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The Relic is a 1997 science fiction/horror film directed by Peter Hyams and based on the best-selling novel Relic by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. The film stars Penelope Ann Miller, Tom Sizemore and Linda Hunt. The original music score was composed by John Debney. The film is rated R for monster violence, gore, and language.

John Whitney, an anthropologist for the Museum of Natural History in Chicago is studying a newly-discovered tribe in South America, and drinks a soup made for him by the tribesmen. A short time later, he is seen accosting the captain of a merchant ship, asking that the shipment he has sent back to Chicago be unloaded from the ship. When the captain informs him that it's too late because the ship is about to leave, Whitney sneaks aboard. As the ship leaves the dock, Whitney searches through the cargo hold for his crates, crying out in despair when he does not find what he's looking for.

Six weeks later, the ship arrives on the Illinois River, with its crew missing. Chicago PD homicide detective Lieutenant Vincent D'Agosta (Sizemore) is assigned to investigate the ship. His partner, Sgt. Hollingsworth (Clayton Rohner) is sure that the crew's disappearance is drug-related, but Lt. D'Agosta opens the bilge hatch and finds dozens of bodies and severed heads inside.

Dr. Margo Green (Miller), an evolutionary biologist, arrives at work at the Museum, which is planning a gala opening of its latest "Superstition" exhibition. She and her mentor, Dr. Frock (James Whitmore) examine Whitney's crates, which are curiously empty, except for a bed of leaves used as packing materials and a stone statue of the "Kothoga," a mythical forest monster. Noticing a strange fungus growing on some of the leaves, Margo decides to save some for analysis.

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