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One for the Final Fantasy Fanboys



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Callisto:    So, anyways, there I am about to chop off the hand of this guy...

Harley Quinn:    Just for slapping you on the butt in a bar?

Callisto:    Well, wouldn't you chop his hand off?

Harley Quinn:    No.

Callisto:    You wouldn't!?

Harley Quinn:    Naw... I'd do something with more flair. See, your problem is you have no sense of style.

Callisto:    What?! Hey, that's unacceptable. I've got style.

Harley Quinn:    Oh, yah, OK I admit you had a couple moments during the whole Xena thing...

Callisto:    A couple of moments?!

Harley Quinn:    Let's face facts... your strength is the One Liner. I mean you have a penchant for Death Quips. But Style is another matter entirely.

Callisto:    Clown Girl, I'm going to show you some style in less than a second if you don't shut up.

Harley Quinn:    Oh, what... you're going to "Feed me my entrails" or something. Don't you see? It's old hat. I'm trying to help you out here.




Landon writes:

SEPHIROTH! YOU BASTARD! You killed the only cool character in Final Fantasy 7! How dare you kill Aerith/Aeris/however her damn name translates into English! You single-handedly made a mediocre game go to utter crap. DIEDIEDIEDIEDIE! Ah... that fells good. Wonder how many other people'll have the same exact comment as I made...

Ramz writes:

mags all the way. when he was a bad guy, he was amillion times as powerful than when he went to the sissy good side. if he stayed on that path, im sure he would be able to put the hurt on seph.

Paul Soth writes:

My only worry here is that the comments won't become a festering pool of hate and bitterness, but oh well.

But anyway, this is all my number one, Sephiroth. Mangus is cool and all, and he's my favorite from Crono Trigger, but he can't hold a candle to the man. He's got the blood of an alien terror flowing through his vains, the sum of all knowage of an ancent civilation in his mind, the most famous sword of the entire series in his hands, and incredable magic power at his disposal. Not to mention he looks cool as all hell while doing it.

And churchbells with a chorus singing in Latin will outclass Spanish Gutars anyday.

My man, my hero, my inspiration... Sephiroth.

Trevor writes:

Magus better hope that black hole trick works...

Justicar writes:

I can't really think of anything witty to say. This is a cool battle FF world battles usually are. However, my attention has been peaked by the upcoming He-Man cartoon series being remastered at the Cartoon Network. YOU HEAR THAT! HE-MAN is coming back!! KICK ASS!! WWOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I say that the opening credits should show him breaking Callisto's back over his knee giving a primal barbaric scream. (Just kidding ^^)

Oh yeah... Sephiroth wins.


Eagle299 writes:

Well, this is a classic debate that I have seen done many times on different boards. But in the end, it goes to Sephiroth.

True, Magus did intend to take on Lavos by himself. But we know from the history books that he would have failed. Magus lost the war without the interference of Crono and the gang. Just how do you think he lost? Lavos killed him. He only survived when Crono altered history.

Sephiroth on the other hand spends most of his game kicking ass. He killed a Midgar Zolom with ease. He marched through Shinra's headquarters and killed their president with ease. He killed Aeris. This is the first perminent death of a main character since Final Fantasy 4, and in that instance, Tellah caused his own Death by over exerting himself with Meteo. Sephiroth ran Aeris through with his own sword, right in front of Cloud.

Then there is their actual in battle performance. Magus is the weakest physical fighter in the game, below even Marle. True, he good with magic, but most of his spells can be learned by other characters, till you get to the higher level spells, which are costly and only about as Powerful as Flare or Luminaire. Plus he needs special rocks to use any combo techs.

Sephiroth is an unstoppable killing machine in battle. Throughout the Kalm Flash back, he takes all opponents with a single volley. Cloud never even gets off a shot. Plus he's virtually indestructable, taking a Dragons Fir Breath to the face and not even flinching.

Their preformance as bosses is slightly different, though. Magus is one of them game's harder boss fights. Sephiroth, even though he's the final boss, is rather easy. Although to be fair to Sephiroth here, the characters in Chrono Trigger are no where near as godlike as even a moderately built up member of Avalanche. 9999 damage is something that can usually only be done by Ayla in CT. In Final Fantasy 7, all of them can do it all the time. I really wish Square could find a nice balance between making challenging bosses and godlike heroes. Maybe they'll get it right in FF12.

In the end, Magus will be beaten down, and Sephiroth will be standing over his bloody corpse.

PS: Nice 8-Bit Theater reference in the title to this fight, Serge.

Mad Fnorder writes:

Now I'm wincing to see this fight: Sephiroth has a bigger screaming fanbase than almost anyone, comic world included. But especially considering the point that this battle occurs: There’s no conceivable way Sephy would live though a pissed of Magus on the warpath. Consider Sephiroth-right after Nibelheim: His balance is shaken after what he’s just seen, he’s got no Black Materia, None of his especially huge Jenova-based powers: He’s an excellent warrior and mage , but that’s all there is.

Now take Magus. Fully loaded for bear. Utterly focused. No slouch at the melee, and with a range and depth of magical spells that would make Black Mage look wimpy. This is a man who warps time and space on a regular basis. Heck, one shot of Dark Matter might level the remains of the town. Worst case, if Magus feels at all outmatched, he jumps a short distance back, and proceeds to remove Sephiroth’s constituent atoms from each other.

And of course, there’s one final factor to consider. Considering this is post-game for Magus, he has a full set of equipment. Therefore, you know what he’s wearing as a helmet. You guessed it: Ozzie Pants. And anyone who can wear a pair of shorts on his head and STILL look badass is not going to lose. Magus by a mile.

Essex writes:

Sephiroth all the way! Besides having excellent sword skills, and God like ambition, mind games are where Sephy truely excells. Instead of killing Cloud he instead turned him into a mindless, frothing vegetable, doubting if he was ever really himself. And that was after Sephiroth burnt down Cloud's hometown, killed his mother, sliced open Tifa, impaled President Shin-Ra, started carrying around his mother Jenova's corpse around, killed Aerith, and stole the Black Materia. Then he summoned meteor, awoke the WEAPONs, and blocked Holy with only the force of his will.

Sephiroth's goal was to become a god. And he nearly succeded too. Compared to that beating down Magnus will be a walk in the park.

TMR_Xenith writes:

*sigh* Its just not the same.

Well anyway, I've played both of these games and lemme tell you. Sephiroth is by far the better man. In the brief segement that you play him, you find that Sephiroth knows nearly all of the most powerful spells in the game (and that's like 4 or 5 years, before he was able to tap into the planet's energy) and none of the enemies you fight can even touch him. You don't actually fight him until the end and when you do it takes your entire party to do it. Magus, on the other hand, is a wuss. His magic may be good, but it is not the best by far. His fighting skills are only slightly above average at best. Plus, the fight against him is won with little to no effort and it only takes the normal 3 people to do it! Sephiroth owns Magus. He'll show that Grim Reaper looking freak a new place to stick that scythe of his.

Now if only you'd do the Cloud vs. Squall fight.

Kevin, Lord of Nonsense writes:

Did you say Magnus comes from Dragonball? No contest, then! If Magnus can transcend time and space, then he obviously has been able to see the incredible powers his old foes have developed over the years! If he can merely master the Kamehameha technique, then Sephiron's biscuit is toasted! Plus, Magnus has the same true name as that paragon of supervillains, Magneto!

What? You say Magneto's real name is Eric Langden, not Magnus? THOU FOOLISH MORTAL!

KRAAAAAAK! (eyebeams incinerate the disagreer)

As I was saying, Magnus is bound to win. Sephiron will be pasted like Cell by 10 angry Gohan clones.

Styxz n Stonz writes:

My man sephiroth has this in the bag. He redefines the word "madman". The more I saw of him The more I was convince that he defined the word "badass". Only a man of sephiroths level of coolness could ever be alouded to kill off a major character,like poor aeris!!!!!Sephiroth ripps the other pretender in a bad costume to shreds, and gives tifa a taste of sweet lovin!!!! In 5 tops.

Andy"TheMan"Alexis writes:

i think they both suck!!!! just some long-haired pansies who cant duke it out fist to fist, but with magic and swords and shit. i say put them in a boxing ring to see who the real man is!!!

P.S. and the so-called "server crash" during the Superman vs. Goku fight was from some DC-Fanboy-Hacker-punk who couldnt admit that Goku was winnning!!!!!!!!!!

Eddie Filth writes:

Sephiroth, the main bad guy out of FF7 who can deal out major damadge as wel as take it. On top of that, he takes on different forms.

Then we have Magnus, someone who you beat in the middle of the game and later becomes your lackey.

Magnus needs to make like the Final Fantasy movie and BOMB!

Exoviper writes:

Well, i gotta admit that though Magus is my personal favorite of the two, I voted for Sephiroth. He just about took out a planet while all Magus could muster was an attack or two that could only take out say about ten enemies at one time. Both have overconfidence as their weakness but it all eventually boils down to who's got the bigger power source. Magus' "internalized" abilities have limits whereas Sephiroth draws power from an entire PLANET!!

'nuff said!

Phantom Dennis writes:

Hmm we have a time-travelling Dimension Hopper vs. A sword-wielding Meglamaniac determined to shape the world in his image. It's no contest really. Experience has shown that dimension-hopping villains can not be killed. They just pop up again and again. While world-beating megalomaniac are doomed to be perpetually defeated.

reaver dude writes:

sephiroth seems like more of a no holds bared type of dude hed tottally kick mangus's ass and then hand it to him to eat before slicing off his head

Z-man writes:

When in doubt, go for the guy with the big ass sword.

Leviathan writes:

I do not give a dman what these Final Fantasy Freaks (TM FFF) have to say!! I give it to Magus!!!


A:He was drawen by the same guy that drew Dragonball/Dragonballz (WHich emans he ahs access to unGodly Ki pwoers!)

B: Actually has the abiltiy to level hismel up!!! (We know RP good guys get unGodly powerful.)

C: Magus being noe of the most pwoerufl if not THE most pwoerufl Magic dealing person in Chrono Trigger... He SUMMONED LAVOS!!!! THat means he is pretty high in pwoer to do a act like that and I am damn sure he cna smack him up too!!!

Dragon ball powers + Maxed out RP character Stats + HIGH Magical Enegry = One buffe Magus and one dead Seph..

As for Speh.. .He is the EASIST Boss in Final Fantasy (In my opnion.) killed the weakness party member (In a cowardly way too.) and did nothing except look like a girly man... Deserves to die a third time.

Evil Jesters BG writes:

Sephiroth will beat the crap out of Magnus anyday. I mean come on, Magnus is a colorblind pussy whip with no since of style for anyone that has a dick. Now lets get serious Magnus has to take some steorodes, just to get the same muscle copaside as Sephiroth. I mean come on Sephiroth has a giant sword to beat him down with. After Sephiroth beat him to a pulp, Magnus would start acting like a frightened dog that licks his ass and humps his masters leg. There is Two things that Sephiroth has that Magnus doesn't have

1) He will get the women every time and......

2)he has balls and a giggle stick.

Knastymike writes:

Man, screw these punks. I say the old school FF crew comes back and lays waste to both of them. In a suprise finish BlWiz comes out of nowhere and "NUKE"s both of these losers.

Calis writes:

Sephiroth would whoop Magus' arse. Not only does Sephiroth have magic he is also killer with his sword. (Sure he gets whooped by Cloud pretty easily in FF7, but just ignore that).

Muphin Ass writes:

Magus all the way. The simple fact that he's a party member gives him the edge. He can use all sorts of goodies to heal and beef himself up, while Sephiroth is stuck to a limited amount of HP. That and Sephiroth is an overrated momma's boy who's only popular because he looks cool when he walks through fire. Like that's really tough to do.

Seriously. Would anyone even give a crap about Sephiroth if he didn't look cool? Kefka was infinitely more badassed, and he never gets any recognition because he looks like a clown.

Hudson writes:

It's got to be Sephiroth. This is the guy that wiped out Cloud's hometown, a whole tower of Shinra elite and pretty much wiped out anyone in his way. And then (drum roll please), he is the only one to permenitly kill someone in Final Fantasy, or any other game that I know of. And then there is Magnus. What is he known for? Turning Glenn into a frog, kidnapping a princess and a few rebellions. Borinnng. Sephiroth doesn't need help killing this loser. He would quarter Magnus with that big knife of his, burn the remains and piss on the ashes.

Now a fight between Sephiroth and ID. That shows promise. An ultra bad-ass against someone who takes out whole countries on a whim.

Think about it.


DarthVegita writes:

Where do I begin? Sephy is a pussy. Plain and simple. His reasoning for wanting to destroy the world? Because his mommy told him to! Awwwwww.

Magus, on the other hand, DIDN'T want to destroy the world, nor did he even want to rule it. An RPG villian first. He wanted revenge on Lavos for destroying his home and beloved sister.

Magus' exploits were a LOT more impressive, also. Whilst Sephy spent one half of the game running away from Cloud and Co., and the other half sitting his fat ass in a crater, Magus spent HIS time schemeing his way to the top of Zeal royalty. THEN, when he realized that Lavos was too strong for him, he was SMART enough to join forces with his adversaries to stop it.

Not to mention, Magus didn't suffer from a plot so contrived and convoluted that to this very day, I still don't understand FF7.

My vote goes for the guy with drawn by the one and only Akira Toriyama!

Kzero writes:

First of all, Aeris allowed herself to be killed so the white materia would work, so if she'd wanted to she could have healed herself. But that's beside the point, Sephiroth will win this fight due to the fact that the Masamune is a holy sword, holy weapons destroy evil, Magus can be considered more truly evil than Sephiroth because Sephiroth thought he was saving the earth for the Cetra by cleansing the earth of Humanity. Magus wants to kill everything for no good reason apart from that Trunks stole his part in Dragonball Z. Plus there's no way Sephiroth would let anyone take away his bada$$ sword. Magus is going to be kicked around like a soccer ball with osama bin laden's picture on it.

Guar writes:

There is no way Sephiroth, a sword-puller, can match against the Squaresoft equivalent of Gandalf on crack.

Sephiroth was agumented from birth with cells from an alien life form, giving him great abilities. He became the top SOLDIER member and eventaully went on to win fame by stabbing a physically weak flower girl in the back. How macho.

Magus was born with the highest power in his whole kingdom, being able to cloak his insane magic strength from everyone but his sister and Melchior, two incredibly powerful people. A true archmage, he has mastered the most powerful magic, Shadow. The god of War, Spekkio, who teaches magic to the whole party, is afraid of Magus. He admits Magus could teach him stuff about magic. Even knowing Shadow means you have mastered every other type of magic that exists. When Magus was confronted by the most powerful Knight in Guardia, Cyrus, and the best swordsman in Guardia, Gelnn, he beat the crap out of them. Not only that, he broke the sacred sword, the hope of a nation, the Grandlion (not Masamune), in half. He then turned Glenn into a frog.

So not only do we have a wizard with matchless ability, we have a warrior who responds to a challenge by bitch-slapping the strongest knight in the realm to death, busting his legendary sword, and turning his buddy into a frog. Sephiroth stabbed a young woman in the back while she was praying.

Also, what seems to have been lost on everyone is that Sephiroth has no way to damage Magus. But what about his Masamune? The sword that can hurt Magus is not the Masamune, but rather the Grandlion. For some strange reason, it was translated as "Masamune", although they are not the same weapon. You can't hurt Magus unless you have the Grandlion sword or Lavos-level power. How high is Lavos-level power? Power enough to cripple and destroy the planet. If Sephiroth had possessed this kind of power, he would not have needed to summon Meteor to create a wound in the planet. So there is virtually no way for Sephiroth to get past Magus' innate resistance to everything and the magic barriers he was good at raising.

Anything Sephiroth has learned about magic from bits of glass of the Cetra cannot compare to the knowledge of a real, live, honest-to-god wizard. Among Magus' powers are flying and opening gates in time and space to attract the evil entity Lavos (who actually succeeded in destroying the world). The most powerful being in the world could be summoned like a butler if Magus felt the need.

Sephiroth has no way to damage Magus, not with his weapon or his weak materia. He will not be able to defend himself from the most powerful magic that exists or escape from a man who can fly and open portals in time. The only possible way he gets this is by sheer number of fanvotes.

HalloweenJack writes:

So Seph wanted to be one with the world huh? sounds alot like Lavos to me and Magus was obsessed with destroying Lavos. Magus is like the Dr. Doom of SquarSoft. indomitable will and massive personal power. Seph might have the edge in raw power, but Magus more than makes up for it in versatility.

If Seph tries any elemental magick he's gonna be in a big surprise due to Magus's shields. He might even find his supernova spells energy pulled into a Black Hole (i mean it could happen) and thats when Magus goes for the coup de gras: Dark Matter

and ya know, Magus has cool music

Metaphysician writes:

Great fight, but in the end, Magus must win.

-ChronoTrigger was a better game than Final Fantasy VII

-Magus' storyline was more comprehensible

-Magus is a master wizard; Sephiroth, a master swordsmen. Magic trumps might, as demonstrated when Magus *killed* the master swordsman, and transmuted his sidekick into a frog

Ghost writes:

Damn, this is a hard one.

Both of them where the coolest characters in their respective games. Magus turned good, but if that is a pre or con can be debated.

Sephiroth has a better sense of style, but Magus has that cape and glove pulling-thing going for him.

It's hard to topple the awesome coolness of the choirs in "One Winged Angel", Sephiroth's theme, but Magus' theme has that rhythm that's just sooo fine!

Sword or Scythe? Swords are cooler, but according to Terry Pratchett, a scythe is a lethal weapon in the hands of an expert and Magus is definitely an expert.

I guess it all comes down to origin. I'm not all sure who designed Sephiroth, but apparently he or she was friends with whoever came up with Kunzite from Sailor Moon. My point? All of the four generals are now dead as doornails!

Now Magus was designed by *Akira Toriyama*, the man behind Dragonball Z! And that will lend him the win. You see, Toriyama's characters are *freaking unkillable!* Oh, yes, they get killed all the time, but they just. keep. coming. back! And they come back stronger, too!

"But Ghost, that only applies to DBZ-characters!" you say? Yeah, as if! Consider:

In FF7, Aeris got a sword through her belly and died. She didn't come back.

In Crono Trigger, Crono was FRIGGIN' DISINTEGRATED! And he *still* came back!

Apparently, the "Won't-Stay-Dead-Rule" effects all of Toriyama's characters.

"But Magus can be killed in the game!"

Ah, yes. That is because the Toriyama-Reincarnation only applies to "heroes". The fact that Magus is on the look for Schala implies that this is Magus after they defeated Lavos. That means that Magus is now a hero. Even if Sephiroth slices him in two pieces, Magus will be back somehow, twice as strong and ready to rumble again. It might take a while, but in the end, the Magus will triumph!




Harley Quinn:    Aren't we supposed to be doing a fight or something?

Callisto:    *sigh*. Do you know who either of this week's contenders are?

Harley Quinn:    ummm... no. Not a lot of people in the stands either. Do we care who they are?

Callisto:    ummm... no.

Harley Quinn:    Aren't we suppossed to have guest commentators this week anyway?

Callisto:    We were.

Harley Quinn:    And they are... where?

Callisto:    They're indisposed. Recall I was saying one of them slapped my butt.

Harley Quinn:    Ah, I see. Poor judgement on his part, though I suppose it comments favorably upon the attraction of your ass. Right, so anyway lets talk about what you could have done to punish the cretin with style. For instance, I might have turned around, given the guy a kiss with poison lipstick and whispered sweet nothings in his ear while he turned green.

Callisto:    Umm... alright, I'll play. So, I might have ripped his arm out of his socket and beaten him to death with it.

Harley Quinn:    Hmmm... better, but still primitive.

Callisto:    Primitive? That has a certain theatrical element to it, don't you think?

Harley Quinn:    Girlfriend, you've got to accessorize. Ladies accessorize. Now, imagine if you'd ripped his arm out of its socket and then handed it back to him with a kiss saying "loose something?"

Callisto:    Why does everything seem to require a kiss?

Harley Quinn:    It adds to the theatrical horror. Females only though, doesn't really work for men.

Callisto:    OK, so i might have turned, put my arms around him, kissed him and bit out his toungue.

Harley Quinn:    Oh that's good. Now lets add an accessory into that.

Callisto:    hmmm... OK, lets say I had a big firecracker and I stuffed it down the front of his jeans while I was kissing him.

Harley Quinn:    Oh, yes! Now that's style.

Callisto:    Oh, I think we're suppossed to be doing some commentary on the fight here.

Harley Quinn:    Right.

Callisto:    ... and there seems to be some fighting going on down there...

Harley Quinn:    ...and some *yawn* fighting and stuff. Big action.

Callisto:    So what do you say after the battle we dress up like a couple sluts and go bar trawling.

Harley Quinn:    Wait, are you suggesting that we actually go out *looking* to get hit on?

Callisto:    Yeah.

Harley Quinn:    That we dress ourselves so provocatively in tight, revealing cloting that males will be driven, almost against their will, to touch us in private places just so we can use it as an excuse to end their miserable existances in a particularly dramatic fashion?

Callisto:    Pretty much, yeah.

Harley Quinn:    Sounds good, lets go.

Callisto:    Sure. Oh, one second. And it looks like we might have a winner down there...

Harley Quinn:    ...yeah, an exciting finish to an exciting fight. Whatever.

Callisto:    Lets get out of here.




'Nuff Said!


Sephiroth: 7621

Magus: 5413




Callisto:    We gotta stop and pick up some firecrackers.

Harley Quinn:    Oh, good idea.

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