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Superman vs. Goku



Since the 1930's Superman has set the tone for massively overpowered superhero's. Does anyone even know his complete catalog of powers? We're pretty sure at one time or another he's had every one listed in the Marvel Superheroes Ultimate Power Guide (TM). Seriously, how much kryptonite is there in the world? Apparently enough to give him a challenge for over half a century of cartoon and comic book appearances. Invulnerable, planet-crushing strength and faster than light with a few dozen odd powers thrown in, Superman is the one American Superhero every villain hates to have crash their party.

Enter Goku. Japanese Anime's answer to the Man of Steel. Since this cartoon moved across the ocean from Japan to the Cartoon Network, Dragon Ball Z mania has overtaken the youth of today. Consider: a character built on the assumption that there is no upper power limit *Ever*. Each week features a new mindbogglingly devastating attack from the hero in question. How to challenge such a character? In the show DragonBall-Z, challenging Goku seems irrelevant compared to blowing up things in new and spectacular ways... but they try.

Which brings us to this weeks challenge. We've set these two down on their own uninhabited planet to do combat. (Yes, near a Yellow Sun for you superman gurus). We'll watch the battle from orbit and bring you all the play-by-play of this incredible match.

Join Us Now in a battle we had to call...

Bulls on Parade



WEBMASTER'S NOTE:   So, the website crashed... and we moved to a new server during this fight. Have no idea what the scores were... all that remains is the commentary from the viewers.




Zog, the Secret Voice of the Monkey Underground writes:

Alright folks, the only possible way Superman could win this battle is by convincing Goku to go somewhere else. Admittedly, this wouldn't be hard, as Goku has roughly the intelligence of a lichen-covered rock.

Superman may be faster than a speeding bullet, but Goku's faster than a freakin' photon. How do you think they hit so hard in DBZ? Density increases as you near the speed of light. Hence: Goku is infinitely dense (explains his stupidity problem.) Also, how do you think the last 5 minutes before a planet blows up lasts 3 weeks? Time slows down as you near the speed of light.

Goku just zips up, rips Superman's arm off, and beats him to death with the soggy end.

Ramz writes:

I have to go with Goku on this one, I mean come on, he’s faster, has a hell of a lot more fire power (he can blow up planets with his finger), his power is based on fighting capabilities as in the better fighter the more powerful you are, he is probably as strong as Supes (assuming he can run/jump/do pushups in 500 times earths gravity *with* weights on) lets say he weights 200+ and with weights lets make it 250+ now times that by 500 you got 125000 pounds without going SSJ1/2/3/4 (each level times strength by 50.)

P.S. their basically the same physically, so all it comes down to is Goku’s crazy shot/fighting advantage.

so...Supes gets raped.

THE guy writes:

Goku gets the early upper hand, but Superman outsmarts Goku with his...... smarts...

I am that is writes:

I showed some good old fashioned Canadian pride and voted for Superman. The guy who created him initially was canadian. Also, it will end up in a tie. These two have died and been ressurrected so many times it would make a Hindu dizzy.

Noman writes:

Superman is a super-hero on Earth. Goku has probably blown up half the planets in the universe. Goku's power is just ridifrigginiculous. Whoever makes that show is on some sort of drug that will kill them if they don't stop fast. Plus, often times in DBZ when they fight the latest Supreme Threat To All Reality they will gt smacked around until they can barely stand. They get up and get smacked around some more. THIS HAPPENS AN AVERAGE OF NINE TIMES A FIGHT! Then somehow, they defeat the villian. It is now obvious that they cannot die, whereas as Superman could if he was close to a rock for long periods of time.

Sonic Duck 85 writes:

I'm not a fan of Dragonball Z personally, but I have respect for it. I realize the type of character that Goku is and I think that he's kind of cool. But my father brought me up right. He taught me three things in life:

1. "The greatest band of all time is The Beatles."

2. "All sports teams from New York City are bums."

3. "No one can beat Superman. Ever."

Since father knows best, I concluse that this looks like a job for Superman.

Eagle299 writes:

At one time, this may have been an interesting fight. Back in the Saiyan Saga, when Goku was only in the Death Star's league of fire power. He's gotten a few million times stronger since then. Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3, Super Saiyan 4. Not to mention all of his various techniques.

Some people might say the Superman is to fast for Goku. Frankly, I'm convinced that if Goku were in the DC universe, he'd get everywhere he's going in seconds. Conversely, if Supes were in the DBZ universe, it would take him forever to get somewhere, just like it does the Z-Fighters, no matter how fast they get. Seriously, the is an anomily tha there are examples of. In the Buu Saga, it takes Kuririn about 10 minutes to go from the Tenkaichi Bodukai to Babidi's ship. Then a few episodes later, it take Trunks and Goten in Super Saiyan mode several episodes to cover that same difference. They should have covered it in seconds. The fact that it takes the Z-Fighters any time at all to get anywhere is just plot induced stupidity.

Superman can take more punishment that Goku. So what? Offense is greater than defense. Goku has side kicks that make the Death Star look like a squirt gun. Goku himself could take out entire Galaxies if he really wanted to. And in Dark Knight Returns, Superman was pretty messed up by a mere nuke. No way he survives a Kamehameha wave.

There's also the skill department. Goku has trained under every martial arts master in his universe, and exceeded every one of them. That includes several gods. Superman is just about brute strength in fights.

And Calisto is very right. Goku would take Doomsday with one hand tied behind his back. Cell was a far more powerful opponent, and smarter. If Goku ever faught him again, he'd win with ease. Infact, he did beat him in GT.

Then there's they're records right here in CBUB. Superman lost to Thor. Goku beat Tetsuo, a far more powerful opponent the Thor could ever be.

El Kabong writes:

Back in the "Super Friends" days, Superman could move planets whenever he wanted to. Goku has been able to blow them up for ever since about the begining of Dragonball Z. Granted, Supes has gone through numerous transformations and gained a whole load of powers, but so has Goku. And while Superman's tend to be arithmetic in nature, Goku's are more exponential. Therefore, Goku is stronger and will win. You could make this really interesting by throwing in Martian Manhunter and Flash, both of whom could do some serious damage to both contenders.

soulgem writes:

you have to establish the power level for goku. at his weakest, he couldn't handle superboy. at his strongest, he could probably stalemate galactus.

Kuro-san108 writes:

This is great match, but I gotta give it to Goku. While Superman and Goku are physical equals, Goku's martial arts training puts him one step above the man o'steel

Vapor Snake writes:

The guy in blue tights who is incredibly popular among everyone? Or the constipated guy who shoots phallic shaped beams looking for a dragon's seven balls, who in turn gives people the wrong impression about anime? Superman wins. While Goku is charging up his Super-Duper-Ultra-Hyper-Mega-InfiniteGaunlet-Klattu-Veretta-Nicto-Beam, Superman punches him. That's the problem with Goku. He sits there grunting with one hand in the air. Superman doesn't. (BTW, if you based your judgement of anime on DBZ, do me and yourselves a favor and go rent Princess Mononoke.)

The Match Maker writes:

What's this? The CBUB lives again?!? That's what I get for not checking out a supposedly "dead" site for over a year. It just goes to show, never delete a bookmark, no matter how "antiquated" it may be. I'd love to hear the story behind *this* one. The CBUB has been brought back to life! And not for some little time it would seem. Let the melodrama and hyperbole begin anew!

But I would be remiss if I weren't candid. I find upon review of the most recent additions to the CBUB's most glorious heritage a disturbing downward spiral in both fight selections ("Justice Friends Vs. Super Best Friends"? "The Predator Vs. The Road Runner"?), and fight commentary ("Hawkeye Pierce Vs. Bones McCoy", "Yogi and Boo Boo Vs. Chip n Dale", "Xena Vs. Buffy"). The quality has made a perceptible drop. That doesn't invalidate my joy at finding the CBUB "back in the saddle" of course, but it wouldn't be fair to you or me if these failings were left unmentioned. I say these things because I care! ;-) To prove that you need only ask me for specifics. ;-)

And then there's a question of the legitimacy of the "Steve Irwin Vs. Godzilla" fight. I have always been under the impression that the CBUB was for *fictional* characters. Steve Irwin is a very real person. Granted, he plays an exaggerated version of himself on his show and in commercials, but ultimately it is him. It'd be akin to putting Marlin Perkins from "Wild Kingdom" in that bout. Isn't this really more the domain of the WWWF Grudge Match site? After all, this "crossover battles between real and fictional folks" is their bread and butter. And while there is precedent for this kind of battle at 'ye 'ol CBUB ("Moses Vs. Yoda"), the concept of "Real versus Fantasy" just doesn't fit in with the CBUB's mission statement.

But as always, this is just my two cents, and of course should be taken as such. I know it will anyway. LOL.

But all those "faults" aside, I rejoice that the CBUB is reborn! But now that I think about it, with the CBUB up and running again there'll be a need for guest commentators from time to time. Hmmm…

Anyway, enough of that, on to this week's analysis!

Superman versus Goku. One just knew it would have to come down to this. What can one say about Goku? It would seem that in his universe there is *no* top level to which he can aspire. He might as well be the freaking Silver Surfer or someone else with a direct tap into the Power Cosmic.

With that said I have to go for the *First*, the *Best* the *Only* (for all intends and purposes ;-) superhero out there. The man who is a HERO amongst heroes! Faster than a speeding bullet (much faster). More powerful than a locomotive (much more powerful). Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound (as well as the highest mountain or largest planet you can think of). The Man of Tomorrow. The Last Son of Krypton. The Man of Steel. SUPERMAN. The name says it all: SUPERman.

And unless Hypertime has been invalidated in the past year or so, I get to choose "any", or I should say, the *real* Superman for this battle. Not the "Man of Aluminum" that DC foisted upon us "Post Crisis". No, no. The REAL Steal Deal. The guy you see in all those episodes of "The Super Powers Team" on Cartoon Network. The guy that moved the whole freaking moon *by himself* in "Superman IV: The Quest for Peace". The son of Jor-El. Smallville's own. Clark Kent.

He's the granddaddy of them all. The one guy in all the multiverse you can count on to come through for you when the chips are down. We're talking about Thanos-Has-The-Infinity-Gauntlet -Again-And-Is-Waging-War-Against-The-Multiverse type of "chips being down". He's the go to guy. He's the man. He's *SUPERMAN*.

Is this registering people? SUPERMAN! He's the whole Greek Mythology rolled into one! He's got the strength of Hercules. The speed of Hermes. The invulnerability of Achilles. The wisdom of Athena. The "grandness" of Zeus. Throw in Heat Vision and Super Breath and you've got yourself the total package. A man who would show Thor the door (that fight *so* did not go down the way it should have!), and the Hulk the curb.

Sure he may be outgunned in this one, but never, *never* bet against Superman. Never. He is goodness in its most pure, distilled form. You can't beat a man whose sole reason for fighting is to uphold Truth, Justice, and the American Way!

Look, up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's… SUPERMAN!

Blockhead writes:

Oh Lordy.

Goku, in the beginning of his career, when his powerlevel was in the thousands, could de atmoize an entire planet. He continually gets stronger. Sort of like the Hulk, but not just in strength.

When Gouku fights an enemy, he has to be careful about what attacks he uses, since a deflected energy blast could easily destroy the earth. He always begs villians not to fight in the city since the city will easily be destroyed by a minor attack, like vs Vegeta or the Andriods.

Goku is a fighting genius of a race of fighting geniuses. He doesn't have school smarts, but he doesnt need them.

Superman does not constantly get stronger. He can't blow up a planet or even a city with all of his effort. When he and Doomsday fought (a villan with "bony protrusions"), Metropolis had like 0 casualties and a lot of broken windows.

Superman is not a fighting master. He constantly fights people much weaker than himself. When he fights somone he can't simply walk up to and punch, he is in trouble. He has no technique.

Looks like a fan win for Supes.

metaphysician writes:

First, I'd like to congratulate you on choosing Pre-Crisis Superman. *hint*hint*

Now, on to the fight. Both characters have plot-device level powers of a surprisingly similar nature. However, Superman came before Goku. He was pulling powers out his ass and pushing planets around before Goku was a glimmer in Toriyama's eye.

Second, Superman, even PC Supes, is smarter than Goku. ~shudder~

Third, Superman was ALWAYS uber-powerful. Goku only became a planet-crusher some time into DBZ.

Lastly, Cartoon Network shows FAR too much DBZ, as opposed to an actual quality show, Superman: The Animated Series.


Demonicuss Krinn writes:

Goku's tough, but there's only so many things that INCREDIBUL CHEE POWURZ can do.

Superman has been known to extinguish stars and reignite suns.

That and, as Madame Quinn wisely reminded, Goku ain't exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Goku is popular.

Superman is an Icon

'Nuff said!

Demonicuss Krinn

--Up, up, and away!

Kananga writes:

I see Goku taking it after both are nearly dead and all bones broken.

Goku wins simply because Superman doesn't have ki which gives Goku the big big advantage, and for the fact that well the only attacks Superman has is well umm Heat Vision :/ woo scary huh *not* on the other hand Goku has freaken an almost unlimited set of moves.

I give Superman the speed advantage but eventually he's going to trip up since Goku is very clever at fighting.

I see them doing a superman vs doomsday all over again only they both survive and Superman is knocked out, but Goku is barely counsious and has had the toughest battle he could of ever dreamed of.

The Toast Rider writes:

The fight hinges on if this is pre-Crisis Superman, or post-Crisis.

Post-Crisis Superman is tough, no stones about it, but he's more evenly matched power wise with Goku -- who is better trained. Thus, Superman winds up very, very unconscious.

Pre-Crisis, though... that's a different story. Brr. That's more power than even Goku might be able to handle easily.

I'm casting a vote to Supes for sentimental reasons, but in fairness this match was too close for me to call.

HalloweenJack writes:

hmm what have we here. This is interesting. We have the original versus the rip off (yes goku is a superman rip off. just deal with it)

i'm giving goku the nod though. Goku has the Touch, the Power, what the French call a something I don't know what. I honestly have to look at it this way.

now take away the jobber aura superman seems to project upon the rest of the DCU except for Batman and what do we have.

A strong, fast guy, with heat vision, x-ray vision, telescopic vision, super hearing, flight and a near unbreakable will. However, he does NOT have the same level of fighting ability as Goku even with his brief lessons from Mongul. Basically while the sprit is willing the flesh is slightly weaker. Though he is much smarter than Goku.

Goku on the other hand has trained religiously since childhood. He's always learning new techniques. He has so many destructive attacks it isn't funny.

I'm no rabid DC fan nor am I a rabid DBZ fan who both have some pretty bad logic. I'm pulling for Goku because while he and Supes are practically equals in strength and speed, Goku's superior fighting ability and energy attacks.

Imagine a big country guy with a somewhat good fighting abiity (like myself) with some enhanced senses and heat vision. Now put him against Bruce Lee with massive energy attacks and teleportation.

The Country boy is going down. It's pretty simple really.

Z-mage writes:

Real superheroes can beat incredible odds. Superman doesn't have incredible odds against Goku. Therefore, Superman will win.

He could outsmart Goku without even trying. C'mon, people.

Landon writes:

This comes down to which fanboys are more annoying. Goku has the bratty, pre-teen brats on his side that are bull-headed and refuse to listen to anything that hints at Goku being less powerful than God. Makes you want to thwap them in the back of the head. On the other hand, Superman's extreme fans are FAR worse. I've had the misfortune of running into some of these people, and they're just downright... how to put this nicely... sad. The sorts that think you're below human for not liking Superman. The sorts that see it as a moral issue and not simply a matter of taste. No Goku fan tells you that you're evil and immoral for not liking him. The worst of Superman fans do. So... looks like Goku wins this one.

Peter writes:

Okay peeps, so let me just get this one straight. Superman, the most iconic of all the superheroes of all the fictional universes in existance, the man who has single-handedly saved the planet literally more times than anyone can count, the entity who has led the assembled DCU heroes against Universe-shattering threats time and time again (and always come out on top), and the best the Arena of Khazan can pit him against is some wannabe anime loser from a god-awful children's television show?

As much as I wanted to vote for Superman (the Greatest Hero Ever - I'll continue pointing that out, thank you, to all the DBZ fans in the audience) simply out of an extreme dislike for DBZ, I don't have to. Really, I don't.

All the DBZers will go on and on here about how Superman really isn't that bright - but he's up against *Goku*, a character so mind-blaringly dumb that he makes the average rock look like an astro-scientist. Let's not forget the fact that Goku is used to fighting battles that last for weeks - unlike your average Superman fight, which (given Kal's impressive speed) can last all of several picoseconds.

And they'll try and tell us that "Goku has all these really powerful energy blasts with utterly unpronouncable names!" But they'll probably neglect to tell us (and you have to wonder why) that those really powerful blasts only affect evil entities - and good old Superman's soul is so pure he can withstand the light of Heaven.

Let's also not forget the fact that Superman (the Greatest Hero Ever) has been getting so amped lately in the comic books it's not funny. Moving the moon around (and easily shunting WarWorld through the Boom Tube during that horrid OWAW mess) and using his incredible speed (the "I can play tag with light" variety that gets passed out quite liberally in the DCU) and other powers in a tactical way, thanks to Mongul's training.

Enough rambling, here's how I see this fight. The starting bell goes, and Goku and Superman (the Greatest Hero Ever) step out onto the ring. Goku stands there for a few *long* minutes, then begins one of his own boring monologues where he drones on and on and on, putting every second person in the audience to sleep. But while he's talking, Superman steps up close, uses his microscopic/heat vision combo, and does a little keyhole surgery on the unsuspecting Goku, turning the anime loser into a drooling vegetable at superspeed, ending the fight.

Superman (the Greatest Hero Ever, in case you'd forgotten) then goes home extremely disappointed, looking for something remotely challenging and wondering if Thor would be interested in a little arm-wrestling...

In other words... Go Superman!

Devlin "Dev" Grey writes:

This is a walk in the park for Superman, why don't you do this battle:

Superman Villains


Batman Villains


Spider-Man Villains


Knastymike writes:

Oh, for fuck's sake. Superman, people? Krypton's last son is definetly a powerhouse, but have you people been watching DBZ??? If Goku's kid sneezes, earth is destroyed. I'd take just about any of the DBZ fighters over Superman. Everyone's favorite solar-powered superhero gets beat by the super-sajin faster I spank a monkey.

Bosda Di'Chi writes:

The Last son Of Krypton is the model & perfect representation of all the costumed heroes that came after him. In a way, Goku is fighting everybody in the DC/Marvel/Image/etc Pantheon.

Kal-El takes the gold medal, hands down.

A matter of faith to the true comic-book fan.

Slorg! writes:

Staying power. Superman has been doing this for years while Goku just another in a long line here today, geek trivia tomorrow anime goons. In this sort of fight endurance will matter. Superman will be thumping heads long after Goku's fanboys are wormfood.

A Great Slorg!

Techno Spawn writes:

First of all Superman is nothing, a pathetic wienie given great powers. He flies around thinking he's all that and wasting perfect powers like he has. Have you ever seen Superwimp use his powers for his own benefits (fun and games) Mmmm... never. All that unbelievable powers wasted by this pathetic FOOL who uses them for only the benefit of mankind not his own, WHAT THE HELL!?! IS THAT ALL ABOUT!?! Superman’s villains are also dumbasses except for Doomsday and Lobo. Supie's got all that power and he uses it to protect one stupid city, hell with his powers he could be a comic super, but just stay the hell away for red suns and there rays. Goku, however, has great powers and uses them for his benefits and also protecting the world. The guy actually has fun from time to time and is also funny sometimes unlike Supermoron who isn't any fun at all he's just a Big Popoo Head.

-Super has superspeed. Yeah so, shit Goku has super speed as well.

-Superman has superheat vision. So who the hell gives a damn when the other guy's able to blast energy blast and increase it at an unbelievable level. Blowing everything out of sight.

-Super has superstrenght which means shit to Goku cause he's got that as well.

-Goku's got attitude and style with a variety of power that matches supes and Goku's also got those magical beans that will heal any of his wounds up right and also make him FART a whole lot.

-Superman might have all that superpower, but in the end it won't help him against Goku who will go Super Saiyan on Supes' Sorry Ass. Goku is not a caring superhero all the time like Supie and when he powers up to maximum if there even is a maximum level to his power, he'll mop the floors with Superman and then mop up Superman's blood from the ground with Supes' ugly face. Poor Superman will get his ass kick around all over Khazan Arena. However, Vegeta would be a better match with Supie since he's more ruthless then Goku.

- Go Goku kill that Pathetic, Sorry Ass, Filthy, Wienie of a superhero. P.S. I hate Superman. What a looser!!! D.C sucks. Marvel cool. Spidey rules. GO DA HELL SUPERFOOL!!!

The Catwoman writes:

Lets compare:

Arch nemeses:

Lex Luther: genius business man

Frezza: Not so bright, and ambiguously gay, but extremely powerful

Metalo: made out of a cheep adamantium knock off, and is rampantly destructive

Androids 16,17,18,19,20: beat everyone like a drum, and some even look cool

Goku: 1 Superman: 0


Superman: too long to list

Goku: too long to list

Goku:1 Superman:0

Girl friends

ChiChi: his wife is a B-I-T-C-H! and is named after breasts

Lois Lane: she is stylish and smart

Goku:1 Superman:1

so it comes down to a tie. But for my money the only way Superman can win is if he deals a killing blow while Goku is providing a long expository speech, and or providing comic relief. Superman's only other option is to get Goku to prepare an attack, for five min. DBZ time, in outher words 3 or 4 hours regular time. During which Superman wont waste 5 episodes talking instead of killing like Frezza did.

Ramblin writes:

It's simple, when Goku stands around charging his fireball that takes ten episodes to charge Superman is gonna kick him in the nuts at the speed of light.

Zog, the Secret Voice of the Monkey Underground writes:

Y'all, please. About all Superman can be grateful for is that this isn't one of the DB villains. One of those guys (or girls, or ambiguous *chough*frieza*chough*) would mock him, taunt him, mock him some more, taunt him some more, dodge his attacks, make him look like a feeble child (such as the redhead who is being eternally beaten at K-Mart), and when they got tired of that, they'd force-feed him Kryptonite Spamtm until he exploded. Game, set, match.

Daki writes:

I'm about as big a DC fanboy as they come but I have a dark little secret... I _HATE_ Superman. The ultimate boyscout refuses to kill and will try to pacify Goku. Goku, depending on when we are talking, has infinite power. He regularly works out at several hundred times Earth's gravity and that Spirit Ball of his...


I'll send out the invitations to Superman's second funeral.

Vejut writes:

Well...We got a guy who's basically Invulnerable, and a household name for the past 50 years, who is basically the original superhero...vs. a guy from japan who just happens to be really popular right now. Both have been killed and came back...both blow up planets. But I'll have to give this to Superman, because he doesn't announce his attacks and wait 10 sec. for them to charge up.

Soberguy writes:

Are you kidding me?

Superman has been a living legend since before the creators of Goku were even born. THOUSANDS of people have tried to off Big Blue and with little success!

Lex Luthor couldn't kill him.

Braniac couldn't kill him.

Bizarro couldn't kill him.

Lobo couldn't kill him.

Mr. Myxyzptlk couldn't kill him.

General Zod couldn't kill him.

Richard Pryor couldn't kill him.

Doomsday DID kill him, but that just resulted in even MORE Supermen... and the original came back anyhow!

Now, you think some spiky haired freak from Japan in orange pyjamas is going to off Superman?!?!

Look, 100 years from now Superman will still be popular. What will people answer when you ask them who Goku was in the year 2102?...

"Wasn't he one of the Teenage Ninja Power Rangers?"

'Da Watcher writes:

First off, I want to smack who ever, EVER thought doing this battle was a smart idea. All this will do is get all of the DBZ haters out on the board all pissed off when Goku wins(and he will) and when the DBZfans cheer and the inane fans start coming out of the woodwork to post at the board. *sigh*

But anyway...

I'm not going to do a power by power analysis, as we don't even know what type of incarnation of Superman OR Goku we're using (as it makes a whole heaping ****load of difference if we're dealing with PC Supes against say SSJ3 Goku).

Only one thing matters in a match like this. ONE THING.


Now, I'll say this. Both men are of incredible willpower, despite what era or power level you take them from. They're the type of guys who say, "I'm gonna do this and you aren't gonna stop me," well, guess what? You're not going to stop them, because they're so focused on their goal.

So, with that, who has the bigger will to prevail?

And I've got to say that it's Goku, with no disrespect with Superman.

I've seen stories where Superman has broken down and cried at the job, killed himself because he's lost someone he's loved, isolated himself because of someone he's loved, doubting if he can finish the job, so on and so forth. While in the end he usually suceeds, it's disconcerting to see that type of wavering spirit while on the job. And this is far too of a repeating occurence, especially nowadays.

But let's look at Goku... who never, EVER gives up. EVER.

Not once, NOT ONCE do I remember an instance where Goku has lost the will to win, or lost the belief that the battle could be won. It doesn't matter what you do, this guy will keep working to defeat you. I've seen him giving telepathic messages to people to help them defeat a foe, I've seen him plung into battle, I've seen him BACK OFF from fighting someone just because he realizes that he's not the best one for the job and will give the one who can advice and props, I've even seen him leave Heaven for crying out loud to save people he cares about! The only way I've ever seen people knock Goku out of the fight permanently is to beat the living shit outta him, break both his arms and legs, break his jaw, and then knock him unconscious. That way, there's no way in hell he can get back into physical battle, and he won't be able to talk to give advice, and being unconscious keeps him from doing it telepathically. And by simply NOT KILLING HIM, he won't do any of the above from Heaven.

That's the only way you'll stop him. And from what I've seen, Superman does not have what it takes.

The only guy who I consider to have MORE willpower than Goku is Doctor Doom and that's only because of the way defeated the Beyonder, which took a willpower that even surpasses Goku's, to be able to do.

One other thing, Miss Quinzell... GOKU's NOT STUPID! He's naive, NOT stupid. Yeah, you may say that if you only catch glimpses of the show or read synopsis's, but if you see how Goku interacts with other people, you see that he's simply the most naive person on the planet, which is still a step above Superman, who should be able to sneeze and send people like the Toyman and Prankster to jail, and he doesn't!

One last thing, having villains who get more and more powerful every time they appear is still better than having to contend with villains in 'suits', Kryptonite that seems to rain down on Earth every single day(so that EVEN WHEN all Kryptonite on Earth was turned into Iron, MORE repopulated the Earth), and let me remention people like Toyman, Prankster and Terraman who gave PC-Superman a hard time like Doomsday gives Post-C Supes a hard time!

That's all, farewell!

Common Knowledge writes:

Superman vs. Goku? This one is about as one-sided as Punisher vs. France! Superman is strong, yes, but can he hurl fireballs capable of of incinerating planets? Superman is a good fighter, but has be mastered pretty much every martial art ever created? Both are fast, but Goku can teleport instantly with the instant transmision! Goku can do all this without even going super saiyan! He won't even need to go Super saiyan 3! It'll be a close match at first...both fighters will toy with each other and attack each other without using their full power, like in every DBZ episode, then suddenly, Goku goes super saiyan and kicks Supes' butt. Goku feels sorry for him and offers him a sensu bean...then he goes Super saiyan 3 and there will be nothing left of the last son of Krypton.


The HeartBurn Kid writes:

1: Superman has about 50-60 years of experience over Goku.

2: Superman, who's "faster than a speeding bullet", will be easily able to dodge Goku's bigassanimechiblasttechniqueofdeath, or whatever the hell it's called. Goku, being dumb as a box of hammers, will stand and yell rather than dodge Supes's attacks (like he does in every single fight on the show).

3: Goku's from Japan, and all the Kryptonite seems to have ended up in the western hemisphere. No help there.

4: Superman, not being a DBZ character, won't be obligated to stand there while Goku mutters "must... power... up... attack..." for 25 minutes. He'll just punch monkey-boy's lights out.

5: Superman is a richer, more well-defined character than Goku will ever be. And if the "Big Blue Boy Scout" is a richer character than you, you know you're a one-dimensional piece of crap.

6: Finally, I hate DBZ fanboys. They tend to be stupid, immature, and insane, as evidenced by this page: http://www.fortunecity.com/tinpan/piano/177/

Chalk one up for The Man of Steel

T-1000 writes:

Oh good lord. I'm sorry, no time for comments. I have to get off the planet before these two destroy it.

*a few moments later*

Stupid travel agency. Oh well, since I seem doomed to remain here for this fight, I might as well comment.

Speed: This is relative to the condition. I believe that in a cross country race, Superman could probably win. However, in combat, Goku uses a form of super speed that is more like instant teleportation. One minute he is there, the next he is right behind you. Supes just doesn't have that kind of speed.

Strength: We have seen Superman strain to lift forty tons, he can lift it, but it is a bit of an effort. However, when we saw Goku training in otherworld, we saw the South Kai make him train with forty tons on his body. Now, when Goku went Super Sayain, the wieght seemed like less than nothing! So, it seems that with Goku at full power, he may be just a bit stronger than Superman.

Skill: Superman has been in a lot of fights, but all of his experiance revolves around the use of his powers. Superman does not use combat skills in battle the way that Goku does. Goku is a veteran fighter, and a power house. Superman is just a power house. I do think Supes is smarter than most people typically think of him, but that won't make up for his lack of combat skills.

Power: It has been stated that it takes a power rating of 300 to destroy a planet. Goku has a power rating of over 3,000! Goku has also withstood a direct blast from Vegeta at point blank range, and Vegeta destroyed the friggin moon out of boredom! Supes can take a lot, but Goku can continue to shoot planet smashing blast after planet smashing blast at Supes until he can't take it any more.

All in all, Goku has the strength, speed and raw power to take on Supes. And if, IF, mind you, Supes could beat Goku, then Vegeta is going to enter the ring and demand to battle "the only mortal warrior that has overcome Kakorot!" Trust me, if Goku doesn't beat Superman, Vegeta probably will out of jealousy.

Lord X-spider writes:

This is what will happen.

Son-Goku goes SSJ3 and kicks Supes butt hard.

And when he is lying on the ground and crying like a baby Goku throws a Genki-Dama as big as the one he used agaist Tetsuo and destroys Supes.

The Guru writes:

C'mon. You must be joking. Goku defeat Superman? Get real. Okay, granted, Goku has been through a heck of a lot, but even if you add up all his total adventures to date, they don't even come up to a fraction of the things Supe's seen. I think this whole battle comes down to experience. I f Goku comes in doing his "blow up everything in sight" strategy he is sure to be taken down. Superman doesn't always rely on brute strength or his powers to win. He more often than not comes up with some clever plan to deal with his opponent. I'm sorry if this offends DBZ'ers out there, but I have seen quite a few DBZ episodes by now (yes, I decided I best watch some before passing judgement... nothing to do with this fight, just a seperate argument), and Goku just doesn't really seem all that bright. Anyway, that's my opinion.

Thanos6 writes:

I have to admit, I don't care for either of these characters too much. Both have good supporting casts, (Superman--Lex Luthor, Perry White, Brainiac, etc.; Goku--Vegeta, Yamcha, Kuririn, etc.) but they themselves I find rather boring and, sometimes, even irritating.

Both have irrational and annoying fans, as well.

I voted for Son Goku, though. Why? Easy.

Dragonball has been pretty much defunct since 1995. Sure, we have the English dubbed episodes, but we haven't had anything new in seven years.

Superman, on the other hand, continues to have numerous titles published every month, giving his irrational fans the opportunity to simply get more and more annoying. Hence, I voted against him.

The Lord of Nothings writes:

Goku is insanely, unfairly, disgustingly overpowered. That means he should win. He's got no offense that can match Goku. And his body can only take so much. Goku destroys him.

But I still like Supes better.

the Catwoman writes:

Goku is married to ChiChi

can you say THE RAGE(tm)!

the Catwoman writes:

Goku is married to ChiChi

can you say THE RAGE(tm)?

Bronco19 writes:

This is a joke, right? Have any of you people that voted for Superman even SEEN an episode of Dragonball Z? Goku was as strong and fast as Superman on the first episode! In case you don't know, he's improved A LOT since then. Sidestepping photons is child's play for him, literally. His small son Goten could do it without anywhere near the amount of training that Goku had. And let us not forget the fact that Goku has the power to blow up a planet several times over! If it wasn't perfectly clear, I'll side with Goku on this one.

Comic Patron Supreme writes:

Saiyan versus Kryptonian...

Kakarotto versus Kal-El...

Son Goku versus Superman!

Now we've got something! I can't tell you how close this is going to be! Both heroes are the most powerful of their race, have both died and been resurrected (though their quests for resurrection were decidedly different) and both are wonderful good guys. However, all dice on the table, the game goes to good ol'e KENT!

Goku is a superhuman warrior who's power increases as his body mutates and as he trains to evolve to the next level of Super-Saiyan.

He has been gaining power since age 10, and is approximately thirty.

That's twenty years of energy.

Superman's cellular structure absorbs yellow sunlight and converts it into bio-energy, feeding his powers to allow him to be stronger. He has been here since his birth. He is almost forty.

That's forty years of energy.

True, Goku is a master of Kamesenin, and Superman only has a marginal training in Karate and Judo. However, Superman's "improv" style of fighting has pulled him through many a brawl.

Just from my readings/watchings, I'm going to have to give this one to the Man of Steel. Sorry Goku, go cry on Piccolo's shoulder!

SupaGuy writes:

Sup' man has the smarts to win this fight!

He is way smarter than Goku. The fag! Superman has got SUPA speed

and Goku has that teleporting crap! Supa'man will make Goku comb his freaking hair, man!!!!

D.Merzel writes:

Go Goku

Change times; Supes has this one thing going for him, shorter change times (doesn't need any but the phonebox is more stylish) while goku needs a few seconds to psych up to super sayian level 4.

Fighting power, Super man can fly, lift tall buildings and use eye beams. Dragonball power rating gives this guy a minimum of 2 or 3 thousand. Force required to destroy a planet is a minimum of 120,000, since superman hasn't destroyed any planets this gives an upper limit to his powers.

Goku in super sayian mode has a rating in the millions.

Name co-incidence; Super Man Vs Super Sayian; Given that the average sayian is tougher than the average man this is no contest.

Resilence; Supes power is flat line, Sayians get more powerful the longer they fight or when they recover. Superman has to win this one quick if he's to have any chance.

Vulnerabilities; Supes; radioactive fragments of a dead planet, kryptonite, Goku; his wife Chi-chi( I would say his entire family could be held hostge but that pulls in 2 more super sayians). Kyrptonite is much more easily avaliable

Honor; Supes is extremely honorable, so is goku, neither will take advantage of the others vulnerabilities.

Intelligence; Supes wins out here, goku takes days figuring out a child's puzzle while Supes can hold down a dayjob as an investagative reporter.

Death; Super man gets 'killed' found out it was a trick while he healed, Goku at series end can go from real life to the afterlife and back at will and even has GODS (as in grand/supreme kai's) impressed by him

Summation; the only way for supes to have a chance is to get Mr Myxpyctal to ring in as a pitch hitter, Goku isn't smart enough to get him to say his name backwards thus pitting him against a Q-type omnipitant being, Even Goku has to loose that type of fight.

Doom writes:

Come on Superman take's this easily.

How often do guys in DBZ get bushed midway through their fights? Countless times.

How many times have we seen Superman get tired when fighting a guy? Only when he's been fighting entire teams of Supervillians.

But the big thing that Gives Superman the win is his strength. Goku's had to turn Super Sajin just to move around while wearing 40 tons of weights, and has had trouble catching large weights.

Superman can lift MOUNTINS with his bare hands. If Superman's not careful he might accidently kill Goku with some of his punches if he goes near all out.

Superman is far smarter and more combat savy then Goku (he's been doing this for years.) And it's that experience that will ensure the big S (or even Thor) would walk away the winner of a contest between himself and Goku.

Kaji0083 writes:

Im calling the Fight in Goku's Favor. Superman has his powers and is fast, but Goku's power level doesnt top out. If Goku hits SSj2 i dont think superman can keep up with how fast Goku is. Anything above SSj2 and Superman is going down hard

Azrael, Otaku Boy writes:

I love Superman. I really do, he's the first and in many cases the best. But the MOMENT Goku gets the all-clear sign to go SSJ2, Superman finds out just how durable he is.

In his regular form, Goku maybe has a combat speed advantage. In Super Saiyan, Goku evens out with Superman as he used to be. At full power Super Saiyan, Goku matches present Superman blow-for-blow.

And when he goes Level 2, this fight is over.

Ghost writes:

I'm glad to see that the site has recovered. I was beginning to suffer from CBUB-withdrawl. And I see that you have baked up a glorious battle between two truly titanic fighters to celebrate; Superman and Goku! O'boy, gracious violence and planetoid explosions! This is what I live for!

But… with two so powerful fighters facing off against each other, whom am I to choose? To whom shall I cast my vote?

The mightiest superhero in all of comicverse?


The most badass fighter of all Anime and Manga (which ain't saying little)?

The Icon of Superpowered Heroism?


The Ultimate Champion of Kickass?

A man who has spent centuries fighting everything imaginable?


A man who has perfected Asian martial arts to include planet-destruction?

A man who can fly through suns and survive holding an exploding atomic bomb and only get a bit dizzy?


A man who survived being crushed between two moons and came back to kick some ass?

A man who juggles planets?


A man who atomises moons?

A guy who wears his underpants on top of his trousers?


A guy whose hairdo makes him look like Sonic the Hedgehog?


Ultimately, though, Superman wins. Why? Simple.

Superman is real. Goku is just a cartoon. (Boy, are you getting allot of those?)

Sorry, Goku, but as Freddie Mercury sang: "Lady Mercy won't be home tonight".

The Overlord of The Moose writes:

please, this battle is in the bag for goku. superman may be strong, but lets take a look, at his strongest, superman can lift a building up, while goku, can BLOW UP A PLANET. now, bearing in mind that goku would die in space without an air supply, the power of one of goku's moves would still defeat superman, a kamehameha, a genki-dama, a ryuken, would defeat superman. the most superman could do, is maybe try to punch goku, which wouldn't be strong enough, or maybe one of those eye lasers, but that would be ONE move, which isn't really that strong.

now, superman is strong, I'm not debating that, but goku is stronger, just watch DBZ, goku can knock out a mountain with one punch, far more than what superman can.

Leviathan writes:

I do not care what ANY DBZ fna boy has to say about it.. PRE CRISIS SUper Man will kick and could kick GOku's ass in a real fight.. I will make stats ot proof it.

Stregnth: Goku's biggest act of muscle was lifting a sword in the kilo grams catergory.. No biggy.. PC SUpes on the tohe rhand cna juggle planets if he feels like it.. That should not be a har done.

Speed:Supes again.. Goku CANNOT go as fast as light UNLESS he uses the teleprot move. DBZ characters NEVER move that fast unless doing the teleport. Besides SUpes cna go so damn fast he can time travel!

Endurance:Super Man again! Because if GOku uses the msot pwoerufl forms.. It tires himself out faster.. But Supes can keep on going the whole time.

Brains:SUpes again! Goku has the IQ of a rock.. SUpes at least was a High grade student in Smallsville high but no mental giant.. Still smarter though.

Also lets not forget the ONLY two things that cna hurt SUpes.

1:Krptonite:Gouk does not know what it is and sure as hell not smart enough to su eit anyway.

2:Magic: Gouk does not know magic.. His Ki blasts are engry.. NOT magical.

Basiclly Goku's msot powerful Kame Hame has would bat SUpes around a bit but will not kill him.. And that Genk Dama... That will not WORK!

Reason: SUper man ahs always been a good guy right? As long your good and do not have evil in your heart it will not work. .Hell PC SUpes would proably rebound it by accident to Hell or something.

FInal Note!

Age:SUpes has been around since 30s and STILL kicking wit hnew comics.. Goku on other hand has not had any new action... Because Dragonball stuff is dead, sdid not last a damn decade or two.. That and Goku is infact a Japanese rip off of SUper Man! Go big S!

In conclusion:Supes shows this sutpid Monkey how ot be a REAL super hero.

Melkor writes:

~Finally another Superman fight after that TRAVESTY with Thor!!! Anyway I was unfamiliar with Goku so I had to check up on him, power levels etc, and he seems like a serious challenge for supes, surviving being crushed by planets and the like, but at the end of the day we're talking the Man of Steel, the Man of Tomorrow, Kal-El last son of Krypton. He can take a steam-bath in the sun and juggle planetoids before breakfast! From what I see of Goku his level of invulnerability just doesn't cut it, especially against Supermans brute strength as opposed to the massive energy attacks he's used to dealing with. Superman's weakness is of course that he won't kill, but he should be able to survive anything in the way of energy spirit bombs etc. and once they're going toe-to-toe Goku will be subdued by the original and still the greatest hero ever!!!

PS All of the above refer to current JLA Superman (The one who wrestles archangels and destroys evils older than the universe etc.) To use the 1970s version just wouldn't be fair now would it?

Doctor Anton Arcane writes:

What a load of BOLLICKS! Goku is some punk wannabe with long flowing hair, and can juggle planets. Superman, and I quote, "Doesnt drink, Doesnt Smoke, 6'4", has black hair, blues eyes, and tells the truth."...but aside from that , he has been known to kill(and play dirty) on occasion. Besides that, anyone who can take on an omnipotent being (Mr. Mxyzsptlck) and live by using his wits obviously knows what he is doing! Besides, Goku's powers are SOLAR BASED! Supes will just absorb them like a bikini-clad broad in florida! And besides, Goku needs to utter a few words to use his powers, Whereas supes can knock his head off his shoulders before he can put the KA in KAMEHAMEHA!

M.O.B.(-Man Of Battle-) writes:

Okay, here we go again with a another closely even match! Both are close energy beings but here is where they are different, Superman depends extremely on just the yellow sun for his super power without it as we all know Superman goes from super to Druper. While Goku is not limited by that, HE IS POWER! HE DOESN'T JUST HAVE THE POWER! HE IS POWER! Goku is just one of the Dragonball Z's with a above 30+ in power. Now Superman may be to stand up to Goku's kicks and punches but not against that kind of POWER! Goku has also another major advantage over Superman, Goku can sometimes, just sometimes energize different forms of energy! What if Goku could energize red solar radition or maybe even green kryptonite energy? I say Superman would meet doomsday again! And finally Goku can super energize himself into a superman form as well.

Goku has the superior edge in this match, Superman is overpowered!

the mumra comeback scenario writes:

With all of the speed and strength superman has, Goku can match it. Plus Goku has a lot of hard faught victories under his belt. |Superman seems to win by villan faults most of the time. Goku takes it in the end.

Goku(kakarot) writes:



1 kamehameha superman is dead.

of course I could cheat and use kryptonite,but no explosions?

I'll go with SSJ4 kamehameha wave.

Antidisestablishmentairianism writes:

Superman obviously. Goku's only talent seems to be screaming and catching on fire.

Darth_Maxx writes:

I'm going to say this one time, so everybody better listen up -

Goku, if only for being based off of the Chinese novel Journey to the West, has cool points. He can both take and deal out planet-shattering attacks fairly regularly. Thus he has badass points. His power level NEVER STOPS INCREASING. Thus he has scary points. He used to be able to turn into a Giant Bloody Ape at the full moon. Thus he has freak points. And we're not even going to mention the Super Saiyan thing here. That takes this battle from the probable to the ludicrous.

On the other side of the tracks, Superman. DC's most overrated hero. The only points in which he's any use AT ALL for story material are those stories in which he is made into a kind of Messiah/martyr type figure (ala Batman:Jihad, Kingdom Come, JLA 1Million, one or two episodes in one of the Batman:Wasteland series etc) or those stories in which he is used to represent the absolute folly of nationalism and believing too much in one's country (ala Batman: Dark Knight Returns & The Dark Knight Strikes Back, in stores now!). This is a standard power vs. power battle, so his "emblem" cool points actually count against him. DC gave this man so much strength that they needed to break apart their entire bloody universe to give him a challenge, hence the Crisis. This gives him munchkin points, which are the antithesis of badass points. At least Goku is SUPPOSED to be ungodly powerful. Superman just sort of ended up that way.

Superman has no scary or freak factor. The only time he's frightening is when he gets pissed off, and this fight won't last long enough for that to happen.

Also, as for the attitude... Superman is a bloody arrogant fool. Someone needs to slap him upside the head. Many times. And then put their fist in his stomach. Batman did it in Dark Knight Returns, now it's Goku's turn. The Man of Steel is going DOWN faster than a weakling, black-haired Kryptonian stepchild whose momma used the kaio-ken move to spank him in K-mart.

Pass the rice, please.

JoeBobBriggs (now a big Cowboy Bebop fan) writes:

Vegita will win this one, he will vaporize Superman after he challenges Goku to a game of checkers, and Goku being the brain-child that he is won't know what to do, he will probably just sit and talk to Superman for the equivillent of 17 episodes of time rather than fight him. I wanted Vegita to be the top dog soooo badly it just isn't fair, Goku had everything handed to him but Vegita worked his arse of for everything. Arghh it makes me angry just to think about it, Vegita was such a better character, Goku was King Doof, the only reason he won was because a Law of Anime states the main character MUST be stronger, faster, etc. then any supporting character. Its just not fair........

BTW I voted for Superman, I just wanted my opnion to be made known.

TMR_Xenith writes:

Let's face it. Neither of these two are getting a letter from MENSA in the mail. In fact they'd be lucky to get a letter from Sesame Street. This fight is going to come down to raw power, and Goku has that in spades. In the first season he was able to deflect blasts that could atomize planets. And he's only gotten stronger. No way Superman can cope with that kind of power. Too bad, 'cause I really hate Goku and would love to see him get trashed.

Another Lame Name writes:

So, as far as I can tell, these two only have one thing in common--some cosmically bad writers who cannot compose an interesting story about a defeatable character. Except that Superman has indeed been defeated before (though never for long). So he's got more drive--he knows the bitter taste of crow, and ain't hungry for more.

And, really, Goku needs to lose brownie points for that hair doo. All the gel must emit so many noxious fumes as to nearly force the poor rube into a coma.

420allday writes:

I've never read a single Superman comic and I haven't liked Dragonball Z (or Drangonballs as I like to call it)since I hit puberty.

Anyway, Goku will kick Supe's ass. Sure, Superman is one strong ass mofo, but Goku is well...sickeningly powerful. Even when he was fighting Cell it was often stated that he can wipe the planet out with a ki blast, and now he is MUCH stronger. There is also no limit to Goku's power. Every time there's a new oppenent to face, he comes up with a new transformation/power-up. Once Goku is through with him, the S on Supe's chest will stand for S**t Stain.

AltimaDark writes:

Once again, we'll take a look at each contestant's stats and see who'll come out on top.


-Superman- Sole survivor of the planet Krypton.

-Goku- One of the handful of survivors of the planet Vegita.



-Superman- Kryptonians, known for their advanced science and technology. Will become extinct if/when Superman dies for good.

-Goku- Saiyans, hardened race of warriors who lives for battle. Nearly extinct, but is -very- slowly coming back.



-Superman- Strength, speed, levitation, heat vision, and x-ray vision.

-GOKU- Strength, speed, levitaion, Ki Manipulation, Ki Sense, and the ability to go 'Super Saiyan'.

ADVANTAGE: Goku, barely.


-Superman- Yellow Sunlight.

-Goku- Constant training, along with a Saiyan's natural ability to become stronger after a near-death experience (or even death itself)


-Superman- Kyrptonite, which seems to pop up just about anywhere. Red sunlight.

-Goku- Tail, which has been cut off. Not too bright outside battle.



-Superman- Clark Kent, reporter for the Daily Planet.

-Goku- Fighting -is- his day job.



-Superman- Came back from near death. Saved the earth.

-Goku- Got killed twice and came back to life twice. Saved the universe.



-Superman- Known throughout the world. Household name. In the dictionary.

-Goku- Known throughout Japan. Gaining popularity in the USA.



Goku. For Superman's sake, I hope this is a -friendly- bout.

Alfred The Wanderer writes:

Although its a close match, I gotta go with Superman on this one:

1- EXPERIENCE: Superman has been doing the whole "superhero" thing for years, and he's been up against every kind of bad guy known to man. Goku has fought a few tough foes (and had a hard time doing it too).

2- POWERS: Super strength, super speed, super reflexes, heat vision, telescopic vison, microscopic vision, breath can freeze people, very fast flight (are there any more?). Goku may have energy blasts that can shatter planets, but Superman can shatter (and move) planets with his bare hands.

3- TACTICS: Superman is an expert at judging his opponent in combat. He'll realise early on that Goku can take what he dishes out and he won't hold back at all. He also skilled at changing his tactics mid-combat. One minute he's going toe to toe with Goku the next he's zipping around at super speed peppering Goku with high speed punches. Goku usually fights a foe, gets his butt kicked, goes away and retrains(which ususally takes forever), letting others do the fighting for him, then comes back. Superman won't give him that chance. Even if Goku goes Super Saiyan he still doesn't stand a chance because Superman NEVER GIVES UP.

The conclusion?: Goku is toast

Dark Ranger X writes:

I really feel sorry for whoever has to write the result to this battle. It's clear as day that the DBZ fanboys will stuff the votes, like the Marvel morons so frequently do. Goku will simply create some new attack called the "Kryptonite Hyper Upper" or something, and Superman will be floored. I voted for Supes, but the DBZ fanboys will ensure he won't win. You just watch...

epicgamesguy writes:

Oh come on. As tough as Superman is, he's no match for Goku. Sure he has his heat vision,. but comapred to the Ki attacks Goku can fire off, sucha s the KamehameHa (Or better yet the CHOU KamehameHa...and then there's the Genki Dama!) Superman wouldn't be able to get close enough to Goku to do him any damage. Also, fast as Superman is, he can't teleport anywhere he's been before at will. Goku can (Instant Transmission. So I don't know the japanese name for this one. Sue me :P )

So we've established that Supes pretty much can't hurt Goku, nor is he faster. Now let's say Goku holds off on using his Ki attacks. He still has Superman out matched. Now I'll assume that in terms of raw strngth, both are pretty much even. But when it coems to skill, I'd saw Goku has Superman outmatched. Supes might have spent his teens and young adulthood learning martials arts, but Goku has the equivelent of almost a 1000 years worth of training in the martials arts becuase of the situations he's been in. No matter what Superman tries to do, Goku will be able to see it coming before and counter it, most likely doing Supes more damage than he WOULD have done to Goku.

Superman to get spanked like...umh...ung...like, someone getting, um...spanked...


jesse writes:

First off thanks for using my idea.

Now its gonna be a tough fight but it all comes down to one thing, "ki"; does super man have it? Yup, but does he know how to use it? I don't think so. My man Goku has it and uses it to destroy some of the most powerful villans of all time. Goku can destroy entire galaxies with a flick of his wrist. Just one well executed Kame Hame Ha will have Lois asking the eternal dragon for a new husband.

jesse writes:

First off thanks for using my idea.

Now its gonna be a tough fight but it all comes down to one thing, "ki"; does super man have it? Yup, but does he know how to use it? I don't think so. My man Goku has it and uses it to destroy some of the most powerful villans of all time. Goku can destroy entire galaxies with a flick of his wrist. Just one well executed Kame Hame Ha will have Lois asking the eternal dragon for a new husband.

Edward Norton writes:

Two words:

GENKI DAMA.Formed in Kazahn,nexus of ALL realities,and given Supe´s weakness to magic,it´ll make the Tetsuo fight look like Wesley vs Barney.I hope you have a HUGE insunrance,cause there´ll be nothing left of the Arena once the fight finishes!And please let this last 5 weeks instead of 5 months.

Afgncaap5 writes:

Well, considering how superficially equal both of these guys are at a moments glance, I decided to go with the tried and true "Track Record" approach.

Now, because I'm lazy, I only bothered to look over the referenced previous fights each of these two had (despite the fact that Superman has also appeared in other matches when teams of super powered heroes went head to head). At first, the track record isn't in Supe's favor. However, consider that the match between Thor and Superman was extremely even, and it could have gone either way from any point in the battle. However, if one just looks at the commentary for "Goku Vs. Tetsuo", we see that Goku may well have lost had it not been for the help of several other DBZ characters who showed up (in other words, Goku only got by because his friends interfered for the sake of the Universes). Without such high stakes, it's just Goku all by himself.

Add in the fact that Superman's powers seem to increase in every other issue, not to mention his "Anti-Kryptonite Suit", and it's clear that Goku simply doesn't have the advantage here.

ThreeDark writes:

Right. Ok. I'm not going to debate powers, Not going to say "Oh, but Supes da Man"... well, not is so plain a fashion anyway. Sure, they might be Equal... but they aren't. It's like Quinn said, Kal has THE SERIOUS Advantages here with experience. He's fought more Villians Of The Week(tm) Then GOKU could dream of. NOT to mention the fact that over the course of each of their prospective careers Goku has DIED More times that Kal. That has to say something when you keep having to be resurected from the dead/come back from the dead to save your world. I'm not too exactly sure of Kal's count but I think it stands at One. I'm not a guru of either side... I just think that Kal realy deserves this one. Natch. We shall see.

Doom writes:

I already posted some comments earlier but when I re-read the

starting info I had to change my comments. I thought you were using

current Post Crisis Superman, but after the description you gave I

realised you meant PRE Crisis Superman.

In that case PC Superman wrecks ANY version of Goku. Hell, PC

Superman would wreck the entire DBZ group all together at the same


Let's examine this, shall we?

Energy Blasts:

Goku: Every week he seems to come up with a new energy attack. And

some of them could destroy the planet.

Superman: Heat Vision is pretty much it for Superman.

Conclusion: While it would appear that Goku has the edge here with

his wide range of energy blast, do note. Clarks Heat Vision could be

used on far off planets to melt their polar ice caps.

While Goku's range and power of his energy blasts may cause him to

hurt Superman, Goku has shown a weakness to extreme heat (like Lava)

before. So odds are Superman's heat vision will serve him well here,

not that he needs it.

Flight Speed:

Goku: Takes him a while to fly from place to place. (It took Gohan

and Krillin episodes to fly across Namek, and took Goku the best part

of an episode to fly to a deserted island to fight the androids 19

and 20.) While his Instant Transition let's him get to far off

places, it's too eratic (he needs to know someone where he's going)

to be a factor.

Superman: In his later days, PC Superman was easily flying across the

universe. He flew through entire Galaxies under his own power,

meaning he was flying far faster then light.

One time the Spectre had to stop him from flying because Superman had

gone so fast he had broken all known barriers (sound,light, time) and

was about to break the last barrier. The barrier between life and

death!Superman was flying so fast he was about to fly into Heaven and

bump into God.

Aside from that PC Superman would regularly fly backwards through


Conclusion: Superman BY FAR!!!!!!!!

Superspeed: (As in fighting speed.)

Goku: Can move so fast he appears to disappears. Uses this to great

effect in fights.

Superman: Can do all that and more. He has rebuilt entire cities in

seconds, and once formed formed a plan to transport every living

creature on Earth to another dimension and carried it out in a split

second. Superman's only disadvantage here is he rarely used Super

speed in his fights. (most of his foes didn't have super speed you


Conclusion: While Goku may dazzle Superman initially with his super

speed, once Clark decides to kick it up a pace, Goku will be left

wondering, which way did he go.

Physical strength:

Goku: When he goes Super Sajin, watch out. He can level mountains with

his punches and at higher levels can hurt practically anyone.

Strength is hard to determine though as he struggled in higher

gravity levels, and had to go SS move around with 40 tons of weights.

Superman: Superman wrote the book on Super-strength. Destroy a

mountain with his punches? Superman could toss a mountain across the

Galaxy with his bare hands.

This guy could toss planets around like they were baseballs. He could

close Earthquakes with his bare hands.

Conclusion: Superman so outclasses Goku in pure strength there is a

danger he might kill him if he hit Goku with one of his better punches.

Well to quote Superman himself on how he'd beat Goku...

"A few of my lightest blows, and this clown will be in napland for



Goku: Depends. On some occasions he has stood up to massive punches

and energy blasts. On other occasions swords and iron bars cut him up

pretty bad. Hey Krillin even hurt Goku with a thrown rock once.

Superman: Unless it was Kryptonite or Magical (and usually not even

then.) it wasn't going to hurt him. This guy was INVULNERABLE.

Conclusion: Superman by far. He once withstood a planet sized chunk

of Kryptonite. And that's the stuff that hurts him the most.


Goku: No two ways about this. He's as dumb as a post. (He refused to

go looking for Dr. Gero when he had access to the Dragon Balls and a

3 year warning?)

Superman: While current Superman is pretty smart, PC Superman was a

Super Genius. He could beat super advanced computers at chess in a

snap. He could learn entire languages from listening to snippets of

dialog. He once beat Captain Thunder by fighting him for a few

minutes, and was able to perfectly predict Thunders next few moves.

Conclusion: Superman after waking up from a 2 week alcoholic bender

would still be smarter then a fresh Goku.

Fighting skills:

Goku: Never gives up with his training. Is always learning and


Superman: Superman didn't bother learning martial arts. He learnt

SUPER martial arts. However he rarely used it in fights.

Conclusion: Umm this was Gokus best area. And Superman almost out

does him there too. But I'd say for the fight Goku would be the

superior fighter.

Other tricks:

Goku: minor things like being able to sense his opponents power level

and such.

Superman: You'd need a chart to keep track of them. Every time he

needed a new power, Superman seemed to have it. Ranging from X-ray

vision, Frost Breath or super senses to the ability to stop his heart

and restart it at will, invisibility, creating lightning with his

bare hands or being able to rebuild the Great Wall of China with his


Conclusion: Poor Goku, this isn't going well for him.

Overall conclusion: Just judging by the categories I put up there

(leaving out other categories like villains, fighting experience,

equipment, allies and such) Goku loses 6-2.

Let's face it, Pre Crisis Superman was so powerful they needed Crisis

On Infinite Earths just to depower him.

Current Superman could probably beat Goku up to SS3 (In my honest

opinion of course.)

But Pre Crisis Superman? He'd house any version of Goku. Even the

final SS4 Goku with Dragonballs version from the end of DB:GT with

the rest of his friends helping him out.

And anyone who knows the powers of both combatants will understand


The Four Deadiest Siths Of The Darkside Of The Force writes:

Okay here are the Facts:

Fact 1: Superman has Fought Batman, he won but he was really no match for Batman.

Fact 2: Superman has fought Thor, Thor blew Superman away but still Superman won because of his popularity and for only that reason only. Superman is moral and Thor is a God see the difference!

Fact 3: Superman has face the Hulk in three different matches and each time The Hulk's Unlimited Strength is superior to Superman's Super Strength! However once again Superman Popularity wins!

Fact 4: The Flash is faster than Superman! But yet again Superman's popularity sails him ahead.

Fact 5: Doomsday killed Superman! Popularity resurrected!

It is Superman's Popularity that really prevail in any bout that he goes into nothing else. However this time I believe that Superman is going up against someone not only with Mega power with a better popularity than Superman! So finally Superman can be destroyed! because he sure has made other heroes look bad and Also because I really hate Superman!!!!!!!!!

Blow Superman away Goku!

Abstact writes:

Are you people nuts!!!!!!

There is no possible way the very first friggen superhero could be beaten by a big eyed freak looking for a dragon's balls


Abstact writes:

Are you people nuts!!!!!!

There is no possible way the very first friggen superhero could be beaten by a big eyed freak looking for a dragon's balls


Sectar writes:

Superman is a legend. He's been around since the 1930s. A hero and role model kids could look up to. Fighting for truth, justice, and the American way. Plain and simple, Superman is the greatest comic book personality EVER. But sadly, not even that can't stand up to the corruption of children. Personally, I don't see the appeal of Dragonsack. I saw one episode and nearly died of boredom. I do believe I lost a few brain cells watching that. But we all know that there are no people more trendy than little kids. They will like what the other kids like just to fit in. Which is sad in my opinion. And which is probably the reason why Superman can't possibly win. Even though he is the better of the two by far. Goku, to me, is just another Pokemon. He will hopefully become boring and unpopular and slowly die out. You see, that type of thing will never happen to Superman. Because he is a legacy. He will always be popular in some form. Personally, I don't see how someone could NOT like Superman. There's just this utter coolness about him. He has charisma, you can't help but like him. He is, and always will be cool. From the Superman comics, to the Superman movies, to Smallville. Supes will always be there to be a good example and someone to look up to. Goku just seems like a guy that can't keep him temper in check. Hopefully, everyone else will see the light and help banish this terrible trend for good. Superman forever!

Ivan writes:

CBUB, you really are a bunch of masochists, aren't you? Have you thought about the repercussions of this match? No, I'm not talking about the "power levels" of the fighters involved. I'm talking about the annoyance levels of the fanboys. Seriously, just sit back after this is all over, and count how many responses have either the words "Pre Crisis" or "Super Saiyan" in them. That's an estimated 104,000 responses just right there. And lets not forget about the DBZ geeks who've actually seen the fansubs. You're going to have to sit through another estimated 4,600 longwinded responses babbling about The Genki Damma on Kaioshin Kai, and the tactical posibilities of the Shunkan Idou. Then we have the Superman fanboys who will no doubt counter with their own citations of twinkery, from the Doomsday fight to Superman's defeat of the evil computer genius Richard Pryor. Another esitmated 91,000 responses right there.

Now me, I voted for Superman. Why, you ask? One word baby: America. This anime fad (and yes, it is a fad) will be over someday, and I don't want my grandchildren looking through the CBUB archives and asking me why I voted against the symbolic embodiment of Truth, Justice, and the American Way in favor of some spiky-haired monkey king wannabe.

bigbobbo writes:

Here's how I see this deul playing out:

Goku and Superman are fighting on some evil planet with gooey geen stuff oozing from volcanos (nothing unusual for Goku). Goku throws a few punches and shhots a few hyperbeams, but Superman is in the lead. Just then, Goku yells out "YOU HAVE NOT YET WITNESSED MY TRUE POWER!" Nothing unusual. Blablabla, the battle drags on for 674.5 episodes in which Goku gets increasingly stronger and so does Superman. Near the end, Goku suddely pulls out a bottle of blode hair dye and does his hair. He immediately becomes superpowered and he takes 6 hours charging up, in which Superman does nothing for some inexplicable reason. Goku then shoots a laser beam the size of a barn silo into Superman. Done. End Of Story.

RedB1 writes:

How in the frickin' hell can the legendary Man of Steel be losing to an overpowered, jerkoff of a monkey? I mean for God's sake, he IS the definite overpowered character. Goku is just a stupider, overstuffed ripoff of him. And besides, he has more strength in him than Goku in any damn one of his Super Saiyan forms.

I say Superman in six seconds, maybe more if he does hold back

Eddie Filth writes:

It's Sai-jin meets Kryptonion in an East vs. West battle. In therms of power alone, both are quite evenly matched. In the end, I see Goku as the victor. His only disadatvantage would that the Genki Dama will have no affect since Superman is of pure heart. However, Goku still has the edge in terms of combat skill. Superman might have some grappling and boxing skill but Goku has a list of the most exotic martial arts he has mastered. There is also a fact that while Superman is busy publishing news articles and attending JLA meetins, Goku ins constantly training and conditioning himself for the next challenge. At the end of the match, I see Goku helping a battered Superman up and shaking hands.

The Destroyer writes:

Superman wins this one, but it won't be an easy win for the American icon. In terms of speed I will give the advantage to Goku. Power I just have to go with Supes on this one. Blasting power without a doubt goes to Kakarot. the only factor that will be the differece maker is the invulnerbility factor. I've seen both take their fair share of mega explosions. I think Superman is going to figure this is a no holds barred fight just like Harley Quinn said and it's over for the Super Sayin.

The Waffle writes:

The first thing that Goku will say will be something like "I dont want to fight him" but if they actually fight then he will win. Remember that even the weaker characters in the DBZ universe can disintegrate planets at will...

Da' Bomb writes:

SuperMan Is DA BOMB here is what will happen, Goku: Where's my balls ?? Superman: DDDIIIIEEEE NUFF' Said Superman WHOOPS Mr. Ballz

Someguy. . . writes:

The WB Supes got KO'd by the Female Furies & only defeated Darkseid by Using His Own Power Against Him (TM), He isn't fit to teach Goku's kid the alphabet. Even against the current less dorky comic book version Goku has a shot, maybe 3-in-7 falls. But against the "planet-crushing. . .faster than light" Superman, aka the pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths Superman, Goku has no chance. The guy is as smart as anyone this side of Reed and Doom and is immune to anything but magic, kryptonite, & red solar energy. And even foes with those forces at their command have fallen to his speed, which on foot rivals and in the air exceeds that of the current Flash, and his kryptonian strength, which allowed him to pummel the Anti-Monitor with a couple of planetoids, a moon, and, finally, a haymaker that not even Galactus would walk away from. Goku has no chance.

Darth Phage writes:

Prepare to meet Doomsday again Superman!!

Hightower Auto. writes:

You people have a great (the bomb) site going on, I am glad to have stumbled across it. First, I must say that I love 'big blue'.I mean, to most villians, Superman is just not the one they want

coming after them (unless of course your plan is to steal his powers)! My brother and I were anticipating this battle between his guy (Goku) versus my guy (Superman.Which is by the way,not my fave character).In all honesty though,I have to give it up to (super saiyan) Goku. Have you seen this guy use 'instant transmission'? For all you supes fans out there that don't know of Goku's abilties and feats, Superman,despite having fought Doomsday and Darkseid (and survived) does not have that ability ,which comes in handy for Goku during a battle.It's not like Goku would really have to rely on this because even if for some odd reason Superman 'maxed-out', for some odd reason on the DBZ cartoon, Goku always survives ANYTHING !!! I even find this strange ,but, Goku's power never fails. I would to have liked to give supes a vote but, 'Kakarot' wins this one (you have to know about Goku 'S' fans to know why).

Protoman writes:

Come on, Goku can breath and Superman will drop dead. Goku mode 3 Super Saiyen only can take on the whole DC Universe including that blue and read spandex freak! And besides Goku's only weakness is food =P Superman.... it's being a dumbass =P

BlackBass writes:

It bothers me to many great depths that that damn dirty ape is winning. Goku doesn't deserve to wipe Supes boots, much less win the match. If above all else, at any point in time, does Superman need to transform to do any of the things that Goku does when he's in his Super Sayanjin modes. Superman can move at the speed of light, lifts tons above his head, and is, by far, greatly intelligent compared to Goku. He can do almost anything Goku can do normally. The only thing that sets them apart is Goku's teleportation, which is negated once he realizes that this ain't DBZ, where he can hone in on ki and get in a cheap shot in the back.

Oh how I wish they never bitched out Piccolo and Kururin just to make those monkies and their half-breed children unbeatable.

Riptor writes:

Goku would wipe the floor with Superman two Kaioken times 20 and a full power kamehamaeha and it's bye bye man of steel

Gen Marv writes:

Superman all the way! Gimme a break this is the man of steel, the worlds greatest superhero up against this pokemon wannabe. Supes takes it to this fool with his all out assault of every super power in the book. long live SUPERMAN!!!

Andy"The Man" Alexis writes:


Goku got this fight finished faster than you can say "Kame Ha Me Ha!" Goku would whup Supes over 20 times, Goku is better than Superman in so many aspects, just look at the facts........

1) origin: If you havent noticed Goku is kinda a Superman rip-off, but the idea is cranked up from 4 to 999. As they both came from other planets that were destroyed, look at this, Supes was sent by his folks who were so sappy doing it, since they knew the planet was going to blow, but was too dumb to get off themselves (along with the rest of the Kryptonian race). Supes lands on earth, raised by country folk, and LIVES A NORMAL LIFE (with powers on the 'down low' (secret to those folks who dont know what that means))until growing up and becoming a regular ol' joe reporter with a decent salary. Goku on the other hand had a simular opening, but it was for him to DESTROY the planet's inhabitants. And the fact that planet Vegeta vas destroyed, was that it was done at the hands of someone, (who could probhably whup Superman too!) who Goku eventually beats, (and his brother, TWICE!!!) On Earth he was taken in and primarily trained by a KARATE MASTER! And he has been fighting his entire life! And when he get's older, he fights harder, stronger, and packs a punch that'll make Superman wanna get on the first bus back to Smallville.

2) Powers:

Both can do the following: Fly, Break Stuff, shoot beams, And take massive damage, But Goku has it at an extreme level compated to Supes.

Exhibit A:

Superman supposedly flies at the speed of light across the planet, I only seen this in a movie when Lois Lane died and he turned back time. Cool, but not really useful.

Goku can move just as fast to the point of invisibility, and has his INSTANT TRANSMISSION which is even faster (we're taking warp 6 and stuff) and for his time travelling abilities, just a single visit to Capsule Corp., And his problems are solved.

Exhibit B:

Superman can hit someone hard enough to fly through a couple of buildings, big whoop. Wait, that happens to him.....

Goku can knock people through mountains! And when it happens to him, it doesnt even phase him, shoot, even his kids can do the same.....

Superman has X-ray vision, good, if he wants to see if Goku is wearing a pair teddy-bear undrewear he borrowed from his son Gohan, but before he can twitch a chuckle, Goku already has a fist in Superman's abdominal cavity.

Exibit C: Weaknesses

Goku's only real weakness is the well-being of his friends and family, but we all know what happens when you mess with a saiyan's homies.......

Superman's weaknesses: (Yes, more than one!) Kryptonite, Red sunlight (natural OR artificial), and Electrical weopon attacks (at least on the Kids WB show) both can be obtained by Goku by way of his homies at Capule Corp. I guess Goku would have TWO little baggies at his side.....If He REALLY needed them, but not very likely he would.

Exhibit D: Strengths

Superman: the Yellow Sun. Wow, Goku can just blow it up and wish it back later after whuppin Superman. Or he can just grab Supes' punk self by the hand and teleport him (via INSTANT TRANSMISSION) to HELL (or HFIL[Home For Infinite Losers] in America), where there is no sun!

what's this ANOTHER WEAKNESS, too bad Clarkie...

Goku: Magic little beans, but his REAL power comes from within when he's beaten to a pulp by adversaries who'd spank Superman like he stole something. When all hope is supposedly lost, he just kicks it into full gear when in danger, and wipes out these punks, just like he'd do to Superman.

Exhibit E: Beams

Supermans, eye laser could be put to use, to warm up a big ol' bowl of rice for Goku to grub on, but that bowl would be the size of a mid-sized car and Superman would have as much trouble as someone cooking a turkey with a cigarrette lighter.

Goku: Ka Me Ha Me Ha, nuff said. Genki Dama (aka Spirit Bomb) would be over kill.

3) Homies:

Superman Has His Justice League:

Batman/Robin-Dead by a crushed skull from a simple thump from the spiky-haired hero

Wonder Woman- Woo'd by his overall strength and innocence, she'd turn on Superman to get in Goku's orange pants. Her lasso could be used to let him reveal that he IS wearing Teddy-bear underwear and that he's married before he snaps it, and as soon as his wife ChiChi finds out about it, she'd whup Wonder Woman for being the star-spangled hooker she is.

Green lantern- Super Saiyan's Yellow hair And Aura, nuff said.

Flash- Wow, he runs fast.(Notice the sarcasm in my text.) Goku moves faster. Flash is taken out when he uses his speed, and when a fist teleports in fornt of him he runs into it. Face First. Ouch.

Any other members stink to the point that they need not be mentioned.

Goku's homies, the Z fighters. other than Chou-zu and Yamucha, any other z fighter, can fill in for Goku if he falls asleep from the boredom of Superman's futile attacks. And if needed goku can get THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE TO BACK HIM UP!!!! He got connections in the other world, so if he needs pwer of a universally, macrostically powered spirit bomb (which is SUPER overkill, like a 50 megaton nuke on a cockroach) they can get people go to their home worlds across each galaxy in the universe to give their power for it.

4) Clothes:

Tights, and a cape vs. baggy Karate clothes, and boots that can easily be switched with An orange Dickies jumpsuit (with sleeves tucked in) and black Nike Uptowns (Air Force Ones to those who don't know) I know who'd I'd dress like for Halloween. (As a matter of fact I'd wear that to school!)

5) life:

Superman is a reporter making like $100,000 a year and married Lois Lane(In Lois And Clark: the New Adventures of Superman), who he knew since he got a job at the Daily Planet. He lives in a penthouse in the city. And I cannot really recalling him hanging out anywhere else but his 'fortress of solitude' he must do some 'private' things there (hey, did Lex Luthor steal Superman's bottle of lotion?) Good for the run-over-the-mill super hero.

Goku has NO job, but is just living off all the money he won in Teneachi Boudokai(I don't know if that's spelled right...) this is like millions of bucks here. He got this AS A YOUNG MAN before even settling down. He married ChiChi who is an martial artist herself, but is also a devoted housewife and mother and has two kids whose powers exceed that of Superman too, even Goku's grand-daughter Pan could probhably whup him too. So in other words Goku Actually get's some! And he lives in a nice little cottage in the plains where nothing can bother him or interrupt his training. And if he wants to chill, he'd just go to Master Roshi's house, Kame's Lookout (or should I say Dende's)or just tranverse from the living realm to go see King Kai of the North.

6) Death:

Supes did once,(at the hands of a villain) came back and got crappy with that electro garbage and the splitting into two, and re-combining or whatever the hell he did.

Goku died twice saving Earth in the Z series, and both times he sacrificed himself for the planet he loves so dearly.

7) Stuff:

Superman has all his comics that you can get from any comic book store in any small town. Hes about as avialible as Garfield. His toys, wait WHAT HAS SUPES COME OUT WITH LATELY? And his games for Nes Genesis, Snes, and N64, stunk. The only Superman thing I'd want is a blue shirt with that 'S' on it, which I'd give credit for, But someone please tell Shaqille O'Neal so stop sweatin off the "S" before he wears it out.

Goku has ALL KINDS OF STUFF. Toys, Model Replicas, And Most of All, VIDEO GAMES!!!! there are more DB anf DBZ games that you can shake a stick at, and are still in demand today. As of right now, DragonBall GT Final Bout is the #2 ranking game of all time and has been out since 1998! It's only superior is Final Fantasy VII. So Goku racks in WAY more money than Superman ever would.

Supes Movies: 5

DBZ Movies: 13+ the plus is for all the DB movies And the Specials he appeared in.

As my friend Forrest Gump would say, "That's All I Have To Say About That."

Even though this comment was long as hell, I could go on for hours and hours on how much better Goku San (that's his full name, really!)is better ythan Clark Kent. Goku even looks better in a suit, don't believe me? Check out DBZ movie 8 : Brolly the legendary super-saiyajin. Goku pimps that Armani suit, and doesnt even likeit. Oh well, he still looks better than Clark.

SO AS I CLOSE MY SHARE OF THIS DISCUSSION, I'D LIKE TO SAY ONE THING: THE 'S' ON HIS CHEST WILL NOW MEAN 'SORE' SINCE THAT'S THAT HE'LL BE IF GOKU LETS HIM LIVE. If Goku does let him live, Supes better find an actual use for time travel: to stop himself for actually thinking he could challenge Goku.

Any Comments?

[email protected]


Deadeye the Duck writes:

Superman can die from stones and Doomsday... which doesn't make sense to me. Also you never see Superman do any speed fighting like the DBZ characters, so he just lost a big advantage right there. Plus Supermans strength is set, while Goku can be incerased again and again.

Goku dies, gets stronger and comes back to life to kick some ass!

All Goku would have to do to win this fight is to do a sloar flare, and then a sprint bomb or what have you.

If you look at it this is a one sided battle! ^_^ GO GOKU!!!

Batman writes:

If Goku was afraid of a nuclear bomb inside Android 16 then it shows he cant stand with Superman. Goku`s ki shot and kamehameha would be nothin but a sun lamp. And with extreme power Goku can be pulled apart unlike Superman who cant because he is the man of Steel. Also Gokus powers will decrease durning a fight. Superman might get tired but his power will never decrease.

Jim Shooter writes:

Superman is American, Gook'u is a Jap. Americans beat Japs down. Nuff Said.

Travis writes:

If Goku isn't a SuperSajin yet he,s screwed, if he is hes got a chance.

paru writes:

Well i don't like dragonball(anymore) at first i was goign to vote for goku anyway's becuase well everyone fan or not knows draognball is the most outragous over powered show ever made.

but it didn't take too long to even match goku's power and supass it with superman.

Superman may have died and come back but he wins one way or another. lets see goku come back form the dead without his pathetic magic balls or for that matter as a special favor from "this green freak who is the god of earth".

superman can travel in outerspace. Heck one itme superman got really strong that he was a danger to the planet. goku may sense chi or whatever but superman has sense's and powers that are more powerful. with the excepppption of lead but that never stoped him. He's broken the speed of light, created sonic booms eated live gernades... Give him time to learn this chi stuff and goku looks like mr satan. he did come from an adbvacned civilation far beyond anything dragonball can come up with. he's seen Entorpy and even faught doomsday again and won. Even if not stronger then goku he can alway's OUT SMART HIM! superman has fuaght 3 other people form his world before and won. his breath CAN FREEZE! all thsoe powers are NOT dependent on using that chi. hell superman is sitll alive in 1,000,000 AD! alive and kicking.

H. Torrance Griffin writes:

I don't like Goku. I've _never_ likes Goku. The number of people I would prefer to see pound that walking bad-hair-day's face in is without count.

But in all honesty, Kent is paste

Clark Kent's biggest edge is his brains. On terms of overall intelligence, and therefore any contest of wits, he has Goku beat.

Problem is, Goku is a true example of an Idiot Savant. Anything, and I mean quite literally _anything_, related to hand to hand combat or chi techniques this boy can master on sight.

Now let us list Kent's disadvantages:

Ranged Attacks: Supes has Heat Vision, Goku has... (considers the power of a Genki-dama) daaannng!

Speed: Kent is fast, but this guy routinely conducts extended brawls with several opponents at light speed. The Flash _might_ match that, Superman cannot.

Skill: Clark is an above everage self-taught brawler. Goku... makes Lady Shiva look like a newborn infant.

Strength/Resilience: Anything that can level a mountain range is going to put Kent on his arse. Do that to goku and you've gotten his attention.

Sorry Clark, you are officially out of your Weight Class.


Axis writes:

Superman losing again!!!! He is the archtypical superhero!!! Bloody kids and bloody manga-lets-blow-up-the-universe-every-bloody-episode-to-impress-the-bloody-kids!

Goku_Mizuno writes:

Goku and enemies have enough power to blow up planets, and do so with frequent reqularity. If Goku goes SSJ4, and with his Instant Transmission technique, he will be able to defeat his opponent easily.

Superman may be good, but he was defeated by Doomsday, who, to my knowledge never blew up any planets.

After Superman was killed by Doomsday, it took a logical plot gap the size of Missouri to bring him back to life.

DragonBall Z may be a little out there, but it does NOT have plot gaps that large.


let me put it this way....superman has been around for how long?...goku is who? a stupid lookin japanese cartoon?...exactly

goku sounds a lot like geek-you

Yogi (PNMB) writes:

At 200 something power level, Muten roshi could destroy the moon.

When Form 2 Freiza fought Piccolo, He was at 1,000,000 PL. That's the power to destroy 5,000 moons.

They DO get more powerful after that, though. How MUCH more powerful?? Why don't we see.

Form 3 Freiza < Piccolo < Form 3 Freiza < Form 4 Freiza (30%) < Goku Not Serious < Goku Kaiou-Ken x10 Form 4 freiza (50%) < Form 4 Freiza (70%)

At this point, Form 4 Freiza (70%) could plow up the planet.

Form 4 Freiza (70%) < Goku Kaiou-Ken x 20 < Form 4 Freiza (100%) < SSJ GOKU (Freiza Saga)

Form 4 Freiza (100%) < Cyborg Freiza < King Kold < SSJ Trunks < SSJ GOKU (Post Yardat)

SSJ Goku (Post Yardat) < SSJ Goku (Three years later) < SSJ Vegeta (Three years later) < Android 18 <= Android 17 < Cell Stage 1 < Android 16 < Cell Stage 2 < Vegeta (Post Training) < Trunks (Post Training) < GOKU (Post Training)

GOKU (Post Training) < Cell Jr. < Perfect Cell (not Full Power) < Gohan (Post Training) < Perfect Cell (Max Power) < Super Perfect Cell < SSJ2 Gohan (Full Power) < SSJ2 GOKU (Buu Era)

SSJ2 Goku (Buu Era) < Majin Vegeta < Fat Buu < SSJ3 GOKU (Final Form)

If you count GT, there's also an SSJ4, which is at least 11x as powerful as SSJ3.

There you have it. Superman doesn't stand much of a chance.

dtrane writes:

Goku, as powerful as he is, does not have access to either kryptonite or magic. Thus, Superman will be victorious. Even if these things did come into play, Superman's ranged attacks could take them away (heat vision, super-breath). By utilizing his super-speed, Superman could easily do several "fly-by" attacks until he had taken Goku down. The Man of Steel will NOT be beaten by some two-bit anime character.

Muramasa writes:

Since no one specified which version of the characters we're using, I'm just going to have to use the most widely known incarnations. Unfortunately for Goku, Superman existed in his Pre-Crisis form longer than his current, weaker form.

In those more innocent, playful times of comics, Superman had the ability to destroy planet Earth by flying into it, could exceed light speed and travel through time, could wipe out a galaxy with a sneeze, create a solar system by hand, and could see and hear anything and everything in the universe down to the microscopic level.

In the end, he always won just for the fact that he was Superman.

Phunnie Bone writes:

In all honesty, I have to go with Superman on this because if for nothing else, the plot of Dragon Ball Z where Goku is concerned is horrid. Absolutely terrible actually. I can break down the plot right now, from series to series.

Bad Guy arrives on planet more powerful than all good guys combined.

Goku takes off to train while other good guys go to fight the minions of said evil Bad Guy.

Good guys fight and attempt to stall Bad Guy until Goku arrives again.

All good guys get either killed or terribly maimed and unable to defend any longer.

Goku finally shows up, in the nick of time, and begins fight with Bad Guy. (Which includes a pre-battle build up of at least three episodes)

Goku fights Bad Guy and gets whooped on a little, resulting in him using his little Kato-ken attack thing where he moves fast.

Bad Guy transforms and persists to whoop Goku the likes of which all the other good guys couldn't have standed a third of.

Goku transforms and beats the snot out of Bad Guy much to the same affect, only a tad less brutal.

Talking ensues as Bad Guy gets strength.

Bad Guy transforms again and beats on Goku.

All good guys make short distraction, resulting in more deaths among them, so Goku can use his Spirit Bomb to kill Bad Guy.

Goku uses Spirit to kill Bad Guy.

Another Bad Guy more powerful than all good guys arrives on planet.....

You know the rest...It's stupid. I have to say that not even the lack of plot prowess involved in Superman is this contrived. But, DBZ is attracts small children like pollen does bees. Anime is young in the states still, and with great shows like Neon Genesis Evangelion, Trigun, and Cowboy Bebop not yet syndicated in the states for young people, or especially having come out a tad later than DBZ, Goku will remain the forefront of all anime characters. For awhile at least.

On to powers, I suppose...

Superman has many, many powers which everyone presumably knows. After all, how can you come to a place called COMIC Universe Battles and not know who Superman is. I'm going to skip Superman for now.

Goku, however, some people may not know. Goku is a little short guy who has died more times than even Superman. What with Raditz, Vegeta, Cell, Majin Boo..hell, the worst thing about Goku is that he can fight while still dead, making him invincible.(Simply because he can't die if he's already dead) Anyway, back on track, this little guy who just loves to get nekkid, has the Kato-ken, which is his superspeed and strength. The Kame-Hame-Ha would be the equivalent of heat vision, or cold breath. His Spirit Bomb would have to be the thing that Superman really can't account for, but it won't hurt him either. The Spirit Bomb destroys all that is evil in nature, and Superman, being the True Blue American that he is, fighting for Truth, Justice, and all that is without a doubt impervious to such an attack. Now, there's always that little matter of Goku being able to go SSj4(Super SaiJin 4), but this is all speculation, which I'll get to later. This would be Supes only problem.

But you'd really have to put a time period on both the people, for they've both undergone massive changes. And as you said, it seems Goku has no power limit, but he has to keep on getting up there. He didn't start with the power level he is now, and so he's had to work up to where he is.

But for now, I'm going with Superman. He's overcome worse things than a 5' 2" Japanese man with stupid hair before.

Braugi writes:

Superman all the way. I've only seen a few episodes of the newer DBZ, but as far as the ones I've seen theres really little contest.

During the Android saga, Vegita was training in an enhanced gravity environment and peaked out at lifting what would be the equivalent of roughly 30 tons. Even though he became more powerful as a Super Saiyan during the Cell Saga, even if it was by a factor of 10, thats still not in the strength class of even the Byrne Man of Steel. Now, as far as the newer DBZ goes, Vegita started out about the same level he was at the end of the Cell-Saga, which is comparable, though less powerful than Goku. Yes, he's more powerful now, but not on Supes' strength level.

As far as speed goes, all the DBZ characters do have super speed and flight, but they're MUCH slower than Supes. After all, Goku's "instant" transmissions only sends him at the speed of light, and that impressed the other characters immensely. Supes may not be able to travel that fast, but he could keep up, and his super speed would be FAR superior to any characters who have that much trouble comprehending the speedo of Goku's instant transmission, so Supes' combat speed is higher.

Take into account Supes' current power up and you've got no contest, if they fought hand to hand at all, Goku would be out before you could say 'Its a bird..Its a plane...'

Echo Garrote writes:

Ooooh...tough call. But as much as I think Supes may put up a long and hard fight. My Otaku loyalties just have to go with Goku. (Although I would be surprised if Tetsuo or Akira showed up to clean both their clocks.)


The Dark Lord writes:

What a fight this would be but no matter how strong Superman is there would be NO Contest Goku would kill Superman in a split second, lets face it Goku was probably stronger than him in one of the first sagas so Goku all the way!!

Bluelance writes:

Hmmm... Goku vs. Superman... Now this is a fight.

As a patriotic american I suppose I should side with Superman. However intellect demands that I pick Goku.

Superman's power has been pretty much stagnant his entire life. While admittedly he is a pretty tough guy Goku has had the power to cream him ever since his first visit to King Kaia.

This is how I see the battle going. Superman and Goku both show up and realize that they are both pretty good guys and decide to make it an friendly contest instead of a fight to the death. They start with rock bashing. Supes picks up a boulder and hurtles it in the sky and shatters it with a punch. Goku then uses his trademark Kamehameha to destroy the moon. A little flustered Supes then decides on an arm wrestle. The match goes on at a stalemate until Goku sees a waiter in the distance carrying a tray of food. He uses the Kaioken maneuver, beats superman, and downs all the food in under a second. After all this it is decided on an airborne fight. First person to touch the ground loses. They both take off and start fighting. Superman gets in several good hits as Goku is not used to the fast paced action Superman is. There are usually only a few blows exchanged in a 30 min DBZ show, there are plenty of grunts and eye twitching though. Goku then decides to go SSJ. After doing this the tide turns and Superman is getting creamed. Superman uses his vastly superior intellect to trick Goku into believing that he should let Superman win because if he doesn't it will shatter all of the dreams of Superman's adoring child audience. Goku being a softy buys it, powers down to regular mode, and starts to take it easy on him. ChiChi, the only being alive capable of intimidating Goku, sees what is going on and tells Goku that if he doesn't end the match right now he won't get supper for a week. Goku being incredibly alarmed at this notion uses a solar flare to blind Superman's sensitive eyes. He then charges up a spirit bomb, goes SSJ thereby losing control of the spirit bomb and absorbing it, and cranks up the heat even more by going Kaioken in his transformed state. He then breathes on Superman sending him hurtling down at near-light speed and straight through the Khazan Stadium arena ground with such force that it compresses all the matter in the collision to the point where it collapses in on itself forming a quantum singularity and in a few microseconds a black hole...

Conclusion... Superman is transformed into a new state of matter that cannot be described in terms of physics and Goku goes home and eats dinner.

Baxter writes:

thIs is a truly good fight that I have pondered myself. yet, lets put it down as this. SUPERMAN IS An EGOMANIAC!!!!!!!!!!1 superman thinks that noone can beat him, NO ONE!! in all of his comics superman just kept on say how strong and powerful he was, yet whenever the man of steel gets into a true pickle. he truly gets his ass trashed!!!! when he took on galactus, darksaid, and even batman he got his ass crashed!!! yet he goes on with his egotrip! and to the %99 of you whom watched dragon ballZ, you know that goku is a kind nieve person. stupid he may be, but no one has said he was an ego maniac. also, when superman took on thor, he lost. but when goku foght tetsuo, he won eisily! and let us think based on powers alone,

supermans heatvision vs goku's kamehameha.

I never liked superman and I was happy as hell when I saw thor kicking supermans ass. I hope I can be pleased once again.

Madchaz writes:

Well let's I hate a Funamation, and I don't really care for DC Comics. But funamation, is an English produce thingy. If you watch the REAL DBZ!!!!!! which is in Japan, Goku kick totally ASS (but I think Gohan is better), My choice is Goku, he knows Kamesenne style where Superman can just ...um... what the hell does he do that could really hurt someone??? Plus he can't fight as fast has Goku. So I think Goku all the way. GIVE'EM HELL GOKU!!!!!

Darth Rayden writes:


Nothing! Can prepare you to meet your next DOOMSDAY!!!! Aha,ha,ha,ha!

Guy on Stilts writes:

This one isn't fair.I love Superman,really I do.But Goku,by the end of Dragonball GT,has merged with a god.Hell,before he even merged with a god he was indestructible!They overpowered him beyond belief!Destroying the Earth would be something Goku could do with ease,as the show states about 700 times every fight he has!I really rather would see Superman win,but Goku has been overpowered beyond belief.It's just not fair.

Deep Sea Dolphin writes:

Personally I can't stand either of them and wish they'd off each other but there is no denying that Goku is going to slaughter Superman. Superman's only advantage is that he's smarter than Goku. But the power difference between the two is so fast that it won't matter because Superman has normal human intelligence not superhuman intelligence. When Goku was weak(season 1 of DBZ) he could deflect energy blasts that would wipe out planets. Now(5 million yawns later) Goku could probably wipe out the universe if he so desired.

BRAXXUS writes:

This would be a pretty interesting fight. Both are two of the most powerful beings in the world of both comics and animation but as much as I hate to, I'm gonna go with Superman for the win. Think about it, DBZ gives virtually no upper limit to Goku's powers which would only hurt him in the long run with American audiences. Superman used to have virtually no limit to his powers back in the 70's and into the mid 80's before suffering a gigantic backlash. Superman was so powerful that there really wouldn't be any being short of near omnipotence like Galactus or someone of that ilk that could possibly take him on. Goku has that same problem. Really it depends upon where in the world this battle takes place. In Japan, Goku would take this fight but in order to be fair it would take everything he has to beat Supes. Here in the states, Superman is gonna win simply because a lot of American comic fans aren't gonna want their first and possibly greatest hero to lose to a foreign wannabe. Some people anyway. Personally, I can't stand Superman, I think the character is among the dullest and most outdated in the world of comics and while Goku relies on a combination of martial arts skills and superhuman abilities, Superman relies on his power alone. I'd honestly want Goku to win, but Superman's world wide popularity would demand the defeat of an upstart like Goku. Sure, Goku is vastly powerful and if he were a mainstream character in the states, known to a much broader audience than the people that watch the Cartoon Network, then he'd have a better chance of winnin'. But if he went mainstream, then he'd have to be powered down considerably just like Superman was during the Crisis on Infinte Earth mini-series back in the mid 1980's. Superman I think would win because he just simply is Superman. I'm sure there are people that are gonna vote on this fight that don't have a clue who Goku even is. While not a big fan of either one of these totally lame characters that are little more than a collection o' superhuman powers thrown and mixed together, I feel the Man of Steel has it.

Ed Glosser, Trivial Psychic writes:

I say Superman

This is how I see it...

Goku sends his friends to have the crap beaten out of them before he fights as that is how it always happens and SUperman easily crushes them. Then Goku says something trite like "I won't allow you to hurt my friends" and goes into a flurry of punches and kicks and them hits Superman down to the ground, blowing dust and debris everywhere and covering Superman's movements. Goku then tries to sense Superman's ki only to realize that Superman's powers are not life-energy related and is quickly pounced upon by Superman who quickly, and uncharacteristically, snaps his neck.

Some Kid writes:

Goku no doubt.. while superman trys to hit goku 5 feet away with his 'eye lasers' Goku will already be behind him and have sent a kamehameha blast through the backbone of superman.. And.. u see SuperMan using up all his strength to slow down a Jetliner or something like that while Goku can blow a friekin Planet up..No Contest

The Thing That Should Not Be writes:

When the gooey hits the fan, the authorities start to cordon off the area saying, "Stand back, folks. This looks like a job for SUPERMAN."

What do people say when Goku shows up? "What the hell is with his hair?!" "Is he doing drugs?!" "Who the hell writes his dialogue?!"

Okay, so both characters seem ridiculously overpowered. At least Superman has writers who can, occasionally, create stories wherein our hero has to use his brain to overcome the forces of Evil. Goku just gets angry, screams, and treats the audience to psychodelic, seizure inducing flashing lights in the background. Clearly, Superman=cooooooool, Goku=insidious Japanese import of cosmic idiocy.

He Who Hates Anime writes:

Far be it from me to contradict CBUB's resident Blod Ass-whooper, but Superman wins on coolness alone. Yes, Goku might have beated Doomsday handily, but only because the writers for Dragonball Z are so universally and completely awful, talentless hacks. In a fight with Superman, Goku would take one look at the Man of Steel, realize his own inescapable lame-itude, and end his own life. And Superman, 'cuz he's a real man and honestly hates fighting, will lament the passing of the wretched creation of idiot anime makers. Dragonball Z is proof that all the best minds of Japan work in the sciences, business or the arts, and stay the hell away from seizure-causing cartoons.

He Who Hates Anime writes:

Far be it from me to contradict CBUB's resident Blod Ass-whooper, but Superman wins on coolness alone. Yes, Goku might have beated Doomsday handily, but only because the writers for Dragonball Z are so universally and completely awful, talentless hacks. In a fight with Superman, Goku would take one look at the Man of Steel, realize his own inescapable lame-itude, and end his own life. And Superman, 'cuz he's a real man and honestly hates fighting, will lament the passing of the wretched creation of idiot anime makers. Dragonball Z is proof that all the best minds of Japan work in the sciences, business or the arts, and stay the hell away from seizure-causing cartoons.

Doommaster writes:

Completely Faster than a speeding bullet!

And Way more, much more powerful than a locomotive!

And able to pulverize Superman in a single bound!

It's Goku!

Blatant Otaku writes:

Goku can whup Superman's butt even without going Super Saiya-jin. Let's take a look at their powers and see what I mean:

Superman: has had more or less the same powers and level of strength throughout his entire career, both in comics and in TV incarnations (including the four movies). The most he did, I think, was move fast enough to shift the Earth's rotation, and move the Moon.

Goku: can pretty much destroy his entire universe (and a big chunk of the Multiverse(TM)) at his peak level. By the beginning of DBZ, the kickass Vegeta could destroy an entire planet with a beam from his finger. A few episodes later, Goku whupped Vegeta when Super Saiya-jin wasn't even introduced. About 300 episodes later (counting Dragonball GT), and a huge number of exponentially increasing power-ups, Goku goes up to Super Saiya-Jin level 4. You do the math.

Superman might start off well since Goku takes some time to get serious, but when he does, the Man of Steel will feel lots of icky pain coming his way.

Jace Von Varius writes:

Okay, we'll I'm gonna go with the hero that came back from the dead...

Oh, wait.

All right, let's try again: I'm gonna go with the hero that, when not provoked, is a kind and gentle...

Crap. This isn't working.

Moving on, the one who can destroy a planet without much effort-

GEEZ! That doesn't work either!

Ok, the one with a dark, brooding, kickass associate who was once their foe...

@#$%&*! (Batman, Vegeta)

Let's try the one who regularly saves the world from-


Ah, screw it- Goku's stronger, and we all know it.

Flashback writes:

This is what it all comes down to folks: East vs. West. This battle could last for days --- or 42 episodes in Goku's case --- if the planet holds out that long. In the end, the determining factor will be power, specifically the source of it.

Both contenders require outside power sources to utilize their abilities. Let me break it down for ya:

Superman --- yellow sun radiation

Goku --- manipulates "kame"

(enery within all things)

Also, consider the location of the battle: an unihabited planet near a yellow sun.

Superman's got power to burn, while Goku is left with little to use. If this fight had taken place within Khazan, the nexus of all realities, Goku could draw on unlimited energy and create a massive spirit bomb. That's not the case. Furthermore, if you remember your DBZ, the spirit bomb that Goku created on Earth (which is inhabited, unlike this battle field) wasn't even enough to kill Vegeta (and he wasn't even in super saiyan form!).

With that said, Superman has the edge in power and will eventually knock Goku out.

If you need more proof, consider these scenarios:

Tag Team Match - Superman's got the awesome power of the Justice League, while Goku has Piccolo and the gang. Not that you would need the entire Justice League though. The Martian Manhunter could take down Goku's gang telepathically.

Goku figures out the source of Supes' powers (which is highly unlikely) and decides to blow up the yellow sun (like Piccolo did to the moon). Instead of destroying Supes' power source, however, the resulting supernova of yellow radiation would give him a super-charge. It would be like Superman going "super saiyan". The attack would also take a bite out of Goku's already lowered energy supply and leave him wide open.

In conclusion, Superman's got this one. The circumstances of the fight tip the balance of power in his direction.

NightJim writes:

Ok, supes'll do well at the start of this, but Goku's gonna wipe the floor with the Big Boy Scout in the end. It might be difficult for Goku without the other dragonballers to distract supes but I still think he can do it.

Batman has beaten Supes, and he's a normal guy. As Bats sez Supes reallys on pure brute force no finesse. Goku has that finesse in spades and the power.

The Japanese creation will win the day.

Toptomcat writes:

WHOOOOOOOOO! This is the ONLY fight that could top your Buffy VS. Xena...by a mile. What this really depends on is what point in the respective characters' development they are in. Are we talking about 80's Superman VS. Freeza Saga Goku? Modern Comic Book Superman VS. Cell Saga Goku? Modern Television Series Superman VS. "GT" Goku? Whatever the timeline, if Superman wins he'll have to use near-deadly force, and I hate to think what will happen with Gohan in the stands while he does that...Goku getting pounded into the ground + Gohan watching every moment of it = VERY ANGRY GOHAN.

Still, I voted Goku because Supes has no answer to the Kaioken Attack, which increases Goku's power tenfold or more for brief periods.

El Sharpo writes:

Oh Come ON! Did you see Goku during the Cell Games? Sure he lost but he was a MATCH for Cell, a villan who was arguably the strongest in the universe at that time. If you've seen him in the new episodes you will know that his power has far supasses what he had back then. Now hes hit SSJ3 no one will be able to stop him. Sure Supermans tough but he had trouble with Lex Luthor, Goku took down Frieza, Cell and Majin Buu, an enemy who not even five Grand Kai's could kill. Goku in 1 minute.

ssj goku writes:

Compared to goku superman it a fly on the winshield , Goku could beat the crap out of that weakling superman without even transforming. Plus goku has a large variety of long range and close range attacks and he can teleport where as superman does not.

powercosmic writes:

it depends on which superman tyour talking about if you use pre crisis then superman stands a chance. but if you use the presentday supes he gets killed period.

Stormed Trooper writes:

Time to break this one down:


Super Man: With the exception of Darkseid, and on occasion Lex Luthor nothing really serious here, just a bunch of retards with really goofy names.

Goku: Multiple Saiyons, Aliens, Green Creatures, Humans, one genetically engineered super being, one large pink blob

Analysis: Normally Goku would win this catagory, but the pink blob is just a completely uninspired villain.

Advantage: Tie


Super Man: He can fly, lift a shit load of heavy stuff, x-ray vision, eye lasers (see super friends), super speed, bullet proof, etc. honestly it's like when there is any new problem then Super Man Sprouts A New Frikin' Power so I also feel justified for adding Evolution to his powers list.

Goku: He fly, he can move really, really, really fast, above super saiyon power level, ability to shoot lots of different blasts from his hands that have varying degrees of power, super duper strong, obviously likes large explosions, prior to tail removal the ability to turn into a large King Kong like creature when he spots a full moon, teleportation, I also feel justified in adding the Dragon Balls to his powers list.

Anaylisis: Goku would use his wish to wish away Super Man's Evolution power, and he's definately faster plus Goku's explosions are always bigger.

Advantage: Goku


Super Man: Smart

Goku: Not-So-Smart

Advantage: Super Man


Super Man: I'm not 100% sure here but, I know he can take alot of punishment.

Goku: Can take a lot of punishment, yet always seems to come up with that last bit of strength to win his fights.

Advantage: Tie


Super Man: Apache Chief, Black Vulcan, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Batman, Robin, Green Lantern, The Flash, Samurai, Marv, Wendy, Wonder Dog, Wonder Twins, Gleek, Firestorm, El Dorado, Hawkman, Cyborg, Atom, Rima

Goku: Piccolo, Krillin, Gohan, Trunks, Choutzu, Tien, Yamcha, Yajirobe, Goten, Gotex, Pan, 18, Vegeta, Nail, King Kai, King Yemma, Pikkon, Bubbles, Gregory, Master Rosche, Bulma, Chi-Chi, Hercule.

Anaylisis: Most of Super Man's allies (most not all) are about worth shit, and I wouldn't pay them a dime to work for me. Goku's allies on the other hand for the most part all specialize in make a different form of explosion, or beating something else up.

Advantage: Goku


Super Man: 1930's to present

Goku: 1980's? to present

Advantage: Super Man

Special Items:

Super Man: Cape, Tights, Space Pod, Space Suit.

Goku: Senzu Beans, time travel pod, space pod, time chamber.

Anaylisis: For those of us unfamiliar with Senzu beans they allow Goku to recharge his power and make more explosions.

Advantage: Goku

So Goku clearly wins by a 3-2 vote.

Kevin, Lord of Nonsense writes:

I'm voting for Goku, because he's cooler (anime is always cooler) and-- HOLY CRAP! THERE'S A WASP IN HERE! GET IT OUT! GET IT OUT! AAH! NO! What the-- WHO THE @#%* LET THE TIGER OUT? NO, NO....AAAAAAARGH!

'Nuff said: Goku all the-- (tiger roars) AAAAAAAAAARGH!

Andy "TheMan" Alexis writes:


I never mentioned that one lttle fact that would guarantee a win for Goku. OOZARU capability. I dont think Superman would last against a 100 foot tall golden monkey, maybe as a snack.....

DOOMSDAY writes:

i like goku but the battles in dbz go on for far too long which suggests to me that the dbz are a lot slower than the jla which superman is part of c'mon i'm supes enemy i even managed to kill him and i'm voting for him cos he put up a good fight i could finish goku in less than a second

Obvious Man writes:

Some would say in a Duh Fashion

Goku can just blow the sun up.


Is the Sun Really the key to Superman's Power? No!

Even if Both Players have exponentially increased their abilities, this is from the need of keeping the comic book/manga or Cartoon/Anime show interesting. If the Heores stayed at the old standards, they would Die! New Enemies means they need new abilities that they then need for the newer enemies.

In the beginning, Superman was a man of gravity based power, minus his X-Ray vision. He didn't fly, he leaped! Not Go to light speed out of necessity to time travel or to drive the plot of I-Gotta-Get-the-F-over-there-NOW-or-we-all-die!

Then there's Goku. Anime is notrious for last minute saves, using secret caches of strength or the ever classic, Super Secret Attack that will destroy the enemy when the Hero is almost dead as opposed to when he is full strength.

Both Players have that incredible ability of the Protagonist's Good Fortune Theorem. It goes like this, "The Protagonist, When He/She

is at the lowest possible level and the Antagonist is about to triumph, something acts upon the Protagonist, or the Antagonist or something else will cause the total reverse of the former situation." Superman and Goku Both Have it, but Goku has Made 5 minutes before Namek explodes, into about 23 half-hour episodes.

So, I'll give it to Goku.


Galtar, The Destroyer writes:

I really hate Superman because he thinks he better than every superhero and hero alike!

Well this time I think he's going to die!

raincloud3 writes:

Its Superman all the way! C'mon, we all know the man of steel is one of the greatest, if not the best, competitor of all time. He has been fighting evil for like ever! The man knows what he is doing. Goku may have his, um, whatever he has that makes him special but look at it this way; Superman can kick the butts of evil villans, still have time to write a good article worthy of the daily planet, and he looks damn good in tights!

Game, Set, Match.

Raffles writes:

Calling it Goku.

Superman - Nearly as fast as the Flash, OLD Flash. Decent, self-trained combat skills. Near total invulnerability. Heat vision. Strong enough to, quite frankly, move mountains. Causes sonic booms when he strikes full power.

Goku - Fast enough to dodge laser type weapons BEFORE powering up to Super Turnip level 3. Fighting skills - martial arts trained (really, at this level, fighting skills tend to lose a certain amount of impact). Invulnerability not really discussed, but anyone who can take a hit from a planet killing attack and keep fighting..... Speaking of planet killing attacks, he dishes them out, as well (so much for the heat vision). When fully powered, darkens the sky over the entire planet while gathering strength.

Superman wipes the walls with pretty much anyone in Western comics, but the Japanese have an odd sense of proportion....Goku takes this one PDQ.

Bibbity writes:

Wow. I've got to say, this one is tough... so tough that I couldn't actually bring myself to vote. The problem with this is that neither character's powers are very well defined, and both seem to fluctuate wildly, for example: Goku can destroy the planet in an instant but has trouble holding a bus? And half the time Supes can juggle oil tankers, but in the most recent JLA he was straining just to keep one upright! Makes no sense. Goku's main problem is that his most powerful move (the Genki Dama, aka Spirit Bomb) won't work, while Superman's problem is that he just doesn't have the range of abilities that Goku has, nor the actual firepower that those ki blasts have. My best bet is that they realise that they're only fighting because of some evil scheme cooked up by some random evil guy, team up and then save the day as always!

boy269 writes:

he's superman. nuff said

Lilpoetboy writes:

OK look, Superman is THE MAN, Superman is the type of person that DO NOT give up. I don't care if he has no arms and is blind, he is going to fight till the death. See, I've seen then Goku fought against Super Andriod 17, at one time he had completely given up the fight. I mean come on, Superman would never give up, even when fighting against a Heavenly Angel, he didn't give up. He fought Doomsday to the death. See if Goku would fight to the death......

WilliowHope writes:

I would have to say Goku really, I mean not much Superman can do against a guy who can blow up an entire Planet with just ONE little chi blast, don't get me started with Level 3 Sayian, oooh boy, there will be hell to pay there!!!

Super Sonic writes:

Lets make it clear. How is the man of steel going to compare to the strongest super saiyan? I think people should stop giving credit to Superman and start showing respect to Goku. Goku could win this fight with one arm tied behind his back. Superman should attempt to be scared around Goku. Even Adult Gohan could win this battle. Forget about this battle.

TheStoneGolem writes:

Ok...what the hell? only two points I need to make here

1. Superman is invincable

2. If Superman Started losing, he could just go faster then light and travel back in time. In Fact, he could just go back in time and crush Goku when he was an infant

Thelordof my rings writes:

Well this battle is pretty a pretty odd idea, but I'll go for it. My money is on the Man of Steel. Even though Goku can blow up full planets, I think Superman that survive. If that is the case, I'm pretty sure Goku wouldn't be able to stay in space as long as Superman can. ANd I'm just going to think that Superman's speed is on pair with Goku's no matter ho strong he gets! ANd I don't think Gokou has the strenght to take Superman out anways. That is just my two cents

Vangarron, Dragon Slayer writes:

Superman should have dead after his fight against Doomsday! The only reason DC pulled that Death of Superman stunt was nothing more than a popularity stunt and was because of his falling reputation! I read this in a business text book! Superman is a joke I mean he can't even fight the Aliens what a wimp. But Goku he could mega blast the aliens and Doomsday together! This match will show what a real Super Superman is!

Flashback writes:

Tempting Suggestion:

Aliens vs. The Brood vs. Virus

This is a battle I like to call:

"Don't Playa Hate, Assimilate!"

The battle will involve a race to completely assimilate a heavily populated, but mildly defended, planet. (To give the Virus a fighting chance, the planet will be high tech.) Along the way, each species/artificial intelligence will have to contend against both the locals and their opponents. In the end, only one group can prevail.

*Also, the opponents can assimilate one another if possible. For instance, the Virus could kill a Brood or Alien and build a robot with the scraps. This could be interesting...*

XXUTAK writes:

This could, potentially, be a very difficult fight. But I have watched quite a few episodes of DBZ, and read... well... a disgusting amount of DC Comics. Dragonball characters spend FAR less time fighting than they do sweating, taunting each other, and powering up. The amount of time it will take Goku to charge up any kind of a useful attack will be his downfall, as Kal will be pummeling him and frying him with heat vision the entire time. And if it comes down to calling in allies, Goku's friends can't hold a candle to the JLA. ::makes sweet love to the shake me button::

Zack the #1 DBZ fan writes:


The Obsidian writes:

What a fight! These two heroes are among my favorites, but, unfortunately, one has to win. So I have to go with Superman. Before you jump down my throat, lets break it down.

Speed: Goku has instant transmission, which is as fast as he can go. He proved that he can fly several miles in a few seconds (when he retrieved Master Roshi's sunglasses). Superman, however, has the ability to fly cross-coninent in minutes! That's hundreds of miles per seconds. With no restraints on this fight, Superman has the speed.

Strength: Goku's strength can shatter mountain sides, but Superman's strength can move planets (not just in the golden age, but in recent issues as well) and crack Imperiex probe armor, which had power levels intriguingly similar to Goku (hmm?). So Superman's got the strength factor for him as well.

Power: Obviously, Goku has a lot more raw power at his disposal. But all the power in the world is no good if you can't hit your opponent (proven when a more powerful Trunks could not hit a less powerful but quicker Cell).

Stamina: Superman has this area also. For those of you Goku lovers (and I'm one of them) who would say that Goku lasted against Freeza for ever must remember that that fight lasted for all of fifteen minutes in real time. Superman fought Doomsday for an entire day. Literally. During the recent war in the DC universe, he fought non-stop for multiple days against foes who at least match Goku in power.

Experience: Goku has been fighting since he was a little boy, and he has trained endlessly. Goku has the pure martial art skill advantage here, but his actual experience is limited to one kind of fighter, whereas Superman's is very broad. So, while Goku has the edge here, it is not by much.

Overall, Goku is a martial artist with lots of raw power that can't touch a much faster and much stronger Superman. sorry Goku, but this looks like a job for...

Darth Cruel writes:

Get ready to feel the Power Superman!

The Drunkard Kid writes:

Superman is a legend. Inconceivably strong, fast, invulnerable, and, when you add in the tremendous bag of powers he has, he's practically a force of nature.

And after this battle, hopefully someone decides to bring him back with the Dragonballs.

Since Cally mentioned Doomsday, I'm guessing this is post-Crisis Supes, which has about as much chance against Goku as a turnip does against the combined nuclear powers of every nation on Earth.

As durable as he is, neither Clark nor Doomsday ever showed the ability to survive planet busters, and Goku had been able to pump out that level of power since the end the Vegeta Saga, and has raised well over a thousandfold since.

Add in the fact that the pic of Goku that u used seems to be from a time where he can reach SSJ3, it's fully possible that he just blows up the sun (Cell could do it and he was weaker than a one-handed, SSJ2 Gohan). IIRC, Goku can fight all out for over a day and recharges in a few minutes or hours tops, barring any major injuries (extending the time) or healing tanks/senzu beans (decreasing it). Meanwhile, I believe Supes showed (during his battle with Doomsday) that he can last about 6-12 hours before losing his charge, and would take years to get it up again, barring any outside interference such as the Eradicator or being tossed at the sun.

Take into consideration that Goku could always teleport Supes into the afterlife and leave him there, or drop him off on the other side of the universe (which would still take billions of years to return from, at light-speed, while dodging red stars), then Goku doesn't even have to fight to end the battle.

If it does come into hand to hand, then Kal El is screwed. While Supes is probably 2 or 3 times stronger, perhaps much moreso, Goku in so much more agile in the sky that its not even funny, especially when you remember that teleporting around the target, creating after-images, and actual clones of himself are options that he has. And then you factor in the vastly superior fighting skill and you find that Supes best hope is to avoid melee combat at all costs. Especially when his opponent can make an aura which can incinerate big blue at will.

What many of the others are doing is mistaking childish naievete and lack of education with stupidity and weakness. While Goku has about 0% of Clark's schooling, he's still a pilot, astronaut, and master carpenter/electrician/plumber, which is pretty impressive for a character whose entire premise is that major brain damage at a young age is what kept him from killing all living beings on the earth. And those years that Clark spent in school? Monkey-boy was traveling the world battling the most skilled warriors in the world. Don't forget, their both the same age, and Goku spent much more of that time in direct hand to hand with the most skilled combatants in the world.

And there is very good evidence that Goku can go many multiples of Light Speed (Cell mostly dodging a blast from point blank which left the solar system about 2 seconds later, constantly dodging attacks from point blank which cover distances of several light seconds in less than 1 second). Before anyone brings up the various inconsistencies, or the way that they seem to be breaking the laws of physics, please point out the last time Clark got prosecuted for mass murder and property damage from going 100+ mach within city limits. Besides, if DB light goes the same speed as DB radio waves (which it should, with both of them being EM radiation), then it DB light should actually be travelling hundreds of times Real World light speed (Bulma and Goku were having real-time radio conversations with Bulma's dad from well over a hundred light years away; When Brolly destroyed the southern galaxy, it went dark right away, instead of over a period of millions of years, when the moon is blown up, it just dissapears instead of waiting the 15-30 seconds it takes for real world light to reach the earth from the moon, etc...). And its cannon that the only time anyone in the series broke the DBU lightspeed (barring teleportation) in the DBU was when Vegetto was fighting Buu and he was mocking him for not being able to see him because he was trying to follow the light.

If they were playing Weakest Link, then Supes would probably win. In combat however, Post Crisis is screwed 9 ways from Sunday. Pre-Crisis, however, is another story altogether. HE had powers which were ridiculous even by DBZ's admittedly lax standards.

Paul Soth writes:

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? This "Fight" only lasts one ki blast. Damn simple logic for you kids, Goku is far more powerfull the Superman ever was, even if you were to bring in the Silver Age version for shits n' giggles. And yes, i would think that Goku's powers would count as being mystical in nature, so that makes the fight even more lopsided.

What's next? Aunt May vs. The Hulk?

Lone wolf writes:

Superman has but one advantage. Strength.{and thats debatable} Goku has him beat in speed{it was a gross mistranslation when it was said instant transmission was merely the speed of light, it was actually intended to be the speed of thought}skill{remember the Super saiyan spends almost every minute of his life and afterlife for that matter either training or fighting} and power{a punch from supes could knock down a mountain but a kamehameha from a ss4 goku could destroy galaxies)durability{Superman has been killed by a mere physical beating while it seems goku can take about ten times as much punishment as his super saiyan power can dish out and hes basically a walking supernova}. Both heroes have a great fighting spirit, a never say die attitude, but supes isnt any sort of match for goku beyond an armwrestling match.

Super Saiyan Starcloud writes:

I am very mighty! My power level is over 1 million! I throw many energy beams and will send you to the next dimension! But my power, it is nothing next to Goku's. I shall use the Dragonballs to make strong enough to beat Goku! Ha ha ha! Then we will stretch a 5 minute fight into a whole week. Ha ha ha! Superman is a wimpy bug! his power level is only 100! Ha ha ha! I could squish hm between my toes!

Yub yub, Commander!

Ishidan writes:

We're pitting two titans against one another here. Both have almost unlimited strength, speed, energy projection abilities, toughness, ability to make up new skills, combat experience. Both have faced off against planet-smashers and came out the victor. Tie.

Both may also start off unwilling to kill, but neither is a stranger to it. Tie, with the advantage going to the first person who just unleashes.

Goku doesn't know when to shut up, and takes time to ramp up to Super Saiyin mode. Meanwhile, Superman is fully powered so long as he has a yellow sun. Advantage: Supes. But not for long.

Superman has a specific, crippling weakness(Kryptonite), meanwhile Goku will have to be taken down the hard way. Advantage: Goku, if there's Kryptonite.

Tough call. My vote is for Goku, since he's the one most likely to go lethal first.

Acecool writes:

BOOM!!!! BOOM!!!! "good bye"

What are those sounds? Those are the sounds of the yellow sun, the planet being blown up and goku teleporting out of there. This with out even going super sayen.

Black Dragon writes:

Okay we all know this two are the top superheroes. Superman: x-ray vision, haet ray, flies, and unworldly stronge. Goku: Hamahamaha wave, ability to teleport, transforms into a stronger stage ( Super Sayain 4 ), and can also fly. Both have cool powers but the best is Goku. This is a man that you would not underestamate. Saving the WORLD instead of one little city. Goku has defeated more enemies that could kill Superman in one blow. Come on people Goku is a shoe in for this one.

doesntmatterwhoiam writes:

first of all, I would like to point out that I am both a comic and anime fan and will try my best not to be biased.

first lets look at the powers of each of our fiesty contenders. Supes: heat vision, super strength, super speed, flight, invulnerability.

Goku has the ability to teleport, fly, super speed, super strength, invulnerability, and a variety of energy blasts, energy explosions, energy yada yada, and the power to turn into super saiya jin lvl 4... boosting his power to godknows what galaxy shattering levels.

Well how do these powers fare against each others. Well goku would be as strong if not stronger than supes at ssj4 level. Sorry to all the supe fan's out there, but this is true. Goku has no problem lifting 100 ton weights in a gravity 100x that of earth's. Goku can take blasts/damage that would destroy a planet or shatter dimensional barriers as seen in the buu saga. Speed is one area i would have to give to supes. Supe moves at near lightspeed, and even though goku flashes all over the place, I doubt thats lightspeed. And well Heatvision is nothing compared to a genki dama or any thing else goku uses.

Goku would not beat supes in his normal state. Probably not at ssj state. Probably will at ssj2. And definitely at ssj3 and ssj4. All goku needs to do is teleport both him and supes onto another planet then unleash a kamehameha to blow up supes and the planet up. This is a verryyyyy easy task for goku.

but lets say that goku does not do that and fights on a smaller scale. Supes relies heavily on speed and brute force to beat his opponenets in melee. He might throw someone down, or sockem with his fists but thats about it. Wayy too predictable for goku, someone who has been practicing martial arts since like 4 yrs old.

Darth Doom writes:

OH COME ON!!!! Have you ever seen Goku Fight? Did you see him fight Cell? If you did you know theres no way Superman could match that. Gokus martial arts skills alone could take out Supes. If a KAMEHAMEHA wave counts as magic he will be roast ham in 10 seconds. I haven't even mentioned the Spirit Bomb, remember what happened the last time he used it Khazan. He won! Superman coudn't even beat Thor of Asgard.

Spaceballs writes:

Are you kidding me when you say Supes is smarter than Goku? Okay, yeah, he is, but on the battlefield? Goku has something so basic that Superman doesn't and that's martial arts. Even if Supes was theoretically stronger, it would be like Jet Li waxing off some big muscled guy two feet taller. Superman's main offense is punch, punch, and punch. Superman became involved in daily human things like go to school, become a reporter, etc. whereas Goku has trained since childhood to be the fighter he grew up to be.

Of course this shouldn't really be an issue since Superman was obscenely powerful but with him being toned down so much to present day, Goku would mop the floor with him. I don't see Superman being able to blow up planets whimsically. Dragonball had the same main writer all throughout. Superman loses due to continuity.

steed writes:

kal-el will smack that bitch-ass

goku DOWN!


doomsday/mewtwo writes:

how come goku is doing so well thats like saying howard the duck could beat supeskrull its not possible but then again i'm forgetting i was told that batman has beaten superman batman has even beaten lobo yeah that was elsworlds but elsworlds is hypertime hypertime is dc i say red energy superman comes back and whups that whuss goku for good

The Bunyip writes:

Apparently, there are a lot of stupid DBZ fans out there who don't understand that most superhuman fighters don't simply stand around with their mouths open when their first attacks aren't effective.

Also, everyone outside the land of Anime Combat knows that the best time to hit somebody is when he's just standing there gawking at you.

Goku and Supes will trade blows for a while; Goku will then hit Supes with a Kamehameha attack, expecting it to be final.

Supes will, of course, easily recover (DBZ fighter's rule - if the opponent is obscured in smoke clouds, it means you didn't even scratch him). Goku will stand still doing the patented DBZ Open-Mouth-Jaw-Shake routine, commenting on how tough he is and waiting for Supes to launch into the 3-hour monologue that DBZ opponents use to explain why they are not dead. Instead, Supes will actually attack, and Goku will be K-O'ed before he realizes that his opponent didn't read the Laws of Anime Physics.

Please tell me there are people reading the CBUB who actually remember when Japanese Animation rules didn't apply to every cartoon character in existence.

Glorificus goddess of hell, demons, and outher assorted nasty thingys writes:

"Goku what are you doing fighting this man? Do you want me to be a single mother? You are setting a bad example for Gohan"

ChiChi drags him offstage

Superman wins by defult

leader1 writes:

let's break this down right now.first of all interms of power goku is limitless.second seriously what could superman really do to goku? superman just has power and goku has power and lone range attacks that supes has no defense for.goku can easily raise his power levels while supes cannot.supes is average fighter at best while goku is a martial arts expert who's been training since he was an embryo.inshort supes would need a MAJOR MISTAKE FROM GOKU TO WIN!!!!!

Fat Skinny Kid writes:

I have to say this is a hard one in one corner you have the man of steel and in the other you have a super saien. Gocu has died like a million times super man died only once. Super man has heat vision, Gocu has spirit bomb. any ways I think if it came down to hand to hand combat that Gocu would be Go-past but in the long run gocu would win because of two things,

One: if he was killed his son, gohon would wip supermans butt.

TWO: all gocu would have to do is use the dragon balls to defeat him.

Buddha Bob writes:

The 1930's Superman could juggle planets around!

Goku would put up a good fight but he couldn't win

since Superman's only weaknesses are magic

and kryptonite and to my knowledge Goku

doesn't have either of those! Goku could try to use

the Spirit Bomb but it has no effect on pure

hearted people and Superman is the Ultimate Boy Scout!

Oh boy, would it be one hell of a fight!

Astro writes:

This is a tough battle but I have to give it to Goku.

If this is Pre-Crisis Superman then he has more of a chance, but Goku would still win it. Superman would definetly have the strength advantage. Goku was strong, but he was never *That* strong. Even as a SS4 he didn't wasn't on the same level of strength as Supes. However, strength would only get him so far. The problem is that he would never be able to touch Goku. Yes, superman moves faster then the speed of light, but so did Goku *before* he reached first Super Saiyen level. I would say that both are about equal in invulnerablity to energy attacks (although Goku probably has a little more of an upper hand since he has survived blasts that would decimate a Galaxy). However the real factor that would decide this battle is Goku's energy blasts. As a super Saiyen 4 he could destroy an entire Galaxy. Superman, with all his mighty invulnerablity, would have no chance against a blast of power that large.

If this was post-crisis super man, he wouldn't have a chance against Goku, that battle would be over in less then a second.

Ramblin' Wreck writes:

You only have to look at history for this battle. Superman stands for Truth, Justice, and the American Way!! Thus, Superman is America. In this light, Goku is Japan. America kicked Japan's ass in WWII. Thus America (Superman) defeats Japan (Goku) again

Also, if anyone can break the Laws of Anime Physics, its old Supes!

Sijo66 of Cabo Rojo, PR writes:

Much as I love Supeman, there is just NO way he can beat Goku. Even if we assume equal planet-smashing power, Supes just doesn't have the martial arts training that Goku has; He'll have Kal punched out in no time flat. Then they'll argue about the similarity of their origins (and deaths!)

Generic Geek writes:

Harley's right, Goku isn't very smart...

Outside of battle.

In battle, he's a tactical genius, as good at fighting as Einstein is at relativity.

Superman doesn't stand a chance, he's just far too outpowered and outclassed.

The ace of knaves writes:

As far as I'm concerned Superman has this one in the bag. Why do you ask ? First of all because he is super , and second of all because he is a Man. Now I now that technically he isn't human but alien ; but if we look at his personality you'll be hard pressed to find more human aliens than him : he has a conscience , he knows love and hate , he has a soul , he has parents , he has a wife , he knows pain and pleasure and all fans are able to rejoice with him in his moments of triumph and grieve with him in his sorrow. This isn't a treat that belongs to Superman alone , but it belongs to all Great American Comic Book Heroes : Batman , Spiderman , Wolverine , and the list goes on and on. These are real people , with real and tangible personalities ; not just some freakish vessels for special effects like their japanese counterparts. Superman will win this , in the name of humanity , for humanity can never be defeated by shallow spectacular effects!!!

The Ass Of Sauron writes:

Kent doesn't stand a chance. Not only is Goku stronger, but with his instant transmisson technique, MUCH faster. The worst part of this fight would be that Kakarot is an even bigger boy scout then Supes. He'd let the Kryptonian get in a few punches, then power up to super-Saiyon. The fight will be over before Kal can get out "What's a super-Saiy..."! He'd camaia-mai the Super outta Superman. Of course after the match, Goku would laugh, toss him a sensu bean & take him out for supper. Whatta guy!

SSJ5Thanos writes:

I'm finally glad that this fight has finally happened here in the forum of CBUB. While a lot of us grew up watching Superman and in his day he could beat anyone...the Super Kryptonian stands no...absolutely NO chance against the Super SAIYA-JIN SON GOKU. I mean, let's size the two up.

1.) Strength---

Superman can move planets with ease.

Goku could probably do the same...provided that he needed to.

No clear winner there

2.) Speed---

Superman moves at the speed of light.

Goku moves at the speed of thought.(Instantaneous Movement)Even when he had a powerlevel of a measly 180,000,light-speed is just way too slow.

Huge Advantage---Son Goku

3.) Powers/Abilities---

Superman has heat vision,x-ray vision,telescopic vision,microscopic vision,super halitosis(er...breath),super hearing,speed,strength,etc. Basically an enhanced human.

Goku has super speed, strength,gets stronger after every battle,learns techniques just by watching,detects ki energy(psychic abilities), telepathic abilities,can raise or lower his powerlevel at will,fires ki energy attacks from any part of his body,knows fusion techniques,can teleport short or long distances, and a master of the martial arts. If he has his tail he can go Ooharzu (Giant Ape) and increase his incredible power another ten times.


4.) General Intelligence---

Superman is of an average intelligence in most incarnations.

Goku...well Goku fell on a rock as a kid okay?!!

Huge ADVANTAGE Superman

5.) Battle Intelligence---

Superman is not a tactical fighter and relies on his powers for the most part.

Goku's intelligence increases exponentially when he's in a battle. Goku is known for adapting to new challenges with many amazing and suprising techniques. In fact Goku even suprised Cell who KNOWS ALL Of Goku's techniques. On top of all that, Goku learns as he fights so his tactics change with the battle.


5.) Weaknesses---

Superman is subject to powerloss in a red sun enviornment,can't see through lead,has a strong weakness to kryptonite,is vulnerable to mystic energy(like ki energy...See Lois and Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman) and would be powerless in the Phantom Zone.

Goku can't control his destructive power in Ooharzu form,can't breathe in space, and that's about it. He has no other weaknesses...even the Phantom Zone projector can't keep him gone.(If you can teleport from the afterlife...you can teleport anywhere and if you have your power while you're dead...you can have them in the phantom zone too.

Point, Match, GAME...Winner GOKU!!!

This is rather long, but it was a fair appraisal of why Superman can't possibly win.Now someone like Yamcha might be a fairer fight.



AK-47 writes:

This depend on several factors:

Which Superman are we talking about? Post-crisis, pre-crisis or silver age Superman? At each of those stage the power level of Superman is different in term of magnitude. The most powerfull version of Superman is the Silver Age and that version got a better chance of defeating Goku.

Now, I have the same question for Goku, which version of Goku are we talking about? Super Saijin (SS), SS2 or SS3? The SS3 should be able to defeat any version of Superman while the SS1 could give at least a run for his money for the Silver Age Superman.

I frankly believe that Goku should win the fight not only in raw power level but also in term of fighting skill and experience.

Goku is Superman and Bruce Lee together as one.


Trutenor writes:

This was a tough call. Superman is my favorite American superhero and Goku is my favorite Japanese hero. To break it down, lets use the point system.

1) Natural birth abilities- Superman is from Krypton. On that planet he is a normal alien. On any other planet, he can use the sun to use superhuman abilities.

Goku is from the planet Vegeta. Goku is a saiyan. Saiyans have a natural tendency to fight, and are naturally stronger than humans.

Score: Superman-0,Goku-0

2) Experience- Sups didn't start developing his powers until he was a teenager. And then he became Superboy with the help of his superdog, Krypto.

Goku has been fighting since he was 5 years old. Goku has constantly been geting stronger as he grew. He didn't learn as many abilities as Superman, but he didn't have a dog to help him out.

Score: Still a tie

3) Special Abilities-

Superman-Superspeed, Superstrength, ability to fly, ice breath, able to withstand bullets, able to jump high, superhearing, x-ray vision(a fav for women),eye beam

Goku-Superspeed, Superstrength, ability to fly, able to withstand bullets, able to jump high, teleportation, Kamehameha, Kaio Ken(which more than triples his speed strength, and hearing), Spirit bomb. The point is, Goku's attacks are more useful in battle

Score: Superman-0, Goku-1

4) Transformations-

Clark Kent goes inside a telephone booth, pulls off his suit and glasses, and is Superman.

Goku- If Goku looks at the moon, he becomes a giant ape. Also, there is the famous "Super Saiyan", where Goku's strength goes through the roof! P.S: Goku has 4 different levels of Super Saiyan.

Points: Superman-0, Goku-2

5) Death-Superman died while fighting Doomsday and then was resurrected.

Goku- death is no big thing for him. Goku still trains while dead(how do you think he learned Kaio Ken and the Spirit bomb?). When Goku is brought back with the dragon balls, he is at least twice as strong as he was before he died.

Points: Superman-0, Goku-3

6) Babe factor- Chi Chi is pretty hot, but she nags too much. Besides, Lois is hotter.

Points: Superman-1, Goku-3

7) Training- Superman doesn't really train, he just saves the day.

Goku- always training, even in death

Points: Superman-1, Goku-4

8) Weaknesses- Superman can be a bit naive at times, and he has that little thing against Kryptonite. With kryptonite, George W Bush can beat Superman like a four year old at K-mart!

Goku is a bit more naive than the man of steel, but he doesn't have to worry about Kryptonite.

Points: Superman-1, Goku-5

So I guess the fight will go like this: Superman and Goku will play mercy to test each others strength. Than they will start trading blows and special attacks. Superman will seem to have the upper hand! But wait! Goku is pulling his ace out of his sleeve! Goku has gone super saiyan! It's over folks!


FF TLSOK writes:

Pre Crisis Superman? Goku's gonna e sleepign for a long time after this fight. My vote goes to the Kryptonian. Now, if this had been the current Man Of Steel, Goku woudl far much better.

Lancer816 writes:

Oh yeah! Superman is good but Goku is better!

Hung Low writes:

let's think about this people Goku can with a breath blow a planet to microatoms, and he runs around with people who can atomize the frickin' moon, and he will smack superman up like the blue tight wearin' bitch he is!

Flashback writes:

Tempting Suggestion:

Roseanne vs. Rosie O'Donald vs. Delta Burk

Pie eating contest ... nuff said!

stoic1973 writes:

Gold_guardian writes:

Well Superman might be almost invicable be we know for a fact now that he can be hurt...Doomsday proved that... Superman can surrive a a few h-bombs but when he did he said he didn't like it..

But Goku can fire blasts that make h-bombs look small....


Superman can past light speed

Goku Can move past light speed before the freeza saga...but the end of Dragon ball Z he's way faster.



Goku can move mountians...

Superman can move planets!!!



Superman is hard to hurt.. he is vonrable to Magic and Krytoknight and that's it...but a powerfull enofe explosion could kill him.


Bullet proff when he was a child

and by the end of dragonball z

has surrvived blasts that could destroy freaking planets in one hit. Can protect himself with an Energy field.

Energy Blasts

Superman has heat ray vision that can melt sold steel...but can't destroy a mountian in one hit...

Goku can blow up portions of the galaxy before the Buu saga..at the very least the solar system in the cell saga...

and at the end of dragonball z he could wipe out most of the galaxy in one blast.



Goku-Super Sayian, Super Sayian 2,

Super Sayian 3 and if you include gt then super sayian 4 and golden orrazure(monkey form that increas his power 10 times if he looks at a full moon).. Each time he transforms he becuse serval times faster,stronger and harder to hurt.


Other Powers

Superman-X-ray vision

Goku-Instantaious Movement

Goku can go anywhere he wants to in a second as long as he can fell kai there...


Other then that Superman dosen't really like fighting..he only dose it becuse he has to. Goku on the other hand injoys fighting..He lives for it for crying out load.

If Goku has trouble he will just transform and continue to fight..

It only will take on planet destroyer Kamamamaha to kill Superman once and for all and at the speed Goku moves at..Superman won't even know what hit him.

If Goku dosen't mess around then Superman is more screwed becuse would transform to his highest state right away and fire a massive Kamamamaha that could wipe out the solar system if not a large chunk of the galaxy if unchecked. Good think Goku know's what he's doing.

~Gold Guardian~

stoic1973 writes:

Well, if they are evenly matched as you say then the advantage must be given to Goku. Superman probably has a higher level of invulnerability, but Goku has an incredibly high level of combat skill. In the American comic book universes most characters on a god-like level of power don't. Superman is also by nature a pacifist. Goku, although not murderously violent like other saiyans, lives for the fight. Goku also has all of Superman's powers sans heat vision, but he also has a host of other weapons at his disposal. Kao-ken, Kamehameha wave, instant transmission and the spirit bomb. He also has the advantage of surprise if he increases his power exponentially as a super saiyan. Maybe Superman should fight Krillin?

The Black Banner writes:

I've gotta go, with the UberMon on this one. Although I'm not much of a comic book reader I would say in stregnth Supe's has the lead, though Goku prolly doesn't lag behind, Speed, and energy attacks I'll give to Goku.. after all.. X-Ray vision can only go sooo far. How ever there are a few powers Supes has that aren't too well known... He can walk through walls. (( He can check out the Older Black and White SuperMan TV show)) and Being that his body is soo dense he can split himself in two half stregnth supe's (( Again check out the same series)) With the ability to spring from walls and have two Of him flying around Along with his half century of expirence ( And a decent tan from that bright yellow sun)) I gotta give the fight to The all american hero Superman... Viva' La Ultra male!

Zoelef writes:

*Last time, on Dragon Ball Z*

Goku: You can't defeat me, my power level is eleventy billion!

Superman: Really? My power level is eleventy billion...plus one! You cannot defeat me!

Today's episode:


*commercial break*



*commercial break*


Announcer: "Next time, on Dragon Ball Z..."



*Shiny Beam of Pain is headed for Superman but preview conveniently ends right before it can hit him.*

Texas Wookie writes:

Question who is this Goku guy? His name makes me think of go-gurt while Superman I mean thats says the whole dang thing. So do go with the guy who makes you think food or the guy who makes you think power. Need any hints you bunch guys? Supes will have to use that orange robe yogurt boy is wearing just to make sure the guy dosent bleed to death.


ArgrA writes:

C'mon, it's Goku!!! The Guy's power level is like 200 billion, and he can even go SSJ if he feels he's in for a real fight. And he can use Kiaoh-kan for more of a boost. Like who the hell does this

"Super man" think he is ? Any one who wears a unitard and red undies on the outside couldn't stand a chance against some drunk bikers

let alone the most powerful being in the DBZ universe!!!

But, seriously. Look at this logically. Supes is strong, I'll give him that, but in DBZ terms, he'd have a hard time kicking Krillin's ass! And Krillin gets his beat by EVERY bad guy in one hit!!! If Supes actually went toe to toe with Goku, he'd be hard pressed to dodge one of Goku's faster-than-light kicks/punches, and forget about him even standing a chance against Goku's super-powered Kamehameha wave. And let's not forget the DBZ "losing a fight" clause. If any member of the "Z fighters" fights against a enemy, and loses, there is always another Z fighter ready to battle that is stronger than the loser of the fight. Even if Supes manages to win his bout with Goku, Gohan, or Vegeta will step in and mop the floor with him. A snowball has a better chance in hell than Superman has against Goku.

But, on the other hand, I doubt that Goku or Superman would ever fight each other.....unless for some unknown, bizzare reason, Superman admits to hating cheese (which, as every sane, logical person knows,is totally unforgivable and must result in the offenders immediate, brutal death)

KiZeR writes:

Lets pretend Superman and Goku were both equal in terms of strength and endurance. Goku still wins being an expert martial artist. Superman has come back from death once. Goku's done it at least twice. Superman is vulnerable to kryptonite. Goku has no such weakness and gets recharged by sensu beans.

SaiyanPower writes:

Superman is the quintaessencial hero in an universe where the power levels in its inhabitants hardly lets them survive a "cosmic-level" villain such as Darkseid, who could've been defeated in two seconds by a Gohan-level warrior. Now, let's not forget Goku can reach a Super Saiyan 4 power, and is, as such, someone who can give the Silver Surfer, Galactus and Dark Phoenix a ride for their money. No kidding, Vegeta had only a power level of about 18,000 units when he destroyed, on his way to Earth, the planet Lemulia!!! And Goku in the end of the Dragon Ball GT series has accumulated some invincible 1,000,000,000 (yes, that's one billion!) power units in his adult form. And even Piccolo was already a Superman-level hero when he fought the Perfect Cell, complete with super-speed, super-strenght, heat vision, invulnerability, and some fancy tricks like regeneration. Besides, all of the DB warriors have some level of mental powers, so even Goku will be able to read Superman's moves before he even gets close, not to mention his exact location. And the Kryptonian heat vision can't compare to an unstoppable Super-Saiyan 4 Kame Hame Ha! I'm serious, man, that move can wipe out entire solar systems, not to mention a yellow sun!!!

So, you do the math.

MrJollyOllyMan writes:

The way that the fight is going is quite disturbing for me. Although I despise both characters with a passion (give me Batman or Spider-Man anytime for good stories) there is no way Blue Boy should, under any way, lose to the devil monkey that is Goku. Can You say anime fanboy vote stuffing. I know you can.

First, everybody must realize that without the Super SayanJin modes, he couldn't stand a chance against Kururin, much less SuperMan. Do you see Superman growing yellow hair to show that he can lift tons over his head or constantly move at blinding speeds. Goku, even at Super SayanJin mode, can only move that fast for short bursts.And although he has Ki attacks and psuedo-martial arts skills (another fact of life, the closest he comes to an actual legitimate martial arts kick was in Dragon Ball, and that was when he never achieved the ultimate in overpower that was Super SayanJin 1,2, or who gives a damn) it won't be that much of a factor once Supes starts getting creative with his abilities and doesn't hold back.

Supes lays the smackdown on monkey boy, sending him crying home to his man of a wife.

Akira Toriyama can go to HLIF for what he did to Piccolo!!!

Slicer writes:

Are you kidding? Goku is more powerful than *GOD*. Vegeta can blow up planets without thinking about it. One good kame-hame-ha and it's OVER for Superman.

Moonrazor writes:

I'm don't believe what I'm seeing. Some freak with bad hair who can't even move his mouth correctly when he speaks is beating the Last Son of Krypton?

I have never, ever nor will I ever, watch Dragonball Z, or whatever it is. It is a personal point of pride that I can't stand most anime. I have no idea who this manga character is, nor what he is capable of doing in the land of the poorly drawn and badly dubbed.

However, I do know something about Superman. He's the original, the greatest, the most long-lasting superhero of this age. He is the ideal that all other superheros look up to.

A question of power? It depends. Are we talking about Superman pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths? If that's the case, he was capable of pulling the earth. Even since then, he's been no slouch. Just ask Doomsday or Imperius.

It's quite simple to say "Well, this anime/manga character has no upper power limit, so there!" That could very well be true, in the Dragonball series. It doesn't matter. One could sit here and argue about the relative power levels of each character, but that won't accomplish much. It's like two kids standing on a playground, arguing who's dad could beat up the other one. There's no way of finding out.

So we look at the other qualities of each character, and Superman comes out on top in spades. For starters, he's got class. Loads of it. He's polite, helpful, considerate, doesn't spend all of his time trying to make his mouth catch up with what he's saying or just fighting. Superman helps people, even when there's no one to fight.

Superman is also very intelligent and highly articulate. He's got a great job ("a reporter for a major metropolitan newspaper", although being a reporter isn't always so great. Trust me, I know.) Superman has had books, movies, radio and television shows made about him. When was the last time you saw a #1 issue of Dragonball go for $20,000 in mint condition? Oh, that's right, they're not a comic book.

One other thing. At the end of the day, Superman gets to go home to Lois Lane. He's also had flings with Wonder Woman, and probably a few others that I don't know about. Superman is a ladies man, and has a great looking wife.

Superman's got guts, too. He might be quasi-invincible, but even when he knows he could get beat, he's in there fighting. Most guys with his powers would take over a Pacific Island somewhere and just sit back and live the sweet life. Not Clark Kent. Whether it's getting a cat out of a tree or saving the universe, he's not content to rest on his laurels. He goes out there and fights the good fight. He takes on more than even he can handle, and ends up victorious, because he's got the determination and willpower to make it happen.

And, when all else fails, Superman has some cool powers, too. How many people wouldn't like to have X-ray vision?

Superman should win. A bunch of fanboys are setting it up so that he won't, but Superman should win. He's the champion of truth, justice, etc. He's been around for 63 years, and show's no sign of slowing down. He's the first, the greatest, and the best. No matter what some poorly drawn cartoon character is capable of in some show that many people have never seen, Superman is and always shall be the ideal that others look up to.

evilbear writes:

The first problem would be to

actually get these two to fight

eachother. You have to consider

that Pre-Crisis Superman could

punch mountains and make them

explode while Goku would have to

blast it. Goku may be faster but

Superman is INVULNERABLE. Sure,

Goku could knock him around but it

really wouldn't phase Superman

since his only drawbacks are magic

and kryptonite. (Majin Buu would

stand a better chance, since he is

an embodiement of magic!) If Goku

went to make the Genki Dama not

would it not hurt Superman, since

he too is pure hearted, but it

would make Superman stronger since

some of that energy is taken from

the sun. Superman would then have

TWO suns to take power from making

him even stronger! Superman would

win after a very long and hard

only to realize that Goku is a good

guy too and they'd probably go out

and beat up some bad guys! However,

if the planet gets destroyed during

the battle Superman would win

because he can somehow survive in


Mr.T writes:

I pitty the fool who takes on Goku.

shampoo writes:

supes can win this just look at his power list

what has goku got in the way of powers exept flight and superstrengh and that giant monkey thing

make this a little more competetive jla vs dbz

sucka' duck writes:

Superman is the original superhero!

If not for Superman there would be

no Goku or any other superhero for

that matter! Has anyone noticed

all the simalarities between

Superman's and Goku's origins? Goku

had to fight three of his own people

and so did Superman! And in that

example, Superman killed all three

of the evil krptonians because he

realized THEY WERE EVIL! Goku on the

other hand let Vegeta go! Plus

Superman is always whoopin' up on

Darkseid (a god no less) and winning.

It would take Goku forever to reach

that level of power even if he

trained. Don't get me wrong, I love

Dragon Ball Z but if it wasn't for

Superman to pave the way for true

powerhouses there would be no Goku.

Goku can call Superman "daddy!"

Parasite BOY! writes:

This really isn't a very good fight,

I don't think they could hurt one

another! They're both equal in

power and speed. You should have

had a DRAW button because there will

be no victor in this one but since

you have to vote for one of them I'll

go with Superman just because he's

fought universe-altering super beings

and has lived through all the fights

and died only once. Goku has died

several times and hasn't had the

threat of someone destroying his

past! Could you imagine a

Krptonian-Saiyan?! That would rock!

Parasite BOY! writes:

This really isn't a very good fight,

I don't think they could hurt one

another! They're both equal in

power and speed. You should have

had a DRAW button because there will

be no victor in this one but since

you have to vote for one of them I'll

go with Superman just because he's

fought universe-altering super beings

and has lived through all the fights

and died only once. Goku has died

several times and hasn't had the

threat of someone destroying his

past! Could you imagine a

Krptonian-Saiyan?! That would rock!

theone writes:

While both of these beings are superhumanly powerful individuals, Goku has the upper hand on this one. Obvious advantages are Goku being able to teleport and having superior martial arts skills. Superman has been in the Justice League long enough to have extensive battle experience, but the same can be said for Goku as well as he has faced the likes of Frieza and Cell, each of which are capable of destroying major portions of a galaxy, let alone a single planet. Goku can also channel incredible amounts of energy and either direct them as blasts at his opponents or as a force shield. It is also known that he possesses limited telekinetic abilities as well. In terms of speed, Superman may have the upper hand in this category, but Goku is not that far behind. With a cadre of weapons in his arsenal such as the Solar Flare, the Multi-Form, the Spirit Bomb, and the Kamehameha Goku just seems to have too much firepower for Superman to handle. Unless Superman succeeds in trapping Goku in space long enough for Goku to run out of air while Superman survives on the one breath of air that he took for going into space, Goku has this one in the bag. DBZ rules!!!

The Wild Magpie writes:

I don't ever recall Superman being able to expand his powers by himself. The only time he got more powerful than he is was when he had absorbed that strange converted Kryptonite energy that was filtered through the Eradicator (at the end of the Return of Superman). Then, his powers grew so uncontrollably that it nearly destroyed him!

Also, when the Sun's light was blocked from reachine Earth (more recently), he lost ALL of his super-powers! He's too dependent on the Sun. When Goku fought the lizard creature on the dark planet in the Majin saga, the darkness didn't even faze him! He still had more than enough power to tear the lizard guy apart from inside out.

Furthermore, Goku has more than enough energy to destroy a planet, by simply firing at it. Superman? He has a hard time stopping missiles!

I think the choice is clear. Goku shreds ol' Supes (that is, if the two unbelievably nice guys don't instead try to forge a friendship)!



Big Mark da Playa writes:

That my boy Superman is gonna take this one on home. Come on now Be easy Goku? What possibly made you think that he can beat the S Man, I mean Super Man is the greatest he's the illest cat of all time. Goku might be able to turn himself into a super sane, but SuperMan is a super genius. Any man who can come from outer space, live on Earth, pose as a mild mannered reporter, live as a human being, and fight the bad is a genius. Super Man is litterally a "Super man".


The Dweller writes:

Superman, the that title speaks for itself I use too think. But as time went on I learned that Superman's superpowers are basically his weakness as well! I shall explain, Superman draws his powers from a yellow sun. At first you would think it impossible to imagine that or too interfer with that. But it has been done and shown as well! It has been shown that if Superman is expoded to a red sun his powers are gone, under a orange sun his powers are reduced to half and plus I bet you didn't know this, During a solar eclispe Superman loses half of his Superpowers and retains afew of them which few is unknown. And there is also the Kryptonites Green, Orange, Blue, Red, and Gold to my knowledge.

Green K-Can kill Superman!

Orange K-Can Paralyze both Superman and Bizzaro

Blue K-Effects Bizzaro and sometimes reduce the effects of Red K.

Red K-Effects Superman in strange ways.

And lastly Gold K-can take Superman's power away forever!!!!!!

So you see with all these weaknesses Superman is easy too beat so Goku will win!

biff writes:

Supes will get raped by Goku...and thats a fact

EW... what is that thing writes:

Goku is the eltimate hero... with every battle he gets stronger.... which makes him more ultimate... which allows him to kick suoermans ass

duz writes:

You're joking, right? superman?! HAH. It'll take a little more than "The Man of Steel" to destroy the Super Saiyan prodigy. Whats Superman got? Ability to leap a building in a single bound? X-ray vision? MY CAMCORDER HAS THAT! Goku can destroy planets for cryin out loud! The only reason Superman is so strong is because of the gravitational differances between Earth and Krypton. Goku trained on King Kai's planet with 20 times the gravity or earth with no problem! Superman is easily defeated with a little chink of kryptonite. You know which element Goku is afraid of? NOTHING! Superman is a joke compared to Goku. No competition. A little Super Saiyan level 2 could take care of that had-bin.

Peter writes:

It's going to be a close match. Goku is incredibly strong and throws powerful kiblasts, but Superman is just as fast, stronger, and invulnerable to just about anything. Like in any true DBZ, Goku is going to be on the rope, beaten and battered, most of the time; but will pull it off by going SUPER-SAIYAN just like with Freiza.

Score a big victory for Goku.

manfromoa writes:

When i saw G vs. S I thought, Supes would fight hard but Goku is a freakin power engine. But PRE CRISIS Supes? This guy juggled planets for fun with ease and didn't even get a tan from atom bombs. Not to mention he had a dozen Superman robots almost as strong as the authenthic version. Goku is strong but Supes never lost by brawn in Pre Crisis. He often raced and lost by a second to the Flash, who jogged at freakin light speed. And though kryptonite was promienent in those days, Goku wouldn't have and/or get any of the k-rock because Goku wouldn't know what it was and Supes wouldn't tell him about it anyways. I am a big fan of DBZ but Goku is going down.



Man with unsightly bulge writes:

Ha ha, this is what I've wanted to see for ages! Supes getting his pants waxed by a dude so out of his league it brings back memories of Bush vs Pretzel!

Hell, Krillin would have a damn fine chance against the red and blue todger-in-tights so Goku could deck him with an eyelash!

Ok, so S-man has super strength and super speed, these have constantly been tested time and time again but Goku's abilities can't even be comprehended by mere mortals! The guy fights people who can blow planets up with a whiff of a wet fart! Plus, if he gets beat up pretty bad bad, he'll only come back stronger than before. Supes is outclassed in every department (Ok, maybe not brains, but who needs 'em when your that powerful?)

I reckon Goku takes Superman in about 3 days. The first two days they just stand there and talk about past histories, planets, favourite type of soap powder and training. The next 23 hours and 59 mins are taken up with Superman fighting with Goku as hard as he can. The last minute is where Goku reveals to supes he can go Super Saijin and promptly ends Superfanboys miserable existance with a one inch punch to the goolies. Ouch.

No need for any special techniques such as spirit bombs, Goku will then fly off and find someone worth fighting - like Lex Luther

And if that does'nt sway you - it boils down to quiffs. Superman = mouldy 2o's brill-cream crap. Goku = Funky dynamo geezer hair!

Dekerr writes:

Well nothing against superman... but for all his all-american boy-scoutish goodness it just isn't wise to mess with someone who can vaporize worlds or entire star systems with out breaking a sweat... sorry, but superman is going down, and hard.

Katrover Swatroad writes:

Taking over my AVA (tm) idea, I see...

That's OK, I'm okay with it. In fact,

I cheer you on! Don't get burned

out like I did.

ANYWAY, Superman takes it. I mean,

he's SUPERMAN!!! YEASH!! Besides,

I remember absolutely loving the animated

Superman series on WB, while absolutely

being bored out by Dragonballz. Goku's

show became waayyy too lame for me.

Every episode it's simply fighting, fighting,

fighting....BO-RING. At least Superman

had a love triangle....

DarthVegita writes:

What do you have against Superman? Don't get me wrong, I love Supes, but he isn't in the same league as Goku.

Case in point: Goku, in the first season of DBZ repelled a blast that would have destroyed earth. That was only in the FIRST season! He was about 5000 to 7000 in his power level then. Hmmm, how powerful was he by the time he reached Namak? 180,000! And when he went Super Saiy-jinn? 15,000,000! Seeing a pattern here? Not to mention the fact that Goku loves fighting, and won't use all his power until he's backed into a corner.

Like I said, I like Superman. He's cool, but he's in over his head.

Mr. Silverback writes:

It was only a few weeks ago that Supes argued down a whole host of gods and god-like entities in an issue tying up a few loose ends from the Worlds at War crossover. If a post-Crisis battle-fatigued Superman can do that to gods with his mouth, what could a pre-Crisis Superman do to a mortal being with his full array of Kryptonian powers? I leave you with that question and now return you to a match I just had to call...

Truth, Justice and the American Smack-down.


Should Superman really be compared to a Dragon Ball Z character? Dragon Ball Z

sucks! Do you think that it is hard for someone to simply imagine a character that is more

powerful than Superman? Anyone who can imagine can do it. Superman is made by people with

some intelligence and talent. Dragon Ball Z is made by either untalented idiots or people

who are not even trying. This is sort of like comparing a character from some piece of

trash story made by an average four year old who was just playing around to The Hulk.

Once more I say: Dragon Ball Z sucks!

Hyperstorm writes:

Should Superman really be compared to a Dragon Ball Z character? Dragon Ball Z

sucks! Do you think that it is hard for someone to simply imagine a character that is more

powerful than Superman? Anyone who can imagine can do it. Superman is made by people with

some intelligence and talent. Dragon Ball Z is made by either untalented idiots or people

who are not even trying. This is sort of like comparing a character from some piece of

trash story made by an average four year old who was just playing around to The Hulk.

Once more I say: Dragon Ball Z sucks!

THe BeinG Of InConCeiVaBle HoRror writes:

Superman has no chance let's break this down Goku can atomize a planet with just a fraction of his power superman nearly got beat by the hulk

Peter Blomstedt writes:

This will be a good matchup. Both

have super strength and super speed.

This battle will be long and frustrating.

I will have to say Superman will win,

because of his endurance.

Champion of the Universe writes:

Ah that DBZ guy ain't so tough, this has to be pre-crisis Superman, he can casually move planets, fly at the speed of light and can only be killed by a black hole. And DBZ just gets on my nerves (although I don't like Superman either, he gets on my nerves less).

SON of RYOKO writes:

It's goku by a mile,superman won't even get to say "you'll never get away with this" befor goku terns him into toast la super grill

Nobleman writes:

You have got to be kidding me!!! The world's strongest warrior vs a weak little man in tights??? Superman is strong, but if Goku went Super Saiyan, then the match would not take very long. Goku would play with his mind for a while and act like Superman was actually doing damage, then suddenly, WHACK!! The Man of Steel would crack, and fall!!! Mr. "My name is as simple as my character" would be KOed in 45 seconds at the most.


Spaceghost writes:

This is Pre crisis Supes right? He's vulnerable to 2 things Magic and Kryptonite. Gokus attacks aren't magic based as far as I know and They don't incorporate any type of krytonite in them. This fight is under a yellow sun so it isn't a powerless Supes, so the conclusion is obvious. While Gokus attacks will make him feel pain and push him around, Goku has nothing that will truly stop Supes. So in the end supes who can move ftl speeds catches Goku eventually and it's the end of Goku. If Cell can kill him by blowing up, Supes has more than enough power to finish Goku off.

Czech Mate writes:

Goku? Goku? Please tell me I'm not hearing this! Goku is a weak-ass Japanese pansy (pardon my French) in a loose and flowing orange leotard who looks like Michael Jackson with a reversed facelift. Superman is a battle-hardened warrior of Krypton who is faster than a speeding bullet, stronger than a locomotive and is often mistaken for birds and planes. Now I'm not saying Superman is going to win this fight since your system lets the guests to your website decide who'll win. In fact, since anyone younger than 15 who visits is going to press the Goku button, I'm pretty sure that he'll win. But, still my vote backs up Supes. Kick his...uh...arse!

NoLimitJay writes:

Being that I dont have cable, I dont know this Goku fella. But anyone who wants to take out that prettyboy Superpunk is ok in my book. Im sick of him being so revered. Fantastic Four 4ever!!!


The All Powerfull,Mysterious And Devilishly Handsom Unknown writes:

In theory Superman Has the strength to lift the great pyramids of Egypt, but Goku has the ability to eat a food mass roughly the same size of the the great pyramids of Egypt.As far as stamana goes goku has been thrown into mountains(crumbling them in the aftershock),belly flopped into molten rock,and pile drived straight through the planets crust on a daily basis(This boy took a lickin and kept on tickin). Mostly All Superman has to deal with is a couple bank robers every now and then(yawn).

Silver writes:

All I have to say is that Goku is a sure win. Come on, all Superman is able to do is fly, and use eye lasers, while Goku can do pretty much anything imaginable.

Battle Senarios:

1: Superman fires a laser at Goku. Goku dodges it at the speed of sound, and fires a fireball at superman... Game over.

2: Superman punches him. Goku goes super sayjin, and kicks his but in hand to hand. Superman may be strong, but does he have the speed to win in hand to hand.

Legendary Goku writes:

Wow, what a great fight. This is going to be one for the ages. Now, make no mistake about it, I am a huge fan of Superman and DBZ, but I have to give this fight to Goku. Let me break it down for you.

Strength: This is a tough call because we never see Goku perform feats of strength that are any more amazing than the people he is sharing the scene with, but we do see Supes perform some pretty incredible feats with his yellow sun strength. For the sake of argument, let's say that Superman is stronger than our Super Saiyan.

Speed: Another close call because this one is very relative, too. But even in the early stages of Dragonball, Goku could move fast enough not to be seen by the human eye. Supes is fast, but people can still see him. I would have to say that Goku is faster.

Energy: No contest in this category. The Kamehameha kicks the crap out of heat vision. Let's assume that Goku is in the form he uses to fight Perfect Cell. Now, when Goku charges up his massive Kamehameha and floats above the Earth, Cell says that he will destroy the world if he fires it. Heat vision is strong, but can it one-shot the whole planet? Not in a million years.

Technique: This one belongs to Goku, hands down. This is the same reason Supes would lose to Thor. Superman is a farmer who relies on unbeatable odds concerning his strength to pull him through fights. he is an undisciplined brawler. Goku is a master martial artist who gets his kicks out of fighting people who are stronger and better than him. Again, going back to the Cell Games, Tien remarks that Goku's form is "perfect". Can Superman stand up to perfect form? Nope.

Endurance: I'll give this to Superman, but not the pansyfied Nineties Superman (his yellow sun juice must be wearing off). Goku takes his licks while he's fighting, and he usually comes out of a fight pretty close to death. Superman is invulnerable, no more argument.

Character: Goku takes the cake in this area as well for several reasons. Let me explain.

Motivation: Goku fights for those he loves, and Goku loves everyone. His love is a major part of who he is, and he fights to protect the ones who are close to his heart. Supes is altruistic to the bone, but I don't think he truly loves the people he is protecting.

World-saving quotient: Actually, these two are pretty even when it comes to this. Both have saved the world countless times against seemingly unbeatable foes.

Deaths: This is where Goku really shines. Superman chaeted death once, but Goku has died twice and come back without a mark on him. Goku even wins the contest of best death. Supes gets killed by a spazzish green monster with protruding bone, and Goku gets punched through the chest by the Special Beam Cannon and sacrifices himself for the whole world. And that's what's so cool. Goku teleported Cell away from Earth, knowing he would die, but doing it anyway to save those he loved. Goku, you rock!

And there it is. Goku-4, Superman-2. Thank you, CBUB, and good night!

It writes:

Wow, this is the first battle I have ever commented on and what a good place to start! As I see it, Superman is going to get beaten by Goku. Why? Because Superman hardly ever has a fair fight. Why is that important? Think about it. How many times does Super ever have to use his full power. Not often. He goes into this fight expecting another pushover and finds Goku, who constantly is pushing his limits in battle.

End Result, Goku after massive property distruction and extranious collateral damage.

GoGoku writes:

This is Goku all the way...yeah superman

has his bullet deflecting body, but i doubt

he can deflect a soul bomb!



Mad Skyro G-88 writes:

First of all, let me say that I HATE Superman. Sorry, but he's just too powerful. His one weakness (count 'em, one!)isn't even real, and he has so many powers, it's ridiculous. Unfourtunatly that means anyone who comes up against him is in deep poop. I'm not to familiar with Goku, but even with this "unlimited power" thing, he can't be a match for supes. I tend to think most matches involving the big S are unfair.This one is no exeption.Besides, if Kryptonite is superman's only weakness, then how can Goku possibly win? Goku is killed instantly. game over.

Whyteknight writes:

Grrr... this is annoying. I mean Goku annoys me, and I'd like nothing better than to see him splattered across a few kilometers of the galaxy, but I think he's just too freakin' powerful. I mean, the guy considers doing karate for days in 100 times gravity a workout, for chrissakes. Think about that. In a place with 100 times the gravity of earth, a 150 pound guy weighs, 15000 pounds. And he's jumpin around for hours! Then, later in the series, characters that are Goku's b*$%#es are training with five times that much gravity. And doing flips.

I love Supes, and I want him to pound the snot out of Goku, but I just don't see it happening.

The Fan writes:

Considering the fact that Goku usually stops fighting when he is hungry, Superman would just swoop in and knock him out.

blur101 writes:

Goku vs. Superman. What can you say about this, what can Superman do against a well placed kamamaha wave. Besides if Superman did prove to be a challenge then Goku will go Super Sayian, then Super Sayian 2, then Super Sayian 3 if necessary. Then there is the fact that Superman is weak against a rock, all Goku needs to do is find a small piece of Kryptonite, and Superman is down for the count, not that Goku would need to use it. Plus Superman got his butt kicked by Wonder Woman and Batman.

Breathe writes:

Goku, all the way! Here are three average points for the spike haired Saiya-jin.

1: He's anime, and not the cutesey kind etheir!

2: The supporting cast. Look at the people he's met, and wonder how he survived.

3: Callisto's on his side, the fact Goku goes blonde when he levels up has to mean something. ......

booterbanZ writes:

First off I just gotta say this is an awsome matchup and mad props to whoever suggested this one!Now this may seem like a pretty even match,but i'm gonna have to give my nod to the Saiyen on this one.

Why?Well lets compare the competitors.Superman is faster than a speeding bullet,Goku is faster than the speed of thought!Superman can destroy mountains,Goku could destroy planets(if he wanted to that is)!Both have the strength of thousands.Both can fly.Both can survive in a vaccum.Superman can squease a lump of coal into a diamond,Goku can squease an android's head into icky yellow goo!Superman's only weakness is kryptonite,Goku's only weakness is his wife and i'm pretty sure if Supes was married to Chi Chi he'd be scared of her to.Superman has heat vision.Goku?GENKI DAMA nough said!In closing I would like to say that though goku is my pick for the victory it doesnt change the fact that this will be one of the greatest matches in CBUB history.Because they are two of the most hard headed sob's ever in any reality,and they will both fight until there is nothing left!


Dev writes:

I don't know how to send a suggestion so I'll put it here:

Whos the greatest evil Clown!

Pennywise (From the Movie Stephen King's IT)


The Violater ( From the Movie Spawn)


The Joker (From the Movie Batman)


Beetlejuice (From the Movie Beetlejuice)


Zeebo the Clown, The Crimson Clown and The Ghastly Grinner (From the T.V. Series Are You Afraid of the Dark)




Stargazer writes:

As much as Superman deserves the win, he's doomed...there are just too many DBZombies out there for anything other than that power-whore Goku to win...After all, if Superman did start to win, Goku'll just go Super-Saiyajin Level 40 billion and turn purple, while his power-level will shoot to omnipotent.

Soul man writes:

Goku has this in the bag. He has the strength, speed, power,skill, desire, and most importantly, he is a Saiyajin. He is bred to fight and enjoys the thrill of a knew challenge. Goku has this easily.


DBZ Guy writes:

I know Goku son is going to

bet Super man to a bloodysoup

DBZ Guy writes:

I know Goku son is going to

bet Super man to a bloodysoup

Pumpnik Daddy writes:

Look, Goku's terribly choppy cartoon airs 80 times a day on Cartoon Network and the whole thing is just ridiculous dribble! Superman has movies that aren't half bad and a game on the Genesis and SNES that is pretty good. He's been in comics and has even died once. So, if Goku kills him, the Eradicator, the Cyborg, Steel, and Superboy (his three 'clones') will pound that steroid-using, spiky haired demon of hell back into the ground and Supes will appear again with a new hair-do!

Six Killer writes:

Wtf Are you thinking, Super man would definitely beat goku any day, for 3 specific reasons, 1 super man is man of steel, 2nd of all, he is invulnerable, 3rd reason he lives on planet with a yellow sun,and finally goku isnt a celestial god, as stated in the front so superman would most likely, defeat goku any time, given these 3 facts

Flashback writes:

Goku: "Kamahamahaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!"

Superman stands his ground.


Dust clears.

Superman: "Was that supposed to hurt, bitch?"

Grabs Goku before he can react, wraps hands around his throat.


Struggles...oversized eyes fill with blood from massive cerebral hemhorage, begin to bulge.

Goku's Eyes: POP!

Krillin: *sobs like a little girl*


Superman: "Joxer put up more of a fight..."

Flies away.


Hoopak54 writes:

Goku would make superman cry before he even goes Supersayi-jin


Genma:TheDestroyer writes:

I can tell you one thing right off. There's not going to be much left of the planet they're fighting on or the galaxy they're in by the time this fight is over.

I clearly remember my pop telling me stories of how overpowered the pre-crisis Superman was. The comic book was actually boring to read because he was never really in danger. He would fly in, bap the bad guy once and that was that. The Superman of now isn't a fraction of his power.

Now there's Goku. What do I really have to say? Many of you have seen his exploits. If not, you've heard stories of them, or will soon. He's always saving the planet from grossly overpowered weirdos.

So let's break it down.


Superman: His race was actually pretty peaceful. Except for a few Phantom Zone criminals they were pacifists.

Goku: His race nuked whole planets for fun and profit.



Superman(whew)Super-strength,speed,agilty,reflexes,senses,flight, healing factor, heat vision, x-ray vision, ice breath, invulnerability

Goku:Super-strength,senses,speed,agility,reflexes,flight, healing factor,invulnerability, can sense "ki" or life energy, teleportation, can manipulate ki to boost himself, limited telepathic abilities,can transform to super saiyan forms to greatly improve power, kaio-ken for same effect, whenever severely wounded or killed if healed gains major jump in statistics.



Superman:Been trained by Batman,Mongul's son, and a few others to fight. Mainly uses pure power to fight.

Goku: Fighting is what Superman sometimes does. Fighting is what Goku is. Training with Master Roshi, Kami, Kirin the cat, King Kai, and brawling with the best fighters in the universe.



Superman:If he had a big enough handle to support it he could use the Earth as a macarena.

Goku:Undefinable actually. The only way to guess it I suppose is to state he could pick up cars with a ki level of ten. Now that he's countless millions stronger than that well....



Superman: WAY faster than the speed of light. Makes the Flash and the current Superman combined

look like a snail.

Goku:Speed of light?Please. They were moving around at that at the beginning of Dragonballs Z. But is he faster than Superman.?(shrug)



Superman: Damn tough. Back then he was facing people that would vaporize the current Superman and not even a hair would be out of place.

Goku: Sorry, I just think he's too tough for Supes to really hurt. I mean come on. He blocks beams that destroy whole planets and sectors and still has time to comment about how much he's enjoying it.


So as you can see clearly i think Goku would win. Only to go home and be yelled at by Chi-Chi for being late to dinner.

One more thing. Could someone please tell me how anyone could put Goku up against that last guy. He can level whole cities.OOOOHHH.Big whoop.Goku was doing that around age twelve.I saw a comment that stated Goku would max out destroying a planet. Do the math. Power level 18,000(Vegeta) equals planetary destruction. Power level 300,000,000+ equals 0_0;

Ja ne!

Johnny Gun writes:

Like my buddy Dev I want Superman to open up a can of Steel Ass on Goku! I must also beg you to do the epic evil Clown Fight!

The Joker


The Violater








Crimson Clown


Ghastly Grinner

( These three would be cool to add to the mix also)


The Mask (Very Evil Clownish)


The Green Goblin (He's Spider-Man's most evil clown like Villain)


Mr. Mxyzptlk (He's Superman's most evil clown like Villain)

P.S. Heres another suggestion for you:

The Movie vampires (David, Frost & Lestat) vs the Buffy vampires (Spike & Angelus(Evil Angel)


Angel vs Angelus


Spike vs Carnage (Whos the most Vicious?)


Mike P writes:

Hello, my name is Mike P, and this isn't really a comment but a desperate plea for help. What voting software does this site use and where can I get it? Please help...

Janus Krug writes:

THis is a close fight, seeing as their creators made them to be unbeatable. Goku has that pleasant ability to become stronger WHILE FIGHTING, as we see in the otherworld tournament, as in 5 short episodes Goku goes from getting his ass kicked by cell to kicking Pikkon's ass. Superman, on the other hand, is Superman. Mr.-watch-me-pull-out-a-new-power-that-is-just-what-I-need-to-dave-the-day-Superman. Pre-crises Superman had limits, they are called "becoming so powerful that the comic is boring now".

Goku is also an extremely honorable fighter, and it will screw him over. To defeat superman, you need Kryptonite, and Goku, the trustworthy, honorable guy that he is, would never use it. Thus, Superman will use him as a doormat and toss him back to his fanboys. 'Nuff said.

Ant writes:

I'm with my buddys Dev and Johnny, Big Blue is Da BOMB! Go Clark! Go Clark! Lay the Steel Smack down on the biggest pile of shit ever to walk God's green earth! Speaking of all supes why not do a battle of the Superman Villains to decide who is really Superman's Greatest villain (Because it sure as hell isn't Lex luthor) oh and if you do you've got to add the best villain from the Lois & Clark series, Of course I'm talking about the one and only TEMPUS!... Duh!

Flashback writes:

Let's look at it this way...

Superman and Goku are pretty evenly matched in speed and strength. In a battle of wits, however, Goku is as helpless as Helen Keller in the X-men's Danger Room. On the other hand, Superman is the chairman of the Justice League. He has faced the likes of Prometheus, Nero, and Lex Luthor. You do the math.

Tovas writes:

What is it with Superman losing? I like Goku but he just can't compete with Supes. Superman died once to the hands of Doomsday, Goku has been killed more times than once. Also Goku isn't all that bright. Superman, while not being that great in brains according to my almighty opinion, is smarter than Goku. It doesn't really matter though, Batman could kick both of them off the planet.

Little Man writes:

Superman's enemies are not as powerful as any of the people Goku has fought. Every person Goku has fought would've ripped Superman a new one. Don't get me wrong Superman is a good super hero but Goku is a fighting GENIUS!

The Comic Master writes:

Superman is a veritable powerhouse as is Goku

especialy with his supersaiyan powers. Yet Goku tends to be over

confident at times which with Superman may prove his downfall.

Superman has got laser vision, x ray visision, and microscopic vision, he's nearly invonrable,

he has freezing breath, and can fly.

Goku can teleport has energy blasts is nearly invunrable, and can fly.

Both are almost even save except Superman is older and wiser he's faced 100 times more foes than Goku

and can rely on stragity in a pinch and has worked as a member of a team which is something Goku has done to some degree yet the DBZ team

doesn't truely compare to the JLA. I think it will be a pretty even contest though and that it should have a few surprise villian guest stars.

Bob_the_Hobo writes:

There are only two things that can hurt Pre-Crisis Superman, kryptonite and magic. Seeing as Goku has neither of these, the Sayjin is dead.


Tevor the Third writes:

Well Superman has the advantages of super strength, indestructability and many usefull powers. Forgive me for not being very detailed in this description, but quite frankly everyone knows Superman anyways so why be redundant with a long description?

Next is Goku. Sure he may not have some of the more varied abilites of Supes but he's got the super strength, flight, and a slew of energy blasts at his disposal to take on the Man of Steel. Again a simple description of a well know character.

The differance between the two is that while Superman is incredably strong, Goku is at the same time UNFATHOMABLY strong.

While Goku will have many people voting against him because he's popular among the mainstream crowd (and for some reason that's an affront to fans of "true" anime) as well as those who simply dislike anime of any kind, any informed and unbiased person could easily see that this is a horribly onesided fight. Superman may be an overpowered hero but Goku is one of the most overpowered works of fiction in the history of fiction.

Hell, when Goku fought Vegita near the start of the DBZ series either one of them were strong enough to destroy a planet. Now consider that every badguy they face from that point on is strong enough to effortlessly swat them like a misquitto when they first meet and inversely could be effortlessly swatted themselves by the time the next big bad shows up... well needless to say the repeated jumps in power levels are quite massive. So by the time the series ran to a close, the characters, espeacialy Goku, were so far beyond planet busting power levels that it's not even funny. These guys take hits that would easily vaporize a planet and simply shrug it off before coming back for more.

Quite simply the Dragon Ball Z characters are so ridiculousy overpowered that only omnipotent characters who could simply think them out of existence or those with unique and exploitable ablities (Omega Effect, Balefire, any sort of ability to instantly freeze time, etc) stand a chance to defeat them on any level, however in a straight up man to man fight nothing tops a Saijin. Man of Steel? Heh, Napa punched through steel like it was tissue paper, imagine what a SSJ Goku could do.

Then again mabey they'll face off agianst each other in a game of Trivial Pursuit. In that case Supermans got it in the bag ^_^

Note: Please forgive any bad spelling of DBZ names. I went with how they sound so bugger me if they're wrong...

KC writes:

Considering Goku pounds Vegeta's ass all the time, and Vegeta wears blue spandex, and Superman wears blues spandex...


Superman and Goku face each other, both bruised and pounded and bleeding from multiple gashes.

Superman--You're strong, stranger. I haven't fought this hard since I needed a suit to help my candy ass defeat Lobo.

Goku--You're pretty strong, too. If I want to win this fight, I'd better stop taking it easy on you.


Goku--Arrrrrr! *hair turns blonde* Super Saiyan level 1!

More fighting ensues. Three whole episodes are taken up by grunting and yellow bursts of light.

Superman--You're...really damn strong. (Now where's my robot suit?) I'll have to focus everything I have into winning this.

Goku--Wow, you're still standing. I'm impressed. I'd better try another level.

Superman--What? Another--?

Goku--Arrrrr! Super Saiyan level 2!

More fighting ensues. Some rocks are pummelled. A mountain is blasted. Several Z fighters stand around and make "wow, I don't believe it!" noises. Four episodes pass.

Superman--*gasping on the ground and covered in his own blood* Ouchies...

Goku--Still alive? Gee, I'd better get even stronger. Arrrrr! *hair grows down to his ass and his eyebrows vanish* Super Saiyan level 3!

Superman--O_O What the hell? How many damn levels can you go?

Goku--Twenty's the limit. I just take it slow since with every level I get another ten million and enough episodes to make a saga and--hey, is that the full earth I see? *goes Golden Oozaru and turns Super Saiyan 4* Hey, Vegeta, wanna fusion?

Vegeta's complaining takes another two episodes, so we'll skip forward.

*they do the fusion dance, fuse into Gogeta*

Gogeta--I am neither Goku nor Vegeta. I am Gogeta.

Superman--Ha ha ha! *grabs sides and rolls on ground* That's the dumbest thing I've ever seen!


*blasts Superman into a smear*

Z fighters and everyone else line up and do the conga, singing "ka me ha me ha, ka me ha me ho..." for another episode.


Supes is soup. :) KC

Psy-Ed writes:

Supes gets his power off a yellow sun, am I right? then all Goku has to do is go Super-Sayien and do a Kaioh-Ken attack that obliterates the sun after which Goku will pummel Supes at will, end of story

Justanotherguy writes:

Look, superman is tough. He's taken on the toughest the comicbook universe has to offer and has even returned from the dead. However, Goku is in a different league alltogeher. Superman's death was a major shock to his career, for Goku it's just a minor inconvenience before he's wished back. The scale of power is important as well. Even before he went had reached full Super Sayan level Goku had enough power to vaporize a planet. Finally it's important to notice that Goku loves to fight, Superman just uses his powers to protect people. As a result Goku is always training and pushing himself to become stronger. Goku knows how to fight and win. Superman just doesn't have that burning desire to be the best and prove it, which will definatly make a difference in this fight. Basically Goku is just built on a different set of rules that make him tough enough to turn Superman into a pile of ash.

Megaduce Flare writes:

Goku is going to win. Period.

Gaz writes:

Superman's gonna feed Goku 34 flavors of PAIN! By the way I'm with Dev, Johnny & Ant you must do the evil clown fight it's too epic, even if it's just Joker vs Violater vs Pennywise vs Beetlejuice!!! heres another cool idea:

Whos the coolest demon?

Freddy krueger


The Collector (Demon Knight)


Randall Flagg

oh the battle of the John Woo Villains

Vic Deakins (Broken Arrow)


Caster Troy (Face/Off)

P.S. Please do the Evil Clown Fight!!!


Mongul II writes:

Superman would win because he is a better comsept than Goku.

I mean, in 40 years from now everybody will still knowing about Superman. But Goku will be forgeted.

Superman is an icon, he is eternal.

Goku isn't an icon. As somebody says Goku is just the flavor of the week.

Besides Superman fights using his brain not only his superpowers as Goku does.

Sport Guru writes:

Superman is pretty amazing, Goku is just a saiy jin

chang writes:

Goku always rises to the occasion, and come on, super man may be the man of steel, but this is only when he is near a yellow sun. Since Goku always finds out an opponents weakness, ala saiyin saga (raditz's tail) he will surely figure out the sun is the source of his power. Then goku will simply instant transmit them both to another uninhabited planet without a yellow sun. Game over superman.

Super Anthony writes:

I think it really depends on what version of goku is fighting. if its super saiyan goku then he wins. i would put superman at gokus level during the frieza saga which was 300,000. even then goku is still a better fighter and has energy blasts.


Madog McFayne writes:

Cha... you know what superman is going to be beatin so severly he will say in his most pansiest voice please mr.goku don't hurt me anymore he won't be able to tell if it's daylight or fanny by the gaslight because he will be crying tears bigger than october cabbages and he will never... E-E-E-Ever be the same Agaion

Demonzord writes:

Superman is finally going to lose a fight I can feel it. Because in the past Superman has faced many opponents and each time or so Superman managed to stand on top(-Except against the Hulk and Doomsday of course-) But this time I think Superman has finally met his match against Goku!


Flashback writes:

Goku's only prayer is that the weak minded mojority of mainstream American anime fans will vote for him in a desperate attempt to no longer be labeled as freaks. In their undersized brains, Goku's victory will represent a shift in the scales between eastern and western pop-culture. Then, they will no longer be criticized for wasting the better part of their adult lives watching poorly dubbed cartoons.

The Blue Spider writes:

I figured it out. Superman would beat Goku.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know how powerful Goku is. But it always nagged at the back of my mind that somehow this guy would not win.

And why? Easy. Goku has all that energy inside him. But in order to use it he has to summon it. That's right. He has to pull it up. He has to transform to a Super-Saijin and it takes will. And effort. Notice how the Z-dudes are always posturing before battle? They're stalling. They're building their strength. They're summoning their power.

It sounds like they're trying to pass the most solid stool sample ever medically observed.

Superman's power is always there. Always. All the time. He does not posture and does not have to.

So Goku is strong as normal. But he ain't so much as demigod in manifested power. So basically while in that split-second it takes to summon the energy to even make a Kryptonian feel impact, Goku could find phlanges, appendages, and/or ribs broken.

CyberNinja writes:

Superman has no idea how focused Goku is. There is no way you can harness Ki powers without focus, something which Superman is lacking. Goku will take Superman's Red and Blue clad ass and hand it to him on a plate

DARK EDGE writes:

will this be an arm wrestling match or a thumb war? come on Sayins get stronger after every fight

Nerol writes:

Goku wins, and here's why:

It all comes down to technique, baby. Superman has been clobbering people for over sixty years. I'm sure that he's picked up a thing or two in that time, but ultimately he is a smashing machine. He's never had to become anything more than that. Ever since day one it's been "Hit it. Hit it again. Hit it harder if necessary. Repeat." This tactic simply will not work with Goku.

Goku can do more than take a hit. He can dodge, dip, weave, teleport, and pull out any number of a seemmingly infinite supply of unexpected attacks. Float like a butterfly, sting like a tactical nuclear strike. While Supes is thinking "Hmm, I'll have to hit this guy HARDER!" Goky is thinking "Hmm, that attack didn't work. I'll have to try a new one!"

True Blue is about to face something he's >never< faced before: Someone who can not only match his strength and speed, but is also a fighting GENIUS. While I have nothing but love and respect for Superman, I know that he is totally unprepared for the god-like combination of martial arts skills and immeasurable strength wielded by Goku.

Failing that, Goku will simply go super saiyan, and then all bets are off, including the survival of the very planet that these two are fighting on.










wyse 3412 writes:

Goku is a freakin powerhouse. His power is too huge ,he is a super saiyan! Superslow has never fked with that! And he is a martial artist. superman get his ass handed to him In almost every fight.And superman can't fight, goku will be dodging those sloppy punches and kick a hole thru that punk!! Superman is way out of his league with goku. Period!

desouza aka dumdumdelay writes:

superman gots nothing on goku all goku got to do is trn super and is all over. hit him with a kamaya wave and desintegrate. besides goku got all superman's powers and more so bye bye for superman

an oompa loompa writes:

hi agian folks goku has this fight in the bag we all saw what he did to cell and frezza but we know that gohan killed cell twice. But we saw what goku did to bobbidy 2nd fighter in his ship blowed him up good with his super sayan light power/ energy. superman is no compareable macth to goku. goku will use his energy attacks against him and most likly blow him to nothing but atoms left or maybe not even that. but you have to give supermna some creidt for challenging goku we all know goku is gonna win

The fignewton of your imagination writes:

Even though Superman is "super"... he still can be beaten. How? Easy. Kryptonite. I just wish someone would fashion a sword out of a Kryptonite and plunges it deep within Superman's body...

Goku will definitely win this battle. No doubt about that. His strength alone surpasses Superman's... and let's not forget that Kamehameha.

*listens to Three Doors Down - Kryptonite*


RAO writes:



hyperkid writes:

Goku Will whomp no if ands or buts about it

hyperkid writes:

Goku Will whomp no if ands or buts about it

Thudbug writes:

Goku has a major egde on suppes. One Ka-maya maya and suppes is toast. It is just that simple.

Opt281 writes:

I can't see this battle as being a question of powers. Let's face it here, they're both pretty much immortal. Tricked out, loaded with options, and 'hey, that planet-cracking punch kinda tickled' tough. That's about as even as it gets.

This is where personallity comes in. You've got two guys with godlike powers, but they both have their hangups about putting those powers to use. The first player to lose the kid gloves is gonna have just that much more time to seriously pound on the other guy, and on a field this level, that's a game-breaking advantage right there.

Superman. You know him, you love him, you wish he'd swallow some friggin krytponite. This guy is too good for his own good. Save the world, save Lois Lane, save the kitten in the neighbor's tree. He'll fight to protect, but he won't kill. It took Doomsday to make him kill, and that was post-Crisis. And that means when Supes holds back, he really holds back.

Goku. Good guy, a little clueless, great with kids. He's had his share of villains and let most of them live. Piccilo, Vegita, he lets them live. Against Freiza, he fights the good fight, makes a level up, declares checkmate, and walks away. Go figure.

But here's the kicker: Goku likes to fight. Savage saiyan blood, and all that. Participates in no-holds barred martial arts tournaments. He wears the kid gloves, but he's real glad when he gets to take them off.

Supes, he's a farm boy. A mild mannered newpaper reporter. If it was up to him, he'd retire. No way is he the first to lose the kid gloves.

So Supes gets pounded, and Goku gets to say: "I beat up Superman!"

Shin writes:

Cell, when he got pissed off in the TRUE dbz version(the japanese) When gohan was beating the crap out of him, he commented saying "Not only will this kamehameha distroy the earth, but it will distroy the galaxy" Those are not his exact words, but the blowing up the galaxy part was clear. Goku, at ssj3 and 2 is alot more powerful than cell. Thus he can kill pre-crisis supes. Superman, used alot of effort in pushing a house. Then, he was supposed to move the moon, and it took alot of effot for him to do that. That doesnt make sese. In db it makes sense for goku, since he can control his strength and speed by powering up. Gotenks in ssj flew around the wolrd mulitiple times in a few seconds. Goku can go to ssj2 and 3(like gotenks) and, most probably can do the same thing.



Ok, so here we have two of the most over-powered and uninteresting characters in all the worlds of comics and animation beatin' the Holy crap outta one another. Ok, I've seen Dragonball Z and basically anybody knows who Superman is. Goku will win this fight if he goes against the current version of Superman but if Goku were fighting the Pre-Crisis Superman,back when he could juggle planets and knock suns out of their current position, then Supes would kick Goku's pointy haired butt all over the place. The Pre-Crisis Superman of the mid 70's to mid 80's couldn't be beaten by anything short of the Almighty himself,which made him the suckiest ink blot in the comic book world. Current version would give Goku all he can handle and if Goku isn't careful he will lose despite bein' a much better fighter. Goku is nowhere near as durable as Superman and if he can't avoid serious injury, then Supes has him. If Goku is smart,and good God that's a stretch, then he'll stick and move and rely on his energy blasts and fighting skills to win cuz from what I've seen Goku's strength, endurance, and durability, are nowhere near the levels of Superman. So, I'm gonna guess that after a little while Goku is gonna realize he can't go head on against Supes so he's gonna wise up. Goku will win but the goofball will probably wind up killin' himself in the process to take out Supes.


Midnight Fire writes:

let's think about this for a second, Superman's faster than a speeding bullet, but Goku can just instant transmission himself anywhere in the time it takes to think about pulling the trigger.

Superman's super strong, but could he stand in 100 times earth's gravity? i doubt it.

Superman wears tights. need i say more?

Superman shoots lazers out if his eyes, Goku does kamayhamayha adn planet goes byebye

Superman could freeze Goku, but he'd have to catch him first.

Goku would kick Superman's ass in less than five minutes without even having to go super saijin.

Brad writes:

Both super heroes have been fighting ever since they were kids.

But, I'd say Goku is faster, stronger, and a lot more powerful than Superman will every be (no offense). Goku could probably beat him in his normal form without transforming into a super sayian.

The Count of Monte Crisco writes:

The fact that Goku is not only winning at this point but actually by a landslide just goes to show how in need of an enema the world truly is. Superman wins on haircut alone. This Japanimation crap has gone too far. Didn't we nuke the f-ing Japanese so we didn't have to put up with this sort of schlock. We're not talking about Plastic Man vs. Goku for chissakes, this is Superman. The one, the only SUPERMAN. Goku wouldn't exist if it weren't for Superman. We can only hope that if the voters don't have enough sense to see it that the fight editors use good sense and make sure that the neverending battle for truth, justice and the American way doesn't end in such a travesty.

Kev writes:

Goku may have just signed his own death warrant!

by the way my mate Dev begs you to do the Joker vs Violater vs Pennywise vs Beetlejuice fight and another vampire fight:

Lestat vs David vs Frost vs Spike vs Angelus or what about this one:

Buffy, Angel, Blade, Nic Night & vampire hunter D



fordlincolnmercury writes:

I don't understand whats wrong with you people!!!!!Superman is the greatest comic book superhero that never lived!!! He is the measure by which all others are judged. There is no way he loses to a peice of Japaneese cartoon crap!!!!!!!!!What the hell is a Goku anyway? Sounds like an oh's version of the Ginsu knife!! It slices, it dices, You can even cut a Superman with it!! Get a life, you losers!!!!!!!!!

Morgoth d'Bellatoria writes:

Goku is beating the Man of Steel! Come on Supes moves freaking planets! PLANETS!!!!! Without breaking them. Supes would beat this tiny insignifigant piece of poorly made Japanese-Anime-Godzilla dung back into Tokyo Bay and poor Goku would be in a world of hurt as he ices down his Dragon Ballz. Sure Supes killed by Doomsday, but he got better. I've never seen Goku, but I am damn sure that he can't touch the hem on Supes cape. The only way he could win is by whipping out a chunk of green or gold Kryptonite and laying the smackdown on Supes.

Kal-El will win!!

Daemon writes:

I have to say, it's a hard call, but in the end I'd hand this to Goku.

Both of them have very similar power levels (although I'm not sure if we're talking pre or post crisis Supes), but Goku has the advantage of 'magic' on his side, against which Superman loses his invulnerability.

This guy also blows up planets on a regular basis...

R writes:

Goku is faster and stronger than superman. If Goku needs extra energy he can use the power up technique.The yellow sun isn't going to help superman for the fact that Goku can use the solar flare technique to blind superman. Don't forget Goku's teleportation moves, he'll catch superman off guard a lot. The cell games are a perfect example, don't forget the restoration beans if they are used.

to play writes:

toplay game of yours.

baka writes:


Dark Queen writes:

I have to freaking clue as to who to vote for!!! I guess we can always go for some stats.

*Both Superman and Goku have died and come back to life

*Both are from different planets which makes them much more powerful than the average human being

*Both have black hair

*Both have ugly outfits and they never, EVER, change them

*Both fight super-villians with lots of power

*Intelligace: Goku is a few cheeseburgers short of a happy meal when it comes to using his brain but for some reaons he is a genius in the art of combat. While some say that Superman is quite intelligent I would beg to differ. I mean come on, look at the disguise that he uses. If the people of Metropolis would wake up and smell the kryptonite they could easily see the difference. It's just a pair of glasses, can't you idiots see that? IN any case, neither one is smarter than the other.

In the end, I guess I would have to say Superman. I mean, any guy that wears his underwear outside of his costume has to be given some credit.

Kenix writes:

While Superman is God in DC, this battle is all about desire. Superman is a hero, he doesn't fight 'good guys'. And Goku isn't exactly a villain. So while Superman will insist that there's no reason to fight, Goku likes fighting, the stronger the better, and he won't have any problems beating Supes black and blue.

Superman does have the advantage of being infalliable and NEVER losing, Goku's not so lucky, he got a sound thrashing from Vegeta the first time they went head to head, and got his ass handed to him by Cell. But Goku does fight stronger villians. Has Superman ever faced guys like Freiza or Brolli? No! He faces idiots like Darkseid, who use complicated plans and stupid henchmen to try take over Earth. If his Omega Beams are so damn powerful, why doesn't he just kill Superman and be done with it? Darkseid wouldn't last two seconds against someone like Goku. And Superman would be murdered by a guy like Brolli.

Superman has a clear advatnage when it comes to strength however, but it won't be much of a factor. Superman can lift mountians, and bounce bullets off his chest, but Goku knows how to fight. He's been doing it since he was a kid. Superman's offense consists entirly of punching really hard and using heat vision. Goku's arsenal is almost unlimited, and he packs a combitnation of speed and stregnth, that Superman has never encountered before. And as a bonus he has no stupid weakness, like kryptonite, to exploit.

But in the end the man of steel's downfall will be his humongous ego. For all his vaunted speed has Superman ever dodged a blow? Blocked anything? NO! He just stands around while his weak ass foes attacks just bounce off him. He'll just stand there confident that his super powers will let him win like always, while Goku smacks him around like Supes has never been smacked before. I'd like to see him try and bounce a Kame Hame Ha off his chest. Idiot.

Unless Superman has some new power that will tell him Goku will be his best friend if offered food(and given his scope of powers it's quite possible), Superman doesn't stand a chance.

Bra1n1ac writes:

One thing is for certain. This will not be a close fight. Goku is powerful enough to take down the more recent versions of superman with one punch, but if we're talking about the original, Earth-1 superman, no one can beat him in a physical fight unless they have magic. Goku's powers are mysterious enough, but they are not magic, and he becomes therefore screwed.

On the face of things, it would seem like the outcome of the fight would be decided by which version of superman is used, but there is another realm of battle that is even more important than the physical. I think that the true victor of this fight can only be the one which is a true hero.

Goku journeys through the galaxy, saves the earth, and battles evil tyrants like Frieza to save people's lives, and at first, that's much akin to what superman did... But Goku remains hidden. He shows when the people of Earth need a guardian angel to save them from death, and he never gets any press, good or bad.

Obviously, Goku never expected to teach or inspire anyone, and he doesn't have any intention of trying to convince people to live together in peace, or helping out the authorities when there's trouble. In essence, he is more of a loose cannon than the Batman. Even he checks in with the police.

Superman, however, is a true hero. He is planet earth, plain and simple. He speaks to the press, he preaches freedom and peace, and rescues kittens from trees in his spare time. Supes doesn't just save lives, he is a public service, and that is something that Goku, in his stubborn humility, will never be.

The difference ay seem small, but it is there. One is a true hero, the other is not. Good-night.

bra1n1ac writes:

Well, I couldn't find an e-mail address, so I decided to put this suggestion here. I think it would be sweet to wait

Dracula (2000)


The Mummy (1999, 2001)

And I'm surprised that hasn't already shown on the "tempting suggestions" section. Millions must be asking for it, right? RIGHT?!!!?

Optimus Prime writes:

Thing about this fight is, though the actual battle would be very spectacular and awe-inspiringly destructive, there's two factors that sets these two apart from all other comic book characters:

POWER VARIATION: You got your pre-Crisis on Infinite Earth's Superman juggling planets, all the way down to your Cartoon Network Justice League Superman getting his ass trounced by Wonder Woman. You got your Goku at the start of the Dragonball Z series with a fighting power of (*gasp!*) 1,000 to Goku near the end of that series with something around 100,000,000 (estimated by websites run by guys who REALLY need to get out more often).

...AND TAXES: These sons of bitches





At least not for very long.

Oh, Goku got his ass blown in half by a new Cell incarnation? Well, he just goes his happy little way along to heaven, finds some mystic herb after searching for about 20-25 episodes, eats it, and *poof* halo gone, Goku back. Superman killed (gone, caput, heart not beating, stick a fork in him cause his ass sure won't mind dead)? Well, we don't even get a really great explanation for that, he just pops right back up, and with a mullet no less!

So who wins? How long the battle lasts comes down to which variation on the character you choose, but in the end, Goku has dudes who will randomly and without explanation jump in from an Alternate Time Stream Future and save his ass. Much like the electronics industry, good-old American know-how and construction falls to the those Pitiless Evil Goddamn Japs.


lil2xtreme writes:

Goku. Nuff said. I mean, come on, its Goku. The man could blow up the planet with his finger! Whats Superman gonna do about that? Blow it away with his breath? I DON'T THINK SO!


[email protected] writes:

This is the first time I've come here and actually a battle I've thought about before hand. So lets just cut to the chase by saying Goku would win. They're are way to many reasons for me saying that. In terms of super-man vs. super-sayian, Goku has more strength, speed, and skill (I'm referring to after the frieza saga before which this fight may have been in question). Superman can't even kill. The S-man has always been the imaginary version of me, but he's gonna get knocked like a ping pong ball. At least it will be by another orphan.

Megaman Trigger writes:

This battle could go to either one. If we use the Superman from the old Hanna-barbera cartoons, than Supes can grab Goku and fly towards space and wait while Goku passes out. The new Superman from the cartoon doesn't have a chance though.

pick2g writes:

Goku would easily beat Superman. Goku has the capability to blow up entire planets. He just about as strong as Superman and he's easily a more skilled fighter. Superman relies on his strength alone and if he did use his entire arsenal of powers...he'll still be no match for Goku. Goku wouldn't even have to turn SSJ on him. He might send Krillin after him and call it a day.

Draco302 writes:

I'm Baaaack, and I say GOKU can beat the Superman easily, although I am a Superman Fan than a Goku Fan, but I can give you ever 4 reason Goku is going to beat Superman Badly.

1.Goku can turn into four Super Saiyan forms which each level is more powerful then the last.

2.He has power levels that is way above supermans.

3.Goku can also get more powerful after a Battle been fought.

4.He has powerful Techniques that can destroy anything in its Path.

Those are my reasons and more if I had time to do more Typing to say that GOKU WILL BEAT SUPERMAN.

General Kruge writes:

It all comes down to who would(theoretically) play either one of these guys in a live-action movie. Superman = Some random all-American pretty boy like Ben Affleck.

Goku = Some random all-JAPANESE pretty boy like Chow Yun Fat.

Chow would beat Ben Affleck like a red-headed stepchild.

This fight is over!

Ace Azzameen writes:

Goku, while insanely powerful, has limits to his endurance. The Pre-Crisis Supes didn't. His invulnerability was absolute, the ONLY things that could even SCRATCH him were Kryptonite, Red Suns, and Magic. He and Goku would pound on each other for a while, and Goku would eventually wear down (it would probably take a year's worth of episodes though). PC Supes would still be going at 100% because he never tires. He doesn't have to breathe, eat, or sleep.

That's not even taking into account the amazing Silver Age ability to create new superpowers on the fly when needed. Super-Ventriloquism, anyone?

Modern Superman, on the other hand, well, on his best day he might be able to give Nappa some trouble. He could beat Yajirobe no problem. At best he's in that range, around the power levels of the supporting cast during the Saiyajin saga.

Eidolon writes:

The answer is as simple as it is Super. While I agree that the big red S cannot destroy a planet quite like Goku can, Supes has the edge in everything else that matters. Also note that this is a fight to the finish, not a fight to the death. Let's do a few point-counterpoints...

1) Goku uses Damn-Powerful Cosmic Energy (or D.P.C.E.), which is roughly comparable to The Source or the Power Cosmic (if we reference DC or Marvel Comics, respectively). If we move Goku to the comics realm, his power level would be about equal to Takion (the new Highfather in DC), Darkseid, or Silver Surfer.

1B) However, D.P.C.E. is neither kryptonite, magic, nor the powers of a red sun... so while Goku's powers will hurt and could eventually kill Supes, it will not be easy.

2) Goku is more likely than Superman to kill any opposition.

2B) Superman has more than proven that he can take beings out of action without killing them, and he is not hindered in doing so.

3) Goku has a definite edge in sheer power.

3B) Supes has a huge edge in experience and tactics. Also, since they are fighting on an abandoned planet, there are no innocents for Supes to worry about. As long as innocents aren't in danger, he's bright enough to realize that he's out-powered, and he won't be greatly distracted or angered. If there were, Goku would win (when you think about it, that's how Doomsday won).

3) Goku has the "power" advantage and is more of a ranged combatant, while Supes has the "physical" advantage and is an all-around (melee & ranged) fighter. Would Goku be in trouble if Supes gets close? Yes. Supes has the speed to get close, the fortitude to take several Goku-sized blasts, and the strength to knock Goku down.

I'm not saying that Superman would definitely win, but it's far more likely than him losing to Goku. Yes, Goku could win, but he would have to A) discover Superman's weaknesses, then B) knock Superman into a "red sun" solar system, and probably C) find some random "innocent" to distract Big Blue.

Thanks to T-1000 for writing the commentary.

T-1000: Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to Khazan arena. Heroes, champions, monsters, villains and spectators from all across the multiverse are gathered here today for this legendary match between Superman and Goku. From Sports box, I am T-1000

Tech Supreme: And I am Tech Supreme. Welcome to today's match. Spectators willing to pay the raised ticket prices are sure to get their money's worth today as these two champions of truth, justice and the Sayain/Kryptonian way are about to go toe to toe in a no holds barred match for charity.

T-1000: Before we begin, we would like to apologize on behalf of the normal arena commentators, Harley Quinn and the Goddess Callisto, who could not be here today.

Tech Supreme: Yes, such a tragedy really. It started out as a simple practical joke between the two co-workers, and to make a long story short, neither of the commentators will be back in action until the arena officials can locate the rest of Callisto's hair, and the rest of Ms. Quinn's skin.

T-1000: Never the less, we determined and proud few here in the Sports box will continue to give you up to the nano-second commentary on this match.

Tech Supreme: I have never seen the arena as packed as today, T. Arena staff are struggling to get all the spectators to their assorted seats while the technicians make sure the God-Proof Dome is full functioning. The two contenders are out in the middle of the sand, warming up and stretching.

T-1000: Goku looks to be arguing with the referee regarding his ability to begin this match as a super sayain.

Tech Supreme: The referee seems to be waving the Fight Contract Goku signed for this match, specifically forcing him to begin this fight in his natural state.

T-1000: Goku is deferring to the referee's call here and it looks like the contenders are ready to get underway.

Tech Supreme: Unfortunately, it looks like the fighters are being told to wait. It seems that some of the spectators are still not seated. Apparently, President Luthor's limousine couldn't find a parking space because of some intergalactic space motorcycle or something parked in the VIP lot.

T-1000: I'm also told that the Capsule Co. luxury booth was nearly hijacked by a disgruntled Ginyu force. Fortunately, the Capsule Co.'s president's husband was able to clear them out, and everyone is now being seated.

Tech Supreme: Well, while we are waiting for these issues to sort themselves out, let's take a second to hear from our sponsor.

Sponsor: Huh? What, we're not supposed to be on yet! What's going on....

T-1000: Our sponsor ladies and gentlemen.

Tech Supreme: I think it's time to tell the audience about our special feature for today.

T-1000: Ah yes. You see, our two fighters have a nasty habit of moving faster than the eye can see while in combat. In order not to disappoint the audience, we are going to place both of our combatants into a sort of temporal fluke.

Tech Supreme: Don't you mean temporal "flux"?

T-1000: No, I mean "fluke". Our two combatants are going to be placed slightly outside the normal flow of time. This will have the effect of making them seem as though they are moving extremely slowly, so as to allow our audience to keep up with their super speed.

Tech Supreme: Incidentally, this service is being rendered to the arena, courtesy of Parallax's Temporal Management Service. "PTMS: Giving you more free time for your every day activities, even if it ends the universe."

T-1000: Alright, the officials are finishing explaining the rules to the fighters, and hurrying out of the arena, sealing the God Proof Dome behind them.

Tech Supreme: Parallax is creating the Temporal Fluke and imposing it on our fighters.

T-1000: There is the bell and the match is under way!

Tech Supreme: Goku stops to power up, no doubt trying to transform into a Super Sayain.

T-1000:  Superman doesn't hesitate, blasting off at super speed and plowing into Goku, sending them both crashing into the arena walls.

Tech Supreme: Superman is off to a fast and furious start, pummeling Goku with super fast fists, trying to take him down before this match has barely begun.

T-1000: I don't believe it. Superman didn't let Goku power up! Wow, what a tactician. Superman is preventing Goku from fighting at his maximum power. Amazing, I'd have never thought of that.

Tech Supreme: Goku tries to blow Superman off of him using his energy. He gets a few spare inches and uses it to disappear.

T-1000: Goku reappears behind Superman, and delivers a powerful kick to the back, knocking Superman face first into the arena wall with a monstrous thud!

Tech Supreme: Superman doesn't slow down for a minute, trying to press his momentary advantage; he turns around with a full blast of heat visions to Goku.

T-1000: Goku manages to block the beam with his arms thrown up over his face.

Tech Supreme: Goku blocks the blast, but the heat looks like is managed to shock Goku. He's trying to blow on his arms to cool them off.

T-1000: Superman flies forwards and gives Goku a hard uppercut across the face, knocking him up into the air, with Superman in close pursuit.

Tech Supreme: Superman dives forwards like a bullet towards Goku.

T-1000: Superman hits! No, he missed!

Tech Supreme: No, he flew right through Goku!

T-1000: Ladies and gentlemen, Goku seems to have given Superman the momentary slip using the After Image technique.

Tech Supreme: Superman is stopped in his tracks, searching for any signs of his sayain opponent.

T-1000: He just found one! Goku reappears right behind Superman, and hits hard with a mad roundhouse kick to the chest. Superman is sent hurdling right into the God Proof Dome.

Tech Supreme: The Dome holds, but the impact has literally shaken the entire arena. The fans are looking worried here.

T-1000: Superman tries to recover but Goku lets loose with a barrage of energy blasts.

Tech Supreme: Superman is on the defensive, ducking and dodging all over the arena trying to steer clear of those blasts.

T-1000: Ouch! A stray blast seems to have struck true and hits Superman in the lower abdomen. Supes is stunned and Goku dives forward, dropkicking Superman and knocking him down to the sand.

Tech Supreme: Superman crashes, sending tons of sand and dirt up into the air with the impact.

T-1000: Goku chases after. He straightens up and it looks like he is trying to land feet first on top of Superman's spine.

Tech Supreme: Superman starts spinning at super speed. He is becoming a living drill and manages to tunnel underground.

T-1000: Goku stops himself before hitting the ground. Goku is frantically searching the arena floor for some sign off Superman.

Tech Supreme: Too late. Superman burrows up right beside Goku and grabs Goku's right leg. He is swinging him around at incredible speeds, creating a tornado of sand and dirt in the center of the arena that is going to give the clean-up crew a heart attack later.

T-1000: Superman let's fly, sending Goku crashing head first against the arena barrier.

Tech Supreme: Superman chases after him. Goku is regaining his sense, and disappears again at super speed.

T-1000: Superman stops himself in mid flight, searching again for Goku.

Tech Supreme: It looks like a tall, brown haired reporter from the Daily Planet section is pointing to him. She appears to be signaling him to look up.

T-1000: Superman looks up, oh. And now Superman looks worried.

Tech Supreme: Goku is glowing in a brilliant bright, yellow light. It looks like Goku got the split-second breather he needed to go Super Sayain.

T-1000: Superman isn't looking pleased about this. Goku is just hovering in the air above him with an iron look of resolve in his face.

Tech Supreme: Superman flies up to eye-to-eye level with Goku.

T-1000: Superman lashes out with the heat vision, but no luck. Goku appears totally unfazed.

Tech Supreme: Supes doesn't let up. He flies forward and plows his fist into Goku's face.

T-1000: Ouch, that had to hurt. Nope, wait, I guess not. Goku barely even nudges to the blow.

Tech Supreme: Ouch! Now that had to hurt! Goku delivers a solid knee blow to Superman's gut. That shot looks like it might have knocked the wind right out of Superman. The big guy is coughing and hacking and struggling to regain his composure.

T-1000: Goku still maintains his unflinching look as he casually slaps Superman across the face.

Tech Supreme: Goku's "casual slap" appears to have just sent Superman, once again crashing into the arena dome with an earth shacking crash. I don't believe it; he actually cracked the God Proof Dome! Damn it, we still haven't gotten the insurance on that yet.

T-1000: Superman struggles to recover and buy himself space.

Tech Supreme: Goku blinks out at super speed and reappears in front of Goku, inches in front of Superman's face.

T-1000: Superman tries to fly up to get some air, but Goku grabs Superman's left leg and throws him back to the ground.

Tech Supreme: Goku seems to have total control of the situation. Superman was obviously hoping to press his attack at super speed to keep Goku from going Super Sayain.

T-1000: Goku blinks out again at super speed and reappears again in front of Superman, who is struggling just to get back to his feet.

Tech Supreme: Superman manages to get off a shot of super breath this time, attempting to encase Goku in solid ice.

T-1000: No good, Goku casually blows the ice off of him with nothing more than his energy.

Tech Supreme: Goku appears to be expecting another attack, but Superman is flying away.

T-1000: It's up, up and away for Superman, right into the upper ceiling of the God Proof Dome.

Tech Supreme: Is Superman trying to escape the arena to get away from Goku?

T-1000: If so, he is in trouble. That dome is not cracking.

Tech Supreme: Superman appears to be pounding at the dome ceiling, trying desperately to crack the God Proof glass.

T-1000: Goku is closing his hands together. I think we know what's coming next.

Goku (On Sound Mike): Kaaaaa....meeeeeeeee...haaaaaaaa...meeeeeee..HA!

Tech Supreme: A huge blast of blue energy fires outwards from Goku's palms and straight forward towards Superman.

T-1000: Superman turns around to see a huge energy blast coming right at him.

Tech Supreme: Superman doesn't seem to be afraid.

T-1000: Well sure, he'll just die. For our contenders here, that's no big deal.

Tech Supreme: The kamehameha wave is getting closer and closer, Superman doesn't seem worried, nor is he making any effort to dodge.

T-1000: The blast hits! No, it misses.

Tech Supreme: Superman dodges at the last second. The kamehameha wave races past Superman and blasts right through the God Proof Dome.

T-1000: Superman waits for the blast to clear and then races out of the arena through the hole in the dome.

Tech Supreme: Goku realizes what he has done and races after Superman.

T-1000: Superman is racing out for his life. I don't get it; he's got to know Superman is faster than him as a super sayain.

Tech Supreme: No, Superman is racing out to the limits of the atmosphere. Sayains can't breathe in space; Superman may be trying to hide from Goku in outer space.

T-1000: Goku is closing in on Superman; Superman is just seconds away from the void of space.

Tech Supreme: It looks like this is close enough. Goku appears to be having a hard time breathing and appears to be giving up on the chase.

T-1000: Well, Superman is racing out into the depths of space. Where is he going?

Tech Supreme: Good question. Let's ask our sideline commentator, Demon Lantern aboard the USS Leick.

Demon Lantern: Hi everybody! Well, aboard the USS Leick, the proud flagship of the Khazan arena, recently retrofitted with brand new tech from Wayne Enterprises, Stark International and Capsule Corporation. We are tracking Superman heading straight for the sun.

T-1000: Oh no!

Demon Lantern: I am afraid so. Superman is diving straight into the heart of the sun. Fortunately, we can still scan through all the radiation and interference. It looks like Superman is sucking in the sun's power. His power levels are rising at a dramatic rate here. We've got sensors going off the charts here.

Tech Supreme: Back in the arena, Goku appears to be staring off in the exact direction that Superman ran off in. If I didn't know better, I would have to guess that he can sense Superman's power level getting much higher.

Demon Lantern: I can't imagine how he could miss it. Our power sensors are going nuts. If this keeps up, we are sure to have a random console explode. Oops, never mind.

T-1000: According to the Leick's sensors, Superman is really going nuts inside the sun. He is absorbing enormous amounts of energy.

Tech Supreme: Back in the arena, Goku doesn't look too pleased about this. He looks like he is getting ready to power up again.


T-1000: What is he doing, passing a stone down there?

Tech Supreme: Nope, his hair is getting longer, the Earth is shaking; Goku is going Super Sayain 3.

Demon Lantern: Look out everybody, but I think the sun just hit the fan. The USS Leick's sensors are showing Superman has left the sun and is heading straight for one of the three remaining moons over Khazan.

Tech Supreme: Is he going to land on the moon?

T-1000: Worst. He is moving the moon! Superman has apparently gained enough power to move the moon.

Demon Lantern: Uh, guys? I think you should know; the moon is on a collision course, with Khazan arena!

Tech Supreme: Superman is trying to push the moon right on top of Khazan arena. What, is he nuts??

T-1000: The audience here at the arena is obviously getting a little concerned about the fact that the moon over the arena is getting bigger and bigger.

Tech Supreme: Goku seems rather unimpressed by the fact that a giant moon is getting ready to land right on top of him. Wait, he is cupping his palms together aga.. oh no. Not again.

Goku: Kaaaaa....

T-1000: Goku's gathering enough energy to make the sand in the arena go flying like a whirlwind around him.

Goku: meeeeeeeee...

Tech Supreme: The moon is getting closer and closer. The audience has already bolted it for the exits. I'm not even sure the God Proof Dome can handle a moon.

Goku: haaaaaaaa...

T-1000: We're going to die!

Goku: meeeeeee..

Tech Supreme: HOLD ME!

Goku: HA!

T-1000: Goku lets fly with the kamehameha wave.

Tech Supreme: Direct hit! The moon is blasted into thousands of millions of pieces that are dispersing around the entire area, raining death down on everyone in the arena running for their lives.

T-1000: The numerous heroes present in the audience are already on the job, keeping the people safe as they run for their cars. Already the Justice League are evacuating the people to safety, and I can already see the Z fighters covering them, blasting the chunks of flying moon into ashes.

Tech Supreme: Amidst the rubble and debris scattering around the area, I can see Superman charging Goku right through the scattered debris.

T-1000: Superman takes advantage of Goku being distracted to fly in and land a solid shot to Goku.

Tech Supreme: And the fight rages on. Goku uppercuts into Superman's gut and Superman retaliates with a heat vision shot to Goku's foot.

T-1000: Goku is dancing around, trying to put his foot out and Superman lets loose with a solid shot Goku's face, knocking him right through the God Proof Dome.

Tech Supreme: Goku goes flying through the God Proof Dome, shattering it as if it were made of glass.

T-1000: Superman goes chasing after him, but Goku disappears using Instant Transmission.

Tech Supreme: Goku reappears behind Superman a split second later. Goku places both his hands up to Superman's backside and fires a direct energy blast at point blank range.

T-1000: I can't believe this, even in a Temporal Fluke, they are moving just to fast to keep up with. Huge chunks of moon are flying everywhere, and our two opponents just keep beating each other's heads in.

Tech Supreme: Goku and Superman are moving all over the place in a whirlwind of punches and energy beams.

T-1000: Hang on, the two of them are stopped. Uh-oh, there's that look. I think our two opponents are getting ready to pull out all the stops.

Tech Supreme: Superman's eyes are glowing a bright red. Unbelievable, the light from those eyes is brighter than the sun.

T-1000: Goku is getting ready for another Kamehameha wave. He is generating a glaring blue light. Both of our contenders are getting ready to fire.

Tech Supreme: This is it!

T-1000: Here they go!

Tech Supreme: HOLD ME!


T-1000: .......

Tech Supreme: .........

T-1000: Are we alive?

Tech Supreme: I.I think so.

T-1000: I can't see anyone out in the arena.

Tech Supreme: Wait, there are our opponents. Both of them are on the ground and out like lights.

T-1000: Arena officials are going out to check out on the two.

Tech Supreme: And it looks like they are both getting the green light. They are alive, but aren't going to be getting up for another few days.

T-1000: Well, I guess that is it. From the shattered remains of the Sports box, I am T-1000.

Tech Supreme: And I am Tech Supreme, signing off.

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