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Dark City
[ Arnie ] [ en guard ] [ Deckard ]
star star
The Terminator VS. Blade Runner


Due to unanticipated circumstances, Sky Net's first try to send a Terminator through a time portal to Los Angeles, 1984, failed miserably. Instead, the Terminator arrived in Los Angeles, 2018, and into a completely different reality than its own...

Police Chief Bryant: Deckard, we need you on this one. You're the best we've got.

Deckard: Alright, what's the story?

Police Chief Bryant: Dangerous Replicant. Combat model. This thing comes outta no where and starts popping women named Sarah Conner. Nobody can get close to it. Gaff got hurt pretty bad trying to get a Sarah Conner away from it.

Deckard: Did you bring her in? Is this Sarah Conner here?

Police Chief Bryant: Yeah, she knows nothing about this thing. She's hysterical. The Replicant must'a just short circuted and decided it didn't like Sarah Conners.

Deckard: That's strange behavior - even for a replicant.

Police Chief Bryant: Yeah, well. You know what to do.

Deckard: I might need some bait.

Police Chief Bryant: Fine. Just bring Sarah Conner back in one piece.

Join us now for a battle we had to call...

The Hunter Becomes The Hunted


Note from the Webmaster:   Unfortunately I did not have time to produce a fight report this week since I am trying to re-make another site here on, The Fantasy Powers League. (I am only one person, and at least the people over there appreciate it.) However, the Mail Bag truly flowed over with some great comments, and I now present all of them Uncut and in their entirety here (which is a first, actually). Thanks all.


Jeff"T-Rex" Hayes writes:

Hey I like both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Harrison Ford. But The Terminator has this fight. Rutger Hauer is tough but he is no Arnold. Then you gotta remember The Terminator took out a model more advanced than he was. Dekkard will go down faster than french fries at the Pickles residence

Greebo71 writes:

I went with Decker on this one. All That guy Kyle had was some bum's pants and a histerical waitress and he managed to blow the Terminator in half. Then the waitress finished the robot off.

Decker has the resources of The future's police department at hand for this, not to mention that he is a replicant himself (watch the director's cut if you don't believe me). He took out a whole bunch of replicants who could pass as humans and so what if Mr. Rudger slpped him around...That guy was the Hitcher, a blind swordsman and turned into a wolf in Ladyhawke. Rudger is BAD!!!

Anyways, I figure Decker will use Sarah as bait, draw the Terminator into a giant empty apartment building and blow his metal butt to pieces.

The end.

McLDo(tm) writes:

Simple, really. Step 1: The original Terminator(T-800) gets sent back to the wrong time and reality. Step 2: SkyNet(tm), realizing that they failed, sends out the T-1000. Step 3: Both terminators join forces and make briquettes out of Blade Runner. Step 4: Everyone in L.A. named Connor dies. Step 5: The terminators get jobs at McDonalds.

Azrael writes:

It's pretty simple. Deckard is the good guy. In these movies, even though they get slapped around, beaten, thrown through windows and dangled off roofs, they always manage to kill the Terminator. The real question is whether or not he scores with Sarah.

Rimfiztrik writes:

You've gotta understand, Terminator may be impervious to modern day weapons, but 2018 weapons are whole nother story. THat levels the playing field.. since now they both can basically be taken down with one shot. (just like in a real firefight). Anyway, with that in mind, I saw Deckard pops him one before T can get a bead. This guy's been tracking opponents with enhanced strength, reflexes, and senses his whole life (replicants) and he's not failed yet.

XXUTAK, Lord of Werkon writes:

Deckard has a tough time against androids designed to be exactly like humans, right? So how much use do you think he's gonna be against one designed to be an unstoppable killing machine? Deckard's gonna get wasted like a 9-year-old Pokemaniac's summer.

Adam Nonymus writes:

Obviously the Blade Runner is trained to stop insane androids who are doing things that people don't like. Sure, the Terminator is a mechanical killing machine with a mission, but it still fits into the category. I'm sure he'll live through it.

gokachu writes:

er.... have you seen the terminator?a future cop vs a killing machine!shake me baby!!!

Mrde Inc writes:

Book ruled.

Movie sucked.

(Okay directors cut sucked less)

Decker is going doooooown!

Sicod writes:

The Terminator is a nigh unstopable killing Machine. Harrison Ford plays a detective. Armed with a gun. A gun. Now think about this. He shoots the Terminator, assuming he gets the drop on him. The Termintor might recoil a bit, but then Deckard is going to have a chest full of lead. Especially considering the scenerio where Deckard thinks the Terminator is Replicant. Replicant's bleed, then they die. Terminators bleed then they KILL. 'Nuff said.

Arnold Schwartzeneggar writes:

Look! I just vont to forget about those turmator moovies. Hey I'm uh real actor now. I've done Kindergarten Cop, Jingle All Duh Vay und Tvins. Dose gun moovies may have made me uh lot uv money, but I'm diversified. I've married uh frickin' Kennedy OK. Yet all anyone ever remembers is big dumb Ahnold running around in a lioncloth or as a stoopid robot. OK, so that is vi I voted for Blade Runner. True I could break Harrison Ford like uh tvig, but Blade with that half-vampire thing going has too many advantages. So quit stereotyping me und vote for Blade Runner.

Peter writes:

My congrats to the CBUB this week - a harder fight to pick than this hasn't been offered in quite some time. Decisions, decisions...Terminator or Blade Runner...ah shoot, I'll just vote for 'em both.

Eddie Filth writes:

While both Blade Runner and the Terminator movies are one of my favorite flicks and I like both Arnie and Harrison Ford, I'm going for the T-800.

Deckard will be facing his worst nightmare as he takes on something that is equal(or more) in power to a war replicant and zero of the weakness. The T-800 won't suddenly break down nor suffer any glitches.

On top of that, Deckard's weapons won't seem to be affective against the frame of the metalic skelaton. Unless our Bladerunner can get to an army depot, he'll be off like a prom dress after midnight.

Chuckg writes:

"It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't know pity, or mercy, or fear! And it absolutely will not stop! Until you are dead!"

You'd think that would say it all..

Deckard, the Blade Runner, is a cop. He has a big f**king handgun, looked to be about Desert Eagle sized. He has training. He has normal human strength and reflexes. He's had replicants toss him around like a baby, use him to practice their Nonstop Ass-Whuppin' routine whenever they felt like it, and won his two biggest hand-to-hand fights with them only by:

a) having his girlfriend shoot the really stupid one in the back, the big lummox having passed up ten separate chances to snap Deckard's neck quickly in favor of making really bad jokes

b) having his other opponent be overcome with a sudden last-minute attack of remorse and pull Deckard to safety, immediately before deciding to tell war stories and then drop dead of old age. (You know, if *I* knew I was gonna die in a few minutes, and this damn bozo hangin' off the girder had been responsible for blowing the brains out of my only three friends in the universe, *I'd* just kick the damn idiot off the building as my last dying act, ya know? To quote Cheeks the Toy Wonder, "I'm just sayin' here, ya know?")

But I digress. The point is, we have seen Deckard's strength. And speed. And cunning. And skill. And firepower.

Barring a very conveniently placed plot device about the general size and shape of an 80-ton press, he's dead. He thought that big replicant who tossed him around like a handball was strong? The T-800 could rip two of that guy in half with one arm. He thought the combat leader was fast? We're talking computerized killing reflexes here, baby. He thought replicants had superhuman endurance. Meet the killing machine with the onboard micro-miniature nuclear reactor that never sleeps, dude!

If Deckard's time had man-portable plasma cannons as standard police sidearms, he might have a chance. But a normal policeman with a big handgun? Vs. the Terminator?

The Terminator goes through entire police stations. When the cops have assault rifles. And body armor. And it *still* wins. With contemptuous ease.

Deckard becomes Dead Cop #667 on the Terminator's list of kills, and ol' tinhead moves on to finish killing everything named Sarah Connor in the entire state.

Overlord writes:

The terminator will just waste Deckard with little effort. Deckard didn't even kill all the replicants he went after the last one just died from running out of time. Also the terminator can't be killed even when blown in half, so Deckards gun ain't going to do much.

bbf2 writes:

Ugh! Please do not have the commentators (Harley and Calliso or whoever) have a debate on who will win this battle. This fighting between commentators is what plagued the WWF Grudge Matches, and is the reason I only go here now . . . the commentators work together. Having them fight and debate makes it ugly. Please leave the debating up to the fans who write to the sports box.

Oh, and I picked Blade Runner, because I like Harrison Ford.

Dark Queen writes:

Terminator all the way. I mean come on, Man vs. Machine? The Terminator is the ultimate killing machine and will not give up! You could shoot that guy who knows how many times and he still won't go down. And besides, who do you really think would win? A body builder from Austria or some lanky 50 year old man who has had his time in the son? Yeah, I thought so.

Besides, don't the words "I'll be back" ring a bell?

compsci_guy writes:

I voted for the Terminator. Reasons being....

First, look at the toys. Terminator is a hard-core, butt-kicking android with a big, BIG gun. His only objective is to KILL, KILL, KILl! Blade Runner doesn't stand a chance against Terminator's determination, knowledge, and killer instinct.

Second, Like I said Terminator is an Android, in the same line as such greats as ST:TNG's DATA, and Star Wars' R2D2, while Blade Runner is a cop, in the same line as RoboCop. Does Robocop ever lose? Sometimes yes. Does Data? NEVER!!!!!!!!!

Third, look at the actors. The last movie Harrison Ford did was a sappy romantic drama thing that I didn't waste my time watching (which is why I can't tell you anything about the plot:) Arnold fought SATAN and Won!! You have to give this fight to the Terminator.

JWDavis writes:

Robots what come from the future to kill people is cool, dude. Huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh.....and lets face it, if relicants can pound the valiant "Blade Runner" so easily, a one track minded Terminator will kill him in the long run.... I just hate to see what happens if the Terminator does go down and the replicant folks get a hold of THAT technology.....brrrr....cold chill....

Sailor Xena writes:

I have to admit that Arnie makes one tough droid, but lets face reality. How good can a combat droid be he it gets beat by a dtsy blonde and a hydrolic press? If the Terminator couldn't beat an ameture, it will most definatly become recyclable by a professional. Dekar will turn the Terminator into scrap faster than you can say austa la vista!

Sailor Dragonfyre & Siris writes:

WE like the Terminator, why? Man or machine? hmmmmmm? If I almost had my ass whupped by a nitrogen based being (T1000 for anyone who's stupid) i think i'd be able to take on a little whussy human. Bladerunner was good but he was fighting robots that would self destruct anyway, and none of them were quite as articulate as Arnie.

P.S. if this was a battle of the ass, it would be Harrison Ford all the way, but unfortunately, in a battle of the buff, Arnie will kick his small human be-hind!

The Khazan Insurance Agency(KIA) writes:

Dear Mr. Blade Runner,

As you know a few months ago, you applied for insurance here at KIA. As you know, we here at KIA are famous for providing life insurance for many different super heroes and villians who get into all sorts of dangerous fights and situations every week. You are also aware that as of last week, you were accepted into our life insurance policy for a surpringsly large amount of one hundred thousand dollars.

However, in light of recent events, namely you trying to save Sarah Connor from a T-800 model cyberdine system model terminator, we are forced to withdraw all insurance coverage in your name.

Please sir, we mean no disrespect, you excellent performance record speaks for itself. It is in fact why we here at KIA were willing to insure you in the first place. However, you sir, quite frankly don't have a chance in hell.

Our crack team of professional doctor estimate that by the time your efforts to stop the Terminator are over, you will have servel hundred bullets wounds, multiple broken bones throughout your body, a fractured skull, and an enormous medical bill that we here at KIA are simply not equiped to pay for. Bascially sir, we would have to be insane to try and pay for your medical bill, as it would put us out of buisness. Our sinsierest apoligies.

The Presiedent of KIA,


Please mail to the Khazan Ward for People Who Won't Live Through the Night(KWPWWLTN)

Zisteau writes:

Well, this one is really quite simple. The terminator in Terminator (no that's not redundant) was only dangerous because it landed in 1984, when the tech wasn't anything to brag about. In the future, where the resistance to Skynet is going on, the cyborg terminators were disposed of on a regular basis. All you had to know was that that person talking to you was a robot. Bang. He's dead. That's all. He wreaked such havoc in 1984 because those weapons that go *bang* and make lights in the air weren't available.

Deckard, on the other hand, doesn't have to worry about that. He's got more than enough tech to take down the Terminator, and since he already knows he's being hunted by one, it'll be no sweat.

Jace Von Varius writes:

Well, most are going to argue for the terminator that he has the durability, etc. However, that won't matter as much as you think- any action hero worth his salt can take out some 'invincible' opponent. So here's why the Terminator will REALLY win.

Computer for a mind. Terminator can calculate inumerable strategies in the space of the time it'll take Blade Runner to Blink. In addition, the robot mind takes in ALL sensory input- while the human brain ignores about 90% of it. Combined with his other abilities, the Terminator will reign supreme. He took out T-1000. That was his version of an invincible opponent. They're equal in that area, but the terminator has sentinence AND a computer brain.


The Avenger writes:

Well, this may be because Terminator was on the tube last night but I just gotta go with the big metal body builder. If you can remember, he had to be "killed" (as in the loud music became calm again) 5 times! He got an arm and his entire body from the stomach down destroyed and still kept coming after her. Now THAT'S resisiliency! What chance has that blade runner punk got. Huh? What chance does he got?

My view. My time. My word.


Mr Sinister writes:

The Terminator is going down in this one, no question about that. Deckard managed to waste an entire team of replicants by himself, on his own, *alone*, so just one single lousy unstoppable killing machine won't even bother him at all. He can take on Skynet and win, easy. Dammit, if Linda Carter can do, so can Harrison Ford!

Flip writes:

There's no way a lone Terminator can stand up against a man with real resources, let alone Deckard. That endoskeliton doesn't make him involnurable.

Harley Quinn writes:

Errrr! Soooo Hard!!!!

I really think the Terminator might have this one, so I chose him on fighting merit.

I do love Bladerunner (READ: Harrison Ford)but after doing VCE English on it, I can't watch the film any more without wanting to write an essay.

Katrover writes:

Just HOW many Sarah Conners are in LA in 2018!? Sarah must have become a popular name in 2018...

Anyway, Blade Runner takes it. He's the good guy in this bout.

K.A.R.R. writes:

Go Terminator!

Even with no real personality, this model can come up with some of the most memorable catch phrases of our time.

Every time I walkin into a plice station,(which is not too often) I feel the urge to say "I am looking for Sara Connor"

This model of Terminator does not know the meaning of quit. Even after loosing it's legs and most of it's torso, it STILL alomst killed Connor. That's determination.

As for being killed by that scrawny future guy, it was fated. The hero has to win. But hey, He DIED didn't he? Not too happy an ending. And of he had to be scrawny. In a post apocoliptic future where life is war, how many well fed people are you gonna find?

He's cold! He's calculating! He's handy in a macho action film! He's everybody's favorite killing machine.

Arnold, The Terminator!

Q-Man writes:

The Terminator is not what Dekard is used to. Dekard's used to replicants that'll sneak around and ambush you. Not the Terminator's style. He'll walk in, simply fire a few shots, and be done. It won't matter if Dekard destroys the Terminator if Sarah Conner is killed first. And the old T-500 will shoot her first. So even if Dekard gets the Terminator, he won't win because Sarah will be dead.

DL Mighty writes:

The cyborg cuts han's eyes out, slaps a pair of gargoyles on him, and makes him polish his parts to a mirror-finish. Han's only hope is Chewbacca can fish Luke out of the bacta tank and fly the Falcon back to 1984.

Jay and Silent Bob writes:

give it to the terminator snoogans. Right silent bob *bob nods* thats right you tubby bitch. Think about. Sure terminator was killed in the first movie but in the second one he killed himself This guy just don't stop man He'll just pump out a sawed off and bicket bam Deckard goes down. He's got the gear, the attitude and the mentality. He will keep his cool while he pumps that sucka full of lead. Plus Blade Runner was one confusing movie while the terminators are all about the action. Is'nt that right lunchbox *bob nods and lights a ciggarette* snootchie bootchie nootchies

Acecool writes:

Terminator takes this with relative ease simply because he can take on the T-1000 and win.

that's all folks

sobi_wan writes:

Lets think about this as two cars in a head on collision. On one side, the termanitor, who's built like a mack truck. On the other, blade runner,where harrison ford is aptly named after a pinto. I know the man had some neat toys in the movie, but to be truthful about it, in a straight up fight, harrison ford would have his as handed to him by a go-bot! i gotta go with the modern man of steel on this one.

Dark_Ranger_X writes:

This one's a given. Terminator has this in the bag. I mean, what the hell can a blade that runs have over a cyborg. I just don't get it.

EZIKIEL writes:

OK the terminator is a armour plated cyborg, that knows more ways to kill a human than the average crazed nazi. Hes hard to kill and even harded to make him laugh. This guy doesnt sleep, eat, rest or watch south park. You can bet he will be the favourite. Then you have Decker, he may be just a man but that was all it took to stop the first terminator (and a few bombs, guns, explosions and one industrial crushing machine). What I,m saying is he has a chance, its his reality, his turf and lets not forget Harrison Ford kicks arse dude. Itll be a great fight hopefully with lots of inoccent people been killed in any cross fire.

Look forward to all those gibs.

Violence rocks -EZIKIEL loves you.

The dude writes:

A match that has been needed settled for a while, it could be easy to argue for the arnster but we have to remember how his programming was corrupted by the feelings of a little girlie-boy which led him to self sacrafice,Deckard however was slaying simies when t100 was still having trouble interfacing with the recycle bin in windows,and was chasing through cities like 2pac on a munchie, at the end of the day it all comes back to terminator being able to travel through time and space but still end up naked with the worst accent since van damn went to the dentist for twelve fillings and had an argument with scooby doo.

The dude writes:

A match that has been needed settled for a while, it could be easy to argue for the arnster but we have to remember how his programming was corrupted by the feelings of a little girlie-boy which led him to self sacrafice,Deckard however was slaying simies when t100 was still having trouble interfacing with the recycle bin in windows,and was chasing through cities like 2pac on a munchie, at the end of the day it all comes back to terminator being able to travel through time and space but still end up naked with the worst accent since van damn went to the dentist for twelve fillings and had an argument with scooby doo.

mr_fix_it writes:

Harrson ford is a bad man annie is a big dumb lug nuff said

DR. Doom writes:

I think Terminator would win why because Terminator is a ruthless souless mother fucking killing machine ol balde is down hard!!!!!!!!!!

andrew + xena writes:

despite that heart trouble of arnie's he can still take anyone down

let's have a look at the roles he's played

hercules in a film where the demi god came to what was when the film was made the present

mr freeze in the recent batman

last action hero he gets to meet himself how many people have managed to do that

terminator he played a bad guy first time and a good guy in the sequil

predator he basically took the whole race on by himself

and from what i hear there is a predator vs aliens vs terminator graphic novel coming out of darkhorse aught to be interesting

any more info on arnie or the other guy send to [email protected]

Maskim Xuul writes:

I see some problems here. Decker is, first and foremost, a detective. An ex-cop. He's good at tracking down androids that don't want to be found. And then shooting them. He's a good shot, for a cop.

Problem is, the Terminator is pretty much bulletproof. I don't know how effective Decker's hand laser is going to be against it. Remember that this robot was rammed with a semi truck - full of gasoline - which then exploded - and walked out of the conflagration with a LIMP.

I suspect that Decker will get the first shot, simply because the single-minded Terminator won't recognise him as a problem. And he will shoot it a lot. And then the Terminator will turn around and reduce him to a gooey mess, and return to his Sarah-Connor-hunting hobby.

Borneo Jimmy writes:

A very interesting matchup. The key question to address is whether Deckard's experience with replicants will prove sufficiently useful against the T-100. And that depends on the similarities and differences between replicants and Terminators.

Replicants are artificial humans with enhanced abilities; they are smart, strong, fast, agile, etc. Replicants have the full range of human emotions (although they do not reproduce the human psyche exactly), whereas Terminators have no such weakness. Terminators are cyborg killing machines; this one was built to relentlessly pursue a single target in 1980s Los Angeles. The T-100 is strong, fast, etc. and very hard to destroy, and moreover can draw on vast stores of information in its memory banks to help fulfill its mission.

And that's why Deckard will defeat it. In the scenario we've been given, the T-100 finds itself in a completely different reality, about which SkyNet knows nothing. Unable to use its memory banks for stealth or stalking purposes, without accurate maps of the city, unable to understand the pidgin street-speak around it, and (probably) unable to assimilate some alternate 21st-century technologies that were never developed in its reality, the Terminator will be much easier to track. I predict a huge battle in the crowded slums, with Chinese-food stands and air cars blowing up everywhere and an ultimately victorious Deckard-led police force.

One other thing, though: replicants are the wild card. I've convinced that a group of high-end replicants like those in "Blade Runner" could take out the T-100 with ease, but...what if they managed to reprogram it, reeducate it, and make it their pawn? Muhahahaha...


At first I thought the Terminator would take this fight easily since Replicants don't strike me as much more bulletproof than humans. Deckard wouldn' be carrying anything with enough firepower to take out the Terminator. He would be surprised and vulnerable when he tried. Then I thought, if he was the Terminator's target, he would be dead, but he isn't. The terminator will probably shoot him or throw him out a window. A daily occurance for Deckard, and certainly not enough to stop him. He will notice that the Terminator is not particularly creative or cunning (why should it be?). Since he is used to dealing with unstable, but cunning replicants, he will quickly come up with a trap, use Sarah Conner as bait, and send the Terminator to the scrap heap.

sladethesniper writes:

Psychotic cop versus sentient killing machine with no qualms. HAHAHAHA. Wow the funeral homes are going to have a busy week. Lets do some cogitating...


The terminator is not a very bright fighter and so it will merrily wander from Sarah Conner to Sarah Conner (it's 2018 and there are alot of them now after the depopulation of the early '80's)

Dekkard will just wait in ambush.


Well, since plasma rifles in the 40 watt range are still unavailable, Termie will just have to make do with the Minigun (from his buddy the Gov. of Minnesota) and the rail guns he picked up from his days as a Federal Marshal in the Witness Relocation Program.

Dekkard has a pretty cool pistol that worked pretty good to blow Darryl Hannah's spray painted ass all over the room, but probably won't do too well on Termie's chrome-moly endo skeleton.

Friends and Enemies:

Termie has his aforementioned minigun toting govenor (Jesse the Body) and, well I guess that's it.

Dekkard will do some good investigating (he is an alcoholic on the edge cop after all, and that's what all alcoholic on the edge cops do best...) and make some calls and the T-1000 will show up; along with Tech Sergeant Kyle Reese, his twin brother Corporal Hicks and all of his compadres Drake, Frost, Crowe, Wierzbowski, Vasquez, Deitrich, Apone, Spunkmeyer, Ferro, Hudson and Bishop. Hell even Ripley and Newt show up. So Vasquez [big nod to Harley Quinn here] WILL be available to: 1) kick the terminators metal ass (she is soooooo much more of a killing machine than Sarah "I screwed a big cat" Conner) and 2) to avenge the loss of her fellow Valkyrie Susan Ivanova during last weeks obviously fixed fight between Ivanova and two losers.

A few more calls should be made and Han Solo (along with his New Republic sidekicks) shows up to lend some aid, if need be. Jack Ryan and especially Mr. Clark and Ding Chavez and the combined might of the CIA (for movie fans) or the ENTIRE USA (for Clancy fans) will be on the scene shortly. Indiana Jones can stop by with his dad for some ass whipping fun as well. Since Dr. Jones Senior is ALSO the ORIGINAL 007, I think that Her Majesty's Secret Service (along with a few shooters from the Special Air Service and the Special Boat Service) can be on site in LA within 24 hours.

Dekkards amubush, in the words of the immortal Tone Loc, "goes something like this": Clonk, clonk, clonk. Knock, knock, knock. Creak.

"Are you Sarah Conner?"






Counting investigatory and ambush prep time, Dekkard in 36 hours....Counting trigger time, about 3.7 seconds

Gothamite1 writes:

Hmmm... A toughie this one. Very close in the voting. But I have to go with the Terminator.

Deckard is good and he has made his career hunting replicants (to the point that he is the best of the best) but the Terminator isn't a replicant. It's a tank on legs.

It isn't interested in starting a new life or discovering humanity (and it certainly won't spare your life just because it's about to die and it has learnt the value of life).

All it does is kill. It will keep on killing and won't stop untill it gets who it is after.

It can't be bought off, it can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity or compassion or remourse. It absoloutely will not stop untill it has killed Sarah Conner.

Even the fact that "Harrison Ford is a hunk" won't stop him (Harley, please take note).

Clown Girl, if you wanna do something usefull challenge Callisto to a fight next match, you have my vote [snicker].

Jiggs writes:

I would have liked to vote for Deckard, but honestly the Terminator will take him down anytime.

Harrison has one chance though, the Terminators Bravarian software malfunctions and goes goes straight to Oktoberfest, but hey chances for that are slim.

greenlante3rn writes:

Ok, the way this fight will go is that deckard will show up on conners door step, see the terminator than run back into the car and head back into the police station. That's all he has to do to win the fight. The boss said so.

Decakrd in about 5 minetes

falkon5 writes:

terminator 'cause it takes someone from the future to practically destroy himself to kill the Terminator.Besides, BL is just another action-violence-cheesy plot-tough guy movies.If anything, BL will just say some cliches that Terminator will get tired of and blow him back to the second Speed movie, which was worse than Waterworld.

Aramus writes:

Alright, I'm new. Please don't bitch slap me for a first post.

Okay, if this was the Terminator from T2, I'd say this is over in about 5 minutes. But we have the original who, for all practical purposes, was just above Arnold's role in Hercules in New York.

Then we have the Blade Runner, who may or may not be an android himself (debated heavily by many). Okay, well, I was pretty impressed with the guy, don't know about anyone else. But admit it, that takes balls to go fight enemies that could probably kill you fairly easily without those damn weapons.

I give it to the Blade Runner, he is Harrison Ford after all, the same guy who Played Indiana Jones and Han Solo.

Hope that was alright for a first timer.


bbf2 writes:

Harrison Ford is one of the best male actors in the business right now. Arnold Scwar-whatever is a horrible actor. Did you see him as Mr. Freeze? Ugh. That's all I will say on the matter.

The Toast Rider writes:

First off, Justy, I heard that :>

Secondly, yes, the Terminator is a grade-A, no holds barred, killing machine. Its sole purpose is to kill things. Think of it as a walking battle-axe.

Unfortunately, it's the T-800's bad luck to pull this opponent. Deckard has extensive experience in fighting cybernetic adversaries, and I think the only way this could get worse is if Cyber-Arnie had to fight the adult John Conner. Ow.

Expect the Terminator to put up a good show, but frankly, I'm investing in scrap metal for these 2 weeks. Deckard gets the nod.

Fruitbat Messiah writes:

Look,Androids can dream of electric sheep all they like.But the fact remains that the Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 (800 series) was built for one thing and one thing absolutely kill its target and anything that got in its way. The only reason that Reese or Sarah were able to do anything about it is a vast cosmic force known as THE PLOT (tm).In a truly impartial universe,the Terminator would have been a five minute long snuff flick.Without the backing of a heavily contrived PLOT(tm),poor Harrison doesn't stand a chance. T-800 all the way. Nuff said!

Niko writes:

Close match. The Terminator is relentless but Decker is resourceful. In the end though, I've got to go with mechanics over muscle. Decker doesn't know what he's getting himself into here, and I don't think he'll have enough time to figure it out before the big "T" pulls his plug.

Thrawn02 writes:

I voted for the Terminator. Now, I know that Deckard's job is to hunt down robots, but then the Terminator ain't your usual 'bot. He never quits, never gets tired, never feels pain. Deckard, on the other hand, is human and therefore subject to all of these problems.

FreakyFreaky writes:

All I can say is, has anyone seen End of Days? FUCK YOU ARNOLD! DIE DIE DIE!

Model O03 writes:

Blade Runner is a fine person but he has only fought cyborgs. Never a steel robot capable of have the daylight's kicked out of him and going to back-up. Besides Blade Runner's still human and the Terminator has a knack for kicking the hell out of people.

Iron Lantern writes:

I'm not a big believer in "the name says it all", but I'll make an exception in this case.

Let's face it, there's a reason that Deckard was called a "Blade Runner", and not "Blade Killer" or something equally destructive...

... because if Deckard doesn't run, he dies. End of story.

The Terminator, on the other hand, is a pretty straightforward guy. He kills. It's what he was designed to do.

The differences can be defined thusly:

Fact: Deckard is several times weaker, slower, and less resistant to damage than a T-800 on the worst day of its existence. Replicant or not, he was physically getting beat on by every replicant in the movie... not good enough by far against Ah-nuld.

Fact: Deckard came within a picometer of getting killed more than once in Blade Runner. If not for massive doses of Heroes' Luck (tm), the timely intervention of Sean Young, the sheer stupidity of most of the replicants, and the fact Rutger Hauer let him go, there wouldn't be enough of Deckard to fill an ashtray with.

Fact: The Terminator is a more efficient operator than Deckard is. Its mission objective matters first, foremost, and only. You can't trick, distract, or reason with it. Odds are, Ah-nuld will investigate Deckard, arm himself with better weaponry than Deckard has, then blow a few holes in Deckard with pinpoint accuracy.

Elapsed time: 5 minutes.

Megatron writes:

Okay, Deckard is on his home turf, he is a trained android killer and I like Harrison Ford.

Plus, "Blade Runner" is written by a great SF writer, (Philip K. Dick), while "The Terminator" was created by the man that eventually went on to create the abomination that is "Titanic". Therefore by the laws of human decency Deckard should win convincingly.

General Mayhem writes:

This is going to be a one sided match. All I am saying on the matter is that Terminator is going to kick ass.

My reasons for this assummtion are few and far between but I will enlighten your minds by letting you hear them:

1. My first point is that the Terminator is vurtually indestructable. Alright he got killed in Terminator 1 and 2 but he was a bad guy in the first one and we all know that the majority of films bad guy always get killed, and in the second one he committed suicide, BUT WHO CARES.

2. My second point is the Terminator is a finaly tuned killing machine who woun't think twice about ripping you head of.

3. The Terminator shows no emotions, he shows no sign of guilt and anger which could cloud his mind like most human beings.

4. The Terminator shows no pain. In the first movie he was blown in half and he was still crawling after Sarah, and in the second movie he had his arm riped of and he still kept coming.

5. The Terminators nearly took over the future but since this got reversed and never happened this cannot be really classed as a point.

The only thing that I am going to say in Deckard's favour is that he might be a replicant in disguise.

Interesting thought, huh?

The Terminator rules.


Spyro89 writes:

4 words: BLADE RUNNER WHUPS ASS!!!!!!!!!

Pete writes:

Termy's a mad motor-scooter. Deckard can't take the heat. Other sports cliches.

Fight suggestions? Lloyd Dobler versus Jeff Spicoli.

The Pilot writes:

The Terminator is an awesome fighting machine. Blade Runner is not. Blade Runner is dead.

The Bunyip writes:

I consulted Soundwave, master informant of the Decepticons, about this battle.

He sent Ravage and Laserbeak to scope out the antagonists, taking plenty of time to get a full datafile on each individual, also adding to the mix such intangibles as Acting Ability, Capabilities of Past Opponents, the Classic Movie factor, and the Script Factor.

The scouts returned, promptly transformed and entered Soundwave's chest terminal. The Decepticon said only this:

"Deckard Superior, Terminator Inferior"

I'm not an alien! writes:

What's the Terminator's trademark?


And that was in the '80s, folks.

In Blade runner's futuristic universe, I wouldn't be surprised if he picked up enough weaponry to level the whole damn CITY, much less one guy.

The One Armed Man writes:

Pirvate Hicks had trouble with THE bad ass of bad asses, THE Terminator. True, he had less advanced weapons and called himself by another name, but.... he still had a devil of a time with the dude. Let's take a gander at his opposition, the man called Deckard. Which Deckard? The original release or the director's cut? Whichever, he's wearing some lame nut clothes and deserves to get his face stomped in.

The Animator writes:

I'd love to have something witty and inciteful to say...But I really don't care about either of these guys. Hey, I know! Why doesn't the CBUB use this match to premier its own version of the Both Mangled and Killed(tm) option. Maybe we can call it Calisto Goes Postal! Yeah, that's it...

Myrddin Emrys writes:

Blade Runner will take Terminator any day. Decard may end up with a few added holes in him, but that's all in a day's work. And if you threw in that origami guy, old Arnold stands about as much of a chance as that extra guy they throw into each away mission in Star Trek.

S. Todd writes:

Hey, as much as I like BladeRunner, I am afraid I am going to have to go with the Terminator on this one. The reasoning is pretty simple. Deck' is going into this thinking he is fighting a replicant, and with those things it is pretty much a couple shots and it is over. He just won't know what the Terminator is capable of, and of course as G.I. Joe said knowing is half the battle...hey why are you looking at me like that, what?!! It was a good cart... Ow! stop that!

Well of Souls writes:

Well judging by the voting everone is havving as hard as trouble calling this one as I am.

Let's see you have on one hand:

Terminator: Super strong, relentless flesh covered android killing machine tasked with delivering death to certain individuals and anyone who gets in his way (and everyone else for that matter). Near perfect shot, able to sustain incredable damage whilst still remaining functional, even to the stage where it's last action was to reach for the woman it was sent too kill.


Deckland : The best Blade Runner in the LAPD. Blade Runners, an elite force who are tasked with hunting down rouge replicants, who just happen to be super strong, athletic, relisient, extremly intligent, (combat models espicially) lethal killing, bio-engineered beings/machines/replicants/whatever. Deckland who also, just happens to be one of these super strong, agile etc. replicants. Oh, and has guns.

So in balence we have:

Android/cyborg tasked with killing humans


Replicant tasked with killing rouge replicants (aka killing machines)

result: too close to call


Terminator, whatever falls into it's hands (see below for likly candidate)

Deckland, big-assed-shooty thing capable of taking replicants down in one shot.

result: even, if the terminator ambushes a policeman.

Decklands got the turf, backup rescources, bait, initial weapons, and what not. The Terminator has the resilience, strength, single mindedness, and doesn't care who he kills.

It all came down to wether the guns that Deckland has can take down the Terminator more effectivly than those of the 1980's. If they can stop it in one or two shot's Deckland has wone. If not well he's going to have trouble eating because the Terminator has made balloon animals out of his lower intestine.

My vote:

Terminator delivers Fex-express-death to Deckland and Connor.

(stopping off on the way back to entertain at a kiddie's party with it's collection of blood-soaked inflated giraffes and dogs, before killing them all in funny and spectacular ways involving sheep's eyes and a camera (don't ask me??))

Skeearmon writes:

Gotta' say I have to give it up to our boy, Deckard. He not only took out several, if not all, of his targets in BR, but he outsmarted them. And any one of the four Replicants make the Terminator look like a retard when comes to intelligence, cunning, and diction.

Now Arnie-Bot does tend to find significant firepower and won't go down with a single shot, that's true. But Deckard's got the police force backing him wholeheartedly this time. I always had a feeling those L.A. Mutha's in Blue are sportin' AK-47s between the driver and passenger's seat instead of a shotgun.

Hey, T-800, how does your 80-year power unit like armor piercing ammunition?

psychoclone writes:

Terminator is immune to bullets. Deckard is not. 'Nuff said.

Chewy Walrus writes:

C'mon! It's Harrison Ford! No WAY he can loose!

compsci_guy writes:

WHAT!!! Why is there even a contest? Terminator is way cooler, meaner, and deadlier than 15 Blade Runners! I don't understand! What is wrong with you people? I mean, come on!!

cutter writes:

Anybody that can take out Rutger Hauer is a bad, bad man and Harrison did it after wading through the rest of Hauer's crew. One Terminator with a one-syllable vocabulary would be discovered and eliminated in moments by the simplest of Decker's tests. The Terminator's logic circuits would fry and Decker's left w/paperwork.

Gwilligi writes:

If I recal the Terminator was from the future as well. It is stated that this is a different universe all together but the Terminator, as shown in movie 1, has an uncanny ability to adapt and improvise to certain situations. When he could't get the repeating plasma rifle with 40 watt range he did what he could with what he had.

Also, I agree with the lovely Callisto that while our dear freind Harrison Ford was trained in dealing with replicants he still had some trouble with that one relly bad guy. I think that Harrison will be caught off gaurd when he tries first to talk to Termy. By that time his head will be all over the walls. Bye, bye fadora.

ViperX2 writes:

The Terminator will blow the [email protected]*ing crap out of that Blade Runner guy....

Nuff said.

raigeta writes:


raigeta writes:


Charge Man writes:

Deckard picks up a shotgun and loads it. "OK, scumbot, how about a few helpings of hot lead?"

Three choices appear on the T-800's selection.

[Sorry, my doctor says I need a high-fiber diet.]

[Why don't you try it, a-hole?]

[I'll be back.]

T-800 quickly chooses an option and says, "I'll be back."

Deckard drops his aim and sighs. "You've been saying that all freaking day. You're about as original as a teenybopper boy band."

['N Sync, Backstreet Boys or 5ive?]

[What are you, kidding? They sing their own songs AND play their own instruments.]


The Terminator stands still.

"Oooh, that too much for those circuits of yours, bud?" The Blade Runner unloads a few rounds into the Terminator's chest.

[Is that all you got, big boy?]

[Why don't you try a couple more in my arm? It itches there.]


The Terminator deadpans, "Ouch."

"Somebody needs to give your brain a major overhaul!" Deckard fires one more round, which knocks the T-800's head clear off his body.

[Like that's gonna stop me.]

[Wanna give it another go, weak-ass?]

[That hurt.]

The head responds, "That hurt."

Deckard gives a running start and punts the head into the sky.


"The Terminator" was a cool movie, but this is Pre-T2 Terminator. The Skynet controlled T-800 is about as clever as a bottle of vaseline. Rick Deckard, however, is a smartass. He can think up a wisecrack in a second. And let me tell you, he had a lot more dialogue than 16 sentences.

T-1000 writes:

Ha, this is so easy. Blade Runner, he is going to stop my dear brother. The good old T-800. Fine model. So why am I voting for Blade Runner over my dear brother. I mean come on, Blade Runner was good in taking out all those other replicants that ended up dying anyway, but this is a T-800. And as a product of cyberdine systems myself, I should tell you that we Terminators don't die easily. So, then why may you ask am I voting for Blade Runner.

BECAUSE THAT FRAGGIN HUNK OF JUNK SHOVED ME IN A PILE OF MOLTEN LAVA THAT IS WHY. I am going to make him pay. I was hoping that this Blade Runner guy could do it, but I see that was stupid.

JP2 writes:

Well, let's compare stats here:

On one side, you've got the Blade Runner, with 3 confirmed kills in-movie, doubtless more not shown. All against unarmed opponents, shot from a safe distance away. His main nemesis kicked his butt, spared his life, then died of old age.

Then there's the T-100. Dozens of confirmed kills in-movie, certainly hundreds to thousands not shown, against armed and unarmed opponents, hand-to-hand and firefights. Impressively killed major nemesis in each movie, despite being way over his head in the second one.

Blade Runner's not going to get lucky twice. He's gotten his butt kicked by weaker opponents, this time he's not coming out alive.

Ali writes:

arnold/the terminator is cool and al. He does kick ass. No one can beat harrison ford though. heheh. He rules!!!1



The Overlooker writes:

The only Replicant that Deckard managed to beat without outside help was Pris, and that just barely. The rest of them kicked his ass pretty much at will. The Terminator will obliterate him without altering his stride, alas.

Bosda DiChi writes:


Barima writes:

I voted for the Terminator.

Reason 1:He's Ah-Nuld Schwarzenegger.Arnie.Mr "I'll Be Back." Mr "Hasta La Vista,Baby".Mr "Get Out".The only Austrian anyone's actually scared of.And he can't,he won't and he don't stop!

Reason 2:Deckard is played by Harrison Ford,who I last saw in Six Days and Seven Nights.One word:Wack.

Reason 3:To spite Harley for dissing and dismissing.As far as I'm concerned Alien3 is an underrated movie and even if it sucked as much as she sez,David Fincher went on to make two of the best movies of the 90s:Se7en and Fight Club.So on behalf of all Fincherites everywhere:*BBBBBRRRRRRRPPPPPPTTTTTT!!*

Final analysis:the Terminator shrugs off Deckard's "advanced weaponry" and pathetic "android-killing" skills,whups his pathetic ass(yeah,he's only undefeated in the CBUB because his last opponents were either alternate versions of himself or a bimbo masquerading as an intellectual so stick that in your bong and smoke it!)and then is reprogrammed to hunt Harley down for havin' a fat mouth.Not even Mistah J's gonna save you,clownie!!

DISCLAIMER:Man,you couldn't even tell I'm actually kidding and really like Blade Runner and Harley from all that now,could'ja...really,I love ya both.

Sith Jedi writes:

Deckard gets wasted easily. T800 has no sympathy. He doesn't care who he kills in the process of fulfilling his mission objectives. I mean Kyle Reese didn't survive the original T800, Sarah Conner destroyed it. The firefight wouldn't be long... maybe oh.. 2 seconds when T800 realizes that Deckard is trying to protect Sarah Conner.

Deckard: What beef do you have as a replicant against Sarah Conners?

T800: What is a replicant? Does not compute?

Deckard: (to self)Damn renegade. Forgets his prime instructions. (to T800) Look, why are you after Sarah Conner?

T800: That parameter is classified, you ask too many damn questions. Fuck you asshole!

(Deckard takes a bullet between the eyes and dies instantly)

The almightycouncil writes:

Terminator all the way. I mean he can morf into liquid metal. nuff sad

Kat writes:

Whoa1 It was fifty - fifty and I just swung it into Bladerunner's favour (just). Just two words - 'Harrison Ford'; who else do you need?

Justicar writes:

Terminators gotta win, cos he's a machine and he never gets tired. Nuff Said!

Yo callisto wanna go out?

xianartman writes:

I will admit this is a hard choice to make. On the one hand you have a lean mean fightin' machiene (literally) and on the other you have a sued and sly, obviously cool android hunter. If it did come down to blows then the bot might have the upper hand, however it is bladerunner's speciallity to overcome bots by wits and not by strength. All that would have to happen is the terminator tries to assimilate some clothing and transportation only to find a gaping hole through its CPU and a smoking gun from the elite and super sluthe Bladerunner. Nuff said!

Skeearmon writes:

Just to add to my previous statement, this match is hot and tight! Heh, heh, that's the spirit!

Mr. Silverback writes:

The LAPD technicians will be wondering who made those elegant but slightly outdated "replicant" parts that are delivered to their lab 2 hours after this match starts.

Ard-Man writes:

Okay, Arnie's an android and Deckard is the best to find him. But, who's got the arsenal and anatomy files to be a magnificient killer ?

Deckard will be spilling blood faster than Arnie's saying:"I'll be back with more ammo !".

Fatkidd writes:

I can just say that dekkard has faced replicants that have tried to kill him , outwit him, pull his head off, punch through walls to strangle him, break his fingers (he just bandaged them up with some of his shirt and kept on fighting) hump him to death and basically try to smack him like a 4-year-old at a Quick-e -mart. He ended up killing them and collecting the reward money with a smug expression on his face. He killed them using his trusty gun, high endurance of pain and mostly of all, his intellect. He also had to find out who the reps were in the first place and where they were hiding (hey, we're talking L.A. here!)

Dekkerd Kicks Ass!!!!!

Niffiwan writes:

This is genuinely a difficult call.

While both challengers are remarkably proficient in more than a few forms of lethal combat, the terminator possessing the larger library of whoop ass, popular opinion states that only the terminator is an android.

This is, naturally, incorrect, as anyone attentive to any of the subtexts in any version of "Blade Runner" should know.

Deckard has survived terminator class punches and slams into concrete walls with whatever shock absorption mechanism he might have, meaning both are only vulnerable to traditional style dismemberment, small surface area projectiles, and incendiary shells.

Neither of them is likely to get bitch slapped like a trash talking hermaphrodite on Jerry Springer, though ultimately I'd favor Deckard's expertise over the terminator's auto targeting and combat programming.

Reverend Judas Iscariot writes:

Okay you dumb schmucks lets get this straight. Decker is a pansy arsed bitchboy who got bitchslapped by Rutger Hauer, and some transexual wearing silver glitter. The T-800 beat the shit out of the T-1000, and knee-capped several hundred donut chompin pigs without missing! In the first Terminator Sarah Connor had help from Reece who had thought the machines for years and survived. Has Deckard faced a relentless killing machine like the Terminator? I think not. At least the replicants can be killed in more or less the same way as humans, try pulling that shit on a Terminator and it will hand you your head on a plate.

The Man Is THE Man writes:

I bet they kill each other!

Hit m. Chan writes:

Blades wins this i admit i have no clue who he is but but i hate Term. plus Quinns backing him up how can he lose?


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Terminator: 852

Blade Runner: 853


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