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Jaco The Galactic Patrolman

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is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama. It was serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump from July to October 2013, with the eleven chapters collected into a single volume by Shueisha. It follows Jaco, a Galactic Patrolman or policeman of the universe, that has come to Earth to protect it from an evil alien attack.

The eleventh chapter reveals that the story is set before the events of Toriyama's Dragon Ball and features some of its characters. Since the series' conclusion, Jaco has become a recurring character in various Dragon Ball media. The first two chapters received a "Vomic" adaptation for the television show Sakiyomi Jum-Bang!. English-language publisher Viz Media serialized Jaco simultaneously in their digital Weekly Shonen Jump as it ran in Japan and released the single volume in North America in 2015.

Jaco, a Galactic Patrolman sent to Earth to protect it from an evil alien attack, crash lands on Earth. He meets the retired scientist Omori who offers to try and fix his spaceship. The next day, government policeman Katayude informs Omori that he does not have the right to live on the island and has to vacate it in one week or be arrested. Jaco learns that Omori has continued his research on time travel in order to save his deceased wife and assistants, but is only able to temporarily speed up how the user experiences time, giving the illusion of stopped time (not actual time travel according to Jaco, which is against intergalactic law). Omori repairs the spaceship, but deduces that it needs a very expensive metal as fuel.

During a trip to the capital for supplies, Jaco saves a young woman from thugs, but also unknowingly attacks the police, becoming a wanted man. The woman, Tights, decides to join Jaco and Omori on the island and buys a small amount of the expensive metal with the money she was given for agreeing to act as a body double for a pop star in an upcoming dangerous rocket launch publicity stunt. Although not enough to make the trip home, it will allow Jaco to call for help. However, he breaks the ship's radio antennae while showing off.

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