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Servo Slugfest

[ Eva ] [ Gundam ]

Neon Genesis Evangelion vs. Gundam Wing



This Edition of CBUB We've set aside an entire five mile chunk of blasted urban city wasteland for the Mech war of Mech Wars. Brace yourself for eye-poping action as the Mech pilots from Neon Genesis Evangelion energize their Eva Units to face off against the Mech pilots from Gundam Wing in their Gundam units. There is No on-site seating for this event, but as always, you can catch the action from the Sports Box right here on Khazan Sports Network! The Contenders:

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Defeating the most insidious of alien invaders, The "Angels", these teen-age Mech pilots battle their problems, their unpredictable living mechs and the bad guys to save the Earth.

Gundam Wing: Fighting for freedom against the repression of the Alliance and their swarms of deadly Mobile Doll bots, these teen-age pilots deal with their angst and enemies as they wage a guerrilla war for peace.

Join us now in a battle we had to call...

Servo Slugfest


Callisto:   Hello and welcome to another exciting edition of CBUB. I am Callisto, and to my left is Clown Girl.

Quinn:   Hiyas! Me an' Cally will be turning this edition over to our men in the field DragoonT and Fury!

Callisto:   They were the only ones we could find crazy enough to get into the thick of this match.

Quinn:   Yah - they work cheap, too. Take it away, boys.

Dragoon T:   Thank you Callisto and Quinn. Welcome again Folks to the Newly reopened Arena of Khazan! I'm Dragoon T, returning again to the Announcers table. With me today is a Special Guest from the Fantasy Powers League, the Self-Proclaimed God of All Things Anime, Fury Steel AKA The Otakalypse!

Fury:   *Sits there drooling at the Mecha with Stars in her eyes*

Dragoon T:   Fury....Fury? *Looks over at his Co-worker* AHEM *Pulls out a Mallet* FURY! *Uses Said Mallet on Fury's head*

Fury:   Huh? Wha? Oh..Sorry..kinda went into a Mechagasm there. This much Mecha in one place is a Dream come true for alot of fans.

Dragoon T:   I'll say that again. Both Series, the Original Mobile Suit Gundam and Neon Genesis Evangelion, have been said to have Revolutionized the way people viewed Mecha for their time. Although most of the Mobile Suit Pilots have retired due to age, The Guys from Gundam Wing were willing to pilot their suits once more to beat up this so called 'Upstart' in Evangelion

Fury:   Is that the Official Reason? I thought they were fighting because Duo and Asuka were arguing about who has more Yaoi written about them...

Dragoon T:   Errr..while I explain to my Companion about the PG-13 rating we're trying to Keep for this Site, we'll cut to what the voters say about the match.



Meltron the Invincible

K, so I know Gundam Wing pretty dang well, and I know how good the pilots are, what with taking on 50 or so enemy Mobile Suits and coming out with nary a scratch. But since I live in Canada, I don't get to watch NGE. So, I decided to do a little research on the show. So, I typed in the keyword, clicked on the first link, and what do I see? A brown haired girl, floating in mid air, and wearing a friggin' thong!




O... K... Maybe I should look past that... and I did... I guess...

So, now I decide to look at the actual stats of the Angels. (Heh, me doing actual RESEARCH? Who woulda thunk it?) You think I could find any? Pheh, hah, yeah right. But, I at least looked at the PICTURES... and found... an floating octahedron. A FREAKIN' FLOATING OCTAHEDRON! WHAT THE HECK?

But anyway, I looked past THAT, and wondered how the Angels worked. That's when I found out that Angels isn't a name. It's a title. These "robots" are actually angels. Gimme a break! Neon Genesis Evangelion is just a sad excuse to get girls to watch a big robots anime show! And in my opinion, that'll just make sure they get beaten like Star Trek at Grudge Match.


Harley Quinn points out the "cute chick" factor of this match. She says that the hottness of the Eva girls will win over the fanboys, but she fails to anticipate the "cute chick" factor of Gundam Wing.

Sure, all the Gundam piliots are boys, but lets not forget about the women of Gundam Wing. The seductive Dorothy(even with those big eyebrows), the commanding Noin, Sally Po, Hildy, Catherine, and even, Relena. How many of the Eva girls have controled the world and sported a school-girl outfit at the same time?

With the "cute girl" factor, a bigger fanbase and over-all power on its side, Gundam Wing is the clear victor!

Optimus Prime

First of all, let me just say that, though I am a peaceful life form who firmly believes that all sentient life has the right to exist as they please, I would totally kick the s#!+ out of these miserable excuses for overblown microwave ovens.

But I digress.

As the preview says, this battle is quite close. However, in the end, this battle will not come down to strength, speed, intelligence, experience, or any of the usual fare. Nay, my fellow life-forms, one shall stand, one shall fall, and this match has already been decided.

Have you ever even TRIED to put a level 7 Gundam model together in anything less than a week?

Evangelion takes it up the tailpipe quicker than Ultra-Magnus in a Decepticon prison.


I could offer a point-by-point analysis as I did with the last fight.

But I'm simply going to state that the Gundams have to win. Why?

Duo Maxwell.

Anyone cool enough to say "The God of Death is back from Hell" AND persuade Cartoon Network to air that line gets my vote.

The EVAs get spanked like Vegeta on one of Bulma's kinky nights.


Ah-hem. One thing to note:

Gundam's size: 60 feet.

Eva's size: 600 feet.

This fight should have roughly the same outcome as Galactus vs. Ant Man.

Also, the picture for Eva suggests a possible lesbian scene. As Harley said, we all know where the Fanboy's heart lies.


The fight depends heavily at from which point in their respective timelines you take the Eva's/Gundams. I'll take the TV series of both and exclude movies. The engagement would have to take place somewhere on Earth (The Evas can't come out to play in space.) I'll also assume that everyone is piloting their respective mecha (the Gundam kids seem to enjoy swapping their mecha like Pokemon cards.)

This is a battle that should be over in less than a minute.

Once the Gundam Wing kids get wise enough to cut the Evangellion's power cables (not too hard to figure out, even for them :), the Eva's still have that single minute of peak operating power left before they shut down, during which they will rend the ground based Gundams limb from limb. (If unit 01 has the S2 organ, it doesn't need to worry about power however.) The Eva's excel in bloody hand to hand combat, and have the speed and agility to close on the Gundams with ease. I'm unsure of the effectiveness of a progressive knife against Gundamium, but failing that the Eva's will break them the old fashioned way - by tearing off appendages with their bare hands. The Gundam Wing pilots are so used to honourable beam sabre fights and using Leos for target practise, I would expect the sheer ferocity of the Eva's to overcome them (especially if 01 goes beserk.) The time in which they can prise open the walking tin cans and feast on the spam inside is critical however.

Heavyarms' guns and missiles can't do squat against an AT field.

DeathScythe and Sandrock are close combat only and severly outmatched in strength and speed. Even if they score a hit and are able to penetrate the Eva's AT field and injure them, the units have a good capacity to fight while critically damaged, including limited regeneration.

Shenlong is a no hoper. The upgraded Altron could stand a decent shot with its turret mounted beam cannons, but if anyone deserves to leave this fight filling up a coffin, its that jerk WuFei. With any luck Asuka will teach him a sharp and painful lesson in respecting women.

Hiding underwater is an option (albeit a cowardly one) for the GW pilots, as the Eva's have trouble there without properly prepared equipment and the Gundams don't, but finding and getting the chance to exploit that weakness during the battle seems unlikely and is heavily dependant on terrain.

IMHO the only Gundam who stands a chance is Wing Zero, because it can fly out of reach. Whether Heero chooses to do so depends on the terms of the engagement (if its a duel, he may be stuck in close combat before the thought occurs to him.) Its also been shown that high energy beam weapons can cut through strong AT fields, although the original buster rifle can only be fired three times before requiring a full recharge. Whether this weakness applies to the twin buster on Wing Zero I don't know, but Heero will have to choose his shots extremely well, and hope that each hit is enough to destroy an Eva. Rather a gamble considering that the Eva's can shoot back from the ground with considerable force. Some of their heavier rifles should be enough to knockdown, if not critically damage Wing Zero, but then they have to do it in less than a minute, after dispatching the other four Gundams. (not a problem for 01 with the S2 naturally.)

I'd give it to the Nerv kids 7/10, even with 5vs3 numbers and time against them. Winning unpredictable fights against technically stronger opponents is what they do dammit! The Gundam Wing kids spend their time duck shooting opponents who can barely scratch them and they are in for a big surprise.

Borneo Jimmy

This match will result in a tie, because all anime is the same.

The Nestbeschmutzer

When, in the history of giant robot cartoons, has the side with numbers ever won? Tell me that, and I'll believe that Gundam has a a chance.

Robotech Master

If Gundam Wing WIns this fight, it would absolutly ludicrous. That would be up there with the X-men vs. JLA fight. I mean, lets look at the big picture here:

1) An Eva has an AT field. Gundam's don't. Therefore, they can't do squat against the Evangelions. Gundam weapons, even the buster rifle, would bounce off of the AT field.

2) Gundamium is strong, but Eva's shrug off Nuclear blasts WITHOUT THEIR AT FIELD.

3) Prog Knifes cut through matter at a molecular level. It doesn't matter if a Gundam is made of Gundamium or plastic, its gonna get sliced, or simply ripped apart by the Eva's hands.

4) Cutting an umbilical cable is easier said that done. Even if it is done, an Eva can go berserk and move without power. If Eva-01 has its S2 core, then the fight is over.

5) Eva's go berserk= things die. We've seen Eva's rip through time and space, regenerate lost limbs, and much more when they go berserk.

6) Eva long range weapons would damage Gundams. Note the size difference. Eva's are about 60 meters tall. Gundam's come up to its ankle. The energy blasts fired by a Positron rifle may not seem like much from an Eva's point of view, but for a gundam, well, those blasts are each bigger than the Gundam's head.

7) Is speed an issue? Well, need I remind you that in Episode 12 Unit 01 moved so fast it could not be seen by the human eye.

Evangelion wins this easily.


This can be a tough call. I've only seen a few of actual fight scenes for Gundam Wing, But I a familiar with the whole Gundam universe. I've seen plenty of Eva, though. Let's compare the strengths of the two.


Arsenal - This is a series that believes in weaponry. Machine guns, auto cannons, missle launchers, energy blades, you name it, they got it. Usually all on one mech! These things are walking battleships.

Maneuverablity - Quite a lot of the mechs are flight capable, and all appear to have booters/jump jets, so they could be difficult for the Eva crew to tag.


Arsenal - While the Evas only come equiped with a progressive knife, they can use a wide variety of weapons eaquvalent to the Gundams, they just have to find them. If things get really desparate, they can just chuck debris at the Gundams, at escape velocity they should inflict serious damage. :)

Defensive - Can you say 'AT field?' I thought you could... So far as I have seen, only progressive knives, rediculously high powered particle beams, and other AT fields can penetrate an AT field. The Gundams may never get to inflict damage before they deplete thier ammo. Oh yeah, Unit 01 can regenerate, too.

In the end, I'd have to give this one to the Evas, so long as they stick to a 5-minute plan. That way, if they lose their power cords they'll be okay. Besides, Evas can survive point blank N-2 mine blasts, which are equivalent to small nukes. Nothing I've seen shows the Gundams to be that durable.


This is going to be a massacre. No massacre doesn't cover the depths of this traversity of a mismatch. In such a confined space and on the ground, Gundam is going down faster that the hindenburg caught in a solar flare.

First the EVA's are 36+ meters tall, the Gundam are only 18 meters. The EVA's can drop kick the gundam units out of the way.

Second weaponry. Gundam units are largely limited to high energy beams and Missles. The AT fields on the EVA's have been able to get through short range nuclear detonations without a scratch. The only way to get through an AT field is with another one. While the gundam attack futilely the eva's blast away with various oversized guns.

Third; The Gundam armies are numbered in battlions. But a wing though is at most 36 mecha. This gives 36 gundam for a full strength forces. There are 13 eva avaliable at most (numbers 0 through to 12). The evangelions will be slightly outnumbered.

Fourth; the pilots of gundam are relatively normal. Compare this to an egotistical violent german with a superiority complex, a nhilistic near robotic chick and of course a male with enough complexes to reconstruct an industrial park. AND thats ignoring the support crew.

Fifth; Gundam fight hostile nations. EVA fights OLD TESTAMENT angels. These arn't the wimpy love thy neighbour type who appear on touched by an angel. They are the burn with fire and sword type, A single one took out the best 1/2 of the planet in the first strike.

But what if the gundam cut the cords giving the eva's only 5 minutes of reserve power?

1) Rei Kamikazes. An N2 mine would easily leave a 5 mile crater, within this only her compatriots are left standing (incidentially rei will be replaced & come back)

2) Auska goes bezerk and takes out at least 9 gundams before falling

3) Shinji noticing rei & auska fall GOES BEZERK. EVA-01 AWAKENS. In this state It Slices, it dices, It goes through everything and regenerates. If any of the gundam are still standing they notice third impact occuring in which shinji ascends to Omnipitant power!

In conclusion to quote Auska "I've got 1800 tonnes of armour and an AT Field and you think you can stop me"

The Bunyip

The winner of this battle will not be determined by piloting skills, destructive power, weaponry, armor, or technology. Both sides have those in spades.

This battle will be determined by the one factor that Japanese Giant Robot series all seem to have - the Arrogant Adolescent Factor. Robotech had Rick (in his early days) and Minmei. The Power Rangers? 'nuff said. In other words, which side can be more insufferably arrogant, boastful, and more deserving of getting spanked by an elder with a heavy spiked club to 'learn em' some manners?

From what I've seen of these two series, nobody beats Gundam Wing's kiddies for incredible arrogance.


I've been forced to watch a few episodes of Gundam Wing. I've never seen this Evangelion thing. Gundam Wing may have caused me to bleed internally. The picture for Evangelion had Anime babes touching each other. This wasn't a hard pick.


of course, nothing the gundams have, not even the wing zero's rediculous double buster rifle, is probably capeable of penatrateing those absolute terror fields. After the first of their number got offed (probably quatre) the gundams, being the sensible combat gods that they are, would realize they didn't have a chance and simulaniusly strike upon the idea of detonating the mini nukes in their suits all at once. At this point everyone starts making eloquent speeches, whose jist is "we're gona die." except for trowa, who is quite enjoying the prospect of an excuse to blow himself to small peices. they execust some briliant zero system guided maneuver to place themselves for maximum damage to the enemy, and self detonate, killing everyone. Of course, Hiro and rei suvive the detonation, though their suits do not, and have a nice fist fight. And everyone dies at the end.


Of -course- I'd return to the CBUB with this one. Well, let's look first at what they're supposed to be in their own universe. The (craapy fake) Gundams (not real Gundams at all, give my the REAL timeline) are supposedly real fast and durable, and about 15 meters tall. The EVA's are actually animated as faster reacting, and are 500 meters tall. Some may claim that the fact that Gundam Wing itself can fly would give it an advantage, but to that I can only say... Positron Rifle. If the entire energy output of the island of Japan is coming your way in a five meter wide beam, you have a problem. On top of this, the AT fields of the EVA's can resist so-called "N2" weapons, which are supposed to be a nuclear type weapon developed in the 21st century, with little or no visible damage at all. The wimpy particle rifles of the (crappy fake) Gundams couldn't even scratch it, let alone the missiles and guns of HeavyArms, or those stupis swords of Sandrock, or the scythe of Deathscyth.

End result?

Three giants swatting annoying, harmless gnats.


Eva has this battle hands down. they have the good kind of psycho pilots. the kind who get dropped into what they're doing and do it while trying to figure out what the hell is going on. GW has the wrong kind of psycho pilots: they have a constant air about them of "I'm too good for you." Plus, Eva has GW beat in one other MAJOR area: storyline. Eva had a decent, flowing storyline with viable characters and no screwball turns. there were surprises, yes, but nothing too stupid. GW, i couldn't even begin to understand where the thing was going beyond the 5th episode. there were too many twists and turns in what little plot GW had. It's like the writers of GW took a mouse on crack, tied an ink pen to it's ass, and let it go. they then looked at the line the mouse drew and said, "that's what our plotline should look like." Go Eva!

Admiral Tautimez

Gundam's! Come on! They have addbass pilots and have cool names like Heavy Arms. What could you ask for. And what's this knock from Harley about them not being sentient? I've seen one operate without a pilot. In fact, it sacrificed itself to save it's pilot. Now let's see one of those chix mechs do that!

You know, Evangelion may have cute, incredibly sexy, jaw droppingly gorgeous babes with with overexagerated and accentuated feminine characteristics but... wait a minute.... what am I saying?! Is it too late to change my vote?!

Gaijin D

First off, I'd like to establish that I love Gundam. I have DVDs. I have comics. I have a action figure model kit. I have a tee-shirt. I have video games. I have MP3s of all but one of the songs TWO-MIX did for the series. But, no matter my love of Gundam, I know Heero and company have no chance of victory. The Gundams are excellent machines. The Evas are not. They are monsters.

Jeff "T-Rex" Hayes

Well you know how kids like to curse? Gundam Wing gives them an excuse to. This alone gives The Gundam Wing crew an edge. The machines they use are huge. The Neon Evangelion guys are going to be gone like pancakes at a brunch thrown by "The Rock". We smell what "The Rock" is cooking and it is Pancakes



Fury:   As I expected. The biggest argument seems to be wether or not the Gundams weaponry is capable of piercing an AT Field.

Dragoon T:   Well, we've had the Scientists in the Arena Pouring over this one. We've got one such Scientist on the sidelines now with his view on this: Gendo Ikari!

Fury:   Gendo..Can you hear us? Whats your View on the whole AT Field Debacle?

Gendo:   ......

Dragoon T:   According to the Tech Boys the signel IS getting through..

Gendo:   .....

Fury:   Errr..Okay. Thank you for the comment Gendo! To present the err...Opposite..side of the argument, we have one of the Gundam Veterens speaking.

Char Aznable   That Rip off Zechs..I'M the one who thought of using Masks to woo the girls...

Fury:   Char? WHAT are you talking about?


Fury:   *Sighs* Well..that was a waste of time...

Dragoon T:   Quite

Fury:   Well anyway...Lets explain the ground rules of this match. Each Team has been allowed One Off-Site Coach to help them out. The Eva Children have opted for Major Misato, and the G-Wing Crew have appointed Liutenent Lucrezia Noin. A Limiter has been installed on the Eva Unit 1 in order to keep it from manifesting it's more..Heavenly..aspect, and in Return the Wing Zero Custom has had it's Devastating Twin Buster Rifle removed. The Refs decided to put these limiting factors into play because both could, potentialy, end the Match in one move.

Dragoon T:   Furthermore, Eva Unit 1 has been allowed to keep it's S2 Engine.

Fury:   Because so many of these Mecha rely on Ammunition, Various types of weaponry and ammo have been placed around the Arena. If someone can get to it and load it up, their free to use it. We wanted to keep this match interesting. *Grins Evily*

Dragoon T:   That being said, the Combanents are coming Online. The 3 Eva Units are deploying. Units 0 and 2 are using Special Extended Umbilicals, effectively giving them the entire Arena to manuver in.

Fury:   And the Gundams are arriving on the other side. Although the Wing Zero cannot fly in this match, The Gundams definetly have an Advantage in that they don't have the Vulnerable Umbilical Cables of the Eva Units.

Dragoon T:   And the Opening Gun sounds off and the Mecha are in Action! Unit 0 seems to be slinking off behind some cover, while Unit 2 has Picked up Dual Grenade launchers.

Fury:   Why isn't Unit 1 Moving?

Shinji:   Why do I have to fight these people Misato-san? They've done nothing wrong!

Asuka:   Because that Pony-Tailed Priest said that I had a Flat Chest!

Misato:   Asuka... Calm Down! Shinji, just do the best you can. Don't worry, No one will be killed this time.

Shinji:   O... Okay.

Fury: it's moving. It's got a Pallete rifle. Shinji seems to be providing Cover fire for Asuka.

Dragoon T:   And the Gundams, notorius for their lack of Teamwork usualy, seem to be working well together. It looks like Quatre in the Sandrock, coupled with Noin at the Sideline, is directing everyone into battle posistions.

Fury:   The Heavy Arms dosen't seem to be listening though. It's just standing there, firing off all it's Ammo.

Dragoon T:   Well..Trowa's shown that that's pretty much all he can do in the past...

Fury:   And It's working against him this time! Rei, In Eva Unit 0, has made her reappearence...With a Positron Sniper Rifle! She has the Stationary Heavy Arms in her sights and BOOM! First Blood goes to the Evas!

Quatre:   TROWA!

Noin:   Concentrate on the Battle Quatre! You've got to take out that Sniper!

Duo:   Leave this One to the God of Death!

Dragoon T:   Where'd the DeathScythe Hell go? It just Vanished!

Misato:   ASUKA! Switch to Grenades!

Asuka:   Roger!

Fury:   Apparently the Evas had been breifed on the DSH's Well-Known stealth capabilitys. Asuka is taking advantage of the Protection given by an AT Field and is just randomly throwing out Mecha Sized Grenades.

Dragoon T:   Leaving that alone for a moment, Shinji seems to be having some Problems as Quatre, backed by a Long Range Dragon Fang assault by Wu Fei, Engages him with those Massive Heat Shortels of his.

Fury:   Where's the Wing Zero?



Dragoon T:   The Wing Zero comes out of Nowhere with it's Beam Saber! Shinji can't defend....

Shinji:   *Screams in Pain*

Fury:   And Off Goes Eva Unit 1's Left Arm!

Misato:   SHINJI!

Shinji:   *Continues screaming in pain, clutching his arm*

Dragoon T:   Things are getting chaotic! The DSH has reappeared, badly damaged from Asuka's random Grenade tossing. Rei has him engaged in Close combat..and POW! Progressive Knife through the cockpit!

Fury:   Shinji is still out of it. Although the Initial Slash got through, the Gundams aren't having much luck getting through the AT Field now.

Dragoon T:   Although Wufei just grabbed Eva Unit 2's Head with it's Dragon Fang! It...activates the flame thrower....EWWWWW!

Fury:   Looks like even an Eva can't stand up to that much heat....

Dragoon T:   Unit 2 is out for the count. Rei is coming close, trying to help out Shinji...

Fury:   Who's regained enough composure to try and fight off the 2 Gundams. He's not doing too well though...

Dragoon T:   But he Distracted Quatre long enough for Rei to Plant her Knife into his cockpit like the DSH.

Noin:   NOW WUFEI!

Fury:   Wu Fei just pulled out his Beam Trident, and slashed Rei's Umbilical!

Dragoon T:   We estimate she has about 2 minutes worth of Juice left in her Eva. Wu Fei and Hiro seem to have forgotten about her and are concentrating on the Faltering Shinji...

Rei:   I can be replaced!

Fury:   WHERE did she get an N2 Mine from?

Dragoon T:   Who cares! DUCK AND COVER!


Fury:   *Cough..Cough* Wow...the smoke is just clearing now...

Dragoon T:   Looks like Shinji's AT Field procted him from the blast. The Wing Zero seems to be fine as well..but I can't see the Shenlong Gundam.

Fury:   I do... in little bits and pieces all over the place. Looks like Rei had tackled WuFei before she pulled the trigger. Speaking of Rei, judging by the fact that A Large chunk of Unit 0 just THUNKED into the ground, I'd say she's out of the fight too.


Dragoon T:   What's... What is Unit 1 doing?


Fury:   It just went Berserk.

All still consiocus:   Oh @*%$

Dragoon T:   Eva Unit 1 just picked up its Severed Arm... and reattached it.

Fury:   I don't think I've ever seen it that pissed off...

Dragoon T:   Hiro seems to standing his ground though. He's pulled a Second Beam Saber out.

Hiro:   Omae No Kurosu

Fury:   I'd say those were fighting words.

Dragoon T:   Unit 1 seems to have accepted the Challenge. It's Running, and it leaps...

Fury:   Hiro Leaps into the air as well. He has his Beam Sabers ready...




'Nuff Said!


Gundam Wing: 667

Evangelion: 778





Fury:   Ouch

Dragoon T:   Now THAT is Painful

Eva 01:   *Begins shredding the Wing Zero in Mid-air and then Body Slams it into the ground as it lands

Fury:   Err...How are we supposed to stop it?

Dragoon T:   Let someone else figure that out. I'd say this is a pretty decisive victory for Evangelion

Fury:   Yeah. Umm..I think it's looking at us..

Dragoon T:   RUN!

Callisto:   OK, thank you Dragoon T and Fury.

Quinn:   And remember, folks... always know when to use a patsy.


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