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Sink or Sushi!
En Garde!
Cap'n Ahab
Free Willy

Ahoy Matey! Ol' Cap'n Ahab met a watery grave chasing that great rascal Moby Dick... but can he take down Free Willy?

Shiver me timbers, mates! Batten yer hatches and grab yer rum as we set sail for a contest we like to call...

Fish Heads, Fish Heads... Rolly Polly Fish Heads!

This weeks fight suggested by Greg no-last-name-given.


PAT:  Hello and welcome. We are LIVE near the Bearing Straits filming the titanic final moments of this amazing match! Cap'n Ahab might have Free Willy pinned down! You know, Jay... Ahab has really gone to town with the 90's technology.... what do you think about it?

JAY: There were surprises left and right all during this match. Old Ahab almost shat his pants when Willy jumped out of the water and started beating the tartarus out of his crew! Who would've thought that Willy was a secret member of the Street Sharks? But Ahab is fighting back!

PAT:  Yes indeed. This is the showdown. Let's go to our viewers now to see who they predicted here....


Peter "Bones" Gallagher writes:

It is very obvious why Free Willy should win- He's coming out with a new movie and needs the publicity.

Ahab is washed up- he's just trying to salvage his name after the Star Trek movie.

Jens Neumann writes:

Ahab must win! He's got a wooden leg and is an experienced whale-hunter. Willy has lived in a zoo most of his life, he can't stand up to an evil, black-hearted and revengeful hero like Ahab.


JAY:  Some mixed opinion out there, Pat. Free Willy, having pulled out the ultimate surprise by growing legs and turning into an amazing action fighter up on Ahab's ship has finished off the crew!

PAT:  Aye, matey! But we are beginning to see that Cap'n Ahab has come prepared for Willy's little surprises! Removing his yellow rain slicker, Ahab reveals that he has Amazing-Super Power Armour!

JAY:  But Pat... I notice he still has that peg-leg. An over sight perhaps?

PAT:  I don't... OH MY GOD!

JAY:  Ahab has been slammed out of the boat by a mighty swipe from Willy's tail! And Willy the Killer Whale is jumping in after him!!!

PAT:  Could this be the end of Ahab? Does he stand a chance fighting in Willy's home turf? Does anyone care? Lets go now to our own Frank Williams who has this special report.

Come on, a whale?? Yeah, a whale stands a REAL big chance against the latest in whaling weaponry and devices! The whale is as good as dead, my friends. Close the book on this one, the fat lady sings tonight for this sorry whale. Back to you, Pat!

PAT:  Thanks Frank. What do you have, Jay?

JAY:  Oh, cool! Ahab has a jet pack and he's flying underwater directly at Willy.

PAT:  He's a human super Ahab torpedo of death! Rammming speeeeed!!!!!!

JAY:  POW!! It's Willy's turn to fly to now and look at him go!

PAT:  I didn't think things could get knocked that far underwater. Oh, My! Ahab has twin whale harpoon launchers popping out of his super-cyber-death armour! This could be bad. We go LIVE now to our own Jack Gibson who has this angle on the story....

Thanks Pat, I'm here on the poop deck and, boy, I tell you what a view. These two have been going at it, and I have been getting sea sick in the process. Captain Ahab vowed earlier that his cooks would be serving Free Sushi for dinner tonight. Willy replied that he wants Ahab for a new chew toy. Either way someone's going to loose here today... and I hope before I loose my lunch. Back to you Pat.... Where's the rail? Over there? Out of my way!!!!

PAT:  Thanks Jack. What do you have, Jay?

JAY:  Willy knows he's in trouble and is trying to make a break for it but Ahab is hot on his tail...

PAT:  Adults across the globe have waited patiently for this moment, Jay! Those harpoons are... MY GOD! They're Jet Propelled!

JAY:  I can't watch...


'Nuff Said!





PAT:  Blood in the water folks... Free Willy is Shark Chum.

JAY:  Join us next week when we hopefully have a less violent match. This has been Jay Peoples

PAT:  And Pat Summers. Good Day!

Special Thanxs to: Orcinus Orca

Special Thanxs to: Herman Melville Online


Captain Ahab (TM) is the property of Herman Melville, I guess.

Free Willy (TM) is the property of ???.

This webpage makes no claims and attempts no infringement... this is just for fun.

The Part of Pat written by Serge - Electric Ferret Studios

The Part of Jay written by Shawn - Callisto Tales

The part of Frank Williams by Robert - Callisto's Corner of Tartarus

The part of Jack Gibson by Kevin Bello

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