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Paranormal Pyjamarama
Ghost Busters En Garde! X-Files
The X-Files


New York, New York... The Big Apple.

A rash of routine spectral sightings has given way to something far more sinister.

Several of the city's most prominent citizens turned up missing one morning, only to be found the next day shambling out of Central Park with dirty clothing and a far-away look in their eyes.

The friends and families of the "victims" say there is something not quite right with them now. They seem to be doing odd... even evil things. And still the rash of spectral activity continues to rise.

In the Financial District, it's the Ghostbusters, hired to investigate the Mystery.

From the Political side it's Mulder and Scully assigned to the case.

The race is on to uncover the shadowy presence menacing New York in a fight we like to call....

Something Wicked this way Comes

Fight suggested by Timothy Shanahan


CHARGE MAN:   Live from New York, a paranormal battle that has this city shaking.

White Knight:   You bet. The entire NYC area has had problems. Ghosts, ghouls, goblins... whatever you call them, they're none of this Earth.

CHARGE MAN:   Is this a problem for the Ghostbusters to handle?

White Knight:   Or is it an X-File, truth to be found by Mulder and Scully?

CHARGE MAN:   In any case, we've been interviewing everyone we can for this event. Let's see what they had to say.


Rich Stellato writes:

I think it's going to come down to quality of opposition here. Who have the Ghostbusters defeated? Not one, but TWO paranormal extradimensional beings with enough power to take over world, had the GB's not been around. They can walk into a fancy hotel room, wreck the dining room, and STILL get a big fat paycheck. Mulder and Scully, meanwhile, are tied up by bureaucratic red tape. Plus, if they're so good, why haven't they discovered the Ark of the Covenant stashed away in the basement of the Pentagon????

Ghostbusters all the way.

Renee Lea Dutcher writes:

The X-Files rules!! But who was the clown who decided that Buffy and Dracula would be a good match up?? And furthermore, who were the clowns that voted for Buffy!? She never would have won that fight. I think there should be another match up between those two

Sluggo at UIC writes:

You wanna know why Scully and Mulder don't stand a chance against the Ghostbusters? Scully _NEVER_ believes Mulder! The 'Busters are on the same wavelength! No wasted time trying to get each other to help in the chase! Not to mention the fact that the 'Busters have all sorts of neat techno-stuff to use, and sometimes they even use it right! Also, sometime Mulder is going to try to get into Scully's pants. That's a given. So while Mulder is trying to get Scully to believe that the supernatural forces involved also think she should be modeling a leather teddy, the 'Busters will be closing the traps, wiping up ectoplasm, and making a few cute comments.

Game, set, and match to the Ghostbusters.

Shade writes:

The Gost busters will win because they have Proton accelerators!!!! All the X-files have is somewhat descent looking chick.

Sailor Xena writes:

True Muller and Scully have a backing of Uncle Sam, bigger budget; but there are four Ghost Buster(five if you count the layer), three have Phd's(four if you count the"hony I shrunk the kids again" geek). And another thing, unlicensed nuclear excellorator's beat semi-automatics anyday. Who am I goin to pick......GHOST BUSTERS!!!!!

The Computer writes:

Although S & M (Scully and Mulder) are cool, they lose too much. The Ghostbusters have a better track record and aren't under the thumb of corrupt government officials like S & M are. Besides, the Ghostbusters have Bill Murray. What does the X-files have - Eddie Van Blundht?

Mea (a.k.a: Glitch Girl) writes:

This is tough. It's gonna depend on what exactly needs to be done. If it primarily involves investigation, our intrepid FBI agents have this one sewn up. If, however, it turns into a toe-to-toe slamfest, I'd have to go with Ghostbusters, since when it comes to battling spiritual antagonists, Proton packs are a little more effective than guns.

I'm going to have to go with X-Files on this though, since both sides have to investigate what's going on first, and that may give Mulder and Scully enough of a head start to call an exorcist or something.

Timothy Shanahan writes:

Thanks for using one of my ideas! It wasn't easy deciding who to vote for. If it's the original Ghostbusters, it'll be a sure thing. They've been ghostbusting before Scully and Mulder were on the air. If it's the new "Extreme Ghostbusters", the X-Files might stand a chance.

All I can say is, "Bustin' makes me feel good!"

Butch writes:

GhostBusters kick ass!! 'Nuff Said!

Anabel writes:

X-FILES ALL THE WAY!! Those brainless Ghostbusters could never stand a chance against the brain power of Mulder and Scully.

Overpower writes:

X-files got the uper hand on this one. Come one they use guns and went up against a swat team a couple of times. What did the ghostbusters do. They blew up a jello building and rode the statue of liberty.

Face writes:

The Ghost-Busters may have all kinds of fancy equipment and stuff, and the people trying to shut them down are far less sinister, but Mulder and Scully can work as a team without all the squabbling the Ghost-Busters were always doing.

Poison Ivy writes:

Scully and Mulder do well but the law keeps them back. Ghost Busters just nail the damn things asses to the wall. I'm saying Ghostbusters

Aries007 writes:

X-Files all the way. Mulder and Scully put up with aliens, the paranormal and freaks like the Flukeman and Tooms. Ghostbusters are guys wearing overalls and have huge energizer batteries fighting a giant marshmallow man.

The Baron writes:

I see it this way: the sexy Agent Scully will flash the Busters and while those 4 silly Ghostbusters stare, Molder sneaks up from behind and shoots 'em with his 9-millimiter.

Ottergirl writes:

It's a tough decision. The ghostbusters have nuclear power packs, while Mulder and Scully have plain-old guns. Meanwhile, Mulder has vast knowledge of strange phenomenon and a network of informers, whereas the ghostbusters have Egon & Ray. But I must remain loyal. So, I have to say the X-files, because they have raw courage and stubborness on their side.

Dr. Smoooth writes:

Everyone knows the Ghost Busters have a proven track record where as Mulder and Scully just chase things and never really battle the tough aliens.

Joe the monky writes:

I think the X-files will win cause they are really cool and they can figure all the nifty ways to get around those energy things the ghost busters have

IK writes:

Ghostbusters of course. Eighties always beats the products of the 90's. Some examples are the Bee Gees vs. Pearl Jam. Maybe that's a bad example a better one is What's Happening vs. Seinfeld. Hmmmmm. Maybe it doesn't hold true but it does in movies. Look at Revenge of the Nerds vs. Clueless. There I told you eighties alwyas beats nineties

Jed writes:

Scully and whoever never took on Zool! Also the X-Files have NO:

  • atomic weapons.
  • black people. (Not racially integrated)
  • sirens.

No dice.

Godfrey Lee writes:

The Ghostbusters have almost every advantage I could think of. They have the technology to not only figure out the problem but to solve it. Even if Mulder and Scully somehow find the culprit first, they will just end up being possessed by it, having nothing but handguns to protect themselves.

bunly writes:

I takes the ghostbusters two hours to solve their problems last I checked. Scully and Mulder do it in one Hour almost every week!

no name given writes:

The x-files would win this one easily! They have the U.S. government behind them. Sure the Ghostbusters have those fancy weapons, but you don't know what the U.S. government has stashed away. And they wouldn't let a bunch of lame asses upstage them anyway. The U.S. government would surely intervene.

Capn Crunch writes:

Ghostbusters gots all the cool equipment, such that the fbi now can't compare too. Now tell me do you think FBI agents with woosey hand guns and overactive imaginations can beat a pumped up, technologically advanced, seriously happinen bunch of people...I don't think so.

Over and Out.

Ace Kendrich writes:

Let's think about this for a second. The Ghostbusters have superior brains (Egon) superior street smarts (Peter and Winston) and better comic relief. Those nuclear powered proton packs are pretty cool too.

cyberlugey writes:

Mulder is pretty handy with a gun. He would blow away the Ghostbusters before they knew what hit them. And the Ghostbusters would probably be blinded by Scully.

Maureen O'Brien writes:

I revere and cherish Mulder and Scully. But let's face it -- when it comes to doing battle with actual ghosts, they just don't have the technology. Mulder's profiling skills and leaps of deduction may help them figure out what elder god is responsible, and Scully may be able to detect the medical consequences -- but then what? Go ask Marita Covarrubias for bee husbandry applications?

Faith and logic are not enough. You need engineering. You need ghost traps. You need to be able to face your demons with an unlicensed nuclear equalizer in hand.

Gotta make the call -- Ghostbusters.

Mousse writes:

Essentially the Ghostbusters have the advantages of of being better equipped to handle situations like this. They have technology and know-how on their side. As for Mulder and Scully, they have more charisma. That's all I could think about for them, not that it would help much.

Borg3of2 writes:

That the X-files will win. They have more experience & training than the ghost busters. They also are open to more ideas & have better sources! Ghost busters on the other hand have better weapons such as lasers or whatever it is. I say Dana & Fox will figure it out first =o]

eldritch writes:

straight, one on one conflict and the ghostbusters have it, thanks to their ray guns... mulder's not much of a fighter, and niether is scully...

on the other side of the rainbow, the ghostbusters have proven time and again that they are almost completely inept... despite their high tech gizmos, mulder will find whatever it is first because he is quite simply insane... and as i know from experience, insanity attracts...

once mulders found it, scully could pontificate it out of existance... i pity the creature once scullys through with it...

Ami_Anderson writes:

The Ghostbusters got it won hands down. If you think two panty-waisted Federal officials can take on a group of four highly trained paranormal specialists, who's line of work causes them to interact with spectres on a day to day basis, and win, then you need to get your head checked.

Kibler writes:

I think mulder and scully don't have a chance. The Ghost Buster with there containment packs have the advantage because they kick ass. Besides 4 0n 2 I like the Ghost Busters odds.

Nick Lopez writes:

Ghostbusters would catch the spirit while Mulder and Scully would be trying to figure out where the Ghostbusting technology came from. After all you can't buy those things at K-Mart! Of course in the end its just another government conspirocy!

Dan Lowther writes:

The minds of 4 scientists is better then that of two cheasy FBI agents.

Proton packs are far more formidiable weapons than pistols

The ghost busters know what they're doing, Moulder and Skully are always confused!

Guru writes:

The Busters by a city block. They have the tech and they have the manpower. Sure the damage bill we be a little high, but you get what you pay for. Mulder and Scully have too many problems in getting down to the nitty gritty of a case. Apart from working for an organisation that won't let them find the 'truth', could you see Mulder letting some ghost slime that expensive suit, No way, and it's a bit hard to do an autopsy on something that may be dead, but is still trying to kill you anyway. While the Filers may have the brain power advantage, they just don't have the people skills to get the babes, or guys, that are necessary for providing vital information, or get posessed at just the right time. Also the Busters have the car to get through those New York traffic hazards.

A.J. writes:

the ghostb. are a bunch of wimps!! Mulder... well Scully could kick their asses anytime.

hihkmj ipoe ljrow jdwqpo writes:

What we have here are a bunch of guys violating tons of federal laws from osha and the epa vs two g men(well a g man and a g gal) so its no contest mulder and scully will bust the ghostbusters and save the day.

Earthwalker writes:

Although the Ghostbusters are relics from the eighties, they outclass the X-files team in all aspects when it comes to ghosts.


CHARGE MAN:   Okay, here we go! The Ghostbusters have taken a direct approach! Their proton packs are charging.... and BAM!!

White Knight:   Meanwhile, Mulder and Scully try to question a homeless man.

Fox Mulder:   Now sir, can you tell us what happened to you in your absence?

Homeless Man:   Urrrrrnnn... Hehehehehe.

Dana Scully:   Please, Mr. Guiliani, calm yourself.

White Knight:   Uh.... OK. That was strange.

CHARGE MAN:   Meanwhile, the Ghostbusters are rounding up all the ghosts surrounding the area! They seem to have been invisible, but their proton charges seem to be drawing them out into visibility!

White Knight:   And there's the FBI Agents, still trying to rationalize with the homeless people in Central Park.

Mulder:   Please, Mr. Koch, if you'd just answer our questions we'll leave.

Egon Spengler:   Alright, boys, seems we've got ourselves a Spectral Reading off the scale at City Hall.

CHARGE MAN:   And the Ghostbusters enter City Hall. Something's in there... something big.

White Knight:   It looks like Mulder and Scully have gotten the right idea... they're following.

CHARGE MAN:   Let's move to the City Hall Cam and... Oh MAN!! What IS that thing?!

White Knight:   I'd say it's some kind of portal.

Peter Venkman:   1... 2....

All Ghostbusters:   THREE!

CHARGE MAN:   And they fire their protons!

White Knight:   Charge, it doesn't seem to effect the portal at all! The Ghostbusters are giving it all they got, but it just isn't doing anything!

CHARGE MAN:   Here come Mulder and Scully!

Scully:   Oh my God, Fox... What is it?

Mulder:   Don't you see, Scully? It's some sort of interdimensional portal that periodically releases invisible ghosts that sometimes posess the reknown citizens of New York...

White Knight:  Uh-oh! Mulder's gone into his conspiracy babbling! This could be trouble for them!

CHARGE MAN:   But wait! What's happening to the portal? It's rumbling!

Mulder:   It must be some sort of conspiracy, Dana. There are portals like this all over the world, only the government covered them up. But this was one they couldn't cover up...

White Knight:   The portal is dissipating...!


'Nuff Said!


Ghostbusters: 148

X-Files: 160


That's a wrap! Boy, close one! This has been Pat Summers.

And Jay Peoples. Who you gonna call?

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