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troi En Garde! alexander
Deanna Troi
Lyta Alexander


A peace conference between the United Federation of Planets and the Alliance being held at Deep Space 9 has been interrupted by the brutal assassinations of several delegates.

Both sides, eager to avoid war and discover the truth, have sent their best psychic operatives to the conference . From Babylon 5 comes former Psi Corps operative Lyta Alexander. From the planet Betazed comes Lieutenant Commander Deanna Troi.

Their instructions: Use their mental powers to locate and eliminate the source of the attacks, and the first one to do so will be rewarded with a free trip to the pleasure planet of Riza. Join us now on DS9's Promenade for a battle we had to call...


This fight was home brewed by Dan & Angelica.


Dan:   We're here at the DS9 Security office, watching these two lovely ladies at work on the view screens. Welcome, viewers. I'm Daniel Thomas. At the moment, Lyta is in the Infirmary, telepathically interrogating a comatose Klingon.

Angel:   And I'm Angelica Jones. Call me Angel. There goes Troi. She looks pissed, Dan. She's waving her phaser in Quark's face. He looks impressed, but he keeps on staring at her breasts!

Dan:   Lyta's leaving the infirmary, and she's headed across the Promenade. Deanna seems to have calmed down a bit. Oh, I see now. Quark got her a chocolate shake.

Angel:   Here comes Lyta. Headed right for....Quark's bar. This could get ugly.

Dan:   Given the physiques of our telepaths, I don't think it could EVER get ugly. Let's take a look at some fan support for both sides.

Angel:  : Pig.


Favorite letter of the Week

The Immortal Kahless writes:


Dan:   Congratulations, Kahless. You are our rabid dog for the week.

Angel:   Here Here!

Predator writes:

Troi takes all here. Why? Because she's been trained and taught how to use her mental abilities all her life. She'll know who's guilty just by looking at the goon. Again, TROI ALL THE WAY, MAN!

Phranque writes:

Come on! How could it not be Alexander? Troi can only get vague impressions, and if it's the right species she can't even get that! Next Generation is a far better show than Babylon 5, but I've still gotta give this one to Alexander.

Justicar writes:

OK, It has to be Lyta on this one, even though I have a strong sentimental pull towards Deanna. Why not Deanna? For one thing she's only half Betazoid, that's a major blow right there. Her psychic abilities aren't as strong as a full fledged Betazoid. Another thing, she's only an empath and only on the receiving end. She has no forceful abilities aside from telepathic communication. Lastly, she was only a counselor. True, she was a Starfleet officer, but her rank was mostly honorary. Her field experience will make it interesting, but it won't tip the balance against Lyta.

Why Lyta? One, she a full-fledged telepath. Plus, she's Psi Corp trained. You know damn well those jack booted Nazis taught Lyta some nasty secrets. Lastly, after the Vorlons boosted her abilities into the P-20s its just scary.

Her range, abilities and training are far beyond Deanna.

Deathbringer writes:

All though Deanna with her Grecian features has the babe factor (TM), she is overpowered. I must agree with Angelica that Counselor Cleavage loses to Lyta.

Mad Max Duijsens writes:

While Lyta Alexander's weapon to fight the terrorists would be nothing less than a MINDRAPE, Deanna Troi could easily seduce any one of them. If she'd seduce me (which wouldn't be _very_ difficult I have to admit) I would admit to being the terrorist without a second thought! Deanna all the way!

Tiger writes:

Deanna looks prettier. I mean look at all the powerful telepaths Jean Grey, Emma Frost, Psylocke, Their all pretty!

Azrael writes:

Oh, puh-lease. This is what would happen: Lyta steps out onto the promenade. She makes a quick telepathic scan of the area, causing everyone's eyes to start bleeding, and pinpoints the assassin. She gives him one command, telepathically, and he both confesses and then shoots himself in the head with his own gun. Oh, yeah, in the process she fries Counselor Cleavage's brain, pyrokinetically burns off Riker's beard, and makes Data sing 'I'm a little teapot', before walking back to the delegation.

Runewolf writes:

Give me a break! Deanna will get "they're hiding something" vibes from everybody and never be able to determine anything conclusive. All Lyta has to do is ask a leading question and scan the interviewee's surface thoughts. They'll never even know she did it. And if, by some chance, she gets into trouble, she can seriously fry someone's neurons. There's just no contest. An empath cannot compete with a true telepath in this field.

Pat Tallman can act rings around Marina Sirtis and her show has infinitely better writers! That finishes it!

Chuck writes:

It's not really a question of who's stronger... Lyta is stronger but has to focus, whereas Troi just absorbs everything that's going on.

Its really a question of which one can be more ruthless in the pursuit of their prey, and Lyta wins hands down.

Besides, Troi may know how to fight, but Lyta just looks at the target and projects pain.... Infinitely more effective since there's no way to dodge...

Yugadesrial writes:

Simple, if we are talking Troi operating by herself then her mental powers are no match for Lyta's. But, if Troi gets to call in her Enterprise buddies, then they will have the crime solved before Lyta can even find her anti-headache telepathy medicine. In light of the fact that someone has to speak out against the DS9 rip-off that is Babylon 5 (and yes I have seen it so I don't speak out of ignorance how can you people watch that rubbish?) I gotta vote for Deanna Troi.

Mark writes:

Easy win for Lyta, thusly:


  1. Is cuter.
  2. Better bod, too
  3. Retooled by Ancient Protean Super Race (tm).
  4. Made belligerent reptilian Drazi warrior point OWN gun at head and shoot!
  5. Had wonderful snarly PSI-expression while doing so, too.
  6. Can shut down second Ancient Protean Super Race (tm) ships with a thought
  7. Can activated heavily enhanced PSI types. Without line of sight, while they're in ORBIT!


  1. Not as cute
  2. Ditto bod
  3. Born "empathic". Oooh, great military possibilities.
  4. Could say "I sense that you are going to --Arrghh! (thud)"
  5. Expressions not her strong suit
  6. Could sense the second Ancient Protean Super Race(tm)'s fierce joy as it destroyed her ship
  7. Could sense Heavily-enhanced PSI-type's robotic determination as it merged with and destroyed her ship.

The Sandman writes:

It was a hard decision, but I have to go on Deanna Troi on this one. With her looks, the terrorists will drop their guard reveal themselves to her

MooCow writes:

I've gotta go with Lyta on this one. she's stronger then Troi and is better trained at finding information from people. As for the combat XP, I would think Psi Corp trains their TPs at least as well as Star Fleet trains their counselors.

Dark Queen writes:

I have to agree with Angelica on this one. I mean, have you seen this girl in action? Thanks to the Psi Corps, she brought up her ability to a P5 (which is hard to get) and then went Rouge and practically doubled her ability thanks to the Vorlons. Thanks to her abilities she helped discover who nearly killed Ambassador Kosh in The Gathering, helped in stopping the war with the shadows, (was it not her abilities that showed that they could stop the shadows?) and since then she has also helped saved a whole species from the Drazi and (recently) helped Franklin discovered the real reason for the Centauri attacks? Not to mention that she can control as person at her whim! Like I said, she has done it all and will reign supreme. I mean, what has Troi done in the past with hers? With these facts, there is no contest.

Pedneau writes:

well if you wanted a battle of the pschycic babes you should of put in Phoenix but it would be too easy for her. I have to go with Deanna cause she's been on a lot of crazy quests in her head and she is always the first to know something is going wrong.

Bruticus writes:

Everyone knows that Lyta and the Ellen 5000 android have been romantically linked. Given Lyta's "tastes", Troi's breasts and other assets would serve as the perfect diversion, weakening the willpower of her opponent, and giving her the day (if not giving the night to her opponent

daburro writes:

Lyta is queen of the universe...

nuff said?

Mordenflagg writes:

Troi has about the same chance that a snowball has in the closing minutes of Terminator 2. Lyta has proven mind-control ability, proven scanning ability and a now unrestrained ability to kick ass and scan names for the right price. If EA can afford to send her, they can definitely afford to have her do whatever it takes to do the job.

Troi can sense things. Oooh, big damn deal. ''He's not telling the truth, Captain Sisko.''

With Lyta it would be something like: ''Fine, if you don't want to TELL me..'' *scan*

She'd turn Troi into a quivering mass of mindless protoplasm pretty damn fast.

General George S. Patton writes:

In this case I'd have to give Troi the edge due to experience and her remarkable ability to determine her subject's state of mind, the motivation behind the thoughts. This empathy is more subtle than outright telepathy and in the long run will result in a more accurate determination of who is to blame. It's important to note that deceiving telepaths isn't too difficult with a little mental training; an adept student will simply focus on the thought he intends to project. It's much more difficult to hide your underlying emotions.

However, if the battle gets physical, you're not going to see any world class fighting no matter which contestant you're looking at. I've never yet seen Troi engaged in any physical combat and I doubt she's a master at it anyway.

Sean writes:

Is definitely all Lyta - after all anyone that can force someone to turn a gun on themselves and pull the trigger is a force to be reckoned with - or how about stopping the Shadow vessel so that the Whitestar could destroy it. Deanna couldn't hardly order someone to do something that would probably kill them.

Sailor Xena writes:

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha..... do you ha ha ha think ha ha ha ha ha that ha ha ha ha that little nobody of an empath ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha can stand up to ha ha ha ha ha ha a Vorlon enhanced telepath? HA ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha..... what's she going to do? Stick her chest out? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA......................

(Sailor Xena passes out from laughing so hard)

Captain Argyle writes:

Although I'm a Star Trek fan, I had to choose Lyta on this one. I completely agree with Alexandra. What can Deanna do? When has she EVER proved her use? She's likely to say "Captain, I sense some hostility", AFTER the Enterprise has been attacked. If there has ever been a useless character, Deanna tops them all. If only they had continued to give her the uniform she wore in "Encounter at Farpoint"...

No, then look at Lyta. She is a bitch, okay, but she's also maybe the galaxy's best telepath. I bet she just comes in, looks around, scans and picks out the guilty party. She is better than Bester (aka Chekov from ST), so how can she lose? Give us a REAL challenge next time please.

Bungholio writes:

Even though I prefer TNG over B5 any day, I do know for a fact that Lyla's mental powers have been magnified beyond belief. Unfortunately Troi is only half Betazoid and can only pick up emotions and direct telepathic communication. Have the winner fight Jean Grey.

Dangerace writes:

Troi could stomp that little wannabe's butt into the ground. Besides, since the battle is on DS9, if she started losing, you just know her ex boyfriend Worf would annihilate Alexander with a huge security team. Yeah! And the blood! Yeah yeah! Kill! Maim! Woohoo!

The Z-Man writes:

since Lyta can control people, she can make or even implant false confessions. Hell, she probably did it herself. Deanna only gets the truth. And she can always get her Ex, Worf, to beat it out of somebody.

ChaosBurnFlame writes:

Well, such a hard decision, but I chose Lyta because, well, her powers are like that of a P20. And, well, Troi, she can only sense emotions. Sure, at first, Lyta was only a P6 or a P4, I forgot which, but then, she got like Quad times the power, so much power that she destroyed a planet! Come on, I never saw Troi destroy a planet by sensing emotions.

Robin writes:

Let's see here. Lyta Alexandra, Vorlon enhanced, can read minds and am able to read minds meters away I think. And also able to take out Shadow ships with her mind. Deanna Troi can also say dumbass things like 'I can sense deception, Captain.' WOW! Lyta of course!

Xtreme writes:

Me I really don't care who wins. I chose Troi simply she looks beautiful in that short skirt uniform she wore in Star Trek: TNG. I don't care who has the better mental powers as long as they end up cat-fighting in the nude.

Corwyn writes:

Wow lets see Vorlon enhanced babe or Next Gen Soft core porn Star... gee this is tough


sheesh you people who voted for Deanna Are DUMB Dumb Dumb Dumb! Why did you vote for her? Do you owe Will Riker a favor maybe sheesh boy do we all need lives....

Atomic Skull writes:

Jesus, just WHAT can Troi do anyway? She can read people's emotions, but she can't do anything offensive.. And she's overweight and out of shape, so any physical attack it pretty much out of the question.

Lyta will just look at her, say "you feel pain" while Troi tries to "just talk it over" and that's it, it's over Personally, I hope Lyta kills the bitch, Troi always annoyed the hell out of me.. whiny, weepy, overweight skank of a woman.. (and the writers wanted you to believe she was sexy or something? YUCK!

sinsecticide writes:

Here are the stats as I see them:

Deanna and Lyta square off in the "Male chauvinist's perspective" -

more attractive: I'd say that Lyta barely edges Deanna out on that one. But since the attractive girls all seem to die on sci-fi shows like Star Trek and Babylon 5, that is - 5 points for Lyta.

More combat experience: Well this is about even the way i see it, though Deanna is more of a pacifist - 5 points for Deanna.

More makeup: both these girls are weighed down by pounds and pounds of mascara, concealer, and blush. - 10 points for both

and this is the tie breaker, both fighters are at negative 15 points for this match so far lets see who gains the ONE POINT advantage!!!!!!!!

Who's got the better show: I hate to say it all you Babylon 5'ers out there, but even though you have more guys in forehead makeup Star trek WAS and always WILL be a superior show. Deanna Troi +1 and she wins the damaged borg cube from a few battles back falls out of the sky and crushes Lyta Alexander into a pulpy sludge... that's all folks

Flynn writes:

There is no doubt in my mind that Lyta is the more powerful telepath. After all, she can immobilize people with "pain!", cause them to experience illusions or scan the depths of the psyche. Troi can scan people too but that is all. And her scans only seem to give vague, unhelpful hints, never anything specific enough to ruin the plot of the episode. For example, she might advise Picard that the shifty-eyed, sniveling Ferengi on the viewscreen is "definitely concealing something" or that the Klingon captain has feelings of aggression. Nevertheless, I think Troi will win this bout. Here is how I see it going down:

Lyta uses her superior telepathic abilities to get to the root of the matter quickly. She goes straight to the lowlifes on the station and strips their minds easily of their secrets. This leads her to the assassin whom she immobilizes with "PAIN!" while she gets the details of the crimes. Then she assembles all the senior officers except for Troi and unveils the whole plot before the teaser is over and the comet flies past the station. While she's there, she tells Odo all of Quark's plans which she overheard by "accident".

Odo steps forward to put the assassin in a holding cell, but is stopped by a curt gesture from Cisco. Cisco explains to Lyta that she has violated the assassin's civil liberties by subjecting him to a deep scan without his permission. While he knows she meant well, the evidence is inadmissible. Cisco has to let the assassin go, and purge Lyta's testimony from the record. She's off the case, and advised to take a Vulcan lecture series on "Ethical uses of the mind disciplines" (known to the young by the nickname "Don't do what Spock's half-brother did, it gives us all a bad name.")

Meanwhile, Troi spends the rest of the episode struggling valiantly to find the assassin. The "B" plotline is Cisco trying to reconcile his conscience with the decision to follow due process and letting a guilty being free. Fortunately, Dax stretches the rules just a little by casually mentioning a small but critical clue to Troi just before they get into an enormous cat fight because the conversation turns Worf, a bitter subject for Troi.

Armed with this clue, Troi is barely able to stop the assassin's second attempt. But Troi's confidence is hurt when Dax says, "Finally... Lyta had the plot figured out 45 minutes ago. I hope you enjoy your time on Rhisa though, especially the steam baths. Worf and I sure did." In short, a phyrric victory.

George Stark writes:

comments: OK- so Deanna's Starfleet and they're peaceniks. But there's gotta be a reason they can afford to be peaceniks, right? They're in the same universe as the Borg, the Romulans, the Cardassians, and other bad guys and they're still on top. Plus she has the Star Trek Advantage. Not only is Trek now and forever better and more popular than Babylon 5, but the eternal optimism of Trek must always triumph over the eternal gloom of Babylon.

Brad Miller writes:

Not only is Lyta "Vorlon-esque", not only does Lyta have much more power than Troi, not only does Lyta get MUCH better lines, not only does Lyta have gills, but Lyta is the true-blue BABE of the two - It's GOT to be LYTA!!!!

Besides, Bab5 is a better show, and this is coming from a guy (me) who's youngest son is named "Kirk James Miller"

No, really, his name IS Kirk James Miller. As soon as I find a delorean and a flux capacitor, I'm going back in time to name him "John Sheridan Miller", though.


AIM1227 writes:

These assassins aren't fools, they know that their targets have psykers and will use them. They no doubt have counter measures to protect themselves.

It is known that telepaths can be distracted by increasing the level of anguish or emotional distress in the area. Hence, before they began their foul campaign, the assassins distributed thousands of "Tamagochi" virtual pets to the children of Babylon 5. These children quickly grew to love their little LCD pets and felt "great pain" when the pets inevitably "died".

The anguished cries of children across the station will block out Commander Troi's psychic senses. Raised in the Federation - a highly evolved compassionate society- she will be unable to ignore them. She will quickly offer counseling and group therapy to the children. As a trained counselor she values the welfare of her patients above a military mission. Furthermore, she will use her rank to call in a Federation Medical Ship to assist in the crisis.

Ms. Alexander however, was raised in a less compassionate, less evolved but more pragmatic society. She will ignore the screaming brats and quickly track down and destroy the assassins with a combination of fighting skills, psychic attacks and a large gun.

In the end we have a win-win situation. The assassins are eliminated by Ms. Alexander and the considerable scientific resources of the Federation have been mobilized in a all-out effort to keep Tamagochi alive.

A pretty obvious ending when you stop to think about it.


Angel:   Well, Miss Alexander certainly is a favorite. We had to cut our letters short this week, since most of them weren't really commentary, just sexual fantasies about our contenders.

Dan:   And What fantasies they were. Especially that one about Lytan and Deanna from...

Angel:   Never mind.

Dan:   There goes Lyta, right into Quark's.

Angel:   Sensors registering Psionic Activity, Dan. She's using her powers.

Dan:   The folks in the Bar look dazed, Angel. All except Deanna, who just finished her shake. They're talking. Can we get sound here?

Troi:   What have you discovered?

Lyta:   An alien presence, but I can't identify it.

Angel:   They're going their separate ways. Lyta's headed for the habitat ring, Deanna's going up towards the holo suites.

Dan:   Uh-oh, a bunch of folks in black robes just jumped Lyta. They've all got what looks like Phasers aimed at her head.

Angel:   Lyta's eyes are glowing! The attackers are in for it now! They're aiming at their own heads!

Dan:   I really feel bad for the DS9 Janitorial staff. It will take DAYS to clean up that kind of mess.

Angel:   Deanna's in the Holo suite. Oh, Lord, it's Dr. Bashir with a Klingon woman. She's beating him with a whip, and he seems to like it! He's into S&M, who knew?

Dan:   I always had my suspicions. Troi's leaving the Holo suites. She looks like she's about to retch. Let's check back with Lyta while Deanna regains her composure.

Angel:   Alexander has the Security crew mopping up. Apparently, they weren't aliens, just humans in bad masks. Lyta's talking to Odo. Odo's trying to raise Sisko and Kira on the commlink, but doesn't seem to be getting a reply.

Dan:   Lyta's on her way to Ops. Looks like Troi's found something. Another person in a black robe. She's following him out onto the promenade.

Angel:   Troi's target doesn't seem to know she's there. Wait a minute! Deanna's stopping, pulling out her phaser. She must be picking up something empathetically. A bunch of guys in black robes just jumped out from behind a bulkhead.

Dan:   WHOA! I knew she was a good shot, but this is beyond all my expectations. Two of them are down, and the rest are running for cover. She tapped her comm badge. Odo and Worf are running in to mop up.

Angel:   Troi's still chasing them, and she's doing some fairly serious damage to that hallway. Running and shooting are not the sort of thing she should be mixing together.

Dan:   On Lyta's end, she's encountered Deanna's Mother, Ambassador Lwaxanna Troi of Betazed.

Angel:   Who's that she's got with her? Ambassador Londo Molari of the Centauri Empire? I don't think I've ever seen him grin so much.

Dan:   Lwaxanna brings that out in men, as I understand her. They're walking off towards her quarters, arm in arm. Lyta's still headed for Ops.

Angel:   Deanna's taken out the last of her opponents. She's headed back for the turbolift. There's Lyta. They're talking again, and getting into the Turbolift. They've reached Ops....

Dan:   Its empty...but isn't that...Look over there in the corner. Someone in a red robe. She's pulling back the hood...its...Gabrielle of Potedia?

Angel:   Look at her eyes! She's saying something. Get a mike! ...

"...My father's kingdom is at hand. Join me, or be destroyed."

Dan:   My God! That's Gabrielle's Daughter, Hope the Demon Child! It wasn't bad enough that she has to put Xena and Gabrielle through Hell, but the Bitch has come here to sabotage the Peace Conference!

Angel:   Lyta and Deanna are looking at each other. Deanna's got her phaser pointed at Hope, Lyta's eyes are glowing. Hope's levitating some kind of computer into the air...she's gonna throw it at them!



'Nuff Said!


Lyta Alexander: 291

Deanna Troi: 200


Dan:   Hope blocked the phaser with the computer, but Lyta's got her in a psychic grip!

Angel:   Hope's clutching her skull, Lyta's overloading her brain!

Dan:   She managed to throw the computer at Deanna. It crushed her legs. Deanna lost her phaser, she's just lying there screaming. Ouch. Bashir's got his work cut out for him, after he's done with his dominatrix friend.

Angel:   That didn't help the Daughter of Darkness! Her eyes and nose are her ears...OH GOD! HER HEAD JUST EXPLODED!

Dan:   Lyta's helping Troi, carrying her out to the infirmary.

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