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Betty Cooper Veronica Lodge

Betty Cooper vs. Veronica Lodge


Since 1944, Betty and Veronica have dueled one another within a High School web of intrigue and romance, with the affections of Archie as the grand prize. They have each had their share of victories and defeats, but 54 years and countless comics later, the question of Who Lands Archie has yet to be resolved....

All eyes now center stage for the High-School Cafeteria Catfight of the year. Winner takes Archie, loser limps home alone.

Join us now in a battle we had to call...

Love Hurts

This fight was suggested by Adam 'the wisher' Clausen, Howler and Gary.


PAT:  We are LIVE at the Riverdale High School Cafeteria for today's epic battle! Hello and Welcome, I'm Pat Summers.

JAY:  And I'm Jay Peoples. Pat, A normal high school lunch period has suddenly turned into something much darker. It seems that both Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge have simply snapped.

PAT:  That's right, they've gone plumb loco. The two women began by hog tying Cheryl Blossom and hanging her from the rafters...

JAY:  ...Then they attempted to force the Lynchpin of their Eternal Love Triangle, Archie, into making some kind of final decision. When the lad waffled, the girls just... well they just blew a fuse and tied him up too!

PAT:  School officials and students attempted to break-up the scene, but Veronica used her cell phone to call in a few large bodyguard types. There's no getting into the cafeteria now.

JAY:  Now lets see what the viewers at home are saying...


Obsessive / Compulsive letter of the Week

The Match Maker writes:

This battle, this one right here, is the whole reason I visit your site, to see this match. I have been waiting for what seems like a lifetime for you to put this one up. For years, upon years, I have been wanting with every fiber of my being a choice be made once and for all time. This is the mother of all battles. You have reached your peak. You will NEVER, I repeat NEVER, have a bigger or better match at this site. This is the ultimate. Everything from here on out will be anti-climatic... snip ... This is the most titanic struggle in the entire history of comics. It doesn't get any better than this baby!!! This is it!! ... snip ... Betty HAS to win. Betty is everything Veronica isn't. This is more than a "comic book battle". This is "Good versus Evil". "Light versus Dark". Betty is sweet, honest, faithful, she is goodness incarnate. While Veronica is an evil so black it makes strong men cry and weak men faint. I cackle with inexorable glee when Betty gets a date with Archie or somehow gets him in the end of a story. And I get dark eyed with fury when Veronica comes out on top. You have absolutely NO IDEA just how much this eternal struggle affects me.(But I hope your getting close.) When Veronica gets the better end of the stick I am consumed with so much rage that I could squeeze water from a rock. I would walk over hot coals if I could affect the outcome of the "Final Decision" by even the smallest of fractions. Betty HAS TO WIN. ... snip ... I shall leave you with this slightly reworked quote which I find appropriate. In brightest day,
In blackest night,
No evil shall, escape her sight!
Let those who worship evil's might,
Beware her Power!!!
Betty Coopers Light!!!!!!!

... snip


'Lord' Rev. Dr. Paul Soth writes:

Well, with Veronica being rich and all, she does what all the kids in school are doing today: She buys a firearm and blows Betty away. Tragic, really.

WhereWolf writes:

Don't Make Me Laugh, Dude! Veronica is the QUEEN of MEAN! "That's all I got ta' say 'bout that." - Forrest Gump. Oh, Man.... they're currently tied at 63 votes apiece! This one's gonna' be Close! :)

Slug writes:

Normally, I go with the brunette. But, I gotta go with Betty on this one. Even if I secretly think they are the same person with interchangeable hair!

The Z-Man writes:

Face it; Veronica never had to work for anything in her entire pampered life. Betty will waste her.

Mr. Silverback writes:

Archie is a gentleman. Gentlemen prefer blondes. This makes the physical battle irrelevant. Whether it's with the arousing flush of Amazon victory or with the need for tender loving comfort, she'll draw him into her orbit of love again. Veronica buys Fabio, so everybody wins.

Chuckg writes:

Excuse me? Betty Cooper, sweet and innocent? Well, yes, when dealing with everyone else, Betty is the original nice girl. But when it comes to fighting with Veronica over Archie, Betty gets fighting mad... and a fighting mad Betty has made *Moose* back down and head for the hills! Veronica is great at gratuitous cruelty and kicking them while they're down, but like most bullies, she just doesn't have a backbone. If Betty starts getting the upper hand, look for somebody to go crying off to Daddy. Not to mention the final factor... Betty is honestly fighting for love. Veronica is fighting only for petty spite. Now in some universes, the notion that "love conquers all" is a romantic fantasy -- but this is the *Archie* universe. (This entire universe is a romantic fantasy, think about it.) It's one of the key laws of this universe that Good will eventually stomp Evil into pate... and it's blindingly obvious who is Good and who is Evil in this fight. Go Betty go!

God of KickAss writes:

I am the God of all KickAss battles. I declare that it will be Betty that will rock veronica's world. She's got every thing that she needs to win this fight. A very athletic body, big strong chest muscles, and when she gets mad, Archie and any other guy with brains gets the hell out of there. So Betty has this fight majorly wrapped

Yugadesrial writes:

Betty is the only one who can take this thing the distance. She has proved countless times that she is the ultimate tomboy and that she can best Lodge's girl fight tactics any day. I foresee Ms. Lodge's intestines being handed to her with a side of caviar.

Martin writes:

phzzt!! Spit!! Hiss!!

I reckon they'll peel each other raw, then discover that Archie is gay!!

Jeff "T-REX" Hayes writes:

I do impressions so on this battle I will do an Impression of my favorite pro wrestler: That little Veronica girl wont win she is just a rich jackass like Vince McMahon. Betty will win she's tough and ready to fight! Why? because Stone Cold said so.

And My favorite Actor: Zat Betty iz a good comic book character all Veronica vants to do iz go to the bathroom HEY VERONICA THERE IZ NO BATHROOM!!!

My favorite cartoon monster: arrrrrrrannnnnnngth (Pete yelling) GODZUKI!!!!!

Ducky from The Land Before Time: will Veronica win? no no no no

nuff said

Stetson writes:

Veronica could sick assassins on Betty.

The Champion writes:

At long last, blood will be spilt over Archie. Here is how I see this fight. Betty is the all American girl, she loves Archie but she wouldn't do anything dishonest for him Veronica is a crafty bitch. Being one myself I know the advantage this will give her. YOU GO GIRL

kolemsai writes:

I've never really read an Archie comic, but I've gotta go with Veronica just cause she's not a blonde.

Phranque writes:

Um...neither of them. I hate to cite an Archie comic (ugh) as reference, but I'm pretty sure a few years back someone named Cheryl Blossom beat both of them...

The Bunyip writes:

Betty will take this one for one big reason - She's got the rage! Sure, Veronica fights dirty, but she's still a rich witch - and I don't care what you've seen on 90210, but The spoiled little rich girl ain't' gonna win when the fight gets down, dirty and close up! Besides, Veronica is too much of a tease. Betty is going to win Archie when she finally shows that she's ready to make a, ahem, man of him...

Wolf Leader writes:

It's a tough choice, but I had to go with Veronica on this one. Although Betty is more scrappy and probably a little buffer than Veronica, she's the neighborhood "nice girl". The mere fact that she's fighting Veronica means she is in a blind rage, this will cause her to get some good hits in, but she will make big mistakes as well. Veronica is cold and calculating. She will be continually assessing the situation and looking for mistakes to take advantage of. Betty, in her anger, will provide plenty of these and will be ultimately reduced to a pile of bruises and "mystery meat".

Pete writes:

Betty. Betty all the way. She's corn-fed. She's athletic. She drinks milk. She kicks ass. Plus, I've heard she's a master of drunken boxing. So give her a bottle of rice wine and she'll unleash a little "Throwing Punches and Kicking Continuously" on the decadent Lodge wench. Then all the men of Riverdale will service her, as is only right.

AxeHammer writes:

I don't really care who wins, I just hope that sweet little Archie gets laid.

Justicar writes:

I have never read an Archie comic in my life. The closest that I have gotten is Josie & The Pussycats. However, I am not totally without knowledge here. I have enough passing knowledge on this subject to know that at the end of the fight Betty will be stuffed in the Cotex dispenser in the girl's room.

Veronica is a bitch. Bitches in fights are the best to have on your side. They don't give a damn and do whatever has to be done to win.

Betty Cooper may be the better athlete at the onset, but one good Kerrigan-eque whack on the kneecaps should take care of that little advantage. Veronica does have the money to hire a couple goons to do that too. (I can see Jughead wearing a ski-mask, can't you??)

This win will fall under the banner of advanced planning on Veronica's part.

Green Lantern writes:

Banky said it all in "Chasing Amy"...Archie just wants a 3-way. But my bet goes with Veronica. Raven haired chicks always do well in battle. Mmm...raven haired chicks.

Break Man Z writes:

Well, it's about time somebody suggested this fight, if ya ask me! I'm going with Veronica here because she can hire somebody to take out Betty before she even gets a chance to do something, so Veronica goes off with Archie while Betty lies in a pool of blood and bullets and some hitman, maybe Jughead or Moose, walk off with a well earned reward.

The Cat writes:

As much as I like Veronica I have to go with Betty. She's the smart athlete. Also, there are other factors. Reggie and Jughead will be in favor of Betty, one because he wants Veronica and the other because Betty is nice. Because Jughead is Archie's pal, and his brains, and Reggie can supply the sneakiness that Betty lacks, then Archie should be called Mr. Cooper. But... whose that redhead coming by? The winner of this battle will have to take Cheryl Blossom down next!

S.Todd writes:

Although I would have to agree that Betty would take Veronica in a fair fight, this is Veronica, and fair isn't in her vocabulary. She'd probably hire some muscle to just take Betty out. In my opinion though the winner should be Cheryl. She's a redhead and hotter than the other two combined

Acelin writes:

Gotta go with Ronnie on this one. As with all battles... this is a matter of resources. Betty may be the one with the heart of the lion... but a couple of quick calls on the cell, Veronica has a team of mercenaries in there to wipe the floor with the blonde bimbette....and she won't even wreck her nails.

TheRogue writes:

Even though Veronica always wins, I have to stick with her... Betty is supposed to be the better looking one, but Veronica is much cuter. Also, Veronica is the smarter of the two.

Achin' Dave writes:

How you can vote against anyone named Veronica is beyond me. They're generally the sexiest people in the room, and no blonde bimbo is ever going to be able to wrest a man from the clutches of such a she devil. Go Veronica. Smash her good.

Howler writes:

Betty may be more athletic but everybody knows that this blonde just doesn't have what it takes to beat the rich beauty Veronica Lodge. Veronica will do whatever it takes to put that peroxide blonde in her rightful place. Betty is too much of a goody two shoes and will fold quickly. Nuff Said!

Robin writes:

I have always liked Betty better then Ronnie but I must say in a fight like this, I will have to vote for Veronica since she can outfight and outbitch sweet Betty anytime! Betty is just to nice a gal.

Syd writes:

Veronica, definitely. But no matter what, I think Archie loses...these days, Jughead is more the alternative-type '90s guy and Veronica wouldn't be caught dead with a retro-50's has-been.

Teclo writes:

Veronica is meeaann. she will definitely rip Betty apart. Betty is definitely a better athlete but everyone knows, you can't keep a bitch down for long before she comes up swinging.

Jeannie Mc writes:

Definitely Cooper. She knows how to fight, and I think she's tired of getting stood up for Veronica. Betty, all the way!

Nine writes:

Betty has charm, a positive attitude and has an appealing yet naive "girl-next-door" quality. Sorry Betty, but we are not talking about a Ms. Congeniality pageant.

Even though she seems sophisticated and delicate, Veronica has a definitive mean streak tucked away in her closet. She is always scheming for ways to get into trouble and will definitely dominate in the fight. When Veronica gets done, it will take a team of surgeons working well into the night to remove Betty's tambourine.

Pyromaniagirl writes:

Veronica has got it hands down. Betty is a very nice person, she can be mean, but not as mean as Veronica. Veronica has been pampered all her life and, as with most rich kids, fights dirty and throws a hell of a temper tantrum if she doesn't get what she wants. My vote goes to her, definitely.

§indel 77 writes:

For a long time I have been reading this comic, and there's no way I'm gonna let that prissy, ditzy, Betty win over cunning, sexy Veronica! Veronica, you go girl!!

Dark Queen writes:

Here's the deal, its true that Veronica has the looks, personality, (not to mention the money) of a rich person. So of course, she's a real brat. Frankly, I always thought that she could do better than that loser Archie. Let Betty have Archie. Better yet, let's hope these girls come to their senses and find SOMEONE ELSE! Until then, Betty might as well have Archie.

Earth Walker writes:

the love of my life was a brunette.... alas....

*ahem*! anyway, I gotta go with veronica on this one. the girls a bitch... she's gotta win.

(((Sound))) writes:

Betty has more to lose .. if Veronica lucks out with the Riverdale Redhead, she knows she can always get another man .. hell, with her money, she is always set for a date. But the Cooper lass has really only one chance .. so she'll go for it no-holds-barred.

kuch writes:

I'd like to see Betty win, but Veronica will probably fight dirty and come out on top. The bitch!

WunderFrau writes:

Betty Cooper!! Is there any doubt? What can a manipulative daddy's girl like Ronnie do for you? Betty can bake a killer batch of chocolate chip cookies, do your math homework, AND fix your car!! She's smart, she's cute, she's devoted...and she's such a Betty!


JAY:   Okay, some good responses there...

PAT:   Jay, inside the cafeteria, Veronica and Betty are in each other's face... screaming accusations and innuendo at each other.

JAY:   Pat, we are witnessing the culmination of 54 years of rivalry boiling over from the black cauldron of teenage sexual frustration.

PAT:   And it's not pretty, Jay. It's not pretty. Uh-oh!

JAY:   Veronica is wielding green Jell-O and she looks... yes she throws green Jell-O into Betty's face..

PAT:  Betty grabs a milk off a lunch tray and douses Veronica!

JAY:  Ohhh... Veronica looks steamed. Veronica slaps Betty right in the face!

PAT:  Betty is shocked! A big red handprint lights up her cheek as her eyes simmer with fury....

JAY:  ...Veronica begins backing up....

PAT:  ...Betty begins advancing....

JAY:   ...and there they go! Veronica runs for her life as Betty pursues.

PAT:   Veronica heads into the cooking area of the cafeteria...

JAY:   Pat, Veronica is no fool... she knows "mano y mano" she's not on Betty's athletic level. She needs a weapon.

PAT:   How about a meat cleaver, Jay. Veronica grabs one off the sink and turns to confront Betty!

JAY:   Betty stops...

PAT:   Veronica advances...

JAY:   And there they go! Veronica runs at Betty, screaming bloody murder as Betty turns and runs for her life!

PAT:   Wait... Archie has managed to get lose from his bonds. He's approaching... trying to reason with the young ladies.

JAY:  Pat, both girls have stopped dead. They have turned and are looking at each other... They seem to realize something... something profound.

PAT:   Yes, they realize who the true villain of their sad existence is... the redheaded wretch whose been playing them both like open-mouthed Bass on a hook for 54 years...

JAY:   Veronica puts the cleaver slowly on the floor. She turns to Betty... saying something...

VERONICA:  You know what Betty... why don't you take him.

BETTY:  Charmed. Thanks Ronnie.

PAT:   Betty advances menacingly on Archie.


'Nuff Said!


Betty Cooper: 270

Veronica Lodge: 232


PAT:   Well, I think it was extremely sporting of Veronica to let Betty have Archie.

JAY:   Nah, look. Ronnie has his wallet: bank card and social security. While Betty destroys his face, Ronnie will be on the computer erasing his life.

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