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Eternal Beauty, Eternal War



Live in the Arena of Khazan, this weeks Main Event...

Artemis: Hailing from the mystical Paradise Isle, this amazon fighter extrordinaire assumed the position of Wonder Woman amongst mortals. Suffering fatal injuries during her time as Wonder Woman, she fell to Hell, there to fight and scratch her way from the cold grave back up to the sunlight.

Angela: One of the fiercest fighters amongst the legions of Heaven, it was once the duty of this angelic warrior to bring the destruction of Spawn. Though she may well have succeeded, a caring for the Spawn stayed her from completing the task, though sworn to destroy all things infernal.

Join us now in a battle we had to call...

Anger is an Energy

This fight was suggested by Firestar.


PAT:  Comming to you Live from Khazan Arena, we have an amazing bout in store for you today. Hello and Welcome, I'm Pat Summers.

JAY:  And I'm Jay Peoples. Stepping out of the gates today, it is Angela, warrior of Heaven's elite vs. Artemis, the immortal warrior Amazon of Themescrymia.

PAT:  Jay, and I must say, it's nice to be back here in Khazan. We've been on location for weeks.

JAY:  Indeed, Pat. And I see the Goddess Callisto herself is on hand to judge this match...

PAT:  Considering the contestants are two of the most gifted female warriors in the mutiverse, I doubt it would have been possible to keep her away. Now let's see what the viewers have to say....


Favorite letter of the Week

shylock writes:

This is probably the best match made in the past three weeks or so. When I decided to vote, I did some research for once.

Angela is one tough b!tch, I mean being able to hunt hell spawns and all. But she's an angel and all her powers were just handed to her which means she didn't have to train or do anything to develop her skills, she was just God's lackey. Plus it didn't seem that professional letting Spawn live and then going freelance. Artemis, on the other hand, has some serious skills. She's a hard core Amazon with great agility, speed, and is well versed in a variety of weapons. She even raged against death and came back kicking ass so she has my vote.

ferret writes:

I don't want to take anything away from Artemis, I mean, she could sure kick my butt. However, I don't believe she could kick a Hellspawn's butt. Angela can. In fact, isn't Artemis sort of a take-off on the hellspawn theme? She's just plain, unsalted, unflavored, undead. Angela will rule the day, and night.

C.Martin writes:

I have to go with Artemis, all the way. She's independent - she's been through all that crap, and who's she looking out for? Number One! That's gonna give her the edge over heaven's little team player. Individuals always win in this day and age!

Noel Schornhorst writes:

I voted Artemis. Although I'd think Angela and Artemis would now tend to be on the same side, since they both are demon fighters, I still go Artemis. She'd offer to return Todd Mac Farlane's soul from hell if Angela leaves her alone. 'Nuff said. Also Wonder Woman's cool, dangit.

Polar 8 writes:

Angela all the way!!!! I mean she's from heaven and she has fought SPAWN. I mean has Artemis ever fought anyone that tough. So over all I think that Angela will just over power Artemis and will arise victorious.

Firestar writes:


I really have to give it to Artemis here. Angela might have hunted Hellspawns for a living, but she never actually went into Hell itself. Artemis, on the other hand, has been there, done that, found it boring, and beaten her way back again.


Chris writes:

Angela of course! She has the almighty God on her side for Heaven's sake! She'd kick Artemis' ass all the way back down to Hell!

Demon Knight writes:

Anything created by Neil Gaimen can stomp the Hell out of something created for a lame ass "event comic"! And that's what that Wonder Woman wannabe is. On top of that....she fought tough superhuman if you ask me. But the thing that puts her the top is that she is a Angel which means she has been fighting for a looooooong time. I don't bow and arrow chick can top that.

Doctor Nate writes:

Being that these two characters SUCK and are HORRIBLE REPRESENTAIONS OF WOMEN IN COMICS, I had a hard time coming to a conclusion. But let's figure this out. Angela appears in Spawn. Spawn has met up with The Dragon, who in turn met HELLBOY, who in turn met up with MADMAN, who met SUPERMAN, Who has met just about EVERY OTHER COMIC CHARACTER OUT THERE.

Artemis? Who's that? She's just a Silicone intensive Liefeldian pseudo-woman.

Angela isn't any better, but she's better by association, she knows people who know people.

Gammaspawn writes:

Artemis is new to the whole Wonder Woman gig. The victory depends on how long Angela's been zapping Hellspawns (I think it's been centuries longer than Arty).

Sailor Xena writes:

Even though Artemis was once Wonder Woman, and came back from the dead; she's no Angela. Angela has the power of God backing her. She's also designed to fight supernatural threats (Spawn for instance) so she'll have power to burn. Even with her Amazon training, Artemis' physical prowess will not be enough

Cobra69k writes:

Artemis is about to get floored. I've seen and know what both of them can do and trust me someone is about to catch hell! Angela is far more dangerous than Artemis. She is faster, stronger, more powerful, and also has higher stamina and endurance. This fight is going to be like "Spawn vs. Crow" meaning just like the Crow, Artemis doesn't have any chance of survival. And since we're doing this I wanna see the other angel Tiffany fight Callisto head to head.

Anyway, end cap is that Artemis dies again (and doesn't come back).

Justicar writes:

Angela because :

A) She looks hotter ^_-

B) She is an upper dimensional being.

C) In my estimation can just tire out Artemis then deliver a killing blow.

Requiem writes:

They're both nearly equally matched, but I have to go with Artemis. she's been beating the crap out of demons lately, and even if Angela DID manage to kill her, Artemis has ways of getting back- remember, she brought herself back from the dead to save Diana with all the armies of hell pursuing her. THAT's tough.

Nipsy writes:

Angela is the only good thing that came from Spawn, meanwhile Artemis is just one of the MANY good things that came from Wonder Woman.

Artemis will win, make no doubt about that!

Dath writes:

Angela had the powers of heaven, and she still couldn't take out Spawn? Maybe that's because she's a wuss who obviously can't win this fight.

Stanlos writes:

Artemis is an Amazon. Artemis is a very fierce Amazon. Angela is an "angel." Angela has angelic powers. Angela is now a pile of mush on the floor. Everyone knows that the Amazons of Themyscira have fought against the demonic hordes (like Angela) for an eternity. When it comes down to it, any person remotely capable of filling the shoes of Diana--comicdom's best warrior-- is more than match for the likes of Angela and the Angel host. She was vanquishing those like Angela when she was 14!!! An Amazon is NOT without powers by the way. Sure they are nowhere near Diana's levels but they are VERY strong, VERY FAST, but most of all VERY SKILLED! Bye Angela!

Psi-Crow writes:

Angela: Hunter of Hellspawn for thousands of years. Artemis: Wonder Woman Wannabe.

Wonder Woman wannabe gets her liver taken out and Pureed by a lady who slays dragons (big ones) for R & R. Besides, Artemis may have been to hell, but even she'd halt at getting it on with Al Simmons.

predator writes:

I go with Artemis. I mean sure Angela would give her a good fight, but Artemis is an amazon. Amazons are bred for fierce fighting. Artemis will pound Angela into pulp.

Corwyn writes:

My money is on Artemis no pity here Angela let spawn live showing her weakness COMPASSION Artemis clawed her way out of hell and cut of her own hair to use it as a rope besides....I bet Angela is a dye job

'Lord' Rev. Dr. Paul Soth writes:

Artemis is a just a supporting Wonder Woman character. Angela is a character from Spawn, so she's been on HBO, got action figures, had a cameo in the Spawn film, and all the dark power of Todd McFarlane behind her. McFarlane is a power that even the daughter of Ares would not be able to stand up against.

Also, her first appearance was written by Neil Gaiman, and that definitely goes into her favor.

The Cat writes:

Who are these people? Okay, I dislike Wonder Women (Go Batman!) Also, why are both of them not wearing clothes? Those rags are too small to be a bathing suit. I'm going with Artemis 'cause DC rocks!!! Also, I love Xena and anything remotely connected to Greece.

bluewolf writes:

The ribbons work like spawn's suit and help Angela. Plus, Angela has been fighting for a hell of a lot longer than Artemis.

eldritch writes:

Artemis? someone thinks Artemis can take Angela? sad.....

artemis couldn't even handle wonder woman's position..... everything she's done, she's failed..... I mean, gods, she even failed to stay alive.....

angela, on the other hand, hunts dragons and hellspawn and other really dangerous things FOR FUN. she took on an entire planet and won.....

my bet is Angela in three minutes..... and that's only if Artemis can run really, really fast.....

Tsu writes:

Gotta go with Artemis on this one! She's just BAD assed! Angela can't even beat that WUSS Spawn, so what does that say about her? She's a wimp.

jak writes:

Lets make this simple.

Angela--an Angel, one of God's chosen whose job is to destroy Hellspawn, Generals of Hell's army. Artemis--a dead amazon who wasn't good enough to be Wonder Woman. Nuff Said!! Angela Wins!!

Megatron writes:

Well, a tough one! Both have the looks so that cancels out my usual way of voting, so this time it will have to be on merit, and I have to go with Angela! Both women have been around for a while so they have the skill, but Angela's an angel for crying out loud. She has the power of Heaven on her side, not to mention that cool staff thing! So Angela in 4 hours!

Artemis Warrior writes:

There is no contest. Artemis is with out a doubt the better fighter, trained in the amazon ways and tough to the core, she will with one fly of an arrow, strike Angela down. This woman is not to be messed with if you challenge her or make her mad. Watch out!

Evil Sneak writes:

Angela may battle demons on the Earthly plane, but Artemis went to Hell, kicked some butt and crawled back to Earth. Need I say more?

carnibavore writes:

Artemis is sexy for someone who was once dead and she has some monster skills. Angela is just a pampered, un- proportionate skank.


JAY:   The vast gates to either side of the arena are opening... and here come the contestants, strolling onto the sand to the roar of the crowd.

PAT:   The women are drawing their blades... balancing, twirling them... moving closer across the sand...

JAY:   They're moving closer now... locking eyes...

PAT:   ... And locking steel!! A swing by Artemis...

JAY:   ...nothing more than a test swipe, deftly parried by Angela...

PAT:   ...Angela feints left, jabs...

JAY:   ...Artemis parries hard, knocks out the probe to the side... Uppercut smash to Angela with her free hand!

PAT:   ...Angela takes the hit in the face, is knocked off balance... Artemis whirls, graceful, fast... Leg Swipe!!

JAY:   ... Angela's feet are knocked from under her. She hits the sand, rolls right... parries an overhand cut from Artemis...

PAT:   Artemis is viscously attempting to take advantage of the situation... wait!

JAY:   Angela's ribbons snake out, grabbing Artemis by the ankles... She's gonna trip and eat sand!!

PAT:   No! Artemis falls, fluid, doing perfect leg splits, sword chopping down at Angela's exposed throat!!

JAY:   Angela can't parry fast enough... she...

PAT:   ...Angela like lightning... throws a hand out, grabs Artemis wrist in mid strike, stopping the blade...

JAY:   Artemis immediately spins out of the splits position, and onto Angela... this isn't swordplay, Pat, it's a wrestling match!!

PAT:   And Angela has all the advantages, Jay! Her suit is coming to life with a mind of it's own, wrapping around Artemis... binding, choking her...

JAY:   No!! But Artemis has pulled a knife from somewhere! She's holding the tip at Angela's throat!!

PAT:   Angela has her strong hands around Artemis' throat, ready to crush her windpipe on a hair trigger...

JAY:   But Artemis has a hold of Angela's hair in one hand and the knife ready to slash the jugular... these women are locked... neither may act.

PAT:   It's true Jay. Total deadlock... the ref sees it too and blows the whistle on it...

JAY:   Pat, here's a rare event, it's up to the Judge to score and call the winner... huh?

PAT:   The Goddess Callisto refuses to call a winner. She is putting it to the Crowd of the stadium to decide the winner...


'Nuff Said!


Angela: 297

Artemis: 323


PAT:   Well, I'd say neither of these two warriors look happy with the way this contest was decided.

JAY:   Indeed Pat. Judged by a stadium full of beer soaked, peanut chewing spectators. I think we might see a re-match on this one.

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