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Macleod Showdown
[ Duncan ] [En Guarde] [ Connor ]
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Duncan vs. Connor
This Fight Suggested By: BigFatCat, L P III, Zisteau, offona t angent, Dark Queen and El Aggie


A great evil long slumbering deep within the Underworld of Khazan is awakening. An ancient legend points to the Highlands of Scotland for a savior... The best, truest, greatest Immortal of Clan Macleod must battle and defeat this awakening demon. Two have answered the call to arms, yet only one can be victorious. The Two Macleods will meet in a battleground agreeable to them. They will battle each other as if their very lives depended on it. The victor, as chosen through skill in arms and purity of spirit, will take on the life-force of the loser. The greater Macleod, made even stronger will then battle and defeat this soon to be risen terror.

There can be only one!

Join us now for a battle we had to call...

Do you want to live forever?


JUSTICAR:   Welcome citizens of Khazan, Justy here! Tonight the life and real death of two Immortals will be decided, LIVE !... on Pay-Per-View!! Real blood! Real carnage! Folks, your non-thriftiness shall be rewarded! When you fork over 250 bucks for a night's worth of entertainment you get the whole head here! Not just an ear!

DAMIEN:   I couldn't agree more. Hell, I can't think anything I'd rather spend my hard earned cash on than to witness a melee like this. Errr... maybe there is one thing that come to mind, but...uh... well you get the idea. Anyway foks, forget what you thought you knew about the friendship between these guys. The fate of the world as we know it is on the line, which means we guaran-damn-tee that one of these Scotsman is going to be a lot shorter after this duel is over.

JUSTICAR:   Our battle ready Highlanders have chosen for their venue, an abandoned warehouse where they used hold their training sessions. Viewers! the loading bay doors on opposing walls have just opened. The two are entering the field. DamieN, can you elaborate on their weapons of choice?

DAMIEN:   Well Justy, the bios assembled by the crack staff of the Khazan Sports Division list both men as carrying, "long sharp metal killing thingies," also known as swords. And we do know that both guys are too honorable to try to be hiding other weapons on their persons. Now it looks like things are heating up. The tension in the air is so thick you could cut it (no pun intended). They draw blades and... Wait. It looks like they're saying something. Can we get audio on this?

CONNOR:   I'm sorry it has to be like this...

DUNCAN:   I know you are. I swear to you on my father's grave, that if they're was anyway to stop this evil without killing you, I would do it.

CONNOR:   Without killing me? We'll see about that.

DUNCAN:   I suppose we will.

JUSTICAR:   Woah! A rare treat! Callisto has the boom mike and does she ever! I think she's getting off on the pre-battle misery. Anyways... Here's what our resident self proclaimed experts had to say on this contest..


******Justicar's Favorite Letter of the Week******

Jasonite writes:

Now here's a classic, Connor vs. Duncan. Well, in my opinion, Connor takes it. Sure, many people say that Duncan has done more stuff...but let's think about it, Connor has appeared in three movies, Duncan's appeared in how many episodes? We're merely getting the chance to see what Duncan has done. Another big point may people point out for Duncan is that he's out-thought Methos. Okay, since we know this is patently implausible (ie, Methos would be dead, seeing how he's an immortal and would've been drawn to New York just like Connor, Kurgan and all the rest), let's move on. Connor, however, has defeated Kurgan,the strongest of all the immortals. In addition to claiming the 'prize', he wants it more than Duncan does by a longshot. With all of his talent, added to the skill that he's received (which is pretty much the sum total of all immortals), Connor wins this fight hands down. ******Damien's Favorite Letter of the Week*******

WhereWolf writes:

*fights the urge to use "There can be only one...", because he knows everyone commenting on this fight is gonna' use it* Conner all the way on this one... I didn't see Duncan ANYWHERE in the first movie, and Connor was the last man standing... or getting "quicken whacked" in the air, or whatever... Duncan's a cheap made for TV knock-off. Conner ALSO survived a second film (which should have been mercifully killed off in the pre-production stages), then was the last immortal AGAIN at the end of Highlander 3: The Apology. Conner's gonna' make Duncan hike up his kilt and run screaming back to Scotland... where he is loved and adored by sheep of all clans.

Zisteau writes:

Okay, I know that Duncan has a series and has WAY more character development and things like that, but Connor won the gathering, what more do you want? Connor all the way!!!

Player writes:

I don't care who wins this fight as long as neither of them play bag pipes anytime before after or during the battle.

Dark Queen writes:

Here we are, born to be kings! I would have to say that Conner will difinatly win this match. Conner also has a really sweet sword too. So lets keep this simple: The best will live forever.

L P III writes:

Duncan has the fire and the drive to survive. Connor is always reluctant towards everything. He hides his identity, while Duncan Macleod has always been Duncan Macleod. Duncan has also been the chosen one before, so I think he's more qualified to face a demonic force. However, I think that Methos could probably take Connor or Duncan in a one-on-one fight.

The Devil writes:

Might I say that I am deeply offended at your blatant scoffing of me. I find such behavior reprehensible. You didn't include my letter last week, you didn't give me my VIP box, hell you didn't even send me an invitation to Khazan Arena. Oh well. Any way, i think that this will be the shortest swordfight since I wiped the floor with Dietrich Von Bern. Connor is going to destroy his little pissant cousin faster than the President drops his pants. He has the skill, the style, the stamina, and in case you didn't notice, Duncan's series was canceled, obviously Duncan is a bitch and doesn't even deserve the right to be on T.V. anymore. Connor destroyed the Kurrgan, Who did Duncan kill? Nobody important that's who. I won't even have to lend a hand at this one. But I would like to be there. If anyone has an invitation they don't want send it to [email protected] if I don't get one, I'll just have to crash the party. TTFN (Ta-Ta For Now)

Raiden writes:

First of all, this is a no contest, Connor will give Duncan butt-thwompin' that he deserves. Second, who trained Connor? The former best in the world, Juan Sanchez Villa Lobez Ramirez, Cheif Metallurgist to King Charles V of Spain. Who Trained Duncan? Connor, _THE_ best. Duncan beat down Methos on two different occasion, what's that supposed to mean? If I went and beat the crap out of Strom Thurman (Oldest man alive, at least in the Senate), I wouldn't be considered good, I'd be considered stupid. Third, Connor has Experience over Duncan, a hundred years more than he does. So if you weigh your options, you will see that there is no way in Khazan that Duncan can overcome his elder clansmen.

Sindel 77 writes:

I vote for Connor because he has a bigger sword!

The Sandman writes:

This was a hard match to choose, but I have to go with Duncan. If one must die, Connor would sacrifice himself so Duncan can go on. As shown in the Highlander Series, Connor is sick of fighting and just wants to be alone. He has helped trained Duncan and would rather be beaten by his kin than a stranger. Connor will sacrifice himself to Duncan so he can be with his wife.

Sage of Halo writes:

Noooo! How could you guys do this to me? How do I decide who wins? Both these guys can fight super powerful old guys who can fight. I choose Connor because he was the original. No! Duncan Can't die! I must choose Duncan because he had a series and I've seen him more often and grew more attached to him. Ahh! This fight hurts more than any other I want you to know. Okay, I can' honestly say that my heart is in this because I don't want them to fight, but I must choose Connor. He was trained by Sean Connory and Highlander series got really bad near the end of it (I still don't know what happened. I saw them do "It's a Wonderful Life" scheme with Duncan and then two weeks later it was gone). I think I'm going to cry or something for having condemned Duncan )`:

Eddie Filth writes:

Aaah, a real battle.I'm pulling for the original, Connor MacLeod.He won the prize over the most powerful Immortals such as Kane and ,the Kurrigan which make Duncan's enemies look like bunch of five year olds with plastic swords.Connor is also played by one of the most physical actors,Christopher Lambert.Ever seen him in Fortress,The Hunted and Gun Men? He's a seriously underated action hero in my book.

The Chubby Bullfrog writes:

Duncan all the way!!! Forget movie %[email protected]*!!! Those movies sucked, and the "continuity", as people suggest, is non-existent! I mean, come on, all the immortals died in the first one except Connor...but he came back? What sense does that make? Plus, the fact is that Connor fights like a pussy. I'm serious, he sucks. Duncan's just that much better...he's got skills up the wazoo. How many different sword styles have we seen him kick ass with? Anyone able to count that high? I mean, this guy wrecks people for a living. So Connor was taught by Ramirez--Ramirez, though having the benefit of being played by Sean Connery, died! Plus, Duncan's done everything. He took on the watchers, he took on the Four Horsemen--FOUR!!! You think Connor could defend himself against more than one person at a time?--and laid the smack down...he's done everything. And with guts. He ditched his sword, and defended himself with a stick. Sure, it sucked up the show, but still!!! A stick!!! You think Connor's gonna be able to beat anyone with a stick? I don't! Plus, Duncan gets more women. So in the end, Connor is gonna lose his head faster than Louis XVI did.

Joao Camilo writes:

The first Highlander movie is good (isn't that good, but with Conery we have some fun ), and the others movies are horrible...the only thing worse is the tv show. So by the sake of Conery, the original Highlander will won. After that I hope for a suicide scene, to avoid any more trashing of highlanders Editor's Note - I see a trend. Connor has the Connery Factor going for him!

Bluejayde writes:

Look, I could go on and on and on and on and on.....(Oh wait this isn't Energizer vs. Duracell!)......about the strengths and weaknesses of these two clansmen(no,they are NOT cousins),but it all comes down to this:Duncan gets more,and thats a fact.Therefore his spirits are higher and he wins.(Should I say it?) THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE! (There)

Wade Wilson writes:

I think Connor would win hands down. He came first and should be the ONLY Immortal left. I mean Duncan is just some character brought in for a TV show cause they wanted more dough so the damn hypcrites changed everything around. The TV show IS good, but its bupkiss compared to the movies. Connor is the last Immortal, Duncan should not even be.

Hackrat writes:

Although the first Highlander movie was the best ever, which spawned Highlander the series, I gotta say Duncan. Connor Macleod has been turned from cool Immortal to immortal space alien from another planet who hangs out with wizards and stuff. Duncan Macleod, has faced way more immortals and even defeated the 4 horsemen! Plus he's got long hair, making him cool looking! He'll be off with Connor's head faster than Cartman with cheesy poofs.

Mockingbird writes:

Duncan is just so much more cuter than Connor...I'd rather he be alive so I can continue to drool over him. Editor's Note - Its nice to see that someone's remaining objective here.

Gaijin D writes:

In the early 90's, they were equals. If you'll recall the very first episode of the TV series, you'll note that it features Christopher Lambert's one and only guest shot. They were shown sparring in an abandoned factory, and seemed to be pretty much even. However, while I don't know what Connor's been doing, I know Duncan has learned quite a few tricks and taken some powerful heads. Not to mention I've seen Duncan pull himself out of deeper you-know-what than I've seen Connor even get himself into. He'll put up a good fight, but I think Duncan edges him out.

Daki writes:,,! It's too much for my brain to handle. How can you possibly choose between the MacLeods?!? I can definitely see Duncan winning because he appears to have fought more immortals than Connor and would, therefore be a better hunter. But Connor took down Kurgan and a host of other REAL NASTY immortals! How can one decide?!? Wait...Connor was trained by Ramirez, and Ramirez was played by Sean Connery. Connor wins because of the "Sean Connery always kicks ass" rule.

Slye writes:

Connor may be the original, but he has only done 3 movies, for a total of aproximately 6 hours of actual on screen @ss kicking. Duncan on the other hand, has 6 seasons of hour long episodes, an unbeleivable advantage... It definately has to be Duncan. Plus, he's got all those other Immortal friends, and Richie to help him out.

Beetle Bomb writes:

First off, as much as I like the Highlander movies, I never really got off on the TV show. I'm sure I've missed all the cool things Duncan's learned and done, but I go with Conner for a couple of reasons.

  1. He's the original! He's the last surviving immortal! Nuff 'said!
  2. He was trained by Sean Connery! Remiriz was cool.
  3. Conner whipped the Kurgen! The Kurgen was one bad mutha and he killed Remiriz! The Kurgen would've shiskabobbed Duncan! Remember one of the first episodes of the TV show? Duncan darn near got whipped by Bull from NIGHT COURT!
Puh-leezzzze! Conner Rules, Duncan Doesn't!

The Brain writes:

Oooo, tough choice. Well, let's look at our two contestants! Connor McLeod is a great swordsman and in the movies was The One, as there could be Only One. Unfortunately, he also had a second movie which was so bad that, in my mind, he is not fit to be The One in this battle. Duncan has a television series and is also a great swordsman. He has not had any really bad shows to degrade him (although that "Highlander-The Raven" show...). Therefore my choice was Duncan, the clear-cut winner (pun intended).

Sailor Xena writes:

Although Duncan is a skilled swordsman and swashbuckler extrodinair, he will ultimatly be done in by his ancestor Conor. True, threw the many season of the highlander tv show, Duncan has bested countless enimies that were older and had more fighting experience then him(he even fought and beaten horsemen of apocolypse, some of the oldest imortals on earth!), he even beat a demon; Duncan will still lose to Conor for one reason: The movie. The movie is the first; the whole mythology is based on the movie. And in the movie it is Conor, not Duncan MacCleod who becomes the final imortal. Duncan can not fight destiny; in the end Conor will, regretfuly, take Duncans head and continue on his journy to be the last imortal.

ASKANIX writes:

If you take a look at the score card, duncan has killed more of the ancients than connor with his one big kill, the kurgen, big deal.

Maxx writes:

Well. First off, let me say that Connor has this one sufficiently in the bag. Going by movie continuity, Connor has Duncan's Quickening already inside him, because he is the Last. Discounting that, Connor is a peerless swordsman, actually killing the "Perfect Warrior" (the Kurgan), who had killed Ramirez, one of the oldest and best in the business. Connor survived (barely) an encounter with the Kurgan even before he became an Immortal, even though the battle left him tainted. Duncan is a great warrior, and a true Immortal, but Connor has about 2-300 years on him, and is a member of the Trenchcoat Brigade! Also, in the series, Connor is revealed to have been Duncan's mentor. I seriously doubt that there weren't a few "tricks" that Duncan never got around to learning. Also, having taught Duncan in the past, Connor almost definately knows the weak points in his style. In conclusion: Connor paralyzes Duncan, runs off, save the universe, and gets back in time for tea and haggis :)

The Kurgan writes:

Ahh I got something to say ! It's better to burn out then fade away ! And Connor has this one in the Bag ! The only blade to take Connor's head will be mine That Other guy is just a wimpy little pretty boy that Conner will just be saving me the trouble of wiping his blood off my blade ! Hey Callisto babe what ya doing later after the fight ? Cause I dig your style and think we could make beautiful Havok together ! Heh heh heh !

HighlaLynn~ writes:

And Duncan has GOT to win because he is the better fighter by far! Both Duncan and Connor fought the same evil K'Immie but Connor lost the battle *(fortunately not his head) ....whereas Duncan won the victory. He can handle a sword much better than his older cousin.

Wolf "There Can Be Only One" Leader writes:

First, let me say that as a descendant of the real Highlanders, this is a particularly awesome match to me! Now, to the fight. What a tough choice! In the end though, I'm gonna go with Duncan. The series is particularly cool. Duncan's got an awesome sword. He's gotten more babes. AND he's got more experience. He's had to fight off several different types of foes, not just immortals. Connor, on the other hand, only fights other immortals and he hasn't fought as many as Duncan has. Therefore Duncan will be more skilled and will win after a prolonged battle.

Valandar writes:

Let's see...

  1. Connor is older than Duncan, and has that much more experience.
  2. Because we don't see that much of Connor's adventures, we don't know just who or how many he has killed, so the numbers thing is right out the window.
  3. Duncan may have fought Methos to a standstill, but Connor outright SLEW the Kurgan, an immortal nearly as old as Methos, and a lot more savage.
  4. By slaying the yutz from the third movie, Connor now also has the powers of illusion. Duncan ? The power to kill his friends.
  5. Connor merely lent the dragonsword to Duncan, who will, of course, return it to him before the battle (he is honorable). Thus, Duncan will be relying on a lesser blade.
To be fair, in Duncan's favor:
  1. Yes, he did fight Methos to a standstill.
  2. He has gobs of women after him - but not to kill him. Connor comes off a little cold and rude.
Okay, so it's five to two in favor of the one, the original, Connor MaCloud of Clan MaCloud.

Karadek writes:

Okay, lets look at the facts. Obviously, since Connor is the last surviving Immortal (evidenced in the movies), he has himself already killed Duncan, killed the guy that killed Duncan, killed the guy that killed the guy that killed Duncan, or killed the guy that killed the guy that killed the guy that killed Duncan. So as far as I see it, the match has already happened. If Duncan didn't have enough skill to beat the guy that killed him that was killed by the guy that was killed by the guy that was killed by Connor, then obviously he doesn't have a hope in Hell of beating Connor.

Archimandrite writes:

In the end there can be only one. Will it be Duncan or some old blind guy who can't act? Hmm. Tough one. Well let's due a step by step comparison:

  • Vision: Duncan can walk around without bumping into walls.
  • Swordsmanship: Duncan can swing with the best of them. Conner should have taken that fencing class in college.
  • Physical Prowess: Duncan is in peak condition-agile and honed. Conner is, well...not. He's getting a little old for that kind of physical exertion and has never been what you would call spry.
  • Fate: Duncan has been in a cool television series. Paul has been in three movies that should be sealed in a titanium vault and dropped into the murky depths of the Atlantic. Somebody's fate line is a little stronger.
  • Perseverance: Duncan made it through umpteen seasons with Richie character strapped around his ankle like a dead weight. Conner made it through three movies that should be sealed in a titanium vault and dropped into the murky depths of the Atlantic. Okay. So Conner wins this one. But only by a hair.
  • Wit: Survey says...Duncan!
  • Charm: Duncan is dashing and charismatic. Conner acts like a reject from the Planet of the Apes. Serious, what rock did this guy crawl out from under? He has the elegant charm of a socially impaired Cro-Magnon.
  • Attire: Duncan is a snappy dresser. Conner clothes himself in stuff the Salvation Army refused to take.
  • Paradox: Duncan suffers from some minor inconsistancies of plot. Conner's existence is completely erased by the utter incompatability of the movies he was in. Nature works in strange ways and if you blatantly contradict her laws, she'll yank you right into the great void of unbeing. Don't believe me? Go back in time sometime and kill your mother before you were born. See if that doesn't sort you out.
  • Cool: Duncan, check. Conner, slash.
Alright, this is embarassing. I'm just going stop here. I don't think that there's really any need to tally this up. Duncan takes it by a landslide. What follows is a mock battle.

Duncan: "In the end there can be only one." Conner: "Hey! Aauuggh!" Thud. Zap.

Any questions?


[ Pic ] [ Pic ]

DAMIEN:   What a Kodak Moment(tm). Now that they're done with the sentimental crap, lets see some combat here. It looks like they have both assumed fighting stances, with swords held high. They're circling each other... circling...still circling... I'd say they're about eight feet away from each other now.

JUSTICAR:   Its Connor! He takes the initiative and takes the battle to Duncan. The action is furious and hard. Connor is letting all know that this is no game. The strikes are high and quick. Duncan is holding his ground as his determination is also rising.

DAMIEN:   Connor's flurry of strikes has stopped. His blade is locked with Duncan’s now, each man testing the strength of the other. Wow, its early in the match and already they’re both visibly straining to gain the upper hand. And it looks like neither one of them wins the advantage as they both push each other away at the same time. Duncan looks like he's getting ready to strike any second now.

JUSTICAR:   Duncan makes his move with some deft footwork. He pivots and thrusts into Connor's chest. Ooo... there's major power in that thrust.

DAMIEN:   Yes, a bit too much power as Connor redirects Duncan's sword with his own, using Duncan's own momentum to cause him to lunge past. Uh oh, Duncan has his back facing Connor, who spins around, his blade headed for right for the back of Duncan's neck. But the younger Highlander ducks down and goes into a forward roll, and not a moment too soon, I might add.

JUSTICAR:   Duncan completes the roll and is back on his feet. He quickly resets to guard as he looks ahead. Connor isn't there. I think I saw him dash into the freight area. Duncan is spinning, looking for Connor. Duncan is warily wiping his brow, concern is on his face as he pensively looks for Connor. I understand we have some side commentary. That's odd considering that nobody informed us. Put the feed through.

TIM THE ENCHANTER:   Aye! Think ye that there can be a battle with such grave implications for Scotland... and my comments be nowhere!! AMAIDEACH!!

Cameraman in rafters:   *CRACKLE* *THWABOOOM!!...* *THUD!*

TIM THE ENCHANTER:   Doom awaits ye Highlanders of Clan MacLeod! For within the bowels of Ifreann lies a weespirit of death. Hah! Prepare yourselves... It lies in wait and hate. It has huuuge fangs which drip of bile... matted scraggly hair... a hid of basalt and fork-ed spiny tail steeped in blood... You're all doomed!!

Assorted crates and barrels:   *BOOM!* *BOOM!* *BOOM!*

JUSTICAR:   Um... well OK then... Um... how does the fight look at sea level?

TIM THE ENCHANTER:   If I read the portents correctly... taken into account this mornings burnin of the infirm... I would say things look... fine.

DAMIEN:   Some forboding thoughts there, eh Justy? Frankly, I think he needs to be placed in a mental institu... HEY CHECK IT OUT! It seems that our contestants have found each other, perhaps via their 'Immortal Radar'. At any rate, our crack camera crew, less one, is on the scene. Connor is making a barrage of skillful swipes which is forcing Duncan himself up a stairway within the warehouse. A classic sword fighting situation if I ever saw one.

JUSTICAR:   Damn! talk about Kung-fu fighting! Duncan has just taken flight and somersaulted over Connor. Thank Heavens that we insisted on no kilts. That incredible bit of Ariel maneuvering has caught Connor flat footed. Duncan is now behind and below Connor. Duncan is the perfect position to strike.

DAMIEN:   Connor is trying to turn, but he's too late. Duncan just slashed his left leg from below. First blood has been drawn, and it is gushing! I believe Connor's hamstring has been severed. Ouch. Seething in pain, he's crumpled face-first onto the stairs now.

JUSTICAR:   Duncan is reshifting his weight preparing to strike again. Connor's face is one of pure pain, yet he still twists about to fight prone. Duncan is striking.

Connor's Boot::   *CRACK!!*

JUSTICAR:   Connor's kicked him square in the chest! Duncan's off his balance! He's tumbling down the steps and off of the scaffolding!

Duncan meets floor::   *THUD!*

DAMIEN:   Connor is limping, but he has made his way down the stairs to the ground floor. Duncan looks dazed from that nasty tumble he took, but he's up and moving. Both warriors look totally spent. Connor is on the offensive again, with a wild, half-assed overhand swing at Duncan. Come on now, Joxer could do better than that. Duncan has easily sidestepped it but he isn't making any attacks. What in the Hell is kind of Pay-Per-View is this?

DUNCAN:   I can't do this. I can't kill my clan cousin.

CONNOR:   There must be another way.

DUNCAN:   No. Look at that evil bitch with the boom. She's smiling. She knows that if we stop all is lost. She wants us to...

CONNOR:   Then en guarde brother, we end this honorably.

JUSTICAR:   They've locked eyes. They're focusing their Chi. Oh my God, I can feel the power and intensity forming between the two. Its incredible. Nary a blow has been swung in minutes, yet a battle on a far grander scale is being fought. Their wills are clashing. All that they are there very souls are locked. Wait... they're visibly shaking. The storm of fury is ready to let fly... they're charging each other.

DAMIEN:   And they're they go! The kinsmen are taking it to each other with a veracity I've never seen before. They're hacking away so fast I can't tell if either has an advantage. Swinging, thrusting, dodging, parrying; these too are using every trick they know. The clash of metal against metal is almost deafening as it rings through the building. Both men are fighting as hard as they can, perhaps trying to force the other to make a mistake. What incredible action!

JUSTICAR:   Yes! I've never witnessed such a ferocious exchange. They're still at it. They are tapping reserves of energy clearly outside the realm of Man. Thrusts are met by parries, left then right they go. Each action is met by its clear and true opposite reaction. Duncan has a mark! Connor can't parry in time! No! He parried the flat of the Duncan's blade with his own forearm! Its been about 15 minutes pure non-stop blazing speed. My eyes are in pain, I can't note it all...

DAMIEN:   Duncan has his sword in a held low position now, just above his hips, pointing to the side. He makes an upward sweep, but Connor darts out of the way. The cutting edge of Duncan's katana scrapes against a 55 gallon steel drum, and of course, there is an obligatory shower of sparks as a result. Its still anybody's game right now.

JUSTICAR:   Through the sparks I see that fatigue has finally caught up to these combatants. You can see the pure mental strain on their faces. There both caught in a parry. Its a struggle. Wait there both swinging for a punch. They both connect, oww, I heard that crack of bone against bone from up here. They're both going down.

DAMIEN:   It'll take more than that to keep these guys down. Connor is on one knee, trying to prop himself up with is broad sword. But Duncan is the first to his feet and he's staggering towards Connor. This looks bad. Duncan swings and...


[ Pic ]

'Nuff Said!


Connor: 577

Duncan: 486


JUSTICAR:   Connor falls back freeing his broadsword! Duncan is reaching forth with his katana, he's hyperextending. Connor's broadsword is up...

Swords:   **CLANG**

JUSTICAR:   Connor is back to his feet. Duncan is off balance. Connor has Duncan's katana wrapped... locked... he's pulling... Duncan is disarmed! His katana has just skittered off to the side. Connor lunges forward and impales Duncan. Connor's broadsword is clear through Duncan.

DAMIEN:   Aw man, that sword made a sick sound as it was pulled from the gaping wound in Duncan's chest. I think that just made everybody watching feel nautious, except for Callisto of course. Duncan looks finished now, he's dropped to his knees, gasping for air. Frankly, I'm amazed that he is still concious. Whats this? It looks like he is bowing his head down. Could this be some sort of gesture of honorably admitting defeat?

DUNCAN:   There can be only one.

JUSTICAR:   Connor is rearing back a tear in his eye. There's the fatal swing. Duncan is dead,... but is he? Electrical torrents of power are streaming forth from Duncan into Connor. Energy is forking from everywhere... into Connor. Its an earthquake! The warehouse is falling apart. Cannisters are exploding everywhere. This is a truly awesome sight!!


DAMIEN:   *pokes head up from under debris* Is it safe yet? Wow, that the most violent Quickening I've ever seen. We're getting reports of power outages all over Khazan. Connor is standing alone in the whats left of the building now, he looks like he's just been through a war, and in a way, he has. Alrighty, it looks like Callisto is picking up her mike. Maybe we'll finally learn what dark force could be so terrifying it could required a teacher to kill his own kind, his own kin, his own student, his ow...

CALLISTO:   Would you shut up already dearie, before I send you mangled corpse to Tartarus is three seperate pieces. The anwer to your stupid question should be showing up on your teleprompter any moment. .

DAMIEN:   Uhh... yes ma'am. Well it says here that...oh no, SWEET MOTHER OF GOD, NO! It says here Leonardo DiCaprio's evil soul is returning to Khazan! No wonder a chosen one is required to save the day!

CALLISTO:   Ahh, I love surprises.

DAMIEN:   Well, fear not people, because Connor MacLeod, the true Highlander, is walking off, now, leaving behind the remains of his former student to face the greatest terror he may ever know. But he is not alone, or the power of Duncan is within him now, and there's nary a creature alive that can defeat a super-charged Scotsman. But that, is another story. So, for Justicar and Tim the Enchanter, this is DamieN Brimstone, signing off. Pictures for this weeks big fight came from:

Eric Yauger's Highlander: The Series

The Unofficial Homepage of the Original Movie


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