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Science Conspiracy!

En Garde!
Dexter & Didi
Pinky & The Brain


Pinky and the Brain hatch their latest plot for World Domination. And this one's a doozie, folks. They might even pull it off.

However... they have one small problem. They need a few grams of an incredibly rare element. And they get wind that Dexter just happens to have some in his Laboratory.

It's a battle of wits, witlessness, amazing gadgets and... fairy princesses?... in a battle we like to call....

She Blinded Me With Science!

This weeks fight suggested by Ben Church

Special Note: Thanks to Taylor Nelson for sending this:

"Was checking out the old battles and realised a big error on the Dexter vs. The Brain page.... Pinkey is actually spelled Pinky and DiDi is spelled DeeDee."

Well, there you have it. Proof we can't spell.


PAT: LIVE from Dexter's Laboratory, all hell has officially broken loose! Hello and welcome, I'm Pat Summers.

JAY: And I'm Jay Peoples. Boy, you said it, Pat. Pinky and The Brain figured this to be a smooth in and out operation... but they overlooked some minor security details.

PAT: That's right, Folks. They weren't counting on Didi. Didi saw the mice, and screamed...

JAY: ...which caused the Laboratory's internal security to register the mice, which launched the Laboratory's automated, seven-foot tall, mice-killing, vermin-hating cybernetic Orkin Man. It's a bad scene for the mice.

PAT: Indeed. Now, while we have a moment, let's get some viewer response on this.


The Computer writes:

Brain has lost so many times, losing again is against the odds.

Jarod Jones writes:

Pinky and the Brain? What are you people thinking? Dexter can obviously kick butt... He is one rugged brother! All I'm saying is the scientist over the lab rats!

Juan F. Lara writes:

Pinky and Brain are way overrated. Brain proposes a plan, Pinky says something dumb, Brain makes a smartass remark. Bleah. :-P But "Dexter's Lab" is great. It's a cartoon that really is a cartoon, with gorgeous artwork and use of the media. Only "Daria" is better.

Narfcake writes:

the reason why the Brain will dominate is because Dexter sees how much better Pinky & the Brain is animated, which causes Dexter to leave in a huff to complain to the moguls up at HB, leaving the mice alone ... and ... eh, I don't need to say more, do I?

G-doG writes:

these mice have been goin' against full-sized humans their whole existence. These scrawny freaks ain't gonna stop 'em. Pinky and the Brain will not be stopped!

Mea (a.k.a: Glitch Girl) writes:

Generally, the Brain usually gets all the parts of his World Domination Device/Machine so that he can at least build it so that either he or Pinky can screw it up in the closing scene, so at the very least, the Brain will succeed in getting the element, thwarting Dexter, only to have his Positronic Discombobulator (or whatever) spectacularly blow up in his face.

Lynx writes:

Pinky and the Brain should kick ass cause I never heard of those other two guys.

Yakko Warner writes:

Pretty cool battle but is Dexter and Didi really and Match for Pinky and The Brain? I don't think so..hehehe....But it was creative.

Paul writes:

Dexter MUST win! His show is SOOOO much better than P+B. My opinion is very biased, I run the most complete Dexter site on the net.

Which is true... a link to the site is at bottom.

Garrett writes:

It's an easy victory by Brain. I mean, think about it, he has Pinky with him.

Nick Zube writes:

The Brain, man. The Brain, all the way. Even though he's limited by the constant blunders of Pinky, the REAL Mighty Mouse will win, simply because he's completely heartless...although I'm sure that he's more than an equitable ruler.

Johny Raven writes:

Brain may not have taken over the world (yet) but he can easily out think and thereby out wrestle Dexter. 'Nuff said!

Ped writes:

Please! Dexter versus the Brain? The Brain will wipe the floor with that little boy. I mean Brain is trying to take over the world, and Dexter is just some kid trying to prove how smart he is...


JAY: Mixed emotions out there, Pat.

PAT: Yes, Jay. And there seems to be a mix-up on the field, too! Pinky has hidden in one of Didi's dollys... and now Didi has scooped up the doll and is skipping off with it!

JAY: This leaves Brain holding the bag with a laser spewing robotic Orkin Man on his heels. The Brain is going to have to do some quick thinking here...

PAT: And we have Dexter in the lab, folks! I repeat, Dexter has entered the lab and has no idea what's happening.

JAY: Brain seems to have an angle on the how to use the Orkin man. He's leading him over to the security case holding the element he needs!

PAT: Dexter is desperately scanning his monitors looking for rodents....

JAY: Brain has lured the Robot into... Yes! Brain has forced the robot to shoot at the case, busting it open!

PAT: Wait... Dexter has targeted some vermin. He's is switching on the labs pulse blasters... yes... yes... YES! Dexter has blown the dolly out of Didi's hands.

JAY: Ohhhhh.... Didi is not taking this action well, Pat. She looks mad.

PAT: Didi is charging Dexter, and Pinky is crawling unharmed out of the charred dolly.

JAY: Pat, on the other side of the field, Brain has possession of the element and is looking for an escape route.

PAT: Wow. Big action here, folks! Now let's get a quick analysis from our own Sideline Commentator Frank Williams...

Well, to judge who will win this one, many things must be accounted for. My opinion is based on the ratio between their head sizes and their bodies. The Brain has a larger head, proportionately. So, logically, he will win. And that concludes my lecture. Back to you, Pat!

PAT: Thanks Frank. What do you have now, Jay?

JAY: Pat, The Brain sees a possible escape route through a vent... but it's too high! He realizes that he is going to need Pinky for a boost up.

PAT: Meanwhile, Dexter and Didi are out of the action as they try to resolve the doll issue. Wait... we have a connection now with our own Jack Gibson who has this special report...

Thanks Pat, this is Jack Gibson live reporting from the field. My own brain cells have long since been fried out, but I've got enough left to tell you that its been a massive match! Its only a matter of time till we find out if Dexter has indeed built a better mouse trap or if the Brain has one upped him. Back to you Pat.

PAT: Thanks, Jack. What do you have now, Jay?

JAY: The Brain has pulled a major move towards victory! By leading the Orkin Death-Bot in laser range of Dexter and Didi, Dexter has been forced to shut it down for fear of getting singed!

PAT: Yes, and Pinky and The Brain have joined forces to get the element through the vent.

JAY: This looks bad for Dexter Pat. Not only is his precious element scurrying out the vent... he still has to come up with a replacement for Didi's dolly.

PAT: Tough break for Dexter today, Folks.


'Nuff Said!



The Brain: 116


That's a wrap! Live from Dexter's Lab, this has been Pat Summers.

And Jay Peop... My God! Pat... I'm getting a report that the American government has just been overthrown and... oh, no... We all have a new ruler....

Bonus Cool Dexter Link: Paul's Dexter Net

Special Thanxs to: Pinky and the Brain

Special Thanxs to: Dexter's Unofficial Homepage.


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