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Faster Pussy Cats

Felix the Cat En Garde! Garfield the Cat


Felix the Cat first hit the screen on November 9, 1919, in Feline Follies. The mischievous feline, created by Otto Messmer for the Pat Sullivan Studio, rocketed to fame, holding a spot as the world's most popular cartoon character until the advent of Mickey Mouse.

Enter Garfield. Created by Jim Davis in 1978, the mischievous fat cat quickly gained phenomenal success and a worldwide following. Garfield is the most widely syndicated Sunday comic in the United States, and worldwide, has more than 220 million readers daily.

We are letting these two duke it out, one on one, in a standard suburban environment. At their disposal will be tricks, traps and all manner of treachery to help put one of them on top. May the most crafty cat win.

Join us now in a battle we had to call...

Everybody Wants to be a Cat

This fight was suggested by Dark Queen


PAT: We are broadcasting LIVE from Coronado, a seaside suburbia near San Diego. Today, an amazing came of Can and... er... Cat is being played between those two amazing felines Garfield and Felix. Hello, I'm Pat Summers.

JAY: And I'm Jay Peoples. Garfield and Felix have both been talking trash on the airwaves, and I think we are looking at a real "Jerry Springer" kind of match today.

PAT: That's right Jay. Let's see what the crowd says on this one...


Dark Queen writes:

Cool, mine got picked!! Anyway, don't get me wrong, I like Felix the cat but my choice has to be Garfield. I mean Garfield makes me laugh more and is more up-to-date if you know what I mean. Felix had his turn in the spotlight for a while but I think Garfield needs more credit.

ferret writes:

I knew Felix the Cat. Felix the Cat was a friend of mine. Garfield is no Felix. Thank God. Felix stunk. He was popular when the only other cartoon was Popeye and Olive Oil. Boy what a pair they were. Felix and his stupid "bag of tricks" could never out wit the one and only Garfield.

slug writes:

Puleeease! Let see, in what arena would this even be a contest? A dance floor? Okay, maybe Felix could out dance Garfield. Does Felix terrorize mailmen? No. Can Felix scarf 40 metric tons of lasagna? No. Does Felix joust, verbally, and win, with anyone, let alone his owner? No. Where is the contest? Bring on some babes!

Jeff Hayes(A.K.A T Rex) writes:

I have to give this match to Garfield. He is to cats what Hercules is to immortal heroes. He's one mean mother- (shut yo mouth) but I'm talking 'bout Garfield. Vive le Garfield. Prince of lasagna thieves the ayatollah of rocken rolla. Whupper of Jon Arbuckle's tuckess!

Heathcliff writes:

OK, so Garfield is slower, lazier, and arguably dumber than Felix. So why'm I voting for him? Maybe I just like voting for the underdog. (Oh, wait - I shouldn't mention "dog" in this fight, should I?)

G thang writes:

The 'lil black cat can't stand up to the orange and black attack!

Paul Gallagher writes:

Garfield's out of shape! He won't last more than a few rounds! Sure Garfield will fight dirty, but Felix has got his Bag of Tricks! Jon probably told Garfield to "carb up" and Garfield ate two lasagnas before the fight - that's gonna hurt him!

Singame writes:

Felix on three points:

  • 1: Experience: Felix has been around a helluva LOT longer than Garfield.
  • 2: Resourcefulness: Put Garfield up against The Master Cylinder or Rock Bottom and see how long he lasts. Felix has been outwitting bad guys since BEFORE Garfield was a kitten.
  • 3: Stamina: Felix is lean, trim and in shape. They only thing Garfield is in shape for is rolling on his dumb orange ass.

ChaosBurnFlame writes:

I say that Garfield is the best. Geez, Garfield is smarter and has a lot of experience while Felix lives in a world where even the flowers are talking and dancing for crying out loud!!!

Baal Tocard writes:

They are both verry Cool cats and all (pun intended)but Garfield has a slight Disadvantage; Felix's Bag-O-Trix! This and his little obesity prob. will lose him the match. Now if this were a fight of the funnie...

Eddie writes:

I have yet to see Felix trounce anybody -- Garfield routinely bullies Jon, Odie, and Nermal -- and still rules the house. Garfield will easily dispense with Felix before returning to his lair and gorging on about 2 or 3 tons of lasagna.

Captain Tautimez writes:

Garfield all the way! To put it simply, Garfield's appetite and hunger for mischief is greater than anything Felix has in that bag!

Extensor writes:

You are all nuts! Felix has a magical bag of tricks! What does Garfield have? Nothing. Felix wins no doubt.

MENTLE !!! :) writes:

Felix is faster than Garfield really but then Garfield would do something like drop a piano on Felix and slowly ride O.D. into the victors place. Anyway, I say Garfield all the way

Bond, James Bond writes:

Garfield is huge yet slow, Felix barely uses his claws and he'll get cut up like bad Chinese restaurant sushi!

Spark writes:

Garfield is the man when it comes to cartoon cats. Felix tried to make a come back with a movie but that got him no where. Pure and simple, Garfield will Sumo drop the black and white wanna be.

U2R writes:

To be really simple with this fight Felix may be a classic but Garfield is the fat clever lazy cat the world loves. He can and would punt that black and white kitty into the nearest pound for those guard dogs to take care of. Easy enough Garfield wins.

And if there was an eating contest ohh Felix would be a goner.

Tuxedo Assault Rifle writes:

Garfield rules!!! Felix may have a bag of tricks. He may share the same first name of James Bond's C.I.A buddy. But Garfield well uhh well lets just say this Felix the cat is no Garfield!!!! 'NUFF SAID DIG IT.

Springhead writes:

Lets think about this here. Felix has a magic bag. Garfield has a big belly. No contest! Felix takes all!

Noel Schornhorst writes:

Felix has a magic bag o' tricks. OR He uses his tail as various weapons, depending on which version of Felix you're talkin' about. Garfield, on the other hand, being meaner, still isn't that adept at handling city situations or fights. He's gotten lost in the city and was in a rumble with street-tough cats, but he couldn't fight 'em and he didn't find his own way home... Jon had to buy Garfield and Odie back from a pet store. Garfield can survive and will get by quite nicely, but in a fight, Felix is just better equipped and much more adaptable to the situation.

Fluffy writes:

Well, gee I like both of 'em. However, Felix just isn't tough enough to stand up to the Great Orange one. Sure, Felix is tricky and clever, but anyone who's seen Garfield in action knows Felix hasn't a chance.

Racer X Grrl writes:

Well, obviously Garfield has some kind of weight problem, but he'd obviously a lot more intelligent than Felix. Just look at how he outsmarts Odie all the time, and everyone knows that dogs are generally better than cats. Felix thinks he's 'all that' but my vote's with the big orange guy on this one.

Sailor Xena writes:

This one is way to easy. Garfield is just too fat and lazy; and he is more stomach than backbone. Felix, on the other hand is smart and brave and has twice as much experience then Garfield. Sure Garfield can kick around a little dog(tough guy; NOT), and make his owner look like a dumb ass( not too hard considering who the owner is); but Felix took on an evil interdimensional empire. Not only that, Felix has a magic bag; what does Garfield have, a gut. 'Nuff said.

Dash rendar writes:

Felix is the obvious visitor here. Look at what he can do. make a flashlight out of his tail, or bring in the 5th brigade using his magic bag. Felix in 5 seconds with Garfield on the ground with a bullet ridden body.

Kes Drammar writes:

To easy, Garfield would whip out a mac 10 and kill Felix. And enough about that.

luckyboy writes:

USTEDES NO TIENEN POR QUE PELIAR TIENEN QUE PONERSE A PENSAR ?ALGUNO de los dos tiene que ganar??por que? yo se que alguno tiene que triunfar. eso hay que verlo para crerlo.

Perfection Lost writes:

Um...Felix the cat is just...annoying. I'll take the disgruntled cat any day. I mean he definitely has practice at pounding things too cute. And I wanna damn rematch between Ranma and Sailor Moon. Ranma Saotome was gypped I say, gypped damn it.

JimmyDelpino writes:

Garfield may have the popularity advantage and the size advantage, but Felix has that bag to fight for him. So I'd have to say that Felix is gonna have to be the winner in this match.

Sailor Callisto writes:

Okay, isn't this totally completely obvious? Here's the fight: Garfield sits on Felix. Match is over. Any more questions?

Benny of R.O.I writes:

I love Garfield but he's fat and lazy even though he's smart he's not athletic enough whilst Felix was in a whole bunch of tight squeezes like being held captive by Neptune king of the sea

Pisstank writes:

Felix has the years, but Garfield is the master when it comes to tricks, traps, etc... just ask Odie, Nermal, and more importantly the Postman.

Polar 8 writes:

There was no choice here. Garfield will win no problem. I mean look at Felix, he's old and in retirement while Garfield is still going strong. Besides he can really beat up on Odie.

Grifter writes:

Garfield is smarter than any living being in the universe. He can out smart a Human, an alien and even God himself. So even if Felix has his magic bag, Garfield will easily find a way to steal the bag and use it to his own advantage. After the fight, Garfield will celebrate by popping a lasagna out of the bag.

Eric, Master E - Lord of the Northern Mts. writes:

Come ON !! Felix would simply pull a pan of lasagna out of his magic bag and that's all she wrote for Garfield.

Corwyn writes:

Ok Garfield is dull and fat. He has his hands full playing with Odie. Nermal is a tough match for him. Felix is Pre World War two, meaning he's got American Spirit! He wont lose, he's an Icon! But since I seem out voted already I guess Garfield will hit him with a lasagna pan and go take a nap....

Mantis writes:

Garfield with his cunning wit, And Felix, the whining twit, Garfield would obliterate Felix's very existence with one paw tied behind his back, in his sleep, while eating lasagna.

Briscoe writes:

CmoN FELIX? You have got to be kidding Felix can only beat two things: Jack and squat... and JacK JUST LEFT TOWN.

Trantor writes:

Come on this is no contest! Garfield's going to take that scrawny little excuse for unprocessed road kill and use his flesh squeezed bones for a toothpick to deal with those nasty bits of lasagna cheese that get stuck between your teeth! It's obvious!

The Lord of Cats writes:

It is a travesty that any would DARE suggest that an overstuffed, overrated orange MEATBALL would ever outwit the craftiest feline ever known to this world....the immortal FELIX!

We writes:

we know that this is a fixed match. you will probably not let the one called Felix use his bag. your distinctiveness is verry commendable. you know that this cannot be allowed for it is not right. it is not justified!


JAY: Well, lots of response this week... and there's the whistle!

PAT: Jay, Felix wastes no time pulling a Flame-thrower set-up out of the bag and strapping it on. He's lowering shielded goggles now and strapping the bag to the harness. He's ready for some big action.

JAY: And here comes Garfield, lazily sauntering forward about a half a block south. Pat, now this is a true suburban environment we have here. Coronado, California is quiet streets on quiet nights territory.

PAT: Indeed it is, just some slight traffic and... and there goes Felix! He's moving steadily towards Garfield... but what's the range on that weapon?

JAY: Pat, Garfield is not concerned!! He's moving casually down the sidewal... but wait... He's stopped by a tall hedge...

PAT: Felix is in range... blasts... Oh, this is gonna...

JAY: Holy!! Garfield spooks a Postman out from behind the hedge... right into...

PAT: Oh, man... The postguy...

JAY: Garfield takes advantage of the diversion... Felix is off balance by the feint...

PAT: oh, my... Felix just toasted the Post guy!!

JAY: Amazing treachery by Garfield. He snags the bag of tricks!! Felix, though crafty is a good guy at heart, and is psychologically stunned by....

PAT: The screams!! Can't you hear the screams!!!

JAY: Get off it, Pat!! Get off it!! Stay with the fight!

PAT: yeah... the fight... and Garfield is... is... running...

JAY: Felix wheels and sprays a wide arc of flame... narrowly missing the Big Orange.

PAT: Felix is enraged! A true Proto-American since the start of this Century, the fact that Garfield would shamelessly use a Civil Servant in such a manner is intolerable.

JAY: Yeah, but Garfield has the bag... and he's pulling a Quake(TM) style Nail Gun out of it!!!!

PAT: He's blasting nails at the Black and White! Blasting, blasting... but...

JAY: But Felix is moving forward... melting them... Melting them to slag!!

PAT: Garfield pulls out another!! He's got two!! He's rattling hundreds of nails off.. fam! fam! fam! fam!

JAY: Felix is melting 'em away... and he's in range.. Garfield's not moving... just blasting... Garfield is gonna get fried!!!!!!

PAT: Wait!! What's that....!


'Nuff Said!


Felix: 106

Garfield: 165


JAY: I didn't see that in Garfield mouth. Where'd he get a dog whistle?

PAT: I dunno, but Felix was so intent on his prey that he never saw the mutt that hit him. From Coronado... thanks for watching.

NOTE: no actual post guys were harmed during the making of this fight. In fact, it was later learned that Garfield had actually hired the post guy and provided a ACME flame-proof / bullet-proof / weather-proof suit(TM). In return for his valuable services, Garfield pulled Cindy Crawford out of the bag for the joyous mail carrier. Thank you.

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Garfield (TM) is the property (c) of Paws

Felix (TM) is the property (c) of Felix the Cat Productions, Inc.

This webpage makes no claims and attempts no infringement... this is just for fun.

Thanks to Ryan Nolan for the heads up on these copyrights.

Pat & Jay written by Serge - Electric Ferret Studios

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