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Del Spooner

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I, Robot is a 2004 science-fiction action film directed by Alex Proyas. The screenplay was written by Jeff Vintar and Akiva Goldsman, and is loosely based on ("suggested by", according to the end credits) Isaac Asimov's short-story collection of the same name. Will Smith stars in the lead role of the film as Detective Del Spooner. The supporting cast includes Bridget Moynahan, Bruce Greenwood, James Cromwell, Chi McBride, Alan Tudyk, and Shia LaBeouf. It was nominated for the 2004 Academy Award for Best Visual Effects, but lost to Spider-Man 2.

I, Robot was released in North America on July 16, 2004, in Australia on July 22, 2004, in the United Kingdom on August 6, 2004 and in other countries between July 2004 to October 2004. Produced with a budget of USD $120 million, the film grossed $144 million domestically and $202 million in foreign markets for a worldwide total of $347 million.

In 2035, anthropomorphic robot enjoy widespread use as servants for various public services. They are programmed with the Three Laws of Robotics directives:

Del Spooner (Will Smith) is a Chicago detective. Years prior, he was saved from drowning by a robot after a car accident sent him and a 12-year-old girl into a river. The girl was not saved, as the robot computed that he had a higher probability of survival. The incident left him with a robotic prosthetic arm and guilt over the girl's death. Spooner now harbors a strong distaste for robots and the advancement of technology; he is certain that a human would have saved the girl if one had been in a position to make the same choice.

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