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Alien Anarchy
[ Shadows ] [En Guarde] [ Species ]
star star
The Shadows vs. Species 8472
This Fight Suggested By: DamieN Brimstone, Big Daddy, Lady Alhana Brightblade, Captain Freedom, Velaska, Sky Blue, The Great One, Skunk, Predator, GammaRat, Chris *Shadows vs. Species 8472* Mullane... and a host of other OIMVSAC members.


A long, long time ago, the race of First Ones known as the Shadows opened a trans-multiversal gateway from the Milky Way galaxy to another realm in the hopes of finding more younger races to impose their violent form of evolutionary progress upon.

What they ecountered was a dimension of fluidic space, inhabited by a cold, malelevolent race that would later become known by its Borg designation of Species 8472. The inevitable conflict between the two races was postponed since thanks to some psuedo-science fluctuations on the space/time continuum.

OIMVSAC began foretelling of the long awaited opening of the dimensional rift that would the allow the two great forces to settle there differences the "old fashioned" way...with lots of organic space ships blasting the living crap out of each other. Conveniently, the gateway through which each race shall send its assault fleet to do battle is opening for a limited time in the Khazan system. For a limited time only, Babylon 5's (TM) terror from Z'ha'dum will take on Star Trek's(tm) extradimensional nightmare.

Join us now for a battle we had to call...

In Space... No One Can Hear You Die.


DamieN:   LIVE and in person, this is D.B. and Justy, back again to bring you the most anticipated interstellar event since...dare I say... since The Phantom Menace came out. That's right, after years of prophecy and months of suggesting, Species 8472 and the Shadows are finally going to get it on! We're coming at you from the bridge of U.S.S. Lieck, official starship of the CBUB, positioned near the outermost planet of the star system, Ostin-316. According to the ancient Khazan Sea Scrolls, where is the time and this is the place where each race to send it's forces for a decisive battle.

JUSTICAR:   Welcome all viewers from across the galactic divide. As DamieN noted we are aboard U.S.S. Lieck, the newly re-fitted Lieck. You name it and its been added, fixed, replaced or removed. Not since the Starship of Heart of Gold have I been on a better ship. An astro-engineering masterpiece right down to the fine Corinthian Leather bucket seats. Amongst the re-fit is the crew, seeing that most have umm, passed on, in her previous excursions. BTW, DamieN, where did they dug up that old fossil of a pilot? Well anyway onto the situation on hand.

DamieN:   Yeah, he does seem kind of aged to be of such lowly rank. But then, given the survival rate of these red-shirted types, maybe he's considered an honored elder for lasting so long. But I do love the new defensive upgrades on this vessel, no turning tail and running from the likes Unicron for this baby anymore. I think that the only thing we do have to worry about is that if combatants don't show up soon, we're gonna have alot of angry cult members to answer to.

JUSTICAR:   Woah! This whole panel here just lit up like a Christmas Tree! Sensor panels everywhere are going haywire. The small conclave of pointy-eared people have concluded that massive non astral disturbances are effecting this whole sector of space.

DamieN:   Dude, if these consoles start exploding we should demand... I mean... very politely beg the boss for hazard pay when we get back. But it looks like there's one of the disturbances is localizing off the port side. There's a greenish yellow vortex opening up in space... and here come Species 8472's bioship fighters, streaming out of fluidic space en mass. Wow! There must be hundreds of ships here already, pouring out of the vortex and looking ready for a fight.

JUSTICAR:   Ah, thar she blows off the starboard bow, our first Shadow spider thing of the evening. Yes folks one... very... small... vessel screaming out of hyperspace. He's either a foolhardy soul or a scout ship. The Species 90210 vessels aren't taking chances or prisoners and are letting loose. The Shadow apparently has all the info it needs, he's gracefully dodging the fire and is jumping back into hyperspace. Them little crab things sure can move.

DamieN:   It looks like that scout ship decided to call in some buddies, because a bloody awful lot of Shadow vessels just phased onto the scene. There must be thousands of ships on each side... the sense of imminent whoop-ass is definitely in the air.

JUSTICAR:   Heh, amateurs... DamieN, there's no air in space. Everyone knows that astral space is filled with ether, one of the most basic of elements... Hmmm... something is going on with the Shadow vessels. A large number of the mid sized capital ships are emitted a resonance on all frequencies. Our sensor array is being... **crackle** ...techni **buzz** ... harmonics... **crackle**


Tevor the Third writes:

Its almost to close to call but... species. More importantly though, I think instead of a battle report you should show the process of turning Borg into Peanut Butter! Now that's interesting! Editor's Note - Yummy! I got Borg in my tummy! ^_^

Alal, Daemon Prince of Khorne writes:

Species 8472 are little more than an avatar of unoriginality. The "living ship" thing has been done to death. Even the infernal Tyranids of my own home universe use them. THE HORDES OF KHORNE WILL CRUSH THE TYRANIDS! BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!!...But I digress. As I was saying, the telepathic race thing has also been done to death. When their ships combine firepower, it looks exactly like a Death Star shot. And if a name for your race like "8472" isn't an indicator of being stretched for ideas, I don't know what is. (Anyone attempting to counter that last line with a lame-ass argument about the Borg naming them shalt feel the wrath of my Daemon Axe.)

The fact that truly damns them is that they come from a dimension inferior to even this dry, empty physical realm. A universe of pure matter is true blasphemy! Give me the energies and madness of The Warp. If they prevail over the shadows, then I and my daemon brothers will be forced to destroy them ourselves. BLOOD (or whatever goo is inside them) FOR THE BLOOD GOD!

The Saint writes:

Let me put it this way: Ever since "Star Trek Voyager", Species have proven to be a "rational race" as all the rest. In simple English: they've turned out to be softie pacifists! Yeecch! And IMO, when I saw Shadows on B5, I thought they were the embodiment of evil itself! True Evil will crush the pacifist wannabes any day!

SonicHunter writes:

*Wakes up from coma induced by taking suicide drink before the Iron Man Vs Steel Fight * " Hmn ? Whats this ? Shadows Vs Species 8472 ?!?! Allright !! Unknownst to you pathetic non OIMVSAC fools , this was the next fight that our cult had planned to order the CBUB to have . I guess they beat us to the punch ( I guess Serge learned to take us seriously after he initially refused to do Iron Man Vs Steel . Our cult members promptly blew up his office in Khazan ) . I believe that Species 8472 will triumph over the puny Shadows . Their only weakness is Borg nanno probes and I doubt that the Shadows can get those . Now that the fight is guaranteed , I will once again consume the suicide drink and ascend to HEAVEN . ( Suddenlty , an OIMVSAC doctor enters the room ) " Oh good , Sonic , your back up .... NO !! DON'T DRINK THAT !! " ( Drinks the suicide drink anyway ) OIMVSAC Doctor : " Get that defriblator in here stat !! Clear !! "

The Cat writes:

Five genders? My god, how do they date? And what about gym locker rooms? I thought that WE we're screwed up... I don't think either of these guys are on my cutie list. I don't think either of these guys are on my human list. And they can forget the possible date list too. Editor's Note - Umm Cat... the Battle??

Christian writes:

The Shadows. Come on. I know all you Star Trek freaks will defend the stupid looking crap GGI species forever but the Shadows are something like 5 hundred million years old. They are telepathic, they have bioengineering at levels unseen. They phase in and out of dimensions at will. Let's not forget, shall we, that the only reason the b5 people stood -a chance- was that the Shadows had repeatedly took on EVERY OTHER FIRST ONE race over the last few million years. Planet Killers? Everyone has planet killers, so lets not look at that as anything particularly special. What is the species big weapon? Well, I hate Voyager but I watched an episode or two because I rather like the borg, but it seems to me that they have nothing but an anti borg weapon. And a space ship that runs around in slime. This fight is gone, man. Gone.

Starcloud writes:

The Shadows will use their spiffy organic missiles to destroy the opposition! The starship Enterprise can also destroy a borg sube on it's own,but it wouldn't last 5.3846539 millisenconds against a Shadow missile! The Shadows are the true essence of spiffy evil plots!

The Immortal Kahless writes:

Ok, let's see here, two manevolent beings with ultra-high technology in a race to exterminate the other. Both sides equiped with thousands upon thousands of ships armed with huge-ass-kabooie-anything-guns. Gee don't you just love the harmony of this situation?

I'm more than willing to bet that 9 shadow battlecrabs focusing their firepower could turn a planet into a roasting cinder devoid of life in about 25 seconds. Species 8472 however can focus 9 of their fighters firepower and turn a planet to gravel in 5 seconds. Shadows have fighters too, but they're useless against White Stars so I doubt they'll do much damage to a Bioship.

Shadows also have their planet killers, fore-see-able problem here, one of those missiles could take down a Bioship or four with ease, but they'd have to hit the small and manuverable ships first. The shadows will be at a disadvantage since they are weak to telepaths, Species 8472 won't be able to jam their ships but they can spy on the shadows. The Shadows are a cool enemy with wicked ships and awesome effects while Species 8472 is just a plot device--"I know! We'll introduce someone who can beat the Borg! That'll be scary!" But, Species 8472 wins due to sheer power I believe.

SailorXena writes:

I got to say this looks alot like the Aliens vs. The Borg fight. Sure it looks close on paper, but if you think about it it'll be genocide for 8472. First of the Shadows have their own Bio-tech ships if you recall; and it takes a little bit more then a few modified proton torpedos to beat them. Their weapons were strong enough to cut Narn battleships in half for crying out loud! Not only that, Shadow weapons work in both Real Space and Hyper Space; I think that would also include 8472's fluidic space. And on top of all that it takes only one Shadow planet killer to do the Death Star thing. Now as for being telepaths; big deal, the Shadows will capture them and use them to fuel and control their vessels. Remember that Shadow vessels run off of telepaths.. And one final note, the Shadows were never beaten, only convinced to leave to the rim of the galaxy.

Heri Seldon writes:

The Question Came "what do you want?". The answer is this fight. It is time for the shadows to move and assert their inevitable superiority over the trek attempt to clone them. Breaking it down

1) Ships, Shadow have matt black spiders that phase in and out of reality. 8472 have ok looking bio ships But The shadow fighter's have no counterpart in the trek universe giving the shadows a tatical edge. 2) Vulnerabilities. Shadows to telepathic jamming, 8472 may be telepaths but no mind control is indicated rendering this useless. 8472 is vulnerable to biotech attacks, shadows are past master of this (their 10,000 character name is probably their genetic code). Can we say self adjusting virus 3) Close combat. 3 shadows can take out a vorlon, A vorlon can take out the entire B5 security team. An 8472 can be stopped by a federation away team. Shadows can cloak, 8472 cant. Advantage, The misunderstood and benovolent race from za'ha dum 4)Planet killers, 9 * 8472's have enough to hit a planet. The shadow planet killer is a vast swarm of megatonne bombs that also lowers all matter within it to absolute zero energy. Nothing could take that out (including other first ones) . Fleets can be trapped within a shadow planet killer and deep frozen (8472 ship on a stick anyone) At the end there will be the occasional wreckage of a bio ship as wave after wave of dark forms eclipse the stars. Evolution will be served.

Davros writes:

I can not believe that species8472 is ahead in the polls. Nobody ever heard of these species guys in any star trek until voyager. The shadows, on the other hand, are so mind-numbingly terrifying that every race in the galaxy has incorporated them somehow into their mythologies.

Did any of you see how much it took to kill that vorlon? Well, shadows are just as tough as vorlons, and the only thing that can kill one of them is another first one.

Darkman7 writes:

The shadows are the orginals not cheap rip offs like species [email protected]#. "it looked like a cross between death and a spider" said the starfury pilot before his last mission.

MadTom writes:

First, I have to say congratulations on last week's match. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. I especially appreciated the violence carried out on the supporting cast. I think I'm going to go with the Shadows here. Not only is Babylon5 much cooler than Star Trek, but Species 0001000010011000 is clearly just a copy of the Shadows. They will be crushed like 4-second-old ants at Kmart.

Lady Alhana Brightblade writes:

Howdy Ya'll! I have to say that in this battle, Species 8472 takes the cake. Let just weight the advantages and disadvantages, shall we? Shadows-Advantages: superior technology, bad arse telepathy, scary appearances that would leave you in a rather embarrasing pool of your own waste. Shadows-Disadvantages: in physical form, about as tough as anyother species, planet blown up, already defeated twice, ships vunerable to telepathy. Species 8472-Advantages: superior tecnology, bad arse telepathy, scary appearances that would leave you in a rather embarrasing pool of your own waste, superior strength and agility in physical form, resistant to assimilation, has and entire universe of citizens at their disposal, possible help from Voyager. Species 8472-Disadvantages: beaten by Voyager (with help of Borg), extremely paranoid (remember: "Your galaxy will be purged") and jumps to conclusions. In the long run, Species 8472 will win because they have more soldiers and will be able to fight off the Shadow's telapathic vunerablities as well as the Shadows own telepathy. Species 8472, yeah baby!!

Callisto Flockhart writes:

if voyager took out 8472 and the shadows didnt even get taken out by the freakin vorlons man. Okay i guess 8472 could win, here's how. Dr. Evil's time machine goes into the future and he invents a whole bunch of neat gizmos to blow up planets, enslave souls, such and such. Meanwhile Nitsua Srewop, an extraterrestrial man of mystery working for 8472 learns of the doctors plans and freezes dr. evil, sending him back in time and then I think theres a Death Star or something and uhhh. Let's just say the Shadows have, mojo.

monkman writes:

I always vote but this is my first comment. The shadows are just simply the elder badasses. Old and pissy, they don't need a reason to drop ONE planet killer on your front porch.

Jimmy Delpino writes:

This one is short and sweet baby, The shadows are gonna win because they are from Babylon 5, which is based on the ideas of H.P. Lovecraft. and as we can tell from earlier CBUB fights, Nobody can take a Lovecraft creation.

And That, as they say, Be That

Neron writes:

Species 8472 made the borg die faster then Kenny from South Park. Anyone who can do that to the Borg can certinely take out some one like the Shadows. Their ships are indesturctible except to Borg Nanoprobes and I doubt that the Shadows have any. Was does this all mean. Shadows go down fasteer then the titanic to Species 8472.

Mr. Silverback writes:

This one is far and away too tough to call, so I'll give it to Orson Scott Card, who beat Babylonian Productions and Paramount to the punch with the Buggers from Ender's Game. Let me know when Stracynski and Berman win the Hugo and Nebula. **Lastly, The Stark Fist of Realism**

Aranakh the Conqueror writes:

This SPECIES 8472 is supposed to live in a liquid universe! So how the hell are they supposed to survive in ours? If they're the only lifeform there as I read from those Trek pages, why the hell would they have developed such advanced bio-defenses? Ships that blow up planets? Hell, if they're the ONLY lifeform there, they don't need to hunt other lifeforms, they would never even have developed intelligence. I say that at some poiint of the battle this will be realized, and the universe will be ashamed and UNCREATE this stupid species


DamieN:   Okay, the comm system is up again. While we were away, a single 8472 bioship and a Shadow battlecrab have cautiously left their main groups. They're closing in on each other fast in the gulf between the great fleets...

JUSTICAR:   The 8472 bioship is making a quick flanking maneuver. Its now at the rear of the battlecrab. The bioship has the advantage.

DamieN:   There's the shot and... the energy blast only grazes the Shadow vessel, blasting off the tip of one of its spiny protrusions. I'll wager that wasn't something that the Shadows wanted. The Species craft is right on the battlecrab's six, preparing to fire again.

JUSTICAR:   The bioship is still holding behind the battlecrab. Incredible! The battlecrab has just spun around. Its was lulling the bioship. The Species ship is caught off guard. It wasn't expecting that much maneuverability! The Shadow has its slicer beam locked on. The bioship is spastically trying to evade the beam attack, but it can't.

DamieN:   The bioship finally shakes off that purple beam o' death, and it's a good thing, since it looks like it was starting to penetrate the ship's skin. Now the bioship's charging straight at the Shadow vessel! That pilot must be one bold guy, or girl, or it, or other...

JUSTICAR:   With 5 sexes, who knows? That just gives sexual harassment a whole new meaning. Ouch! With a tremendous SPLAT!! the Species bioship has just rammed the Shadow battlecrab. Its attempting to leech into battlecrab. Now as all B5ers know things that just graze a Shadowship die. I would venture to guess that is what's causing that nasty, gangrenous black discoloration on the bioship.

DamieN:   Now there's an odd sight, the Species ship is infected with some...thing, but the Shadow ships being dissolved through. I think they're dead, Justy.

JUSTICAR:   Good prognosis Bones! It appears that the duel is over and open warfare has been declared. Our cameras monitoring the Shadow fleet are capturing the spectacular assemblage of advancing Shadowcraft. This massive first wave assault is advancing in a complex formation Yes! Here come the big budget effects that we've all been waiting for! Both sides are opening fire...

DamieN:   …And the Shadows can't break through the enemy lines!. Species 8472 seems to be ignoring the Shadows' spitfire fighters, instead taking out the cruisers with a couple direct hits from their Cube-wasting weapons.

JUSTICAR:   Hey look over there, A single battlecrab has wandered astray of the main Shadow formation. Two bioships have quickly flanked it. What can be going on now?

DamieN:   That's odd, the bioships have come to halt, and the Shadow vessel is starting shake violently? I think we know what this means...

JUSTICAR:   Ah! An attempt to telepathically injure the battlecrab. No Jedi mind tricks are going to mess with the Shadows on this fine day. The Shadow battlecrab has broken free of the Species mind grip.

DamieN:   I guess some of the viewers were right, Species 8472 isn't equipped to telepathically jam the Shadows. Those two bioships are being surrounded by some more battlecrabs coming out of hyperspace...the pilots are too distracted to manuver ... and it's buh-bye for those unlucky 8472s, as they're ships were just cut to ribbons by the First Ones.

JUSTICAR:   The main Shadow advance seems to be grinding to a halt. The 8472 front lines aren't going to collapse any time soon. The lines are now frozen with destroyed ships on both sides quickly being replaced. Woah, an entire wing of battlecrabs just phased into hyperspace and appeared behind some 8472 craft utterly destroying them. More wings are breaking off. It looks like the Shadows are effecting guerilla tactics successfully. This could be bad for the Species...

DamieN:   Our extra dimensional guests must be getting frustrated by these hit-and-run actions of the Shadows, because I'm being informed that at least SEVENTY more portals from fluidic space are opening up all over the star system. The Shadows are gonna have to call in reinforcements as well. Looks like whoop-ass season is about to enter full swing very shortly. In fact, I believe that OIMVSAC Co-Founder, The Match Maker has a hastily thrown together editorial standing by to declare just that.

The Match Maker:   Yes my brethren, the day has come to pass. The most anticipated of Multidimensional Massacres is at hand! The most Afoul of Alien Annihilations is here! Yes brothers and sisters, the Space faring Savages of Slaughter have met each other in combat. Only the Fiercest of the Ferocious Foes can survive this epic confrontation. For the very survival of the Bloodthirsty Beasts of Burden is at stake!! Only ONE of these Repulsive Ravaging Races shall survive the turmoil of this battle. Yes my brethren, the Genocide of Grossest Greenies will happen before the day is out!! Which Sickening Species of Scum will win this day? Which of the Dementedly Deprived Demons will stave off extinction? I know not my brothers and sisters. But before this day out one race shall raise their "arms" high and proclaim themselves the Masters of Malicious Murdering Mayhem. It has been written!!!

DamieN:   Thanks for those words Match Maker. I think you may have been inspirational for our warring races this day, as the ENTIRE FREAKING SYSTEM has turned into a battle ground. Virtually every cubic mile of space on the view screen is crowded with opposing ships gunning for each other. Every minute the Lieck's sensors are registering more kills than a Rambo movie. It's incredible!

JUSTICAR:   We're now receiving reports that the battle has reached Khazan, HUZZAH!!! The night side of the planet getting to a see a spectacle of laser fire and explosions. A dogfight of Shadow spitfires and smaller bioships is underway over The Arena itself. The box office is open for the home crowd. Skies are ablaze everywhere as opposing craft are blasting everything in sight. What a show!

DamieN:   And now we go to this special report from Chris Mullane, for another perspective on all this cosmic carnage.

Chris Mullane:   This is Chris *Shadows vs. Species 8472* Mullane reporting from the OMIVSAC Infiltrator, a ridicuoulsly overpowered Defiant-class vessel designed just for this occasion. These two galactic foes have called in all the reserves for this...the entire solar system is being assaulted from the crossfire! There's nowhere to turn without seeing destruction and carnage, it's glorious! I'm tracking a particularly large group of Shadow battlecrabs which are attempting to stage some sort of ambush behind a moon. They're grouping for a good! A wave of Species bioships have phased in from fluidic space and are laying down heavy damage. The Shadows are fleeing around the moon, but one planetoid never stopped Species 8472 for long. Eight Species ship are converging their weapons in a ring, now the ninth has centered...BOOOOM! The moon has been obliterated, and most of the Shadow vessels with it. Wait, what was that bright flash? Computer, analysis. *chirp click click* Oh no...all of the dimensional gateways and phasing in and out of hyperspace has destabilized the fabric of space near the destroyed moon, some sort of rift has formed. It's gravity is increasing, starting to pull us in! Full engines aren't enough to escape..."

DamieN:   Chris, Chris are you there? Oh cripes Justy, I think we've lost him! This is a disaster, without him, who'll take command of the OMVSAC's mighty legions? Hmmmm..... I wonder what sort of perks a Royal Grand Advocate gets anyway.

Chris Mullane:   DamieN, Justicar, can you hear me?

DamieN:   Oh, you're alive. That's just f...freaking great news to hear, that's what! Whew, had us worried for a second there, old buddy.

Chris Mullane:   The rift only threw me to the other end of the solar system, near the tenth planet's dark side. Wait, if I'm facing away from the's not the dark side, it's the Shadow's Planet Killer Cloud! It's preparing to launch behind a battering ram of Shadow battleships. A few dozen Species ships were also swallowed into the rift, and I can see them heading for the cloud now. BLAM BLAM! *wall panel explodes, Redshirt #6 dies* Damned Federation technology...I'm caught in the crossfire! The rift closed, there's nowhere to go! Alright, let's see what this Defiant-class starship can do in a real fight! Power the phasers, load nanoprobe torpedoes! OIMVSAC forever!...."

DamieN:   Well folks, it appears that Chris has been caught up in the battle itself. Gee wiz, I sure hope he's careful out there. Say, it looks like that Shadow Planet Killer is on the move...

JUSTICAR:   Yes, it certainly is DamieN. Its escort entourage is resetting its formation. They've just begun to fire particle beams. The beams are focusing onto a point. Analysis indicates that the beams are non-leathal. Analysis also indicates that the beams are having a strange effect on one section of space. It appears that a portal is opening. DamieN can you get a fix on where it opens to?

DamieN:   Well, I think this funky computer display before me is saying that a rift is being opened into another dimension, specifically, Species 8472's home realm. The Planet Killer is setting a course for. I don't see what they could be planning, surely their intelligence would tell them that fluidic space doesn't have any planets to obliterate.

Pilot:   That's no moon... that's a space station...

JUSTICAR:   What are you talking about? Space station!?

Pilot:   The Species 8742 have a critical staging area on the other side of that rift.

JUSTICAR:   There you have it, his sensors indicate a large naval installation. Funny how ours don't.

DamieN:   The word must have spread quickly throughout the Species fleet that they're base in is danger. But they're unable to organize a large attack force, too many of their ships are tangled up in engagements throughout the system. That city-sized 8472 station doesn't stand a chance alone against the Planet Killer's arsenal!

JUSTICAR:   A group of 9 bioships are assembling within striking range of the Shadow Planet Killer. I think that we can guess what they're doing. They're charging up... firing at the central ship... which has collected the energy... its firing at the Planet Killer

DamieN:   Here we go, the squadron of bioships fire and... HOLY REDNECK SKANK CHICKS, they missed and hit the planet Ostin!

Planet Ostin:   BOOM!

DamieN:   'BOOM' doesn't quite describe it. I've never seen a planet get blasted to smitheereens before! The debris and the shock wave have taken out hundreds of Shadow vessels. Good thing we're a safe distance away, though I wonder where Chris is. Anyway, I can only imagine that the Species' missed due to that death cloud around the Planet Killer's structure obscuring their targeting All I can say is, Wow!

JUSTICAR:   Those bioships are charging again. They're not going to make the same mistake twice. Here they go. No! That Planet Killer just bitch-slapped them with a swarm of 100+ megaton missiles. They are gone like patio furniture in a hurricane.

DamieN:   Oh sure, nuclear explosions are nice, but I'm still getting over watching that planet get annihilated in person. Now then..hey, there, what the hell is our pilot doing at the controls? Oh no, I think we're on an intercept course for that Planet Killer?! The pilot is blatantly disobeying his orders. The Lieck's captain is ordering the red-shirted ensign at the opps station to stop put a stop to this. Hopefully he can solve this...

JUSTICAR:   There goes the ensign. WHAT THE!!! Son of a.... that ensign just got splattered all over console. Excuse me whilst I dive for safety! That pilot wasn't really Alec Guiness but a Species in disguise. That Species is hijacking the Lieck to intercept the Planet Killer. He charging up the Lieck's new Wave Motion Cannon.

DamieN:   You know Justy, this is the third time we've subbed a battle, and the third time that I've had to dive for safety! This is NOT my kind of trend, you hear me! That nasty alien is obviously planning to destroy that Planet Killer using Khazan's own broadcasting vessel, and he may take us out with it. Hey, we've got even more company...a Shadow being just decloaked from behind the the piloting console! He must have been waiting there under invisibility the whole time. He's tackling the 8472, trying to get him/her/it/other away from the controls, with only seconds before weapons fire! Insectoid limbs are flailing everywhere!


'Nuff Said!


Species: 592

Shadows: 580


JUSTICAR:   The Species and Shadow are locked in a brawl. They're crashing all over the bridge. Consoles are exploding. The remaining crew are scrambling for the turbolifts. Yet, we your stupid but loyal commentators, are still within visual range in the Captain's Ready Room. The Shadow does seem to be affected by killer cells of the Species. He's only being slowed but its enough for the Species to take advantage. The Shadow has been killed.

DamieN:   And now the wave cannon fires uimpeded... and the mighty Shadow Planet Killer is completely blown away. Of course we're now gonna have to scrape dead Shadow carcass off the carpeting before we get back to space dock and Callisto makes us both wish we'd been aboard that Planet Killer. And our Species 8472 intruder just beamed back to one of his ships. It looks like his people are all heading back to their realm now in triumph. Meanwhile, what remains of the Shadow fleet is in complete disarray. They're probably going to have to call in some Dhrahk minions to toe them back to the galactic rim. And so, it looks like Trek at last managed to nail a victory down over B5. Guess the third time's a charm... a very messy and gratuitously violent charm.

JUSTICAR:   Well folks, the supreme insectoid badasses have been determined. All GLORIOUS carnage and warfare, what a day! As we prepare to swab the deck I would like to thank you for joining us. Oh, and I'm happy to report that even though Chris's ship made it back in five pieces, Chris made it back in one. So for DamieN, Chris Mullane and a very zealous Match Maker, this is Justicar signing off.

Resources for this weeks big fight came from:

Babylon 5 Ofiicial

Species 8472


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