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Boris the Animal

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Men in Black 3 (stylized as and sometimes referred to as Men in Black III) is a 2012 American 3D science fiction comedy film starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. The film was released on May 25, 2012, ten years after its predecessor Men in Black II and fifteen years after the release of the original Men in Black. It also stars Josh Brolin, Emma Thompson, Alice Eve and Jemaine Clement, with Barry Sonnenfeld returning as director, and Steven Spielberg returning as executive producer. The film is the third installment in the Men in Black film series which is based on the The Men in Black comic book series from Malibu / Marvel Comics by Lowell Cunningham. Principal photography began in New York City on November 16, 2010.

The intergalactic criminal Boris the Animal (Jemaine Clement) is aided in escape by his girlfriend, Lily Poison (Nicole Scherzinger), from the LunarMax prison on Earth's moon. He is intent on going back in time and killing Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones), who on July 16, 1969, shot off his arm and captured him. After investigating a spaceship crash in New York City, and following a skirmish in a Chinese restaurant, Boris appears, and K and J give chase. Boris reveals to K, "you are already dead, you just don't know it yet," and then disappears in an explosion. K deduces that Boris has escaped, and K regrets not having killed him. He returns to his apartment, where all traces of him disappear. Agent J (Will Smith), however, still remembers K, though no one else at Men in Black headquarters does.

Agent O (Emma Thompson), the new Chief deduces from J's statements that a fracture has occurred in the space-time continuum. The two realize Boris must have time-jumped to 1969 and killed K, resulting in an imminent invasion of Earth by his race, the Boglodites, due to the absence of the protective ArcNet shield around Earth, installed by K in 1969. Aided by electronic-shop owner Jeffrey Price, son of Boris' fellow prisoner Obadiah Price, who created the time-travel device, J time-jumps off the Chrysler Building to reach time-travel velocity (Jeffrey also cryptically, though excitedly, informing J that the reason he remembers K where nobody else can is because he was 'there'). With only 24 hours to stop Boris, J arrives a day before Boris kills K.

J follows a clue to Coney Island, where 29-year-old junior agent K (Josh Brolin) arrests him and then questions him at MIB headquarters, while a young Agent O (Alice Eve) and Chief X come by. Getting no answers, K decides to place J in a large, primitive Neuralyzer. At the last second, J says he'll tell the truth of his mission and that he is from the future. As a team, they follow Boris' trail to a bowling alley and then to The Factory, the studio / party space of Andy Warhol's (Bill Hader), who is actually the undercover Agent W. The Agents meet the alien Griffin (Michael Stuhlbarg), an Arcadian who possesses the ArcNet and is able to see all possible futures. Griffin leaves before Boris arrives to snatch him. The Agents locate Griffin at Shea Stadium, where he gives them the ArcNet and instructs them to place it onto the Apollo 11 lunar rocket launch occurring in less than six hours. Boris then snatches Griffin, but the agents, on monocycles, give chase and recover Griffin.

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