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[ tenchi ] [ ranma ]

Tenchi Girls vs. Ranma Girls



Saturday afternoon at the Anything Goes School of Martial Arts... As per the norm, a lunch prepared and served by Akane turned into a culinary disaster. Nabiki, always the practical one, suggested all the girls go out for lunch and leave Akane's feeble attempt at cooking for the guys when the finished training. And so, off went: Ran-Chan, Nabiki, Akane, Shampoo, Kodachi and Ukyo.

Saturday afternoon at Tenchi's house... Another boring day just lounging around was too much for Mihoshi to bear. So, she decided that all the girls needed to pile into the car and go into town for eats and conversation. It sounded good to all - and might give them a break from the constant scheming of Ryoko and Aeka. So off into town they went: Aeka, Ryoko, Mihoshi, Kiyone, Samsami and Washuu

Too bad both gangs picked the same restaurant to visit. When they both arrived at the same time, there was only one table left! As hot words and glares were exchanged, the owner of the resturaunt hastily stepped in to stop the brewing hostility. In the intrest of keeping damages to his restaurant at a minimum, the owner said he'd give a 50% discount on the bill and the last table to the winning team if only they would settle the battle outside.

It's the Ladies of Tenchi Muyo! vs the Fem's of Ranma 1/2 in a match we had to call...

Cheesecake for Dessert

This match suggested by Carnagefreak


Garrod:   Good thing we had our Mobile Suits handy Hamann! This is gonna be one NASTY Battle and I'm glad for all the armor!

Hamann:   I've already activated my Funnels..Modifed with Cameras! No Matter what happens we're gonna have the best view possible! We may not have the God-Proof Sports Box, but your Double X and my Quebeley is probibly close enough. The Camera crews have finaly gotten here, and just in time too. Even though I'm a Newtype, I can't predict who's gonna win THIS battle. I DO know the losers are gonna be the ones down in the city: They haven't had time to evacuate!

Garrod:   Will they become a Factor..NOT LIKELY! These girls are going tooth and nail. Apparently there's some sort of Side bet on the Ranma side: Who ever does the most damage gets to sit with Ran-Chan while they eat!

Hamann:   They've got something similar on the Tenchi side too...This has gone BEYOND a simple Restaurant table!

Garrod:   While Hamann and I get some Space Between Us and the Combatents, Lets see what some of the soon to be Innocent Bystanders are saying about this battle



David, Master of Disaster writes:

Normally, I would stay silent due to lack of experience on the subject of Ranma 1\2...until I realized something. Fact: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned Fact: The contestants are all women Fact: Ryoko is named for her ability to call forth evil spirits. Fact: Ayeka is a PRINCESS! (A woman Scorned is one thing, but NOBILITY SCORNED is like going up from generic WHOOP BUTT! to The real Deal WHOOPASS.) Fact: Mihoshi is in the Galaxy Police, she could just arrest the Ranma crew for assaulting an officer. And Finally, FACT: Rio Okey (I know that is not spelled write.) can turn into a spaceship, and in other Tenchi Series, A Mech. The Ranma Crew is just plain outgunned, outclassed, out swived, out swerved, AND out swaved.

The catwoman writes:

What will happen is that the Ranma girls will flurt with Tenchi. This will result in an enormus can of whupass being opened on them.

Ranma will die faster than Anna Nacole Smith's husband!

P.S. The Ranma girls don't have a simi omnipotint being pertecting them so they will be in deep shit!

Justy Hakubi writes:


As much as I love the Ranma gals, Nabiki especially, they are simply outclassed and outgunned by the Tenchi gals. Ryoko alone stormed the Imperial Palace at Jurai. Ranma at the end of the manga couldn't go 10 rounds with Ryoko. Mihoshi on a bad day could wipe out all of Nerima.

Their only hope would be spark an arguement between Aeyaka and Ryoko while using Mihoshi against Washu. That is the only way. Yet, I just don't see it getting that far. Nabiki could do, but she would need time to observe and plan. Then again, just the same, the Ranma girls have that same weakness. I wouldn't exactly call them a united front.

Can't they both win? Cruel world! It pains me greatly to chose one over the other. Since I must decide I say the Ranma girls go down harder and faster than XFL Europe!

Draco Starcloud writes:

As much as I like the Tenchi girls, I can't go against Garrod Ran! HE PILOTS A GUNDAM FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! Haman Khan just pilots a puny Qubeley. Garrod's Gundam Double X has a system to control Bit Mobile Suits that would totally waste Haman Khan. That and is somehow Haman Khan defeated Garrod, he'd call for his homies in the Gundam Airmaster Burst and the GUndam Leopard Destroy to come and take Haman Khak out. This fight'll be over before you can say "Believe in the sign of Zeta."


Mechazoid writes:

Lets face facts here

Ramna girls have... kung-fu

Tenchi girls have... superior numbers, magic swords, laser pistols and that weird little cat thing that can turn into a robot

No contest... tenchi girls all the way!

CM7238 writes:

THe Tenchi girls ahve this one in the bag. Sure, the Ranma girls can fight, but Washu has invented weapons that could destroy all of time, and can create pocket universes in her sleep! Also, Ryoko could take out everybody in teh Ramna universe, even that stupid Panda. This one's gonna be over faster than a date with Ramna at a waterslide park!

Gosunkugi (Formerly Carnagefreak) writes:

First off, I'm shocked and amazed that you used my suggestion, because normally I'm ignored. So... yeah.

This looks like a brawl, but in actuality it's a thinker's game. And, though it would look like Washuu would have it in the bag, Nabiki, Kodachi, and Shampoo all out-do the genius. Not in brain power, but in scheming. Both teams make their game plan, and automatically Ran-Chan, Shampoo, Ukyo, and Akane charge the Tenchi team. Ryoko answers the challenge, flying at all four. Akane and Ukyo both jump to opposite sides, and Ran-Chan and Xian Pu both go into direct combat. Kodachi walks away, laughing insanely. Nabiki makes a rush for the table, and sits down at the same time as Washuu and Sasami. Sasami takes a swing with her frying pan, but Nabiki, the daughter of a Martial Arts Master, therefore she must be at least a little skilled at martial arts, easily catches it and disarms Sasami. Sasami is knocked away as Washuu decides to go for the more reasonable approach: She offers Nabiki some money to just get her team to go away. Nabiki grins: The ball's in her court now.

Akane is unconscious: Her MALLET OF INTENSE PAIN only works on men. Ukyo is somewhat dazed, but she continues to work on that defensive shield that Ayeka has. Mihoshi aims at Ran-Chan, who flipped through the air, but predictably misses and hits an overhead light, which comes down and hits Ayeka over the head. She's out, as is her defensive shield. The fight's a lot more even now.

Meanwhile, Nabiki finally goads Washuu into giving them half of their money: "Hey, you're only going to need half of it" ~ Quoth Nabiki Tendo. "HEY, GUYS! LEAVE THEM ALONE! We'll just find another restraunt!" Ran-Chan, Shampoo, and Ukyo sigh, and Ukyo picks up Akane, and they leave.

But the fight isn't over yet: Ayeka is eventually revived, and they sit down to eat. The waitress, a young girl with a cute brown ponytail, tells them that this is "All You Can Eat" day and that she'll need their money now, instead of after they eat. They comply, of course. Then they order their initial platters of food. About two or three bites in, they learn to their horror that they can't move! And then they start getting drowsy... After a minute, they all go out like a light. Kodachi laughs maniacally, as she walks into the restaraunt with the other girls, and the waitress reveals himself to be Tsubasa Kurenai, one of Ukyo's suitors! Team Ranma 1/2 gets the money, gets the lunch, and gets the victory.

Hentai Bob writes:

Yes, the Tenchi girls are tougher, have space ships and have better weapons, but they're still gonna lose. Why? 2 reasons, one, Ryoko and Aika will fight amongst themselves as always, and two, no matter what the Tenchi girls do, Mihoshi will screw up and lead them to disaster.

Seargent Stash writes:

to the roma girls all i have to say is what a shame to the tenchi girls well it looks like its that time of the month for ryoko and aeka and you know what that means...

The Real Nemo writes:

It was a tough call but I had to go with the Tenchi girls. I mean they've got Ryoko's powers, Aeka's energy shields and Kiyone and Mihoshi's blasters. The Ranma girls are great fighters but they can't compete against that kind of firepower for long. Plus Nabiki may be a master schemer but Washu is the smartest being in the entire universe! You do not outthink Washu, it's impossible. And if Sasami changes into Tsunami it's all over, the ten wings of the light hawk would take the Ranma girls down fast. The only ace the Ranma girls have is Ranma-chan herself who tends to find a way to win in almost any situation. But against this group even she probably won't stand a chance. Plus if she got splashed with hot water he'd probably be disqualified anyway.

Anime Andy writes:

Well, this comes down to which version of Tenchi Muyo! we're talking about.

Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki (OVA): Ranma and his harem are dead meat on a stick.

Tenchi Universe (TV): Ranma and company still get beaten, but not so badly.

Shin Tenchi (Tenchi in Tokyo): The Nerima Wrecking crew might actually stand a chance against these goofballs.

Still, The Ranma Girls lose 2 times out of 3, so this goes to Tenchi's Girls.

Mr. Silverback writes:

Cheesecake? C'mon, you know if you saw anybody with those creepy anime eyes (especially the Ranma Girls!) in real life you wouldn't rush them home to your bed, you'd rush them to the emergency room.

This is a match I just had to call...

Is Htere An Opthamologist In The House?

Reilael writes:

At first I figured that the Ranma girls had the Tenchi girls outnumbered, at least in terms of highly, highly skilled fighters. Then it occurred to me that Ryoko could probably blow away anything within at least a 50-meter radius to kingdom come. At that rate, the battle would end with everyone lying outside the wreckage of the restaurant except Ryoko, Mihoshi (whose dumb luck would doubtlessly hold out somehow), and Sasami (whose good mood is all but indestructible)... wait, Kiyone's here, too? Then the Ranma girls are going to win, because the Tenchi girls from the Tenchi Universe universe are a lot weaker than they were in the original series, except maybe Washuu. Pity they didn't have Ryo-Ohki with them, wonder where she is :P

Demonicuss Krinn writes:

So the Ranma gals are in sexy swimsuits. Doesn't matter, they're screwed compared to Team Femme Tenchi. Cripes, Ryoko alone could whoop em! (Flight, invulnerablity, phasing through solid objects, energy blast attacks, etc..) Good Gravy, Lil' Washu could just snap her fingers and turn them into frogs! Team Femme Tenchi gets that table.

Too bad that Akane decided to sneak into the kitchen to whip something "special" for the winners...


Radical writes:

Are you guys (expletive)ING me? Not only do Aeka and Ryoko have their weapons and all, they've got the friggin' uber-genius Washu helping, plus Mihoshi's incredible luck.

Dekerr writes:

I would have to say that in my opinion that this fight should probably violate some law somewhere... I mean it is just plain cruel to pit a group of anime babes in such a unbalenced fight. I mean honestly, does anyone at all belive that Tenchi's girls couldn't clean the floor with those Ranma floosies? Even if these were the lame Tenchi in toyoko versions they'd have it winning hands down, and if it is the ones from the OAV... well then I just hope there is a restraunt... neigh a town left standing somewhere near enough to go and pick up a nice dinner by the time tenchi's girls are done with those poor unsuspecting sods.

Let us consider... Ryoko held her own in a fight against both A-Ko and Supergirl (either of wich could slap these Ranma girls down in less than two shakes of Ryoko's fake tail) And Aeka? do not tell me that you think the Juri empire is going to let a princess get slapped down... She just has to make a couple phone calls and people will be wondering where the hell japan went (as the fleet would have blown it up). And Washuu... well lets just say that it is never wise to piss off someone who can build a gun capable of blowing up a entire Galaxy.

I'd say it is over in less than two minuits with Mihoshi and Kiyone arresting anyone who actually managed to survive for disturbing the peace.

Melchior, the Geddon Knight writes:

Gosh, this is as lopsided as the 400-meter berserk monsters vs. the 16-meter flimsy mecha fight (EVA vs. Gundam). When the Tenchi girls are away from Tenchi, they tend to rob galactic empires (Ryoko, and Ryo-ohki if she is around), rule galactic empires (Ayeka, and Sasami/Tsunami), or blow up galactic empires (Washuu and Mihoshi). What do the Ranma girls do? Train martial arts under adverse conditions. Even the Ayeka/Ryoko rivalry is not a big deal, since the Ranma girls will have the Akane/Kodachi/Shampoo/Ukyo thing going on. You want to talk power? Ran-ko can let loose a chi blast capable of destroying at least a city block (rough guess, have not seen all of Ranma). Ryoko can do that with one hand. You want to talk smarts? Nabiki sets up clever schemes for her own gain that net some money. Washuu's plots tend to alter reality. You want to talk twistedness? Kodachi is a sicko who thinks knock-out-gas flowers and poisoned cookies are nice. I've seen official manga pictures of Ayeka in a dominatrix outfit, plus she has royal politics to keep up with. You want to talk cooking? Ukyo runs a successful okiyaminaki (spelling?) shop. Sasami competes at Iron Chef levels whenever she tries just a little. Shampoo might be able to scheme, and seems rather stupid at times, but can she match Mihoshi, with luck surpassed only by Captain Justy Taylor? Remember, Mihoshi has repeatedly gotten lost, and ended up in portions of Washuu's labs with dimensional barriers around them. If Kiyone can somehow manage with that, how on earth will Akane be a problem?

The final straw? Tenchi's gals include two goddesses, one half-goddess, and I think one descendant of a goddess. Ranma's girls include a cat-girl, a fem-boy, a sicko, a double-crossing schemer (Nabiki would backstab if she thinks its in her best interests), and two very stubborn girls.

Result, the Tenchi girls get a gentle work-out before eating, and Ukyo fixed dinner for the Ranma gang, again.

Ironhand writes:

all i know is the rama girls are going to get spanked like red-headed step-children at a k-mart

Azzy writes:

Ryoko could level cities. Let me repeat that. Ryoko can level CITIES. Even in the world of Anime, where a DBZ character can destroy the universe by not being able to crap, that puts her above her opponents. She bitch slaps their heads off at superspeed to work off her frustration that Tenchi's probably gay. And that's even if Ayeka, Washu, Sasami(aka, GOD), Kiyone, and Mihoshi don't take out their sexual frustrations on the remainders.

Sonic Duck 85 writes:

Like someone said during Evangelion vs. Gundam Wing, and I quote:

"This match will result in a tie, bacause all anime is the same"

I could not agree more. The only anime I can bear to watch is Speed Racer (I'm going to crash up!) and Street Fighter II: The Movie.

That last one is only because I'm a Capcom fanatic (Hadouken!). If I want to watch a cartoon, I'll pop in The Simpsons or some Looney Tunes.

I constantly have to put up with my unbelievable geeky brother yammering on about how cool Dragonball Z is and how Goku can beat Bugs Bunny or Superman.

I'm Goddamn sick of it! I HATE ANIME! JUST MAKE IT GO AWAY! It's stealing away airtim from GOOD animation! This must be put to a stop. Please let it die!

That's the end of my short rant. Expect more at the next anime based match, "Anime Rant II: This Time... It's Personal"

Dark Inferno writes:

An easy win for the Tenchi gals!

If this fight is based on the OAV series of Tenchi then the Ranma chicks have no chance in hell of winning! Ryoko's powers alone will be able to wipe those little girls away like nothing. She is after all the Demon Space Pirate who, by human years, is over 5,000 years old and still just as beautiful!

Besides, I think Ryo-ohki will interfere considering that Ryo-ohki is a female from Tenchi Muyo who can transform into a powerful space ship and destroy the Ranma gals. But, I think that even if the Tenchi girls beat the shit out of the Ranma chicks, something tells me that Tenchi and Ranma are going to take the last table in the restaraunt and talk about how the girls keep fighting over them both!

MediaMan writes:

..... You gave the Tenchi girls Washu. You gave them Washu. You gave them "I have all the powers of Ryoko, but I can also casually obliterate entire galaxies, create pocket universes like first graders make clay ashtrays, point at people to turn them into water sprites, design a shield that's only weakness is the Light Hawk Wings, can keep you still in existence even if someone went back in time and killed your mother, and I also have twenty thousand years of experience" Washu? Serge... I always thought of you as a fair person, but I guess my thoughts were wrong. Washu alone can wipe the floor with these space woo-woo's. Add in Ryoko "I am MORE than a martial artist, I am a planet-wide threat", Aeka "My force fields can withstand black holes for a short period of times", Mihoshi "I dodged a full barrage from a planet destroying ship on pure luck alone", and Kiyone "I get angry at Mihoshi alot and therefore have The Rage (tm)"? I shall tell you how this fight shall end and it's not "Thump" (Tenchi girls hit Ranma girls) "Thump" (Ranma girls hit floor). It ends in a crater the size of a lake. It ends... In fire...

DarthVegita writes:

What? Is this a Joke? One of the Tenchi girls alone could take the Rambo, I mean Ramna girls. With Ryoko's vast powers, Ayeka's Juraian powers, Sasami's Tsunami powers, and Washu's ultrasuper genius combined, we have a force even the mighty Goku couldn't stand up to. Hell, once Washu gets her hands on her keyboard, it's all over. She makes Wile E. Coyote look like a school boy.

The Bunyip writes:

The real winners will be all those aspiring amateur Hentai Otaku out there who have been waiting for Ryoko to catfight with Ranma-chan for years. Of course, with one good splash of water, Ryoko might forget about Tenchi rather quickly.

Borneo Jimmy writes:

The Tenma girls will win, because they have big round eyes and some have spunky attitudes and occasionally become misguided but ultimately are committed to the team. Or is that the Ranchi girls? Perhaps some martial arts and special vehicles might be involved?

How the hell do anime fans stay interested in this schlock? And how do anime factories keep cranking out the same cutesy dippy pablum for years on end without anyone noticing? Is it the porn factor? For God's sake, guys, go out and buy Playboy or something.

Now let's get back to whether Thor could beat Elric of Melnibone.

The Animator writes:

I voted for the Ranma girls. But only because I've never seen Ranma 1/2, so it annoys me less than Tenchi Whatever-it-is-this-week. (Sides, the Ranma girls look cuter in the photo.) Seriously, though, I'll bet Chi Chi could mop the floor with all ten of these bimbos.

XXUTAK writes:

Yeah, yeah, the Ranma girls are better schemers, and most of the Tenchi girls are not factors at all. But I really just have to wonder if any of them are even capable of injuring Ryoko... not to mention that Sasami has a giant, living starship.

Big Daddy T writes:

I have no idea who both this girls are!

But from the looks of it the Tenchi Girls look like lesbians, and the Ranma Girls look like bimbos who will do n e thing that a guy wants!!!

So my vote is to the RANMA GIRLS

H. Torrance Griffin writes:

Hakubi Ryoko is quite capable of planetary distruction and quite literally impossible to kill with anything short of a nuke or the Tenchi-ken...

... and Washuu is even more dangerous (esp. with acess to her Lab).

This is not a fight, this is murder.

'Da Watcher writes:

The Tenchi Girls clean house.

You see, there's a few things about the Tenchi girls that give them the win.

You see, two girls have Superpowers. Ryoko can fly, shoot laser blasts, turn intagible, teleport, and create laser swords. Ayeka can create force-fields, force blasts and even has some super-strength. Not to mention that when their energy combines it becomes explosive...

Then we have Mihoshi, who's dumb luck has saved her countless times and destroyed numerous villains. How can the Ramna Girl's counter random stupidity?

Then we have Washuu, the Greatest Scientific Genuis in the Universe! She alone gives the Tenchi girls the edge with her super-smarts.

Really, I have respect for the Ramna Girls, but this is like putting up a sub-machine uzi up against an atom bomb.

Normally the Ranma Girls are the ass-kickers, but in this contest, their the ones who are getting their ass's kicked.

It's simply no contest.

Devil's Advocate writes:

Who cares? (Flip coin) Heads it is. Tenchi Girls got it. Bye Bye.

Bob writes:

Boy them Ranma girls are hot, but I gotta tell ya, the Tenchi bitchs are good fighters with Ryoko there. But I say the Ranma girls are gonna win cuz they will blind the Tenchi girls with their beatuy and kill them.

Hatsuma writes:

I had to vote for the Tenchi girls. I mean, my name is FROM Tenchi in Tokyo. Besides...


Dark Queen writes:

First of all I would like to say that I am glad that this place is finally up and running like it should be. Good Job Webmaster!

Now on to business. I would have to say that the Tenchi girls will win this match. Here is why:

Ryoko: The most feared space pirate in the known galaxy. She has ripped off many intergalactic banks in the past, including the heavily guarded Bank of Geraii, which is known for it's tight and squeaky clean security. She has the brains and the power for this match.

Aeka: The Crown Princess of Geraii. She controls the awsome Power of Geraii like all the royal family. And, as we all know, there is no other great power like that of the Geraii royal family. She is also always competing against Ryoko for the love of Tenchi.

Sasami: The other Princess of Geraii. While she is not as powerful as her older sister Aeka, she does have Rio Oke, the small half-rabbit, half-cat that can turn itself into a powerful space ship or a gigantic robotic bunny, depending on which series of Tenchi you have seen. Besides, with a face like that who would want to do harm to her?

Mihoshi and Kiyone: Two cadets of the Galaxy Police. Kiyone is constantly scheming to try and get a promotion. She is one of the smartest ever to enter the acadamy so we know that she had brains. Then there is Mihoshi. All right, let's face it, this girl is not the brightest color in the crayon box. But it is her incredible dumb luck that gets her out of trouble. Watch out for her, she just might surprise you.

And Finally...

Washu: What is there to say? She is the world's greatest genius. She has invented numerous inventions to prove her genius and ingenuity. Too bad that she wants to use her knowledge to try and rule the universe.

Now that that is settled, let the battle commence. Snootchie-bootchie!!!!!

Thanos6 writes:

The Tenchi Girls have both the power and numbers advantage. Even Mihoshi can't screw things up so badly that they'd lose.

Shazaka writes:

At first glance, it appears that the Tenchi girls vastly outpower the Ranma girls, until you realize one glaring fact: one of the Ranma girls is actually Ranma him/herself! That means I don't care how powerful Ryoko is or how smart Washuu is, Ranma will prevail!

Senator Blue Man writes:

Hard one...


The Tenchi girls have ONLY defeated demons, space things and other assorted plagues of space, and whatever.



well they know martial arts,

battle is over in three minutes tops!

D.Merzel writes:

"Being a princess brings great beauty, intelligience and POWER"

The Ranma girls & one guy/girl

They don't fling energy bolts

They don't have force sheilds

They don't have the greatest scientific genius in the known galaxy

They don't have Ryo-Urr (ayeka's ship)

They don't have Ryo-oki (Aka death cabbit)

They don't have hazaka and komodake (aka logs of doom)

The only thing going for team ranma

They don't have Mitoshi

A close call of factors but even mitoshi couldn't counter the rest of the tenchi girls.

ShadowdaHhog writes:

The Tenchi girls are gonna slaughter the Ranma girls, Ryoko's a freaking magic demon for god

@!##ing sake. I gotta say Tenchi girls on this one.

Ghost writes:

Man, I know nothing about these Anime babes! Why can't you pick a fight where I know the fighters? Anyway, I voted for Team Ranma, since I've developed a small crush for the female version of the hero. Besides, Ranma is the Olympian Martial Arts gold medallion, so these girls have to be pretty tough to hang with him.

finmagik writes:

Ranma girls kick ass, and if nothing else they are determined to win! They'll fight until the bitter end or at least Ranma will

The Joker. writes:

As much as I love the Ranma girls,they don't stand a chance here. Let's examine the facts: as soon as Ranma-Chan and Akane mess with Ryoko,they're both down.Ranma is the best fighter in her group.So,without her,the others are easy peckings for the rest of the Tenchi group.Nabiki is a good schemer,sure,but she doesn't hold a candle before Washu.Ayeka mops the floor with Kodachi as soon as she annoys her.And Kasumi...well,even Mihoshi could take her down.As for Ukyo,while she's pretty good,I think that Sasami and Kiyone can take care of her.Game,set and match to the Masaki household lovelies.

Pallandrome writes:

ok guys, now i'm ticked. ranma loosing? look at the talent involved here. in combat i'll admit that nabiki and kasumi are worse than useless. but then in this contest so the princess and her little sister, and cop girl and the inventer will probably get taken out in the first salvo anyway, so they are out. that leaves the last two, and both are dangerous as hell. akane is not at the level of ranma or the other two.but she IS the key to this whole thing. Ranma will not get touched you see. in girl form, as the poster indicates, he's just too damn fast. teleporting, lightsaber weilding chippies could kill him if they could only catch him, but lord knows that ranma is simply too quick to dodge. So they will kill akane to keep her from bashing them to death. and that will in turn get them killed, as ranma has been noted to go beserk when akane's in danger, and her death would no doubt prompt ranma to kill as well. as fast as he is and with his ki attacks, the chippies are as good as dead. next up, Slayers Vs. Ranma 1/2. now that is a fight to see!

mr.saotome writes:

Well it is a good battle but thos girls didnt come from earth an thay have super powers (:|)but the girls have a lot of skills an ranma chan is powerful an skilfor an ALWAYS COME ON TOP AT THE END!!

Parrot_King writes:

I can't believe how close this is in some people's eyes. This is not about skill or brains. This is about raw, unchecked power.

Shampoo and Kodachi are crafty are they? What does 2000 years of Chinese Amazon history have to say to 20 000 years of being an insane uber scientist with hints of goddesshood?

It comes down to this, OAV Tenchi or TV series? I'll assume the OAV for now, though note in the TV series, it becomes MUCH closer to call.

OAV, you have two goddesses, one of which is a blue haired child moppet that is connected to a star ship capable of producing ten plot devices at once, all of them in the Death Star range of "bad things tm".

Then there's Ryouko, with more powers and abilities then the Swiss Army SDF, phasing, flight, energy production, spilting, morphing, golem construction, summoning, super strength, force fields, and regeneration. Not to mention whatever the writers decides she needs at the moment.

Aeka has forcefields capable of defending at least three people and staying up when a ship explodes around her and lasting in the vacum of space, against the pull of a BLACK HOLE, even if it was for only a few seconds. Not to mention she also flies in a sphere of protection, powerful enough that without touching them, she pulverizes several mecha and the inside of a massive war ship CRACKS from the shock wave. Then there's the whole shielding people up buisness and foliage control.

Then there's Mishoshi who has a nice skin suit, looks really cute and carries a Rocket Launcher along with a control cube that gets whatever else she needs.

First, wits and such won't be much use here as neither side really has time to plan. The first attack is likely the Ranmas', they'll come in hard and fast. This, however will be hard and fast against characters just as used to dodging bolts of lights as the Ranmas' are.

At the least Ryouko will have a field up, if not Aeka. Considering Ryouko's field withstood being hit FULL force at close range by an explosion capable of taking out a capital war ship, I'd say her likely response will be... Owie.

Anything that did get hurt could be quickly regenerate. Should they truley surprise them, well, Ryouko can teleport mid combat, as well as phase. Aeka, Mihoshi and Ryouko take to the air, and carpet bomb the girls with blasts capable of destroying large hunks or real estate.

Only Ranma has a distance chi attack to speak off and it's effects are debatable especially as it's all about the confidence. It's hard to maintain that while your friends are going down like dominos.

The problem really is the fight compares two utterly different styles. Ranma gals have the skillz, the determination and the sneaks... but the INCREDIBLE power edge of OAV Tenchi gals makes all that moot. The martial artists fight close in, where skill and craft determine the winner, and use tricks designed to deal with OTHER martial artists.

What good is an attack designed to turn someone's chi against them when they don't use it? And how will leverage and the skill to pit someone's strength against them help when they won't plant themselves on the ground or even indulge you in a contest of strength to BEGIN with?

All in all, it's rather unfair. Everything the Ranma crew excels at... ends up being moot due to powers they were never designed to combat.

Will the Tenchi crew wipe the floor with the Ranma crew? Yes, without a doubt. Does this make the Tenchi crew better fighters? No, not at ALL.

A better contest, if you want to pit them against each other, is to set up a challenge for both. A villian designed to deal with them in their own way... say Saffron and Kagato... and then time them ^_^

SSDogbert22 writes:

Okay, I'll just detail each person one by one...

First off, htis is assuming the fight is merely to the K.O. not to the death. This partialy limits Ryoko, but gives Ayeka and Sasami an advantage.

I'll jsut go into each girl one by one.

Akane: She's a pretty god fighter, but without help form Ranma and their partner-up moves, she'll only be able to take on Mihoshi, MABYE Kiyone. However, Akane AND Ranma teamed up is a force to be reckoned with becuase they have techniques cpaable of hitting several people at once. This combination coudl take down even Washu.

Ranma: In girl form, her added speed will MORE than make up for her slight weakness, so by herself she'll probably be able to defeat Sasami, but the key is to work with Akane.

Shampoo: Definately a key fighter, but the tricky part is whom will she attack: One of the Tenchi girls, or Akane? If she does the latter, Tenchi and crew have the win. If she focuses on getting the table, then she'll probably focus on Ayeka.

Ukyou: She can probably handle Ryoko using her spatula to block ki blasts then gether with her small throwing spatulas.

Kodachi: (Not sure if she's in the match or not, but...) She'll be a hinderance as much as a help, becuase even if she manages to tie up Washu, she'll likely tie up Akane or Ranma as well.

Ryoko: The second most powerful of all the girls, but she can't use her full power here becuase it woul destroy the restauuraunt, making all of their fighting useless. If she does hold back, she'll be VERY powerful. At least unitl she and Aykea start fighting.

Ayeka: She and Sasami are probably going to be ocusing more on protecting themselves than anything else. however, this coudl be useful if they are the onyl ones left, becuase Azaka and Kamadake are a pretty powerful comnation. If she fires the Ultimate Jurai Blast, they've good as won the match- bt they cetianly WON'T be getting th 50% discount.

Sasami: See above. I'm not counting Ryo-ohki as a factor becuase there's no way she'll take her spaceship form.

Mihishi: To be frank, she will be practically useless in the battle. Mabye she'l weaken Akane a little.

Kiyone: MUCH better. Without Mihoshi's 'help', she could probabyl handle Akane.

Washu: The deadliest of the group. If Ranam and AKane recognize this fact and KO her quickly with their team-up specials, then the whole fight goes to them. If they don't...

The onyl reaosn I gave this fight to Ranma and crew is becuase Ayeka and Ryoko DO NOT work together very well at all. This key weakness is the only thing stopping them from victory.

Echo Garotte writes:

Okay, now let me make a single observation, if I'm not mistaken Washu and Sasami are Goddesses. You are forgetting if Sasami gets in REAl trouble that means Tsunami will come out eventually and then the Ranma girls, while I love them too(Nabiki will probably get a profit off of this match anyway), will get their butts whipped like 4 year olds at K-Mart.


The Comic Master writes:

Both teams look pretty even. Some of the Ranma 1/2 girls have the powers to change forms, and Most of the Tenchi girls are aliens with incredible powers. Both groups know how to fight and employ diffrent weapontry, though I would say the techie girls could mop up if they were alowed to use some of their space guns. The Techi girls also have the numbers advantage though not all of them have gotten along to well most of them have worked on the same side.

Maglash writes:

Okay to start with I will assume that the tenchi girls we are dealing with are from the OVA rather then the tv series.

First of all you need to look at them individually I have ranked them in the order of combat effectiveness.


First we look at Sasami, very young not really a combatant though she can summon Tsunami the first ship of jurai would more likely try to be a peace maker in this conflict rather then call on Tsunami for anything as simple as this however Sasami is always acompanied by…..


Now ryo-ohki in her cabbit form isnt going to be a threat and again like sasami is more likey to try stop the fight then join in, until that is one of the rama1/2 girls do somethiing or says something to upset sasami.

Have you even seen a pissed off space ship ? its not pretty lets not forget the fact that when they where space pirates ryoko and ryo-ohki destroyed several planets ! sorry but cunning plans and marshal arts wont help you here much.

Ryo-ohki isnt ranked higher because without ryoko egging her on she has a very gentle and forgiving nature.


Here we have the hidden danger most people will write mishoi as a bumbling fool however if you look past the surface there is evidence that this ( in the ova series atleast ) is an act which mishosi is hiding behind or perhaps no longer able to reveal her true self. She is incredibly lucky if fact possibly too lucky, can get into places she is not ment to be ( like washu lab when its sealed against mishosi entering ) she was important enough for kagato to RECOGNISE her and know some of her history out of a galaxy police force that must number in the tens of thousand if not hundreds of agents !.

I see mishosi like sasami and ryo-ohki trying to do something to sstop people from fighting then acidently dropping a wall on some of the rama1/2 girls ( in the TV series mishosi does just appear to be a lucky imcompetent ).

Now we get to the heavy guns there will be no talk of peace with these girls they will be fighting and enjoy it.


Now ayeka will be proably insulting ryoko during the fight but that wont stop them from pounding this upstarts into the dirt, she is the princess of the house of jurai and ranks in the top 10 most important people in the entire jurai empire. With her force fields, combat armor and the two guardian azaka and kamidake her oponents will be out of the fight faster then you can blink. But for all this there are still two stronger then her.


Flight, invunribilty, superstrenght, teleportation, phasing thru solid matter, engery blasts and swords, has demostrated the ability to regrow body parts in an instant make ryoko a very impressive combatant to deal with, add to this 1300 years of combat experience ( prior to being locked in the cave ) and I don’t see how the raman girls with just a few years of combat experience can match her, ryoko simply will not give up fighting until she is victorous or somehow defeated. That has only been done 3 times in two thousand years, play fights with ayeka don’t count they are normally statemates as ryoko isnt really trying to hurt ayeka she just likes fighting with her.

Only one of the girls is stronger and she is a relative.


The most dangerous of all the tenchi girls.

Mother to ryoko, maker of ryo-ohki, itsd been hinted she is an ex-godess.

Washu always knows what is going on with technology and mystical powers that most people wouldn’t dream existed, she is not afriad to mix it up either but don’t be surprised if the Washu your holding turns out to be a washu decoy doll tm.

Washu will know the rama1/2 girls fighting style but will watch for a bit will ryoko and ayeka battle for a bit then will step in and either teleport the rama1/2 girls to another dimenison, remove their curses or both.

Now looking at the Tenchi side as whole.

Yes the tenchi girls can argue and fight with each other, mainly ryoko and ayeka however what some people will over look is that all of the tenchi girls consier each other family and will defend each other with their lives if an outside threatens the group.

Ayeka and Sasami grew up in a very formal family setting where with the tenchi house hold they can be themselves, Washu and Ryoko have their own tragic pasts one having their family taken from them and the other never having a family growing up and just being used as a weapon. Mishosi is a bit of a enigma but the mention of her having a break down by kagato hints at her own tragdey.

So in summary the tenchi girls are a family which are very powerful in terms of abilites and their emotional bonds which will overcome the rama1/2 girls.

Deep Sea Dolphin writes:

I love Ranma 1/2. I like it better than Tenchi(although I still like Tenchi) but this fight is a horrible mismatch. Let's take a look at the two teams as individuals and groups.

Ranma Girls

Ranma Saotome-Skilled martial artist. Very fast. Strong. Adaptable. Only one with an energy attack. Definately the backbone of the Ranma team.

Akane Tendo-Fast and very strong. About as skilled as a real life black belt and much stronger. The threat of her cooking might hold a psychological factor as well.

Ukyo Kuonji-Fast but not so strong(I don't recall her blowing up buildings like the other Ranma crew have done). Uses a spatula in battle. About as skilled with it in battle as Akane is a martial artist. A few tricks up her sleeve besides that suck as her gunpowder mixed flour and so on.

Shampoo-Very fast and strong plus a skilled fighter with both weapons and her body although not at Ranma's level. Probably the second best fighter for the Ranma crew after Ranma him/herself. Sneaky too with things like the dim sum buns planted with a hypnotic suggestion and so on.

Kodachi Kuno-Somewhat fast and strong. Skilled with weapons. Uses big guns too if she gets really mad. Her laugh is a nice secondary weapon. Plus being insane might put some people off balance.

Nabiki Tendo-Non combatant. She won't be of any aid to the Ranma team although she will make a lot of money off the betting that's going on. Will probably be the only survivor on Ranma's side after the fight is over.

Teamwork-You've got to be kidding right? Ukyo, Kodachi, and Shampoo will be spending as much time trying to kill each other as they will the other team. Akane will get pissed at Ranma somewhere in the fight and mallot him. Nabiki will bet on Tenchi's team and will be rooting them on. Ranma's unwillingness to do serious damage to members of the female gender will leave him helpless before the fury that is the Tenchi girls.

Tenchi Girls

Washu-Ever see those two shadows behind Lady Tokimi? One is Washu. Meaning she's a freaking goddess. Could wipe out the entire Ranma gang with the wave of her hand. Not counting her goddess status she's still a scientist over 20,000 years old who created a lab that's five worlds in size in another dimension. She could wipe out the whole planet if she so desired.

Sasami-*Cough* Remember people. Sasami=Tsunami=the other shadow behind Lady Tokimi=Another goddess type thing. Can make more light hawk wings than Tenchi(who makes three) meaning she's probably more powerful than even he is. Could wipe out Earth on her own too. Meaning she could wipe out the Ranma crew on her own just like Washu.

Ryoko-Made from Washu and a creature called the mass is almost as powerful as a demigoddess. With her gems has the potential to create light hawk wings as well. Meaning yet another character capable of wiping out planets. In fact she's done so. Watch the OVA where Mihoshi first arrives. Ryo-Ohki doesn't do stuff without Ryoko so any of those planets that Ryo-Ohki destroyed probably had Ryoko backing her up. Also feels no moral compunctions about fair combat so expect Ryo-Ohki to show up in spaceship form and ready to blow stuff up. Plus she's immune to Akane's cooking.

Ayeka-Well at least she can't blow up planets. Trains and houses yes. Planets no. Can also create a powerful forcefield and energy blasts. Could probably be defeated by the whole Ranma team combined but could defeat any of them one on one.

Kiyone-A galaxy police officer. Good with a laser pistol and her energy yo yo thing. Like Ryoko doesn't bother with the concept of "Fair play". She called Yugami to help in that fight vs. Ryoko after all. On her own probably not a match for anyone in the Ranma crew except possibly Kodachi. With her spaceship will blast them all to pieces.

Mihoshi-The weakest fighter of the weakest crew. The most powerful member of the Tenchi crew. The laws of physics, probability, and commen sense no longer apply when Mihoshi's around. She gets into Washu's subspace lab all on her own....which shouldn't be possible. Maybe she's really another goddess and keeping it secret? Or has she achieved the oblivious syndrome that Kasumi has to such a high level that she's capable of warping reality around her? Whatever the reason some weird but lucky accident will take out the entire Ranma team for her.

Teamwork-Ryoko and Ayeka are rivals but in times of need they've shown they can work together. The Tenchi crew has faced Kain, Yuzuha, Yosho's former girlfriend, and two versions of Kagato and they've always won. Both as individuals and a team. This is definately a better record than the Ranma crew which with the exception of Nekonron China always seems to fail as a team.

With five out of six people capable of killing the Ranma crew on their own I regretfully conclude that the Tenchi crew has won in what is probably the biggest mismatch yet in the Universal Battles. Although it'll definately be a fun mismatch.

Goku_Mizuno writes:

I want a write in vote for Sailor Moon to beat them all.

Landon writes:

Ryoko and Aeka? Bleh... they can't cooperate even when Tenchi's life is on the line. Washuu? Negated by Mihoshi's pressence. Sasami? Useless. We're not talking Tsunami here, we're talking little, bratty, annoying Sasami here, who can only cook and attempt to act cute. Kiyone? Well... she has a gun... but that's about it. And the Ranma side... all they need is Nabiki. She can easily play all of their weaknesses against each other. She's dealt with nonsense like Ryoko and Aeka's rivalry before in mass quantities. They're easy pickings. Washuu may have the techie smarts, but has never really exhibited any sort of cunning or deviousness to counter Nabiki's scheming mind. Mihoshi... screw it, she'll ruin things on her own. And Sasami? Just give her some cute little thing to cuddle and she's out of the picture. And Kiyone's a cop, she's not gonna shoot an unarmed, unskilled-in-combat person, so Nabiki has nothing to worry about. Might as well have called this The Tenchi Gang vs. Nabiki, cause that's what its coming down to, and Nabiki's walking away with mucho moolah in her pocket.

AngelusJC writes:

Ryoko is a CBUB champion, she'd kick all their asses, drag Tenchi away for some sweet sweet Chef (TM)like lovin, then brag about it to Ayeka (sp?) to piss her off in the end.

Basara7 writes:

Oh my word, this will be a good fight. I guess I have to call this one on several factors:


The Tenchi girls have it in spades. Ryoko is a space pirate who routinely razed planets (granted, that was with Ryo-Ohki’s help, but still). Ayeka is a princess of Jurai descent who possesses their royal power and has shown that her power rivals that of Ryoko. Sasami also has the blood and power, but she is still a child who doesn’t know how to use it yet. Washu is an insanely powerful genius, and that heavily tilts the balance of power to the Tenchi girls, if she is so inclined to even participate. Kiyone is certainly a capable fighter in her own right as well, but neither she nor Mihoshi possesses the power of the others. In contrast, the Ranma girls have strength and chi attacks, but the only one who can come close to matching the power of Ryoko, Ayeka, and Washu is Ranma. However, the others are more powerful than Sasami, Kiyone, and Mihoshi which may enable them to take them out and perhaps tip the power scale back to Ranma. However, dealing with the small fry gives the heavy hitters the opportunity to end the fight. The Tenchi girls thus have the advantage in power.


Okay, let’s face it, the Ranma girls have skill coming out of their ears. Nabiki is the only one of the group who isn’t constantly training and working on her art. Of the Tenchi girls, only Kiyone and Ryoko are extremely capable fighters. Countless times, the Ranma crew have used their skill to take out more powerful foes. Whether or not that will be enough to handle the likes of Ryoko, Ayeka, and Washu remains to be seen. However, one should never count Ranma and her friends out of a fight because of their ability to adapt to various situations. This advantage belongs to the Ranma crew.


One word: Washu. How does one combat the genius of someone who routinely thinks of means to destroy the universe? Realistically, you can’t. However, to counter-balance the genius of Washu, the Tenchi girls also have the sheer stupidity of Mihoshi. Mihoshi can single-handedly insure that the Tenchi girls will not win this fight by any number of idiotic means. With those two in effect canceling each other out, Nabiki becomes much more dangerous in this aspect of the contest. If she realizes what a liability Mihoshi is to the Tenchi girls, then the Tenchi girls are in big trouble. No real clear advantage for either side here then.


Okay, this one is tough to call. Both teams have fought well as teams in their respective series. The Tenchi girls are hampered though by the unwillingness of Ayeka and Ryoko to work together, Washu’s general indifference to fighting, and Mihoshi’s stupidity. Also, without Tenchi there to hold them together, the girls really have no reason to help each other. In contrast, the Ranma girls hate each others guts. Shampoo, Ukyo, Akane, and Kodachi want nothing more than to eliminate the other rivals for Ranma’s affection. However, if Ranma becomes imperiled, the girls, except possibly Kodachi, will immediately band together to rescue him. Thus, their teamwork will outshine the Tenchi girls.


The Jusenkyo curse: If the Tenchi girls splash Shampoo with cold water, then she’ll be out of the fight, unless the Ranma girls use Shampoo to trigger Ranma’s Cat-Fu. If that happens, then the chances of the Tenchi girls winning drops significantly. Also, if the Ranma girls can splash Ran-Chan with hot water, then they get the benefit of Ranma’s greater strength in his male form.

Ryo-Ohki: If the Tenchi girls cheat here, then the massive space ship will be tough to combat. However, if Nabiki figures out the cabbit’s weakness (carrots), she’ll effectively be neutralized.

In the end, I feel Rumiko’s wacky martial artists will somehow find a way to win this contest of Anything Goes Martial Arts Intergalactic Combat. Besides, the Ranma girls are prettier and their show is better too.

Knastymike writes:

Oh, c'mon. Ranma girls? Whatever. Yeah, I'm sure they're great fighters, but unless cosmic powers will somehow be banned, it don't mean squat.

Mihoshi and Keyone have great aim, and I'm sure they can get some great firearms from Washu.

Washu herself will have at least three things on her person capable of leveling several city blocks, maybe even one planet-destroying device.

Ayeka can summon impregneble force sheilds, and you know the Guardians will be right by her side to encapsulate at least one of the ranma chicks.

Ryoko has enough power within her to take on all of these losers, and also a cute little cabbit spaceship.

And let's not forget Sasami. Sure, she's just a little girl. But let's not forget our basic Tenchi, people. Her life force is linked to Tsunami's, and I doubt Tsunami would let any harm come to her.

So, that's several powerful women, several heavily armed women, and a couple of heavily armed spacecraft.

Ranma girls get spanked like a fetish enthusiast in a leather dungeon.

Jeff"T-Rex" Hayes writes:

Well all Tenchi Girls are girls one of the Ranma girls Becomes a girl when (i)HE(/i) gets wet. Thats not only weird thats cheating. Hello little minutes

Teslamander writes:

The Tenchi Girls wil win. Just look at their talents;

Washuu is the most brilliant genius in the universe, who specializes in weapons of mass destruction, such as atom destroying volleyballs to a weapon that can destroy the universe. Washuu was considered so dangerous that she was imprisoned in a crystal and exiled from civilized space. Washuu also makes portals

to and from anywhere on earth, spy drones, time machines, and a machine that changes reality to suit her needs.

Ryoko is the most wanted criminal in the universe with immense powers that she draws from her gems, such as teleportation, phasing through objects, flying, super strength, and energy blasts.

Aeka has jurai power, which is strong, but not as useful as Ryoko's powers

Sasami is not much of a threat, as she is just a kid.

Kiyone is a trained Galaxy Police officer who has busted crime rings around the galaxy.

Mihoshi is not much more than a nuisance, but when she gets her hands on her galaxy police blaster, she'll go after her opponent with frantic and random blaster shots.

Those Ranma Girls don't stand a chance.

Cruton writes:

No offense, but....Have you guys flipped your beans? I mean, this has to be one the most obviously one-sides fights in the history of CBUB! Ryoko alone is powerful enough to take on the collective military of Jurai and actually won. And Washuu is so overpowered you might as well slap "deus ex machina" on her artificially-prepubesent ass. Ranma had trouble taking on a guy who could just blow the top off of a mountain (Boy, DBZ has spoiled me) and the female half of the Nerima regulars a bit lower than him on the power scale. So, instead of breaking down the fight and going over nuances of each sides powers, I'm just going to be lazy and make a few observations on what will most likely happen...

1)Somebody will make the grave mistake of calling somebody else "flat chested", resulting in interesting pieces of the scenery going airborn.

2) Cologne might leap in and take on Washuu herself in the interest of protecting Shampoo.

3) At least 100 fanboys will get killed in the crossfire trying to tape the festivities.

4) When the dust settles, the winners shall find that it was all for naught, as Nabiki already blackmailed the head waiter for the table and is having a pleasent conversation with Sasami.

5) Slim-chance scenario for the victory of the Ranma Girls: Somebody misread the term 'Ranma Girls' and Team Tenchi finds themselves facing the ENTIRE female cast of Ranma 1/2, including everything from Furikan High extras to poorly drawn demon pandas to an army of fiancees to the Jusenkyo reincartion of the Goddess Ashura. Even the Masaki Harem must fall before logistics.

6) The Kasumi Apocolypse Scenario: If Kasumi wanders in, the universe will end. She would most likely take an attack for Akane or Nabiki, resulting in her getting hurt, breaking one of the most fundamental laws of existence, causing psychich vibrations that will awaken the Gread Old Ones. Yeah....Now I am just being an alarmist.

Well, I'll get off the soapbox now. Besides, I have to go strap on a kevlar vest and load my camcorder. Yeah, I know I just proposed that doing this could me killed, but what kinda of red-blooded fanboy would I be if I didn't? Now, I go to face my fate...To die in a meager attempt to watch a super-powered cat fight! EXCELSIOR!

(charges off)

DamieN Brimstone writes:

look, i figured i might do some research on this fight so i typen in ranma girls and it was basically cartoon porn. cartoon porn! well drawn too. i voted for ranma for that reason

Howler writes:

Tenchi sux, case closed.

Little shit should have been hittting that shit from day one and he hasn't gone after one.

He is obviously gay. The fact that they haven't figured that out means that they are way to dumb to win this fight.

Megaduce Flare writes:

Can this even be called a fight?

Let's see we have, four little martial arts chicks against,

The GREATEST Genius in the Universe,

One of the most DESTRUCTIVE Space Pirates in the Universe,

Two Princesess from the most POWERFUL empire in the Universe,

And two of the BEST Galaxy Police officers in the Universe.

Gee, I wonder who will win?

This battle was over long before it even began. Ryoko & Washu alone'll wipe the floor with the Ranma Girls. Add to that the might of the Jurai empire and the Galaxy Police and this is going to be one of the quickest fights yet.

This is even less of a fair fight than the Gundam Wing/Evangelion bout held awhile back.

Carcasia writes:

This is a very simple one. How could you deal with a goddess, and her daughter? Even if it were just them, they could beat pretty much anyone.

Chris "Shark" Carkeet writes:

Washu-chan will happily whip out her trusty laptop and turn all of the slutty Ranma girls into frogs. Enough said.

Robotech Master writes:

Ok, so we have two teams of lovely young ladies with super powers and incredible tempers. When two groups of beautiful young women armed with super powers and abilities (some of which could make Superman quiver) get into a fight, you definatly want to watch this from far off, unless of course its a mud wrestling contest, but I guess the ladies are pretty fixed on the idea of securing that table eh? Well, in that case, I'd say the Tenchi girls win this fight quite easily. Why? Well, lets put this down woman by woman:

Ryoko: Most of the Ranma girls are extremely fast, agile, and powerful. They have good martial arts skills, but Ryoko is a demon space pirate with over 2000 years experience. She is fast enough to fly from the ground to space in one second (Episode 11), and she has a large variety of super powers ranging from energy blasts/sword, phasing, flight, teleportation, regeneration, dopplegangers, molecular bonding/change, demon summoning, force fields, and more. Now, if this is OVA Ryoko with Gems then she by herself could kick all sorts of a$$ in this battle. If its the Universe one, well, she is still powerful enough to take on the Ranma girls.

Washu: The big kicker here is Washu. OVA washu is smarter, more strategic, and overall much more powerful than her Universe counterpart, but even if this is the Tenchi Universe version, remember that this is the woman who created a machine that destroys galaxies; a machine that changes reality according to your desire; and a force field so powerful it blocks changes in the space/time continuum. Hell, TV series Washu can change people into frogs with one push of a buttom on her subspace computer. I say that when this fight starts she summons force fields to protect them from all the girls attacks and turns some of the Ranma group into those little nematoads and then lets the other girls go in and do some damage. Whatever she does (The people who write this fight will get to be really creative) she will do a LOT of damage.

Mihoshi: She stands, she blindly shoots a laser pistol, and she provides insane amounts of luck. She herself won't do jack, but oops, it looks like Ran-chan slipped during that manuever and landed straight in the path of Ryoko's energy sword. Oops, looks like one of Mihoshi's laser shots just struck a powerful reactor and the explosion somehow only hit the Ranma girls. Only Captain Tylor has better dumb luck than this idiot.

Kiyone: Technically she IS in the OVA, but only in one special. Either way, she doesn't have to do much. Some cover fire maybe, and she could potentially use some heavy equipment that Washu could lend her.

Aeka: The royal pain sits behind the others and creates force fields around her team mates for extra protection, stopping a few times just to shoot off some energy blasts to distract and annoy the hell out of the Ranma girls.

Sasami: She sits there and looks Kawai. If this is OVA she could summon Tsunami on thier sorry butts, but either way, she can sit back and watch.

Well, that is that. Between Ryoko's devastating power, Washu's uber mental technology, and Mihoshi's dumb luck, the Ranma girls are gonna go down faster than Ryoko can get drunk off of Saki

The Chubby Bullfrog writes:

When did CBUB start back up again? Why was I not informed?

Okay, so this one is pretty simple. I mean, I love the Ranma girls and all--way cuter than the Tenchi girls--but they simply aren't in the same league. The Ranma girls are threats to cities, maybe small countries. The Tenchi girls are TRANS-GALACTIC POWERS. Do you think planets in another star system are gonna take notice if Ran-chan gets to fisticuffs? 'Fraid not. Will they notice if Ryoko starts mixing it up? HELL YES. Tenchi girls--no contest.

Your dreams come true writes:

The Tenchi girls are powerful, but they're nowhere near as intelligent or skilled or psychotic as the Ranma girls. Akane, Shampoo and the others INVENTED the psycho bitch persona. Ryouko and Ayeka are amateurs compared to the girls from Ranma. Nabiki is just as dangerous as any of the girls. I'm sure she could threaten to 'accidentally' let it slip to certain government agencies that Ryouko, Ayeka, and the others aren't exactly humans...

Plus, while Shampoo's long purple hair is exotic and sexy, Ayeka's long purple hair is just plain strange. I'm not even gonna TOUCH Ryouko and Washu's hairstyles (because if I did, I'd probably impale a finger or something).

WhyteKnight writes:

The Ranma Girls know kung fu. Rah Rah... big whup. Anything goes school of martial arts or whatever, but it still boils down to physical combat. The Tenchi lineup, on the otherhand, has Aieka and Sasami, princesses of the Jurai Empire, who happen to be backed by an Intergalactic Empire of unrivaled power! So even if the Ranma Girls somehow win, the reprecussions of such a victory would be unpleasant to say the least. Then there's Mihoshi and Kyone, who possess more guns than a small country, as well as a spaceship capapble of wiping out the Ranma Girls (As well as whatever city they happen to be in) with a single orbital strike. Finally, the Tenchi team wins out in both the brains and brawn categories with Washu and Ryoko. I smell a serious ass whippin' for the Ranma team, and an excellent (and discounted) meal for the Tenchi crew.

Eiddon writes:

It's pretty obvious how this is gonna turn out. The only thing that would save the Ranma girls is if Shampoo happens to have some dehydrated Spring of Drowned Goku mix, otherwise Ryoko kills the lot of 'em...damn shame really.

Kayel writes:

Well, they're both a group of lifeless losers..Here's hoping Doom makes an appearance and destroys them all for the good of the multiverse!

WarChild writes:

The girls of Ranma, win against the Tenchi girls? You kidding me?

I think not.

Damnit, the average age of each Tenchi girl is significantly higher than any of the girls of Ranma. But then there's Cologne, but she's not a girl and she's not in this.

Sure, the girls of Ranma 1/2 are skilled in some sort of Martial Art. But the Tenchi girls have a former wanted SPACE PIRATE and a INTERGALATIC SUPER GENIUS!

Remember, Ryoko is known for destroying lots of things that she was a wanted criminal by the Jurai empire. And she has a cabbit that can turn into a spaceship.

And ahh... Washu.... she's a genius among geniuses! Obviously she can cook up something in her lab that can neutralize any martial artist in the vincinty. Forget curses and magic, mad science will topple them both.

As I see it, the girls of Ranma 1/2 will admit defeat faster than the French!

renegade kid writes:

first of all this is totally one sided the tenchi girls would kick i mean anyone from a show about a guy\girl is totally uncool but any way have you ever seen tenchi in toykyo or tenci elsewhere the girls in the show kick ass with a vengance

Leroy writes:

well let me tell you the reason tenchis girls are gone to win P.M.S quite simple do not disagree with me i'm badder than old king kong and meaner than a junkyard dog.

Shampoo writes:

Shampoo kick-a many ass and-a take-a many names.

Terrael writes:

Wow, tough one! At first it seems a pretty one-sided battle -- the Tenchi grrls have superpowers and interstellar tech, while the Ranma grrls just have kung fu. But the Ranma grrls have taken on all kinds of wizards, monsters, and demi-gods, and they always win.

I think that's an important point to remember: each of the Tenchi grrls has suffered a major defeat at some point in her career; but Ranma always wins. Boy-type or Girl-type, Ranma can find some crazy loophole in his opponents' seemingly invincible powers and ends up kicking ass.

Still, it must be admitted that Ranma's crew has never faced the Greatest Scientific Genius in the Universe, or the Galaxy's Most Wanted Space Pirate, let alone both at once, with Princesses Ayeka and Sasami thrown in for good measure.

They'll put up a good fight, but Washu's bound to whisk Ranma's crew off into a pocket dimesion somewhere, and by the time they fight their way out, they'll find Tenchi's crew have had a leisurely lunch and left without paying.

LuciferHawk writes:

Ah.. the lovely Shampoo.. so graceful, such pride!

Oh the pirate Ryoko! So fierce and wild!

Which? How shall I choose? I MUST HAVE THEM BOTH! /Kuno Rant

Playstation2 writes:

The Tenchi girls have got many advantages in this match.

1.They've got the no. 1 scientific genius - Washu

2.They've got the no. 1 space pirate - Ryoko

3.They've got Princess Ayeka (She's got energy shields that pack a punch)

4.They've got Sasami (She's got the power of a goddess inside of her - Tsunami)

5.They've got two 1st class Galaxy police detectives (Kiyone Mihoshi)

Ranma's girls have too many disadvantages.

1.Water (The ones with curses)

2.Cats (Ryo-ohki is half cat)

3.Anything shiny (Nabiki and Shampoo - for different reasons)

4.Lack of trust (Too many to name)

5.Happosai ('nuff said)

DacSander writes:

The tenchi girls will mop the floor with the rama girls except reoko she never does any house work. reoko and washo will do more damage then the rest of them put together

MechaDeath writes:

aha, the battle of the sex comedies, now this is a topic which i would like to spend my day contumplating... in one corner we have the Tenchi girls, bristling with alien battleships and extremeley off the wall technolgy at their disposal, and in the other corner we have the Ranma girls, bickering and spattering amongst themselves over a little black pig. Here's what both teams have to offer and why i think the Ranma team has the edge -

Team Tenchi - These girls are a little out there, in fact, they are down right alien! (sorry) Sporting 2 intergalactic spaceships, an armored police class battlesuit, and a zanny invernter who could probably produce some pretty heavy hitting guns, the Tenchi girls have more than enough firepower to level the entire country of Japan. Other than their blazing guns and flaring tempers, all these girls have is the ability to put you to sleep... which could be big trouble for team Ranma

The Ranma girls - Ranma (pigtailed girl version), Akane, Shampoo, Nabiki, Ukyo, Champagne (shiver), and the worlds most annoying person, Kodachi, the Black Rose. These girls have no guns or spaceships, what they have are some mixed hand to hand combat skills and the ability to be FUNNY.

Both teams have the ability to bring pain to the otehr team... but i think team Ranma has the ingredient that team Tenchi is so lacking in... Ranma him/herself.... all other Tenchi and Ranma characters would no doubt begin to fight amongst themselves to the point where they would rather bludgeon their teammates with a mallet than fight the other team... all except Ranma, the die hard prize fighter. While everyone else was fighting amongst themselves Ranma would pull out the Kung Fu action and pummell the opposition into unconciousness... or, if he was REALLY mad, he would do the worst thing possible.... make them eat Akanes lunch! X_x

hands down team Ranma!

Razorwitt writes:

I know nothing of either series.

OK, I know in Ranma people change gender and species when they get wet.

So, I've been voting for both sides at various times.

Paul Soth writes:

Miss me boys and girls? It's been some time since you gave me a fight i could comment on. But the CBUB is back, and i'm back.

Now then, i can see that you're using the Universe cast from Tenchi. Best way to keep the fight fair (or else we'd have two gods on the field). But still, it's all in favor of the Masaki household. Even with the powered down cast, they can still mop this up.

Hell, we got Miss Powerhouse herself, Ryoko. With flight, superstrengh, energy blasts, and more, she can easly hold out for herself in this brawl. And she'll enjoy it too.

There's Ayaka, who even here is no slouch and has her guardians to provide the heavy fire support. You try telling them to sit this one out.

Then it's Mihoshi, armed with the most powerfull force known... Dumb Luck. Hell, she could knock out all of the Ramna girls in a panic induced spasm. Just watch.

Kiyone, well, we can trust her to hold her own. Just watch her pull out a pistol and badge and she'll do fine.

God only knows what Washu would come up with. But provided with this version of her, you can be sure that it'll be big, loud, and leave lots of holes. That, or she'll just turn the Ranma girls into snails or the like. Washu herself pushes this fight way into the Tenshi Girl's favor...

But we still have one more factor, and that's Samsami. Yes, while this version of her isn't merged with Tsunami, she can still knock everyone down in fear by threating to unleash her one horrable power...

Pretty Sammy

Mocked by fans everywhere, and only watched at cons at three in the morning (when everyone's drunk), this is one force that no one wants to see! People will cower in dread, parents will hide their children, martal law will be declared. With this terrible, terrible power, none can stand the Tenchi Girls.

Jesus writes:

Anyone ever seen Tenchi Muyo in Love? Between Ryoko's powers, and the Dimensional Cannon I think that Tenchi's Girls have it in the bag. Besides, what's suter and sweeter and deadlier than a cabbit?

Frosty Bob writes:

Well, the fight should go to the Tenchi girls, because they have stronger powers.

First off we have Ryoko who seems to have the powers somewhat like a dbz character (not exactly, but some of those blast she throws reminds you of dbz). Plus if she has those 3 gems from Tenchi Muyo, LOOK OUT!

Next, we have Princess Ayeka (unknown about the spelling), she doesn't usually display many extraordinary powers, but she's has those 2 guardians, and she can use those "mini-guardians" as a good defense.

Washu, let's just say if they do get into trouble she'll probably just invent some weapon to win this fight; after the proper groveling from the others, of course.

Okay, so Sasami is useless, Mishoshi is a bumbling idiot, and will probably nullify any abilities that Kiyone can give. But in all the first three are all that's needed.

Now for Ranma, well they got spunk, but that doesn't count for much here. They basically are regular humans, withsome being cursed by the pools of various drowned animals. Although, they might save themselves if Akane's sister; I can't remember her name; is there.

Seeing that she seems to be a master swindler.

But to sum it up, watching this fight will be more interesting than worrying about who wins.


Dimension100 writes:

Hmm... True, it's a bunch of conniving, evil women vs a bunch of conniving, evil women, but why do I get the feeling that at some point during the fight Ranma will be changed into a man and by day's end wind up with several more fiance's?

Panache writes:

The Tenchi Girls are going to trounce the Ramna girls. Why?

There is no doubt that the Ramna girls are kick-ass martial artists. But they are WAY out of their league here. The Tenchi girls just out-class their counterparts is almost every aspect that is relevant in this encounter.

The weakest member of the Tenchi team, Princess Sasami, will not directly help in the battle. But she'll undoubtedly have her ever-present companion with her, Ryo-Ohki. Ryo-Ohki is a cabbit... namely, a half-rabbit, half-cat. Ran-Chan has a severe psychological hang-up regarding cats, so the very presence of Ryo-Ohki will throw her off her stride.

Kiyone will promptly move to arrest Ukyo for carrying an illegally sized spatula without a permit (violation of Galactic Police Statue 6622S.W1CT) just to have Mihoshi trip on a chair, crashing into them both, taking them out of the fight. In all the ruckus, a pitcher of cold water will get knocked over, splashing onto Shampoo, transforming her into her cat-form.

That'll leave Nabiki, Akane, and Kodachi against Ryoko and Aeka. Aeka is the First Princess of Jurai's Royal Family, and has considerable power in her own right. But she won't lift a finger to help Ryoko, unless the situation gets desperate. Any attempts by the Ramna girls to attack Aeka will result in their attacks bouncing harmlessly off her Jurai force-shield.

The dreaded Space Pirate Ryoko will be able to handle the three remaining Ramna girls with pitiful ease. She has the ability to fly, teleport at will, throw Ki Blasts, create an energy sword, phase through solid objects, and summon demons to do her bidding. And this is a partial list of her skills. Ryoko has mopped the floor with far, far more dangerous opponents.

Meanwhile, the argument that the Ramna girls will be able to out-think the Tenchi girls just doesn't carry water. Any potential scheme or sneaky trick will easily be spotted and countered by Washu. There's a reason why she's nicknamed The Greatest Scientific Genius in the Universe. And Washu will have some horribly destructive yet hilarious device tucked into her sleeve, that she's been dying to find a test-victim for...

And let's not forget that Washu is an honest-to-goodness goddess, although that'll probably be a non-issue during this fight.

All in all, the Tenchi girls will, using only a quarter of the abilities (unless they're REALLY hungry), hand the Ramna girls their heads to them with a minimum of muss and fuss (there will still be severe damage to surrounding architecture, of course.) But if any sort of wise cracks about Tenchi Masaki are uttered, things will get very ugly, very quick for the Ramna girls.

Now, if you want to see a great fight, how about when the Dirty Pair (on special loan from the WWWA to the Galactic Police) try to capture Ryoko....

Ganja Avenger writes:

It's obvious, the Ranma girld will win, The Ranma Girls are jsut too devious for the Tenchi girls to handle, have you seen the way Ryoko and Ayeka hatch their schemes they are amatuers. The Ranma girld all the way.

Aj writes:

Tenchi girls vs. Ranma. Right... Like Tenchi's girls couldn't win. I mean seriosly, Ryoko's power, Aeaka's 'magic', Kyone's gun, Sasami's Sunami, and Little Washu's technology. Who's gonna win??!!

a small wooden badger writes:

There is only one way I could see the Ranma girls winning, Akane feeds everyone something she cooked. However, I don't know if Washu wouldn't be able to tell that it is poisonous from purely looking at it.

However, it is simple, though I love the girls from Ranma are powerful and cunning, but the Tenchi girls have Little Washu and Mihoshi. If this is the same Little Washu from the OVA's she will be not only has the energy to 'swat' down demons with little effort, but also has super computer that she can access any time. And then there is Mihoshi, dumb luck or super genesis detective, who knows, but in the end, my bet is on Mihoshi.

Eagle299 writes:

While some of the Ranma girls may possess more skill, it is undeniable that Ryoko, Ayeka and Washu have the severly out gunned. Ranma might put up a fight with her Ki attacks, but she's just not on Ryoko's level. Plus Kiyone and Mihoshi are doubtless packing blasters. Even Sasami can beat them if she can turn into Pretty Sammy for this fight. If she can't, she and Kasumi will be exiled to the side lines and talk recipes while their cast mates fight it out. As for the wits department, I have no doubts in my mind that Nabiki could out smart Ryoko and Ayeka. But Washu is quite another matter. She's the smartest being in the universe. Nabiki is a drooling idiot next to her.

KC writes:

Fine. Vote the Tenchi brats. Never mind that he's butt ugly and should never get a date save on his "wonderful personality..."

The Ranma girls should have won this just on their extreme durability and tenacity. If Ranma were to be counted in the mix, then they'd certainly win, as s/he wins every contest with the word "martial" in it.

And the reason you all should have voted for the Ranma chicks? Lesbian sex. That's right. A victory party with the girls fighting over Ranma, some cold water, they keep tearing at her clothes...sheesh. Foresight, people, foresight! :p KC

QMan writes:

Ever seen the Tenchi women when they're mad? That is not a pretty site. Okay, they're still pretty, but the results sure aren't.

Besides, they have major powers that are almost too cool to compehend. And they have a lot of issues that have never been resolved.

Tenchi women all the way.

Tug3000 writes:

One question. Does that nasty Cabbit get to join in the fray? Because it'd be all over then I'm afraid.

And, come on, even though they may be great schemers, in a straight up fight? Please.

charysa writes:

As much as I love Ramna 1/2 and... well... some of the characters, I'm afraid I'll have to go with the Tenchi girls on this one.

For one thing, if this was a fight about cunning and smarts, then Washuu alone could handle the entire R1/2 cast. She is, after all, the greatest genius in the universe--a definite far cry from the relatively amateur blackmailer and mercenary Nabiki. And face it, aside from Nabiki, the rest of the Nerima girls are very bright (or entirely sane, for that matter). Their repeated schemes for the affections of Ranma always seem to backfire. Granted, the Tenshi girls aside from Washuu aren't that much better (especially Mihoshi), but at least Kiyone and Sasami are relatively normal in comparison.

And if this is just a out-and-out fight, then the raw power of the Tenshi girls are just too much. Ranma is the only one that could even compare, and he has this trouble with not hitting girls, even when he's a girl himself. Add to that his ability to stick his foot in his mouth within 2 words, and he'll soon have all the girls angry at him/her with some chauvinistic comment. And we all know what happens when we have Ranma and a righteously angry girl: one fem-boy malleted into LEO. And with Ranma out of the running, none of the other girls could even bring up a chi-blast, much less even try to compete with the powerful Tenchi girls. Granted, Kiyone is not that much of a fighter, and will probably quickly disarmed and KO'ed. But Aeka has her two guardians and her trusty Jurian royal power to fall back on. (However, she is not a physical fighter and may be taken out by Shampoo if the Amazon is fast enough). Ryoko, on the other hand, is an experience fighter in any respects. She's impossible to hit (teleportation) and impossible to defend against. She did after all lay waste to the entire planet of Jurai, despite the numerous warriors armed with the Jurian power there.

Then, of course, there is Sasami, who is also connected to the *Goddess* Tsunami. Ranma may have defeated the demigod Saffron and the dragon prince Herb, but there is no way he'd even contemplate harming such a cute/beautiful and Kasumi-like innocent. Neither would Akane, Ukyo, or Nabiki, for that matter.

In fact, the only girls to offer any challenge outside of Ranma is Shampoo and Kodachi. However, Shampoo still can't compare to Ryoko, and god forbid if cold water finds her somehow (her cat-curse would also drive away Ranma due to the neko-ken). Kodachi may actually do some damage with her poison plants. But it would only take one shot before Washuu or Ryoko wises up and gets rid of her.

As for Mihoshi...she's the real unknown in the equation. For one thing, she's known to able to mysteriously thwart any effort that she tries to help. On the other hand, she could just as well thwart the enemy with her bumblings too. It could go either way.

If this is merely based on popularity and my whims, I would say that Ranko and Sasami ends up eating in the restaurant while the rest of the girls duke it out outside while Washuu takes readings on Shampoo's Jusenkyo curse and Nabiki takes bets from passer-bys. But as the current scenario stands, I'd have to go with Tenchi's girls.

He who is not known writes:

It will all be over when, during the course of the battle cold water is spilled on Ranma (who had come to watch and laugh) turning him into...a Girl. Thus, he is able to join in the battle helping to finish off the Tenchi girls.

red writes:

Everyone knows the decisive factor in any Ranma 1/2 battle is of course Ranma him/herself. No R1/2 girl can win any battle alone, either Ranma beats them or Ranma wins the battle for them. Tenchi Muyo gals, however, win every single battle for Tenchi until the final conflict. In fact, Tenchi doesn't do jack.

Consider: Ranma must be changed back and forth from boy to girl at least three dozen times in any given battle, whether it be against Sailor Moon or Lord Apathy. It just happens. No way around it. By becoming a guy he/she is automatically disqualified from the is after all a gal schmack down.

Considering these things, Tenchi girls must win, it is inevitable. If Ranma could continue the fight, well that is another story...but without him the R1/2 girls are lost.


Garrod:   Crowd seems to favor the Tenchi girls in this: Ryoko and Washuu may be too much for the Ranma ladies to handle!

Hamann:   The Funnel Cameras have reached ground Zero! And the Fight is on! Aeyka immedetly sets up a Forcefield as a vertible Aresenal of Razor Sharp Spatulas, courtesy of Uyko, clangs off them harmlessly!

Garrod:   Ryoko's got her Energy Sword out and is dashing towards Ran-Chan..who's up and off, she's rebounding on a building...

Hamann:   And Kiyone is laying down supression Fire with her blaster! AMAZING! Uyko is intercepting Each Blast with a Thrown Spatula, but that's taken the pressure off of Aeyka..

Garrod:   Ran-Chan keeps rebounding off the buildings..Ryoko is trying to tag him with an energy blast

Hamann:   Where's Mihoshi and Sasami?

Garrod:   Suddenly Akane comes out of NOWHERE with her Mallet! Aeyka's caught off guard..

Hamann:   Theres so much going on down there..The Funnel Cams are having a hard time keeping up!

Garrod:   And Mihoshi, Washuu, Sasami, Nabiki, and Kodachi are still nowhere to be seen! Hey! There's Shampoo..and there's Shampoo getting Drenched by Water.

Hamann:   You don't have to be a Newtype to realize that Water was gonna enter this match at SOME Point!

Garrod:   Well..Neko-Shampoo is stalking off..probibly to find some Hot Water. Hey! There's Sasami!

Samsami:   OooooOOO! What a Cute Kittie!!!

Neko-Shampoo:   MrrrooRRR! HISS! *Scratches Sasami*

Samsami:  *Seems Oblvious to Scracthing* Ryo-Oh-Ki Will just LOVE a Playmate like you! Lets go Home Kittie...We'll let Aeyka handle all these mean people!

Hamann:   Sasami has left the battlefield..With Neko-Shampoo in tow. Double Elimination...I think.

Garrod:   Works for me. Looks like a Funnel Cam has picked up some movement...

Hamann:   We've found Mihoshi! She's.....oogling over some Tenchi Plushies that Nabiki is trying to sell her. Talk about a One track mind...

Garrod:   A One Track DEVIOUS Mind as Kodachi steps from the Shadows! She gives a knowing grin to Nabiki as Mihoshi leaves with an Armful of the Plushies!

Hamann:   And Back to the main action! Ukyo and Kiyone are still matching each other in a Firefight...

Garrod:   Akane is doing well with Aeyka..She's managed to get inside of the Jurian Princess' forcefield, but Aeyka's not a pushover..

Hamann:   Ryoko and Ran-Chan are still going at it too! Ran-Chan is too fast for Ryoko, but Ryoko just teleports out of the way whenever Ran-Chan tries to attack!

Garrod:   Ran-Chan just bounced near Aeyka and Akane..and She stopped! Ryoko hasn't seemed to notice...She's just looking at Akane and Aeyka..back and forth. The 2 ladies are staring at her..Ran-chan is saying something...

Ran-Chan:   WOW! I didn't think their was someone even MORE Underdeveloped then Un-Cute Akane!

Hamann:   POW! Aeyka did NOT take that well! Ran-Chan just got flying by a massive blast, but that gave Akane an opening! She clobbers Aeyka from behind with her Mallet! Aeyka is DOWN!

Garrod:   Funnel Cam 6 just picked up Mihoshi..who's gone into a Building. Apparently Sasami and Washuu are down there..Washuu is furiously typing on one of her Keyboards.

Washuu:   Almost got the equation..

Mihoshi:   Lookit what I Bought! Aren't they CUTE!?!?

Washuu:   Huh? Wha..Mihoshi! Get Away from that..It's going to win the fight for us!

Mihoshi:   OoooOOOO! Those Lights are so PRETTY!


Hamann:   The Building just went up in an explosion! Are Washuu and the others in there okay?

Garrod:   Mihoshi is clawing her way out of the Wreackage, clutching one of the Tenchi plushies, But from the looks of it Washuu is out!

Hamann:   Team Ranma has the advantage right now, but for how long?

Garrod:   To Quote a Phrase: Not Very. Akane is busy chewing out Ran-Chan about the Uncute Remark, and Ryoko takes the oppurtunity to blast them with an energy blast. Ran-Chan leaps clear, but Akane isn't so lucky.

Hamann:   And Kiyone finaly scores! A Lucky shots ends her firefight with Ukyo! But where's Kodachi and Nabiki?



Garrod:   Oh dear..Mihoshi's found Kiyone. Her luck always seems to go bad when Mihoshi shows up!

Mihoshi:   Look Kiyone! Tenchi Plushies! Isn't it CUTTTTE?

Kiyone:   *Grabs the Plushie and throws it to the ground* We're in the middle of a fight Mihoshi..Huh? Suddenly so sleeply...

Mihoshi:   Nappy time...

Hamann:   The Plushie was full of sleeping powder! When Kiyone threw it down the force was enough to spread it...The 2 Galaxy Police officers are busy snoring...and Kodachi steps from the Shadows to give them an official Knockout!

Garrod:   Team Tenchi is down to just Ryoko! She's lost Ran-Chan, but DOES see Kodachi...Another energy blast..and now it's just Ran-Chan and Nabiki vs Ryoko! Where IS Nabiki!?!?

Hamann:   Ran-Chan and Ryoko are at it again. Looks like Ryoko is getting tired. Her Teleports are coming slower and it's slowly becoming a close in fight.

Garrod:   Ran-chan and Ryoko are going at it hard. This is Ran-Chans specility, but Ryoko's no slouch with her sword!

Hamann:   Ran-Chan manages to get in a blow to stun Ryoko! She's powering up, but Ryoko recovers and thrusts forwards! The Final Blow is at hand!!!

Garrod:   Ryoko's thrust was Quicker! Ran-Chans been impaled! All that's left is Nabiki!

Hamann:   Who steps out of the shadows...Draggin a Bound and Gagged Tenchi? Get the Funnel-Mike down there!

Nabiki:   Here you go Ryoko, as promised. It's just you and Tenchi now. Now pay up!

Ryoko:   Never trust a Pirate Kid! *Blasts Nabiki and grabs the Helpless Tenchi* Just me and you now Darling! We've got LOTS to catch up on! *Flies off*

Garrod:   Was this some plot by Nabiki to make a buck?

Hamann:   Who knows. Either way Team Tenchi wins by virtue of being the last one standing. This is Hamann Khan and Garrod Ran, signing off! Good Night folks!




'Nuff Said!


Tenchi Grrrrls: 1236

Ranma Grrrrls: 882




Garrod:   Was this some plot by Nabiki to make a buck?

Hamann:   Who knows. Either way Team Tenchi wins by virtue of being the last one standing. This is Hamann Khan and Garrod Ran, signing off! Good Night folks!


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