The Thing

Vs. The Blob


Two terrifying aliens with basically the same bit. They absorb stuff.

In the case of The Thing, the alien absorbs and copies a living creature, reproducing it's genetic make-up. It may choose to look like the creature copied, or may choose to "monster out" and look most frightful and hideous. Intelligence is extremely high and it's main goal seems to be eating whilst remaining undetected.

In the case of the Blob, the alien absorbs a living creature and adds it to mass. It may only ever look like the blob (though it fits anywhere), however as mass increases it becomes very hard to miss. Intelligence is questionable... clever at best... and it's main goal is to become a very large blob.

Between the two of them, they've already munched the entire population of a small Nebraska town. Now they meet slimo -y- slimo to decide WHO shall be the one to move on to the next population center.

It's amorphism, absorption, abnormal physiology and amazing appetites in a contest we like to call...

Let's see what sticks
HORROR 4 Halloween!

Fight suggested by Mich

The Commentery, your opinions and the Final Score

What the voters had to say about it....

Mich writes:

"The Thing" could easily handle "The Blob"!! And of course, I'm referring to John Carpenter's 1982 incarnation of "The Thing". (The 50's "Thing" wouldn't stand a chance against the 50's or the 80's "Blob".)

The Thing not only assimilates genetics -- it also acquires the entire *intelligence* and memory of each creature it assimilates. That's why The Thing is so formidable! The Thing has tremendous accumulated intelligence.

50's Blob or 80's Blob wouldn't matter. They both were handled fairly easily as soon as somebody got wise enough to breakout the CO2 fire extinguishers. :-) If "The Thing" can't assimilate that relatively stupid Blob -- no big deal. The Thing can just as easily retreat, regroup and reform into one or more entities which could acquire a snow machine!

BATTLE on Xena, Gabrielle, Callisto & The Thing!!


Even the fact that you are doing this justifies all the suicides in the world.

Sluggo at UIC writes:

First things first. This is way unfair. Why? Simple. You guys have pitted the "original" Blob against the "remake" Thing. Both originals were pretty lame as monsters go. However, in the remakes, both were terrors. So, without further ado, I'm going to upgrade the Blob to its remake status, thus giving it a chance... ..But not much of a chance. There's no doubt that both will do their share of eatin' and absorbin'. In fact, both will make it to the next population center to feed and frighten. In fact, both will spread across large portions of the earth. This is when the fight will be decided. How did the people in both Blob films defeat our amorphous enemy? Freezing it. Therefore, the Blob is limited in the area that it can occupy. On the other hand, the Thing was discovered in Antarctica where it was able to adapt itself to survive! Granted, the Thing was found frozen in the ice, but remember the Thing/clone of the dog, running across the tundra? The Thing has what it takes to take over the earth, whereas the Blob can only take the more tropical areas. Hell, in Nebraska the Blob would be in trouble come October. So, in a match lasting several months, the Thing eventually wins by attrition.

Joel Carpenter writes:

After eating half the town, the Blob is probably to big to be absorbed by Thing.

IK writes:

The Blob!!! Made out of Jello and Gak it just can't lose. What other combination has employed both Bill Cosby and Allanis Morissette? HUH? HUH? HUH? In fact The Blob was made out of Gak before it became famous. Long live the Blob!

THE HOUSE writes:

Well i dont know this is a hard battle to call..... Blob has good ozzing powers and can wrap it's a person to death!! the thing well he can change into anything so in that i say let the best man...errr...ailen win!

iLKE "X-MAN" ALTIN writes:

The blob does it! No more needed to say

bobafett_2002 writes:

Obviously the blob would win he can swallow anything including the Thing!!!!

Knightrider writes:

Once the Blob and the Thing touch, the Thing will copy the Blob's genetic structure (if it has one) and turn into a Blob as well! Then they'll merge into one BIG Blob that will EAT THE ENTIRE WORLD! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

White Trash Jelly Danish writes:

The Thing will kick the Blob's ass! Wait the Blob doesn't have an ass! Well, who cares, it's a toss up.

Sailor Callisto writes:

I think that, um, the blob. No reason, just that the blob is cool.

MonkeyQuinn writes:

Well, I have to say that intelligence is a must on this battle. The Thing not only changes shape, but he's got the ol' thinking cap. And what does this "Blob" do? Eat everything, grow more massive and take up space? Well, let me tell you this: that's what every fat person on the planet does, and I haven't seen any of them reach world domination!

Mea (a.k.a:Glitch Girl) writes:

Gotta go with the Blob on this one. While the Thing may be smarter, but unless it absorbs an elephant, it's just not designed to deal with an amphous thing like the Blob, which will probably be the size of a small car by the time their paths cross. Once the Thing's engulfed, it's all over.

Of course, if the Thing gets to the Blob while it's still Jello snack cup size, and manages to absorb it... ewwww.

Muddy Mudskipper writes:

Ya can't hurt da blob. It's a blob for gods sake, what can hurt it?

Endgame writes:

Okay, This has got to be one of the toughest matches I've voted on yet. My gut says to go with The Thing due to it's intelligence and the fact that John Carpenter's remake was MUCH better than the remake of The Blob. But ,when I get analytical about it, I realize that The Blob would win. Here's why:

To immitate a life form The Thing must absorb it and THEN assimmilate it. In the original novella ( Who Goes There? by John Campbell)and in the movie this takes time albeit very little. So do we really think that Der Blob is going to sit there while this happens ? No, it is going to be doing it's thing and continue to eat The Thing, also a slow proccess but ultimately a more likely strategy. You see as the Blob eats the Thing there is More Blob eating The Thing and Less Thing to immitate The Blob. At best The Thing could become enough like The Blob to take over control of the whole amorphous mass. But now it is The Blob and it is dubious wether it can change back as it is now more Blob-like than Thing-like. A phyrric victory at best I would say. My vote ? a tie.

Monkey man writes:

Hey come on the Blob was destroyed by Paul Newman, for pity's sake. It hasn't got a chance!!

'Nuff Said!


(Well, the final vote was lost during moving this website, but The Thing was the clear winner...)


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