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Sarah Thompson

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Power Rangers Ninja Steel is an American children's television series that airs on Nickelodeon. It is the 2017 entry in the Power Rangers franchise. The show follows Brody Romero (William Shewfelt), Preston Tien (Peter Sudarso), Calvin Maxwell (Nico Greetham), Hayley Foster (Zoe Robins), Sarah Thompson (Chrysti Ane), and "Levi Weston"/Aiden Romero (Jordi Webber) who protect the Earth from Galvanax, a reigning champion from Galaxy Warriors who seeks the Ninja Power Stars to conquer the universe.

Brody Romero is the exuberant, youthful, positive 18-year-old leader of the Ninja Steel Power Rangers and the son of a ninja master named Dane Romero. Ten years prior to the events of Ninja Steel, 8-year-old Brody was captured by Galvanax after his father mysteriously vanished.

After his capture, Brody was forced to work as a slave for Galvanax. During this time, he bonded with the robotic Redbot and a shape-shifting alien named Mick Kanic while gaining an enemy in his supervisor Ripcon. In the present after overhearing Galvanax's plan to get the Ninja Steel back on Earth, he, Redbot, and Mick take the opportunity to escape with the Ninja Nexus Prism. After being forced to use the ship's trash chute as an escape, he and Redbot became separated from Mick. Upon landing, he was attacked by Korvaka, but was saved by the unexpected arrival of Sarah and Preston. The three of them then pulled out three of the Ninja Power Stars, turning them into Power Rangers, with Brody becoming the Red Ranger and the team's leader.

As the Red Ninja Steel Ranger, Brody commands the Robo Red Zord that resembles Redbot.

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