes in contact with and though wasp and invisiblewoman aren't mutants she still maybe able to copy those powers. As for invisiblewoman/sue storm she might have a Chance yet invisibility against one of Scarletwhitche's Hexes well their goes her defense. Black cat doesn't have any superpowers unless your talking about the one with the "luck factor" so she falls prey to a wasp sting.And Psylock and Rogue would double team all the others till they leveled the feild then it may be a contest yet if Rogue keeps away from Psylok it won't last long plus Psylock Died in the comics while Rogue's still alive and Kicking.

Tin Man Fan writes:

Ok. Now Sue storm has had 2 full births and a third that got called on account of time interference. And she still has a waist the size of a Nintendo Game Cube cd.


(And once she gets ugly just tell her to "Turn invisible... Yeah, uh-huh)

Katrover Swatroad writes:

Sue Storm & Wasp: As soon as the CBUB judges even oogle these two, their husbands would be kicking said judges' asses faster can you say "CLOBBERIN' TIME!" So they're out.

Scarlet Witch: I really, really hate her hair. No offense, but that must be the most unattractive hairstyle I've seen in comics. She's out too.

Rogue: Why do fanboys like her so much!? I just don't get it. Is it her unknown past? The white streak in her hair? Her unique mutant power? ???? She's out cause I don't understand it one bit. Grrr.....

Black Cat: Her performance in the match between her, Catwoman, and Gambit was DISMAL!! Even a Clueless (TM by Planescape) could have seen through the wall trap! What a berk; she's out.

Psylock wins ('cause I like ninjas too).

gambit writes:

ah ma cheri ma petit cahn yup any udder gal's but

they may be better looking but using her absobing powers rogue can soon change that.

Darkshifter writes:

How can anyone beat the southern belle? Rogue has the power, the looks, and the charm to beat the others, hands down. PLUS, not only does she have that sexy southern drawl, her powers would allow her to whoop the others faster than you can say "Hey Sugah!" With her powers also comes the "forbidden fruit" syndrome. We can't have her so we want her even more!

ZombiDead writes:

This one is all about Rouge. She's got the best body in the Marvel Universe, she's got that sexy strip of white in her hair, and she sounds great.

The Master Fighter of Anime writes:

Okay umm,heheheh...This is....hehehe,did you have to block their boobs with their names...Umm try changing that for the actual battle/when this is posted :) 'Nuff said,let's get 2 the matter on hand(wish the matter on my hand was one of their breasts)So I think Rogue is gonna win,cuz she's got the looks,the best powers and that sexy white streak.Some may think that Invisible Woman will win,cuz of her dashing blonde hiar and blue eyes,but she'll turn invisible and...nobody likes an invisible woman.But if this really is a fashion contest Scarlet Witch would do real good cuz she has a cool,sexy outfit.But still Rogue has the X-Men logo and...yeah!

Jimster The Shoe writes:

Wow...what do i have to say about THIS battle...i think you bested the buffy the vampire slayer vs. xena one where they were skating in a jello rink? i absolutely love the six pics. you know what, judging on pics alone, i gotta go wit Psylock, cuz she got her eyes closed and she looks so damn horny.

DoomJester writes:

I admit, I know squat, didly and bubkis about Sue Storm. BUT I do know what I like, and when it comes to beauty pagents I like 'em big, blonde and bouncy.

The Four Deadly Siths of the Darkside writes:

We can't judge any of them!

Because they are all too Gorgeous!

And made beautiful too!

The DOC writes:

Black Cat is clearly the hottest, why?

1. Rogue has white hair, so what? Black Cat has more. Another thing, you can't TOUCH ROGUE. YOU die. Wanna get a little southern lovin when you get home? Sorry buddy you can't, cause you die!

2. Sue Storm's hot sure, but the whole blonde bombshell been done. Besides, do you really want a woman who can turns invisible? Picture this scenrio,

You: "Sue I want some sex."

Sue: "Sorry, tired."(turns invisible, forcing you to cry like a baby and jack off to internet porn)

3.Who's the Wasp?

4. Scarlet Witch is ok but the match really comes down to Psylocke and Black Cat. Psylocke pretty hot and she's asian(a plus). However she's a ninja she's probably more picky with the guys.She hangs with X-Men for christ sake. Black Cat likes goddamn Peter Parker. You think Psylocke wants to have sex with some dorky reporter?

Black Cat equals hot and easy. Wins the match.(of course I wouldn't mind taking the losers, get them while their weak if you know what I mean)

bs270888 writes:

WOW! I wish i were the ref! Or the clothes fitter! Scarlet witch and Sue are definatley the sexyest, but they all do well in my books. I'll be back in a stiffy, I mean jiffy!

Baalthazaq writes:

It has to be said. The outcome of this "Battle" is already pretty obvious, and in my opinion it's for unfair reasons. Look at the pics. That has got to be the hottest pic of Sue Storm ever, and Rogue isn't looking her usual fine self.

Now I think there's more to this than people are letting on. First of all there is Rogue, who is the hottest of the lot, but with one big flaw. Can't touch her. So that should knock off a few points.

Fair enough Sue Storm is rather fine, but what about not being able to see her half the time.

Black Cat has got the catsuit going on... but how would she hold up in the swimsuit section (there WILL be a swimsuit section I hope?). Once she's out of the catsuit she loses hands down....

Scarlet Witch, and Psylocke should be the two real contenders here, even though I voted for Rogue, because you really can't beat the southern drawl. ;)

NoLimitJay writes:

Got to go with the Invisible Woman on this one, based on an ancient Chinese proverb: the older the berry, the sweeter the juice.


The Saint writes:




How dare you show topless pictures of the hottest Marvel heroines and... hmm? Hmmmmm... Hey not bad... What was I saying? Oh nevermind -


P.S. How do I get the complete uncensored video?

Paladin writes:

Wow! What can I say -- I personally think that Wasp, Black Cat, and Psylock are in the most provocative positions, but I'd go for Scarlet Witch as far as sheer attractiveness.




Matt:    Mmm...tastes like fan-service to me, Preston.

Preston:    If you say so. The ladies are heading to the back and they'll walk out one at a time, letting you all judge on who you think should win.

Matt:    And here they come back out, Sue coming out first...and this is odd. Where her clothes should be, she's turned herself invisible. That's original.

Preston:    Isn't it? She's back behind the curtain now, and here comes Rogue, the southern belle of the X-men wearing her x-bikini. It's the white stripe in her hair that does it for me, Matt.

Matt:    That's REALLY something I coulda done without hearing, Preston. It's Black Cat's turn now, and she's coming out very feline-like. Purr...Oh, man...don't go back!

Preston:    She's behind the curtain with the rest, Matt. Scarlet Witch is out here, beWITCHING everybody.

Matt:    That was bad. Really bad. You're lucky I allow you to talk anymore. Anyway, here comes The Wasp. Can we zoom in on that? Oh, that's nice. She's covering herself with her wings...damn, that's nice.

Preston:    Zoom back out, here comes our final contestant, Psylocke.

Matt:    She's coming out true to Ninja style, isn't she? You think she can move around in those freely? You think that's why she wears so little?

Preston:    I can only hope. Let's see how the voting went.




'Nuff Said!


Sue Storm: 467

Rogue: 378

Black Cat: 379

Scarlet Witch: 157

Wasp: 133

Psylocke: 388




Matt:    You owe me a hundred bucks. Sue won. I told you she'd win. Look at that. She's naked, you just can't see it.

Preston:    What're you gonna do with that hundred?

Matt:    Wine and dine the winner, of course.

Preston:    She's married.

Matt:    Bah. I'm Matthew.

Preston:    And I'm Preston. Join us next time for our next installment in the CBUB Beauty Pageant series, Ms. DC Universe!


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